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Play! By Sephora September 2016 FULL SPOILERS + Variations!

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We have updates on the FULL SPOILERS for the September 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription box!

FYI – Sephora is now sending out variations each month. Based on the # of the box in your account, you can determine which samples you’ll receive. (Find your box # under your purchases section on the mobile site – this info does not appear to be visible on the app or on the desktop site.)

Box #1850098 will include:


Box #1850080 will include:


(Thanks, Cassie, for letting us know about this variation!)

What do you think of the September 2016 Play! By Sephora box spoilers? Which box are you getting?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is my first box and I’m getting the 80. I’m a little sad because I wanted the other one. Mainly because Dr Jart’s Water Drop doesn’t have any comedogenic ingredients, whereas the Sheer Transformation has like six of them according to my Skingredients tool. Looking for a good moisturizer that wont clog my pores!

    Hopefully the Atelier perfume is so exceptionally beautiful that it makes up for it! (Though I’m doubtful)

    • I’m the opposite. Just got that Water Drop stuff…feels cool going on, but didn’t add any noticeable moisture. I needed to put some additional moisturizer on after. I wanted the other box 🙁

  2. i’m getting the 080 version. omg i love the ole henriksen’s sheer transformation BUT i had enough. i got this from every set. I wanna get the dr. jart water drop (crying…)

    • There needs to be some way of getting a bunch of us together to trade stuff from each other’s boxes :-).

      • There is 😀 Join the Facebook Group Ipsy/Birchbox/Sample Swap

      • You know there’s a swap site for MSA right? ?

        • Do you know how long the wait list is for that site?

          • The wait list opens up about once a month.

  3. My account shows that I’m getting the 80 version. I wanted to try the Tory Burch, but I might like the other ?

    • how do u see it in your account

        • Thank you. This link worked. Darn, looks like I’m getting the 80. Surprised since my profile has dislike for floral scents.

  4. Am I the only one that hate perfume samples? I have asthma so I react even if someone else is wearing something. I really wish all sub boxes would let me opt out of perfumes. Many smell great but my lungs do not appreciate them.

    • I’d definitely prefer not to get them so frequently, but they seem to have a consistent formula – eye product (s), lip product, skin care, hair product, fragrance in every box. It makes sense, pulling something from every major category in the store, but yea, its a bit much.

      I do get the sense that maybe better customization will come in the future, I’ve gotten the box since the first month, and the service overall has gotten better since it was opened up to more subscribers.

    • Danelle,
      My mother was the same way, but strong perfume would trigger migraines for her. Growing up & into my teens, I was never allowed to wear anything stronger than Dove soap. I’d see how miserable she’d get, so I do sympathize.❤ I think maybe that could be why now I adore perfume, I wear it every day b/c it was off limits then.
      What I want to let you know is that Play! Subs send a perfume every month. That’s one of the reasons I signed up. FYI, I’ve never gotten scent in an Ipsy bag or BoxyCharm and once in Allure. Just something you might want to think about. But you can put the scents up on the Swap site, maybe get something you do like. Heck, I’d trade for them!

    • The perfume is a “bonus” sample. You’ll get one in every bag every month.

  5. I canceled this box after only getting 3 months worth. I felt it was a waste of $10. The samples while mostly great brands are puny and I can get better stuff from them as samples for just buying my makeup there. I’m going to guess that a lot of you are in your 20s and I’m 38 so maybe it’s a generational thing that I’m not thrilled about getting stuff this small even if it is just for $10.

    • I’m 32 and I’ve been loving Sephora Play. I agree that it’s not the highest-value box, but almost every sample I’ve received (except for the itty-bitty Tarte lipliner a few months back) has been good for multiple uses, and large enough for me to decide if I’d like to purchase a full size. It’s lucky for all of us that there are so many beauty boxes to choose from–hopefully everyone can find a box they love!

      • Think its a much better value than my Allure box. I use everything up out of Sephora play. Allure not so much and it keeps getting worse.

