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Allure + Teen Vogue Limited Edition Beauty Box Review

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In addition to their regular monthly beauty box, Allure teamed up with Teen Vogue for a Limited Edition box.


The packaging with this box is great, plus you get to decorate the box!


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Teen Vogue + Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $39.95

The Products: $148 worth of products:


This box comes with an info booklet detailing all the items including and why Allure + Teen Vogue editors love the items.




And there are STICKERS!


2 sheets of the various printed stickers, and 3 sheets of the holographic glitter letters. These are great for decoration the box, your laptop, phone, etc.


(I had way too much fun with these stickers!)


Foreo Luna Play – Value $39

This little device alone almost covers the whole cost of the box!


I got this in the May Allure Beauty Box, and I loved it so much, I bought the full-size rechargeable version.


This device is 100 uses and not rechargeable, so a few MSA readers recommended using it as a tool to clean makeup brushes once the battery runs out. Foreo also gives tips for recycling your Play device. (This also came with a coupon code to save $39 off the full-size rechargeable Luna Foreo Device).

I’ve been a Clarisonic user for years, but I’ve always wanted to know how Foreo stacked up, so this was the perfect opportunity to compare them without spending a lot up front.

Both did a great job at cleaning my skin thoroughly. While using the Foreo Play, I did wish that there were different intensity settings like there are on Clarisonic, but these options exist on the full-sized versions.

The big difference for me is the silicone brush surface area. With Clarisonic, you have to always buy replacement brush heads, but that’s not an additional cost here – and that’s a big plus for me. (At $22 a new brush head, switched out every 2-3 months, the costs add up!)

With Foreo, the “ultra-hygienic silicone is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup.”

It has an on/off button on the back:


And it comes with a set of cleansers:


Foreo Day Cleanser – 15 ml Value $4.50

These cleansers work well enough, but there’s no need to use them instead of your preferred cleanser. (I’ve been using my Foreo device with many different cleansers, and they all work well with the tool.)


Foreo Night Cleanser – 15 ml Value $5.45

The day cleanser is pretty scented, and the night one is exfoliating but doesn’t lather as much as I would like.


WetBrush Pop Fold – Value $10


This is a full-size Wet Brush that is great for travel. Just press in the black button on the back, and it pops open:


I am hooked on Wet Brushes thanks to subscription boxes, so I’m always happy to get another one – this one’s going in my suitcase!


If you haven’t tried a Wet Brush yet, they are magic! I can’t figure out why this brush is so different than any other brush (they look the same), but this one can go through my wet hair with no stops and remove all tangles. No hair product needed, even!

But – there is hair product if you want it:


It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In – 2oz Value $8.50

Another magic product! This leave-in spray is lightweight, and it is perfect to apply to damp hair. It always makes my hair so soft, and the scent is fab, too!


Jamberry Nail Wraps in Sculpted – Value $15


I’ve tried a lot of nail wraps thanks to subscription boxes, and I just haven’t mastered the Jamberry style yet. I tried my best to follow the instructions and heat the wraps with a blowdryer before putting them on, but I still had a few wrinkles in the application:


I really like the matte marble print, though! If you have any tips for a better application of Jamberry nail wraps, let me know!


American Eagle Aerie Body Lotion – Value $7

(Good to know for swaps – this tube has an inner foil seal.)

This line from Aerie is new to me, and I’m impressed that it is free from parabens, phthalates, gluten and animal-testing! The lotion is lightweight and absorbs almost immediately, but the scent is pretty strong, so I would consider this more of a body fragrance than a lotion!


Freeman – Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask  – 0.5oz Sachet Value $.50

This packet is enough for one full use of this exfoliating mask. You leave it on for 5-7 minutes, then massage it into your skin and rinse off. I found that it warmed slightly when it was on, (and I had to double check reviews online to make sure I wasn’t imagining that since it wasn’t listed on the package).

The sugar scrub did a great job at cleansing my skin without over drying it, and it’s paraben-free – I’m impressed!



EWC Ready Set Brow Gel – Value $19


Brow gel formulas are usually all the same to me with one difference: hold. This one has a soft-to-medium hold, which is my preference. (It goes on clear.)


European Wax Center Oh My Brow! Highlighter – Value $19


This is a highlighter and smudger, and the color/shimmer is a subtle and wearable look for me. 


