Essence Beauty Box $10 Close Out Sale on Past Boxes!

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While supplies last, past Essence Beauty Boxes are on sale for $10 or less.

In case you missed it, Essence Beauty Box is ending and September will be the final box sent out.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I ordered two scarves and the October box. I received my scarves today. In my package they left me a slip saying that the box I ordered was on backorder. I also noticed that they refunded me the $10 for the box. Sooo I’m not sure if they will still send the box and charge later. I’m kinda in limbo. So to be safe I’m just going to leave an extra $10 in my bank account.

    • Can you tell me what the scarves are made of and how large they are? I called customer service but they had no idea.

    • I got the two $5 boxes in which I only ordered one today. Then I called them because I realized the email saying February box was on hold did not even mention the October box. I ended up getting into a disagreement with the customer service rep because she tried to tell me I double clicked on the submit button and that is why I was charged four times for the same order. Well, if double clicked on the submit button, then why did the Thank you page say $5 and not $10. That would have meant I placed the same order twice, each order being $10 not each order $5. She couldn’t answer that. Then she tells me she only sees a February order and then later on she tells me she sees the October box. This is the last time I’m calling them until I get all the charges and all the boxes because none of them know what’s going on.

  2. Ok, when did everyone order, on the 8th?
    I ordered on the early morning of the 9th, and received my confirmation email, but the charge hasn’t hit my account yet. I also haven’t received a “order on hold” email or any other messages other than the original confirmation email.

    I ordered October, November, and April, and it looks like only November is no longer available on their site. I’m just trying to see if anyone is in the same boat as me…
    I don’t want to call them yet since no (order hold) news might be good news, but it’s a little concerning that the charge hasn’t hit my account yet!

    • I ordered around 1:30pm pst on the 8th. Also FYI the order on hold email came from a super sketch email “[email protected]” even though the original order confirmation came from “[email protected]” The “single copy” had my order number and name and all that though.

      • The email did look spammy and I only opened it because I recognized the Order # from emailing and calling them before, lol. But I’m guessing “single copy” refers to the magazine side of their business. Sometimes publishers will sell just single back issues to people, so perhaps that’s the dept handling at least the communication side of this sale. I have decided to not give any more energy towards this snafu, but to also not expect any of the five boxes I ordered to show up. I’ll only call them again if my charges don’t drop off.

      • Oh, gotcha – thanks…. I will keep an eye out but I’m not optimistic based on everything I’m reading here!

    • I ordered on the 8th and again on the ninth. They allowed me to cancel the orders I placed on the 8th. Called them today they told me disregard that email, they will be shipped out within the next two weeks.

  3. I received the email too. Even though I didn’t get an order confirmation until 4 pm, thanks to these boards, I know I placed my order around 1 pm.

    I ordered four $10 boxes and the $5 festival box. The email I received just states the $10 boxes are essentially backordered if that’s even possible. It made no mention of the $5 box. Anyone get an email that included the festival box being delayed?

    I realize of course Essence doesn’t have much to lose since they’re not continuing with the subs, but please don’t let this turn into allure shenanigans part 2.

  4. So. I have ordered, received delayed confirmations, late and pending charges, and emails that have stated that (both) one box (April-solo order) is on hold and that my other order (three boxes including May, April and festival) was declined, even though the charge went through (though that does happen sometimes with a pre-paid card). I decided to give customer service a try and was put on hold, then given the number of the ‘actual’ customer service for the beauty box sales. The kindly gentleman I spoke to let me know that both orders went through, my April boxes should be shipping some time next week, and that the balance was already on the way. I don’t think we should be looking for shipping confirmations either.

    I am with those of you who figure a month or so is a good time to wait. For me, it’s worth it if I get them, eventually. I’m in no actual rush considering these were only offered, at a steal, a few days ago.

  5. I also got the order on hold email this morning, and from a very weird email address. This along with the crummy September box kind of sours what has otherwise been a really lovely experience with the Essence box. Oh well.

  6. I also was charged then it disappeared from my account and just received the email saying no box until 30 days. Anyone here actually getting a box they paid for who hasn’t received the no box email?

    • Not me. But, I did order six boxes (October – February), and all charges are pending on my account right now, plus I did receive the emails but only for the December – February boxes. I’m guessing the October & November boxes are shipping(?). Since the charges are only pending, I’m not going to worry too much, and I’ll see what happens. But, if they post, then the countdown is on before I contact them for the missing boxes. To be generous, I’ll give them 1.5 months from the date of posting, then I’ll call, and if nothing comes of it, I’ll just file a chargeback with my cc.

