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Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2016 Classic Box FULL SPOILERS

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the Fall 2016 Classic Walmart Beauty Box! (Ages 35 and up). Thanks for the head’s up, Jennifer!


(Thanks for the picture, Bev!!)

There may be variations, but so far each Classic box includes:

And in case you missed the Trendsetter box spoilers:

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There may be variations, but so far each Trendsetter box includes:

What do you think of the Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2016 spoilers?

(Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m very Happy with my Classic box and everything will get used. I can’t wait to get the Trendsetter box.
    • Burt’s Bees Cleansing oil sample card
    • Cetaphil moisturizing cream
    • Village naturals concentrated mineral bath soak
    • Dove pampering body wash, sweet cream with peony
    • Eucerin eczema relief body cream
    • Schwarzkopf essence Ultime Shampoo
    • Schwarzkopf essence Ultime Conditioner
    • ROC Multi Correxion 5 in 1

    • I got the same one as you yesterday. I do wish I received the swisspers, but I’m happy with the selection that I did get in my Classic Box, too.

      • This is my first box. It arrived so quickly. I received the Classic Box in I really am pleased with my initial box: I received everything except the Vitabath and the cellular water which I was anxious to try and the Dove body wash. Actually I have 2 subscriptions I hope that I have the option to try the Trendsetter box next time…

  2. I got a mixture of both boxes:

    -Dove advanced care cool essentials deodorant
    -ClothsBiore Charcoal Pore -StripsNature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies
    -Dove pampering nutrium Body Wash
    -Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak
    -Clear & Clean Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask
    -Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (Body)
    -Hello Toothpaste
    -Burts Bees cleansing oil for dry skin

  3. So my Trendsetter box came 10 days ago and was a mix of the two boxes. My Classic box showed up today and I think I have everyone beat for the title of “worst beauty box ever.” I got
    -Colgate toothpaste (full size, at least)
    -4 tubes of the Vaseline lotion
    -a foil sample of the Burts Bees oil cleanser
    -.17 oz. sample of ROC chest, neck and face cream. A sample I picked up for free at CVS a few weeks ago.

    That’s it. Nothing says bottom of the barrel like 4 tubes of Vaseline lotion.

    • Oh geez. My box just shipped today. After reading what you recieved, I’m not as excited!

    • Same here. Very disappointed.

  4. I am new to subscription boxes and this is my first post. I received my Classic box and of course I did NOT get the Swisspers, Vitabath or Micellar water single sample either. All in all, not bad for $5.00 and i did want to try the L’Oreal Pore Vanisher.

    Aussie hairspray
    Burt’s Bees Cleansing oil single sample,
    L’Oreal Pore Vanisher single sample.
    Cetaphil moisturizing cream, 1 oz
    Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash
    Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak
    Vaseline intensive care, advanced repair lotion, 1 oz tube
    Dove advanced care cool essentials deodorant, 0.5 oz

    PS Thanks for your reviews Liz, they’re really helpful! Sadly, i am becoming addicted to sub boxes too!

  5. I feel like the first boxes that go out are stuffed to the brim but as more and more boxes go out they lose there mojo and boxes take longer to get to subscribers and also they are running out of samples and coupons and then they start putting repeats and more foil packs. They are getting alot better compared to this time last year or the last 2 or 3 boxes have been so much better then many in the past. Keep up the great work WalmartBeautyBox….. I do wish everyone got the same thing in the to different boxes. Its such a turn off when subscription boxes do that. It becauses unfair and its ends in alot of angry or envied subscribers. We should have a strike and make a stand as paying customers to all be given the same things. Some not all.

  6. I got my box today – it was like a mix of the two boxes shown in this post though. (I usually get the trendsetter box). This time I got:

    Biore Charcoal Pore Strip (1)
    Simple micellar water small sample on card
    Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies (sample of 2)
    Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak (1 packet)
    Clean and Clear Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask (1 oz)
    Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (1 oz)
    Vaseline intensive care, advanced repair lotion, unscented (1 oz)
    Dove advanced care cool essentials deodorant (0.5 oz)
    Dove pampering body wash, sweet cream with peony (1.8 oz)
    Burt’s Bees Nourishing Body Lotion, milk & honey (1 oz)

    • This is the EXACT same items I received in my Trendsetter box. My Classic box hasn’t been shipped yet. I wonder if I will get the SAME items in both.

  7. I still haven’t received my box as of October 7th, after they sent an email on September 16th, stating my box would ship between then and the end of September. It’s ridiculous.

    • Did you check for tracking info?

    • I also received an email the second week of September stating that my box would ship soon. I just got shipping confirmation yesterday…so hopefully you should get yours in a day or two as well! I’m not sure why there was the time discrepancy, but as long as I get my box at some point i’m okay with it.

