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Peaches And Petals Subscription Review + Coupon- August 2016


Peaches and Petals is a monthly lifestyle box that sends you “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern” items. You can expect items like fashionable jewelry, accessories, and beauty samples.


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Susbcription Box: Peaches and Petals

The Cost: $19.99/month with free shipping

COUPON: Use code Peach10% or PEACHWATCH to 10% off of your first month-to-month box (Peach10%) or Add a bonus vintage-inspired leather wrap watch in your first box (PEACHWATCH).

The Products: “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle” items

Ships to: US

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This month’s theme is “Thank you for being a friend.” This is the information card that was provided, detailing the contents of the package.


Every month, Peaches and Petals does a pretty awesome giveaway, and this month they are giving away a custom canvas print of your favorite photo! To enter, subscribers just have to share their unboxing on social media with appropriate hashtags.


On the reverse of the giveaway card was this coupon for a free dog bed with your first month of Pet Treater!


5-Pack of Golden Girls Greeting Cards – Value $8?

How adorable are these greeting cards? I am not a Golden Girls super fan, but I know plenty of people who are. I think it might be time to let them know how awesome they are!


UPDATED Note from Liz: A subscriber who received this necklace with counterfeit Dogeared packaging and reached out to Peaches and Petals received this message in response:

“The anchor necklace that was sent out was sent to us in incorrect packaging and it was NOT what we had been shown or ordered. The item we specifically purchased had no mention of a brand. Unfortunately, our first round of boxes were shipped with the incorrect packaging as our shipping team did not catch the error. The necklaces included in our August box are in no way branded or associated to the brand, and as so we did not mention any branding on our item list postcard. Also, please note that the retail value of the item is no more than $9.99.”

MSA received the same response when we reached out.

(For additional background info on this item, you can see the forum discussion here.)


Anchor Necklace – Value $9?

This little necklace is cute and it goes along with the friendship theme pretty well. I know my best friend is totally my anchor! This necklace has a pretty short chain and is meant to sit right at the throat.





Foxy Fox Headphone Splitters – Value $10?

I am having terrible luck finding this month’s items for sale online! So far, all of these values have been guesses. In any case, I love these headphone splitters, and these totally and completely fit this month’s theme. My best friend and I use these all the time on planes when we want to listen to something together. We are also both foxes, so these just work all the way around! 😉



Manna Kadar Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo – Value $21

Both of these colors are pretty sheer but buildable. I don’t use a lot of bronzer, but I will definitely make use of the highlighter.


Type-a-Graphic Photo Frame – Value $8.99

What a nice frame! I don’t know if I completely agree with the quote, but I appreciate the sentiment. I feel like I really need to put some cheesy picture of myself in it and give it to a friend for maximum benefit. Finger guns may come into play, I can’t be sure yet. This item was my “Friendship Surprise” as listed on the info card.

The info card says I should have also received an “Inspirational Decal,” but there was not one in my box. Mistakes happen, so I’m not upset about it. I contacted customer service and they offered to send me a replacement decal right away.


Spoiler Alert! Next month’s theme is all about cute!

Verdict: I am really enjoying my subscription to Peaches and Petals! It’s always full of such nice surprises, and the packages are always really well curated. The items are not the highest quality items in the world, typically, but the box itself is inexpensive. This month’s value (if my estimates are close) comes to about $57, which is super for a $20 box! I think Peaches and Petals is a really great way to treat yourself to a lifestyle box on a budget.

What do you think of Peaches and Petals?

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Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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  1. Has anyone else still NOT received their box?? I have not received a tracking number or anything. I emailed them last week and they gave me a standard answer saying they would be shipping within 48 business hours. Well, over a week later and I still don’t have my box or tracking number. And they’ve already charged me for September! I’ve written another email saying I need a tracking number now, and they should not have charged me for September if my August box isn’t sent out yet. I think I’m done, but I’m scared if I cancel they won’t send either box!

    • I received a tracking number way back in August 26,2016. Sat in limbo until today. This is after multiple emails stating they would be send “next week”

      Windsor, CT, United States 09/10/2016 3:55 P.M. Package departed UPS Mail Innovations facility enroute to USPS for induction
      09/10/2016 3:25 P.M. Postage Paid/Ready for destination post office entry
      Troy, NY, United States 09/10/2016 3:16 P.M. Electronic Shipment Information Received for Package by Post Office
      Windsor, CT, United States 09/10/2016 12:11 P.M. Package received for sort by destination UPS Mail Innovations facility

      I cancelled this sub prior to Sept due to all the problems and complaints from others, due to the whole debacle over the necklace, late delivery, and not honoring an order placed over a month ago using my “points”. The weight of my package is 0.75 pounds. Really???..( if they try to bill me for an additional month it will go to consumer protection)

      So yes watch your charges closely…I was going to hold out to see if they worked out the kinks but after all of this … Bye Bye..