    • 39 here, and I love my Play subscription. I think it works very well as a “beauty discovery” subscription, which seems to be it’s primary purpose. I don’t really expect large samples from this box; for me, the value comes from being able to try out a lot of different items and determine which ones work for me, which ones don’t, and which ones work so well that I’m willing to shell out full retail for them. I never would have given that Becca primer a second look if I’d seen it in a store, but after trying it, I will likely purchase it (and/or a foundation by that brand). Same for the MUFE eyeshadow. (On the other hand, the Lancome liquid lotion was a fail, and I would have been tempted by it in the store.)

      • I am 37 an love my Play subscription. This will be my third month and I always like everything I get. I feel Sephora has the best variety of items on a month to month basis. I literally never have to buy full size products of anything anymore. I am subscribed to 10 beauty boxes so I always have plenty of products in sample and deluxe size and many other full size items as well. Sephora is definitely one of my favorites along with Beaury Fix, Ipsy and WIN!

    • I am 37 and I love the smaller sizes.. I rarely IF EVER use a full size product before it expires or runs out (( I love the variety)) and getting to try higher end products… If I really like something THEN i buy full size because I know I will use it all…

  6. Yuck. My Ole Henriksen will absolutely be going up for swaps for the Dr. Jart+, which seems like a better fit for my oily/dehydrated combo skin. I haven’t tried the Dr. Jart, but I have tried the Sheer Transformation, and my skin absolutely was not having any of it.

    • Twin skin! 🙂

  7. I literally have no brow hairs I shaved the 8 I have lol

  8. Ugh….I got the first one, but both suck.

  9. I wonder how Sephora decided on which variation to send. I was just looking at the descriptions of the Ole Henriksen and Dr. Jart moisturizers. While the Ole Henriksen product is oil-free, it says it’s good for normal, combination, and dry skin types. The Dr. Jart is good for all skin types (normal, oily, combination, dry, and sensitive). I have oily and sensitive skin marked in my profile. Strange . . .

    • The 80 one is for uneven skin tone. Which I checked. And redness I guess. Did you chek that and get the 80?

      • Kp, I probably do have uneven skin tone and redness checked as skin concerns.

        • I bet I have uneven and redness checked too and I’m getting the 80.

          • Yea it’s not just oily or dry but I guess it goes by skin concerns too. The 80 is mainly for uneven skin and redness. I have sample but forget if i used it yet. My skin is bi polar. Lol sometimes it dry sometimes it oily

      • It makes sense! I don’t have those selected as skin concerns and I’ll be getting the other box. Mystery solved? 😀

    • This month is quite a mystery on how the variations were chosen. I have two subs, and the profile is exactly the same with the exception of skin type… one is marked dry & one is marked oily (my true skin type, but I’m a huge skincare junkie, and I want them all! I don’t mind using products for dry skin in the evening for the extra hydration benefits), and I received box 98 for both subs.

      A theory that seemed to be tossed around was that those who have been subscribed for a while got the 80 box, while the newbies got the 98 box. Who knows… maybe there was no rhyme or reason to it this month.

      • I subscribed last month, so this will be my first box. 🙂 I’ll be receiving the 80 box. At least that’s what it’s telling me. I’m thinking it’s either something in our profile or just random.

      • I’ve been subscribed for a year now, and I’m receiving the 98 box. 🙂 I have “dry skin type” selected in my Sephora profile.

      • Luna,
        I’m a brand newbie and both of mine will be the 80 box. Wanna swap one of your 98s for one of my 80s? Lol

        • ha, ha! That’s not a bad idea, but I’m not signed up for swaps. I’m pretty happy with the 98 box (I have way more than enough samples of the Sheer Transformation). thanks for the offer!

          • Okay, I’m confused – – is there actually a swapping site?

          • If you click on ‘swaps’ at the top of this page you can join the swap site. I believe there is a waitlist but not sure how long it is.

        • How do you sign up for swaps?

