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UPDATED – Allure Beauty Box August 2016 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have FULL SPOILERS for the August 2016 Allure Beauty Box! And a new video reveal:

Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.32.25 AM


What do you think of the full August 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoilers?

FYI – if you sign up now, your first box will be the first available – I’m not sure if that will be the August box or not. This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got the Mally pencil, but noticed something strange. The sponge-tip side already had product on it. Shouldn’t it be black like the sponge? Anyone else have this issue? It makes me think I’m getting a used one. :/

    • Never mind. Just went on Mally’s site and read that the sponge side contained a “light powder”. Too bad Allure’s little booklet didn’t mention that factoid. lol

  2. I’m very pleased with Allure Customer Service as today I received my refund check in the mail. I wasn’t feeling very confident that I would ever get my money returned, but they were good on their word.
    Once things settle down, I will try again with Allure as they have now proven to me that they are concerned about their image and are making serious efforts to remedy recent problems.
    Absolutely giving their CS reps a 10+ for working with me.

    • Yeah I’ve had nothing short of nightmarish dealings with this company. I’ve been subbed since May and still have yet to receive a box from them. If I do not get a box from them again this month, it will be the final straw for me and I will unsub and also reach out to the Better Business Bureau to make a complaint.

  3. Back in June I got the Klorane dry shampoo instead of the mango shampoo so I’m sure I’ll get the crap ELF product, too. Having all the boxes the same is one of the best things about the Allure box, so I can’t stand it when they do this.
    Also, heads up: The Freeze 24/7 product has terrible reviews and relies on some pretty dubious science for their “anti-wrinkle” claims.
    That said, I’ve heard great things about the wet brush, and finally a BROWN eye pencil, so that helps!

  4. I just received an email from Allure where they thanked me to be a new subscriber and that they would send me a special gift a fragrance sample. How exciting is that?

    • Me too. Did you see at the top of the page is say you will be getting 4 new fragrances…. I guess we will see. Hey all if ya who put your subscription box on hold runnnnn there still it time…. Hurrryyyy. ?….Allure Beauty Box craziness….. I told ya it’s like being in a bad relationship, every time you try to stop it’s to hard.

      • I completely missed that, but yes it says they will sending us four new fragrances. Even better 🙂

        • Fingers crossed either right. It’s hard to not get your hopes up. I am guess it didnt go out as a mass email because there would be a hundred more posts..
          On a different not there are alot of Beth’s on this site. I get I will go by BL

          • Omg I can’t even understand what wrote. Sorry everyone. I should always proof read before pressing enter or else I will have a post that I sadly can’t even understand…. I tried deleting but I can’t or I can’t find where…..

  5. I signed up in July, card was charged and didn’t receive a box, but I didn’t expect one. I was looking forward to this one, but I’m guessing I won’t receive it this month either (and I really want the brush, and the Mally, but looks like that’s not an issue as I wouldn’t receive it anyway). I don’t understand why they just don’t have a waitlist, like Sephora. You’re starting off on the wrong foot charging someone, but never letting them know when they will get the product.
    For subscribers, when did you get your first box? And at what time of the month did you get an email saying you are going to be receiving a box?

    • I subscibed in Mid-May like 19 or something, and I got neither May or June box. My first box came in July. So I guess it’ll probably take around 2 months to get off the waitlist. Good luck! :- )

      • I subscribed in early May, as this was supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift. Well here I am in August still haven’t received my first box.

    • I signed up on 2/5/16 and was billed the same day. My box shipped on 2/12 and I received it about 4 days later.

      Hope that helps.

      • I just signed back up after cancelling 2 weeks ago and there sending me a bonus box for coming back .

        • I am in the same situation, cancelled 2 or 3 weeks ago and re-subed yesterday, but I got no such email

          • Elisa after signing up there was a pop up to email a friend or share on Facebook to get bonus box I emailed a friend then received a email for thanks for spreading the word that I would be getting a bonus box, I did this onlast Wed.

      • Me too, I subbed and got box that month or the next? I don’t understand all the issues? But I’ve had a sub at least maybe 6 months? I’d have to count photos to. Know for sure?

    • I signed up 7/1/16, they charged my card 7/2, transaction posted 7/4, tracking email received 7/15, package received 7/22 via USPS. HTH.

    • I sign up on late July I got and email right away. Got charged right away and I got sent and email mid June with a tracking number of my package and I got it a few days after the email. Got sent.

