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Target Harry’s Men’s Starter Shave Set – Available Now! Only $5!

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TargetΒ has a new box featuring Harry’s! (Thanks for the head’s up, Lisa!)

The Box: Harry’s Men’s Starter Shave Set

The Cost: $5 (Shipping is FREE for REDCard members or on orders over $25)

The Products:


2 Razor Blade Cartridges
Harry’s razor blade cartridges are engineered at its world-class German factory that has been producing some of the world’s finest blades for almost 100 years. Each cartridge features 5 razor blades with precision-honed edges that are both sharp and durable, a flex hinge that contours to your face, a lubricating strip for a smooth finish, and a precision trimmer for those hard-to-reach places – everything you need for a close, comfortable shave.

1 Rubberized Grip Handle
The limited edition red razor handle is designed with a rubberized matte exterior, texturized grip pattern, and weighted core for maximum grip and control. It may be the best-looking thing in your bathroom (other than you).

1 Foaming Shave Gel (2 oz)
Lathers into a rich foam that helps your razor glide smoothly over your skin, ensuring a close and comfortable shave. Natural ingredients, like aloe and cucumber, hydrate and refresh your skin.

1 Travel Razor Blade Cover
Designed to keep your razor blades protected when you’re on the go.

Are you going to grab a box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Got my husband’s today. Did anyone notice the smooth yet matte texture of the box? It looked like a regular cardboard box but felt satisfyingly soft and smooth – kind of like a freshly shaved face. I know that’s a weird way to describe a cardboard box, but it was cool.

    I’m somewhat annoyed to hear about not being able to redeem stuff. Target needs to keep their CS reps (both in-store and out) up-to-date about their promotions. I’m tired of the in-store people having no clue about the beauty boxes, and it sounds like you can’t even redeem the Harry’s thing. I’m interested to know if anyone has success and if so, how.

    • You can redeem them, it’s a subscription. They only have the 8 razors for 15$ after coupon is 8.25. after that is goes back to 15$. I assume you can cancel before they charge your card.

      • Thank you!

      • There is also an additional 5% for subscription.

    • I get the message that my code is not good. It’s supposed to be good until Dec. 31. 2017. I am going to return my razor to target because if I buy blades on line I can get a free razor. At Target I paid $9.98 for the razor.

  2. has anyone tried to get your free blades?

    • I wrote a whole long paragraph below ….basically there’s no way to redeem it because is not aware of the promo.

      • its on target website. its only the 8 razor cartridge. 8 razors for 8.25 instead of 15$ its only for subscription.

  3. I’m through with Target boxes. I was charged for delivery and just now I’m reading here that they shouldn’t have. Plus got the box and not 2 as advertised, but 1 blade. To get 4 from Harry’s you have to sign up for a month service. Such a misleading box, Target should be ashamed.

    • I didnt have to pay for delivery just the cost of the box and tax. But it is very upsetting that only 1 razor was sent….feel cheated. I also was not expecting the razor to be rubbery and plastic. Looks cheapy. Very curious to try it out though. As of now I’m subscribed to DSC and I’m not disappointed with them. And if you want to redeem the 4 free blade coupon that came with the box….good luck. I spoke with 4 people (more than 1 hour on the phone) in and they have no idea about this promotion. They actually told me multiple times there’s nothing they can do because the promo code doesn’t show up in their system. One of the rep actually even told me to contact harry’s. I told her it’s a target promo they won’t be able to help. She definitely was a lazy worker. Did not want to help at all. If anyone finds out what’s going on with this promo code let me know.

  4. You get just 1 Razor Blade Cartridge not 2.

    • True. I was a little bummed to only get one. Also, my husband gets this sub box and the Target red grip handle is not nearly as nice as Harry’s regular ones. Def not the same quality. πŸ™

    • I got mine tonight too (well one of the 2 I ordered, the other one was sent to the wrong state and is in TN instead of IA) and also one got one blade. I know the website originally stated 2 blades when I purchased, because I triple checked as I was trying to figure out why Target was charging $5 for this when you can get it from Harry’s with your choice of handle color for only $3. Someone pointed out that with Target it said they included 2 blades and so I went to their site and verified a couple of times before moving forward with my order. Now today after getting it with only 1 blade and looking at the site, it looks like they’ve changed it to say only 1. I honestly might return both boxes I ordered and just get the deal directly from Harry’s as a matter of principle… haven’t decided yet if it’s worth the hassle.

