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Project Juice Seasonal Juice Cleanse Review – August 2016


Project Juice is a California-based juice company offering organic cold-pressed bottled juices and juice cleanses. They offer a Recurring Membership Program that lets you sample wellness packs, try a juice cleanse, or just get your fancy juice fix. If you’re part of the membership program, you’ll get discounted rates for your weekly organic juice orders and the flexibility to change the selection of juices or the day on which you wish to receive them.

This is a review of the Seasonal Reset Juice Cleanse.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

ProjectJuiceAugust-002 ProjectJuiceAugust-003

The Subscription Box: Project Juice Recurring Membership Program

The Cost: $67.50 per week (6 week commitment required)

The Products: Certified organic, GMO free, locally sourced, cold-pressed, gluten free juices.

Ships to: US only, pickup available in California store locations.

ProjectJuiceAugust-005  ProjectJuiceAugust-007 ProjectJuiceAugust-008

Once these juices arrived at MSA we all wanted in on the sampling! We’re trying a new thing, so in this review, you’ll get to read what Emily, Liz, and Eric thought of the flavor of each juice. Let us know what you think of this format!

Project Juice recommends trying a cleanse for 3 days to see results. We just got one pack of juice so we decided to weigh in on the flavor of the juice instead of the effects of the cleanse. The juices supposed to be consumed in order from 1-6 so we tasted them in that order.


1 Green Lemon – Value $12.50

This juice is packed with greens including kale, romaine, and spinach plus celery, cucumber, green apple and lemon. It was the sweetest (and thus everyone’s favorite) green juice due to the apple and lemon. It definitely packs a green punch! This juice has 110 calories and 16g of sugar per bottle.

Emily: “All the greens hit me at once, lots of cucumber taste but it finishes sweet. I wouldn’t seek this one out individually.”

Eric: “Surprisingly sweet, lots of greens. Actually really good. It’s a surprise. Smells like you’re just gonna drink greens but it hits you with some sweetness up front.”

Liz: “I’ve had cucumber green juice before but this one was easier to drink because of the green apple and lemon.”


2 Watermelon Berry – Value $12.50

This watermelon berry juice was delicious! It is made with watermelon, young coconut water, apple, strawberry, and lime – such a refreshing combination. This is a really sweet juice that I would likely splurge on at the store. There are 145 calories and 29g of sugar in this bottle.

Emily: “I really like this and I hate watermelon! All the other fruits in this sweetened up the watermelon and I loved it.”

Eric: “I think it’s delicious! It’s refreshing.”

Liz: “It’s like drinking summer. It’s delightful.”


3 Green Ginger – Value $12.50

Ginger and greens are a great combo for people who love ginger and greens. It has the same ingredients as the first Green Lemon juice but with ginger added. The ginger was just too much for me. The Green Ginger juice has 110 calories and 16g of sugar per bottle.

Emily: “I don’t like the way it smells. No thank you. Not into the ginger.”

Eric: “I don’t like ginger so I’m not gonna like this. That was really interesting. It doesn’t have the tartness. It doesn’t smell great but it actually tastes better than #1. Maybe the ginger just cuts the sweetness.”

Liz: “I prefer #1 because it was a little sweeter.”


4 The Master – Value $12.50

This is the juice I think of when I think of a juice cleanse. It is a lemon and cayenne juice with agave added for sweetness. This packs the lowest calorie and sugar content of the juices with 50 calories and 8 grams of sugar per bottle.

Emily: “It has a very light lemon smell. Lemonade taste hits first, then an immediate tart taste followed up quickly by a cayenne kick.”

Eric: “Almost has no smell. It’s delicious! It’s tart and then there’s the kick at the end. It’s like lemonade but less sweet, like a watered down lemonade and then the cayenne kicks in on the back end. It’s pretty good, I like it. I think if you put some ice cubes in it would be really good. This is my second favorite so far.”

Liz: “It’s definitely not too sweet. It’s interesting. I’m impressed there are only 8 grams of sugar. I feel like people would tell you to start your day with this.”


5 Sweet Greens – Value $12.50

This Sweet Greens juice is very similar to the Green Lemon juice, it’s just missing the lemon! This juice has a strong greens smell and contains all that healthy stuff we all know we should be getting more of. There are 110 calories and 16 grams of sugar in a bottle of Sweet Greens.

Emily: “The smell is the best of the green drinks. I definitely liked it better than 3 but still wasn’t something I’d seek out.”

Eric: “Strong green scent. Stronger than any of the other ones so far. Weird. Really sweet, doesn’t have the tartness from the lemon. All the 3 green ones have been more drinkable than any other green drinks I’ve tried. In order, I’d rate the green juices:  1,5,3.”