    • I signed up on May 7th and they charged me that day. I was supposed to get June as my first box. A week later, I got an email asking how I like the perfume sample they enclosed so I called them because I didn’t get the box yet. They said that was for the May box and my first box would be June. Fast forward to the third week of June , no shipping info, no box. So I called. The c.s. rep said that my sub would start in July because my payment was made after the 4th of the month. I asked why they took money but no box. Answer, they wanted to may sure card was valid. I informed c.s. rep that I was promised June box. He said it was a new policy and that reps were giving out wrong info in regards to box start date. I asked if they would honor their statement about the June box from the first c.s. rep. I said I would send my email confirmations, but it wasn’t necessary. He said they were out of June so I asked if they had leftover boxes they could ship as a replacement and he said he would check with manager. Sure enough they had some older boxes hanging around and manager authorized shipping me a box. Two weeks later I got the old box. It was from August 2015 but all products were still good. However it took until the beginning of the fourth week of July to get my July box. It pays to ask questions, ask for what you want and are entitled to and stand firm. No I did not have to pay extra for the old box as they already had my payment. My 3rd box is this August and they have already taken payment for that but I wonder how long it will take to get. I was happy with July box as all items were top quality, high value products. But I was most excited for the creme de la mer as I love those products but can’t afford them. Their full size eye cream is $200 for 1/2 ounce, but it lasted me 6 months used twice daily. Yes, I splurged once. This August will be the test as to whether I keep this sub or not as I am quickly accumulating sub boxes. I am a skin care/makeup junkie.

    • I signed up either end of April or beginning of May and didn’t see any emails at all from them about my box…I checked my account in mid-July and saw an order date of June 30th, but still hadn’t received a box by July 12th. I emailed them to ask about it & it took them 3 days to respond. I did eventually get my box, but their user interface and the lack of information leaves a lot to be desired, imo. I did enjoy my July box–I’ve already used most of the items in it–so that’s a plus!

  6. Am I the only one that cant get onto the beauty box site? I go to click on beautybox and it says the page cant be found

    • Allures website is not very reliable unfortunately. Mine is normal now but it wasn’t a few days ago. Try to get to their site thru the link that is posted above. I just used it and logged into my account that way.

  7. I can’t say I won’t use ANY of these products. I’ve been needing a new mini hairbrush for like a year but have been too lazy to purchase one on my own haha. Initially this box wasn’t too disappointing…..

    I try to avoid some brands (Elf, Pixi, Garner)
    The Garnier products for me are a super fail – only thing that works for my hair is my own natural shampoo formula.

    Conclusion: I guess five out of seven isn’t bad?
    I just have no faith in Allure giving anyone Burberry or The Mally. And if they do it seems unfair to everyone else. :/ They can at least make it something of similar value. Sigh.

    So guys, are we all going to cancel next month or? JK 😛

    • I received the Mally, but not the Burberry. Disappointed with the Garnier products.

  8. Btw, I think ELF’s molten liquid eyeshadow has gotten the Allure best of award, so if I had to guess, that’s probably what will be sent out. Considering it is pretty much always sold out on their site, that might not be too bad to get.

    • Oh, gosh I hope that is not the case. I cannot wear glittery/metallic colors very well. :/

  9. This is a great box, but then I also loved July. I think Allure is just up my alley in terms of products I like and will use. Nothing in this box will be swapped or trashed, it’s all good stuff. And not getting a highlighting pencil isn’t the end of the world – we know 6 products we will receive

  10. I REALLY dislike every Pixi and Elf product I’ve tried so I’m really hoping not to get those. Not really excited about this one.

  11. Does anyone know if Allure is doing their annual august free stuff giveaway? I haven’t heard or seen anything about it and i’ve participated in it the past two years.

    • Never mind. Looking at their FB page it seems like it’s yet another thing the company did away with and didn’t tell anyone about and won’t address Lol are they trying to lose their fan base? I have horrible luck with their sub by not getting it for several months and then was finally sent one in July but it was lost in the mail and all customer support said was that I was SOL since they were out of boxes. I can’t even depend on getting it in august since the whole company and their customer support is like a big question mark.

    • Do you mean where they give away some of a different item every day? They did that about a month ago for a couple of weeks, the items and details were in the daily emails.

      • This site keeps having cloudflare issues making it difficult to use. My last response didn’t go through because of it Lol but that would have been something different. It was something that they did annually for many years for the entire month of August. It was an August thing.

