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Play! By Sephora August 2016 CONFIRMED FULL SPOILERS

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

We have confirmedΒ FULL SPOILERS for the August 2016Β Play! By Sephora subscription box! (Thanks, Adele, for the head’s up!)

And thanks so much to our anonymous tipster who was right about these spoilers:

Everyone might receive:

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in I-544
Lancome Energie De Vie Smoothing & Glow-Boosting Liquid Care

Remaining items might include the following, one from each category:

Algenist Eye Renewal Balm or
Caudalie Resveratrol Eye Lifting Balm

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil in Love Affair or
Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil in Flirting Game

CLEAN Reserve Warm Cotton or
CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose

What do you think of the August 2016 Play by Sephora spoilers? Are the items showing up in your Play by Sephora account yet?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. If anyone was planning to purchase the eye shadow and does not want to pay the full price, makeup geeks mesmerized is a VERY close dupe. The makeup geek shadow is a foiled shadow so it has a little more shine.

  2. Just got my box today. Best play box yet, and of course it is because i was going to cancel it and another box to pick boxycharm back up but now I’m unsure what I want to do ?

  3. I actually love this months box! So excited about the Makeup forever shadow! And six items! Woo hoo!

  4. Those of you still on the Sephora Play waitlist, you might want to try signing up today. About fifteen minutes ago, I visited the Play! webpage to enter my email for the umpteenth time and instead of the usual enter your email blank space, I got a prompt to begin the subscription. It’s worth a shot to check. For reference, I have been waitlisted for about a month.

    • Thanks so much for the heads up! I went to their site and kept hitting refresh. After about 10 minutes I managed to get myself signed up!! I’m really excited so thank you so much!!

      • Awesome! You’re welcome! So glad to be off the waitlist!!

        • They have a clever marketing plan, I’ll give them that: make people wait to “get on the list.”

          Then you get the tiny things, and wonder what happened…

          • It’s $10 bucks. I don’t expect $100 worth of makeup. I like getting a little bag with samples every month of things I might not have ever tried. πŸ™‚

  5. I got my box yesterday and received the wrong eyeliner color πŸ™ I was supposed to get the plum but got the taupe instead. Figures because that was what I was most excited about getting. I did email CS but I’m sure I won’t get the right color sent to me.

    • I emailed bc my eyeliner broke when trying first time and was told to call Sephora @ 1-877-sep-hora. They’re sending me a whole new box!! I couldn’t believe that! πŸ™‚

  6. I haven’t gotten many boxes yet, and for Sephora, this is my 2nd one. Not sure if I want to continue. These are SO SMALL.

    Liz wrote something recently about the difference between samples and trial sizes, and I don’t know if these fit her definitions, but to me these are small samples. Any Lancome counter would hand you 2 or 3 of these samples as you walked by. I don’t know why mascara is so frequent in boxes, and all the same boring black. I just can’t with these perfume samples.

    I do like the info card they send! They have good instructions and tips, and explain various uses for each item. I decided they are good products, most of which I would like to try, but too small for the price, and the fun quotient goes away when the bag weighs less than my parakeet. πŸ™‚

    • I agree, this one is beyond on the chopping block, it’s just about to get the axe based on the size of the samples. I mean S-M-A-L-L! And frankly, most of the box contents are pretty unmemorable. I just don’t find myself waiting eagerly for Play! to arrive or think about what was included in the box much after it’s received. Disappointed.

  7. I received my box today and am happy with what I received –

    Algenist eye renewal balm – seems like a small sample, but then I realized you don’t need to apply a ton since is just eyes and should last for a bit.

    Urban decay mascara – I can never have too many mascaras. I would gladly take all the mascaras that other subscribers don’t want in their boxes. But where are the waterproof mascaras?

    MUFA eye shadow – One eye product that I hate. I have so much and I’m so particular about it and rarely use it. Will probably donate though the brand is pretty awesome.

    Sephora eye pencil in a purple/plum color – YES!!! Its waterproof! It is smaller than other samples I’ve received, but I use eyeliner every day and still have yet to get through some of my “samples” from other boxes from last year!

