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Today Only – Bare Minerals Mystery Box + Free Shipping!

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UPDATE 2: There is a technical issue with this mystery box on the site, so DO NOT order yet.

UPDATE: Many MSA readers are reporting that they are getting multiple charges for a single order, so please proceed with caution, and check your bank statement after purchasing.

Today only! You can grab a 15-piece Mystery Box from Bare Minerals!

The Box: 15- Piece Bare Minerals Mystery Collection

The Cost: $40 with free shipping

COUPON: Use coupon code IPSY2016 to save 20% (Thanks, Laurie!)

Or coupon code SUMMER to get a free gift!

The Products: $241 value (15 items)

Are you grabbing a box? Check out our review of a previous Bare Minerals Surprise Box to get an idea of what you can expect.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Sold out!!! Such a bummer. Had it in my shopping basket and the checkout didn’t work.
    If anyone has a second box, hit me up!!

    • It is still showing up as available for me right now

    • I was just able to buy it, so it looks like it’s available again 🙂

    • It’s also now showing as IN STOCK for me, but earlier it said out of stock..

    • I was JUST able to place an order…..try again!!!

    • It’s still available as of 5:25 pm PST but you cannot use the Ipsy2016 coupon code!!! I got mine on the way – super excited!!!

      • Really? I was able to use both codes around 4 est

    • They opened it up to more because I just ordered one!

    • available now…and the ipsy2016 coupon code works!

    • If I receive 2 at least from my over $700 worth of charges I would be happy to swap with you for something, or sell you one . At this point though I don’t even know if I am getting one for my trouble ! Ugh!

  2. OMG this is AWFUL!!! Charged 3 times! Called CS and they have no clue when the issue will be fixed!!! This is not the first issue I have had with bare essentials !!! ???

    • I had the same thing happen to me this morning. When I called they said that while the charges show on my credit card as pending they will not actually go through because the order wasn’t finalized. They should come off of your pending charges in a day or so. I’ve had this happen with other vendors as well and it all worked out fine.

  3. Try to not worry, guys. In almost all cases, when you get charged multiple times for the same purchase only seconds/minutes apart, either the credit card company OR the merchant will flag it as a mistake and dissolve the excess charges w/o you even having to call them about it. Now, if it’s a debit card that immediately removes funds you use to pay other bills, that might warrant a phone call to the bank so no other payments get bounced. Good luck!

    • Most banks won’t reach in to dispute the charges until they have posted for debit cards. However, the pending charges will reduce the amount of available funds in your account, which can cause you to bounce payments.

    • U can’t call… what number do you have

  4. hahahahaha soooooo frustrated! Maybe they are sold out because they have sold so many duplicates????

  5. I tried placing my order at 8:45 PT and got an error code…now it says the box is out of stock. Grrrr!

    • I was charged 6 times!!! Called the company. I was told no orders are going thru at all and all charges will be dropped. Also called my bank to put in a claim. If you feel the need to order, call it in, don’t risk doing it Online. Right now I’m not interested in this offer at all!!!!

  6. Just FYI for anybody who has pending charges I just spoke with CS and was told the same that the pending charges “should drop off in 2-3 business days” and that my card hadn’t really been charged, they were sorry for any inconvenience blah blah and the box was no longer being offered. I told her since my bank account was almost $70 less than when I tried to make the purchase I was going to call and dispute the charges and was told that was probably a good idea by the rep. I couldn’t be angry with her but it did make me nervous so I called the bank.

  7. I was charged five times on my debit card. I used the ipsy2016 promo code so the price was $34.26. I checked my bank account and they charged $34.26 five times in a row leaving me a balance of $20 in my account. I called CS and she said oh sorry. We are having problems because of the promo codes so it isn’t even showing that you placed an order so we can’t help you. You will have to call your bank. I called my bank but it may not be refunded to me until monday since the orders are processing. So i have no idea if a box will even be sent to me at all. CS did not know either since it they have no record of a purchase at all. This is ridiculous. The order didn’t go through but they charged my card 5 times immediately. They weren’t even sympathetic or try to help me. I will never buy anything from them again.

    • exactly! no sympathy, no hand holding – nothing. that’s whats upsetting.

      liz, I think you should take this entire post off – you shouldn’t be apart of something that is so blatantly shady and has caused so much problems.

      • Actually I think we should just keep this with the disclaimer. Otherwise people might see an ad elsewhere and have no idea about the drama.

        • Ur right. I would never want anyone to go through this mess.

