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Target Beauty Box September 2016 – Available Now!!

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The September Target Beauty Box is available now!

The Box: Target September Beauty Box

The Cost: $10

The Products:

  • S. W. Basics Organic Lip Balm
  • Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream
  • Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick in Naughty Nude
  • Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara
  • Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner
  • Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser
  • And either
  • OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo
  • OR
  • OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I think this looks like one of the best Target boxes ever. And what a great deal. 2 full sized makeup products, a lux lip balm, and a full ounce of quality cleanser. The moisturizer and shampoo both look to be deluxe samples as well. Even at $10 there is still a ton of value to be had this month. I am glad that they are making purchase limits so the box can get out to a wider audience.

  2. I’ve skipped the last several boxes but bought this one solely for the S.W. Basics lip balm lol.

    • Me too!! That stuff is seriously the BEST lip balm I have ever used!!

  3. Passing this time, so here’s a coupon code if anyone wants it: GTSF47MWGY4BXML

    Please post a comment saying that you’ve used it … and enjoy! 🙂

    • Cant use 🙁

    • How do u use it? I think I may have missed getting one, I wasn’t expecting them to be out so soon. Very disappointing

  4. I got one too since I can’t pass them up. I agree for $10 I would expect the shampoo and conditioner, but not a huge deal. Kind of agree too about the repeats but still it doesn’t bother me enough to pass. Mascara is almost always a fail for me since I am very picky so I don’t even count that one. I love the Laneige products but don’t like to pay full price either. These samples always last a long time and are great for travel. Hoping I like the lipstick at least.

  5. Do any of you have a 3 dollar coupon?

    • Neeed

    • Coupon code: GTSMYD4H33PBXML

      Comment if used. 🙂

  6. It’s almost noon here and I was able to snag a box. I thought the box was first Monday of the month so wasn’t on alert for the box today. I get every box and always use everything so am happy to get one this month as well.
    Like others I have not been able to use the $3 off coupon. I even tried adding items I didn’t want just to see if it worked. I tried adding shampoos, cosmetics, lotions, soaps – none worked. I have to go to a B&M store anyway to get some items so will try the coupon in person.

    • I couldn’t get the $3 off coupon to work either. After a long drawn out, on- line chat, I was told that there was a glitch. They offered to run it manually for me but I had already ordered( box only) and didn’t want to waste anymore of my day! I’ve never been able to use the $3 coupon.

      • I think my favorite thing I’ve discovered with Target is finding products they have on special with buy 3 get a $5 gift card back – I was able to use one I had and only pay half. I recommend looking for deals like that on products you can easily stock up on!

  7. Finally, a Target box that’s worth the price to me! I skipped last 2 months because the products really weren’t meeting my needs, but almost everything in this box (except that darn mascara) will be much appreciated. I know that people are sick of getting Laneige samples, but it’s perfect for me. Full-size Laneige products are not cheap even on eBay and Amazon, so I’m happy to keep using deluxe samples from subscription boxes and sample kits. The lip balm, deep conditioner and pore cleanser are all coming at the perfect time–I’m running out of all three. I’d love to get both the shampoo and conditioner, but OGX isn’t that expensive anyway, so I can always buy the other one myself.

    I think it’s interesting how people expect Target boxes to include full-sized expensive products and keep the boxes at $7. How is Target going to make money with that kind of business model?

  8. Skipping again.

  9. Did anyone notice the Target website says “Number of Pieces: 8”. It would ONLY be 8 pieces if they gave you BOTH the shampoo and conditioner.

    So bizarre. And it’s not worth $10 to me so I’m passing.

    • Right – that’s how its listed though. Shampoo OR conditioner.

    • I think there will be both shampoo and conditioner based on previous boxes and 8 items. Probably just a typo.

  10. I got this one. I have skipped the past few — and maybe should have read those mascara reviews, oops. But I love mascara enough to want to just try it out, even. I love lip balm so excited about that, and happy to try a new deep conditioner and a lipstick, of course. I actually thought the Laneige was the sleeping mask, which I prefer to the moisture cream, but it’s fine.

  11. i grabbed 2, one for me, one for my daughter. (Who I showed the sneak peek to on Saturday and she wanted one also) It was a pain to place 2 orders, but oh well. At least they have the shipping part fixed! The email from Target about this box lists the value at $40, so great deal for even the $10 cost. Granted, $7 would have been better! 🙂

  12. Can’t believe I’m doing this: I’m skipping! That shampoo/conditioner is just okay. I have Langeige stockpiled from previous boxes. The organic lip balm looks tempting… but that’s really the only thing that interested me. This does not look like a $10 box in my eyes.

