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Adidas: Avenue A Subscription Box Winter 2016 Spoiler #2!

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Adidas is sharing this exclusive spoiler hint for the Winter 2016 Avenue A by Adidas Box with MSA readers! Here is the first spoiler in case you missed it.

Each Winter 2016 box will include:


Our Winter 16 Edition includes theAlphaBOUNCE, a stylish, modern shoe designed for extra comfort and support. Hit the pavement or your favorite brunch spot in these incredibly versatile kicks.

This box is curated by Rita Ora:


In addition to the sneaker, we now know that the Winter box will include an additional pair of shoes, and 2 items from the Rita Ora Adidas collection!

There are 5 items total in this box:

  • AlphaBOUNCE Sneakers
  • Another pair of shoes
  • Rita Ora Collection Item
  • Rita Ora Collection Item
  • Mystery Item!

What do you think of the latest spoiler hints?

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Check out my Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. it could mean that the tights are sold out because they are going in the box, but I hope not. Does anyone think that one of the Rita ora items might be the other pair of shoes?

  2. This will be my first Avenue A box… I’m kind of hoping it’s not the Banned from Normal line – I don’t think that I will wear those…. at least not the tights. My boyfriend would bann me from going out with him in those – even to the gym. haha. But I saw on the Adidas website that the tights have been removed (hopefully a good sign?).

    I am bummed I wasn’t aware of this subscription box and missed out on the first couple boxes.

    • Where did you see the information about the tights?

      • They were removed…… but now they’re back. Blah.

    • Me too… I really dislike her collection so I’m super nervous that we’re going to get some of her banned from normal prints.

  3. Yikes! I didn’t realize were so close to this renewing! My poor bank account is already angry at me for the black Friday/ cyber Monday deals I took advantage of. I guess I need to start sucking up to my husband. This is my absolute most favorite subscription!

  4. The winter box bills in two days. I cancelled.
    I ordered the Saucony box and those shoes are grey as well. (I like Saucony shoes better anyway.)
    Like others, I held off hoping for more spoilers. If I could see more of the Avenue A box, I might have given them a chance. But I can’t just “hope for the best” when it comes to Rita’s designs.

    • I cancelled this subscription for the same exact reasons. (I also like Saucony shoes better) I was late for the Saucony Box (Sold out). Hopefully Saucony will bring back the Run Box. Seems like a much better deal. At least we know in advanced exactly what we will get.

      • I’m sorry you didn’t get to the Run Box before it sold out. 🙁 Hopefully they will keep it going. Adidas needs the competition – particularly since they are now leaning more ‘lifestyle’.

        Also, I totally agree with you about knowing spoilers in advance. (That’s why Julep is my fave box.) It’s the best way to keep customer satisfaction up! You know what you’re getting and it curbs the feeling of being stuck with something you hate.

    • They can not really expect us to pay 150 dollars and have no idea of the other items in the box ? Also I need to see the items so I have my correct sizing. Some things run small and some things run big. If they were smart they would let us see all that is in this winter box so we can adjust our sizing instead of them having to deal with all the exchanges during the holidays. With all the boxes out there of all kinds they should b a little more caring since their box is on the high end.

      • It seems like the high end boxes usually spoil just about everything before billing/shipping. For expensive boxes this seems like a better strategy in the long run to keep subscribers. It’s one thing to have unknown items in a $10 box like Itsy – no one is going to lose too much sleep over getting a couple inexpensive items that aren’t quite right for them.

        But for $150 I want to know what I am getting. At that price point I am not paying to be surprised – i am paying for something curated, limited edition, for the convience of getting an outfit, and for the savings over purchasing the items individually. I am happy to accept that some items are going to be a little outside my usual taste – but not a whole box of unknowns (from a curator that has things I very strongly dislike).

        I’ll have to check out the Saucony box next time it comes around.

        • I agree! And why would they spoil the entire box last season (well before billing) and only share one shoe from this box? Spoiling last season’s box set a precedent and now people are expecting to know more about the box. Maybe it has to do with the curator and how much they want to share ahead of time. Anyway, I’m with you…I’m not shelling out the $150 until I know more about the items. Spoiling at least one apparel item would at least give us a better idea of the direction they are going with the box. C’mon Adidas!