    • Same thing happened to me. And I was thinking it was a problem with my bank card because I’ve had problems before being that its a locally owned bank. So I tried another card. Hit submit about 5 times on each before I called BareEscentuals CS. And nope, no sympathy. Originally she was very short with me and interrupted me to say “did you check your card?” I said “do what? I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Check my card? My card is fine. If you mean did I call…” interrupted again with I forget what. I just kept being nice and finally she lightened up a bit. Said just kept saying she was going to make a note with my name and address to “get this taken care of for you” but I couldn’t seem to get what she was talking about. When I asked if they were going to put in my order when they actually posted the bag for sale (and I had other things in my order as well, so you can imagine how screwed I am for the weekend with my bank and credit card company and I have a friends funeral that I need to buy tons of stuff for) and she said no, I’d just have to check back later and she didn’t know when but probably tomorrow (today). She also told me to call my bank and credit card company to let them know those charges would not be actual charges because no order number was generated for any of them.

      Back to the beginning of my conversation with “customer service”, I must say, it’s a shame that so often now with customer service we, the customers, have to be the ones who treat the service reps with so much respect and treat them as if they are always right if we want to get decent service. And then, if you, the customer, have done a good job of pacifying the irritated customer service rep, you may get a little bit nicer service. It’s not often that I get someone not already irritated when they answer the phone. So when I do get someone nice and who actually helps even if they can’t rectify the situation, I am just pleased as punch, overjoyed, ecstatic! I am not one of those who like conflict in my personal life and its very rare that I call being rude, as irritated as I may be. I understand that the reps probably deal with people complaining on a regular basis, or not understanding something, or trying to pull one over on the company, etc., but (1) if they have that many complaints, maybe its a problem with the company and not the customers; (2) its their job to deal with people all day and to try to make those people happy so that they want to continue doing business with the company and who will share their good customer service experience with someone else; and/or (3) if its a rare problem and they aren’t used to dealing with irritated customers then its even more important to keep a good attitude so that they aren’t creating a bad image for the company just because a problem occurs. I don’t understand why the whole meaning behind “customer service” has shifted to “company service”. I recently have been going back and forth with FabFitFun over a billing issue where I thought something was their fault. I explained my reasons of why I thought they were wrong. They explained their reasons of why they thought I was wrong. The rep looked into it and was so nice the entire time even when it was determined I was so very wrong, and there was a pretty big mistake in my favor that could easily have looked like I was trying to pull one over on them. I wasn’t, but the point is that the rep remained super nice and treated me like a customer who is always right even though I wasn’t. Now that makes me want to continue doing business with a company and if anyone has a problem I will be the first one to talk about their awesome customer service and back them up trying to convince someone to give them another try by talking with customer service. Now hopefully that reps attitude is policy and is observed across the board.

      Regardless, apparently they fixed it and the “Mystery Bag” went back on sale within minutes of me closing the site and saying screw it. So I’m not ordering my primer either…I don’t have the money to order it now. There’s my tangent in novella form for the week…

  8. Hope everyone gets their charges situated. Kind of glad this is sold out because I was talking myself into ordering it and I definitely do not need it. Of course I just signed up for the first time email so that was a waste.


    • I think they did that on purpose. I just spoke with their CS after a 16 minute wait on the phone and they said their IT department is trying to fix the issue. She told me to “try again later or call back” … and get another pending charge on my card? no thanks! 🙁

    • I just ordered and got a confirmation number…we will see what happens, I guess.

  10. I’ve been trying all morning, got 7 pending charges and now they’re saying the box is sold out! Seriously!

  11. Heads up. I didn’t try placing an order at all due to the comments here but not its saying the box isn’t available. Maybe they’re keeping it like that until their site is working.

  12. I absolutely hate their CS line. No one wants to listen to 20 minutes about how amazing their company is. It is also followed by 4 minutes of dead silence where you think the call was dropped. I was told we cannot stack codes and that the sample kit should be available later today. Supposedly so long as I never receive a confirmation email, I have not actually bought anything. This is seriously reminding me of Allure. This was supposed to be a gift to cheer myself up after getting once again held accountable for someone else’s mistakes at work. Even if I can later get all three codes to work, I don’t even think this is worth it anymore. Maybe I should just grab an eye kit from sephora. At least they can process my orders properly.

  13. I tried to order earlier this morning from my iphone, but the button for payment didn’t work and I decided to check the comments on here. Boy am I glad I did! I never got as far as putting in a credit card, thank goodness! I think I’ll pass on this one.