    Lancome whatever – Another “energy” skincare sample. I do use these but never really see any reason to buy the product even though my skin needs a boost! But nice to include.

    Cotton perfume – What is this? It smells like a too powerful febreeze spray. I would never wear this as a perfume. I’d spray this on my clothing underarms if I forgot to wear deodorant and needed to fake smelling clean, but even my husband was like what is this supposed to be? Not a perfume, but hey, its a bonus item, great for that natural disaster scenario where you can’t get clean anything. (Seriously).

  8. I received a tracking number on Friday for my Play box and when I check status it is still saying Ready for UPS and has not shipped yet. Wonder what gives? Anyone else have this issue? This is my first Play box.

    • Yes! I was literally just about to comment and ask if that had happened to anyone. Says it “shipped” on the 12th but 4 days later it still says “shipment info received by ups” with no other information. I emailed both ups and Sephora customer service and they were both incredibly unhelpful, but it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one.

    • Yes mine has been like that all week

    • Mine too. πŸ™

      • Mine too!!! I keep wanting to think its a fluke, but I don’t see why they would be in lingo for a week πŸ™

    • Yep, same for me.

      • Same here, I got the email that it shipped over a week ago and it still hasn’t moved πŸ™

        • Me too!! Says it shipped the 12th and here 10 days later…nothing! I want to love this subscription service, but the waiting has me underwhelmed and this is the only the 2nd month I’ve had it. Nothing takes 10 days unless its international to get anywhere in the USA.

          • Have you called customer service? I found it very coincidental that when I called about my box last week (no tracking info for 3-4 days), about a half hour later the tracking info magically updated.

          • Mine finally moved last Friday ,I should get it tomorrow we shall see lol

    • Me too, and I still can’t see what’s in my box on the website!

    • Same situation here, still showing label created and no movement. I guess our boxes are all sitting somewhere in their warehouse, having a party and mocking us πŸ˜›

      • Well mine must be there too having a good o time without me

    • The same for mine Sephora customer service says it will ship the 3rd or 4th week ?

      • I’ve been getting the box since the first month, and it usually ships within a day of receiving the tracking info, and i receive it within 3-5 days. I just called about my own box and the person barely spoke English and was very unhelpful. I’m going to try the online chat when it opens at 10 am (EST).

    • Same! I’m going to try to contact customer service this morning.

    • Glad I’m not the only one. It’s been saying “Ready to Ship” since Monday. This is my second box. The first came super fast. I wonder if it is all the same box type? My item # is 1832419.

      • I just checked the tracking again and all of a sudden I have a ton of updates on it, so double check! Its now saying that its been processed and transferred to “destination UPS Mail Innovations facility”

        • Not me mine is still just sitting there ,August is now my current box though.

    • Same here. Label created on the 12th and no updates since then. I’ve never known it to take so long between getting a shipment notification and seeing any progress….

      • Oddly, my tracking information updated about 30 minutes after I talked to customer service rep. I’ve never seen it take this long, either.

    • Mine did that too, but after about 5 days it finally got updated with actual shipping info.

    • Same here, mine states the 15th. But as of today still no shipping info. So I have no idea why I received an email stating it shipped on the 15th…but not really…

      I’m like a lot of people, I’m not excited about this box at all. The sizes aren’t really useable. My daughter, which she’s probably more their market, and loves Sephora by the way…told me to cancel because they never send anything good lol coming from the girl that wanted sephora gift cards for her bday! Think after this box I’m done. No real complaints, I just think I expected more from Sephora.

  9. I got my Play box today!! I know some of us were hoping the Sephora contour pencil would have been full size, but alas…it is not. Sigh. Everything is very small again. The Caudalie eye lifting balm feels like its not even full, but I haven’t opened it yet. It’s very VERY light. The Lancome moisturizer is heavier but the same size.

    • What size was the eyeshadow? I think that’s what I’m most looking fwd to in this month’s box. I know if you already have the MUFE Artist 1 palette then you should already have this color but I don’t have that particular palette so I’m pretty excited to try the color.