        • I have literally been checking this site like a madwoman hoping that someone would have another spoiler! I can’t stand Rita Ora’s new Banned From Normal collection – it is heinous. I like some of her other collections but this one is just… not good. Add in the fact that we’re supposed to be receiving another shoe that will most likely be that clamshell style … ick. I was SO excited about signing up for this sub but I think I’m going to cancel tonight and wait for more spoilers 🙁

          • OMG! I thought I was the only one looking at this site every few minutes haha!! I’m so desperate to know what is in the box!!

          • Haha! If you and I are habitually checking, there must be more! I emailed Adidas earlier today hoping they’d confirm/deny that the box includes her BFN collection but no response yet. I’ll post something if I hear back! Until then, my sub has been canceled for this box. Such a shame too bc I love that sneaker!

    • I canceled mine too, I wanted workout gear not lifestyle stuff. I spent that money elsewhere on winter running clothes. I was really hoping this box would have the climaheat hoodie, or long running tights. Don’t want to take my chances- not a fan of the Rita Ora collection. I missed out on the Saucony box, but hope they bring it back.

  5. Has anyone seen any new spoilers? I was hoping maybe something would show up before the first.

    • I have been looking all weekend….nothing yet 🙁

  6. Here is a link to Rita Ora’s latest collection for Adidas.

    I’m guessing this is where the pieces of the box will come from, or be similar to. The grey shoes would match.

    Not really my taste and not particularly good for running or working out (IMO). These looks more like “athleisure” wear. I’ve put my box on hold for winter and will unfreeze it only if reliable spoilers come out that I like.

    • I also put my subscription on hold for the winter box. Thanks for sharing the link. Not feeling the Rita Ora collection. Hopefully the next box will be better.

      • I just cancelled my subscription. It bills on December 1st & they refused to send out another spoiler so they really leave me no choice. That collection is awful. Just awful.

        • They’re really not going to release another spoiler before it’s billed? Last season they spoiled the whole dang box before it was billed.

        • This is what they emailed me yesterday.


          Thanks for the inquire. Normally we don’t reveal all items prior to the box shipping. I can tell you that we have a sweat shirt, tights, tank and the 2 pairs of shoes in the box. I hope this helps. Please keep an eye out as our marketing team will do other style reveals as we get closer to the box shipping.


          Avenue a customer support

          • I’m sure the value will be there regardless but I just can’t justify it unless they release at least one more spoiler. Even if it is the other pair of shoes. The shoes now are awesome. I’m sure the tank will be basic but if it’s those banned tights or hoodie, along with 2nd pair of shoes I might not wear, I just can’t right now.

    • I have one word for the Rita Ora collection….Hideous!

    • Yeesh, is that really what it might be? I’m open to a lot of her prints, even the skeleton ones but the “Banned From Normal” items are totally not for me. I love the Alpha Bounce but I don’t want to buy the box if that’s the only thing in it that I dug. I need another spoiler or I’ll cancel and come back for the bag in the spring.

    • I really hope more spoilers come out so I can sign back up for the December box. Otherwise I guess I’ll take my $150 and hit the stores for some pre-Christmas sales on workout clothing.

      Anyhow – just so you know – it is just a guess on my part regarding the Rita Ora box. I don’t want anyone to be mad at me if it turns out to be awesome stuff and we missed out because of speculation. Just $150 is an expensive box….

    • Thanks for the link! Based on fear of the box actually containing some of those items, I cancelled my sub. $150 is way too much for me to spend to risk getting those “Banned” items. Those aren’t my style at all, so I’ll be watching (hoping!) for more spoilers before I consider signing back up.

  7. I love the grey shoes this month! And I love the black ones last month! I’m so happy that ADIDAS doesn’t just assume that all women want girly pink and purple colors! I hope that they give us another coordinated outfit, like the black smoke design or the x ray skeleton design! This is probably my favorite subscription box right now. I hope they keep the focus on running/working out and not yoga stuff.

  8. With the last box I was bummed that it was sent out for review before subscribers received it (partly because it made it seem like a really long wait before I got to actually wear that awesome hoodie) but I guess I’m going to eat my words now, because based on the spoilers I want to know the exact items in the winter box before I pay $150 for it… I don’t really need another pair of athletic shoes on top of the grey ones (which look cute for running errands, as others have mentioned below the adidas shoes don’t seem to work for me for most exercise) and I’m not sure the non athletic styles will be for me.

