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BoxyCharm September 2016 FULL Spoilers!

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We have full spoilers for the September 2016 Boxycharm subscription box thanks to fabfashionreviews! (Thanks for the head’s up, Latonya!)

Each September 2016 Boxycharm subscription box will include:


What do you think of the full September 2016 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for any future spoilers, too!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So I just subbed to Boxycharm, so September will be my 1st box. Them having all full size products & a full palette is what sold me on this box being the best for value. I initially thought maybe that’d be BeautyCon. They said they start shipping on the 10th of the month. Does anyone know how long it takes to get your 1at box?

    • This is my 3rd month with them, and my third month getting a palette! Great deal!

    • It might depend where you live but in my experience boxycharm ships mid month and I usually get my box the third week of the month.

    • I usually didn’t get mine until around the 27th 🙁

    • Hopefully you have gotten yours. Im still waiting for mine but mine appears to have been stolen as the community mailbox has plier damage and I got a key but no package. So sad as I was excited about this box. The postal service is aware and I emailed boxycharm but no resolution yet. Sad face

  2. Does anyone know when they start shipping for this month? It seems kind of late.

    • They just shipped mine today and getting it on Monday although they charged my credit card on the 2nd.

    • I know I was wondering the same thing I usally get mine between the 5th – 8th and still waiting 🙁

    • I haven’t heard from them yet. I noticed they ship mine late but I receive it a few days later. Unlike when I was in APO in Germany they ship it early but I receive it a month later or sometimes none at all LOL

  3. Everything looks great. I’m super excited for this month.

  4. This box is only worth it to me if I get the Butter London nail polish. *fingers crossed*

    • If you don’t get it, I can send to you.

      • I’ll trade if you get the lip crayon! I’m not on the swap site, though. I need to do that. I am unfamiliar with mailing things other than paper. ?

  5. I’m really loving this box…only issue would be if I received the brush
    boxy sent me that same brush a while back…literally the same exact brush.
    Hope they keep track of things like that.
    I’m so glad this is a pencil “black” eyeliner I never get enough black liner!
    I’m so glad it’s anything but mascara, I have 10 full sized tubes that won’t ever get used….ugh…ill take eyeliner anyday!

    • Agree! I’m tired of getting brushes since I got lots of them already. I wish I get the Butter London one. Even I am surprised I’d rather get a nail polish than brushes lol

      • I love the brushes can’t ever get enough but I never seem to get them 🙁 but did receive my box today and must say I’m so in love❤️ Everything is wonderful and full size on top of great products I’m never giving the subscription up (hopefully I will start getting more brushes between all my boxes

  6. The lippie color is different for different boxes, I have seen mystic and fiery so far hopefully they have nudes as well.

    • I got Graceful and despise it!

  7. I started getting this box in May I think. I’m so tired of eyeliners!! They do me no good being as how I’ve had my eyeliner tattooed on! But even if that wasn’t the case they always seem to have at least one if not both of the same two items in the boxes! Eyeliner or nail polish! One month there was some god awful old lady smelling perfume! Other than that I like the boxes I’m just not nearly as satisfied as I thought I would be with them!

    • I’d love to get my eyeliner tatted on but omg, that area just scares me! lol.

  8. So I know if you subscribe even the last day of the month, you’ll receive this month’s box.
    Does that mean if I subscribe, say, September 30th, I will receive both September and October boxes in October? Because I will be billed also early October? How does that work?

    • Yes, that is how it works.

    • I bought my box the end of July. I got the July box and missed the August box.

    • I subscribed at the end of August because I saw the pallet spoiler for this box. They immediately shipped me the August box with the Ofra pallet in it from July, I assume because they ran out of the contour pallet from August. I have been billed for September but it hasn’t shipped yet. I’ll be quite upset if it doesn’t come because it is the reason I subscribed.

      • Oh my goodness, I would LOVE that Ofra pallet !!
        But yeah I get you, after seeing the swatches of the eyeshadow I think I’ll wait til October to subscribe. I would hate to be in a situation where I miss a potentially great box for subscribing to one I could live without.