        • I’ve been checking their website too. I won four items last year’s August giveaways. I was really bummed when I realized they probably weren’t doing it this year.

  12. Whaaat?! I was looking forward to that mally product. But knowing my luck I’ll get something from elf and hate it. /: bummer.

  13. Well, guess we know which sub decided to buy every other box’s leftovers…

    • I think this is a nice variety and nicer than the majority of makeup subs especially for the price!

    • Seriously!!!

  14. Nooo! I was so excited for the Mally. I have horrible luck, so I’ll probably end up with the ELF product. Allure really needs to get their life together.

    • I know! The Mally was the product I was most excited for and would use EVERY day, which means I won’t get it…

      • Hopefully we get it.

      • Same here. I resubbed just for this when I found out, grrrr!

  15. Hmmm…okay, I give them props for (finally) addressing an issue before it becomes an issue. And yes, Mally was one of the main things I was excited for and if I get something else I will be kind of sad but will get over it. I think the one thing I’m miffed about is the extreme variation in retail value. I mean seriously, ELF? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some ELF, I have tons of their products. But it is not, in my opinion, a beauty box product, except for maybe a target or wal-mart box. Pixi, I can see; they are kind of a drugstore brand but on the higher end (at least getting closer to the $25 Mally mark) and since you can only get it online or in Target (in the US), it makes sense to promote it because not too many people will have much experience with it. It just doesn’t make sense to me to put an, at tops, $6-10 product in with a variation that includes $25+ products as well. Ah well, as long as I don’t get perfume (I’m lookin’ at you Burberry), I will be…ok I guess. Not happy, but at least content.

    • Burberry actually has an extensive cosmetics line so it won’t necessarily be perfume. It could even be nail polish. I’m not positive but I think some of their BB creams have made it into the Top Allure picks at one point. I’d be happy with Burberry but I’m pretty certain I’ll end up with the ELF product.

      • That’s good to know! I figured they probably had some other stuff, but the only thing I know them for is the perfumes, and it’s the one thing I hate getting in boxes because as a massage therapist, I can’t wear personal scents of any kind, not even strong laundry detergent or deodorant! I so miss my Clinique Happy; I only get to wear it on weekends, which means the last little deluxe sample I got is still half full more than a year later. ?

  16. I made a little joke with a play on the word “pixi” and it got deleted. Is it because it contained what was barely a curse word (and I’m not even sure it WAS a curse word)?

    • Never mind; it’s now there! I thought I’d crossed some line.

  17. WEll, I’m really glad I put my sub on hold. I might just cancel honestly. My Kardashian bronzer arrived in June totes destroyed. I contacted CS and they said that they would ship a replacement. Never got it. :/ This months box is extremely underwhelming and I will not continue subbing to soemthing that doesn’t make my heart jump, even just a little!~

    • My bronzer was destroyed as well. I contacted them that day, and got a blush duo replacement about a week ago…

    • Mine came totally destroyed too! Customer service said they would send me out a cognac sponge which i never recieved so i kept on em and i finally got a tube of glam glow mud ? all these subs and i never got a single bronzer in Any of them! So bummed! Ulta sells it for $12 so i think i may go buy it, i really wanted that bronzer! Then glossy box had some nuxe shimmer oil supposed to be in their JULY box so i jumped on that sub and they substituted my nuxe oil with cheap walmart tree hut shave oil… ?
      What the heck does it take to get them all to realize WERE NOT AN ALGORITHM WERE REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL LIKES? The only box i LOVE is my beautyfix box by dermstore. If i get 1 more month of useless junk from allure or glossybox Im done! I prefer the ulta store or the lancome counter at macys where i GET WHAT I WANT and save all the mystery for the gifts with purchase! TOO MANY OF THESE SUBS DONT EVEN GIVE YOU A PHONE NUMBER AND SOME ANSWER ONLY WHEN PEOPLE ARE NOT COMPLAINIG IN MASS! Ive had enough of those subs, my money would be better spent on a good sale at ulta or macys! Keep at allure regarding your replacement, you at least have that coming! Tons of us got broken bronzers! i got my replacement, albeit with a little bit of tenacity! Glossybox even sent me some extras to make up for that MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT of the missing NUXE OIL AND THE MELT I NEVER RECIEVED IN MY JULY BOX! And all have been told i will cancel over any more kerfuffles! Knowing which boxes use profiles, algorithms, and have multiple boxes would be A GOOD THING TO KNOW BEFORE YOU ORDER! Look for a customer service # and call ahead and ask how it works! AS FOR ME… NO TELEPHONE # = NO SUBSCRIPTION! save yourselves the headache!