  9. For those who have received the previous boxes, I was wondering when these boxes normally ship ? on their website it says 3-4 weeks after billing? thanks

  10. Do they have any customer service? I’ve written several times because I’m having trouble with safecart and no one has responded.

  11. If there are any NYC-based readers here, looks like the Well + Good team (curators of the Fall box) will be co-hosting an event in Brooklyn with Adidas Avenue A on November 17th, where there will be exclusive sneak previews of upcoming items!

    The event announcement also spoils that Hannah Bronfman will be curating the Spring 2017 box (according to her bio on IG, she founded HBFIT).

    • RSVP’s are already closed! 🙁

    • I hope someone goes and posts some more spoilers!

      • I RSVP’d so will try and make it and let you all know.

  12. Will we be getting a shoe that is puddle friendly? The fall shoe is not and I hate wet socks!

    • I was thinking the same thing. This is supposed to be a runner’s box – I need waterproof stuff and warm stuff for winter running. I don’t use the shoes from this box for running (as I prefer something else), but I would still appreciate them for the winter dog walking and daily hikes and such.

  13. Hmm… the value is definitely there. But I don’t go through sneakers that quickly (I wear another brand for running) so I’m not sure I really need two more. Very intrigued by the Rita Ora stuff, but her designs are either love them or hate them for me.

    Maybe I’m still rebounding from the truly abysmal customer service last time. PayPal snafu meant no box for me, no response after a zillion calls and emails. Then they finally email to say I’ll finally get a box, so I get my hopes up. And…no box, and radio silence to follow ups. I guess the glitter has just worn off for me. ;(

  14. Man, if Adidas really is just listening to the comments here, instead of — I dunno — SURVEYING THEIR SUBSCRIBERS — I’m going to be so bummed out 🙁 I’ve subbed since summer box and haven’t once been surveyed about my thoughts.

    People on this site do NOT sound like the ideal target growth market for this box. So many people seem to want this to cater to middle of the road and casual lifestyle. It’s a fitness box. Adidas should be reaching out to some of the fitness influencers on social media to grab fashion/fitness fans. I want cutting edge gear! Not outlet merch.

    I’m in my late 30s, a runner, I go to the gym, I do yoga, and I want true athletic apparel (please god none of those hideous “lifestyle” clamshell shoes that look like a bad 80s flashback). I also sub to this box to receive FASHION FORWARD designs. Please no boring neutrals. Those don’t look original or stand out enough to make me want to keep subscribing. I can get similar plain tanks at Target for less.

    Rita Ora’s collection would be amazing if it’s one of those jackets or a hoodie. I had no idea that she was doing collections for Adidas, so I looked it up: Really adore so many of her prior season designs. Feeling hopeful for this one!

    Lastly, if you’re reading this Adidas–it’s PEEK, as in SNEAK PEEK. Not “peak” *shakes head*

    • I slightly disagree. I also would prefer a true athletic box instead of leisure wear. However, along with that I would prefer a box curated by an athlete.

    • I think its a good business decision to target average people who like athletic wear rather than hard core athletes. There are so many more people in the athleisure market/demographic than fitness junkies. More people in the target audience then more people are likely to buy.

    • I haven’t been surveyed about anything either, but could be due to the fall box being my first.

      I do agree that they need weigh the opinions of subscribers over commenters – but I also feel like both are helpful feedback.

      So far, I have liked all the boxes, but only decided to subscribe starting in the fall. Personally, I love both athletic gear. I am a regular gym goer – so having some fresh new items to add to my wardrobe is great. I do also enjoy lifestyle pieces too – they’re comfy and I can wear when I’m not headed to the gym. I also agree with the fashion forward designs – I want something new, exciting, and probably not my typical pick when shopping for myself.

      I do feel like more athletes should be curating the boxes though – it seems they are straying from that. Maybe in the future they will have 2 boxes; one geared for the athlete and one geared towards to the ‘athleisure’ consumer.

      But who knows. I’m anticipating these winter spoilers to see. Rita’s collections look amazing, so I’m excited to see the picks.