      • If you checked uneven skin tone and redness yiull most likely get the 80 it seems. Did u not have it check for both?

        • I have redness and uneven checked but I am receiving the 98 box. I don’t think that was the deciding factor.

          • I also have uneven skin tone/redness marked, and am getting the 98 box (today! yay!) as well.

  10. I still don’t know which one I’m getting, but I bet it’s the Water Drop version because I have dry skin. That would be cool too since I already have at least 3 of those mini Ole Henriksen’s.

    Still loving this subscription every month!

    • Jen:

      1. Log in to your Sephora account.
      2. Click on Jen’s Account in the upper left corner.
      3. Click PLAY! by Sephora under My Beauty Bag on the left side of the screen.
      4. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it shows September 2016 products.

      If you are on your phone, you will need to go to the Desktop site. There should be a link for it at the very bottom of the page.

      Hope this helps!

      • I tried this but just get this message:
        Play! by Sephora
        The products inside your first PLAY! BOX will be here soon!
        Check back once your box arrives.

      • Just FYI, my bag has not shipped yet and my account does not show my September products yet. However, I was able to see the #80 in the orders/purchases area.

  11. Does anyone know if you can use the Kat Von on your waterline? I’m hoping because I haven’t found an eyeliner that works well.

    • No, it’s a liquid eyeliner. I have the full size. It creates an awesome wing but would not recommend for the waterline. I use ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner By Rimmel London for my waterline. You can find it at the drug store or Ulta for like 5-6 bucks. It’s my go to. ?

    • It doesn’t do that well on the waterline, I love this liner but haven’t had great luck getting it to stay put on the waterline. It also stings if you try.

    • I use a star looks gel (?) Eyeliner on my water line that I got in either ipsy or BB. It’s fantastic! Almost too much.

    • I have the same issue. Up until I tried out the Sephora Collection 12-hour Waterproof that came in my August box (which worked really well), I was using the UD 24/7 (the regular, NOT the waterline, which is horrible) and Stila Smudge Stick for waterline. Neither of them lasted more than a few hours, but they worked better than most, and they didn’t make a mess under my lower lashes.

      The Sephora Collection pencil worked even better than the other two for me. It lasted a good few hours, and there was NOTHING under my lower lashes when it came time to reapply. Was also really nicely smudgable on my upper lash line and then set beautifully. Didn’t budge until I removed it, and it removed really easily.

    • The Marc Jacobs Highliner is definitely the best that I’ve found but it is $25 so I don’t use it every day, but it lasts. I normally use the revlon eyeliner for everyday (not the best but is a cheaper option), like another comment said the Rimmel is also suppose to good. One other good one I just thought of is the modster eyeliner from ardency inn. Also for me liquid eyeliner does not work on my waterline. Hope this helps !

  12. I’m getting #80. I wanted to try the Dr Jart moisturizer. Ah well.

    • How did you find what number you are receiving?

  13. I won’t be getting either box this month. I’m really upset with Sephora right now. Some sort of glitch in the system didn’t process my card. I called this morning to find out why my card had not been charged and I couldn’t be given a reason “just an error, we are sorry”. And now that it’s past the 7th I am not able to get a box. One would think a major company would be able to fix an error on their end.

    • They did the same thing to my account a few months ago. I even sent an email to make sure they updated it before the 7th, they said they didn’t. Long story short they cancelled my account and I had to join the wait list again even after they said it was their fault.

    • I’m sorry this happened to you. That glitch explains what happened to me. It turned out ok in my case, but – cautionary tale:

      I had to change my card info and tried to update my account, however I later found out it didn’t take. I happened to check my account again on the 7th and found my old card was still on the account. I re-entered my new card info (this time I got a confirmation email), and called just to be sure it went through.

      They told me that if the info hadn’t been updated on the site by 7pm on the 7th, it would have been too late to get this month’s box.

      • After this I will always be calling in if my card has not been charged by the 4th of the month.