It’s very easy to blend, too. Here it is swatched:



Pur~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher w/Mango & Shea Butter – Value $16

This lip balm is paraben and petroleum free, and it is high shine! If you are looking for a glossy look without any stickiness, this is perfect!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $144 (not counting the bonus stickers). I think that’s a great value for a $39.95 box, plus almost everything is full-sized or deluxe-sized, and Allure has included a lot of great brands in my opinion. If you’re thinking about getting a Foreo, this is a great way to try it out – and everything else in the box is just a bonus!

What do you think of the Teen Vogue + Allure Beauty Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I just received an email from Allure that will have this box and the bon voyage box on sale.
    If you buy 1 you will get 10% percent off, 2 get 15%, 2 get 15%, 3 get 20%, 4 get 25%, 5 get 30% during 11/28 to 12/31. Code SAVEMOREETV and SAVEMORECNT

  2. Ordered this box after seeing the review here, box arrived destroyed and they actually sent me the bon voyage travel essentials box and Allure customer service tried to tell me that it was the same as this box. So annoyed with their customer service! Now i’m awaiting a call back from one of their supervisors because the original associate could not figure out that they were different boxes. Did anyone else get the wrong box?

    • Got the wrong box too, was waiting to get off work to call them and findout why

    • Yes! My box arrived today and I was SOOO confused! I emailed customer service right away- the Traveler box is nice and all, but not what I ordered! I am hoping this can be fixed ASAP.

    • I received the travel box today too! I called CS and she confirmed I ordered the Teen Vogue Box. She was very nice and said they will get the correct box right out and I can keep this one.

    • I also received the Bon Voyage box today as well instead of the Teen Vogue beauty box. I guess maybe they had this issue happen to enough customers and they are already versed cause first the customer care rep said it was the same box and when I explained it wasn’t he advised me that I can keep the bon voyage box and that they would send me the correct box. Its very nice to have an extra box but I was really waiting on Foreo and the nail wraps. Oh well. A little more wait for me.

  3. I just ordered this! Can’t wait to receive it 😀

  4. I got this box, and really liked the products. I’m currently using the brow gel, and have noticed that sometimes it clumps (for lack of a better word) up my brow powder ever so slightly (which I’ve never had with a brow gel before), so I always have to take the time to get any clumps out.

    I also just received the Travelers box today, and I really liked it too! I kept deliberating on whether to get it, and decided to finally get it since I kept eyeing it. As usual, once I got the box, the products seem so much better than when I see them in a post. I hope to see the traveler’s box reviewed on MSA too!

    Btw, I read all of the comments below…. so sorry I was such a disappointment for most of you. 😉

  5. I replace my clarisonic heads every other month or so. It really can add up! I found the best Jamberry application was the “baggie method”. Their wraps ruined my nails, though. Brittle, peeling, breaking nails. Took 6 months to recover. Make sure to use a base coat and don’t peel them off.

  6. I’m with the majority regarding the Foreo in the May 2016 box. Mine worked maybe 3 times, then wouldn’t turn on again. When I first got it, I had to hit it really hard to get it to vibrate. My friend had one that was dead on arrival. Customer service wasn’t able to replace since the box was sold out. I never reached out to Allure about mine since I heard so many failed stories from other subscribers.

    If you are buying this box for the Luna, I would just think twice. $40 is a lot more to spend vs the $15 box I paid.

  7. Not impressed here and doesn’t qualify as $144 value by my standards regardless of the retail prices or a good review. At least 3 items are drugstore available and I bought a knock off of the foreo thing on wishdotcom that works well for under $5. In fact, the knock off came with an attachment! SMH, I don’t get it. I get a lot more stuff spending $144 on my own. My sub addiction is gone. I only pay for the very best now. Is anyone else tired of getting all these hair oils? Step it up sub companies or lose customers.

    • Subs are about trying out things you may not buy yourself. This box does seem overpriced but I’m in love with this months box. I love soap filled sponges lol

  8. I got the box for my daughter she’s about to turn 13 and I think it would be a cute gift either for her birthday or for Christmas. If the Luna lasts a few months I’ll be happy, it’s like a toy. If you want one that works for a long time by the rechargeable one.

  9. As soon as I got the email announcing this box, I snagged it! I have been grossed out by my Clarisonic lately. I just can’t get it clean enough to my taste. Which has me wondering about the Foreo and this seamed like a great chance to try it. Plus I would get some other goodies and some of them I already know I love (Wet Brush, It’s a 10 Leave In)!

  10. As a (former)subscriber to Allure. I feel that I need to warn anyone about purchasing the box just for the mini luna play. I received one in the May box and loved it, but it died on my fourth day–which means I got 6-8 minutes of use before it totally died on me. My two coworkers both got May Allure boxes and one Luna never worked and the other died on her on the second week.