      • Correction: five boxes were ordered. That’s sad… I’m in finance, and I couldn’t even count the months in my head…. next time I’ll stop typing to use my fingers. 🙂

  7. I didn’t receive the email yet but I’m guessing that’s because I ordered days after you all did. I did it on Sunday or Monday. My charges weren’t pending, I was actually charged. I’m guessing I’ll get a cancellation soon enough. Oh well. Not worth getting frustrated over.

    • I just checked. The charges are pending.

  8. I received the same email. So I ordered one box right after seeing this post, then read other comments about order not going through. So I ordered another one (same box) in the evening of the same day and got one confirmation. For me it is either $5 or $10 total, so I don’t mind waiting for 30 days to get my boxes either 1 or 2… hope I get one at least.

  9. I just got a email telling me that they do not have anymore of the boxes, so my order is placed on hold for 30 business days. I ordered them when they sent that email. An that the charges are still going to be pending. I am just going to cancel my orders. This is ridiculous!

    • They won’t let you cancel. I tried to cancel when I was double charged and then charged for 4 of boxes in which I only ordered one. They only cancelled two and told me they couldn’t cancel the last. I also got the email about my February box being on hold and like you I ordered right after getting the email. The charges have dropped off my account but I guess whenever ever they straighten out this mess, they’ll charge me again. Hopefully for the right amount. They will not have to worry about me ordering a box again. They can keep them.

      • It feels like essence is pulling a scam on us. If the boxes were out of stock why are they still selling them? I am going to spend all day on this phone with to get my money back. I am not waiting 30 days and they ship me the wrong items.

        • Check to see if the charge went through! I checked my account after they sent the out-of-stock email, and noticed that the pending charge dropped off. BUT I think it’s SO weird that the April box is still available on their website!

  10. I noticed yesterday that one of the pending charges (I placed two orders) in my bank account disappeared, so I called to confirm my orders. The person I spoke with said both orders had gone through and he didn’t see any problems. I checked my email a few minutes ago and there was a message telling me one of my orders had to be placed on hold because the boxes are suddenly out of stock. This ticks me off because I ordered as soon as they went on sale. What a nightmare!

    • I received the same email which is disappointing. I ordered as soon as I received the email about the sale which was before it was announced on here.

      • Same ?

        • Same here too.

  11. I’m assuming a lot of people will start getting these emails from essence…

    “Thank you for your recent order. Due to the unforeseen demand for
    the item(s) listed below, your order has been placed on hold.

    Qty Item No Description Amount
    1 EB04161 APRIL BOX: FRESH START 10.00

    We anticipate these item(s) to be restocked within 30 business days
    and will ship your complete order if at all possible. ”

    For reference, I ordered on the 8th at around 1:15pm pst and received my confirmation email a little less than one hour later. I’ve only had the one $10 temporary authorization on my card this whole time. Not too worried. If I get it great, if not oh well. I’m not going to call either. That just sounds like a bad idea!

    • Actually, have to correct myself. The temp auth on my card is gone now. So that’s nice I guess. Hopefully that just means they won’t charge unless it ships.

      • Yes, I got the same email regarding 4 of my boxes, including the one I never ordered in the first place. Perhaps the demand was so high because they duplicated multiple orders? And what company ever restocks a clearance sale? Kind of defeats the purpose. I’m betting very few people will actually get the boxes they ordered at all.

    • I wonder if it has something to do with them selling boxes at the booth thing they were talking about on Instagram. It sounds like they were selling boxes there. If so, they should have really accounted for the boxes they had already sold online.

    • It’s so weird that they still have the box up on their site

  12. I placed an order two nights ago. I haven’t received anything. No email, no charge on my credit card.

    • Same here. I got the thank you page, but no email, confirmation or charge. I thought since I ordered over the wknd it would take until Mon to get confirmation. Nothing yet

      • I thought the exact same thing! But guess what, I got an order confirmation about an hour after I wrote this comment 🙂 No credit card charge yet!