    • I haven’t received mine yet either. I just canceled my account. I’m tired of never getting my box in the month that it’s intended. I love the idea of peaches and petals. Hate their business model.

    • I just received my box today. I cancelled a few days before I was due to be charged for the next box.The only thing that looked halfway decent to me on the review was the fox splitter and of course instead I got a heart shaped one that is very cheap looking and looks like a scrotum. I can’t even give this to my daughter. For the friendship surprise I got a magnetic picture holder that only a 5 year old could treasure.

      • Nothing says “friendship” like something scrotum-shaped!

      • Yes but I had to pay $20 for it. I guess I should change my name to “John”.

  2. Omg now I see what everyone is talking about now after I finally recieved my box weeks late. I am telling all of you that these necklaces are all over this site called have a app and I really like some of the cute thing they have for a dollar or two. Shipping is a dollar or two as well. 90% of the stuff that has been in their boxes are from sites like Wish. Just like the Vintage Watch for Sept. I went and bought the same only for a dollar and shipping was a dollar too. Anyway if you like cool things you wouldnt normally buy but you will probably use then go to this site. This way you know you will like what you get and you can get 5 times more stuff. Paypal is a way to pay too. Another thing is that I seem to see lots of things that have been in a few subscription boxes…

    • I’m going through the same thing i still have not gotten my box yet I’m going to cancel this is nuts I’m going to go with fab fit fun and or with popsugar ive read alot of good stuff about them I’m just having to many problems with peaches and peatals

  3. I was thinking…is an anchor a well-known symbol of friendship? I had never heard of it nor two others I asked. If not, then why would P&P send an anchor necklace for a friendship themed box, unless they did know about the Dogeared anchor necklace with sentiment on the card?

  4. I am so angry…. After emailing them for 2 days about my box that send it was shipping on the 17th, but now its almost the 26th and still hasn’t even left the warehouse. CS replied saying that my box would likely to be shipped next week. WHAT…. If you read there info it clearly says if ordered between the 25th and the 5th your box should ship on or around the 12th. I replied and said, ” So your telling me that the box I wanted to cancel isn’t gonna get to me until Sept.” It would be somewhat comforting if they sent me an email letting me know whats up like most subscription boxes. But no like always I get my info from here. Thank god for Liz and Mysubscriptionaddiction, and all of my fellow subscribers.I contacted Paypal and explained whats going on I keep seeing stuff you put into there boxes on Wish

  5. Glad I cancelled!

    • I need to cancel this box is a joke! My make up was broke I didn’t get a necklace or a picture frame, however I did receive a small box that says “girls just want to have fun” that’s the only thing I like. Who needs cards with golden girls on them? Don’t get me wrong I love the show but….was there ANY thought put into the usefulness of this box?

      • Ashly, How much did your package weigh? I STILL don’t have my box which per the website says it is fulfilled and my free points add-on was not fulfilled although I added it way before they charged me for the month. My box, according to the tracking that has sat there unmoving for weeks,only weighs 0.75 pounds!! I’m thinking it’s an empty box. I skipped next month to see if they are going to get their act together.

  6. OMG, I had no idea on the fake jewelry! And now there are a bunch of the Dogearred anchor necklaces for sale on eBay (priced at $25/30), so the “scam” is being unintentionally passed on to new consumers who will purchase it thinking they’re getting the real thing.

  7. I haven’t even got my box yet. I can’t tell you how happy I am to not have to email them ever again and will never ever give them another penny. They take like a week to answers a question. I emailed them yesterday 2 times about my tracking number and how my box hasn’t left the warehouse. I am so angry at myself for getting another box and trying to use my points….My points were another nightmare. Grrrrrrrr.

  8. Jammin Butter, the company that distributes this box, is an internet marketing business that buys items cheap and then in return sells them cheap. So, they mainly buy items at wholesale that have been overstocked or have some type of defect and can’t be sold in stores. Their headquarters is in my hometown. Below is an article a local business magazine published about them.