      • I agree with several of the comments here…I’ve been subscribing since the first box, I was shocked they didn’t poll current subscribers, because not all people are aware of this site. I didn’t discover it until the summer box was out. I too prefer an athletic box- I weight train, run, do yoga and sometimes pilates. I hope they don’t stray away from it, which looked like it was their intention. I’m afraid this box is going to be more lifestyle products, I dont know that Rita Ora’s stuff is for training? Hoping for more spoilers for this box, and the spring one too, as I saw a comment that there would be a bag. I don’t need anymore bags. lol.

    • I agree – I would prefer actual athletic gear – I run, cycle, swim – and hit the gym on occasion when the weather isn’t cooperative. I’m hoping for cold weather gear. Looking over Rita Ora’s designs I see a lot of clothing that isn’t meant for actually working out (dresses, bustiers).

      I’m on the fence w/ skipping this box – I don’t want fashion shoes. As it is the shoes they send aren’t useful for any of the sports I do (no one will pry my Hokas out of my hands). I’m ok w/ some of Rota Ora’s designs – but a lot look like Ed Hardy stuff to me. I think there are a lot of options out there for people who want athleisure clothing.

      I’d love it if they did a box curated by an athlete!

      • These boxes are of great value and with the holidays coming up, anything that’s not wanted can be easily gifted ! My daughter is my size in clothes and foot wear so anything that isn’t for me, she would be glad to have. I do really hope that they put in a fanny pack in a future box which would be great for runners in my opinion.

    • Ummm, I subscribe…

    • I’m 40 and fat and hardly ever go to the gym. And I’m looking forward to wearing the same lifestyle gear as all if you hardcore athletes. Thanks Adidas for listening to the non-athletes as well.

    • I entirely disagree. Those “clamshell” shoes are so cute! I would LOVE to see another pair of stan smiths/superstars in the box! I want it to be FASHION FORWARD. I think the ideal balance of this box would be every other box an alternate between fashion and fitness.

    • Interesting thread of comments. I exercise practically every day. Weights, running, DB365 workouts, typical stuff. I need real fitness gear but I also like comfy, casual clothes. I just subscribed in time for the fall box. I subscribed knowing this was a box for fitness apparel so that’s what I expect. I would love other fitness gear. Especially a foam roller! (PLEASE!) I saw and Adidas video demonstrating one and thought it would be such a great product to include in this box.

      I do agree with having athletes or even fitness professionals curate this box. I subscribe to Daily Burn 365. A partnership with a trainer (or the team) from there would be amazing!

      I also would like a survey for subscribers to provide feedback on items received and thoughts on future products.

    • I’m not a hardcore athlete, but my main form of exercise is kickboxing, which requires decent gear. I wear the tops a lot, although I find that the sports bra from the last box is more about fashion than comfort and compression. The pants are a great pattern, but having to tie them in order for them to stay up is unrealistic.
      I’ve actually mostly subbed for the shoes and the extras (love LOVE the jacket from fall and the watch from summer). I don’t wear the shoes for exercise as much, but they’re nice enough that I wear them to work (teaching)! The black ones are perfect, and I’m excited for the grey.
      However- Adidas, PLEASE start surveying your subscribers! It’s not hard to do and we would love to give input.

  15. I want to sign up, but I’m worried about the shoes and clothes being the wrong size. How are returns?

    • I just signed up! I LOVE those shoes. I don’t exercise other than walk my Yorkie down our country road, lol, but maybe this will motivate me to exercise more! I am 46 so I hope the other items are age appropriate and no crop tops! I am a size 10 clothes and put XL for everything except leggings/pants a L. For shoes I am an 8 and I put an 8. I hope I did the sizing correct. I like my tops and jackets loose which is why I put XL. So excited, Merry Christmas to me!!! I didn’t do any Advent Calendars yet so I can justify this for now!

    • They are amazing about returns!

    • Everything runs pretty true to size. I do wear a lot of adidas clothing before I signed up for the box though, so I had an idea how it would fit. But from what I hear, they are good with size exchanges.