    Allure would not replace for any of us. If I bought the luna elsewhere say, Nordstrom or Sephora-I would have been able to replace it. So, unless Allure has a brand new policy of replacing defective merchandise-I would avoid this *amazing* offer.

    Feel free to pile on, if you think I am in the wrong. OR if you have any suggestions or stories of how you got a replacement- I would love to hear about it.

    • I had the same experience with the Foreo in the May Allure box. I believe I used it less than 10 times, at under a minute each time before it died on me. I also contacted Allure, but never received a response (though I have had another missing product replaced by Allure). I also tried contacting Foreo, but didn’t receive a response from them either. I didn’t really expect a response from Foreo, as the device was in an Allure box, but it would have been nice to receive a response, even if it didn’t get replaced. As I recall, there were many postings in May regarding Foreos that either didn’t work to begin with, or did not provide anywhere near 100 minutes of use. I did like the Foreo, but it kind of soured me on paying that much for a new one or a full sized one.

    • My Lunafrom the box is still working!

    • I also received the Play in my May Allure box but it was already dead so I didn’t even get to try it. Although the customer service reps were nice they said since the box was already sold out they couldn’t do anything about replacing it and just gave me a refund for the box. I was really upset because I actually really want to try it. This looks like a pretty good box but I’ve finally managed to break up with Allure so I’m not going back. I’m just going to wait for the 20% off sale at Sephora in November and buy a full sized Foreo Luna.

    • My Luna also died fairly quickly (within a month of getting it). It would go on intermittently and I realized that there were bubbles coming out of the side. I couldn’t see a hole or puncture, but I suspect water got in it and damaged the device.

      I wasn’t too bothered by it as I got it in my $15 box, but if I paid $40 for that I would’ve been super upset.

    • Mine is still working, I’ve been using it 2-3 times a week since May and I’m amazed it’s still functional. I’m wondering what is the percentage of devices that are defective, considering all three of you got bad ones!

      • Mine still works too! I am not always persistent about using it, but I’ve definitely used it like 20-30 times or so. I love it too, my plan was to get a full sized one when this one dies.

  11. If you don’t have a little heater for your Jamberry wraps and you need to use the blow dryer I would suggest putting the wrap on your nail very lightly, warm it for a couple seconds, then smooth it out. It may help with no wrinkles. I apply mine like this every time. Hopes it helps!

    • Thanks for the advice, Crystal – I’ll try your approach next time! 🙂

      • I always Applied my wraps on cold and then warm them up afterwards but I used the warm rice bag compress method instead of the blow dryer. This worked for me but I also found that they were hard on my nails to remove so I preferred to use them over nail polish and had better results.

  12. And this is why we’re addicts… your reviews make us want to buy ALL THE BOXES! No matter how unappealing they looked when they first came out. Liz does a review and magically all the flaws disappear and the box looks like something we’d be crazy to pass up! *poof*

  13. I would of been very happy with this box… But I would not pay 40 for it even though the price of all contents was 150. If I am gonna spend 40 on a box I would get the FFF or PopSugar or LLB because I would get a mix. That is me and me alone and I know that many would rather just beauty. I am overloaded with beauty items so now I am into the lifestyle boxes. I love am crazy about a surprise mix subscription box. But I will say you get alot more then you pay for. I didn’t even see this on sale honesty… Great review as always.

  14. I love this box. I don’t usually purchase Allure’s special/collab boxes, but when I saw the Foreo in the box and the price tag, it made perfect sense to me to grab one. As stated, the Foreo Luna Play pays for the box, I just thought of the other items as freebies!

    My daughter took the box, stickers and brush. I’ve been loving the brow gel and Foreo. Very happy I picked this one up!

    • Yay! So happy you love the box and got to share it with your daughter 🙂

  15. This looks great and my 40 year old self wants it!

    • Yay! I think it’s a fab box, and great for anyone 🙂

  16. Wow! I have to say- I’m impressed with the contents of this box. I don’t know why they put “teen” tag on it, but the value is great and I bet any “non-teen” wouldn’t mind to get it. Wish every box came with good quality items like these.

    • Agreed. If that was the case I wouldn’t have cancelled Allure, but then I assume this is different/separate from their monthly subscription box I had, but still. Seemed like they were sliding downhill in general until I saw this selection. Mayne someday I’ll finally get to try the Foreo, some day.

      • *Maybe, that is!

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