      • The eyeshadow is .02 oz. It looks smaller than the theBalm tiny shadows that Ipsy has sent out several times. (but I don’t mine at work to compare) Its a pretty color though. – Artist Shadow I544 Pink Granite (Iridescent)

        • Thanks for that info! I’m a little disappointed in the size then but yes, at least it’s a very pretty color~! Those Balm ones are laughable~ sooo teeny!

  10. I had the 1832427 order number and I’m getting the purple liner/algenist/clean cotton variation. I’m so thrilled. I already use an Algenist product and love it and I was hoping for the purple liner. I got my first box in May and honestly, with the exception of the tiny Tarte lip liner I’ve thought that all the samples were a decent size.
    The blotterazzi has saved me this month in the ridiculous weather we’ve been having in the north east.

    I’m much happier with Sephora than I was with Birchbox. I just wish they’d do gift subs.

  11. This will be my second Play box, and I’m happy with it! I always love mini mascaras. I’m getting the purple liner, and I’ve never tried an eye balm before, so that’ll be neat. The only thing I’m hesitant about is the fragrance- Warm Cotton- but honestly, I subscribed so I could try new things that I wouldn’t have thought to, so I’m willing to take this as part of the ride. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

    • Wish I was getting the purple eyeliner

      • I wonder how they divide them? I have brown eyes, which are often paired with purple. Would taupe traditionally go with blue or green eyes?

        • I don’t know the correct answer to that but I do indeed have blue eyes.I don’t wear brown eyeliners, never have .If I get the taupe I will of corse try it and then I’ll know lol.Purple and green are my favorite colors to wear as eyeliner.This summer I’ve been wearing a lot of blues

          • I got the taupe eyeliner and pink granite shadow. I think they go really well together. The eyeliner has a grey almost purple hue. I have green eyes and even though I normally wouldn’t buy something g that color, I really like it!!

          • That does sound really pretty together,can’t wait to try it ?

  12. I received my tracking number today. Not so sure where to find whats coming in my box. Is there a link somewhere that I’m missing?

    • When I sign into the Sephora site, it’s the PLAY! by Sephora link under MY BEAUTY BAG on the left side of the screen. It will list the previous month’s items first, so you’ll have to scroll down a little. Color names aren’t visible on the shadow or liner until you click on them.

      • Thank you so much! This was so helpful and I was able to find out exactly what colors I am getting soon!

  13. Here is what I am getting: Item 1832419

    Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
    Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in I-544
    Lancome Energie De Vie Smoothing & Glow-Boosting Liquid Care
    SEPHORA COLLECTION Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Flirting Game/Taupe
    Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Eye Lifting Balm

    • Oh and the perfume in Blond Rose

    • This is my item number as well and it sounds pretty good! I keep refreshing my Sephora account page to see if there’s a tracking number yet. In past months it’s always shipped on the 15th. Okay back to work…. heh…. πŸ™‚

    • I got this box also. I wanted the purple liner but I wanted the Caudalie eye more. I’m happy.

  14. I am beyond thrilled with the August Play Box! I’m getting the same products as shown by Megan. The colors are great for anybody, the colors of the products go well with other products in the box, and they’re all great types of products.

    I’m not fond of the perfume samples but I appreciate that Sephora gives us well known brands AND it’s also a bonus, not counted as an item *cough* Birchbox *cough*.

    My first box was May and it disappointed me, along with June. But both boxes still made the $10 spent worth it, so I kept the subscription. I had assumed that after they opened up Sephora to more people in May, the quality of boxes was going to decline since prior boxes looked AMAZING. Then July came and it blew me out of the water; and I was incredibly grateful that Sephora cared enough to cater to oily/dry skin combinations (granted, only those who shopped Sephora online prior to the box shipping and already had a profile created were the ones who benefited from this perk).

    Overall though, I’m very happy with the brands featured, mixture of items (2-3 makeup products instead of mostly hair or skin), and overall item selections for each box. I really hope they continue to keep it simple and don’t follow the path of ipsy where they offer customization and fail terribly at customizing products out of a 30+ item selection.