    • Size exchanges have been super easy, in my experience! In the last box I was sent two size S items, even though I had changed my top size to M in my profile before being billed for that box. I explained what happened and was sent the correct sizes for those items. Additionally, they told me to gift the size S items to a friend rather than sending them back! I thought that was great, and it was fun to surprise a friend with a nice top and sports bra. 🙂

  16. Signed up as soon as I read about it on your blog. It seems such a good deal plus a new outfit and pair of shoes per season, totally worth the value. Especially since I tend to stick to the classics, this will allow me more variety in my wardrobe.
    Love your blog but it will soon hurt my pocket as I am enjoying all the spoilers I am reading and now I have 4 subscriptions. I think I can do one more – maybe globein or something else 🙂 Any suggestions for fun and variety? I have signed up for fabfitfun, popsugar must have and ipsy. I seriously need to reign in my obsession with these boxes but it’s just so much fun. Thank you!

    • Dermstore’s beautyfix is my favorite. Every month they send these high end Skincare products (among other makeup/Skincare items, but the Skincare are my favorite!:), all of which have been amazing. Some full sized products, amazing value, and very responsive customer service. I’m considering ordering a second sub from them:)

    • GlobeIn is great! It’s so unique and they have awesome customer service. You can switch themes for the month and get a past box if you want to. And right now they have that awesome GWP that’s the 2 mugs and serving dish. I’d be all over it if I wasn’t already a subscriber.

  17. I’ve had sub-box envy (like REAL BAD) on every review of this box. I finally signed up! I seriously hope the Rita collection is something universal although I’d wear the heck out of that o-ray skeleton hoodie even though that’s probably not something I’d ever buy for myself. Lol.

    • LOL I feel exactly the same way.. read the review many times…. filled out all my info then changed my mind.. finally pulled the plug today and signed up … hope it will be good!

  18. So they will send an email before our cards will be charged and we will still be able to opt out?

  19. If Adidas ever decides to allow for a shoes only box, I’ll be first in line.

  20. I think they are going to give us one of those jackets, track suit, or those sailor pants in her collection because I think those items are kinda cute. Also to those complaining about the collection all you have to do is canceled for the winter month and then return later.

  21. Also, Adidas come out with this box for men!!!!!

  22. OMG! I don’t know how I missed the first spoiler or why I didn’t think I was getting another box this year (I’ve obviously been way too busy studying in college) but I AM SO EXCITED! I love the first spoiler shoes! I bet the second shoe item is like a slipper or something; that is if Adidas makes slippers..? I read in the comments that we are getting a bag in the next box after this one and I can’t wait for that because I missed the first box with the bag. This box has made me like Adidas when I have been a loyal Nike customer for as long as I can remember. This is hands down the best box on the market, I think!

  23. Two pair of shoes and a sweatshirt are totally worth it. Even if I don’t like anything else in the box!!! We still have a month and a half to wait:(

  24. I sooooo want this box! I may have to cancel some other subs, hmmmmm also, i’m 55 and would wear this updated kind of style 🙂

  25. Two pairs of shoes!!! I totally pulled the trigger the minute I saw that! I’m 46 and if the Rita Ora patterns make me look insane, so be it. I am all about the shoes! I’d love to see a Stan Smith pair in this box. Let the waiting begin.

  26. I am soOoOo excited for this box. Adidas has stepped it up so much with their fashion collections and shoes I am thrilled. Move over Nike!!!!! I also am hoping the clothing items in the box will be flattering on all body types and nothing crazy but I CANNOT WAIT!! Two shoes….YES!!!!!!

  27. I think clothes they pick from her collection will be more universally appealing/flattering. I doubt a crop top will come, unless there’s something to put under it. I love her colors and patterns and I’m 42! I would totally wear those bright colors, like the hoodie she’s wearing in the pics.
    My guess is we get a long legging and a hoodie or long sleeve top and one of them will be in a wild pattern or color. I think the mystery item will be a winter hat. And I’m ok with that! no idea on the shoe.

  28. Unless it’s from the UK collection, I imagine it will be a new collection that we haven’t seen yet. Avenue A definitely skews younger, but I think more importantly it skews for people who are very fit. It is geared toward runners and this is the type of clothing they’ve provided to date. I wish it was also more toward yoga/pilates types, but definitely a runner’s body will have the best luck.

    • I don’t really see it as a runners box. I mean there are some specific items like the shorts or shoes that are for running but you don’t need to wear them for that purpose only. I don’t run or have a runners body and found that everything so far has served me well in yoga and the weight room. And the slides are now my house shoes lol.

      I’d say this box is geared towards younger, athletic women in general. Not just running and of course you don’t have to be either young or athletic to buy it.