    I am sure they got a great deal on the necklaces because of the legal packaging issues. Someone probably forgot to take out the packaging before shipping. I think most of the jewelry they send normally doesn’t come with the original packaging, or at least from what I recall. So, I think it really may have been an honest mistake and not them trying to deceive anyone.

    I have received this box off/on over the past year. For the price point it is not too bad, but I have found that I end up giving away most items. They are definitely of lower quality/value. It is more of a miss for me, so I am taking a break awhile and will see what I think with future reviews.

    • Very interesting read. Heard a bit about this company before, but this shed a whole lot more light on it. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I didn’t receive any email from Peaches and Petals in regards to the necklace. I have the necklace with the printing and thought the printing on the card was odd, like something done on a home printer/inkjet. Now knowing that it is counterfeit makes me want to call it quits. Sept will be my last box from them.

  10. Liz, was that message from P&P about the incorrect packaging sent to ALL subscribers in the first round of shipping, or just those who directly contacted them about it? There’s a huge difference between the two and only one of them shows them taking a modicum of responsibility. I’m pretty sure they only wrote to those who wrote to them.

    • I think so too. I didn’t receive an email from them.

    • I was in the first wave of mailings and I received the necklace with the printed card. I did not receive that e-mail or any other communication from P&P.

  11. After that mess with the counterfeit necklace, I am so glad I got rid of this subscription box. The fact that they have not owned their actions for the Dogeared (a handmade-in-USA smaller company) counterfeit debacle is ridiculous. In fact, someone posted a review of their subscription box on their Facebook page that blatantly showed the fake Dogeared necklace with the branded card like it’s real and P&P liked it and said nothing. That was on Sunday. This is disgusting to me and follows their previous history which is a major reason I unsubscribed, because they just continuously refuse to own their mistakes (late shipping, etc.) until called on it and even then they are very hesitant to own up to it. No thank you

  12. I always see so much hate for this box lol. I think they are just missing their audience. I get this box for my teen daughter (and occasionally take something for myself lol) but it’s not a luxe box. It’s important not to judge it as one. To me, it’s a perfect low cost box to treat my daughter and I feel like that’s who they should be marketing to. Subscription moms are used to a better quality but my daughter def doesn’t need a scarf valued at $200. The things in this box are usually fun and giftable to her peers.

    • Completely agree with your statement. For the cost I would never expect real gold or brand named items. I’m not the target for this but my young nieces would like alot of the items they include for sure.

      • Maybe the anger is not that people “expected real gold,” but that they were TOLD (via packaging) they received real gold. I don’t care much about the necklace, but I don’t appreciate being lied to. I have never received any communication from P & P about this, after getting the fake packaging. The copyright issue is another problem. Sketchy business practices trickle down into treatment of workers, environment, etc. so I don’t like supporting them.

      • I completely agree with you, tpop. Sending out a box of mostly low-value items is one thing. Sending out counterfeit jewelry and not addressing it appropriately – especially when, judging by all the comments here and in the forum, it seems they did NOT make it right the way they claim they have – is something else and makes them look incredibly shady. This is doubly true after the concern over the possible counterfeit smashbox eyeshadow item that was, ironically, exposed by MSA last fall. (To be fair, P&P stated that item was not counterfeit, but by their own admission this time they did send out something they claim they didn’t mean to.)

    • Hi, May I put in my two cents? Someones a bad rep is authentic. I am well aware of the box being kind of an off brand warehouse overstock mish mosh of items, and I’m familiar with Jammin Butter and associated sites. At the initial lower price point was not too picky (Though I end up NOT using most of the stuff in the box and have no teenager to gift.) BUT! They increased the price several dollars under the guise that the quality and quantity would be much improved which was not the case. Many the items arrived broken or in poor condition and the shipping times were horrendous. Before I cancelled I was getting the previous month’s box at the end of the next month (or once two months later) which the nice rep did acknowledge when she asked me why I cancelled. I can’t say I hate this box but feel it is mismanaged and I think the true value will show it is much, much less than the listed value overall. Thanks for listening and glad you enjoy it and it works for you; wish I could say the same.

  13. Idk why this seems weird to me, but the Manna Kadar was in the Aug Birchbox too…

    • It was in:

      Luxe Pineapple Post July
      Pampered Mommy July
      White Willow July
      LaRitzy May
      Beauty Box 5 June

      Must have been in something else, too, because I’ve got 3. There’s also a 3-in-1 product going around.

