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Allure Beauty Box October 2016 FULL Spoilers + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the full spoilers for the October 2016 Allure Beauty Box! (Thanks for the head’s up, Raina!) Each box will include:


FYI – Allure Beauty Boxes are shipping out later this month due to the exclusive Allure-collaboration product (Spongelle) that will be included in the box.

What do you think of the full spoilers for the October 2016 Allure Beauty Box?

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. UPDATE: Replacement Estée Lauder received!

    BACKSTORY: I was the girl who had received her September allure box with only 4 out of the 7 items — perfume, primer, cleansing milk, and eye cream — because the Estée Lauder and mascara was missing, and the nail polish was busted. Many fits were thrown 🙁

    Today I received the Estée Lauder, and the invoice inside the package had both it the nail polish listed as its contents, except next to the polish it said “BACK ORDER”… so I assume that it will arrive once they get them in. Not sure what happened with the mascara, but at least it’s something :/

    • Oh and the supergoop lip screen was empty! In my September box. Forgot to mention that. Lol I’m tired

  2. I just received my Allure box and I was quite pleased with the contents!! I love that received the Limited-Edition Spongellé shower sponge because thanks to the full size version in my Fall FabFitFun box, i now have one for home and travel!! I also have the full size hair mask,, came in a different box, so again great to have one for home and travel. I wwill definitely use all of the products in this month’s box. Can’t wait to try the body Butter!!

  3. I haven’t been charged yet for my October box. I’m not a new subscriber, I’ve been subscribed for about a year. Is this occurring to anyone else?

    • I called Friday because am still missing replacement items from last month and wasn’t charged yet either this month. She said they are awaiting spongelle that boxes are shipping late this month and they don’t charge accounts until the box is ready to ship. (Now I get charged the 30-2 every month and don’t get a box until late in the month so I know that’s wrong haha but what I was told and I’ve been with them 2yrs.

      • They said 3rd week of the month there shipping because of spongelle product Atleast that’s what the rep I got said lol

    • Yes..It now October 12 and I still haven’t been charged yet either! I’ve also been a member almost a year.

  4. I was wondering if anyone got that email saying that brand new product made your the AllureBeautyBox?It didnt say anyone was getting anything extra and was talking about the sponge.

  5. Really excited for this box! I really hope they ship soon!!!

  6. Fingers crossed that all who are subscribed get a big box of goodies and bonus items too. Ohh and missing items and bonus boxes too. Hey it’s possible. Fingers Crossed. I come to this area to see whats going on but I try not to look at what items are in the box because I love the surprise of it and I can’t get my feelings hurt. ??????????. I am just so happy that Popsuger has those Mysteryboxes again and for 25 dollars with 7 items and over a $125 price tag. Love those babies….. And my Allure box most of the time too.

  7. I want to love Allure SO MUCH!! But I have been missing random items here and there-and I signed up TWO people who still subscribe back in April-STILL NO bonus for me.
    I know April was a mess-but after calling and speaking with really nice/promises everything to just flat out snotty reps-and emails ORDERING me to “keep track of any contact with us”. Still. Nothing. Does Anyone have some tips on how to collect on my two sets of bonus items?

    • I have been told they were shipping my bonus box twice, never received shipping confirmation or a box. I think they just try to wear you down, the box isn’t worth the time I have into it. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with, happy I cancelled my daughter’s and my boxes.

  8. Looks like a Great box!

  9. I remember a time when I would get disappointed every time I got a dry shampoo in any beauty box. Then I randomly finally tried a few of them & LOVE dry shampoo! Not only does it give thin limp hair volume & life, it makes your hair smell amazing in between washes. Now I get totally excited anytime I get a new dry shampoo! ❤️

  10. Looks like a great box! I love the sponge, the lotion, and the dry shampoo. I hope they do not continue to put variance in boxes! That doesn’t work for me and I will cancel!

  11. The Tatcha and Spongelle alone make it an exciting box for me! I hope for another Klorane product other than the dry shampoo, otherwise it will go up for swaps along with the mascara. I can’t wait to smell the pear & freesia Spongelle. Sounds heavenly.

    • Even though I love the product, I also would like to see something different besides the dry shampoo from Klorane..I think I’ve now received it 3-4 times in about 9 months of membership.

  12. Meh ?

    Not too happy. Wish I can see what’s in these boxes before we get billed

  13. Allure hasn’t charged my card yet. Is this the box all subs are getting??

  14. I’m not so impressed this month but I’ll have to see the box in person first and try some of the products. I have been unhappy at first sight before but once I’ve tried the products ended up very happy so we will see.

