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Birchbox Aces: Get a Mystery Box + Curated Box for $10 Total

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For a limited time, Birchbox Aces can use coupon code MYSTERYBOX to get a Mystery Birchbox with any purchase in the Birchbox shop! (Thanks for the head’s up, Chau and Teri!)

And you can pair this with the curated box deal:


The October 2016 Birchbox Curated Box is available for sale in the Birchbox Shop! This box is only $10 for current subscribers and $15 for everyone else.

The Box includes:

The GlamGlow sample alone is worth $20, so I recommend grabbing this one if you are interested! I may get a spare! (I’m addicted to GlamGlow!)

So, that’s two boxes for $10 and free shipping!

And don’t forget to grab your free mystery sample pack if your order total is $35 or more!

Full Details: ACES ONLY: Get this Mystery Birchbox free with any purchase in the Birchbox Shop. Just use code MYSTERYBOX at checkout. Limit one per cart. Cannot be combined with any other offers. In order to return any item in your order, you must also return the Mystery Birchbox.

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  1. They still have the mysterybox available, I bought a $6 Dr. Jart mask and paid only $2.70 for the mask and free mystery box!! Hoping for something good!

    • thanks! 🙂 I was happy with the first box I got. I got the Revive and Restore curated above and then the “mystery” box I got had a Marcelle BB cream that I LOVE so will totally use, a Bobbi Brown smokey eye mascara (meh on mascara but I LOVE the brand), the Milk sunshine oil which I’m happy to try, a shampoo/conditioner packet combo that honestly I’ve forgotten the details on, and some moisturizing something-or-other that also eludes me at the moment. I had a few points so overall for 6 bucks this was a REALLY good deal for me.

    • The mystery box I got was better than my regular birchbox this month! The box was from April and had: Ipkn beauty balm, the beauty crop pb&j smoothie stick, 2 RMS makeup remover wipes ( I’m pretty sure there was only supposed to be one though), Beaver repair rescue shampoo and conditioner (no foil packets) I was happy and I bought the Acure coconut and argan oil cleansing towelettes to get the box. I’m pretty tempted to get another!

  2. I ordered something for my husband and mystery box and it didn’t ship for over 1 week, so I contacted customer service. They told me that the item went out of stock, so they cancelled my order and refunded my points. I was never sent an email for such, but placed another order of similar item for him as the promo was still available. Anyway, all of a sudden, a small box showed up today, which was a mystery box. Apparently, they still shipped mystery box even though my item became unavailable. I contacted customer service and they told me to keep the box! In the box I received: Coola SPF 50 Sport, Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, Kopari Coconut scrub (generous 50 ml size), Obliphica Professional Seaberry Hair Serum and The Body Shop Facial Oil. I love anything coconut scented and I am excited to try the scrub. I will use everything and look forward to another mystery box, lol.

  3. I got mine today. It came in the same box as my order, a LOC sharpener. It is a box from this summer I think: Bobbi brown mascara, living proof sham/cond and style cream, coola sunscreen, Marcelle BB cream, and milk sunshine oil! Pretty good box!

    • I got the same box and I’m pretty happy with it. The only thing I won’t use is the bb cream, it’s just too dark for my skin. I don’t think it’s an exact curated box but a mashup of a couple of them. I’m happy it’s from this year and the box is really cute!

    • this was the one I got too! 🙂 I’m happy.

  4. Does anyone know if the mystery box ships with the full size order or separate? My shipping email only lists my item as being shipped.

    • My shipping email also listed only the item I purchased, but the mystery box came in the same package.

  5. Did anyone get their orders with the mystery box yet? I’m really itching to know which month’s boxes and contents ppl get for the mystery box. I ordered mine on 10/3 but according to the tracking it won’t get to me until 10/13 🙁

    • Just got mine! The mystery box was the “I Definitely Do” box curated by Style Me Pretty (from June 2015, I think?). Great value and I’m looking forward to trying some new (to me) products.

      • Thanks for responding! Mine got here early, and I got the same:
        -Kérastase oil elixir 1.7oz
        -Vasanti scrub
        -Marcelle BB golden glow
        -Laura Geller baked blush
        -La Fresh makeup remover products (x2)
        -Deepa Gurani embellished hair tie

        I like the products and will probably use them all except for the Marcelle BB cream. I’m not sure how I feel about it being a 17 month old box though (it was released May 2015). The products aren’t the type to go “off” that quickly, so I’m not concerned about that, but they must really be purging their warehouse.

    • Just got mine today! Better than any of the boxes I received while I was subbed. Mine included BEAVER repair rescue shampoo and conditioner, ACURE pore minimizing facial scrub, PBJ SMOOTHIE STICK (not sure what color but it’s a really pretty pink), and two RMS BEAUTY makeup remover wipes. When I get paid Friday I’m putting in another order just to get another mystery box.

      • BTW Mine was the Rifle Paper Co. box.

  6. I got two! I love the Tokyo Milk lip elixirs (even though they are sometimes a beast to open). They are just $7 apiece so I created two separate orders for different flavors and added on the mysterybox code for each. I was also able to apply points too and got everything for right over $8! 🙂

  7. I went through the app, I am an Ace, and the Mystery code didn’t go through. It said $50 minimum purchase.

    • Same here :/ & the curated box is sold out..