      • Adidas specifically markets it as a runners box. Even the tank in the last box I would never wear to a yoga class because it shows too much skin if you bend the wrong way. But my runner friend loved it because it doesn’t restrict arm movements. As an active fitness person who doesn’t run, I wish it weren’t so runner focused. Yes you can wear the clothes elsewhere but they are first and foremost runners clothes. The last box was not a big hit for me so I’m hoping this next box keeps me in. So far the shoes look like something you could wear daily, even though running shoes Ora said they double up for anything. That’s the kind of item I like to see.

        • I just checked the website and you’re right, they do market it for runners. But my point still stands – no one would look at any of the items they have sent (except for maybe the shorts) and think it’s only for running. I wear the same leggings and tanks to lift weights as I do to yoga. I wore the black tank to yoga, actually. I just tied a knot in the back and with my sports bra underneath, it wasn’t inappropriate at all. I think they’ve done a really good job of mixing up the boxes so the items can be worn for almost any activity.

          Anyway, it seems as if they’re really reading the feedback left on these comments so who knows, maybe they will brunch out.

      • Adidas specifically markets it as a runners box. Even the tank in the last box I would never wear to a yoga class because it shows too much skin if you bend the wrong way. But my runner friend loved it because it doesn’t restrict arm movements. As an active fitness person who doesn’t run, I wish it weren’t so runner focused. Yes you can wear the clothes elsewhere but they are first and foremost runners clothes. The last box was not a big hit for me so I’m hoping this next box keeps me in. So far the shoes look like something you could wear daily, even though running shoes Ora said they double up for anything. That’s the kind of item I like to see, items geared toward multiple uses.

  29. Honestly, I am hoping for some normal long pants. And winter is not the time for cropped anything for most of us. So I hope the box is universally wearable (and that includes style choices).

  30. Anyone know when the payment will be taken out of my account? I havent signed up yet because I dont have the funds but im scared to wait too long and miss out on this box. Also if I do sign up and I dont like the spoiler will i be free to cancel before having to shell out 150? Thanks

    • Laura,

      I just signed up and it said that I would be billed on Dec. 1 (w/ estimated Delivery of the 14th). It also asks to allow 15 days to process an opt out, so you would have until about mid November to cancel if you sign up.

      • Thank you for your help!!

    • If you wait too long they may run out of your size and you won’t get this box , you will have to wait for the next one. I signed up before the last box shipped out but they didn’t have my shoe size anymore so I’m still waiting for my first box. They emailed me when they were assembling this box a few weeks ago to make sure I had my payment info up for when they charge me.

  31. Two pairs of shoes?! I had to do it. I will be THRILLED if the other pair are the lifestyle shoes they surveyed about before. The Rita Ora items will be swapped or sold if they’re not my style and hoping the mystery item is something really good since it will be the holiday season when this box arrives. Can’t wait!

  32. I’m anxious to see which items they pick. I’m fine wearing colorful stuff to they gym but I think I’d draw the line at the skeleton… I’m another over 50 subscriber and I just don’t think I could pull that off!

  33. I really love this spoiler! I have been wearing the beautiful black sneakers from the fall box to work nearly every day, and I could totally get away with grey ones as well. I never used to want more athletic shoes, but these are some of the most well-made sneakers I’ve ever owned!

    Not to mention I use the watch from the summer box and the jacket from fall CONSTANTLY! I almost wish this box were bimonthly!

  34. OMG! I just jumped on the sub box life at the beginning of October (and have gone over the deep end since then). Looking back at the past boxes I can’t believe how amazing this box is! I’m about to start a better workout schedule and this is an amazing box to add to my list, so excited!

  35. Can it be December already??? I am over the moon with this box. I cannot wait to get whatever it is Rita decides to put in it.
    I always buy black so it’s nice to be “forced” to play with colors like the greenish running pants from the Fall box. I had to buy the black ZNE hoodie at my local Adidas in Santa Monica since I love the white one so much.
    I’ve actually been running and walking more since subscribing to Avenue A. I’ve lost 5 lbs since the Summer box, no joke.
    My husband said he’d gladly pay for the box every quarter. 🙂

  36. Im not a fan of most the rita ora collection so I hope we get another spoiler. Im in LOVE with the shoes but some of those clothes would be a deal breaker for me. Fingers crossed for one more item thats my style. Im boring and like my neutrals.