  18. Boo… Glad I put my account on hold..

    • I just discontinued mine. I am rather disappointed with this substitution issue and have plenty of ‘cheaper’ samples so I definitely don’t need more Garnier, ELF, Pixi or whatever. The Mally was what made me want it in the first place but now, not happy with that little potential switcheroo. Next!

  19. I was looking forward to the Mally because I’ve never tried that brand or particular product but based on my luck with variations I’ll be getting the Elf. I always love Allure boxes but I’m feeling a bit bleh about this one now.

    Do you think variations will be normal now or do y’all think it’s just because they didn’t have enough products this time and are trying to keep from having to delay again like they did with the last June box? During the Kloraine shortage I received the Dry Shampoo and had been looking forward to the Mango. I like it better when we all receive the same items

  20. Add me to the crew of disappointed to hear about the Mally substitutions. I hope that’s just to accommodate an influx of new subscribers and that people who’ve been subscribed for a while will get the original offering – I was really excited to try that product and it was something totally new to my collection. I can go buy ELF at my CVS down the road, I’ve yet to find a Pixi product that I like and I suspect the Burberry item will be fragrance which…I guess is fine. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a perfume sample from anyone.

    I was promised back in June that I’d be getting the Klorane liquid shampoo after I sent them an e-mail telling them I was disappointed to get the dry shampoo after they advertised the regular shampoo (I also had a broken item in that box) – I’ve yet to get the items.

    While I appreciate this time they’re addressing the differences in items, it’s still disappointing. With this change the box went from a 9/10 down to a 7/10 so I guess I shouldn’t be too mopey!

    • Your request for a product you didn’t receive reminded me of what happened the one time I called Allure requesting a replacement product….

      I had a $28 item completely bust in one of my boxes. Fortunately (and very surprisingly), the box absorbed all of the product, and nothing got on any of the other products. Normally I’d let something like that go, but I decided to call because I had major billing and CS issues with the box, and I just wanted to point out the grand finale act that occurred when I finally received the box….

      Well, I was promised a $14 item to replace it, which I was okay with, but guess what I ended up getting about 3-4 weeks later……. a less than $1 travel sized Olay shower gel!!!!! Ha!!!!

      • Oh geez! This is exactly why I haven’t even followed up on the free box that I never received for my referral.

        • I had to email them for a month about my referral box. I was just asking when i would be receiving t and after being ignored A LOT , they turned it in to a matter of “if”.

    • My Kardashian bronzer arrived cracked, and when I contacted CS I was told they couldn’t replace it, but I could pick something else that was in the box for that month so I said I’d LOVE the Klorane mango shampoo (I’d gotten the dry shampoo in my box which bummed me out). They said they’d send it out but I haven’t received it yet.

  21. Hmm, I’ve been thinking this is the next box to hit the chopping block. I’ve been a subscriber since 2014 and despite the appearance of a few high priced items this is really starting to feel like a drugstore sample box. No thanks, I’d rather spend the cash on some funky K-beauty box or Beauty Hero’s or something interesting!

    • I feel the same way – especially after seeing the inclusion of Garnier shampoo.

      • Totally agree with that! It almost seems like they are trying to “fluff” up the box to make it seem really full just to soften the blow to those that may be getting a pixi or ELF product. I actually like Pixi eyeshadow, but NOT in place of mally!

      • That garnier shampoo is cheap for an allure box, but.. It is a really nice shampoo and conditioner especially for summer heat fried hair! Just a FYI, id rather get that than a tube of somethin i wont use ? I do think they have been saving for their thrills boxes though, we sure been getting crappy boxes lately!

    • And now I’m remembering the cringe-worthy Kardashian bronzer….

  22. Totally off topic, but what do we do if were scammed? I sent mine first as per ordered and she is no longer active. It’s been 10 days since I sent hers. Pretty bummed that people act this way. Hard to trust after this.

    • Are you talking about swaps?

      • Oops yes. Forgot to mention that part. Lol

        • I would definitely send a message to Liz Cadman or Chris Acree. Hopefully, they can look into it for you and get it sorted.