  8. so… it’s sold out. :-/

    • You can order anything and enter the code, MYSTERYBOX, at checkout. 🙂 I bought a Dr. Jart sheet mask. 🙂

    • The curated box as well as the mystery box apparently- code is invalid for me and I’m also an Ace

  9. Did anyone else purchase through the app and pay only $5 for the box or did I just get lucky and experience a glitch? Grateful for the error since I had JUST ordered one of the currated boxes before they send me this promo, so glad to save the $5 on my second.

    • I read where some people were getting the curated box for only $5. I’m guessing it’s only through the app, because I tested it out on many devices, but it didn’t take for me (I’m also an ACE, and was signed in). I never tried the app though since I’ve never downloaded it. But, I’m okay since I picked the curated box anyway. It’s cool to read that others are getting both boxes for only $5!!! 🙂

      • I somehow got the box for $5, don’t know how but definitely not complaining!

  10. I’m wondering if the free viz is just an empty box… What do you gals think?

    • I meant free box…

    • I agree

    • They’ve done mystery box promos before and what you get is a previous month’s box filled with the standard 5 or so samples, but they are not necessarily tailored to your profile settings.

      • The reason I say this is because I’ve noticed that at one point, they had a promo gwp for an empty box and the mystery box was not that descriptive. I am crossing my fingers… 🙂

    • The site says “Boxes vary, but each features one of our exclusive Birchbox designs and five or more beauty samples from across categories.”

  11. The Revive & Restore box is Sold Out.

    • I bought a $5 LOC sharpener and it let me add the mystery box. $5 total purchase!

      • Same here. 🙂 Great gift for one of my daughters and a free mystery box, can’t go wrong with that price!

  12. Hmmm, tried to order, but it said the curated box was out of stock. Do they ever restock those? Oh well, no biggie.

  13. Just bought this deal. Does the promo code show up on the order once it’s placed? Mine isn’t showing up but I remember that it usually doesn’t??!!

    • The mystery box shows up on my email confirmation:
      Discount (VIP Free Shipping, Subscriber Offer: $5 off Revive and Restore Curated Box, Aces Only: Free Mystery Birchbox with any purchase)

    • It doesn’t show up in the confirmation email.

      • You have to type in the “mysterybox” code when placing the order. Contact customer service and see if thy can still add it to your order.

  14. I purchased this box as soon as it was available, but I chatted with BB CS and they retroactively applied it to my order 🙂 Glad to see their CS is as awesome as always ❤

  15. Canceled my account months ago but so glad I’m still an ACE!!! I had already purchased the curated box with some points. But with this deal I HAD TO get another one! I mean that glamglow is worth 20 dollars alone!! Not to mention getting a free box. Liz you’re a gem! ?

    • Yay! That Glamglow is awesome! Hope you love it!

    • Me too! The curated box I ordered already came and I love it. With this deal, I had to order a second one. I never understood the hoopla about glamglow until recently. I purchased a beach wave curling iron at a makeup counter in a Dillard’s department store. The girl that sold it to me loaded me up with free samples including three little tubs of glamglow. I tried it and holy wow, it lives up to its name. I am so excited to have a whole tube and another on the way. I also emailed CS about adding the free mystery box to my first order since someone else said they retroactively did that for them.

      • Did customer service reply? I’m curious because I also ordered the curated box a few days ago. I ordered again today when I saw this deal. I wonder if there was a limit of one free box, though.

  16. I’m so confused. I cant get the box to show up as $10. I’m definitely an Ace, I’m signed into my account… Any advice??

    • Update! It came off in checkout. With the 60 points I had, I ended up with 2 boxes for $3.90! ?

      • I did the same!!!

  17. Great deal! Got the mystery box and the curated box for $8.50! Thanks Liz for the heads up!

  18. Please forgive my ignorance, but what is an ACE?

    • An Ace is a status you obtain after spending I believe its $400? In their store. You get free shipping and some other bonus’ I believe.

      • I posted my reply before I saw your comment. I didn’t want you to think I was being rude <3

    • Nevermind, I Googled it LOL. I have 0 points so won’t be an ACE anytime soon 🙁

  19. I picked up this box, the mystery box and the Acure Argan Oil (a favorite) and used the last of my BB points. Win-win for me!

  20. I chose the curated box over sample choice this month…so excited about every product! I also took advantage of the mystery box for aces promotion and ordered the manna kadar day dream palette since I loved that sample from a previous box so much…even though I probably have more palettes than I’ll ever need.

  21. Yassss! I got the curated box and the mystery box with my points.

  22. Although I unsubbed last month, I’m still an ACE, so the box is $15 for me….but I bought one anyway and used points. I hope the mystery box has some good stuff in it. I’ll probably save most of it for making gift baskets. But I’m keeping the pillow spray 🙂

    • Mine came yesterday, the pillow spray is amazing! Smells like a spa

  23. BB had a similar promotion back in the spring that I took advantage of when I bought the relax special edition box (I don’t recall the actual name of the box) and the bonus box was honestly one of the best Birchboxes I had ever gotten, haha

  24. I had gotten the email about this the other day, but I hadn’t really looked that closely I guess. This post changed my mind, thanks Liz 😉

    I got the Revive and Restore box and the mystery box deal and I had a few points so it was less than $6 🙂

    • I forgot to mention I did sample choice this month instead of curated for my normal box (because I wanted the dr brandt) so I’m excited to get to try the pillow spray here 🙂

      • Omg!!! That pillow spray is magical! Idk if it’s a placebo effect or not, but both times I sprayed it on my pillow I really did fall asleep! ?

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