    • It just goes to show you how hard it must be for Sephora to please everyone. I felt the exact opposite about the boxes. My first one was May, which I loved as well as June, but I hated July so much that I gave some of it away. All in all, I think they are doing a good job at catering to do many of us. I am excited about getting the August box. πŸ™‚

  15. I am so excited for this box ! These are the type of products I was hoping for (the previous 2 boxes were not for me), I have never tried a make up forever shadow and the color looks so pretty, I am also looking forward to trying the algenist eye balm. I already really like warm cotton so I’m interested to see if the reserve version is any different. The mascara and eye liner both look good too.

  16. I should be getting the taupe eyeliner. I was so excited to get fun coloured eyeliners (I must have at least 4 purple and green ones, each) that I forgot to get some tamer colours. The eyeshadow looks awesome- pinkie taupe? Yes! This might be a fall of taupe, grey, and beige for me. Definitely different but exciting and new.

  17. I am still on the wait list. I have been on it since the beginning!

    • I would create a new email address to get on the waitlist. Since it’s been so long maybe yours just kinda went to the bottom. I signed up and it only took 2 weeks. Just a siggestion. ??

  18. I love the items. Mine hasn’t shipped yet, though. Geez! Even though I would have preferred the aglenist box with the purple liner and warm cotton, if the combos are correct. I’m still happy about it.

  19. I’m pretty excited, but for all the alternate items, I want the ones I’m not getting! I guess that makes up for me getting the ones I wanted last month. πŸ˜€

  20. For anyone whose box hasn’t shipped if your item number is 1832427 you are getting the warm cottom and the algenist box and I think (not positive) the purple liner , I’m not sure what the other item # is but that box has the caudalie and blonde rose. If you do not know your item number you need to log in through the desktop version on the site. Hope this helps (i got the info from Reddit)!

    • Oooooh, great info – thank you. My item # is 1832419, so hoping for the caudalie and blonde rose.

      • Oh, the rose the one that smells like a man’s cologne? :/

        • I’m getting the Blonde Rose cologne and I hope so! About half of the scents I wear are unisex or straight-up “men’s” colognes. I’ve been swinging both ways scent-wise since middle school. πŸ˜€

          • Yea, I like my perfume to be more feminine so unfortunately, mine is headed for the trash, lol.

      • Crap. Thats the one I got. I don’t use perfume due to allergies, but I do want Purple liner.

        I really need to cancel this. They keep sending me nothing at all I will use.

    • Thanks! This is what mine is. I am looking forward to all the products!

      • I hope I get that with purple liner ,love love purple .I have so many black eyeliners and I couldn’t tell you when the last time I wore black.I love colored liners

        • I wear black like every other day, but I have never used purple eyeliner so I am excited to try it!

          • You really need to start trying some colored liners. So fun! I almost never reach for black because I have a whole range of blues, teals, purples, greens, golds, and browns. (And even magenta and pink and white and red, though those don’t get used as often.)

        • I’m getting the taupe eyeliner which I will use, of course, but I was kinda hoping for the purple for fall. I haven’t worn purple/plum eyeshadows since the 80s but have been thinking of trying them again. I’ve discovered my skin tone is a bit cooler than I’ve always imagined.

    • So exciting! I have that number and I was hoping for the purple eyeliner. I use algenist face wash and love it, so I was hoping to get that as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for this to be accurate. πŸ˜€

  21. Argh! I hope I get my tracking soon….I am dying to know what is in my bag. πŸ™‚

  22. I’ve concluded that there are people who think they like subscription boxes but don’t because they are never satisfied with what they get. And their constructive criticism and understandable let downs turn into constant whining and moaning. Those people really need to save their $10 or $21 or however many dollars a month and stick to regular shopping.

    • I agree. Honestly I’d hate to be in this business.

  23. Mine always ships later, so I have to wait quite a bit.

    I’m excited about the brands and make up (which I normally don’t buy make up so it’s a treat for me). Love Algenist πŸ™‚

  24. I received an emailed stating my box shipped this morning. When I check online it is still showing products from July’s box :/

    • Mine did also but then I looked a little further and my August items were listed.

  25. I’m excited for this month. I haven’t tried most of the products.

  26. I’ve been totally underwhelmed since I first started subscribing to this box. I haven’t found any new products that I would purchase and most of the stuff I’ve swapped. I was so excited about it too since I loooove Sephora. I think I’ll put my money towards an k-beauty box.