      • This happened to me too!

    • Omg this happened to me too last month! I didn’t get it last month and I’ve been thrown off the account and back on the wait list. It was so weird because I even bought something from the site with the same CC that month.

  14. I’ll be getting box 98, and after seeing the full spoilers, I couldn’t be happier. While I know the Sheer Transformation is supposed to be great, I already have about 10 samples of that from GWPs & kits, as it’s a very common item to include in those. I’m really looking forward to trying the Dr. Jart & Tory Burch perfume.

  15. I’ve always wanted to try the Kat Von D so I’m glad to be getting that this month. I don’t know about the Ole Henriksen since my sensitive skin doesn’t do well with fruit extracts/vitamin c which are in a lot of this brand’s products so I probably would have preferred Dr. Hart. I haven’t liked Atelier fragrances so I’m not expecting to like this but we shall see. I would have preferred Tory Burch.

    But overall I think i like this box the best since I started receiving them in May this year but I’m still not wowed.

    • I would prefer the Tory Burch fragrance too, mostly because I just got an Atelier fragrance in May. I’m having Birchbox flashbacks to when I received four Harvey Prince fragrances in one year! I hope they don’t repeat brands often.

  16. I am getting #80. I love the Living Proof, happy to get some more. I have been wanting to try Kat Von D products. Weary of getting brow products, so on the swap site it goes.

  17. Advice please – does anyone know if I can use the Anastasia brow gel as a mascara topcoat?
    My brows are extremely tame already, but I have a coloured mascara with a tendency to smudge and it would be great to seal it.

    • I wouldn’t use it as a top coat. It dries pretty hard.

      • Oh, okay. I wouldn’t want stiff eyelashes, lol. Thanks for responding, Monica ?

  18. Well I’m supposed to get box 98, which I’m happy with, but under purchase history mine says Out of Stock?? I’ve never seen that before, I’m hoping its not true!

    • Not to worry! I’ve noticed mine says that every month, and I still receive it.

      • Good to know bc mine says that too and had me worried!!

  19. The 80 value is just $10 more in value .either way both products are good. Brands. I’m going by if both samples were .5 oz lol

  20. I am getting box number 98. I went into my account and it says sold out. I was hoping it would show the products i’m getting but it didn’t. How are some people able to see the products for september but others can’t? Anyone else able to see what they are being sent?

  21. Thanks for the spoilers ladies ??, can’t wait to get my box next week!! The lip color looks very pretty and I have always wanted to try a brow gel. Have been a little nervous to do liquid eyeliner as I don’t always get the straighest line even with regular but definitely willing to give this a shot, and very happy its Kat Von D!

  22. I’m showing that I’ll be receiving the 98 version, which I’m really happy about! I’ve really been wanting to try the Dr. Jart Water Drop and love a lot of their products, and I already have a sample of Sheer Transformation to get to. A bit bummed about the repeat liner…it would have been nice to at least get a brown or something slightly different instead of Trooper again, even if it’s been reformulated. But overall this is one of my favorite boxes so far with Play! I’ve been dying to try the ABH brow gel and have yet to be successful swapping for it, so now I can take that off my list, I’m a huge fan of Living Proof, and I’m happy to try the Sephora lipstick.

  23. Nooooo. I hate that Sheer Transformation. So mad. Anyone want to swap for Dr. Jart?

  24. When does the Play box usually ship?

    • Usually around the third week of the month.

    • Mine shipped today!

  25. I’m getting box 80. A little disappointed as I wanted to try Dr. Jart, but super excited to try Anastasia brow gel, Kat’s liner, and that gorgeous lippie.

    • Where do we see which box we are getting? I looked at my order and cant see it anywere.

      • Leeann:

        1. Log in to your Sephora account.
        2. Click on Leeann’s Account in the upper left corner.
        3. Click PLAY! by Sephora under My Beauty Bag on the left side of the screen.
        4. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it shows September 2016 products.