  13. I’m skipping the Target box for the first time in a long time. I either already have or have tried most of the items listed, and I have so many products already. I don’t think I will miss this one. And I hate getting shampoo without the conditioner and vice versa!

    • Ditto. Was excited about this box until I saw the price $10 but that it wouldn’t include both shampoo and conditioner. It’s not worth it for me, but I’m sure it is for others 🙂

  14. I’m passing on Target again this time. I don’t think it’s worth $10 plus you don’t get the shampoo AND conditioner.

    I’m glad this is not a subscription commitment deal so you can choose only the boxes you want.

  15. Having issues to with promo code for $3 off as well. I clearly have well over $20 BEFORE tax & shipping. I called customer service, spoke with a rep. She looked into it, submitted my order. She offered a gift card for the frustration and time online I’ve spent( i stayed up until 3am trying to figure out the issues) . I was also locked out of my target account for no reason. Anyhow, i accepted and appreciate target for making sure the customer is happy.

  16. Thanks Liz! I was able to snag one…ONE! I had to fight with myself not to get two for a conditioner/shampoo and a Bioré cleanser. I’m sure I would have just gotten two of the exact same item, so I only got one box. I’m hoping for the Bioré, but I generally like coconut anything, so it will be fun to see what I get.

    • I think you are going to get the Biore *plus* conditioner or shampoo.

      • Hey, you’re right! In my haste to place an order, I misread the box description.

        Okay, then win for me! 🙂

  17. I just ordered mine too, so excited. This is my FIRST Target box. Thanks for the heads up!

  18. I’ve ordered every Target box, often more than one per month, since the beginning of the year. I’m passing on this one. This is not a $10 value to me . The Jojoba is a sample packet and the only full size products are the Rimmel and Maybelline cosmetics – neither of which are well rated. As for the rest – meh. I can definitely live without ANOTHER pot of Laneige moisturizer! Not saying it’s not a $10 value to someone out there – buy with my blessing – but this one just doesn’t do it for me.

    • I am thinking they raised the prices to somehow cover their shipping. My guess is the days of the $5-$7 Target Beauty Box prices are over. I think the $10.00 price will be standard for these boxes.

      • I agree. It’s as if they are testing to see how high the price can go. If people keep buying at a higher price they will keep the price higher.

        • If they are testing to see how high the price goes – I certainly hope they don’t go any higher than $10. The value wouldn’t be there for me, unless they put in, at least, 2-3 full size items. (And not just mascara and a lipstick). If they start charging more, they will lose a lot of business on these.

      • The $10 cost wouldn’t bother me if there was value TO ME in the box. The August box was only $7 but I would still have bought two of them even had they been $10 each since there were items in the boxes that made the $10 cost worth it TO ME (makeup wipes, clinical strength deodorant, razors). This $10 box is just more-o-the same with Laneige moisturizer (again), Maybelline mascara (again, and I hated the brand the first time) and lipstick (again). Again, not knocking those who feel this is a good value to them; it’s just not a good value to me.

      • I was thinking the same thing, Annie!

      • Agree. I think they are going to stay at $10, which I would rather get the Birch box or Ipsy for that price. I would totally get this box for $5 or $7, but not $10.

  19. I ordered the box. I am nervous about that Mascara. The reviews are mostly terrible. Will give it a try but not holding my hopes up.
    I am happy about the Rimmel lipcolor. I am glad Target decided on one color. I would have not ordered if they did not specify what color. I had a horrible shade sent the last time and decided not to order anymore Target Beauty Boxes with a lip stick/gloss. I hate surprises. This is great they specified what color we will be receiving in this box. This sealed the deal for me.

    • Not to be a bubble burster, but they listed one shade last time too and it was not the color I received. They listed some pink color so I was excited… but then I wound up with a red. So I’m not too sure they will be sending the color they list. I am keeping my fingers crossed though hah

      • I was excited about the nude but they sent me a dark berry color 🙁

  20. I was able to get a box after I dropped my girls off at school. I really like all the items except the mascara, which I’ll give to my sister in law 🙂

  21. Target is really getting a bit annoying with their beauty box games. Normally they price the boxes so that even if you buy 2 you would still need to add an item or two for the coupons to work. Now that they’ve priced the box higher, they limit the quantity to 1 so that you need to add more items to apply the coupons. I ordered one instead of two because it’s just not worth having to go in and place multiple orders. At least this way around I’m saving money – thanks Target.