  5. I saw this yesterday but literally forgot about it. I just ordered one for my son who is in college in Oregon (no tax !) and no shipping and no Red Card. I used a $5 gift card a supervisor at my local Target gave me because the last box I ordered, I used the $3 off $15 and ordered some nail stuff to pick up at the store (so all shipping was free) and my pickup order was not ready even though they emailed me it was. The customer service rep literally walked onto the floor to find it and picked a random color and not what I ordered. Then she processed the order even though I told her it was the wrong color. She said it matched the dpc and told me the item I ordered was not available. So basically she was going to force me to take something I didn’t order. I asked for the manager. Meanwhile, I went to the floor and found the exact color I ordered. That particular Target never has online orders ready.

  6. It’s free shipping. Fyi

  7. ALMOST ordered, compared costs, ended up remembering about Dorco razors and ordering them. You gotta factor in the cartridge costs

  8. I just ordered one, don’t have a redcard, paid 5.26. Seems the added shipping it’s just a glitch πŸ™‚

    • Bless you! I’d given up on ordering until now!

  9. I’m not sure about this. No man in my life now to ask. (sob)

    I was thinking of this for my brother, but it doesn’t seem like it would be a treat for him (like men’s soap, cream or whatever), but more like a boring necessity. And is it even worth the price? Is this an expensive brand? We get free razors sometimes with the paper or a giveaway with an ad.

    • It would be good for the upcoming holidays. I ordered 2 for stocking stuffers.

    • My husband went through an obsession to find the perfect shave. He went through lots of different types of razors and different types of sources including mail order subscriptions like Harry’s. The Harry’s razor won – we (myself included for my legs) love using Harry’s – it’s really high quality and I like the handle. If it doesn’t work out, people love swapping for Harry’s razors in the swap section of this site. Birchbox man sometimes has it in their monthly box. Hope this helps!

  10. I ordered 2 to give to homeless. I was not charged any shipping. I save my ipsy make up bags to give to the local shelter. Of course I put needed items in them and I’m happy to have found this shave kit for a few of the men. They need supplies and deserve goodies too!

    • @Ann This is wonderful!

    • Great idea-we need a “like” button for some of the comments. πŸ™‚

    • Ann, I have a lot of makeup and misc items from subscription boxes that I’d like to give to you to fill your bags to give to the homeless. I’m on the swap boards if you want to try to contact me through there – I’m legit haha (hopefully you’re on there too, i think you can search the rachael Zoe ring and find me but I’m not sure what it’s actually called)

  11. FYI, you can get a trial kit consisting of this set, but with only one blade, for $3 shipping directly from Harry’s. You do have to sign up for a blade subscription, but you can set it so it won’t be coming for 5 months so you have time to cancel.

    • Someone else mentioned this so I went to check it out in the Harry’s site and while going through the ordering process it stated that I would get the free trial for $3 shipping and then my first subscription order would be shipped and billed in 2 weeks. After that you receive replacements depending on your chosen schedule. While I think that is probably a good deal in the long run I think for people who just want a 1 time purchase or don’t want to fuss with a commitment this is better.

  12. I just purchased it without a redcard and there was still free shipping. The total was $5.40.

  13. i just ordered 2 and wasn’t charged shipping. I don’t have a red card either.

  14. I just don’t think I will even bother with these Target boxes any more. Adding on shipping when they did not do that before just seems wrong.

    • It is still free shipping. On the last beauty box i spoke to a supervisor and was told they were not going to start to charge for shipping. Anyone who was told that was told the wrong information. And if you were charged shipping you would be refunded.

      • That is correct. I was charged shipping June and I called. They apologized and said they had been having issues with the online and tech was fixing it. They apologized and refunded and actually promised it wouldn’t happen again. I do think they shouldn’t promise things like that though.

  15. Shipping was free for me just now. No Red Card.

    • I wasn’t charged shipping. Bought 2 for $10. One for my missionary brother in Iowa, who typically can’t afford new razors or shaving cream. And one to sock away and gift to my Father for Christmas.

  16. Is it a timing thing? I just ordered one box, no red card, and I got free shipping. My total was $5.31 with tax.

  17. I just picked up a box and there was free shipping. Maybe they changed their system as I don’t have a REDcard.

    • I went back and ordered two more boxes, one for my husband and one for my son who’s leaving soon for college. Nice way to try out before subscribing.

  18. Target Just fixed their website. I just checked out. Shipping is now free on both the website and the app.

  19. I was willing to pay the shipping because my son got one of these in a Birchbox and totally loves it, so why not a spare for his travel kit. I do question whether the blades will be included in the box since they don’t show in the pictures they posted. Still $9.54 (which includes shipping & tax) is a very good price.

