Treatsie At Home Baking Kits Review – August 2016

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Treatsie, a subscription box company known for their monthly sweets box, recently introduced a second monthly subscription, Treatsie At Home Baking Kits!


Treatsie At Home Baking Kits include the pre-measured ingredients, recipes, decorations, and tools you need to bake a dessert from scratch. (You provide the eggs and dairy.)


This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Treatsie At Home Baking Kits

The Cost: $19.95 per month with a recurring subscription. (Single boxes are available for $24.95.)

NEW DEAL: Use code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: Everything you need (except dairy) to make “Instagram-worthy treats” from scratch

Ships to: US

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This month’s recipe is for Birthday Cake French Macarons!


I received a full-color booklet with detailed recipe instructions.


The ingredients needed for every step of the recipe are clearly outlined. Color pictures accompany every step.


This box contained everything I needed (except eggs and butter) to make the provided recipe. In addition to sugar, sprinkles, macaron mix, and frosting mix, I also received two piping bags, a piping tip, parchment, and a piping guide.


Treatsie suggested using either parchment or a silpat mat for lining the baking trays. I decided to do one tray of each, just to see if there would be a difference between the two.


To begin, I whipped four egg whites with some sugar.


I then folded in the provided Macaron Mix, until the batter reached a glue-like consistency.


Next, I transferred the batter into a piping bag.


Using the provided piping guide, I piped the macarons. (My macarons had little peaks on the top, so I smoothed them out with the back of a spoon.)


I topped the macarons with sprinkles, and I allowed them to sit for about 30 minutes to dry out a little.


After resting for 30 minutes, I baked them in a 300 degree oven.


The instructions suggested a baking time of 18 minutes, but mine were done in about 12.


While I waited for the macarons to cool, I made the filling by whipping the provided frosting mix with butter and a little water.

When the macarons reached room temperature, I removed removed them from the trays and piped in the filling. (I didn’t have any difficulty removing the macarons from the trays. They came off cleanly from both the parchment and silpat.)


I’m so impressed with how these turned out! The sprinkles are so cute, and I love that the filling is just a little pink.


The shells have a subtle almond flavor, and the texture is perfect— crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. The filling is sweet and creamy, and it contains multi-colored pieces of coarse sugar that provide a nice crunch.


Macarons are notoriously tricky, and I think Treatsie did a great job of simplifying the mixing and baking process.

Verdict: I’m really impressed with my first Treatsie Baking Kits. Macarons can be extremely intimidating, and I think that Treatsie did a great job of demystifying the process. Their recipe was clear and easy to follow, and I’m so pleased with how the recipe turned out. The Birthday Cake French Macarons are delicious and adorable! Determining value for a box like this is tricky, but I’m happy with the $19.95 price. I can definitely recommend this box for avid home bakers and dessert lovers alike. This is the first Treatsie Baking Kit, and I can’t wait to see what dessert will be featured next month!

Do you like to bake? Will you give Treatsie At Home Baking Kits a try?

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Written by Lindsey Morse

Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker by day and a subscription box junkie by night. She first subscribed to Birchbox in 2013 and her addiction grew when she signed up for Graze, PopSugar, and Knoshy. Her favorite part about being a subscription box addict is discovering new products- especially gourmet goodies, beauty products, and kitchen tools!

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  1. Do not subscribe with this company! The customer service and communications are TERRIBLE. I work in Customer Service and know all to we’ll that things go wrong, but a company who can not rectify errors or at least provide transparent communication should not get any business.

  2. Does anyone recieved their baking kit for September yet? I’m just wondering if they start shipping or emailing anyone for tracking.

    • No haven’t received my September kit and actually already got charged for October. Based off their social media, fb and Instagram, they have been really behind so I’m giving them a chance but if I still don’t get anything by the last week of October I’m canceling and disputing the charges

      • I know I saw their post on ig and fb. I understand things happen but I thought they were supposed to start shipping the kit last week. It’s been over a week I sent an email but no response yet and I’m beginning to be impatient just like the other unhappy customer on their fb. I hope they will start shipping this week, otherwise I’m saying goodbye? I won’t be renewing my sub next time, instead I’ll try out other company.

        • Yea pretty unhappy at this point as well it’s been two weeks since I sent an email to them and still no response. Plus the week boxes were supposed to ship has come and gone and still no tracking number. On top of that it’s frustrating that even after they’re long post about being transparent and having someone designated to responding to social media and emails it doesn’t feel like they’re doing much since I still see all the post and questions asked on social media being ignored like my email…I was really trying to stay positive but at this point it’s really hard.

          • Exactly right! It’s getting annoying they don’t response to your email but keep sending promotional email just for you to sign up or buy on their shop. Not single one of thier email informing us about the delays or when they will ship the kit. I also notice on social media they only reply to people who put good reviews or they think loyal to them. This the only sub company I’m having such a bad experience. So sad?

        • customers*

          • Just received tracking information for my September box a few minutes ago. Hopefully you’ll also get yours soon since we ordered around the same time.

          • Oh yay!!! Thanks for letting me know? I’m glad you can get yours anytime soon. I’ll go check on mine. So greatful they are starting to email our tracking. That’s a big relief.