    • You *might* get one if you order that late but it is no guarantee. I’ve done that before the box was sold out so I didn’t get it. I got billed on the 4th of the next month for that month’s box even though I subscribed on the 28th of the previous month. So if the box is sold out, no you won’t. But if it isn’t then yes you’ll be billed for that month and then again at the beginning of the next month.

  9. I am so excited for this box! I use to subscribe to Birchbox and Glossybox. Still have Ipsy, Sephora Play and Boxycharm, and by far Boxycharm is the best! Ipsy keeps disappointing me, so I am on the verge of cancelling that one too :(….. Does anyone else feel the same way?

    • I absolutely, 100% agree! I got rid of birchbox and allure and glossy box. I’m loving play! lately and couldn’t resist boxycharm. This is just my 2nd month, but couldn’t be happier. Ipsy has been disappointing lately, but this month is somewhat okay for me so I’m sticking around for a while. I have julep as well, but it’s so different from everyone else. Love their products and can skip as much as I want to.

      • A friend of mine has Julep and loves it, but to tell you the truth if I get another box my husband might just kick me out of the house with all of my boxes(just joking), but I think I am staring to annoy him by making him watch me unbox them 😉

    • I agree with you. iPsy only gives small products and things you don’t even ask for

    • But Ipsy’s only 10 bucks. I usually get a good variety of items and I love the little bags to organize everything. For the price, it’s my favorite.

      • I know, that’s why I keep hesitating….. then I get disappointed again. I will keep it for another month, you’ve convinced me 😉

    • I already cancelled Ipsy. I don’t like their products. I mean they have some couple of nice stuff but for the most part it’s all meh.

  10. Fingers crossed for the nail polish! I’m such a fanatic with nail polish. ??????

  11. This box is great but I’m giving the video review a big ‘ol thumbs down; I wish I had three thumbs to give it three thumbs down. What’s the point of an umboxing video and a beauty guru if she’s not going to swatch all the items? Don’t be a cheapskate and pop open that eyeliner so we can all see how it swatches. She clearly got the box free to show us the subscribers.

    • I thought that was weird too especially since she acted like she was going to open it at first, then didn’t. And being that the eyeliner is what got me to fully decide to buy the box, I really wanted her to open it up and show it.

      • I agree to.

    • Agreed!

    • Totally agree, also wanted to see the eyeliner swatch 🙁

  12. YAY! So excited now that I’ve seen the full list of items, even more excited.

  13. I’ve been getting Boxycharm since February and WoW they really do have the best boxes. I hope I Get the brush if not I still like the nail polish over the lip product. But I like all the products and would be happy with what ever I Get.

    • If I get the brush I’d love to trade you if you got the polish! I’m loving matte nudes right now. My luck is I’ll get the lipstick. I hate it and never use it and I get one every month in my ipsy. How my luck goes! Lol. Awesome box though.

  14. Thank you! I want to subscribe Any coupons for boxycharm??

    • They rarely have coupons. I was waiting for one as well, but got antsy and subbed without one ?. I believe the last one I saw was sometime around april.

      • Yeaah I’ve been waiting fot too long as well.. No free item with first box as well 🙁

  15. This is by far my favorite box. I’ve subscribed to them for many years…. Their value is superb and the makeup is always on trend and wonderful. I LOVE them!!!! So excited for this box… Then again, I always am!

  16. Great box as always Boxycharm,thanks for posting Liz

  17. I love it !!! I wonder if everyone is getting the same shade in the lippie?

  18. I am excited for this month’s box, I love everything about it.

  19. I’m excited for this box! Everything looks great, and surprisingly, I’m even kind of looking forward to the hair mask. Usually I’m not really into that stuff but this one actually looks kind of cool. So glad I dropped Allure for this one!

    • Ugh I hated allure. I dropped them also for boxycharm. Now I do ipsy and boxycharm, bark box. I’m glad it’s a full size mask with many uses available. I hate a sample size cause you don’t know if you really like it or not it normally takes a few tries to know for sure.

