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Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2016 Trendsetter Box FULL SPOILERS

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the Fall 2016 Trendsetter Walmart Beauty Box!

There may be variations, but so far each Trendsetter box includes:

Hopefully, we should have full spoilers for the classic boxes (Age 35 and up) next week!

What do you think of the Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2016 spoilers?

(Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I don’t even think mine has a $5 value. I literally got 4 lotions samples (2 were the same) and deodorant. Brands like vaseline and dove. How is this trendsetter?

    • I know! I was expecting more beauty products in the trendsetter box. Four lotions, a micellar water sample and the bath soak. I did sign up like 10 days ago so maybe I was just too late to all the good stuff? Hopefully the winter box will be better.

  2. I received my trendsetter box last month and my classic box today. Both boxes contained almost the same items, variation between only 3 products. No need for 2 subs….will keep the Trendsetter.

  3. I’m already so mad at this box! Customer service has been unhelpful. My account that has already been charged for the two boxes I ordered has just been pending for almost two weeks and they can’t give me a straight answer as to why. So if I ever get this box it would be great but it sounds like I already won’t get anything I was expecting. What a joke. I will be canceling!

  4. I received the trendsetter box today and I had 2 substitutions. I did not receive the dry shampoo or the brush cleansing cloths which were the 2 items I really wanted. Instead I got a tiny dove deodorant and a foil packet of burts bees cleansing oil. I received everything else on the spoiler. I hope the classic box does not have any substitutions in it but I’m sure it will. I seem to be one of the last people to be sent a box so I never get whats in the spoiler.

    • I received the same as you.would have preferred the cloths and the dry shampoo also.

  5. I didn’t get the cleansing cloths, or the dry shampoo. Instead I got a half ounce Dove Advanced Care deodorant, and a single use packet of Burt’s Bees cleansing oil. Most of the year I have really oily skin, so that one is really disappointing. Maybe in November, when my face does tend to dry out a little, I can try it.

    I’ve been wanting to try the charcoal strips for a while, though, and I love salt baths and face masks, so those I’m excited about.

    • i was so excited for the Dry Shampoo i had been wanting to try it before buying a whole bottle, and i was looking forward to trying that new Hello toothpaste.. AND def the makeup brush cleaning wipes… but i didn’t get any of those… I got the deoderant, Burts Bees Honey Lotion, Vaseline Intensive care lotion, Cetaphil lotion (in a jar) …so basically 3 lotions, the Clean & Clear 60 second face mask, Dove Deoderant, Dove body wash, and a tiny sample of Cleansing water thing that they showed for their Classic box. along with the biore strip, gummies, and bath soak…. This is my first walmart beauty box….i was sooo looking forward to it.. but i did NOT need 3 different hand lotions :/

      • Same as a lot of the above comments. I really wanted the Batiste Dry Shampoo and the Ecotools Brush Cleansing Cloths, and I didn’t get either. Instead I got the Dove deodorant mini and Burt’s Bees something or other foil packet.


  6. I was really hoping to get some of the items shown above in my box. The items I wanted of course I didn’t get. 🙁 I received the following….

    1. Dove 0.5 oz. sample deodorant – which I think I got last time or a few months ago
    2. Micellar cleansing water 0.135 oz. one time sample – I received this in another box a few months ago as well
    3. Burts Bee’s body lotion 1. oz.
    4. Dove Purely Pampering body wash 1.8 fl. oz.
    5. Clean and Clear deep action shower mask 1 oz.
    6. Cetaphil Moisturizing cream 1 oz.
    7. Vaseline intensive care lotion 1 fl. oz. I think I got this before as well in a previous box
    8. Village natural therapy bath soak 2 oz.
    9. Natures Bounty hair skin nails 2 gummy sample – received many times before as well.
    10. Biore Charcoal pore strips. – received before as well.

    Was really hoping for the Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths, Batiste Dry Shampoo and the Hello Toothpaste.