  15. Has anyone been billed for the October box yet?

    • Nope

      • Nope : (

    • I’ve contacted them a few times and been told each time that they have not billed or shipped yet and don’t expect to ship till around the middle of the month. Which is when they will be shipping. I believe it’s the sponge they are waiting on, which I’m more then happy with because it’s a pretty neat item! Also if anyone contacted Allure about the “missing” items last month (mascara and serum) I got an email saying they shipped those on the 23rd and will take 2-3 weeks, it will have been 2 weeks tomorrow so, hopefully this week.

      • Thats funny. I just received a reply that said they were shipped on the 23 but should have been here already cuz it takes 7-10 days after the ship date to arrive. I’m like ok well its been 13 days. They refused to give me a tracking number though.

        • I also was told the missing items shipped on 23rd, but I got my free items from the try it program. That was Tuesday… I should have already received the missing items if they did ship on 23rd…. Guess another chat session is my to do list?

      • Are they doing that for all customers or only the people that requested them? Do you think it’s too late to ask?

        • I suppose there’s no harm in asking, but I did read that they were only honoring it before they shipped.

      • don’t believe what they say — I’m still waiting for a broken item from my June box — I’ve contacted them many time and they just keep giving me B.S. excuses as to why they didn’t ship it yet & that “they will send it soon” — one excuse was “they had a power failure”

        • Teresa, I urge you and others who have not received items that were promised to them to file a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau. It’s the only way I’ve gotten results!

          • Cassie,

            Can you tell me more? I’d like to know exactly how you went about doing this. Thanks so much in advance 🙂

    • I really wish Allure would pick a dang day and charge us on that day each month…i hate trying to figure out when to make sure their money is in my account.

      • I completely agree, Raeline! It is so annoying!

    • I still haven’t been billed. Would someone post when they actually do get billed?? Thanks!

    • Still nothing. 🙁

    • I called Friday they said it doesn’t get billed till boxes are ready to ship and since missing the spongelle there awaiting it and will ship 3rd week of the month so won’t be billed till then (but I’ve kept the money in there cause u never know with them at all very unpredictable lately!)

  16. Mally is my new favorite mascara. Got it in a birchbox. Looks like Allure is back to great boxes!

  17. Officially tired of the Briogeo mask. It’s been in so many boxes and with short hair, I have no use for it. Guess I’ll add this to the two I already have up for swap. That said, everything else looks pretty great. The Spongelle should be fun.

    • Short hair don’t care! Trying it anyway…LOL

      • I love this mask and I have short hair too. I have psoriasis and use a medicated shampoo, I use this or another mask afterwards and it makes me feel less like I’m destroying my (color-treated) hair to save my scalp!

        • Have you ever tried using Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner? My fiancé had psoriasis on his scalp and hair line and used the Paul Mitchell tea tree line. It worked REALLY well for him. He passed away a few years ago, so I can’t ask him more. He also used DMEA in a liquid form, said it helped. I know Derma e has a moisturizer with that in it and it’s organic, maybe that could help as well? I wish you all the best!
          Many blessings.

    • Me too! I’ve got short hair. I mean I try the masks, but they don’t really make any difference for me

  18. Just resumed my subscription once I saw this. I really hope I get this box! I’ve been wanting to try Spongelle forever but I can’t get anyone to accept my swap request on one so this might be my only chance to try it without paying full price on their site.

    • I am in love with the rose scented spongelle from the Fab Fit Fun box and I am sooo excited there is one in the Allure box this month, I can’t wait to see what it smells like. You’ll love it!

    • If you subscribed for Allure Box in October, unfortunately your first box won’t arrive till November.

      • I did a webchat with them a couple days ago and they told me that I would be receiving the October box.

  19. I actually did receive a missing product the other day. It had taken so long to arrive I didn’t even remember missing it! There are a couple of items I’d like to try, but this would be my 3rd tube of the hair mask (doesn’t do anything for me), I got the dry shampoo as a substitute in another Allure box (can’t use it), and have so.many.mascaras! At least I can use everything else.

  20. Sounds great allure excited to try a few new products

  21. I wish I knew how to quit you, Allure. You drive me crazy with all of your drama, but your boxes are generally just too good! The FOMO is so real with this sub…

  22. Looks pretty good!! Love Tatcha, the scent for the Spongelle sounds great, that dry shampoo is the only one I’ve ever really liked. I don’t like that hair mask at all, but it seems pretty popular so hopefully it will swap easily. I can’t stand Doucce, but the rest makes the box worth it.

    • Tamara, I’d trade you the hair mask for my dry shampoo! ?
      I don’t use any dry shampoo, but love that mask. Don’t like the overnight one, but this one is great. Assuming we actually get these items!!!!

