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Robb Vices Subscription Box Review + Coupon – August 2016


Robb Vices is “a membership program centered on a monthly delivery of storied treasures.”


Each month, they send a collection of curated products and/or experiences.


Subscribers should expect boxes to include “vices” like “exceptional wines and spirits to enjoy, foods to taste, tools, toys, accessories, and gadgets.”


Items are securely packed in laser-cut foam.


This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Robb Vices

The Cost: $74.95 + shipping (For reference, shipping to DC is $7.95.)

COUPON: Use code MSAVICELOVE to receive a bonus gift in your first box when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription!

The Products: Each box contains a curated selection of products and experiences and provides subscribers with a taste of the good life!

Ships to: US

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!


With each shipment, Robb Vices sends out a glossy booklet that outlines the products and curation story of each box.


The booklet is very well designed, and it includes beautiful photographs and lots of information about the included products.


This month’s box is all about innovation and design, and it spotlights Cadillac House, a 12,000 square foot space in NYC’s Soho district that houses a Cadillac showroom, Joe’s Coffee shop, Visionaire art gallery, and a retail pop-up shop for fashion designer Timo Weiland.


Visionaire Rare Edition Gift- value $175- $295 (value depends on which gift is received)

The first item I pulled out of this month’s box is a card from Visionaire that provides information about a special gift that will arrive separately.


Visionaire has selected six different issues from their collection of rare art editions, and Robb Vices subscribers will each receive one of the six items. Prior to becoming a baker, I studied art history and worked in museums, so I’m extremely excited about this item. (I’m also blown away by the value!) I haven’t received my special edition yet, but I can’t wait to see which one I’ll receive. Here are the descriptions for a few of my favorites:

  • 57 2010– “A massive survey of the global art scene resulted in a digital desk calendar and Visionaire’s first-ever electric issue, sponsored, appropriately, by Smart to celebrate its new electric car. Featuring 365 artworks chosen by fifty-two curators.”
  • 42 Scent– “In its ongoing assault on the five senses, Visionaire gained acclaim for a 2003 issue that deconstructed the elements of scent, pairing twenty-one experimental perfumes — produced in collaboration with International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) — alongside twenty-one equally innovative images.”
  • 50 Artist Toys– “For issue 50, Visionaire imagined a set of toys as animal companions to the designer figurines from issues 44 and 45. Consisting of elaborate nesting dolls silk-screened in designs by artists like Alex Katz, R. Crumb, and Tim Noble & Sue Webster (whose creation glows in the dark!), ARTIST TOYS came complete with playful accessories like ears, antlers, and horns.”

The card also contained a code for $100 off your next purchase at the Visionaire store. (The code does not cover shipping.) I checked the store, and I’m pleased to see that Visionaire offers a number of clothing items in the $35-$56 range! (There’s nothing more annoying than receiving a gift card that won’t even cover the cost of the site’s cheapest item!)


Burgo Box LED Player & USB Cord

When I first pulled these out of the box, I was a little stumped.


The USB cord is pretty self explanatory, but I had no idea how it related to the small, business card-sized paper box.


When I pulled on the black ribbon on the right side, something started to slide out on the left.


It’s a freaking LED screen! I mean, what?!


As soon as the screen was exposed, a short film (complete with audio) about Cadillac House started playing. This is one of the coolest, most surprising things I’ve ever received in a subscription box.

Robb Vices confirmed to me that the USB cord can be used to charge the screen and upload your own video. I think it’s so smart to include a high-end promotional item like this that can be reused.

Frankly, I have no idea how to value this item. I couldn’t find anything similar for sale online. Has anyone seen anything like this for sale before?


W&P Design Coffee Press

This coffee press was designed for Robb Vices, and it’s not yet available for sale on the W&P Design site. (Fun fact: W&P is the company behind several products that have been featured in subscription boxes. They’re the company behind the Pineapple Tumbler, which was featured in last month’s Robb Vices Box, and the Mason Shaker!) This coffee press has a steel and ceramic lid, and the base is made from Borosilicate, a type of glass known for its heat resistant properties.


The design of this press is beautiful. I love the white ceramic lid and the all-glass base. It also seems to be very well made; the press slides smoothly into the carafe.