  14. I just got off the phone with customer service and I was told pretty much the same as most of you ladies…..there is a technical issue with placing orders for this mystery box and IT is working on the issues. At this time NO ORDERS for this mystery box is going through. So the upside is that this box is not currently selling out. But, if you really want to purchase it, you have to try again later. I am lucky that I was too scared to click submit more than once… I only have one charge pending on my account. Of course, the CSR was quick to assure me that the charge will drop off in a day or two (or more). I am taking this as a sign that I should not be purchasing more makeup when I have enough that I can open up my own kiosk at the mall if I were so inclined! 🙂

    • I’m on the same boat! I knew I didn’t need any more makeup, but it just seemed like too good a deal to pass up (especially with the stacked discount codes); and now I have $700+ charges from bareMinerals that I’m waiting to drop off my credit card. MESSAGE RECEIVED LOUD & CLEAR!

  15. Crap. I have two pending charges on my card. And still received an error message. Has this order actually gone through anyone ?

  16. Good reason to avoid this Mystery box. Thank you.

  17. This is rediculous! Glad I checked the comments – sorry to all of you going through this!

    I think i’m gonna wait till someone gets a confirmation e-mail before I try to order

    I also feel bad for the customer service ppl out there.

  18. Ugh I wish I’d seen all the comments before I tried to purchase this, I now have 2 charges on my card and it never showed the order was completed.

  19. Same thing. I thought it was an issue with my credit card, so I tried a different card. I now have five charges pending on two different cards. Ugh.

    • I am actually REALLY stupid because I placed an even bigger order since I was “able” to stack coupons and my birthday is coming up. So now I have a huge $70 charge appearing a whole bunch of times. Wow, happy birthday to me indeed!!!

  20. @Lizcadman, please put a disclaimer as so many people are out hundreds of dollars now, for 3-5 days! Their website wont take orders, only charge the card for each click even though it says the order didn’t go through!

    • I think it would be best if this was removed all together.

      • Exactly. It’s bizarre that they would keep the link to the mystery box up if the checkout process clearly isn’t working. My card has been charged three times.

        • Exactly! Wouldn’t it eliminate the headache for customers and the company?
          Also – I personally feel that they shouldn’t be supported any more.
          They can’t do anything? ! No extra coupon codes or any other incentives? #NeverAgain

          • Yep. Even if/when they have fixed the problem, I don’t see myself ordering this unless they add something VERY significant as an apology, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Updating the post now. Thank you!

      • Thank you so much Liz!!

  21. Whoa! I just finished reading all of the comments, and I 100% retract my original comment… I will definitely not be purchasing this box! What a hassle! I’ve had enough double & triple charges encountered with Allure (and a couple of other companies) to last me for quite some time. I’m sorry to hear that all of you ladies are experiencing this.

  22. Now way past 9am PT. Tried again and it wouldn’t go through. Guess who has 7 $35 charges on her card. Frick

  23. AND I called and after 17 minutes listening to recordings (UGHHHH! Why?? Zero people want to listen to that many recorded messages) they said they never charged anything nor charge until an order ships. Untrue. I called BOA and they confirmed these 4 charges on my account. BOA will make sure the processing does not go through. Then the Customer Service Rep admitted the charges may have happened and they would fall off and that the website will not work and “place” orders for product, they will only charge your card EVERY time you click purchase for the next couple of hours. It can be midnight today or up to three business days (ugh as today is Thursday and it could be Monday when they fall off). Not a huge deal, but the principle is what bothers me. If their website wasn’t working, they should have deactivated the merchant account (suspend which they could have done) to keep this from happening from their customers, or now former customers.

  24. pretty unhappy- i have been charged 4 times. I called and have to listen to 5 sets of recordings 🙁 Really frustrating. It said my card didn’t go through. Then I decided to change the shipping address, multiple charges and no longer feeling this mystery box at all. I had added on items so my bank is “processing” a almost $200 x 4 transactions!! Ugh my husband will kill me if he thinks I am ordering THAT much makeup lol.

    • I just got off the phone with customer service and they are working on the problem but don’t know when it will be fixed blah blah. She told me to try and place my order again towards the end of the day but I don’t want to wait and have it sold out! Plus I have already been charged 3 times! Oye!

      • This was my first time trying to purchase from the bareEscentuals website and now I’m turned WAY off. I can’t believe the CSR had the gall to suggest that you continue to try to purchase the box later on in the day. Do I want to run the risk of additional unwanted charges? uhh.. NO THANK YOU

  25. OK so I only tried once , got the error and came here to see if it was a recurring issue . so without calling cs since the charge is pending on my CV I am guessing it will be credited/ reversed in a few days but to place another order in a little while and that one will go through??