    • Still waiting. Been a member for months but this is the first time it’s taken this long to ship. As of today, Oct. 9, still says pending under order tab.

  8. I just got my “Trendsetter” box today and it is a mix of the both boxes listed above. 😮
    Cetaphil cream, 2 dove products, vaseline product and micelar water from Classic, and pore strips, gummies, clean an clear product from Trendsetter.

    • My Trendsetter box received over a week ago was as exactly pictured. Today I received my Classic box and of course I did NOT get the Swisspers, Vitabath or Micellar water single sample. Instead I got a Aussie hairspray (repeat), Burt’s Bees Cleansing oil single sample, and a Loreal Pore Vanisher single sample. Overall though for $5, it is a good deal, I just wish they would have enough of the products so people did not get “box envy”.

      • That is my box too. :/

      • I got the same box. I really wanted to try the vitabath. I needed some more of the swisspers too. Oh well, I’ll use the L’Oréal but I won’t use the Burt’s bees. I have oily skin. ?

      • That’s my box except I didn’t receive the pore vanisher . I really wanted those swisspers and micellar water samples . I have four different brands of the water that I can’t use because they bother my eyes so a sample would have been nice instead of me buying another full size.I did just go ahead and buy the swisspers though and I really like them.Ih well guess I’ll just go ahead and buy the one brand of micellar water that works for me the Garnier brand?

  9. I got my box today and there was one change in the lotion, but otherwise my box is exactly as above!

  10. I just got my order confirmation today. So who knows what I’m getting.

  11. Got my box 5 days ago. It really isn’t either of these, kind of a combination of the two. It was supposed to be the Classic box. I am happy, though.

  12. I haven’t gotten a darned thing yet. I’m so jealous of the rest of you lol.

  13. Got my classic box today also! The trendsetter a few days ago. Did not get swisspers, vitabath nor micellar water sample. I am happy with my box. Hubby really likes the aches and pains bath soak. Just happened to be out of it-win win. I will use all of it but since someone posted the diy advent calendar thinking of that or maybe Spa in a jar…..decisions decisions.

  14. Got the classic;missing the face water & no coupons.The coupons is the one reason I wanted try before I buy (w/a discount of course).

    • I received a classic box today too, and I’m also missing the coupons. I also received the Jergens wet skin moisturizer instead of the dove body wash and micellar water sample. My guess is the variation I received didn’t get coupons while the other one did. Disappointed, but for $5 I can’t complain too much.

    • Coupons? I didn’t receive any, either. And the both of my classic and trandseeter looked nothing like the ones showing here. Still good for only $5. But it’s upsetting cause I feel like Im getting leftovers or something. Just not fair. :/

      • I never get coupons weird

  15. Here is my frustration with this box. I just received it today. I received the trendsetter box . I received the same box as is pictured, however, the dry shampoo, cleansing cloths, and the toothpaste are all missing. This happens to me every single month. I don’t feel like this is fair. If they are going to consistently not have enough of the items to put in every box, they could at least rotate the boxes that get items left out. I realize it’s only a five dollar box. However, because of their shipping schedule, I get less than many others consistently every month.

    • I misspoke, I realize this box is a seasonal box. So although I said every month, what I intended was every shipment.

    • Same here. I really would have loved the dry shampoo too! I got a different toothpaste…the same kind they sent me last month. :/ Seems to also be the case with my boxes, getting repeat stuff! Just cancelled my subscriptions.

    • Same here! I didn’t get those items either. 🙁 It seems that happens to me every season and I know it’s a cheap box but it’s still upsetting. Lol

  16. Received both boxes this weekend, and was THRILLED!!!!! Both were filled to the brim with all the items pictured above. All very usable items. for $5, this box can not be beat! I’m usually pretty happy with these, but the last two or three have been a fantastic value! Really hoping Walmart keeps it up!

  17. I ordered the Classic Box and it says it shipped on the 27th. Does it usually a week or more to actually receive the box? I ordered the Target Box and it says that I will receive the box by the end of the week.

    I tried to find a place where I could order the Trendsetter Box, but it does not give me an option. Is this box only available in certain markets?

    • I set up two accounts, each with a different email and age (trendsetter under 35/classic over 35?), but the same name, address, credit card.

      I think from your account page if you scroll to the bottom, it will let you add another membership. It may let you add the box on that way (not sure).

      • Thank you! That works!

  18. It shows my Classic box shipped on the 27th. Does it usually take this long to receive? I ordered the Target box and they said it should be here in a few days.

    I also wanted to order both the Classic and the Trendsetter Box and I can not find a way to order the Trendsetter Box. Does anyone have any ideas? Is this only available in certain markets? When I log in, it does not give me the option to choose a box.