  23. YAY Spongelle! That scent sounds appealing to me, too! I’m excited!

    And it looks like the Doucce shadow will click into the freematic palette that Wantable sent me. Score!

  24. Okay I just chatted with them since I discontinued last month, they told me I would get the Oct box after I continued with them again and they also said my extra items from last month were sent off and I should get them by Friday. So let’s hope all of that happens! Lol this box looks amazing I can’t wait.

  25. I’m really looking forward to this one, but I’m really hoping for the body butter instead of the hand creme. Would also prefer something other than dry shampoo, but it’s ok.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

  26. I’m excited to get this box! I think my card got charged, but I’ve not received any email :-O Also, my account on doesn’t look like normal (on the first page there are only account number and amount due show up). I’m not if this happens to everyone or just me.

  27. I really like the look of this box, it has some really great variety. Two hair items, both great for winter (though I have the hair mask sitting in my bathroom, oh well). A luxe moisturizer which is exciting. Exfoliating sponge for the dry cold weather heading our way. A mascara I’ve never had the privilege to try and a nice neutral eye shadow. I know everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes, I just don’t know what more you can ask for from a beauty box? In my Ipsy bag this month I’m getting 5/5 items that I cant and wont use. ALl items NOT picked on my profile, and they are supposed to be personalized!!!! I will use everything in this Allure box minus maybe the shadow, that’s pretty darn good for no customization. Plus I’m pretty excited about the sponge, moisturizer, mascara and even the dry shampoo (never tried this brand yet despite getting many subscriptions for a year lol).

    • How do you know what’s in your Ipsy box?

      • Just sign into your ipsy account and select ‘glam bag’, scroll down and you’ll see your contents this month. ?

      • Well you can either, click on the Ipsy reveal page on MSA, and then click the button that says bag reveal or you can just log into your account and click on your glam bag 😀 Hope you have better luck then I!

    • This dry shampoo is the BEST I have ever used. BTW I have tried 5 different brands.This one is my favorite and it’s sephora’s best seller. and I am very excited to get the travel size one since I usually buy the full size for myself bcs of the price. Please don’t give me other hair care product other than this one….

    • This is the Allure Box. Everyone essentially gets the same thing. The Ipsy Box is the one that is “curated just for you.”

      • Yeah I know, that’s what I said 🙂 My point was that I prefer this box over my Ipsy even though the Ipsy is supposed to be personalized and I don’t like anything I’m getting.

      • Doooont count on that. This is why allure has had so much drama lately. People haven’t been getting what they expected

    • Yes totally agree!! So so disappointed with my ipsy this month but allure knocked it out of the park. I just can never quit allure. Even with occasional drama, it’s worth it. It just is.

  28. I am really excited for this box. Never tried the Spongelle or the Tatcha. I really hope to get the Klorane dry shampoo-I got mango wango last time. I LOVE the Briogeo hair mask – even though I have fine limp hair – works wonders. Did not get the Mally last time nor have I been interested enough to buy anything. The eye shadow will be donated or re-gifted. Can’t wait for my box. Wondering what I will or will not get…..

  29. Glad I cancelled.

  30. I’m concerned I never received this spoiler email about the spongelle and I haven’t been billed. ?

    • I just talked to the billing service as I was concerned as well and she said it could be next or even the week after before we get billed as they are still waiting on a product to arrive.. I honestly don’t know what has happened to Allure. I had essentially cancelled all my other subscriptions (Ipsy, Boxy, Glossy, Derm) for this box because they were initially so fantastic. But recently I’ve been missing items, their customer service is dismissive almost to the point of being rude and they even messed up my account when I requested two gift subscriptions for my mother and niece and the box quality has definitely gone down in my opinion. Seriously thinking I”ll go back to Boxy.

    • Ok I did get the spoiler email. KrisB thank you for your reply!

  31. I think I want to cancel. Not thrilled with this box

  32. I was confused by the allure email I received lol when I think bespoke I think BESPOKE POST, which I love lol So my bad …Bespoke on the brain I guess ?

    You’ll receive a members-only exclusive in this month’s Beauty Box! View in your browser.
    Allure Beauty Box
    We’re Making It Worth Your Wait!

    Hey Beauty Box member,

    We’ve been planning something special for you this month!

    When you receive your October Beauty Box next week, you’ll get to unwrap the first-ever bespoke product created exclusively for members. Our editors teamed up with Spongellé to create a limited-edition oil-infused shower sponge scented with freesia and pear, and it’s our new favorite way to wash up, buff away dead skin cells, and get gorgeous-smelling skin.

    We hope you love it as much as we do!


    • Can anyone tell me when they received the email from Allure? I’m not seeing it in my mailbox.

      • I got my e mail around 3pm from Allure.❤️

      • I got it on Tuesday the 4th.