    • Limiting the number of boxes that can be ordered also ensures that more people have a chance at getting a box.

      • Except that they are not really limiting them – you can order as many as you want you just have to do so in separate orders so that you can’t apply the coupon since 2 boxes would meet the threshold. I’m fine if they truly limited to 1 box per account but instead they are playing games.

        • I think you missed the point. Target isn’t “playing games”. It’s trying to maximize profit and achieve the goals of selling these sample boxes, which is to get people to buy the full-size products from them.

          At the lower price, X customers would buy 2 boxes each plus some cheap item to use the coupon code. At the higher price, say, 2X customers would buy 1 box each, and either not use the coupon code (so Target doesn’t have to give discounts) or would buy more stuff to get to the coupon code limit. As far as Target is concerned, they earn more profit by having more customers, honoring fewer coupons, and earning more per box.

          Besides, some people hoard so many samples they never end up buying full-sized products. Why would Target want to encourage that?

          • You may be missing the point – they normally price their boxes so that you have to buy extra things to use the coupon but at least you can purchase 2 if you wanted to. The game this time is that they priced the box higher they are only letting you buy one or else their coupon would kick-in. Understood that they are a retailer and need to make money but just be transparent about it – exclude the box from the coupon or limit the coupon to 1 box, etc.

  22. After several months of beauty boxes having bright lipsticks that I don’t use, I am excited about this one! I was bummed it’s either or for shampoo and conditioner though. I like to try the SET, not just one. Oh well, still all products I have never tried, and can always use so it’s a win for me! Thanks for letting us all know when these are available! I wouldn’t have guessed today!

  23. I skipped the last box and I’ll be skipping this one too. They’ve been disappointing to me lately, either that or I’m getting more picky since my sample supply is overflowing at the moment. Just doesn’t seem like a great value, especially since it’s either the shampoo or the conditioner. Strange to me that it’s not both. I have so much mascara from other sample boxes that I’d have to grow an extra set of eyes and apply 10 coats every day for the rest of my life to use them all up, so that’s not at all tempting! Random lipstick samples are rarely in colors that flatter my complexion so that’s a bust for me too. I love Laneige’s products from previous sample boxes but that’s not enough to make this box worth my while.

  24. We’ll either get the shampoo or the conditioner? Also, only one shade of lipstick this time? I was so excited about the lipstick after looking through the colors it comes in. Naughty Nude I am not so excited about. I’m not crazy about this box, but I ordered one. I was set to order more until I saw the lack in product variety. :/

  25. 7:09am I am actually up early enough and got one! It had been a minute lol

  26. I was also unable to use the $3 coupon (I bought almost $12 more of hair products aside from the Beauty Box), so I called. They told me that they could either credit my card back for the promotion or give me an e-gift card. I told her the e-gift card was fine, and she’s sending me a $5 one – $3 for the coupon (promotion, as she said) and $2 for the inconvenience. I already got the e-mail confirmation that a $5 e-gift card is coming.

    So if you have issues, call! They’ll fix it!

    • Just FYI, I just received the $5 e-gift card. So they do actually do what they say you were supposed to do. I’m just glad I was able to recover the $3 that should have come off my order, and I’ll get an extra $2 to boot. Target knows I’ll use it. I can’t resist the hypnotic red bullseye!

  27. Can’t believe I’m going to pass, but…I’m going to pass. Nothing I need and too many items that may cause my skin to rebel. If it was less expensive I might have caved, but I’ll wait to see what October brings. ?

  28. They said they were having issues with their system. Must be because of the amount of people trying to order.

    • It was because when I ordered (I’ve never ordered theirs before because it was always gone before I could) but you could select “Ship to Store” (which I did because I didn’t know shipping would be included-ROOKIE MISTAKE!!). They just emailed to let me know they wouldn’t honor that, and that they would refund, and I would have to reorder. So, it’s probably that. I’m a subscription box junkie so it was more that I got “The Box”, but I would be rather irritated if it was already gone!

  29. I called CS to inquire about the coupon I tried to use. I was informed that my order did not go through due to system error. If you just placed your order, you may want to make sure it went through. I just ordered it again, but no confirmation email as yet.

  30. This box is one per order, not one person. So, all you need is patience.

    • Sorry, not one per person!