    • I don’t know what’s going on but they messed up my order. First it took forever to get order confirmations for two orders I placed. Then one confirmed me ordering two boxes when I only ordered one. I called them yesterday and the guy did not seem to know what was going on. So he said he would hand it over to a supervisor. While I waited, I got another order confirmation emailed to me for the same double box again where I only ordered one. So, I called back to make sure I did not get charged again and the second guy did not know what was going on either but he was at least more helpful. On the order where I clearly ordered one box, they doubled it and he said on the one where I clearly ordered two boxes, they only had me listed for one. So, he said he would look into it and call me back. When he called me back he said now they had me down for four of the boxes in which I only ordered one and the other order was fine. So, now I am sitting with $40 worth of orders and six boxes when it should have only been $25 and three boxes. So, he tells me he can take off two but the other $5 box he can not. I don’t understand it but I agree and he ended up giving me three months of Essence magazine to make up for the extra $5 box he could not take off.

      • Um, yeah, right there with you, Tammy. I was hoping this wouldn’t turn into a problem, but it appears to be going that way. I’ve now been charged twice on my c/c and both purchases are incorrect; I don’t know where they got their info or why they are unable to correct it. I have called and emailed, to no avail. I wish I’d never ordered any at all at this point.

        • It’s ridiculous. I have never been told I could not get my money back for a mistake I didn’t make. I just said $5 is not even worth arguing about. I’m wondering if they are going to even ship these boxes but it doesn’t look like they are in too of a hurry to take my money. Only one payment is still processing on my CC. The others have dropped off.

    • I just got an e-mail saying they are out of the Aapril box and my order has been put on hold for 30 days, this does not look good.

      • 30 BUSINESS days! That’s a month and a half!

  13. Does anyone know when these will ship and will we get tracking numbers? Thanks!

    • I just one (May) of three boxes today!

  14. YAY, I picked up October, November, and caved and got April… my mom loves trying out spot correctors and I will try some of the other items. Even though I’m not a WoC, many of the items in the Essence boxes will work for my curly hair (debated getting 2 of the DevaCurl boxes bc I love their travel sizes). I’m excited!

    I never subscribed because you never know what you’re going to get, but the ability to buy past boxes is great! I hope other boxes start doing this more regularly…. holding a few boxes back and selling them a few months later 🙂

    • Same here, not a WOC, but I have frizzy, course, wavy hair so a lot of products marketed toward WOC work well in my hair.

  15. Placed an order last night and it took a couple hours to get my confirmation email. I’ve always wanted to try Paula’s choice and I also got the August box. I love nudestix and they are normally $24 so I couldn’t pass it up for $10. I see the other items as a bonus.

  16. I ordered 5 boxes earlier today (October – February). Like others, I didn’t immediately receive a confirmation email, and at the time my cc wasn’t charged (not even the $1). Around 4pm PST I received a confirmation email, but it only showed the February box. I checked my cc and it has only been charged $10. I’m okay with that. Like someone else said, when weird things happen when trying to place an order then I take that as a sign it’s not meant to be.

    • I got a confirmation email this morning regarding my other four boxes, but I noticed my cc hasn’t been charged yet.

      • Same situation. Mine was just charged hours after getting a confirmation email .so keep checking

  17. I had put in two separate orders – one for 2 boxes and one for 1 box within 10 minutes of each other. I don’t have any charges on my card yet, but I did get an email confirmation for the 1 box order about 8 hours after placing the orders. So…we’ll see.

  18. I placed the same order twice, several hours apart. I never rec’d a confirmation email for the first one, but received one for the second order. My card wasn’t charged at first and I called Customer Service (who had no idea what was going on) so I sent an email. I didn’t receive a response, but now there is a $50.00 charge on my card (which is the correct amount). I just hope I won’t be charged for both orders as talking to them is a nightmare.

  19. Bad news bears– tried ordering three times today. Only received an email confirmation on one of the attempted orders, and the order was incorrect in the email!

    Bit of a fiasco: I called customer service who referred me to another department, direct commerce, who referred me back to customer service who again referred me to direct commerce who gave me the number for customer service again. Finally reached a knowledgable lady named Nikki who said they have received many calls about this today– however, the lady who helped me stated that if you see the ” thank you” page after you order, that means that it went through. It just needs 24 hours to show up. I couldn’t have her cancel any of the superfluous orders, as she couldn’t see them at all on her end, but she is passing the notation along to her supervisor who’s going to call me ( and others) tomorrow once they figure out what’s up.

    She stated they should be able to alter orders tomorrow, but she’s not sure. Here’s hoping this fiasco ends well.