W&P Design Ceramic Coffee Dripper

I just broke my pour over coffee dripper, so I’m thrilled to see that Robb Vices has included one in this box! (They even included a few filters!)


I usually make coffee in the morning with either my drip coffee maker or a French press, but drippers like this one are great for times when I only need to make a single cup of coffee.


The dripper is ceramic, and it has a really nice weight to it.


GSI Java Mill– $29.95

This travel grinder has an adjustable ceramic burr grinder and removable handle, and the compact size means that I’ll be able to pack it without sacrificing too much space in my bag. I’m not that into camping (glamping, maybe), but I can definitely see myself packing this when I travel. Freshly ground coffee definitely beats the pre-ground stuff often available in hotel rooms.


Joe Coffee Cadillac House Exclusive Blend– Value $14?

I can’t find this particular blend available for sale on Joe Coffee’s website, so I’ve estimated the price based on the cost of their other offerings. I’m actually drinking a mug of this coffee as I type, and it’s delicious.


It’s a great blend for the morning, I think. It’s smooth with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and spice. I love it.



Robb Vices also included a free drink coupon for Joe’s Coffee, which has locations in NYC and Philly (none in my city, unfortunately). I’m not sure when I’ll be up in New York next, but there’s no expiration date listed on the card so I’ll hold on to it.


Baking Barons Mini Whisky Cakes– Value $10

These mini bundt cakes are incredible. They’re all extremely moist, as if they’ve been soaked in syrup. Yum! I received a Honey Whisky Cake, a Limoncello Poppy Cake, and a Churro Cake.


All three flavors are wonderful, but the Honey Whisky Cake is beyond delicious.


Here’s a picture of my super indulgent breakfast this morning: Joe’s coffee with mini bundt cakes!


Aquiesse Passion Fruit & Citrus Luxe Tin Candle– Value $26

The last item featured in this month’s box is a candle from Santa Barbara-based Aquiesse.


When I removed the lid from the candle, I discovered a compartment with a book of matches.


What a clever design!


The candle’s aroma is very fruity, with notes of tropical fruit and melon. I tend to prefer clean and fresh scents to fruity ones, so I may pass this candle along to a friend. My fragrance preferences aside, I have to say that I’m extremely impressed with the potency of the aroma. I haven’t lit this candle yet, but even taking off the lid fills the room with fragrance.

Verdict: Robb Vices absolutely outdid themselves with this box! I’m absolutely thrilled with all of the items I received in the box, and I’m so excited to see which Visionaire art edition I’ll receive. Since the coffee press and drip brewer aren’t yet available for sale online, I’m not sure I can come up with an accurate valuation for this box; however, I’m pretty sure it’s one of the highest I’ve seen from Robb Vices. The retail value of the coffee grinder, candle, cakes, and coffee totals $80, and the least expensive art edition retails for $175. Together that comes to a value of $255, and it doesn’t even include the dripper, coffee press, visionaire gift code, re-loadable LED screen, and free coffee coupon. I’m speechless.

Have you tried Robb Vices? What do you think of the luxuries they sent subscribers this month?

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Written by Lindsey Morse

Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker, cold brew coffee addict, and rosé aficionado who loves writing about food and wine. When she’s not sharing her love of subscription boxes with the world, you’ll find her in the podcasting studio, perfecting her cake decorating techniques, or cursing her way through the New York Times daily crossword puzzle.

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Comments (57)

  1. Can anyone provide details of the bonus gift with the code is?

  2. I just received thw August box which I specifically requested and ordered with the MSA code for 6 months. Does anyone know what the bonus gift is. Is it separate from the bonus Visionaire gift that is shown here?

    • I signed up with that code and just realized I didn’t get the bonus gift either.

  3. Did anyone who subscribed after this review and asked for the coffee box to be their first box get it yet? I’m sure they’ll come through, I’m just curious if they are sending me 2 boxes at once because it’s about time for the Sept box to come out and I haven’t gotten the August box yet!

    • I got it! I specifically asked for it to be my first box. I also have received shipping info for the September box. You had t do a 6-12 month subscription to get the coffee box as your first box.