      • I just got it in August TopBox!

      • Also in July Serendipity. I swear it’s been everywhere!

      • It was also in July Beauty Joy (which I don’t get), and I’ve been racking my brain because I think that there was another…

  14. I got charged for this before getting the July box, so I was stuck with it. The whole thing is junk.

  15. This was my first box and what a disappointment. The necklace is too short for my neck…LOL. I don’t like the saying on the picture frame and have no use for the fox port splitter even though it’s cute. I hope the Sept box is better but I’ll be cancelling.

  16. Since the first box review of this I have not been able to understand why anyone would pay $15 or $20 for this monstrosity. It was obviously a box thrown together with crap they found and thought would satisfy.

  17. I decided to cancel after receiving this box, I have been with them since November. This box was not what made up my mind. It was the rudeness of the customer service rep. that I emailed. I simply wanted to know why it was necessary for them to charge my cc a full 30 days for next month’s box before I received the current month’s box. Since he told me they charged on the same day every month, that if I didn’t want to be charged I should cancel, I did. No other explanation at all. I have already been charged for next month. And he refused to refund it, even though it was less than 24 hours after the charge was initiated, and while it was still pending on my card. I did ask my cc company to investigate on my behalf. I really liked this box in the beginning. But I won’t have any problem choosing another box as a replacement.

    • The exact same thing happened to me!!!!! I was charged for September’s box before I received August’s. I contacted customer service and asked about this practice and the customer service guy was downright rude. I asked for a refund (within a 12 hour period from the charge) and was refused. “Steve” said they would NOT issue a refund, even though there wasn’t even a potential ship date for the September box. He said my only option was to just cancel. In the meantime, my August box of dollar store items arrived and I just had to laugh. I immediately emailed Steve and told him I wished to cancel. He replied with a curt, “You will not be receiving any more boxes from us.” Well, that is cool with me but I had better get a refund or September’s box…..preferably a refund. For those of you who don’t understand the hate, this is a $20 box that has an actual value of about $5 (not counting the over-exposed bronzer). In my case, I prefer quality over quantity……look at Serendipity for an awesome lifestyle box that doesn’t cost a lot. I don’t think my 10 year old niece would be impressed with this junk; MAYBE her 4 year old sister. Ok, ok…..I DID like the Golden Girl cards……..???

      • Oh, and this was my first P & P box. My necklace was also branded and I did not receive any notice that it was a fake. My bronzer was intact but dusty and everything in the box looked a little dirty. My box was a plain brown box as well.

    • Same here. I payed with paypal and opened a dispute because I haven’t even gotten my box yet and sadly I guess the box of junk wont be sent out until next week. My box was supposed to go out on the 12th or around. I posted a question on there instagram page about not emailing paying customers and they said we posted sorry on social media… Well not everyone get their every post or follow so…. And I also told them I got that same watch for a dollar from Wish…. I did … vintage watch they are sending out for Sept. It just so sad…..

  18. I had skipped this month upon seeing the theme but I am getting next months because I had used points and had purchased something from the store. I’ve seen the cat design splitters for $7.50 and I just googled the fox ones and they are on sale for $3.00 at a website called garageclothing

  19. I’ve been subscribed to Peaches and Petals since the March box. I’ve seen quite a variety of boxes now, and of course I can’t expect the “quality” to be the same in comparison to something like PopSugar which is double the cost, so in that regard I do feel that it is apples and oranges. HOWEVER, I do think that Peaches and Petals is a bit of a scam as far as boxes go (and its only getting worse). After doing some research, its clear to see that the items for these boxes are simply international wholesale pieces either ordered from AliExpress or the Wish App. While I don’t necessarily have a problem with wholesale items like that, they try to pass it off as something high end. And they buy items that they can’t get enough of, so you have a “surprise” in your box, which is just other junk they used to fill the box and always leaves the third wave with the worst items. Seeing spoilers and reviews only to open your box and find two or three different items (after being excited about others) has always been a huge let down for me. Their packaging is TERRIBLE, just throwing items in a large box with one sheet of tissue paper, I often receive broken or damaged products. Kraft paper (so cheap) would easily fix that problem. And their shipping is the worst I’ve seen. They don’t tell customers when there is a delay and they do nothing to make it right. I’m 8 business days out from when my box was SUPPOSED to ship and it still hasn’t even moved. I subscribe to over 20 boxes, and as much as I want to stick with P&P, I think my money is better suited going to a different sub with a better reputation and quality. I finally decided after this that it was time to cancel and say goodbye to Peaches and Petals.

