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Play by Sephora Subscription Waitlist is OPEN!

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Thanks to Marcy and Heather for letting us know thatย Play by Sephoraย subscriptions are open! Go go go!!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was on the waiting list for awhile and finally got in earlier this year. I stayed for 2 boxes…it is a waste of money. They are only samples! If you go into Sephora they will give you samples of anything…perfume is a fav sample I ask for to try it out; face creams, hair products….you name it. So why would I pay for samples?

    Not worth it for me.

  2. I’ve been on the waitlist for months and months for this. They spam me every. single. day with emails thank to Beauty Insider, and I’ve been checking them in case it was an availability notice. Grrr. So annoying.

    • the subscription is open today, try it!

  3. I wish I could say I was thrilled with this sub but I’ve had issues. For the first time ever I took in my Play card to get the extra 50 pts since I was buying some stuff. They looked at me like I was an alien. They hadn’t seen one of these cards before. I don’t live in a small town-I live in Atlanta and was at a major mall!!! So, after several attempts (it kept charging me $10 every time she scanned the card), the cashier had her manager print off an email on how to put in for the 50 bonus points with purchase. I waited for a while and they checked out everyone else. I stood there waiting like a dork. Finally they checked me out. I’ve waited over a week and a half and guess what? No bonus points. What a useless trip to the mall for nothing.

    Small sample sizes are ok but sometimes they are soooo small I can’t really use them to see if they work or not. Overall I think I’m more excited to get my beauty box 5.

    • I tried to use mine the other day and didn’t get points either. On my receipt it just shows that it scanned and it says it’s the August play and zero dollars. I’m going to send CS an email and see what’s up.

      • As a follow up, I emailed them and they added the 50 points within a few hours. โ˜บ

    • My experience with brick and mortar Sephoras has always been dismal. Once every couple years I think I’ll go and give them another shot, and they always give me a miserable in-store experience without fail. They never know how to handle VIB issues, and always get rude with me as if it’s my fault they don’t know how to do their job. I just stick to online shopping with them.

  4. I finally got in! I have literally been on the wait list for a YEAR and finally got the email. How is that some have only been on the wait list for a few months before getting in? Well, it’s a moot point now I suppose, but it doesn’t seem like the wait list works as they say it does.
    Regardless, I’m SO excited to get my first box next month. It couldn’t have come at a better time since I had such a huge issue with Ipsy the past few months and canceled because of it. So now I just have Allure and Sephora. All is right with the world.

    • Hey I was so excited to see Sephora Play on here and tried to join. I clicked on the link it took me to the Sephora site, but I got a pop-up saying that the page does not exist? Then I tried to search Play by Sephora on their site and got nothing at all, like no wait list nothing:(

    • i have same two subscriptions like you sephora and allure and i was on waitlist too but one day i got an email that subscription is open and i got it in just seven days so i only wait for seven days now waiting for my first box ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yay I’m in! Been waiting a couple of months for this one, thanks for the heads up!! Kinda weird they didn’t send any notifications to those who were on the waitlist. Pretty excited to try it out!

  6. I am in now. Woohoo. Have been waiting for 2 months for this one. Thank you so very much.

  7. I’m in!!! Thank you Liz!!!

  8. Finally, i’m in !!! Yeeiiii !!!! Thanks liz

  9. It worked! It actually worked!! Both my sister and I were able to sign up finally. Thank you so much Liz ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yay!!! Hope you both love it!!

  10. Finally, I made the mistake of cancelling last year and then changed my mind a month later and I have been on the waiting list forever! If not for your info, I still would have been as didn’t get any notification. But went on their site and got in!!

    • Same thing here except i did it 3 mon ago and I didn’t get a notification either.

    • Oh my goodness, I did the SAME thing! Literally, I was in the very first group to receive it, and cancelled a few months later, only to change my mind the next month! I’m very thankful for My Subscription Addiction, and their alerts! Thanks, ladies! And WooHoo!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Finally got my daughter in. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. Buddy of mine just got in-thanks for the update, Liz! Love your blog (check it daily), and the new pic as well!!!

    • Thanks so much, Christine!!

  13. I’m in!! Thank you so much!!

    • It says I am not a “BI” member what is that?!