    • It says 2 blade cartridges in the description

    • You might want to call and get a refund for the shipping. I just ordered a box with no red card and got free shipping

  20. I don’t even feel like getting this if I have to mess with the whole shipping thing. Such a turn off

    • You are absolutely correct. I literally just spent 43 minutes on the phone to get a $4 shipping fee waived from a $5 box. I totally need to re-evaluate my life. ?

      • OMG to funny

  21. I’ll pass on this one. Great deal.

  22. Is this actually a good deal? I can sign up for a free trial directly through Harrys, get to pick a razor color I like better and the cost is $0 for this kit +$3.00 shipping… looking at an unboxing of the trial it appears to come with all of the same things except whatever coupons Target is throwing in.

    • Looking at the Target site it looks like the ‘4 Free Blades’ coupon is actually 4 Free Blades if you sign up for a subscription with Harrys.

    • I think the Harry’s trial is a single blade, not 2, and the blades cost $2 each, so I think it’s comparable and with the Target box you don’t have to worry about unsubscribing. As a red card holder it’s a better deal for me, but if you have to pay shipping then I think that Harry’s may be a better option for you.

      • I agree with you and feel as if Target is the way to go for a one time purchase or to truly test if it’s what you want before you commit because looking at the Harry’s direct trial deal they have you sign up for ongoing subscription which ships and charges again in 2 weeks.

      • Good point on the 2 blades vs 1! That makes up for the $2 price difference. I was going to order directly through Harrys and just immediately cancel the subscription until I had a chance to get and try the razors but after reading your comment I went ahead and ordered one for me and one for my S.O. from Target so we can both try it out without the hassle of the cancelling the sub. Plus that included coupon will come in handy if one or both of us actually like the blades! I normally shell out for the men’s Gillette razors because I feel like they give a better shave than the women’s razors, but they are so pricey! Hopefully this will be a good alternative for me. I do have a Target card, otherwise I’d be way too stingy to pay $4 shipping on a $5 box!

  23. Just ordered and I received free shipping as a Redcard member.

  24. i just ordered it, needed laundry detergent and if you buy two….you get a $5 Target gift card! (and free shipping since it was over $25) That I will be using on my next Target beauty box woohoo!!! Target runs promos all the time with free $5/10 gift cards.

    • Doh! I need to start reading the comments before I jump on these awesome deals. I definitely would have bought two if I would have known I could have received a $5 gift card.

      This isn’t the first time (and I know won’t be the last) when I buy right away fearing something will sell out soon, then once I buy the product, I go back to MSA THEN read the comments, then see all of these awesome deals people are sharing (thanks everyone for being so generous!). Typically, it’s only a few bucks saved, but still!

      • i think she meant she got the $5 gift card for buying two laundry detergent and since she needed those anyway, she got the box with free shipping. now i totally need detergent!

      • I think the $5 gift card promotion was for 2 detergents, not 2 Harry boxes πŸ™‚

        • Yes! sorry I wasn’t more clear-the $5 gift card was for buying two laundry items. I will use that $5 gift card on my next Target beauty box…you know, in case family/sig. other questions all these boxes, I can innocently say…”I got it with a gift card!!!”
          Once I got $10 gift card for $50 of groceries-not like I’m not going to eat lol!

          • I use this same reasoning to explain the “great deals” to my husband. Anytime we are in the store and I put multiples in the cart now he just grins and says “oh, another giftcard promo?”.

            In order to help ease my guilt of all the boxes I receive I try to snatch up any Men’s boxes that I see. Unfortunately there aren’t as many good ones for guys that my husband would be interested in so its like 100 boxes for me, 1 for him. Repeat. πŸ™‚

      • Ugh, me, too! I snagged one and then bought $20 of other stuff that I legitimately needed (two $10 items) to get over $25. Now I’m annoyed that I could’ve gotten another box and something else (or two other good things) and gotten a $5 gift card back! I saw a promotional ad on the box’s page but didn’t think it applied because last time I ordered from Target, I was buying Shea Moisture products, saw a promotional ad on it (buy 4 get $5 gift card), and picked 4 Shea Moisture items (way more than I needed, so stocking up). After I placed my order I didn’t get a gift card, so I looked back at the items I ordered and clicked on the promotional ad only to find that it applied to a bunch of P&G items, not Shea Moisture products. As such I’ve learned not to trust those promotional things until I click on them and read them.