    • I don’t quite see how getting items from China could be considered them “scamming” people. Pretty sure everything in all of our houses comes from China. They are paying for it and then delivering it to you along with other items that are name brand. It’s not like the factories in China just ship them this stuff for free. Where do you think ModCloth and similar sites get most of their stuff that they sell for way more than it’s worth? That’s right… China. $20 for 5 items delivered is pretty darn hard to beat for that amount. Is it the best quality? Heck no! I do get a fun box curated and delivered to me every month without breaking the bank though. I don’t love every item but I do think the value is there. At least that’s my thoughts on it.

      I also personally like the surprise factor of the items that vary. Again, do I always love what I get? Nope. But it’s still fun to compare and not have the whole box spoiled by un- boxing posts. I swap with people when I don’t like something though.

      • “Getting items from China” isn’t what people are saying makes this a scam. What makes it a scam (or questionably scam-like, at best) is the passing off of counterfeit items as authentic, not to mention the unauthorized use of a company’s name, trademark, and packaging.

  20. OMG I want the Gokdwn Girls card, I’m a huge fan!!! Some cute items even though some items were a miss.

    • I meant Golden Girls opps

  21. Anna, would you consider (in the future) adding a photo of your fingers holding the item if it’s something like the bronzer/highlighter pan? We could get an idea of how big (or small) it is.

    Just a thought! Thanks for an awesome review.

    • Great suggestion Dia! I’ll try to figure out something. Thanks!

      • You can also put a quarter next to it foe size comparison or put it on a quilting cutting board that has measured squares or next to a tape measure.

  22. This box has been around for just about a year, and I’ve received all of them except for the last 3 of 2015– this one was the absolute worst. Instead of a frame for my Friendship Surprise I was sent a wooden box that looked used and dirty– it was chipped and scratched and the inside black paint felt tacky– I guess they were going for the “distressed” look. I am in the first “wave” of shipments and I was sent the necklace in branded packaging, but not the error message. This is usually a fun type of box for me to go through but this month just felt thrown together. The cards are unbranded. My items were sent in a too big, brown beat-up box (not like the nice white one that you got), and they were just swimming around. Luckily my Bronzer was undamaged– I saw where others had received ones that were pulverized. I had sent for the mystery box a couple of months ago and was very happy with that. Hopefully this was just an off month (for me, at least)…

    • I was in the first wave as well and this is the first I’ve heard of the error message.

      I would have cancelled after the July box but they’d already charged me for Aug two weeks before the July box arrived. I sent an email to customer service asking if I could still cancel or if it was too late. No response.

      I did have high hopes but I guess this isn’t the box for me.

    • You mentioned that the Golden Girls cards are unbranded and it makes me wonder if they’re legit. I doubt the image is in the public domain and it probably has a copyright. Is there any indication of this, like a little “c” with a circle and a date? Just curious, because I was going to try to swap for them but I don’t want them if the image has been stolen. I wouldn’t have even thought of this had it not been for the issue with the necklace.

      • My cards are totally blank on the back except for the Peaches & Petals logo on the bottom. There is no copyright indication all.

      • They probably aren’t licensed by The Golden Girls or anything, but I mean images like this are all over the web on shirts and various other items. You can find all sorts of stuff like that on ETSY so I’m sure swapping it would be no big deal. I don’t think there’s a copyright on a picture of these 4 adorable ladies 🙂

      • I can’t attest as to whether or not it’s in the public domain, but this particular b+w image is based off a color photo released in 1987 by NBC for publicity purposes (source: I own a copy, signed by Bea Arthur). Etsy shops aren’t always bastions of copyright law, and perhaps not the best benchmark of what constitutes legal use of an image.

      • The short answer is that whoever took this photo initially would hold the copyright to it, unless they contracted that right away or sold it off at some point. In this case, it was likely originally NBC, but Disney now owns the rights to The Golden Girls and it is extremely likely the rights to photos would have gone along with that transfer. Additionally, this is definitely not in the public domain.

        Unless P&P purchased or obtained permission to use this photo from the current owner, this use would be unlawful. I don’t think they have said anything on this topic either way. Maybe today is the first time this was questioned.

        For reference, here is a pretty good visual that explains basic copyright law for photos:

    • What was in your mystery box,I wanted to get one and they were sold out….I have not seen any review of what was in the mystery boxes or any comments from others on what was in their mystery boxes.