  19. To those who worry about not being charged right away, I emailed them when the summer boxes started shipping and asked why that I hadn’t been charged or anything yet, and they said that they do all that within the month, so hang in there you’ll get it, just probably a little later, even though the wait is awful.

  20. Billed earlier this week and received box today.

  21. My account still hasn’t been charged. Anyone else still waiting for the charge to show on their account?

    • Still waiting

      • I subscribe to both Trendsetter and Classic boxes. I was billed today for the Trendsetter, but not yet for the Classic.

        • I subbed in June or July I forget for Classic, received the summer box but haven’t been charged for this one. On the other hand, I signed up for the trendsetter just this past month and received it quite quickly. Strange. All the products were exact as the picture above, my daughter loved everything, I had to fight for what I wanted hahaha. I got 3 items from her lol.

      • OMG. How do you afford 100 boxes? I’m so jealous.

    • My Trendsetter has been charged but is still “pending”. I ordered my first box a couple of months ago (Summer was June but I ordered in July) so when it arrived with only a few of the “spoilers” and mostly foil samples, I couldn’t complain. This time I expect to get the real deal or I’m not going to be too happy with this subscription (even if it is “only” $5). Hoping for the best even though my last boxes contained many of these “spoilers”.

  22. I am NOT happy! My classic box had Dove dry spray 3.8oz in cool essentials (which I know I am allergic to), Incoco nail art 12 strips in urban legend, Jergens NaTuran Glow 2 oz, Caress 1.8 oz body wash in Mystique Forevern and 0.9 oz Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant tooth paste. Terrible box. This will be my first and last time.

  23. I’m happy with what I got in my box (Classic) but only got 5 products and no coupons. Is this typical? I just received it yesterday. Seems like I got a lot less than others…

    • Same. Mine was missing 3 items.

  24. Instead of the Simple and Dove lotion samples, I received a 2 Oz sample of Jergens wet skin moisturizer in my classic box.

    • I got the same box as you did

  25. My bank act hasn’t been charged for this box yet, I signed up with the summer box & all was well with that. I checked my act with them & all my info was correct. Has anyone else not not been billed yet for the fall box ?

    • I’m in the exact same position. I read on their website that the Fall boxes are sent out between Sept 15 and October 31st. I hope we both get them sooner than later.

    • Same here.

      • Yup. Me too. Same Situation.

    • Yup. I received an email saying that I would be billed by today, 09/30 and nothing yet. 🙁

      • Exact same situation for me.

  26. Got my first box today. The classic. Still waiting on the trendsetter even though ordered the same day. All I can say is wow! What a bargain. Lots of great items to try or to put in goodie bags or stocking stuffers for a great price. I hope the boxes remain this great.

  27. Got my trendsetter today as pictured, but no shipping for the classic. The box is also very pretty, such a nice upgrade.

  28. While not a bad box by ANY means, and a bargain at $5, it’s missing the fun factor. Everything is SO practical. I wish one of the moisturizing products had been replaced with a yummy lip balm or fall lip color. The Dove body was smells amazing, however.

    • I totally agree! I wish they would of included a nice lip balm since it’s getting colder out and maybe a nail polish or other beauty product. These are soooo basic! I want to try new, trendy, and fun things. It’s a good deal for five bucks but I wasn’t impressed like I was with the spring and summer boxes they had.

  29. how do you change from a classic to trendsetter box? thanks!

    • it goes by age. Under 35 get trendsetter, over 35 get classic. change your birthdate accordingly, or add another box, mark it as a gift and set the birthdate accordingly if you want to get both.

  30. Just received the classic box in the mail today! So excited I got everything that was featured! #walmartbeautybox gets an A+ this season!
    I’m just hoping I have the same luck with my trendsetter box!!

  31. I received my classic box yesterday and I will definitely use all of the items included. What an awesome deal for $5. This was my first box so I was pleasantly surprised to receive it so fast since I just signed up last week.

    • Thats crazy how fast you received it and even a little annoying. I have been signed up since the beginning for 2 boxes to 2 different emails. I just got charged on the 21st but my accts both show no shipping started yet.

    • Hi TAM! What did you get in your box?

    • I received my first box in summer a few days after I subscribed too. However, they haven’t even billed me for my fall box and it’s 29th September already.

      • They just billed me last Friday and I got my boxes on Wednesday! So once your billed keep an eye out cause it’ll come pretty fast after your charged.

  32. Thanks so much for the hint about the additional box. 😉

  33. This is only my second box and I haven’t received any shipping confirmation yet. I emailed Walmart but no response. First box I got order confirmation on July 14 and it didn’t ship for eleven days. Got all except hair ties and Nivea. I really like everything shown on the classic spoiler list. I’m crossing my fingers that I get everything. I hope it ships soon.