    • Im the same. I have gotten every box since the first one. I wasn’t much of a fan of the clothes in this last one (or the shorts this past summer). Not feeling some of those items – and definitely not the crop tops

  37. I have never really been sure why Rita Ora is a thing. She had some middling pop success in the UK, but I am boggled that brands like Addidas partner with her. But then again, Kardashians escape me too.

    • This!

  38. Hoping for more spoilers like they had last quarter. I love the idea of a second pair of shoes-BUT. I wouldn’t want a lifestyle pair, simply because I walk a lot and prefer athletic sneakers. As for the clothing, I think her stuff is cute. But not my style, I was really hoping for long leggings and or a jacket for winter runs. Looks like I may save myself $150 this quarter.

    • I think it may be a lifestyle pair, as we had a survey months back on if we’d like them in our boxes. .. so I think they may be using it (if they are lifestyle) to see if people would purchase the box still if so (hopefully that makes sense).

  39. Maybe this box is intended for someone younger than I am. Does anyone know the target market? Rita Ora stuff make me feel like a dinosaur…

    • Their market is fit runners. I think it skews young, but even if you’re older – if you have a runner’s body, it’ll work for you.

  40. Okay, my daughter LOVES the shoes, seriously HOW many pairs does an 18 year old need? She’s a 10 and my feet shrunk to a 8.5
    I’m 47 and really can’t rock the crazy

  41. Wow, two pairs? I hope (and am guessing) the second will be the lifestyle type shoe they asked us about a few months ago. I would love a fun pair of Stan Smith’s. I just bought the vintage courtset this month, and they are just so cute and comfortable! Rita’s collections are really fun, though I’m 42 and I’m not sure i could pull some of those things off. Love the way she incorporated so many colors.

    • Ditto! I am WORRIED about the Rita Ora. I am 50 and they would not be “cute” on me.

      • I am over 50 and also am hoping for something that isn’t too wild. Maybe we will get one of the bags or the backpack. They are cute.

  42. Hmm the 2 pairs of shoes got me but her clothes are hideous…I think the shoes are still worth it.

    • Agree about the clothes! Only the smoke print tights look like something I’d wear. Maybe there’s a collection that’s not released that’s more universally wearable. Not sure if the shoes will make it worth it. Depends on what the second pair is!

  43. The shoes look awesome! But please no crop top…seriously that’s a deal breaker. Will they release full box spoilers before cards are charged…like last quarter?

    • If they do that, does that mean there’s time to cancel before your card gets charged if you don’t like what is offered?

      • If I remember correctly, last quarter full spoilers were released about a week before we were charged so we could cancel if we wanted.

        • I think you’re right. I hope it’s the same this quarter!

          • So do I.

  44. I’m curious on if it will include things from the US or the UK collections? As (if I remember) a lot of the stuff in the video is from the UK collections. Plus, from another post and a comment that somebody received from CS, there would be a sweatshirt and the UK collection has them.

    • Oh Lord, not that cropped sweatshirt!

      • LOL I agree about the crop tops, but they do have full sweatshirts an jackets as well. I just don’t have the body for anything crop, at least not right now lmao I’m working on it 😉 lol

  45. I just checked out her collections. While some things are cute, I feel like, at age 49, I’m 20-30 years beyond her target market. Just saved myself $150…

    • I’m feeling the same way (I’m 42). Most of the stuff in the collection is not something I’d wear, with the exception of the black and white patterned tights. I like the shoes and getting a second pair is amazing. I’ll wait to see if there’s another spoiler. I may cancel before I get charged for this.

    I LOVE Rita’s collection/s as well… according to Adidas, she’s had 4 (I think).

  47. This is the best sub box ever! Maybe with 2 shoes in the box my daughter and I won’t have to fight over whose turn it is for the shoes! (We will.) great customer service, too!

  48. I checked out the Rita Ora collections and some of it is really cute and then others I can’t even imagine wearing……

    • The skeleton outfit is too crazy for most of us, I think!

      • I actually am in LURVE with the skeleton collection 🙂

    • Same here. I hope they pick more universally wearable items. Something functional.

  49. Omg omg omg!! I have two subs, one for me and one I buy for my stepmom and I’m so excited. Can’t wait for this!

    • Yay!!! ?

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