          • Also after checking the tracking it looks like they actually shipped it out since October 6th. Just wanted to let you know since it could be the same for you

          • Oh wow!!! I’m surprised the kit showed up in my mailbox and I haven’t even check my email for the tracking yet. I opened the box right when I got and I so excited to make it with kids. I’m one happy customer now?

          • Really? Yay!!! Glad you got your box 🙂

  3. I placed an order for two macaron baking sets ( both as “one time” purchases, for gifts ) and Treatsie never sent them. I was promised several times ( yes, have all the emails) and I have had the worst time trying to get Treatsie to follow up on their promises to send. After waiting and waiting for these kits I finally just cancelled my subscription ( had just missed the cut off date to cancel for that month ) and requested they credit the amount of the never mailed kits to use for add ons in my upcoming Treatsie boxes ( I still have two more months left of what I prepaid for, ( September and October) and an email from Caleb confirming this . Here it is last day of September and nothing about the my September Treatsie box , no tracking numbers, zilch. Boo to you Treatsie.

    • Same here. It still says processing ever since Sept 4th. From what I’ve been able to gather off Facebook it seems that 2 of their employees had to leave their team recently. One left for a better opportunity and the head of customer service was let go because he was apparantly marking cs tickets resolved when they weren’t so they are very behind. I did ask on instagram about the baking kits yesterday and was told they were due to ship next week.
      I understand things happen and really don’t care about waiting, but would have appreciated if they would have informed their customers of the delays. I feel that would have avoided alot of unhappy customers

      • I have the same issue. I placed my first order on Sept 4th and now still processing. I email yesterday about this but it said it takes 2-3 days to response. I went on Instagram to somehow see post if ever they let us know about the delay. Someone commented on a post about the shipping, I guess that was Veronica?, so my question answered yesterday. And I agree with Veronica they should’ve informed us through email about the issue to atleast make us fell at ease. Japan crate emailed me last month when they had few days delayed on their shipping and I appreciate that because it is their job to let us know whatsoever. It what makes customers stay and happy, in my opinion. So hopefully they will ship it out next week. I’m getting charged for my Oct box on 4th and still not getting my Sept box. I will give them a chance, I know things happen unexpectedly but hopefully next time they’ll give an effort to email us sooner and not keep us waiting.

        • Oh their response time is very slow recently. i emailed in the beginning of the month because i was trying to sign up for the baking kit and it took them 9 days to respond. I also emailed on monday to ask about shipping times and have yet to receive a response. Im also giving them a chance for another month and hope they get over this hurdle and improve their communication

          • Oh wow! 9 days that was very long wait. I don’t mind few days waiting for response when they said 2-3 days but over a week?. I’m sorry you have to wait that long and I guess that goes for me too? That’s not really good for customer service. I also hope they will improve and resolve this issue, otherwise I’ll be cancelling.

  4. I received the macaron baking kit and loved it! It was a bit daunting at first, but they turned out great and were gone very quickly. I had a ton of butter cream icing left and saved it for cupcakes! Can’t wait for this month!

  5. Wow those look sooo nice and yummy. I don’t think I ever had one and if I did I don’t remember. Clearly you did a perfect job because I thought those were were hard to make. You made it look not as scary. You could sells those babies. I don’t own one of those mixing bowls….

  6. I am very tempted to get this, but I know if I made the macaroons, I would eat them all!!

  7. Your macaroons look awesome! This kit is going on my wish list for sure?

  8. Im trying to subsctibe and the link has me subscribing for the swwts box not the baking. Plus i cant seem to find it on the website to sign up through there. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • Yes, me too! I tried to sign up but after I click on the price which is $19.99 all it says is “Great! Thanks for filling out my form!” That’s it and nothing proceed after that. So weird?

      • Exactly! I’ll try asking it on my desk top tonight. Hopefully I’ll have luck there

      • In case you were still interested i got it to work using the link from MSA previous post where they initially intoduced the baking kit. If you search treatsie you can find it under “New Treatsie Baking Subscription Box!” originally posted July 22. That link sent me directly to the sign up page.

        • Yes! I got it now, just signed up. Thank you thank you thank you for letting me know. As soon as you replied I went and dive in. I was also able to use the discount code. Yay! Can’t wait.

  9. This Sub is intriguing, and may give it a try in the future… I appreciate a Baker looking at the steps and evaluating whether they provided adequate instruction and supplies. French Macarons can be intimidating; I’ve made them successfully in the past (had a failure once too!) but would’ve appreciated having a step-by-step for my first attempt. I know it takes some skill and they are delicious but still don’t understand why they cost so much per piece at the local pasticceria making Italian and French pastries?

  10. I couldn’t resist anymore i signed up. This is the first baking box that i feel actually provides better value for the cost.

  11. I love this review. Those macaroons look amazing. This really makes me want to sign up. I’ll look at a few more reviews since its a new sub but this is going on my wish list for sure

  12. Great job reviewing this (and your final results look fantastic!). This is the first baking box that I have been tempted by…macarons are a bit daunting to attempt, and this looks like a great opportunity to be successful. Plus, the price point is really good for a treat that is usually quite expensive to buy.

  13. Macaroons are so expensive, this is such a good deal and they look amazing!

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