    • I have not gotten my walmart beauty box either. What’s the deal??

    • I don’t believe I get a shipping confirmation. I signed up back before they had accounts for people … or there was an account mishap or something cause I don’t have an actual account with them but I have no issues getting my box or my payment being taken out. I got my box in the mail today. I think I noticed the money being taken out like a week ago.

  34. I haven’t gotten an email yet so I’m definitely not getting half of what’s in the trendsetter box it happens every time. I give up.

  35. Some people are already receiving their boxes and I haven’t even been billed yet.

    • me too 🙁

      • me three

    • My last box didn’t ship until 6/30 so I guess mine come at the end of the month. I still got everything in both boxes, i.e. no foil packets, so I’m hopeful for this next round.

  36. I got my box a week ago and as always, worth the $5 which is ridiculously low. No complaints here. The products I won’t use such as antiperspirant, I love donating to homeless shelters.

  37. Now I know why they have 2 boxes! I’m 46, but I get both anyway. Who cares, right? Lol
    Can’t wait to get them, the classic looks amazing!

  38. I received both boxes, classic and trendsetter and I don’t know which one I like best! I love them both and this time I will use everything best box ever thank you walmart! Keep it up not just for a few but for everone-we deserve it!

    • Do you know how you got both? For $5/box wouldn’t mind getting both.

      • It depends on age. Add another box and put in a younger age, it should say classic (older) or trendsetter (younger). Good luck.

  39. I’m so excited! The classic box looks fantastic! And my tracking shows it is one town away so I should get it tomorrow, which means I’m in the first round and should get everything shown! Did I mention I’m excited?

  40. How do you get both boxes? I didn’t get an option??

    • when you sign up, they ask for your birthdate, in order to decide which box to send you. when you log into your account, there is an option to add a second subscription, and you can choose the other box!

    • You need to add it as a gift but send to yourself! Then put in a birthday that makes you either older or younger than 35, whichever box you want.

      • That’s what I just did! Thanks Dana.

  41. I bought both boxes and the payment was taken out of my account on the 14th but it still has not shipped. I hope I don’t get just foils. This is my first try with this box.

  42. Ooh! I actually needed cotton rounds because I JUST emptied my last bag of them.

    • Those will be swiped by my daughter, she’s on her last few haha. This will be my first time getting both boxes, I better grab quick at the stuff I want lol. You can’t beat this price! I love the Walmart box.

  43. Looks very practical…will use everything in the box. So glad to be a Classic!

  44. Well I just ordered both. I can see now how this website got its name. This is turning into a sickness LOL! But how can I resist for only $5.00?!

    I am really curious to see if these makeup brush wipes actually work. I have never seen anything like those before, but I would love an easier way to accomplish that tedious chore.

    I think I will use everything in these except for the Biore strips. I know from experience that they only make my skin worse! Totally broke me out all over the area where I placed it.

  45. I was happy with the trendsetter until I saw the classic! Great box!

    • So was I now I’m bummed because I had them switch me from classic to trendsetter. It figures.

      • How did you get them to swap you over to the other box Marla?

  46. Love both boxes but am not holding out much hope this is what I get I tend to be at the end of the cycle.

    • Same here – I dropped them months ago because I was only receiving foil packets and I hope that this box is at least close to the spoilers.

    • Me too. I haven’t even been billed yet. So I’m sure I’m just going to get the sad remnants and not these great boxes. 🙁

    • Oh man, I thought everyone got one or the other. This is my first purchase, I hope I don’t get duds 🙁

    • I’m wondering about this ‘foil packet’ nightmare. I ordered my box at the end of June in the summer and got it within a week and had all the exact same stuff that I saw most people getting (didn’t get the hair ties that were reviewed on this site) but I was overall pleased with it.

      I am nervous though after seeing everyone else’s comments about the foils though – I haven’t been billed yet, but I did receive the email asking me to make sure my info is update to date/ fall boxes are coming soon.

      Does anyone know how long it’s taken them to receive their box after getting that initial email?

  47. Wow! This might be the best one yet..I would actually use every single thing in the box this time!

  48. I received both boxes today. I’m happy to say that they were exactly the same as the spoiler boxes. I will use every item in both boxes. Yay Walmart!

  49. Both the boxes look good this time! I resubscribed so I will probably get junk lol.

  50. For once, I’m glad to be 35 years old! I actually like the classic box best.

    • Hmmm… I just turned 36 and my account sends me the trendsetter. I was 34 when I started getting these boxes so I guess they never change whatever you are set to when you sign up.

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