    • Similar situation here. The order shown on the “Thank You” page was correct, but not on the email confirmation I got 7 hours later. That one included duplicates of one of the boxes I ordered, not sure why. I called CS and she said she couldn’t edit the order on her side, so to just wait and see what my c/c is eventually charged and that will be the order I am actually getting. They seemed a bit confused about it all. So, it either will sort itself out or I’ll be calling again in a few days to get a partial refund.

      • Super crazy! I’m sorry you a similar experience Mary. I’m hoping it all turns out ok! If they charged you incorrectly and you have to call for a partial refund tomorrow, Will you please post any numbers they give you? I’ll do the same 🙂

        • Hi Rebekah, I wish I had a better update, but they emailed me they can’t do anything once an order is placed. Wha….? They made the mistake, not me. So I tried another phone call. I’m busy so had to hang up after being on hold for 15 mins. I’ll try later. Any luck on your end?

  20. I ordered earlier today before I saw the announcement here on MSA and I didn’t receive my email confirmation until 7:08 PM EST. I also have a $1.00 pending charge on my cc so orders from earlier today probably went through just a delay in the email confirmation.

  21. I went a little crazy and got 5 boxes, all from before I subbed in May. It’s funny because I liked this sub a lot when I wasn’t a member and then when I finally joined, I have to admit the quality went down a bit for me. So I was glad to get a chance to order some of the old stock that originally caught my eye (Paula’s Choice Vit C treatment, you WILL be mine!). 🙂 I never got a confirmation email but my c/c was charged a $1 so I’m hoping the order went through.

  22. I put in my order about an hour ago & just received my confirmation email. I’d say the site is up & running now.

  23. If these businesses are not savvy enough to figure out out to take my money then I will not try again. There is no excuse for these errors. I did not try to purchase the Bare Minerals box a second time after I previously “ordered” it and I won’t this one, either.

  24. Hm… confirmation number, but I have a $0 pending charge on my card. I KNEW cheap Paula’s Choice was too good to be true!!

    • I placed my order about 6 hours ago and just received my confirmation email a few minutes ago.

      • I just got mine as well! The only problem was, I was charged for two of the April boxes??? So weird. I called and the super nice CS rep was able to remove one of them. We will see what I end up getting!

  25. Does anyone know the dimensions of the water color scarves, and what material they are made of?

  26. I have visions of the multiple Bare Minerals mystery box charges running through my head with this. I ordered but got no confirmation e-mail and I’m not clicking “buy” again. If I don’t get the boxes, it’s just not meant to be. I’m not messing with faulty sites again…learned my lesson!

    • Mine took a little while to hit my inbox, but I was a little worried as well.

  27. Thanks Liz! This made my day.

    Got the May Bae-cation box; especially excited for the Pou-pourri and massage candle. Can’t wait!

  28. I tried to post this before but it did not show up. But no orders are complete! I called customer care, they said that no orders went through. The store is suppose to open up tomorrow. They said to order again on Friday.

    • So if we haven’t ordered, should we wait until tomorrow? Thank you for the information!

      • I would wait till tomorrow or until someone post up a comment saying that they recieved there confirmation email. But am going to try again tonight to see, and will post if it is working .

        • I did receive my confirmation email, ordered 4 boxes. It took about an hour to get the email though.

          • I just tried it again and got my email too!

    • Bummer! I ordered three today but won’t be near a computer tomorrow. Guess I saved myself $30….. but I really wanted the boxes!

    • I got my confirmation email. I placed 2 orders a few hours ago. The first one didn’t come through yet but the second one did

      • I did not get a confirmation email but I have a $1 charge from Essence. I just spoke with a representative who told me not to order again because that means I did get charged.

  29. I just called customer care they said that there is a problem with their system. To purchase boxes was suppose to be up tomorrow. You cards may or not been charged yet for the orders. If you havent recieved an email call again tomorrow to find out if its fixed, I guess that will email it to you.

    • I was wondering why I didn’t get an email confirmation…

    • I also was curious as to why I hadn’t yet received a confirmation email. Fortunately, I just checked my card, and it has not been charged. Hopefully, I’ll remember to buy the boxes tomorrow!

      • Check to see if you have a $1 charge pending because I have one from Essence.

  30. How much were these originally?

    • $15

      • Thanks!

  31. Yay! I’ve always wanted the October and November boxes but didn’t want the monthly subscription since a lot of time I wouldn’t be using all the items in the box. But…October and November, though. So excited, definitely will be using everything in those boxes!