  20. When does Boxycharm ship? I am new to this sub this month and haven’t got a shipment date yet.

  21. I seriously love boxycharm!!! This is becoming my favorite sub!!! I wouldn’t have minded a makeup setting spray though, that seems within camp theme lol but I will use everything even any of the variation products!!! Mainly excited for the $50 palette 🙂

  22. So… I just subbed to Boxycharm! Will I get this September box? I really hope so ?

    • Yes you will! As long as you subscribe any time in September you’ll get this month’s box! ?

      • Thank you! ??

  23. This is my 2nd box and I couldn’t be happier with the choice to sub to boxycharm! What a great mix of stuff. I don’t LOVE every product, but the size of the items is great. The hair stuff is not really my cup of tea and I’m hoping for the lipstick over the nail polish. But after the awful experiences with Allure and Glossybox, this is very pleasant.

    • Alisonka,
      I’ve just signed up, so this will be my first BoxyCharm. I would LOVE to get that nail polish & happy to trade you or otherwise take it off your hands, if you don’t want yours.?? I’m soooo with you about the Allure box. Cancelled mine b/c they couldn’t get it right. It’s more than annoying when other people get 8 items & my box shows up with only 4.

      • I did get the nail polish. If you got the lip crayon, I would be very interested in trading still ☺

  24. I hate that they are giving different item possibilities now. One reason I liked Boxycharm is because you know for a fact what you are getting. Lame.

    • True, but at least the items seem to be an equivalent value. Unlike *cough* Allure.

      • AND at least they’re telling us what the variations are and not making us think we might get all 3! And totally agree, they all seem to be somewhat close in value. Hoping for the lipstick. I only use sponges and eyeshadow brushes.

    • I agree that is what I did not like about Glossybox. I hope they don’t keep doing that. I wish they would allow us to pick out what we would like in our box. Because after all, we as the customer would be the one to buy the product after we run out.

  25. I cancelled Glossybox and replaced it with Boxycharm. Excellent choice, I love this box and all the previous boxes I’ve received from them.
    Awesome possum! ??

  26. I’m so thrilled with this! This is my first month with them and I could not be more pleased. Just keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get a red lipstick.
    Definitely worth the $22. I much prefer full sized products to samples.❤️

  27. Yay! Another great month 😀 This is definitely my favorite makeup subscription. And I’ve got 5. 🙂

  28. Plus I find the themes from this and last month had nothing to do with the products….

    • It would’ve been better to throw like a bronzer, highlighter, brown lipstick, olive green nail polish, setting spray, etc. things that may have colors that would remind you of camping like s’mores and stuff like that. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, I’m crazy ?

      • Nooooooo…no more bronzer

        Yup…you are crazy 😉

        • Lol!!!

      • Brown lipstick? Bronzer? Nnoooo!! ?

      • Fear of things like setting spray or dry shampoos is why I was waiting to see the full spoilers before buying my bix this month. Im super glad they didn’t go that route.

  29. Good thing I unsubscribed because the only thing I would’ve used is the nail polish ?

  30. Isn’t it an awesome Box!!! I love BoxyCharm 🙂

  31. I have been trying out so many different boxes over the last few months to see which ones I really like. Honestly, BoxyCharm is the one I love the most. This is my fourth box with them and I have not been disappointed yet. I really feel like we are getting high quality products compared to the other boxes. It is the one I get the most excited about. Love BoxyCharm.

    • Totally agree with you! Boxycharm has been consistent in full size, good quality products

      • I was worried about this box not having a profile and as a black woman that usually means you are not going to get many makeup products that suits our complexion. Not BoxyCharm. All of the items I have gotten, I have been able to use. They seem to market to all women, which I love.

  32. I am so excited to get this box. This is my first month with boxycharm. I am looking forward to many more. I hope every box is as great as this one.

  33. Eyeliner gets me every time.

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