  23. I don’t like box variations I’m always jealous and feel cheated

    • If you want a good box and want mostly skincare i HIGHLY RECCOMEND beautyfix by dermstore! they ONLY send High quality items and dont cheat on quality! If you want mainly makeup.. Make sure they have a phone # first and call ahead to make sure they have 1 Box everyone will get and That they dont use profiles or algorithms to choose your products. PROBLEM SOLVED! Most of them dont have a customer service number for a reason! they dont wanna hear complaints! Solve that problem and no more junk you dont want! Ipsy and glossybox both send out different variations of their boxes and have terrible cust. service, so just a heads up! Ipsy.. No Phone, Glossyox has a phone but wont answer during times when there are people complaining in mass. So theres you a heads up on those 2! Hope that helps ?

  24. If my box doesn’t have the mally I am cancelling. I already felt so shortchanged not getting that shampoo last month. I hate when the boxes vary but the varied product value is not close. Its never fair to everyone and I NEVER get the more expensive option.

    • What shampoo? I didn’t get a shampoo or even hear about one…

      • Latasha might have meant the Klorane from June? That’s the last one I received.

    • There was shampoo last month? Who actually got the shampoo?

      • It was in June.

      • I did, i got the klorane mago shampoo liquid. June box.

  25. It’s so weird seeing how some comments on here really sway others into believing some subs are not “worth it.” Honestly, if they gave you just enough to cover the cost, it would literally be “worth it.” I’ve never had a sub that wasn’t “worth it.” lol ok, I’m starting to sing Missy Elliott’s song “work it.”

    • If you are receiving products you don’t want and wouldn’t use – then there is no value. So you start spending $$$ each month and then amassing stockpiles of unused items that become clutter. It’s a scenario I want to avoid.

    • Its true, Im for the most part happy with the contents of these boxes there are months I pass but some months are amazing, I do feel bad for the customers that had problems not receiving there boxes but was being charged ect ect all in all its still a nice treat every month.

    • “Worth it” means you are satisfied with what you get for the price, not that the total MSRP of all items exceed the box cost.

      If I got a box that was all face masks and dry-skin moisturizers, the MSRP might exceed the box value, but it would be worth very little to me as I’m not interested in those products.

    • I think people have different definitions of what they consider “worth it”. For me, a subscription is worth it if:
      1) Monetarily, I get at least what I pay for. I’m okay if the RV of the box is only a few bucks higher than the cost. I would definitely cancel if the RV was less than the price paid most of the time.
      2) I consistently keep at least half of the contents of the box for myself, or
      3) On the occasional basis, if only one or two things work for me, I can give the other products away to family or friends. However, if I found I was consistently giving more than half of the box away to family/friends/charities, then I’d cancel.
      4) On a consistent basis, no more than one product goes into the (non-family/friends) donate pile. I don’t mind if I give away one product from each box/month to charity/co-workers, but if I was consistently giving away around 40% of the box (given most boxes offer around 5 products/box) to non-family/friends then I’d cancel.

    • I agree with you Canace. The amount of people constantly complaining because a box wasn’t perfectly to their personal liking is crazy. It’s a subscription box and the value is always more than what you pay. They don’t guarentee you’ll love every product, you get to try Products THEIR editors love in hopes they’re subscribers will too. I have gotten stuff I didn’t love but it’s value IS still well worth the price, that’s indisputable. Maybe the value to each person isn’t what they any but oh well lol. The vast majority will continue to love the box enough to get it each month. The complainera on here are crazy though geez.

      • @Sarah I didn’t understand some of what you typed but think I got most of it, lol.

        I believe the argument that some of the ladies are asserting is that the ‘value’ of something is in and of itself, variable to an individual – not some random RV assigned or the opinion of an editor.

        Personally, I am quite happy with all of my boxes…or else I wouldn’t keep giving them my money – simple as that. To sub to something that doesn’t bring you joy is just silly, in my opinion.

        However, the fact that something is ‘worth’ $50, doesn’t mean it’s ‘worth’ $50 TO ME. When it comes to sub boxes, I base ‘worth’ on whether or not the total box contains at least 2-3 items that I might like to try/already tried and liked/need/intrigued by regardless of how much value some marketing guru places on it.