    A lot of these items I got I already received and a couple times already. Still for $5 it is fine. Won’t make me want to cancel my subscription but wish I received the other stuff other than most one time use things I already received in previous boxes. Curious to read what others received.

    • I got my box today. Exactly the same as yours. Great for $5. However, the 2 items I really wanted…the Batiste and the toothpaste I didn’t get 🙁

      • I agree, and I wanted the items you wanted too lol. For $5 like you said though it is a great deal. I am just getting tired of getting the same things in the box every time or every other time. I heard that last Christmas was an amazing box if you were lucky enough to get what was being sent out first. People who were down the line didn’t get as nice of things. I really hope the winter one is like last year and we all get the good stuff. That they have enough for all! I haven’t gotten any information as far as shipping yet about the classic box. I subscribe to both. Hopefully that one will be good. It is fun to get the boxes in the mail.

    • I received the exact same box configuration as you. I’m very glad I can use everything…very curious to see what the variation will be in my Classic box.

    • I received mine today. I Was hoping for the dry shampoo (I have tried this brand before, and it does come out white so I guess I’ll be OK without it) and the makeup brush cleaner but those weren’t in my box. I think I did get some decent value. Here’s what I got:

      1. Hair Skin & Nails Gummies Sample
      2. Biore Charcoal Pore Strip Sample
      3. Hello Toothpaste & $1 off Coupon
      4. Village Naturals Therapy Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Bath Soak
      5. Dove 0.5 oz Deodorant
      6. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream – 1 oz sample
      7. Clean & Clear Deep Action Shower Mask – 1 oz
      8. Dove Nutrium Moisture 1.8 oz
      9. Burt’s Bee Cleansing Oil Sample pack

    • I got the same box as you, which seems like a mix between the Classic and Trendsetter. I was really looking forward to trying the brush cleansing cloths, so I was bummed I didn’t get that. I got the ship confirmation for Trendsetter, but am still waiting to hear anything on my Classic. Is anyone else still waiting to hear on their second box?

      • Same here. I received my Trendsetter, but my Classic box is still pending.

      • I received a conformation for my first classic box which I’ve already received. I just got the email for my trendsetter box but haven’t received it. Then, in the process of trying to get the trendsetter, I signed up for another classic somehow. It’s billed but no shipping email.

    • Box twins!! I really wanted that dry shampoo sample, but even with out it I’m still pretty happy with this box for 5 bucks. I’m happy to try the Micellar water, the clean and clear, biore, and the bath soak. The deodorant will go in my purse, the only things I’m not sure I’ll use is the moisturizers. Mostly because I’m just bad at remembering lotion, though maybe I’ll try. Either way, this is hands down WAY better then the last few boxes so, I’m happy.

    • i got the same exact thing as you.. and i was SOOO looking forward to the Dry Shampoo and Makeup Brush wipes.. this is my first box … i hope they get better.. i really didn’t need 3 lotions.

  7. I resubbed because I loved almost everything in the spoiler. I forgot that sometimes the items get changed/not everything will be sent to you. My box just shipped, and I’m hoping I like most of the items I receive. Since it’s only $5/quarter, I figured I can’t complain since it’s so inexpensive, but I will be a tad bummed if I end up with 3 moisturizers like others did. I’ll update once I receive my box. (I subbed earlier this year for the spring box, but didn’t really like anything I received, so I cancelled, and then I was excited for the spoilers in this post. Part of me wishes I would’ve stayed subscribed because then maybe my box would’ve been one of the first shipped and included more of the items. At this point since I resubbed late, I’m thinking I’ll end up with items very different from the spoilers.)