    • Mishibox has pretty good value. I personally don’t think it works long term just because they’re good about sending full samples so it’s hard to go through everything.

      If you want to spend around the ten dollar price range though I highly recommend The3B box (Beauty Beyond Borders) it’s $12 but I’m pretty sure every-time now they’ve sent at least one full size item (not including masks). The first time I subscribed they even included a cute little hand written note which was a nice touch.

      • 3b is my new favorite box!!

        • Oh no a beauty box I didn’t know about,I’m in trouble now lol

  27. They don’t show you what you’re getting until your box has shipped. Just fyi

    • Well, thank you. That explains why I can’t see mine, lol.

  28. Nope – mine still shows July items…..

  29. Where do you guys log in to see the specifics?

    • If on the website log into your account and click on Play! by Sephora on the left under My Beauty Bag, it should list all of the items. On the mobile site there should be a My Beauty Bag as one of the choices on the drop down and then Play will be under there, click on it and it should show you what you are getting. The mobile site will also tell you which colors you are receiving.

      • ok thanks. July is the latest it’s showing then…

      • Just a heads up, my Sephora app updated, and now you can’t see Play! by Sephora on there anymore, it’ll redirect you to their mobile site.

        • Yep, I hate the new app on Android. I log into the site on my phones browser now.

          • I don’t have prolog ginger in on the mobile site on my android.

          • This auto correct is horrible. I am able to log in on the mobile app on my android with no problems.

          • It lets me log in, but I can’t find the Play box on it and it’s buggy, like it logs me out and sometimes the pages don’t load all the way. It’s faster and easier for me to get to it on the mobile website. Do you know where Play is on the app?

    • same Q –

  30. I’m ready to cancel my subscription. I thought this box would be great because it’s Sephora and they have buying power but actually each box for me has been disappointing.

    I wish QVC would do a beauty box.

    • They have the QVC new beauty test tube

      • Oh wow I didn’t know that was by QVC. I checked it out before but wasn’t impressed for $40 ? When I get BeautyFix for $25 even though this month was a flop for me.
        But I haven’t found consistent reviews on the test tube. Do you have it?

        • Beautyfix is much better than NBTT for the $, I think. New Beauty test tube is ok, but they have had some really lackluster months. I still get it because I had a bunch of referrals from when I used to have a blog. I only pay $8.95 shipping for my tubes. When my referrals run out (a few more tubs), I am canceling. But, you can buy the QVC version (different from the regular one) after you see what is in it. So, if there is a full-size product you really like/use in it, then it can be worth it. That is what I do when I “need” a beauty fix box one month.

          I used to sub to a bunch of beauty boxes, but after several years, I figured out what I like and either trade for it or purchase it! The only beauty box I get monthly is Sephora Play (used to get Birchbox). I did sign up for the 4 month Beauty DNA deal.

          • I always forget that I get Julep because I skip it half the time! I have picked it up the last 2 months, though. This month I picked up 3 body sponges. I love those.

        • Hahaha, you think this month was a FLOP for BeautyFix? You are hard to please.

          • “A flop for me.”
            Not everyone is going to like the same products. I’m entitled to dislike whatever I want.
            I mainly use Peter Thomas Roth products but do subs just to try new things but have yet to be super impressed to the point of buying anything full size. The samples were so teensy this month anyways that I don’t get to even use it enough to see how my skin reacts to it. So yes this month was a complete whoop Dee Doo for me. Still sticking with all of my Peter Thomas Roth skincare & Josie Maran. Gave the pill box to my toddler as a toy he puts his cars inside. Just threw the insert away. To me this month was a waste of $25

          • And thank you to everyone else for the advice on new beauty vs Beautyfix. Thank you for letting me have my own personal opinion on products without being catty
            And yes when you use quality products it is harder to be pleased with other things when you know what works for your skin and what doesn’t.