        Just my two cents. *shrugs*

  26. I worked with Allure CS gals ( that were really helpful) on 2 different occasions earlier this week. No where in their records could they locate any proof of my purchasing my box, although they could see that I had just signed up and paid for the magazine subscription.
    I gave the company one month- I ordered July 2nd and I asked for my refund yesterday.
    I simply won’t support any company that doesn’t put customer satisfaction as a No.1 priority. Allure should have addressed these account issues with an announcement on FB, or Twitter or whatever social media they use. Having a dedicated phone line or email addy would have gone miles towards showing a goodwill attempt by such a huge company as Conde Nast.

    Is it because we are women, and the product is a “beauty box” that the company owners have ignored this annoying screwup?
    How is it that a company can charge your credit card and then just lose the rest of the customers information?

    Now after seeing and reading about the spoilers I am so happy I’m out. And if the Mally eye brightner is replaced by a Pixie or Elf product then what a sorry disappointment!

    If they ever get their act together I might consider trying again someday- but I’m not expecting them to anytime soon.

    • I think the problem is that they are now handling the billing and fulfillment themselves and they have little to no experience in the area. BeautyBar was handling it until June, then it switched over to Allure. I think a lot of things got lost in the mix with the change. Hopefully, they’ll get things together and what you experienced won’t happen again.

      So, I highly doubt it has anything to do with being women and is merely an IT and infrastructure problem that customer service cant help with or explain.

      That being said, I was wondering how the CS would be after BeautyBar. BeautyBar had some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Looks like Allure is falling short, for sure. Sadly.

  27. I’m not really upset about the Mally. I bought this box for my daughter as a gift and she wasn’t thrilled with the spoilers. I think she will like Pixi or Elf.

  28. Noooooo!!!!!! I was so excited about the Mally item. It’s the only reason I could justify this month’s box. I’m so sad about the downward trend of the Allure box. I probably need to cut back on beauty box subs anyways and I can’t believe that my once favorite box is now the sub that I’m not sure I can justify keeping.

    • The mally is what I was most excited about. Pixi stuff is like $9-15 at target. Mally is $25. It’s not very fair imo. As much as I’ve liked this box in general, the hassles and unknowns have been so crazy. I think that if I don’t get the mally, I’m going to drop this and take the plunge to boxycharm. I’ve been wanting that for a long time, but hoping for some sort of coupon with them.

      • Allure’s at it again with the sleazy advertising practices. Promising something interesting, unique, and/or high value. Getting people excited and new subscribers. Then, whoops! Sorry folks, we’re replacing that item you were interested in with crap instead.

        I usually like my boxes, but the never-ending incidents of mismanagement and sleaze have really turned me off. It’s hard to imagine a company can be successful when they act this way!

      • ELF is worth even less!?

        • Is this not bait and switch?!!!! ?

  29. So Allure has turned into Ipsy. The reason I sub to Allure is so I know what I am getting, not what I “could” get and then don’t. I am not happy with this.

    • Totally agree! When I completed the Sephora Play! Survey, I specifically said that Allure was my favorite sub because everyone got the same items. I didn’t get the shampoo in the June box. I consider the July box to be pretty much a dud due to the teeny sample sizes, and now I’m bummed that the Mally item is not for everyone. What happened to the great full and travel sized items and no variations that we used to see in past boxes?!

      • My July box was missing the La Mer item and when I contacted CS about it, they said that I could chose from a list of about 5 replacement items. To date, I still haven’t received the replacement item.

        • Had almost the same experience–see my comment above. I guess they think people won’t be bothered to follow up, and in my case they’re probably right. This will be just my third box and so far I’m pretty happy with it, so I’m going to let it slide. If something disappointing were to happen more frequently, that would be another issue…

        • My entire July box was lost in the mail and all I was told was that they were out of boxes for the month and I was SOL

    • That is why I wanted to try Allure in the first place. I like to know exactly what I am getting and everyone else would be getting the same. I am actually thankfully, they messed up when I tried to join and canceled them. I would be upset if I received this box. I mean either a High endBurberry Product to a low end Pixi or lower end Elf product??!! I consider Mally middle end. Allure got to big in trying to get more customers. Companies are only giving out so many samples, that Allure is trying to substitute more lower end products to fill up the boxes. No Bueno Allure!!

  30. I cancelled Glossybox and Ipsy due the unequal variations. If we are all paying the same price for a box we should all get products of equal value. Since Allure seems to be jumping on that bandwagon I’ve cancelled.

  31. Looks like a good box to me whatever I receive. As always with sub boxes, I get a decent amount of product to TRY for the cost (which includes shipping). No complaints here.