  31. I just placed my order (first time getting the Target box). I couldn’t find a promo code that works so I ended paying 10.95 with free shipping. I paid with a Target gift card I had so no much collateral damage.

    • I did the same thing paid with a gift card. Plus it’s my first Target Box. I may give this to my eldest daughter. Lol. Have fun when you open it. ??

  32. what is the size of each product?

    • Mascaras and lipsticks have always been full-size, and this Laneige product has always been a deluxe sample size at 20mL (full size is 50mL and costs $32). I don’t know about everything else, but it looks like the OGX shampoo or conditioner will be a large sample size, not a full bottle, but not a foil packet, either. Same with Biore.

      • Also, the full-size Laneige comes in this very nice, heavy glass tub. It’s actually really nice. The sample is in a plastic tub that is filled to the brim so that you can actually use the stuff stuck to the lid for a few uses before delving into the tub.

    • If you look at the picture on Target you can zoom in and see the package sizes.

  33. I ordered my box as well. I also added another cosmetic item for $6.99. It would not accept the $3 dollars off coupon code . Anyone have any success using the coupon?

    • This happens almost every time I try and use these promo codes. You’ll need to “chat” with a rep. I first gave them the cart # along w/ 1 item that was in the cart. They couldn’t process it (which is what usually happens). I then place the order and get the $3 credit issued when I provide an order number. This time their system is not updating fast enough so I requested an additional $5 credit for the wasted time and inconvenience. I need to call in with a new reference number and the order number to have the $3 promo code and $5 courtesy credit issued in a few hours. I’m not sure it is worth $3 (which is perhaps what Target is hoping). Also, I could only order 1 Beauty Box. Good luck!

    • Yes, I had the same issue. I used the “chat” feature to have the $3 applied after I placed the order. I had over $15 worth of qualifying items in my cart and still had this issue. This is a reoccurring issue for me when I try and use the promo codes.

      • Sorry for the double (now triple) reply. I couldn’t see my comment until I just posted my second comment. Good luck everyone!

  34. Anyone else having trouble with the $3 coupon code? Mine won’t work. (?why?)

    • Mine didn’t work, either, even though I bought almost $12 worth of hair products aside from the box. I called Target CS, and the lady offered to either give me a credit back on my card or send me a gift card. I took the gift card because I don’t feel like stalking my account to be sure I get charged correctly. She gave me $5 back, $3 for the coupon that didn’t work and $2 for the inconvenience, as the rep said. I already received the e-gift card, too 😀 I wish I had waited to get it before I bought a second box, but whatever, it’ll get used pretty quickly!

  35. I’m passing on this one too-that’s two passes in a row for me?

  36. Lol the addiction is real. It was almost 3am when I placed my order

    • I think it has to be an order over $15

  37. Mine said the shipping was free. With tax, I paid $10.70.

    The Biore baking soda pore cleanser is AWESOME. I got it in a Walmart beauty box once. Love it.

  38. I was really hoping for $7 (and told my husband yesterday I wouldn’t buy if it was more…). With an and/or on the OGX, it’s not really that great. Considering they recently put in a full-sized Dessange shampoo and a full-size OGX is cheaper, that would 100% have sold me on picking this up but as it is I think I’ll skip.

  39. I skipped this one. The mascara is awful and thats a big part of the box lol I have that shampoo, and I love it…but already have it sooooooo, guess I’ll see what Target has to offer next month! 🙂

    And I’m the same with Sephora! I’m so disappointed in that sub! I keep holding out hope! My daughter has told me to cancel since I started getting it lol

    • I dropped Sephora, too, after three months. Not bad because I had dropped Birchbox after their points debacle. Sephora had good products, but they were tiny, and I’m on product overload. I may pick it up later once my stash is somewhat diminished, but I just don’t need the extra stuff. Their product choice and customer service was top-notch, though! Just not the box for me at this particular moment, so hopefully I opened up a spot for someone whom it suits better.

      • I meant to say, not bad because I dropped Birchbox, so now my wallet is happier!

      • were* top-notch

        UGH, need more coffee!

    • I started with Ipsy, and have since upgraded to BoxyCharm (love!) and FabFitFun which is quarterly and so far, meh. Their customer service is awesome though so that goes a long way with me!

  40. First my Play! by Sephora box and now my Target Beauty Box. Thanks once again for the heads up MSA! 2 boxes moved from want to have 🙂

  41. I got one… even though this isn’t really the most exciting box for me. I thought about just skipping it, but I’m addicted

    • Me too! lol

  42. does anyone know the size (oz, etc.) of each product?