          • I’ve never heard of beauty fix, how much is that and what kind of things do they send you

        • Are you on the swap site? You would have been able to trade that pill box for some Peter Thomas Roth! πŸ™‚

          • What swap site?? And I didn’t know any boxes gave out PTR. I already have everything I need

    • They have several different beauty kits in qvc

      • I searched test tube on QVC but nothing is coming up are they all sold out?

        • Try beauty box,beauty bag and beauty kit I’ve found them under these names ,I’ll go look and see exactly what it was called and post on here

        • Ok here’s what it’s called..Peter Roth Customer Choice 6 Piece Anti-Aging Kit
          ? I loved mine

          • Ahhhhh thank you!!! So tempting ?? I just got the today’s special value PTR a week or two ago. You can never have too much. Thinking about cancelling all my subs and just treating myself to QVC multiple times a month instead lol

          • They have five other kits from him also if your interested

      • As a matter af fact I got a Peter Thomas Roth one a month ago

  31. I got the Clean Reserve Warm and Algenist eye balm. I’m hoping my eye pencil is the love affair color but online it doesn’t tell me which color I am getting. I haven’t used anything in this box previously so I am really looking forward to it!

    • I’m getting the same as you and when I look on the Sephora mobile website it says love affair. For some reason the colors aren’t listed on the main website.

      • Awesome thanks! I have been needing a new purple eyeliner so I really hope I like this one.

  32. I’m actually excited about this box! I like how they balance the eye make up with eye skin care! It’s a win for me πŸ™‚

  33. Since I received my shipping email this morning I had logged on to see.
    The items showing up on my account are:

    Lancome Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Moisturizer
    Caudalie eye lifting balm
    Make up forever Artist eyeshadow in powder blush
    Sephora contour eye pencil (wear waterproof)
    UD Perversion mascara
    Clean Reserve Blonde Rose perfume

    • Me too! I wonder if anything is going to be full size

      • I imagine at the very least the liner will be full size, MAYBE the eyeshadow (but probably not). This will be my third month I believe, do they normally have full sized items?

    • That is what I am getting as well. Was hoping for the warm cotton fragrance as rose tends to make me sneeze. I am loving Sephora Play, though. I can swap the items that aren’t for me (which is most of it this month) for things I like better. I used my 50 bonus points at Sephora inside JCP on a clean skin roller ball. They have a little roller ball set for just $18, but it didn’t have clean skin (my favorite). I might have picked something else, but I had my daughters with me and was under duress. πŸ™‚

      • I think you’ll be okay with the perfume. I tried it at sephora, and I could barely even detect a hint of rose. It smells like mens cologne, but also sweet. ?

        • Oh gosh, it smells like men’s cologne??? Oh, I hope I don’t get that – if so, that will be the second straight perfume sample from Play that goes right to the trash. πŸ™

          • Rather than trashing them, do what I do- put the fragrance samples in a little bag, and, when you have a few, give them to a niece or a friend’s daughter or a neighbor girl or some other youngster or even an out-of-work friend that would love to play with fragrance but can’t afford to buy! I am very selective with fragrance due to allergies, but my unemployed sister isn’t as sensitive (probably because she’s a smoker and can’t smell as acutely as I do) and LOVES to get my fragrance and beauty cast-offs!

            Please don’t think I’m scolding you, but I hate to see something tossed that one person doesn’t like but someone else might enjoy.

      • I will swap rise for my cotton!

        • Darn. Sorry. I will swap rose for my cotton. :() Also would prefer any black eye makeup. I am getting the rose eye shadow and purple eyeliner. Would also prefer the Caudalie eye cream. Thanks.

    • Do you know if you got box a or b last month? trying to get a hint of what I will get this time.
      Last month I got the Dew the Hoola , Smashbox primer and First Aid Beauty cleanser.

      • Christine. last month I got the same as you. I think it was box b, but not positive. I did receive the Hoola bronzer tho! You’ll probably get the items listed. Once your box ships you’ll be able to see it on Sephora’s site!

        • Thanks. I can see my item# is 1832419 so you’re probably right. I am actually good with that! I just bought a purple eyeliner so I wouldn’t mind a taupe one at all. Black is a little heavy on me so I like alternatives and the rest of the stuff looks pretty good to me! πŸ™‚

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