    • i freaked out on them and they called my bank for me and got the charges released

      • My bank won’t release the charges without the authorization codes for each “purchase”. BareMinerals reps and senior reps didn’t have these so their financial dept is trying to find them. Basically I’m out $185 for 3-5 days until they “drop off”. Plus side, I got a confirmation code for 1 box only. I hope they throw in some freebies for the inconvenience.

  26. The problems everyone is having with this are unacceptable. I’m so glad I was having trouble to get the website to work with my browser, and then I checked the comments here before ordering. It’s not worth it.

  27. I wish I had checked the comments before ordering….now I have a couple hundred dollars pending on my card because I got click happy. yikes.

  28. i have multiple charges – and a low balance. this is a nightmare!
    i’ve been charged 5 times!

    • I got charged 12 times on my debit! With a hold 3-5 days now!

      • i’m on the phone with bare minerals and there is nothing they can do for me. i can’t begin to tell you how upset i am over this sh&t!

        • I know how you feel. There’s over $400 pending in my bank account now. ????

          • I’m at a loss at how something like this could happen.
            Why did Bare Minerals stop people from teying to purchase the box?

        • I’ve been on hold and they play their ads over and over and now all of a sudden there is just dead air!?

          • After the dead air – someone eventually picks up. I think they do that purposely so you hang up.

    • Maybe try to call your bank and get the charges reversed?

      • I called CS they said it will drop.

        • They also told me it would drop, but it would be 3-5 days.

      • Im trying to do that now. Im hoping my bank will take sympathy in my stupidity.

  29. When I tried to order it, I kept pushing enter and it put 12 charges on my debit card! I’m freaking out! The customer service lady sis they will drop off in 3-5 days and no orders are going to actually go through. Hubby is so mad ?

    • Omg you pushed it 12 times, your so funny. My poor swap buddy ?

      • Lol helpppp me! I swear I don’t even think I did it 12 times!

        • And what really sucks is in the end I’ll probably end up with no box!

          • Chin up! You might end up with TWELVE. Lots of people would but them from you.
            Think of it as a solid investment ☺

          • Yep I have over $700 pending charges and I am not getting one flipping box! My daughter loves this make up so much and it is so expensive so I was trying to get her some …. Now I just want to cry! I think I am more upset about not getting the darn make up than I am about the fact that we now have no avaible money in our account and I get to cross my fingers all weekend that my husbands check card doesn’t get declined when he goes to get gas while working ? He already thinks I order too many boxes, this is going to be a long weekend ? Just shoot me !

        • Hopefully they will fall off tonight. I want to try again but I’m scared. I was hit twice.

    • OH NO!!!!!! I got hit with 3 🙁 c’mon! 3-5 days….this is terrible

  30. When I tried to order it showed that I would be getting the mixed foundation assortment. As the whitest person on the planet, glad I was able to exit out before that befell me. I would’ve looked all drama club for Fall.

    • I believe that is just a free sample add on to your mystery box.

      I’m planning on waiting until noon as well.

  31. After reading the comments, I’m going to wait until 11 CDT to order. I’m going to pass if the coupons end up falling off.

  32. UGH I tried to order when this first posted and had an error message saying there was a problem with the order. I guessed the website was messed up. Went back later and ordered using the codes and did not get the error and guess what??? I have been charged 4 times. Called CS and they are saying that the first charges happened before the box was actually for sale and the charges will “fall off” I will only be charged and sent one box. Also supposed to get a confirmation email as well. On the bright side I was able to stack IPSY2016 and SUMMER for 25% off and an additional free gift

    • Omg I got multiple charges.. I freaking out..

  33. I just tried placing an order at 10:15 central time and it accepted both codes but only applied the IPSY2016 code. When I clicked “Submit Order”, it said there was an error but of course my card was immediately charged.

    • Mine too. But I haven’t received a confirmation email yet.

  34. I’m passing this time because last mystery box I got duplicates , I got three of the same brushes dual end eye cheek brush except one was rose gold . Two eyeliners one charcoal and other expresso . I have sooo many eyeliners. I got a mini moxie lipgloss and unboxed cheek color which were ok and a gold makeup bag . At least it was only $25 and not 40$ though.

  35. does anyone know if I order from Canada if I will have to pay duties on top of my order, or are they included in the shipping cost ($15 to Canada)? I’m not feeling the mystery box, but I might get a couple of the new Gen Nude lipgloss with the 20% off code…

    • never mind that! Sorry to hear everyone’s getting multiple charges, bareminerals should have suspended the box until their system was running properly!

  36. I just called and the lady said they are having a technical problems with the offer and trying to fix it. Any charges should drop off in a day or so. Said to try again in a couple hours.