Liz: “Sweeter than I expected but then I saw there was green apple in it. This is tied for the 1st green one.”


6 Cashew Mylk – Value $12.50

This was the #1 favorite of the day. We are still thinking about it. Liz pointed out that it tastes like cereal milk and that’s so accurate. It reminded me of the vegan nogs that pop up in the winter and I cannot resist. I can see how this Mylk would be the thing to look forward to at the end of a juice cleanse day – it’s the perfect reward for a day well cleansed. Because this is a nut based milk, it’s higher in calories with 290 per bottle plus 10 grams of sugar and 10 grams of protein.

Emily: “This is so good! I reminds me of the vegan nogs I look forward to in the winter months.”

Eric: “It’s absolutely delicious. I love cashews and stuff. Cinnamon comes in at the end, it’s like a nog.”

Liz: “It’s like drinking cereal milk. Ok, this is fantastic. How is this only 10 grams of sugar? That feels like a lie I wanna believe. Cinnamon toast crunch milk! More mylks, please!”


Verdict: It was so much fun trying all these juices with Liz and Eric! These are organic, cold-pressed juices shipped from California so they are not a budget item. With a membership and a 6-week commitment, you get a discount on the regular $12.50 per bottle price tag. If I wanted to reset with a juice cleanse and cash wasn’t an issue, I’d go for the convenience and ingredient quality found in Project Juice juices.

Have you ever done a juice cleanse?

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Written by Emily Cosnotti

Emily Cosnotti

Emily is a design enthusiast who loves beautiful objects. She’s really into vegan snacks, corgis, home goods, and minimalist makeup. She is currently fostering a healthy subscription addiction.

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Comments (15)

  1. Great review. But the prices are way too high for me. I prefer buying a juicer and make them myself. They look delicious by the way.

  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for the review. Love the photos – mind if we use them with proper photo credit?

  3. Loved hearing all the different reactions! Great review. I do agree though about the sugar, so much sugar for being a cleanse, I guess I always imagined a cleanse would rid my body of toxins and sugar lol. Good thing I have you guys to correct me with the stats!! Thank you!

  4. These look delicious but too pricey. I make my own with organic vegs and fruit ?

  5. omg wayyyyy too much sugar in these. Women should try to stay under 25 grams of sugar a day, 35 for men. These together have 95! You’ll be on a blood sugar rollercoaster all day. Not good, unless you’re looking for diabetes.

    • Totally agree – people, this is not a health food. Sorry, do your research. These sugar counts are higher than soda. All this is going to do is spike your insulin, cause a system imbalance and turn into fat & MAKE YOUR CRANKY! Ugh – who wants that??? I am baffled that this flies as health food.

      The reason to eat the whole fruit or vegetable is because the fiber slows down the sugar absorption. Anyways, find out for yourself.

  6. I’m really lucky that I have a Project Juice store about 10 minutes away from my house….and I’m so happy that the Watermelon Berry was in your box to try because it’s delicious!!! They have a green juice called D-Tox that’s also really good. I’m not a green juice girl at all, but D-Tox doesn’t taste like a green juice. The juice is actually a little cheaper at their shop. I got 2 bottles for under $18 (with tax) the other day. It’s still pricey, but I get them as a treat, not every day.

  7. Fun review! I enjoyed reading everyone’s different reactions. The price point is obviously ridiculous but there are plenty of people in the world who have more money than sense.

  8. Was so excited when I saw the name of the box, but so disappointed when I saw the price… PER WEEK!! I’m currently enjoying the Greenblender smoothie boxes which are much more affordable, and fun. I think I’ll start buying my own produce and alternate juices and smoothies. Right now I’m just substituting a smoothie for lunch & sometimes dinner, so not a true cleanse but I’ve lost a few pounds so I’m happy.

  9. A $400 commitment?! If you’ve got a tight budget like me, invest in a nice juicer and pocket the cash.

    • Haha, yeah, find the nearest international market and you can get dirt cheap but good quality produce.

      But then, I don’t believe in juice cleanses because there is no peer-reviewed science to back them up.

      • It helps if you actually have problems with your liver. A cleanse would help your liver then, but if you already have a healthy liver there really is no reason except short term weight loss

  10. Maybe I missed it, but how many do you drink a day? How many do they send for a weeks supply?

    • With this cleanse, they recommend drinking all 6 juices each day and say you’d see results after 3 days. The membership program asks you to select at least 6 juices per week at the $67.50 per week price.

      Hope that helps!

  11. This looks like a nice box but out of my price range. I wish they offered a one time cleanse purchase.

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