        This time I was afraid the box would sell out, so I just bought it without checking here or clicking through on the promotional banner (I know I should have). My husband is all beard-y, but beards do require maintenance. He’ll like this, especially since I’m the one always getting the boxes. I’d have gotten two if they’d thrown in a deodorant!

        I wish they’d get their shipping straight, though. This charging for shipping has to stop. I don’t need another credit card and don’t trust store debit cards because it’s an unnecessary avenue to my bank account. I’ve already had money stolen in the Sheraton data leak and had to get two new cards when Target had their data leak. (I think my husband had to do that when Home Depot had theirs, too.) I think a lot of people, myself included, will stop buying Target boxes of they start charging shipping on them.

        • Oh, sorry, read further and saw that the box was not part of the promotion. I feel vindicated in not trusting the promotional banner ? It’s just annoying when you’re partway to a rebate or whatever, like if you something is B2G1 and you only buy one, then it’s too late to get a second and third at half price! So I’m glad I didn’t mess up this time ?

          • like if something*

            Thanks, autocorrect.

          • After reading everybody’s replies, I feel better too! πŸ˜€

  25. Couldn’t pass this up. Used my Redcard so got free shipping and only paid $4.95. Thinking about getting some more as Xmas gifts

  26. Glad to have snagged one before seeing this post! Maybe said to say but I ordered it for myself:0)

  27. This is a great deal. My son prefers Harry’s to other razors. Not sure where the $20 value comes from. On Harry’s site the starter set is $15 and it’s the same as this except you get one extra blade and the shave gel is double in size (4 oz. instead of 2 oz.). Although there appears to be a coupon for 3 free blades in the Target box so that’s a plus. Shipping is free $10+ at Harry’s. Still a great deal and I definitely snagged it. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Oops, looks like coupon is for 4 free blades, not 3.

  28. After the last beauty box shipping charge fiasco, I wonder if this is going to be the new standard with all Target boxes?

    • What happened? I ordered three of the men’s boxes last time and they all went off without a hitch. (I just wanna be aware πŸ™‚ )

      • I was referring to the “Back to College” box this month where they charged for shipping and everyone had to call cs to get the charge removed. Seems like this is going to be the new normal for their boxes and the days of free shipping are over. Hopefully I am wrong!!

        • It later was fixed not to include shipping. I bought one when it was charging shipping but had other things to buy to meet the $25 threshold, but when shipping was fixed I decided to buy a second one. It was the only item in my order, and they did not charge shipping. Hopefully this is not the new standard, because I will not be ordering boxes and paying double or figuring out how to spend more money so that I don’t have to pay for shipping. I have good reasons for not choosing to get a Red card.

  29. I just ordered it along with some face powder I needed anyway, so it was free shipping with the $25 total.

  30. Wow….$4 shipping on a $5 box. I wanted to get a couple for my fiancee but think I’ll pass.

    • Right? Just saw that too at checkout…thought it would be great for my son going to college this fall…no way with that shipping!

    • If you call them while placing the order and give them your cart number or complete the sale and give them your order number they immediately refund shipping. They are super fast and friendly.

      • Leah,

        Do you happen to remember the name of the person you spoke to? I have (literally) called CS three different times, and all three times I was declined free shipping ?

        • I sure don’t, sorry. This is the number I called:
          +1 (800) 440-0680
          It was a woman.

          • No problem! Thanks anyway!

  31. Hello, Was it coming up where they were charging $4.00 for S&H?

    • Yes

  32. Looks like shipping isn’t free?

    • Yes, just updated the post to reflect that. Shipping is only free for REDCard members or free for everyone with orders of $25 or more.

      • Liz, I called them and they didn’t even argue about refunding the shipping. Never said anything about using their Red card. They were super friendly and fast. Have your order number ready if you all ready placed the order or have your cart number ready if you haven’t. The cart number is all the way at the bottom of the screen on mobile and app. They will stay on the phone with you while you complete the sale so you don’t have to call back. No hassle at all.

        • I am literally on my second target chat person to figure this out. And all they are doing is repeating the “spend $25 or use redcard” excuse. I am that petty for $4. It’s just annoying that before it always used to be free shipping. The back to college box I had to chat with someone else about it and they removed the shipping without an issue. The individual who I spoke to this morning said they will no longer be doing free shipping for the beauty boxes either. If that’s wrong they need to get it together to provide a unified message.

          • ***Update: they waived the shipping. They also said they reported this to the concerned department and will be corrected on the site soon. I’ve asked him 3 times about the shipping on the future boxes and he won’t reply. Not sure what that means***

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