  37. I got the same error as well and now have two pending charges on my card. Ridiculous. Has anyone successfully been able to purchase this? I don’t want to try again as I’m now over $70 short on my bank account.

    • Same thing! Just checked my bank account because you said that and I have 2 pending transactions as well!

  38. I just called CS and the woman told me that we can’t use promotions (I tried the Ipsy2016 and GIFT4U) on top of this “promotion” ): So I was told, one promotion code per transaction, but none can be applied to the mystery box. I have a pending charge on my card already, but my order didn’t go through. They said, it’s a pending charge until the box is shipped, then it’ll be completed. Suddenly, I’m not feeling it at $40 LOL I hope you ladies enjoy the box <3

  39. The offer will go live at 9am PDT (10am MDT, 11 CDT, 12 EDT). You can stack codes: GIFT4U, IPSY2016 and SUMMER. If you have the email for new customers, you should be able to stack that, as well.

    • It would not let me stack SUMMER and GIFT4U. Plus I got the error message when I tried to submit ☹️

  40. I was getting the error code and the subsequent cc pending charges, so I called CS. The lady I spoke to said the deal wasn’t available until 10am mountain time, and all of the charges for the box before that would drop off my CC. She suggested ordering it at about 10:05 MT. Hope that helps…

  41. I entered the code and everything, but it just said “There was an error placing your order.” I’m scared to click Enter again lol.

  42. Seriously! I’m about to make off like a bandit!! 15% off for new customers and I used the code that you ladies so graciously gave me. Yes Gawd!!

    • What is the new customer code? I’ve applied the other two but haven’t hit submit yet!

      • you have to get an email from the site after you put in your email (only if it’s the first time. Maybe do a different email if you have done it before). Give it like 20-30 minutes and they will email you a unique code. (I did this last time there was a mystery box)

        • Beyond unacceptable! And Bare Minerals can do nothing for you. Beyond upsetting and Im all levels angry. I can’t begin explaining without yelling or cursing.
          I have no money in my account! None!

  43. The code GIFT4U still works too. I was able to use that one and IPSY2016. Just FYI for everyone!!! 🙂

  44. I keep getting an error code at checkout. Anyone else having this problem?

    • I did too, yet it shows a pending charge on my debit card

    • Yeah, I keep getting “There was an error placing your order”, but no indication of why it’s erroring out.

    • Yes…..weird!

    • Yes! they said that the offer is not live yet. However they have charged my card…..multiple times. So, be careful not to keep pressing enter. When i called about the multiple charges I was told that they won’t go through and that there is nothing to do. MY CC company says they show as pending charges though. :/

      • I had the same issue. My bank said they can’t do anything until the charges post. I e-mailed the technical address.

    • Me too!

  45. Use the code SUMMER and you get a choice of a free product. Right now there are a few eye shadow brushes, two different eye shadows or a mystery gift to choose from.

  46. Did you guys ever review the last mystery box?

  47. This is mighty tempting, and a super great value, but since I purchased the last two mystery boxes (which I loved!) I’m starting to slightly feel the product overload on Bare Minerals products. However, I’m going to risk it selling out, and wait until lunch time to revisit MSA to see if any of you generous ladies have provided some coupon codes. 🙂 (You all did an awesome job on the last mystery box!) And, then maybe I might buy it probably. (Ha! that’s just me telling myself there’s a shred of doubt I’ll give in… but who am I kidding?)

  48. I am hesitant to order this one since I checked the February Mystery Box review here on MSA and it was virtually identical to the mystery box I purchased in July ($32 for 11 items). I used code IPSY2016 to save an additional 25%. I am worried that the contents of this box would be identical to the Feb. and July mystery boxes. Looks like they are purging the same overstock of discontinued items in each mystery box.

    • The code IPSY2016 will get you an additional 20% off of this box, making it $32 with free shipping. That is a heck of a deal if you missed out the July Mystery box I referenced above. It was a very high value and great products.

    • I agree, that it is nearly identical and that they are just purging discontinued items. When I bought the mystery box in July, I got an email with shipping information that included product numbers. I couldn’t find any of the products in their current catalog. If those two boxes weren’t so similar, I would have been tempted to buy this one as well. As it is, I’m happy with just one!

  49. I got the last mystery box, and was really happy with what I got. Besides the fact that I got 3 combo blush/shadow brushes (two of them identical, though it’s now my favorite brush), it was full of products that I love and use every day. Including a gorgeous blush, that I believe is similar to the NARS Orgasm blush everyone goes ape over. Well worth the money!

  50. I tried to do this online and my card got charged twice. They are having issues with this. The customer service lady said no one is able to order online, the amount will get put back on my card and to call back in a couple hours..

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