      • Means you’re not a beauty insider member. This wait list are for those who are beauty insider members

  14. Awesome! I had given up on this sub. Was on the wait list for a long time. Hope it’s amazing ?

  15. Finally!!! Got a spot- very exvited!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. When Liz says “Go Go Go”…. I run first, ask questions later. Thanks, very excited to finally be ‘in’!

    • Haha!! Welcome to the club! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Lol…I’ve done that! That’s how I get in trouble, lol. It’s kind of like being part of a cult.

  17. Thank You!!! I finally got it after being on the wait list for months!! I’m so excited ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad I get these email updates from this site!!

  18. Would subscribing now get you the August or September box?

    • Your first box will be the September box.

    • Idk, I just signed up and my account shows I’m getting the August box with the Lance me and algenist eye balm and plum eyeliner!!!! Yippy!!! I ? Play! I had it and foolishly unsubscribed when I left tonto Greece for the summer thinking I could just pick up when I came back but was wait listed and ?. But now I’m back in!!! (Sucks bc i had gotten a 6 month birchbox to hold me over thinking I’d be waiting much longer…oops)

  19. Finally, thanks Liz!!!

  20. FINALLY!!! I’ve been waitlisted forEVER! Subscribed now. Thanks, Liz! โœจ
    Question: how do you get an invitation to a Play!Date?? There’s one nearby at the end of the month and I tried to RSVP (after subscribing) but it said you can only RSVP if you’ve been invited…
    Anyone have any knowledge? Thanks!

    • you get the invitation in your box

      • In my Sephora account?

      • Nevermind. Got it. In my actual Play box… Guess I won’t be going to this one then. Bummer!

    • Call your store for an appointment. I let them know what I want to do before hand so my appointment is customized. I bring my box contents too. I am then shown the best way to use the product. They do not know what we get so they are excited to see them. Be sure to ask for samples too. If you have box envy ask about something – they gave me a few deluxe packaged samples plus made a few. They also have sample bags made up.

      • Kim, I’m referring to the Play!Date, not just an appointment. They are specific events that are held occasionally & you have to RSVP. Unfortunately, if the invite only comes in the box, I won’t be able to go to the one nearby this time. ?
        Thanks for the tips, though! I will go in store & try out a new look! Sounds fun?

        • Last month, I was able to RSVP for the Play! Date through my account. I just typed in Play in the Search field, then clicked on “Check Out This Month’s Box” about halfway down. Then about halfway down, there is a “Pop in for a Play! Date” box where you can RSVP! I checked, and this worked for the 2nd sub I just signed up for tonight, so I’m sure it’ll work for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

          If you’re really interested to learn more about the August box, I would highly recommend RSVP’ing even if you’re not getting the August box. Sephora is so awesome, that I doubt it’ll be a problem, especially if you tell them when you arrive that your 1st box will be the September box, that you unfortunately missed out on the August box, but you’re still highly interested in learning about the products in that box.

          I had a lot of fun at the Play! Date last month, and they will TOTALLY hook you up with all of the samples you want (they actually had a ton already pre-made). They’ll give you more samples of the products in the current month’s box, plus the variants you didn’t receive, PLUS samples of items they bring out from the same line that complements the products in the boxes!

          • Luna-Thanks!
            I did try RSVP’ing twice (once just after I subscribed & once just now after reading your post), but both times, it tells me it’s Unsuccessful & by invite only ?I suppose my next step is to check with the store itself.

          • Darn! Sorry to hear that. ๐Ÿ™ I wonder if it’s like trying to sign up through their “waitlist” where it works for some and not for others.

      • That’s such a great idea thank you!

  21. So excited that I got on the list!! Thanks for the heads up ladies!!! I find it funny thought that I submitted my email to the wait list and no notification came… Oh well now I know my best source for I for is this site!!

  22. After 2 months on a waitlist I finally got in!! So excited!

  23. Ha! You can thank me for this. I got off the phone with them a few hours ago. My card didn’t go through due to an issue with my bank misallocating my entire account balance. I updated my card info online and they still didn’t charge it and so I called today and he said they cancelled my account and I would have to go on the waitlist. Needless to say, I was none too pleased!

    • Same thing happened to me, I was so angry. This box is a huge hassle!

  24. Hallelujah! I’m all signed up. Yippee!!!!

    • ? Yay!!!

  25. Omg yay finally got in!! Thanks so much!

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