      • Thank you so much for replying! I did the 6 months thing and was in contact with their help dept about my requests so I’m sure it will eventually work out, but I haven’t received the coffee box yet or any shipping notification of any kind yet. :O

      • I got my coffee box about a week ago and they sent shipping notifications. My September box arrived today out of the blue with no notifications.

      • Thank you. Here is my update — I emailed them over the weekend and they let me know that there were some errors with the Fedex shipping notification not getting sent out. I ended up having both the Aug and Sept boxes by this Monday!

    • Signed up for 6 months to get the August box as my first one. It arrived Friday the 30th exactly as pictured. I used the MSA code. Maybe the bonus item will come in the September box?

      My husband LOVED the August box. I’m glad I took the plunge. 🙂

  4. Well, I finally took the plunge. I think these boxes will be really nice for my husband, except for the alcohol heavy ones. We don’t drink alcohol so I’m not sure what will happen with those. I bought the six month sub hoping that it will be able to start with this month. I sent them an email to ask. Fingers crossed!

    I’m so excited. I’ve been eyeing this one for a long time. The whole alcohol thing kept putting me off but I went for it finally. 🙂 After I saw the first review I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d convince myself.

  5. I got my first box of a six month subscription today. I bought it after reading the reviews on MSA and finally deciding that I needed this box – I love coffee. I stopped getting BB, Ipsy and PopSugar awhile back and I really should pull the plug on LLB – love them all but there are only so many beauty items you can handle.

    This subscription seems so useable and so luxe and just so exciting. But I think it’s a bit above me in that there are no instructions on how to use the press, the grinder and the ceramic brewer. I’ve google basics on a French Press, and I’m going to try the grinder tomorrow morning, but I’m not sure at what step I use the ceramic thing? Help? Lol.

  6. Great review, I think this subscription is really amazing. I have loved everything I have seen so far, but sadly not yet able to sub.

  7. So, I had to post again because we came up with the idea after the fact. My mother is going into a pretty serious surgery next week and I cannot be there. I recorded a few words of encouragement and a “video card” from my daughter and loaded on the little LED screen to ship out today. Even with the Cadillac branding, I’m sure Grandma will love it!

    • That is an awesome idea! Any Grandma would treasure that!

  8. Another great box by Robb Vices. So glad I finally subscribed. I reached out to Robb Vices as I wasn’t sure how the Visionaire special gift worked. Their response was once you make a purchase the special gift would be included with your order. Now trying to decide what to purchase.

    • Did you make a purchase? Just received my box today and curious how things have worked out for others with the special gift.

  9. I wanted to get this box really badly for my husband as a good husband gift. No one would swap with me or even let me know what they wanted for the boxes. I emailed the company to confirm the rumors about buying 6 and 12 month plans and starting on the August box. They were true. So I bought a six month plan and will receive the August box! Yay!!

    So after that fail, I emailed the company. I bought a six month subscription and according to them my start my box will the August. Yay!!!!

    • I’m sorry about the double typos! The sleep meds are kicking in…..

  10. The Vices boxes are awesome. Depending on how nice I feel, I share the contents with my husband. He gets a single cup of coffee from this one and half a whisky cake ? I never swap anything in this box. It is hands down the best luxe box out there!

  11. Oh man. This box made me feel certain tingling sensations. I want and need.

  12. Oh to be rich…….sigh

  13. I’d love to subscribe to this box because of the quality products it includes (and yes, this month looks particularly amazing), but we don’t drink! Like, seriously. NO alcohol. I wish there were some way to skip alcohol-oriented boxes.

    • There’s an under 21 option when you sign up, so I assume that’s how you could make sure you never received alcohol in any of the boxes.

      • Oh excellent!!! 😀

      • I wonder what theyd include instead of the alcohol???

      • I just emailed they and they responded very quickly and said there is no way to opt out of getting alcohol in the boxes. It does make a lovely gift though. I so rarely drink it’s not really worth getting the box, but they look so amazing I want them! lol

    • me, too ? got this for my hubby during the father’s day sale and he was so excited…until he got the rum box. very well curated, but i think he was under the assumption he could skip the alcohol ones as i think there was a profile question regarding alcohol use. actually, i sort of wish i could skip the frequent alcohol related accessories that the lady boxes like popsugar, etc send out as well… we’ve been giving our toddler the govino glasses since they are shatterproof LOL

      • 😀

  14. This is the one box that I desperately want (I’ve seriously loved every box they’ve sent out). I’ve just never been able to bite the bullet on the cost – it might end up being my Christmas present to myself this year though!