      • Tracking info stated that it was 9 pounds. I got a 3 pack of short socks; Strawberry Milkshake Body Butter; a Beach Buddy that pokes in the sand to hold a cup,keys, etc.; a nice sized lavender/ woven clutch; a silver Starfish necklace; a glass framed and matted 12”x12″ print; 6 piece Party Tasting Spoon set (this was the only item that I had previously received); a white metallic 4 bird Jewelery holder for wall mounting; and a nice-sized printed Thermos bag (looks like a medium sized tote bag). There may also have been something else that I already used or gifted. I also used Peach points to get (I think) $10 off.

      • I already had posted a detailed reply that somehow disappeared– I’ll try again. My box was listed at 9 lbs and included a 3-pack of short socks; a nice sized lavender/tan woven clutch; a 12″x12″ glass framed and matted quote print; a circular towel that looked like a giant pizza; the white 6 piece serving/taster set that was sent a few months ago (the only duplicate); a pretty silver starfish necklace; a large Strawberry Whipped Body Butter; a plastic poke cup for the beach to hold a drink, keys, etc.; a decorative Jewelry holder for wall mounting with 4 birds; a large sized (almost looks like a tote bag) cooler for cans. There might be something else that I’ve already or gifted, can’t remember. I was able to use Peach points to get $10 off– I thought it was a great deal!

      • Ok, now they both appeared at the same time??– sorry for the double post!

  23. It honestly bothers me that it wasnt shown that the necklace was a fraud and to show how they sent the 1st batch. It was very clear they knew what they sent and when caught, simply cut the paper off this 99 cent necklace which was clearly shown on the website. I feel like there should have been more of a disclaimer to be wary of this box.

    • I’m a bit confused how they could brush off faking a brand name so easily. Is it that the name brand uses the same supplier as P&P but just have a huge markup when they use their name to sell it? Or that P&P’s supplier actually sells counterfeit necklaces and got caught..

      • I think it is the second one. They are a Jammin’ Butter subscription and I have definitely found Pet Treater stuff (another Jammin’ Butter sub) on Ali Express, where I have also seen counterfeit jewelry for sale (no new, legitimate “Michael Kors” watch is $25…). So I think they are getting some things directly from China.

      • Dogeared is a smaller, USA-based business and all of their jewelry is handmade right here in the USA. They do not mass produce their jewelry and there is no way a counterfeit product will measure up to the real quality of an actual Dogeared necklace. You can learn more about Dogeared here:

    • Wow! First time hearing about this…

    • Sorry, I just re-read my note after reading your comment and realized that it wouldn’t be clear if there wasn’t prior context about what happened. I’ve updated with a link to the forum which has a lengthy discussion on this. Hope that addresses it – let me know. Sorry, again and thank you for calling this out.

  24. Though not my favorite P&P box, it was definitely not the worst. I love the Golden Girl cards; I think they are so fun! The anchor necklace is very cute, simple, and subtle. My box was missing the bronzer duo, but they sent a replacement immediately. I don’t really use bronzer much either, so I may gift this item. My surprise item was a very nice wooden box. It seems well constructed and sturdy. It’s design is somewhat rustic, which I like, but I haven’t decided what to do with it yet….Potpourri in the living room? Mints in the kitchen? A “catch-all” for the bathroom or my bedroom? It is a very useful and versatile item – more so than the picture frame I think.
    I know a lot of people complain that this box is cheap, but I usually enjoy the curation, and their customer service is the most responsive. They always follow the theme very well, and many products are so unique – things I’ve never seen before, or never would have bought for myself.

    • You must have been sent a much nicer box than me–mine also seems well constructed and sturdy but the orange-y rust colored paint job is scratched, scuffed and chipped. A sticker on the bottom states that it was made in India– is their paint lead-based? The last thing that I would put in this box is anything edible. I do agree that they are pretty good at following their theme, and that CS is usually good at responding.

  25. This box was a real dud

    • agreed the value wasn’t really there this month

      • 2nd both sentiments! So glad I cancelled when I did, after the June box, then I couldn’t get them to stop emailing me about some cheesy ‘deal’ or other, most of which looked cheap, oddly random, or sketchy, like overstock GWP items. Unsubbing, even multiple times, did no good; I finally had to mark them as spam. That said, when I did contact thier CS via email they were very responsive.
        Oh, P&P is also, which is where I’ve seen quite a few of the same items.

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