    • Just updating as I got my box today. I received:
      1. Dove deodorant 0.5 oz. (It’ll be nice to have a travel size, but I’m not a huge fan of this)
      2. Burts Bee’s cleansing oil .16 oz. (I’m excited to try this out)
      3. Dove Purely Pampering body wash 1.8 oz. (Always good to have one for travel)
      4. Clean and Clear deep action shower mask 1 oz. (I’m happy to try this)
      5. Hello toothpaste .85 oz. (This will be perfect for traveling)
      6. Cetaphil Moisturizing cream 1 oz. (I’ve been wanting to try more Cetaphil products, and I think this is for the body, which is nice because I have too many face moisturizers)
      7. Village natural therapy bath soak 2 oz. (Now I have a reason to take a bath instead of a shower 🙂 )
      8. Natures Bounty hair skin nails 2 gummy sample (happy to try something new)
      9. Biore Charcoal pore strip (love their original pore strips, so I’ll definitely use this)

      Overall, I think I’ll actually use everything in this box unless any of the face products irritate my skin. I was a little bummed I didn’t get a sample of the dry shampoo, because I’ve been wanting to try that brand; however, I know it’s an affordable product so I’d be able to buy a full size and not break the bank. I didn’t get the eco tools brush cleaner either, but I have some that I got on clearance ($2.00 for an 18 pack) from Sephora several months ago, and I have a bottle of brush cleaner.

      Even though I might not have gotten all the items listed in the spoilers, I received most of them, and 9 items for $5, that’s a good deal to me!

  8. I checked my account, and saw that my order went from pending to “shipped” on 10/3 – when I clicked on the tracking it can’t be found. I haven’t gotten any emails saying my order has shipped (Even checked spam).

    Anyone else have similar issues happen to them? Just seems weird.

    • My box shows shipped as of 9/23 and it looks like it just hit my local post office this morning! I am shocked how long it takes for them to ship the order. I hope I am not disappointed with my box!

      • Oh wow. Well I checked the tracking (via my account info on the website) and it finally updated saying it was received into USPS. But still not a single email from Walmart. When I ordered in the summer, it came pretty quickly.

        I hope I’m not disappointed either! I’m really hoping for everything that’s listed on there and no duplicates from previous boxes. If I get another hand lotion, then I might cancel.

    • Yes, I had the same issue with the Spring box…It was lost,I emailed them,and they sent a new one.But I also have boxes all the time that tracking won’t show up till the day before its delivered.

  9. received my box today! it had ten samples, about four or five of the spoilers. no toothpaste, lots of lotions, 1 deodorant, all skin care stuff, No make up at all, I guess it’s worth 5 bucks. waiting for the classic box too..have not been charged for it yet

  10. This box is 5 bucks so I know I shouldn’t have super high expectations. However, I received my box today and was super disappointed. I got 3 different brands of moisturizer!! I mean come on! 3 of my items were in my last box too. Blah. I wanted that dry shampoo! Lol

    • Same. I was really looking forward to the brush cleaner…

  11. I was able to order the Classic box, but can not seem to find a link when I log in to order the Trendsetter Box. Is this box only available in certain areas?

    • I don’t know if anyone replied to you but I had the same problem until I figured out you have to be under 35 to get the trendsetter. Subscribe with a new date of birth that makes you under 35 and you’ll automatically get it.

  12. How much is this box? I paid $5 for shipping and it said the box was Free, just wondering if that’s how it normally is.

    • Yes, this is how it always is. You’re just charged $5 + tax (they say that’s for shipping and the box is free, but you could look at it as the box is $5 and shipping is free). It’s honestly an inexpensive subscription, and I recently cancelled Ipsy and BB to save some $.

  13. I got my trendsetter box yesterday with one different and two less items. Instead of the Hello toothpaste (which I actually really like) I got another tube of the Colgate Optic White toothpaste. Unfortunately, no dry shampoo for me (one item I was looking forward to!) or the Cetaphil Moisturising cream. The box is still a good deal, but it makes me sad when I see a box with more items in it. Not even a foil replacement… just less. Oh well.

    • I didn’t get the dry shampoo or the Cetaphil cream, either, I recieved Colgate optic white tooth paate, which was good, cause my son likes it. Still happy with the box, I hope I get a all the spoilers that are in the classic box, that’s the 1 I am really excited about.

