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Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2016 Box – Available Now!

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Thanks, Erinne, for letting us know that the Fall 2016 Walmart Beauty Box is now available!



If you are already a subscriber, you should be receiving your Fall box soon. If you haven’t signed up yet, your subscription will now start with the Fall box. (Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am signed up for both boxes, have been for over a year now…but finally decided to cancel. I only received 1 of the summer boxes but was charged for both. Just received both fall boxes and the second one was horrible. 3 small samples of cheap moisturizer, a sample hairspray that I’ll never use (and that’s been in multiple boxes) foil packets and a mini deodorant. I think the deodorant is the only thing I’ll use, and maybe 1 of the moisturizers

  2. I still have not received my box, has anyone else received there’s yet?

    • Still waiting. Been a member for months but this is the first time it’s taken this long to ship. As of today, Oct. 9, still says pending under order tab.

    • I was wondering where mine was, it’s the first time i ordered and started to think maybe I didn’t order it so i checked my bank statement and the money was taken out on sept 30th but i haven’t received anything.

  3. I’ve been trying to sign up for the classic box and I can’t get it I have the trendsetter box. But would like to get both help please?

    • It’s based on your birthday. Set your date of birth to over 40 and you should get classic. ☺

      • I’m not over 40 and i got classic, it didn’t give me a choice 🙁

        • To get Trendsetter, your age needs to be under 35… or to get Classic, your age needs to be 35 and over. Hope this helps!

          • Thanks it does! Wish I had of known that before i ordered! I don’t look my age so I probably would’ve liked the other box better but it was still worth the 5 bucks lol

  4. I got my box already! How did I get it so fast? Last time I waited months. Now I have it before their official ship date 🙂

  5. Trendsetter has been shipped and I’ll get it Monday according to tracking. Doesn’t look like the classic had gone out yet.

  6. I asked about the boxes and this is the response:

    Thank you for your email.

    We just launched our Fall Boxes September 14th. Your account will be charged and your box will be shipped between September 19th and the end of October.

    Please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your email accepted list to ensure delivery of your confirmation emails.

    Thank you


    Customer Care

    Hope that helps:)

    • So if you got the summer box, do you have to subscribe again to get the fall box?

  7. Every picture I’m seeing on Instagram of the fall box is the same as one of the summer boxes except there’s either brush cleaner cloths in it or Swisspers cotton rounds. Who has actually received one of the Classic or Trendsetter boxes?

    • No one has gotten a Fall box yet. They ship from Sept 19- late October in waves

    • From what I’ve seen it includes the following:
      – Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nails samples
      -Biore Charcoal wash
      -Baste dry shampoo
      -Clean & clear Sample
      -Cetaphil Sample
      -Hello (toothpaste..? can’t tell)
      -Muscle/ache pain relief
      -eco tool Makeup brush cleaning cloths

      • Thank you! I thought it was odd that people were tagging it as the fall beauty box when it was all things I received in the last two boxes.

  8. I tried to enter my info 4 times to sign up…keeps saying service temporarily unavailable try again later. .??

    • I got some type of service error message but then I got a confirmation email. I would check your email.

  9. I went ahead and signed up for this one in spite of all the foil package horror stories…lol. We’ll see what happens.

  10. There are three different baby box subscriptions available from Walmart as well. They are newborn, toddeler and I forget the other one. They cost five dollars as well.

  11. Has everyone already received a confirmation for the fall box or do we have to reorder? Thanks.

    • My question too. I signed up in the summer, I have just checked in my account and do not see an order. When will it show up or do we have to resubscribe each time?

      • Unless you ordered a gift one time order most likely you are subscribe until you cancel. They must have a ton of subscribers so they ship out at different intervals. My previous boxes were on time. I think they are coming! End september to 1st week October is my guess. Review your account and address maybe.

      • Did you check your account? There should be something there ….active account….review your address too.

        • I haven’t even received an email yet from them. Should I be concerned? I signed up and got the summer box back in July – but if they ship out in waves, then maybe I won’t hear anything yet.

          • I received an email last night with confirmation without doing anything. My last box was in June.

      • I got my box 3 days ago. You are subscribed automatically for each box until you cancel. Also, does everyone know that there are three different baby backs subscriptions available as well? They are five dollars too.

        • Were the items im your box consistent with the items in that picture above? This is my first Walmart box so I am curious what it usually comes with. Thanks!

        • what was in your Fall box anything good ?

    • I received confirmation last night. Once you order with them, it is automatic.

  12. I am pretty excited these are coming out soon again! I received the email to make sure my info was up to date and that they’ll be shipped by the end of the month. For $5, you can’t go wrong! I have been lucky to get boxes in their earlier batches so I don’t end up with a bunch of foil packets though. (Did one month and I joined when this started) Everything is usable, everyday items, for the most part. When they opened up the Classic and Trendsetter options, I added the other one.

  13. I really like the Walmart boxes and was really excited to get the notice that they’d be sent out soon. I get both the classic & trendsetter box and love them both. Yes, absolutely they can be hit or miss (my first couple of boxes were mostly foil packs) but after a while I started getting really decent boxes. They’ve introduced me to a couple of great products, surprisingly one of them being the Lady Gaga perfume! (No one was more surprised that I’d like this scent more than I was!)

    Anyway for $5, you almost can’t go wrong.

    • How do you get both? I can’t figure it out?