    • I agree! 🙂
      While I don’t personally experience this, I completely understand people’s aggravations over the bait-and-switch with spoilers (I don’t bank on spoilers, I just go with the flow and wait to see what I’m really going to get) and the difference in RV between box variations…. but, for me personally despite the differences in boxes, they still bring me joy because I get to try so many different products that I wouldn’t have been exposed to in the first place, and if something doesn’t work for me, I don’t mind gifting it to family/friends/charity, so the personal value is definitely there for me. Also, the fact the RV always exceeds the cost/box (even when I get the low-end box variation), and most boxes don’t charge shipping that’s icing on the cake!

  32. Glad I suspended my account this month after seeing the first spoilers. Now there aren’t enough Mally products to go around and it’s being subbed with something I can get at Target on the cheap (cuz I know I’m not lucky enough to get the Burberry) no thanks. I’ll reactivate for next month.

    • Careful, you may not be able to get next month’s box if you cancel. There are still people on a waitlist last i checked. Just be sure. The whole waitlist debacle began back in may with the foreo.

    • I suspended my account last week after the 1st post about the spoilers and I was later emailed that my account was cancelled. Hopefully this won’t happen to you but keep an eye on your account.

  33. Mmmm, I am not crazy about the variation. Mally looks like a full-size product, and some people receive product from Pixie, Burberry or ELF? I hope they keep it fair for everyone with values at least…

    • I don’t know of anything from ELF that has an MSRP over $6… So I seriously doubt values will be equal.

      • Yeah… Pixi and ELF are cheaper than Mally and Burberry for sure. I hope Allure won’t become next Glossybox. I was fine when they did a color variation of Julep nail polishes or different scent of masks because they are equal value, but not this time.

  34. Looks pretty good! I can see using all these products. I had the same Pur-Lisse moisturizer on a recent 9-day trip and really liked it. (great travel size)

  35. Liz, I was wondering why there wasn’t a review of the July Allure Box?

    • Unfortunately, due to a credit card issue (I had to cancel my card and start a new one) I didn’t get the July box. 🙁

      • Seriously!! Same thing happened to me.
        I think we should all send Liz our July Allure boxes! I would but…I didn’t get one.

      • Aw, I was wondering where that review was as well! Sorry you didn’t get it! (Was the chubby stick full-size?)

        • I don’t think it was. It looked full size but was marked “not for sale” and when you screwed it up there was very little product. (Less than an inch total)

  36. Nooooo! Really?? Mally vs ELF? Not even comparable. How aggravating!

    • Right?! Not cool, Allure. They just keep doing stuff that makes it impossible to want to continue doing business with them.

      • SERIOUSLY their customer service is the worst, but their boxes are the best.

    • No kidding! The variation items don’t seem very fair.

  37. And 4 people will get the mally and everyone else will get the product and you tubers and bloggers will get the Burberry or mally. Watch.

    I’m tired of the whole blends samples. This makes set number 7.

  38. Loving this box. Really hoping for the Mally Eye Brightener!

    Kudos to Allure for telling us up front that everyone won’t be receiving this item and what the variation brands are. Definitely a step in the right direction!

  39. Fingers crossed I actually receive my box this month. I deleted my old account, resubbed, and was charged immediately ?

  40. I’m excited to receive another Freeze Eye Serum since my last tube is almost empty.

  41. Oh i really want that mally hightlighter i feel i wont and that was the thing i was most excited about how sad

  42. Yay for a travel size Wet brush! The video reveal says “some” subscribers will receive the Mally eye brightener, and others will receive an item from either Pixi, Burberry or another brand that I’m forgetting. Will be interesting to see what the other options are.

  43. Im curious can you still buy these or are they sold out ?

    • Probably not if they are already subbing the eye brightener for other products. I wouldn’t chance and then be disappointed cause their customer service is horrible!!

    • They are most likely all allocated to new/recent subscribers. I joined in May and had to wait through 2 cycles until I received my first box (July’s). I was, however, charged immediately. Just a heads up that if you like this box and you’re not a subscriber yet, you most likely won’t receive it (possibly not even the September box).

  44. So not everyone gets the Mally eye brightener? That’s sad since it’s what I was looking forward to the most.

    • I was too ?. Hopefully the other options are just as good.

  45. I think on the video it said “some boxes will receive the Mally Highlighter” and others will be Pixie, Lord & Barry? Either way nice box! The final item will be a surprise, so Yay!

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