        If you are on your phone, you will need to go to the Desktop site. There should be a link for it at the very bottom of the page.

        Hope this helps!

    • I feel the same way you do! I really wanted the Dr. Jart, but had a feeling because I really wanted it that I would end up not getting it!

  26. It sure is nice to see that Sephora’s box variations are very close in dollar value to each other, not like some of the boxes that send out high dollar in one box and much less in another.

    • I love that it is a variation of a similar product! Not like a $3 brush in place of a $25 eye product. I love that they do this because I have oily skin and all the pur-lisse products I got from allure were for dry/sensitive skin. There was NEVER one for oily in my time with them. Play! started out weak for me, but has been a solid hit for 3 months now. So pleased.

  27. Meh. I’m getting the 98 box and have received 2 of the items previously through other subs. I’ve now received this box 4 times and am not sure how much longer I will continue with it.

  28. you can see the variation in firefox and chrome. Just go to purchases, click on the order number link and scroll down – you will see ITEM with the number. I cannot see it at all on the mobile app on my iPhone

    • Thanks Michele, took your advice and looked it up using Chrome. I had to go all the way to clicking on the order number which finally took me to a screen that showed me I’m getting the 98 box. Oh well, I can live with the products. I hate to swap these because they’re so small. Not worth the postage!

    • Michelle, if you scroll to the bottom of your mobile browser and click on DESKTOP, you should be able to see it on the desktop site.

  29. I’m getting the 80 variation!!!! Super happy!!!! I’m not a Tory Burch fan so this really worked out!! 🙂

  30. I’m getting the number 80 variation!! Very Happy now that I know the contents. Read reviews of the 2 variations… Moisturiser n Perfume.. All Awesome reviews?

  31. Getting first variation with Dr. jart, if it helps anyone else for changing profiles I have dry skin marked and concerns like anti-aging and am marked as fair redhead and sensitive skin. I do love the Ole Henrikson product too. The perfume fits me better for other box, not a fan of Tori Burch. But the fragrance is a bonus and I don’t much care which I get. Excited about the brow gel needed a new one and it’s the brand I love. Have wanted to liner and haven’t yet.

    • I’m also getting the Dr Jart variation! But I have combo skin; the only similarities I have with you are sensitivity and aging set as my skincare concerns. Hope this helps 🙂

    • I have the same stuff marked as I’m super fair, a redhead as well, and I have dry skin… BUT I’m getting the other box. So sad! I really wanted to try the Dr. Jart. 🙁

  32. Yayyy! I’m getting the variation 80, love it!!!!! Can not wait to get my bag!!! 🙂

  33. i have the 80 variation, which is 2 duplicate products for me, as I’ve been with sephora play since the beginning. that does not make me a happy camper 🙁

    • Me too! Definitely would have preferred the Dr. Jart and not a repeat eyeliner, don’t care how good it is.

    • Same! Getting box 80 and that same darn sheer transformation was in last years September box. I didn’t like it then and I’m pretty sure I won’t like it now.
      I don’t use liquid liners but the KVD won’t go to waste as my sisters love it. They’ll be happy if I pass it along to one of them.

    • Same for me, I’ve already received the Kat Von D eyeliner and the Atelier cologne. Not happy about that. I’m actually starting to get disappointed; these really are sample products that companies send to Sephora for free. I remember the good days where you’d get free samples in the bag without even asking. Now they embellish them and charge $10

  34. I have to admit, I would have preferred the Dr. Jart as I am in search of a very lightweight moisturizer. This is still, overall, a good box though.

  35. I’m getting the Ole sample, but would really love to try the Dr. Jart. Same thing happened a few months ago so I might need to tweak my profile. Loving the Kat Von D and hope they do include that lipstick shade 🙂

  36. First repeat product – the Kat Von D liner. That kind of annoys me. Does anyone know if its been reformulated or something? I hope there aren’t any repeats in the future.

    • Jenna, I read on the original post that the Kat Von D eyeliner is a new formula.