      • I made up a different first name and used a different email address for the second box. Marked one as a gift. Two different birthdays. One older than 40, I think. The other was in the 20s. I had very little difference between the two boxes. I can’t remember what the items were but it wasn’t that much of difference. If I haven’t been charged yet I’m going to cancel at least one box. Good luck.

        • So they base which box you get on your birthdate? My assumption is that I’ll get the classic box because I’m 36*, which is totally fine with me. If the boxes aren’t that different, I don’t feel the need to make a second account with a younger age to get the trendsetter box.

          Thanks for the info 😀

          *Now get off my lawn!

    • Yeah, I just signed up – how do you get both? I didn’t have to fill out a beauty survey or anything, just give my birthdate.

      • I signed up under two different email addresses, and put one age as my true age (let’s just say over 30! 🙂 ) for the classic box and the other age as 18 for the trendsetter.

        I noticed that now at the bottom of my account page, they have a button to add another subscription, so I’m not sure if they’ve streamlined it so you can do both types from one account.

        • People used to (and still do) create separate accounts so they’d receive both boxes but they fixed that-you can now get both boxes on one account.

      • I looked up in other reviews, there’s supposed to be a drop down box in your account page when you click add another subscription, I didn’t have that. So, I just started another account under my daughters name and email. (same address and credit card info) She takes half my items anyway hahaha. I know one box is under a certain age and one is over a certain age. I made sure she got trendsetter and I have classic.

      • Go into your acct and select both boxes

        • Oh, I see it now, thanks! I don’t think I’ll be adding a second sub. I’m getting the classic box. I’m a 36-year-old attorney, so I can only get away with so much as far as cosmetic colors. I tend not to wear cosmetics on the weekends except to church, so I’m cool with the classic box. But it’s definitely good to know how to change it, add a trendsetter box, or order a second classic box if I decide to. Thanks again!

        • I didn’t have that option Eva 🙁

          • Go to add a subscription, check that it is a gift, Send it to yourself, just change the birth year so you are seen as 18 or something on the gift one.

          • On your main account page, go to the bottom where it says “Add another subscription”. You can choose Classic or Trendsetter from there. HTH

      • You need to add another box to your subscription, but have one DOB as younger than 30 and one DOB as older than 40. Walmart send Classic box to older clientele and Tendsetter to younger clientele

        • Thanks for the help!!!

    • My first response never showed up, so please forgive if this is a repeat post.

      I set up two accounts with two different email addresses and ages (trendsetter box seems to be under 30 – classic seems to be over 30 .) All my other info (name, address, payment info) is all the same.

      They seem to have the option of adding a subscription on my account page (recently added), but I’ve never tried adding a sub using that option since I already had a work around for the two subs I wanted.

      Hope this helps.

  14. Not sure on this box, I think I will take a chance and wait for the spoilers.

  15. It Wal-Mart a sub or do we have to sign up each time

    • Its a subscription. You just sign up. Get one every season. So 4 times a years. $5 each box. You’ll keep getting them until you cancel. (:

      • Thank you! I almost signed up again lol

  16. Somehow managed to subscribe twice…oh well, it’s only 5 bucks. I can give one to a friend.

    • If you email them they’ll help you cancel 1. They did for me last time

      • My account says I only have one box. So I’ll see if one of the charges drops off. If not, I’ll email to see if I can get the classic box as well 🙂

  17. Is there any way to see what you are getting in the box?

    • I think we’ll get spoilers at some point.

  18. I recently canceled my sub to this. I guess after getting spoiled by some other subs this one just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. It is funny that way though, when I first started subscribing to boxes approx. 2 1/2 years ago I would get so excited over everything and now it seems like it takes something really extravagant to do it for me. I am a true addict…?

  19. This box is always a great bargain for $5. I can always use toothpaste, lip balm, shampoo, and a lipstick. I get both the Classic and the Trendsetter, and I hardly ever get a duplicate between them. Love this box.

  20. Woohoo! Wish there was spoilers!

    • There are usually spoilers. Sign up for alerts on this box.

  21. I subscribed to this box for about a year and finally cancelled after the last box. I seemed to be at the end of the box filling process and kept getting leftover repeat items and foil packets to where my box wasn’t even worth the $5 I paid for it.

    • I think I was in the same boat as you. I only subscribed for two boxes, but they were clearly the leftovers from other boxes, and never as good as what others posted. I usually wouldn’t get my box until 2.5 months after everybody else got theirs. Having said that, I may still subscribe again next year to see how that pans out.

    • Same :-/. I never got any of the good stuff – or anything I could even use (all the shampoos they send are loaded with sulfates). It was only $5, but I may as well have been setting the $5 on fire.

  22. I just signed up and received the summer box this week, they accidentally sent me two! Excited for the fall box!

    • What a great oops bonus! I signed up today, and it said Fall 2016 I would be getting the box. It would’ve been a pleasant surprise if they’d sent me the summer box (even though I’d have paid for it), but it’s cool. I’m happy to pay $5 so long as it’s at least $5 worth of usable stuff, you know? And if it’s not, it looks like it’s easy enough to cancel. Part of the fun for me is getting something sent to me, even if I know exactly what’s in it.

      • I have gotten only one Walmart box so far but it was really good. While not expensive stuff, it was all stuff I could and did use so for five bucks it was a total win, can always use shampoo, conditioner, lip balm and moisturizers and cleansers, right? Lol. Too much fun!!

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