  14. I didn’t get charged even though my sub was active, so on 9/15 I cancelled and immediately signed up again and it charged me right away. I just got my box today, it had everything in the spoilers except the biore strips. Nothing too exciting to try this season, but all practical items that will get used up and good value for the price!

    • Just got my daughters and Its missing the hello toothpaste and cetaphil. Got the Colgate optic white toothpaste for the second time and Vaseline intensive for the third time. This is our third quarter and each one gets worse in terms of product dupes and is delivered further out in the month . I know it’s only $5 though 🙂

  15. They finally charged me today for the Trendsetter box. Nothing yet on the classic box.

    • I just got charged too! Does anyone know how long it took to ship once they charged? I’m also nervous that I won’t get all what’s shown here – but fingers crossed!

    • I can only seem to see the classic box and it does not appear that there is an option for the trendsetter box. Are both boxes available in limited markets?

      • I was just trying to figure this out myself. I didn’t know the trendsetter box existed. Then I saw this and went to try and get it and couldn’t find it. But I happened to read someone’s comment somewhere that said classic is for people who are ages 35 and up and trendsetter is for younger people… so that’s why I couldn’t get it. So I made another account and signed my daughter up so I could get it lol

  16. I received my Trendsetter Box yesterday and I was VERY disappointed. I don’t mind samples but how about more than a days worth? Walmart has been great the last few boxes-what’s up? I know it’s only $5,but I feel like an idiot when I tell people what a great deal they give you! And I do think if I shopped around I could get these samples for close to $5-sorry.

  17. Just got my trendsetter box and am once again impressed. Not possible to buy these travel sizes for less than $5.

    • Agreed!!!

  18. Am I the only one who hasn’t been charged for the Fall box yet? I received the Summer box without a problem but nothing has happened on this box. Should I contact customer service or wait?

    • Hi Phoebe, I received an email from them asking me to confirm my info. It’s the first time I’ve received an email and this will be my 4th box. My thought was because they’re quarterly, they need to make sure people didn’t move. Maybe double check your junk folder?

      • Thanks for the suggestion! I checked my spam folder and I did get an email that my Trendsetter box has mailed but this is the first box for Trendsetter. The Classic box that I’ve had for a while has nothing yet. I think I will email them just in case.

        • I emailed Wal-Mart and got this reply:

          Due to the high number of subscribers, we need to ship out the boxes in waves.

          You may receive your box any time during the Fall Beauty Box shipment schedule which is September 14 through October 31.

  19. I LOVE the Walmart boxes. They are such a great item, and reasonably priced. I really hope I get these items in my box, I’ve had really bad luck the last few times. My box always comes a month or two after you start seeing people posting about it. And mine never has the cool stuff reviewed. One box actually only contained a bottle of Nizarol dandruff shampoo. That was it. Nothing else, not even the sample cards or literature. That one was really disappointing. So I’m crossing my fingers for this one, it looks really cool!! 🙂

  20. This is a Public Service Announcement for those that are getting the trendsetter box.
    I received mine today. The “hello” toothpaste has the ingredient Xylitol in it. (It is used to sweeten things.) This is deadly to dogs. It only takes 3 chicklet sized pieces of gum with Xylitol in it to kill a 10 pound dog. I have a dog that is a chewer and loves to find things to eat that aren’t really edible. I flushed that toothpaste down the toilet and took the empty tube to the secure garbage can outside. I’m taking no chances. I have a friend that lost her Dachshund, Lola, 3 days ago because Lola rooted a pack of gum out of her purse. She didn’t know about Xylitol. A lot of people don’t. I know there are a lot of dog lovers on this site so just thought I’d put this out there. (My Ruby is a rescue, she has issues, she starved for weeks before she was found, now she’ll eat anything she can find, edible or not. She used to eat rocks when we first got her. 🙁 It was so sad. She doesn’t do that now but she does have a pet rock that she carries around and plays with and sometimes lightly chews on.)
    Be safe with that toothpaste y’all!

