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Birchbox October 2016 Sample Choice Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the sample choice spoilers for the October 2016 Birchbox!

The sample choice options are:


  • Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

  • dr. brandt® microdermabrasion skin exfoliant

  • Juice Beauty® Cleansing Milk

And here is the October 2016 featured box:


It includes:

  • GLAMGLOW® POWERMUD™ Dualcleanse Treatment
  • Avène Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream RICH
  • This Works deep sleep pillow spray
  • Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo
  • MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick

What do you think of the sample choices and curated box? Which one are you picking this month?



The October Birchbox Plus add-ons are now available! Make your picks by September 3oth!

Here are some of the Plus options:



What do you think of the Add-Ons for October?

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.50.18 PM

While supplies last, use coupon code NATURALEYE to get this free W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara with your first month of a Birchbox subscription!

Birchbox is $10 a month. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

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  1. I got a Dr Brandt sample in my birchbox for September, and I loved it, so I am actually pretty excited to try another even though the sample size is small. I’ll gladly used a really great product two days a month for less than $10 then pay the insane actual price of the product that shocked me.

  2. I prefer how they did it last month where if you picked the curated box, you still got one of the sample choice items.

  3. Sample choices for this month;
    choose from a one time use tiny sample or a little tiny tube sample with little to no product or a very teeny tiny sample that will keep you guessing what did you just sample.
    Good luck ladies.

  4. Gah! Enough with the endless minor variations of Dr. Brandt microderm products! I’m as sick of seeing them as I am of getting Purlisse everything. At least with Purlisse the samples last a while. These are barely one or maybe two uses at best. The Tata Harper mask is a one and done; I sampled it before. Once again it’s the curated box for me. At least that way I won’t get a box full of random and useless hair products like the last 3. I’ve been subbed for over 2 years and will be happy to part ways at the end of my annual in Dec.

  5. Big surprise- more Juice Beauty junk from the dispised Gweneth Paltrow line. This hater gonna hate! Hehe

    • I’ll have some haterade: I’ve always found Juice Beauty products to be gimmicky and unimpressive, even before ol’ GwynGwyns had anything to do with it.

      I’ve used the dr.brandt and Tata Harper before, and found both to be very drying, but to be fair, I have pretty dry skin in the first place. I’m also apparently the only person in the world who shrugs her shoulders at Glamglow. I’m going to leave BB to chance this month.

      My personal tastes and preferences aside, this month looks like BB’s sample brands might be improving. Nevertheless, I’m kinda glad October is the penultimate month of my annual sub.

      • Once I didn’t choose any samples because I didn’t want any of them, and I got ALL THREE OF THEM! Beware, those who choose not to choose LOL

        • ^^ if M. Night Shyamalan directed unboxing videos…

          • LOL!

          • Lol!

  6. Super Excited about the glam glow! I will tell everyone the Tata Harper mask is amazing too! I have a full size and I love it!

    • I’m definitely going with the Tata Harper for my sample choice. There are things in the curated box I’d also like to try (like the GlamGlow and the sleep spray), but they could possibly put a couple in with the sample choice—a couple months ago when I actually picked the curated box, I saw a lot of people who didn’t pick it get some of the items from it anyway, and if I don’t have that happen, we’ll see if they have it available by itself—I’m in this to try new things anyway, so I’m not terribly picky about what they send me. 🙂

  7. I think I’m going to pick the cleansing milk since I don’t like scrubs. I would really like to try that pillow spray, though!

    • I got that exact same pillow spray at a hotel years ago, so if you don’t get the featured box you can just go on vacation and try in 🙂

      • It’s Crowne Plaza that has it.

  8. I was going to re-sub, but BB says I will receive the September box. Does anyone know if it’s a certain date that it changes to October or does it just depend on when September sells out?

    • I believe that if you wait until its selection time for October that you will be able to choose an October option. At least that’s how it works with BBM. I know that if you sign up anytime before then you will end up with a random September box, since September sample selection time has ended.

  9. Ok for once I am excited about the choices!! That said, I have never used any of them and want to try them all… How to decide!!??!?!??! Dream would have been Tata, Brandt, Glamglow and Avène ….
    I am still cancelling after my annual expires. One box out of 10 that thrills versus fails is bad odds. Usually, I am underwhelmed with them. If the birchbox point system change means they are upping the quality, I may stick around Next month, if it’s another stellar box I may reconsider; not holding my breath

  10. I resubscribed. I was trying not to but I really want next month’s curated box. I just canceled last month. I’m canceling Bulu for sure. I used the code LASTINGLIP to get stila liquid lipstick. I like the lipstick stays on all day with me. I put my preferences in as hair and bath and body, because I don’t need makeup and I always get skincare. I want the glam glow and the spray for the pillow.

  11. Does BB still allow you to purchase the curated box separately? I haven’t seen that for a while, but didn’t know if I just wasn’t searching well enough…would like to get the curated and the Tata Harper…

    • The curated boxes are still sold separately occasionally, but not every month. I’m guessing it depends on if/when they sold out? The September curated box is currently available for purchase, but I don’t remember seeing the August one at all (I could be wrong, though).

      • I must be crazy, where on the site do they list the past month’s box? I feel that I’ve looked through dozens of pages and searched ” September,” and am unable to locate any past boxes.

        Thank you,

        • Try putting Time Savers or Featured Box into the search. That should bring up September’s curated box.