    • Mascaras and lipsticks have always been full-size, and this Laneige product has always been a deluxe sample size at 20mL (full size is 50mL and costs $32). I don’t know about everything else, but it looks like the OGX shampoo or conditioner will be a large sample size, not a full bottle, but not a foil packet, either. Same with Biore.

  43. I just bought mine with $6 of other hair products (by OGX) plus a couple of things I needed to put me over $25 (so I don’t have to pay shipping on non-box stuff), and it told me my $3 coupon codewas not good for the items purchased. It did not say that the code was invalid, though. I re-entered it three times, no dice. I even tried upping the quantities of the non-box hair products to over $15, and it still didn’t work. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Yes, mine did same exact thing! I had more than $15 worth of other qualifying items as well. I was so frustrated that I removed everything and bought the box by itself. I used a different code from my other box last night without trouble so idk why this one wouldn’t work this morning

    • Yes, same here. It’s very aggravating. I just ended up purchasing the box so I wouldn’t miss out on it and will try placing another order later for my other beauty products. If it doesn’t work, hopefully a CSR will be able to help.

    • Same here. Very frustrating. Guess I’ll just purchase the box itself then.

    • Just call CS. They made it right for me. They offered me a credit or a gift card, and since I don’t feel like stalking my account to be sure that they don’t charge me the $3, I just took the gift card. They gave me the $3 as well as an extra $2 for the inconvenience, and the gift card has already hit my inbox. They were super nice, of course!

  44. Thanks, Liz!

    It’s one box per order, not per guest, meaning you can go back and order again, but I hope peeps will allow others to get a box, instead of making twenty orders! 😉

    • Good to know, and I was going to order two but don’t feel like placing another order. I don’t neeeeeeeed two ?

  45. Wouldn’t let me check out on the site. Had to go through the app. Not to jazzed about the shampoo or conditioner thing. Really tired of all of these random variations from boxes.

  46. Is this a “one time only” box or an actual subscription started when I purchased? Thanks!

    • One time only!

  47. I was checking my email when this email popped up. Lucky lol I just want to try the laniege thing since I’ve never tried it before but love korean skin care

  48. Considering this one is $10 it should come with the OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner. Most boxes like this come with both.

    • Yes, I was surprised to see it is one or the other 🙁

    • I don’t understand this at all. I’d rather have both shampoo and conditioner and then have then take out some other item (looking at you Laneige). I like to think when it comes to shampoo and conditioner you don’t really get the full effect unless you’re using both, or maybe I just have complete set syndrome, I don’t know.

      I’m passing on this one – it’s been a while since there’s been a TBB that I’ve been excited about.

  49. Just ordered. I’m excited for this, I missed it last month. 🙁

  50. Limit 1 per guest. Is that recent? I confess to sitting out on these the past 3 months.

    Either way, I like it. But I feel it may not be popular with some others.

    • Gottem can’t wait it does not let u pick lip color though is that normal or was there a way thank you ?

    • Yes, I think the limit of 1 per guest may be a first time thing this month.

      • What is another good beauty box we have six girls also I have been on waiting list three of my girls and myself for Sephora never heard a word keeps sayin when I submit my email we’ll notify u and is macys spotlight true nothing there either thank u

        • Allure is pretty good, its $15, but there is a 5 dollar off coupon from this site for the first month. Also, have you tried Sephora again recently cause theyopened up the waitlist for a lot of areas and it might work for you if you try.

          • I Tryed yesterday to be honest I go like everyday thank u where do I get $5 off coupon I did get a target ? box in July also but it was $7 and it let us pick lip color NYC also it let me order 3 no limit today I had to do individual orders grrrrr

        • Honestly, I just cancelled my Sephora Play! subscription. I know all boxes are hit and miss, but it was coming with tiny little products for the $10/month. I get other subs though and that was one I could do without and not feel guilty.


          • I really was disappointed with Sephora Play! I heard raves and I found it to be a junky box.

        • The Walmart box is only $5 and there are two different versions…classic and trendsetter although they have some of the same items. I was impressed for only $5. Either my teenage daughter or myself will use them all. I also just got in to Sephora Play and I’m looking forward to it. I like the Walmart and Target boxes but I can afford most of those items if I really want them. I like getting things I would never spend that much cash on for fear of not liking them. Lol. I’ve also heard good things about Beauty Box 5 and am considering giving it a try.

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