  15. I’ve never been more desperate for a box in my entire life, but I can’t afford 6 months up front. I must have… no, I NEED this box. Hey Robb Vices, could I purchase this box if I only give you a 3 month commitment?

    • already asked, no response yet :'( will post answer

      • Thank you!!

      • Still no response, even sent the same question from a diverse email, nothing.

      • Hi! Thank you for reaching out. At this time due to extremely low inventory we are only able to offer this to our 6 and 12 month subscribers. Typically we do not even offer previous boxes, but the demand was overwhelming! We apologize for any inconvenience, and urge you to subscribe as our next coming months will be spectacular as well. For any questions please email [email protected]. We will respond as soon as we can!

    • They DO have month to month subs!

      Though I was crushed when I went to sign up to see that they don’t take customers from PA Because of our ridiculous liquor laws!

      • Though they have month to month, because it is september the first month will not be this one if you join, when I asked if I could get this box by email they responded with I COULD start with this box if I sign up for a 6 month or one year plan…. 🙁

    • “Thank you for reaching out. Due to low inventory we are unfortunately only offering this to 6 month subscribers or more, however should you sign up soon your first box would be October. I can assure you that October will be one of our best boxes yet, you won’t be disappointed. We do hope to see you join Robb Vices, we have some truly spectacular things in store for the coming months.

      Thank you!” guess no box for me :'(

  16. I liked this box a lot; a lot of neat stuff that I’ve never seen, but I won’t use it. Put it up for swap with a small pang in my heart.

  17. Great review! I love how you gave so much detail about each item instead of just glossing over everything and the photos are fantastic, too. This box is amazing. I think when I get home from work I’m going to cancel my adidas box and sign up for this one! Crossing my fingers this particular one is still available because my dad would absolutely love that French press!

  18. I love this box. I hope it is still available.

  19. That is hands down the best sub box I’ve ever seen. I only let myself subscribe to two boxes at a time, but I’m seriously considering dropping both of them just to get this one.

    • I dropped a few first this and never looked back. I know you won’t either!

  20. I don’t even drink coffee and still love this box. I’m giving all of the coffee items to my father, I think he will like the press the most. I didn’t know about the matches with the candle, haha! That’s what I get for flipping through the book so fast.

  21. I can’t get over that LED reveal! Incredible! This whole box is fab, too! 🙂

  22. Holy crap! Is this still for sale?

    • I just reached out to see if this is still available. I’ll follow up as soon as I hear back!

      • I hope it is 🙁 I just emailed them too, this would be THE BEST birthday box ever and I’m turning 23 this month!!

      • I just heard back and they said “Hi Marissa,
        Happy birthday! Should you choose to do a 6 month or year long membership I can back date your membership to start with this box, it really is spectacular (and, the coffee is delicious).

        Please let me know how you would like to proceed!

        Thank you”

        I can’t afford $400 up front for a box 🙁 I don’t even drink so I know each box will lose at least some value on me…

      • That’s an unfortunate condition. In my experience, most sub box companies are all too happy to keep selling a box as long as they have some in stock. I would buy this one box in a heartbeat, but I don’t have $400 to spare on a 6 month subscription either. So sad ?

  23. This would be my dream sub. Everything is always so high end and presented beautifully. I don’t even drink coffee! ha!

  24. Is it too late to get this box?

    • Seriously I need to know! My birthday is this month and I need those coffee items! THEY KNOW MY VICE

  25. I’ve seen those LED screens before in promo materials, but never one that was reusable! That’s totally cool. I’m also really curious about the other mystery art edition item and I hope you’ll do an update when you get it 🙂

    • Great idea! I absolutely will! 🙂

      • Yes, would love to see. What did you end up buying from the store?

  26. So jealous!!!! I cannot wait till I can subscribe to this box. I just need to win a small lottery to convince myself it’s okay buying the year up front. haha

  27. Wow, this box is amazing!

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