    • Excellent PSA! Xylitol is showing up in much more than gum nowadays. Toothpaste is a new one to me, but I recently found out that some brands of peanut butter have it – which is scary because a lot of people treat their dogs to peanut butter or coat doggie meds in them.

      I personally appreciate the heads-up on it because we have five dogs (all rescues), and one of mine likes to go through the bathroom garbage. (It’s funny because he’s a “regal” breed – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – and yet he is the only one who roots through the trash if given the chance. We had to buy tall, lidded trash cans that he can’t get into.)

      To be beyond safe, I’ll probably just pass on the toothpaste to my sister, who travels a lot but has no dogs.

      • Yes Xylitol showing up now in peanut butter is terrifying. You’re so right many pet owners will coat pills with it for their dogs meds. I used to do that with my Minnie (yorkie) years ago. The Vet recommended it. Now people may still do it and accidentally poison their babies. 🙁 One peanut butter maker (Nuts’ N More) did put a warning on the label, which is awesome. Nutty by Nature, Nuts’ N More, and P28 all have Xylitol. It’s in so much stuff now especially gum. And I just won’t have it in my home or cars. My Ruby can chew through anything to get to stuff she wants and thinks smells good. No where is safe, even behind closed doors, because the door has to open at some point and she’s fast. She’d grab, run, and ingest something deadly before I could even get the glass door open and chase her. I love her doggie door, but it gives me a disadvantage when she’s got something she shouldn’t have.
        I don’t even let my husband have that type of gum anymore. He kept it in the car. But she travels with us. She hops in then we put her in her riding crate, but even that split second she could get it. I’m not taking any chances with things that are so easy to prevent.
        I thought about putting that toothpaste in a box of items that I keep to take to the shelter. I hate to waste things. Then I decided nope, because Ruby could still potentially get at it plus if someone got it that didn’t know and had a dog, I shudder to think. I just treated it like poison. It takes so little of it to kill them. And even if you catch it immediately and treat them it’s super expensive. It would break a family financially. I’ll just steer clear and try to make sure everyone I know knows about the danger. I don’t want anyone losing their fur babies over something preventable.
        Be careful with the toothpaste y’all. 🙂 (And the “sugar free” gums and peanut butter and mouthwash and who knows what all!)

        • I wanted to thank everyone who said something about Xylitol. I decided to do some research on my own and found out that it is also dangerous to cats. I have a 12 years old Long Haired Tabby who is obsessed with all things mint. Gum, lotion, food, and yes toothpaste. If it smells minty she is going to be all over me and daily harasses me while I brush my teeth. This stuff has got to go.

          • My cats go crazy over mint also. Probably because it is close to catnip. I had planted peppermint, spearmint, and catnip in my yard and one cat went crazy over the spearmint while the other rolled in the catnup.

    • Thanks for the important warning!
      Your dog sounds like she had some tough times, but she’s lucky you found each other. Love that she has a pet rock… so cute.

  21. Kudos to Walmart for stepping it up…maybe they heard all of our complaints. Hoping this is a sign and they continue. I got both boxes and both were the same as posted. I also love the new box redesign. Well Done Walmart (not words I thought I’d ever say)

  22. My “old lady” box has been shipped. First time I got the shipping email BEFORE I actually received the box.

  23. I just got my classic box today (packed with product)

    Village naturals concentrated mineral bath soak, 2 oz packet
    Swisspers exfoliating cotton rounds, 50 count!
    Cetaphil moisturizing cream, 1 oz
    Vaseline intensive care, advanced repair lotion, 1 oz tube
    Dove advanced care cool essentials deodorant, 0.5 oz
    Dove pampering body wash, sweet cream with peony, 1.8 oz
    Eucerin eczema relief body cream, 0.35 oz
    Vitabath bath and shower gel, 1 oz
    Simple micellar water small sample, 0.135 oz on card.

    • Thank you so much for letting us know!!

  24. I received both my boxes today!! (Classic and Trendsetter) WOOHOO! I received the same box as shown above. The Classic box is nice also! Only a couple of dupes between them.