    • I’ve been dying waitinf for a Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I will swap you for yours or buy it from you if you’d like when it comes…let me know!?

  37. Bummer, I’m getting Box #1850098 with the Tory Burch and Dr. Jart. I’m not a fan of Tory Burch. I was really hoping for Box #1850080. I like the perfume better and I use the sheer transformation lotion.

    • Are you on the swap site? If so, I would swap with you! I already own the full size sheer transformation and would probably like the Tory Burch perfume better. 🙂

      • Where can I find this swap site?

    • Sorry, I wasn’t questioning your education, I didn’t see anything specifically about the Antebellum South in your first comment, just about antebellum in general, I apologize if I missed it. I would hope they didn’t intentionally mean to offend, that would be stupid of a company. They probably never thought about how it could be seen, that there was nothing romantic about that time for people of color and how some people today view it.

      • It posted my comment in the wrong spot, sorry!

  38. I’m listed as getting the 80 variation which is the one I was hoping for when I saw this post. Fingers crossed, excited to be trying the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation.

    I’m so on the fence with this sub, however after a few loyal subbies made a case for the fact that even though the samples seem tiny, they are higher end products. And it is a ‘sample’ (try before buy) subscription. Decided to give it to the end of the year to see how they progress. I am liking the fact that they seem to have fairly equal value variations of the boxes.

  39. Yay! I am getting the variation with the Tory Burch perfume and Dr. Jart!

  40. I’m pretty happy with the 80 variation. I think the scent sounds more interesting.

  41. I am hoping for the first one because I’m not a fan of getting perfume at all, but I actually really like the tory Burch scent.

  42. Just fyi, last month I received the opposite box from what was showing on my Sephora page. When I contacted CS about it, because I was really looking forward to that box, I was told there was no guarantee that you will receive what’s shown on your page. I was not offered replacements or anything. CS was pretty rude. I ended up cancelling.

    • Sorry but glad to hear this because I’m showing the 80 but hoping for the water drop & Tory Burch!!!

      • Same!

  43. Not really interested in a perfume “reminiscent of antebellum elegance,” ie: slavery.

    • Ugh, can’t believe they put that in the description.

    • To be fair, antebellum is used as a historical classification term for the US from approximately 1780 to 1860. Antebellum literally means before the war.

      Many people link the word to the very specific cultures of the upper class South, and there tends to be a romanticism with that culture. It also used in relation to architectural styles from the same time period. There are a variety of uses for that term, and not all link to the South.

      Sorry for the history lesson, but I doubt the company had an ill intent in using the word antebellum. Magnolia and dogwood are very common in southern states , particularly Louisiana (I think its the state flower) and Mississippi.

      • Can also mean: Slavery in the Antebellum South. Antebellum typically refers to America after gaining independence and before waging Civil War. During this time, slavery became engrained in the social, political, and economical structure of the Antebellum South.

        Writing “Magnolias from Louisiana” and “antebellum” in the same paragraph means the Antebellum South (Plantation Era, Antebellum Era). They could have done without that in the description. They may have not meant ill intent, but when something like that is romanticized (looking at you Blake Lively) some people will get rightly upset. Go on a plantation tour of Oak Alley and you see it. Tour guides dressed in “antebellum elegance” and saying things like “makes you want to be a field slave” and “unfortunately the South lost the Civil War.” These days people should know better. I’m annoyed with Sephora right now, so maybe I’m being more sensitive than usual, but still, I don’t see Atelier using antebellum in the description on their website.

        • I have a degree in American History, I am well aware of the many meanings of antebellum. My point was that the use of antebellum in the description doesn’t necessarily have to reflect on the negative aspects of the antebellum period. And there is a certain vision of that time period, in the South, that people do associate with romance and magnolias.

          I don’t see it on the Atelier site either, which does make one wonder if its something they sent out specifically in PR information to Sephora, or if Sephora editors came up with it themselves. Either way, don’t think it was to intentionally insult anyone.