        • I searched “curated box” and it popped right up! I’m buying the October curated box too.

          • Well that was disappointing- sold out!

  12. I received a small Tata Harper night Cream in one of my boxes. The stuff lasted forever and was the best night time moisturizer! I am looking forward to trying another Tata product 🙂

  13. I’m glad to see so many people like these options because there’s not a single thing I want! I already have the Juice cleansing milk (from Petit Vour) and it’s nice but I don’t need two. I had been trying to decide whether or not to cancel and this made it easy for me. My only beauty boxes now are Play by Sephora and Allure.

  14. Are they no longer doing Birchbox Plus items? I always look forward to the home goods they offer. I don’t see any Plus items in the add-ons.

  15. I am really getting tired of the barbie-orchid pink lipsticks being sent out for FALL! It screams overstock to me. I also hate when I received brown matte lipstick from BB in March. Otherwise, I have tried all of the products in the October box–and they are awesome.

    • Me too – would have preferred a berry tone – but other than that I really like the featured box.

      • OMG, YES! I almost choked on my coffee when I heard her describe the shade as berry in the video.

    • Ugh, me too. I keep getting super bright, unwearable red or very dark lipsticks. I picked natural on my questionnaire. What about natural screams red lips? Lol.

  16. I have a question. If I have an ACE account and I resubscribe for the month of October, will I get to pick 1st as an ace? Or does that change because I’m resubbing? I really want the curated box…

    • I reactivated my ace account last month after spoilers were released, I was able to make a sample choice but I had to do it when sample choice opened to everyone instead of getting early ace access.

  17. I’d like that curated box but if we are resubbing, we don’t get to pick, do we?

    • I resubbed my second account last month the day of Ace sample choice at 10 pm. I was able to pick sample choice 7 am the next morning. So in my experience- yes you can still do sample choice

  18. Of course October’s box is great because I cancelled BB after my September box! Oh well, I’m still not going to re-sub.
    I do have to say I like the idea of the pillow spray and would love if other box’s sent similar items like room sprays instead of the dreaded perfume samples!!!

  19. Really like the curated box and the sample choices! First time in a long time! Good job, Birchbox!

  20. Looks good this month. But I’m sampled out and cutting back. I canceled last month and my daughter canceled this month. Tempting. Maybe if they have black Fridays deals we might sign up then.

  21. Not in relation to the box, but what is that pretty marbled thing she is wearing on her neck? Is it a scarf? Is it some kind of fat choker? Does anyone know where someone can get something like that? 🙂

    • Haha?I was thinking the same thing..Didn’t care about the sample choice this month but I was drawn to her marble choker?

  22. I like the curated box or the Oribe and the Avene, although if I never see a glamglow product again it will be too soon. I just don’t get the hype.

  23. I’m glad they’re getting some new and different samples, but happy still with my choice to cancel after the last few months of repeat items. (and still with the dr. brant and avene items this month) I signed up for Play by Sephora, and I want to try a K-beauty sub. If I wasn’t doing that, I would probably still sub to Birchbox

  24. I really planned on cancelling after the atrocious September box I received, but after seeing the glamglow for October I will be staying on for the curated box. Hopefully I will receive October, cash in my points and cancel…unfortunately FOMO is real :/

  25. I only noticed her mention 9/27 for sample choice. Do Ace’s no longer get to pick a day early?

    • Although I cancelled, I still got an email about the sample choice. I’m an Ace, and the email said choose on the 26th.

      • Thank you. I just got my email as well with this confirmation.

    • I’m an ACE and logged in a day early for September and the choices were available as of Noon the day before the official sample choice day. So I recommend logging into your account on Oct.26th.

  26. Does anyone know the answer to this question:

    If I resubscribe on the 27th, will I be able to choose or will they automatically choose for me?

  27. This is the first curated box in a while that I’m really excited for. Birchbox is redeeming itself today!

  28. My subscription was taken off auto-renew and my last box will be October’s. I think I will go out with the curated box.

  29. I literally clapped when I saw the curated box! That’s my pick 🙂

  30. The curated box looks like a really high value, though I think they could have picked a better fall color for the lipstick. I might come back to Birchbox this Thanksgiving.

    • I totally agree on the lipstick. Barbie pink just doesn’t seem very fall-ish to me.

  31. I want both boxes! So I can get the Tata Harper mask and Glamglow and Oribe. Hopefully they’ll have the curated box for sale like usual

    • Are you able to order an additional curated box each month? Where are those shown?

      • usually its in the BB shop under Limited Edition Boxes I think – it usually goes on sale a day or two after people can make their selections.
        but if I remember correctly, there were a couple times when they didn’t sell the curated box separately so there’s no guarantee

        • Thank you Randi!

          • this month’s actually shows up under “women” then “birchbox exclusives”

  32. I’m really pleased with the curated box – I’ve liked previous GlamGlow and Avene products, and have placed that sleep spray in and out of my cart. Nice!

  33. Yay for Glam Glow! I’m definitely going for the curated box but if I weren’t I would choose the Tata Harper mask. Good choices this month!

  34. I just don’t find any of these choices to be that exciting. Maybe the Tata Harper since I know it’s all the rage but the sample looks really tiny. I may gamble and skip sample choice altogether this month.

  35. October 2016 featured box is different on pic and in describtion

    • Oops – sorry about that! Fixed!

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