  33. SO glad I cancelled. I was missing the mascara and the Estée Lauder serum last month, AND my nail polish arrived busted. So I only got to enjoy 4 out of the 7 items a lot of other women received… Or was it just a few?? I feel like almost no one got all of the items promised… Haha oh and do you think I’ve received any of the replacements, as promised by customer service nearly a month ago? NOPE. Very satisfied to see that I cancelled before such a lame box. ?

    • your comment reminded me that I never got my replacement products either. Just chatted with customer service, they said replacements had shipped late last week, and i should have by this Friday. You might want to check in with them.

  34. I was really worried I’d have remorse for cancelling this sub a week ago, but thankfully I don’t. I’m so sick of Klorane dry shampoo I can’t even – that was my first experience of the variable items in boxes back in the spring time when they advertised everyone would get the shampoo. I was told that a shampoo would be sent to me, it never was. What if I was still subbed? I wouldn’t want ANOTHER Klorane dry shampoo to throw into my already too large Klorane dry shampoo pile.

    And same goes for that Breogeo product. About two years ago that made it’s round and I got a small jar of it in THREE of my boxes. They’ve changed their packaging and now it’s making it’s rounds again, ugh.

    • I love the Klorane dry shampoo. If I was guaranteed that product, I might get a box this month. No need of the Briogeo, though.

  35. If I signed up last week and got a shipping notice yesterday which box do you think I will get…Sept or Oct?

    • You might be getting Septembers box. I signed up August 25 and received a shipping number September 3 and I got Augusts box. Then I was charged September 12 and got the September box on the 16th. You will probably be charged again this month and get Octobers box. You shoul email them to make sure.

  36. Looks like the same dry shampoo that some subscribers got in June, instead of the mango shampoo?
    I also just received the full size of the hair mask from Popsugar, and am kind of meh on everything else.

  37. After the fiasco a few months ago, I said I’d never sign up for another Allure box. BUT, I love Tatcha and Spongelle so now I’m thinking I should give Allure another chance.

    • U may not get the October box it could b the November one

  38. Finally a fantastic looking Allure box! When I first signed up 6 months ago, I was in love… but the past couple of months have been eh for me. This one is very promising!!! Any idea at all what the surprise product is??

    • Oh sorry for the confusion. The surprise product that is the reason for the delay in shipping is the exclusive Spongelle sponge.

      • I realized that when I read my email from Allure. Thank you!☺️

    • There is a surprise item in addition to the 6 products shown?

      • I understand now. Going to be a great box! ❤️

      • I read it to mean that the surprise was the Spongelle. So then it would be 5 items plus the sponge.

  39. Does anyone know if I resubscribe now, would I get this months box?

    • It’s a 50/50

    • You might. I resubscribed at the end of august and did get the august box.

  40. Amazing October box! Super excited for everything in this box! The Spongelle sponges are AMAZING! Can’t wait! Allure once again did an AWESOME job on our box! ❤️

  41. I just signed up today, will I get the Oct, or Nov box?

    • Your first box should be the October box.

  42. I was doing the happy dance over Tatcha and not having to replace the mascara this month. I have been wanting to try a hair mask for a minute so another plus. I’m so into fufu winter showers/baths so Limited-Edition Spongellé shower sponge scented with freesia and pear will be new thing to try. Sounds like eye shadow will work on even my dark skin. Plus a collaborative surprise for later. Can I get an Amen sisters? LOL…. There must be greater things in life to be happy over but I am happy about this box.

    • The collab surprise is the spongelle sponge. Allure sent an email saying that was the surprise. It’s a limited edition sponge created exclusively for Beauty Box members.

  43. I now have an actual lifetime supply of the Briogeo Hair Repair…seriously, a LIFETIME supply, and I’m not that old! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m out of dry shampoo (my elderly mom uses it, since she gets her hair “done” once a week) so I hope I get that variant. Happy about the bath sponge, full-size mascara and Tacha, so I’m not going to complain!

  44. I think I officially have a lifetime supply of that hair mask. I am pretty sure I have received it in every box- including the full size in popsugar lol! I haven’t even tried it yet. Better get started working on it! The good news is unless they start repeating I shouldn’t get it in anything else lol

    • lol…we posted the same thing at the same time!

      • haha! I am actually eager to try it- but i have several other hair masks I am SLOWLY working through before I want to open it (since not opening it should make it last longer). My hair is fine and not really damaged so I don’t need globs of hair mask every day. I need to just do 2 mandatory pamper days a week or something to use them up/all the face masks I have too. #subscriptionboxproblems

  45. If I get the box as pictured, I’ll be a happy camper. I like those bath sponges, so I’m excited to sniff & try! 🙂

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