          • Sorry, I wasn’t questioning your education, I didn’t see anything specifically about the Antebellum South in your first comment, just about antebellum in general, I apologize if I missed it. I would hope they didn’t intentionally mean to offend, that would be stupid of a company. They probably never thought about how it could be seen, that there was nothing romantic about that time for people of color and how some people today view it.

      • I know what antebellum means and I know what “antebellum elegance” is meant to connote. Ill intent and intention do not have to be present for statements to be hurtful and ignorant.

  44. Aw man, this is a disappointment. I don’t mind the Ole Henrikson, but I’ve been curious about the Water Drop and was so excited to try it out in this box! I get those Atelier samples a lot with my Sephora orders and I have not liked a single one. Could be worse though. I like the KVD eyeliner, and I wouldn’t mind trying the *new* Sephora line. :/

    • The Water Drop lotion is one I’ve sampled from Birchbox, and while it’s pretty cool to try out, it’s more of a “summer lotion” imo, as it’s VERY lightweight. It has to go straight on the face, because it turns immediately into a watery essence as soon as it’s rubbed. If you’re still interested in trying it, I’m sure you can swap for one!

      • It sounds perfect! I live in FL so it is summer weather pretty much year round. ?

  45. I’m getting the second one. I’m OK with that. I’m not big on any florals in fragrances but I don’t think I have anything with magnolia so at least it will be new and different.

  46. I’ll be getting the 80 variation and as much as I love my Sephora Play boxes, I’ve been getting them since the very first one, I’m really disappointed to see that 2 of the 6 products are items that I have already received in a Play box! The Ole Henricksen was in the September 2015 box and the Kat Von D liner was in the March 2016 box. I do love that Kat Von D liner though, so I guess it’s not the worst thing to receive.

    • I can’t believe they are already repeating products as well. Same eyeliner twice in 6 months in crazy to me.

    • I’m in this boat too and I’m disappointed. The liner I was hoping would be in a different shade at least, but it’s the exact same one. I wasn’t a big fan of the moisturizer though.

    • wow didn’t catch that the Ole Hendriksen was a repeat as well – I also have been a subscriber since the first box. Pretty sure I’ve still got that sample sitting around in my sample stash … ugh. This is the first box I am disappointed with, having 2 repeats.

    • Same here. I like the ole but I prefer it in the winter for a night cream. But either way I’m NOT happy about receiving TWO repeats in one box! I will be emailing or calling them once it ships and I can confirm I’m getting repeats.

      • I’m doing the same, waiting for my box to ship to see if I’m receiving 2 of the same items within a year, which is disappointing, even if the eyeliner has been reformulated. I thought the Ole was ok, but not enough to purchase a full size and it would have been nice to try the Dr. Jart instead.

  47. Good morning! Thank you for posting the spoilers! This is so exciting! Can’t wait to get my hands on my bag. The only thing I want to point out is that the box number is indeed visible from the desktop version. You just have to click on the order number and you can see it in the order detail it’s the Item number. Hope that helps!

  48. Yes!!! I’m so happy that my box is revealed- thanks so much Luz for posting 😀

  49. You can see the variation on a desktop in Google Chrome. The number shows up in the list view. I’m getting the variation but would much rather have gotten the original spoiler.

    • I saw the # when hovering over the link. Looks like I should be getting 98. This box looks like a good one! Would have slightly preferred the Sheer Transformation over the Water Drop.

  50. I’m really happy with the variation. I’ve tried the Ole Henrikson cream from the Sephora travel bag, and I really like it. Plus, I love magnolia in perfume. Can’t wait to get this, it’ll be my first bag 🙂 Still curious if that is the color lipstick we will receive, but I guess there has to be a surprise somewhere

    • Amber, if you look at your product list, it should tell you what color lipstick you are getting. Mine is called Love Spell. It looks like a light pink shade. I’m not sure if it’s the same as what the spoiler is showing as I couldn’t tell on my phone.

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