    I am surprised to see a 50 count/pack of cotton rounds for exfoliating! That’s no small sample! There’s also another travel size Dove deodorant in cucumber melon – my favorite scent! I’m very pleased with both boxes.

  25. I was able to subscribe to both the classic and the trendsetter within my one account.

    • Same; I just emailed customer service and asked them to switch one of my subs to Trendsetter. They replied within minutes and did so.

  26. Wowzers! I’m seeing a lot on Instagram users with this same box. I know they’ll more than likely be variations and items that some may not get, but Walmart really stepping it up!

    Always been a fan, but that’s a lot of good stuff! The only item I’m not excited about is the gummies, but everything else looks prime!

  27. Dang!! This looks 110% better than Birchbox! 😉

  28. I didn’t even know there *was* a Trendsetter box. Sigh, another sign I’m getting old. Anyway, thanks to the suggestions from other MSA’ers, I added a gift sub under my daughter’s info so we can get the trendsetter box, too. Thanks everyone for the tip!

  29. I cancelled my Walmart subs about a year ago. Kept getting foil packet, coupons and misc crap. I was getting both classic and trendsetter. Seems like they have improved. Maybe I’ll give them another try.

  30. I hope I get the box as described above. I know there are box variations as boxes get shipped but I’d love to try that clean and clear 60 second mask.

  31. I know that with the last one they included a card that also featured a link showing all of the possible items and where you could find them on Walmart’s website to order or review them. Gosh, now I wish I hadn’t tossed that paper.

    • these are the links:

  32. This box looks great! All items I want to use, and no self-tanner or bronzer ?

    • YES! I really hope now that it’s September ALL of these subs will stop all the self tanning & bronzer items! Geesh!

      • I agree! I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of either, but I’d rather receive a bronzer instead of a self tanner (if I had to choose). I’ll never have to buy bronzer since I have so many samples of it.

    • Don’t forget sea salt sprays!!!! 🙂

  33. Oh this looks like a great box! Can’t beat the price! Can’t wait to get it!

    • When does it become available?

      • April, these are done every quarter. $20 a year is a great deal for everyday items.

  34. Walmart is the best $5 Beauty Box out there. I always get my value. I will never be without my Walmart Beauty Box. Thanks for letting me know they offer two different boxes based on age. I solved my problem by adding a second subscription for my daughters. Automatically the trendsetter box is now there’s! Maybe now I won’t have to share.

  35. I cancelled and decided to try this again their website wasn’t working so I sent them a message and they took care of it but I’m getting the trendsetter and probably should get the classic. So I don’t know what to do I’m worried I’m going to miss great stuff that’s in the classic box.

  36. This is a great box! Hopefully I actually get this variant because I would use everything in it. Mine shipped on the 16th, not sure if that means I’m in the first wave with the good stuff or not (if that’s even how it works). Fingers crossed!

    • Yep, that means you’re in the first wave. Mine hasn’t even billed me yet, so I will not be in the first wave.

  37. I changed my age but Im still getting the old lady box,they must have caught on Im still 51 years old

  38. I can’t figure out how to order one of each. I am signed up for the Classic box but I want to add trendsetter. I can’t find an option to allow me to select which box to receive. Help?

    • You need to use a different email and make up a different birthday. I am 37 so was signed up for the classic box. I subscibed again from a different email address and used the birtdate of 1992. That way you will get the trendsetter box.

    • I think it’s based on your birthday, try entering 1995, that worked for me.

      • Thank you! I just added a second subscription on my existing account, but with a 1997 birthday. Got it.

      • Ha, same date I chose for my second box.

        • I did the same, I used an alternate email and and DOB of 95. I already got my confirmation email saying I will get the fall box.
          For first box, which I assume is classic, I got my shipping email this past week. ?

    • I used my primary email to get the trendsetter and a second to get the classic box. I think that’s the only way to get both, you’ll need to create a new account.