  32. Ended up getting 3 boxes for myself and then I told my mom about it so she had me get 2 boxes and 2 scarves for her!

    • what size are the scarves?

  33. I bought the July (hoping for that mango leave-in again), January, April, May and the festival box. I’ve never tried the Paula’s choice, but couldn’t pass up on it! I think its great they are offering these boxes before they close up shop.

  34. I was able to get the May (yes the poo-pourri box! Hey, the stuff really works! LOL) & January boxes. Loved this sub and I’m so sorry to see it go. Great that they’re giving their fans a chance to pick up these extras.

    Thanks for posting this Liz!

    • I really thought about getting the Poo-Pourri box and swapping the other items! I haven’t tried it. My husband really needs it in his stocking this year.

      • It’s a 2 oz bottle – It pretty much pays for the box. Honestly my daughter & I love it and we don’t know how we ever lived without it.

        Thanks Essence Beauty Box!!! You changed my world for the better! 🙂 lol

  35. Oh my goodness! I wanted to pick up one of half the boxes. I was well-behaved, though, and only purchased 2 of the $5 Festival boxes for the Paula’s Choice vitamin C. I have been using it for a few months on some of the larger sunspots on my face. It has helped some now that I finally read the directions and pat it on rather than rub it in. I love Paula’s choice products, especially the BHA 9. It is the only thing that has ever done much to get rid of my blackheads on my nose.

  36. They only allow you to buy 5 items at a time. I set my limit to 50 so I picked up a scarf and the other $5 box. Now I have to buy the other items in a separate transaction. At least the shipping is free…otherwise I would have not been a happy camper!

  37. YESS! I got the May box. That was the box that got me to sign up!! So, so excited.

  38. I bought 2. Happy to see this sale and I will miss this subscription as it turned me on to a lot of new amazing products.

  39. Thanks Liz! I just snatched July and December! Can’t wait!!!

  40. I grabbed 4 boxes and 2 scarves! Can’t wait to get those in my hands!! Will miss EBB! So sad.

  41. I hope they have some left tomorrow : ( payday..and I want 5 of them.

  42. I just grabbed 2 boxes….I have NO willpower….

  43. Has anyone recieved a confirmation email? I ordered some boxes and the “thank you” page said they’d send an email but haven’t gotten one…

    • I was just about to ask the same thing. I got the “thank you for your purchase” screen but no confirmation has been emailed to me yet. I’m glad it’s not just me. I was getting worried!

    • I haven’t received an email confirmation either.

  44. Thank you, Liz. I picked up the Festival LE box for $5 because I wanted Paula’s Choice Treatment. I got April box, so I don’t need the same box with other products. It seems to brighten my dark spots on my face. It is a small tube, but since I use it for only areas I need, so a little goes a long way. And it is a full-size product even though it is only 15 ml.

  45. My subscription was from March to August, so I picked up all of the boxes I missed from October to February! I’m still debating on whether to re-subscribe just to get their final box, but I wonder if they’re even taking on further subscriptions.

  46. I told myself I’d get two but I ended up getting May, November, October and the Festival box. I hate myself.

  47. This is awesome! I am bummed that they aren’t going to continue with the boxes, but I have been kicking myself for missing out on the April box. Paula’s Choice Vitamin C Spot Treatment is the only thing I have found that will lighten my dark spots. And full size ($55) for only $10? Score! Thanks for posting this!!

    • I have tried so many products to try to lighten my sunspots without having to do a chemical peel. I picked one of these up to try the Paula’s Choice product. I hope it works for me, too! How do you know it is full size?

      • Same here, struggling to get rid of sunspots. All the boxes look great and will work for my Hispanic medium light skin. Decisions, decisions..also, does anybody know if sunspots are the same as melasma?

      • I got one in the April box, and it’s a full size product. I loved that month’s items, so I’m thrilled to get an extra box for less 😉

      • I looked back at the April review just to double check that it was the full. Suuuuuch a good deal! I also snagged the festival box for $5 because it also had the Paula’s Choice, but I wasn’t sure what size that one was.

        • I am not sure what size that one is either! I bought two of the Festival boxes, hoping it was the full-size Paula’s choice, but $5 is a good deal, even for trial size.

  48. aaaaah. So many choices!

  49. I picked up three boxes! $10 is a great value for some of these samples. I was never a subscriber… but I can’t say no to a good deal!

  50. Ugh, I just caved and bought five boxes. My bank account is going to kill me.

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