    • Here is the response email I received from the company. Hope it helps you:

      **You certainly can order both, however, most of the products are the same with maybe only one or two variations. To sign up for a second box, add a new subscription and indicate your birthdate to be either before 35 years old (birthdate after 1981) for the Trendsetter or older than 35 (birthdate before 1981) for the Classic box. Many of our brands will request to market to a certain age group, hence the two boxes.**

      However, after reading there email I saw a big difference. I first ordered the classic and then the trendsetter the next time. Perhaps they have changed since then. I considering ordering both.

    • i just signed up using a different email address and changed my age cause i want the trendsetter box they don’t send good stuff to us older people lol

  39. I’ll take it. It’s worth the $5 they charge and I like to try new things. Also great sizes for travel.

  40. I can’t figure out how to sign up for one of each- Classic and Trendsetter. I am signed up for Classic but can’t figure out out to add the second one with my same email account.

    • One has to be under 40 years old and the other has to be over 40. That’s how I did it and it worked. Good luck..

      • I’m 36, and with my actual birthday, it defaulted to
        classic. I was cool with that, but now that I’ve seen this spoiler, I went and added one with my birthday in 2000 so that I get a trendsetter one, too.

        I’m weak, y’all.

        • I’m about to do the same. I’m 36 as well…since when is 36 considered old? Lol

    • I added a new subscription as a gift with a different birthday, but used the same address. We’ll see.

  41. Hmm, I didn’t realize there were so many variations. I’m interested to hear what everyone receives. I have 2 of the same boxes ordered, my luck I’ll get 2 self tanners, a red lipstick, a bright pink lipstick, a couple wet and wild mascaras, shampoo and body wash with no conditioner, 2 deodorants in scents that make me sneeze and a stinky lotion. In all seriousness, I enjoy these $5 boxes for exactly what they are. If I get 1 item I enjoy but wouldn’t have purchased myself, I consider it a win. Between Walmart and Target, I have so many practical samples, anyone that visits is always covered. Now I need a toilet paper, paper towel, laundry soap, etc sub!

    • I’m with u a win for me to and yes toilet paper paper towels sub I’m in.

  42. I canceled mine. But I pay for my moms she likes the surprise. She get classic and she’s 78. Wish their was a senior box to gift my mom.

  43. I got the exact brush wipe and pore strip in my last box (summer trendsetter) plus a toothpaste, but not the Hello so im hoping my fall box has some different stuff in it. However, it wouldnt be a total loss if i got repeats bc it was only 1 of each and i do love those pore strips!

    • Did they work for you? I tried them years ago and ended up breaking out. Wondering if these charcoal ones are any different…

  44. I’m worried about getting excited about the contents, and then getting something way different and way less awesome. But if I receive whats in this box I will be more then happy! If I get crappy stuff like last season I’m probably gonna unsub

    • Same feeling here. This box seems nice, but I don’t want to get too excited because it’s probably not what I will be getting 🙁

    • Yeah, I kept getting the sh!t end of the stick when it came to Walmart boxes… just the leftovers, cancelled a while ago. Happy with my choice 🙂

      • Same here. Much prefer the Target box out of the two, even if it costs a little more I get far more use out of it. No matter what age I put with Walmart I kept getting skincare/haircare I don’t need. I think I finally hit the saturation point with beauty boxes anyway. Until I get thru my current stash maybe I’ll try again. Only beauty one I kept was Julep Maven and a non-beauty box, Beadcrate. Happy with my downsizing, for sure 🙂

  45. I already get both boxes but I think I will sign up for boxes for my sisters as stocking stuffers. Great box! I’m excited to see what’s on the classic!

  46. Darn it , I had it set up for a subscription for both boxes and cancelled the trendsetter because all I was getting was self tanning lotion. This makes me want to resub.

    • Yeah but there are many variation’s of this box. I only got 5 products ! They have different waves of these. The first wave is the best. The rest are usually garbage

      • It’s a $5 bet I’m willing to take 🙂

        (And probably cancel again right afterwards.)

      • Yeah. My mom and I compare and we get the same stuff only about 30% of the time.

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