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ModCloth Stylish Surprise is Available Now!

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ModCloth Stylish Surprise is available now!

Stylish Surprise – Dresses, $20, available in sizes XS-4X

Stylish Surprise – Apparel, $15, available in sizes XS-4X

Stylish Surprise – Shoes, $10, available in sizes 5.5-11

Stylish Surprise – Apartment, $10 (BUY ASAP – this one always sells out first) SOLD OUT

FYI – Shipping is free on orders of $75 or more!

If you aren’t familiar with the Stylish Surprise, you can buy a mystery item (as many as you want) from any of the availableย categories – basically, it is a create-your-own-mystery-box!

Good to know: All Stylish Surprise items are Final Sale. These sell out VERY quickly – make sure to buy ASAP if you are interested!

Check out our Stylish Surprise reviews to learn more about this offer from Modcloth!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This was my first SS and I like the items I got. Mod cloth cancelled my dress which I’m happy about as that was too much of a gamble. 1 pair of shoes and 1 apparel is enough…especially seeing those repeats. 1 of my items is still on Modcloth for $45 in a different color and the other I found on sale for $35. So about $80 value for $30…not bad.

  2. This was my first time trying Stylish Surprise, and I have mixed feelings about it. I got this dress, which is not something I would normally buy (a little more busy than my usual taste), but fits decently and I will probably wear.

    But my apparel item was a huge disappointment. I was hoping for a cute top or skirt that I could wear for work or dressy-ish occasions… and instead ended up with a dog patch t-shirt that is transparent, cheap looking, and doesn’t even fit. I can’t find it on the Modcloth website or anywhere else online, but I can’t imagine that it cost much more than $10. I literally would have been happier with almost anything else from their website than I am with this. ๐Ÿ™

  3. I got mine today. I order 2 pairs of shoes and 2 apparels, and I love one of them and the others are just okay.

    My first pair of shoes were chocolate Naughty Monkey sandals. They’re pretty busy, so I don’t know how much I’d wear them.

    My second pair were nude Report Milez flats. These are more my style.

    The tops were okay. I’d probably wear them but they’re not something I’d pick out for myself.

  4. Well that was a dud. I purchased a Small Apparel and I got a t-shirt with a weird graphic on it. There is nothing stylish about this t-shirt whatsoever and I will rarely wear it. Oh well, I took a gamble and I lost. In the past I have received some good items but I will not fall for this again.

  5. Guys. I bought two apparel items in 1X. Somehow–and I can’t believe it–but I got two coats. What. I am beyond freaking excited, and it makes up for all the other times when I got pine green satin prom dresses and neon yellow pumps. I AM SO HAPPY!!!! And, bonus for this plus-sized girl, they FIT!

    Steve Madden Diagonal Alley coat in black, which just came back on the site, so what the what?? $139.99
    * This is a magic coat that actually has wool content and looks fab and I am so happy.

    Modcloth label light cotton lined trench coat, with bands of red, black, white, and fawn, and a red belt. I can’t find this one on the site, but it’s super cute. Doesn’t quite work on my body, and I’m not sure how often I’d wear it, so I might trade it.

    Still flabbergasted that I got on-season items, it’s just so weird. Hope others did, too!

      • Yep, that’s the one!

    • Ok this was a bummer for me. I ordered the stylish surprise a year ago and nothing fit. So this time I ordered a size up and everything is too big. The biggest insult is that they sent me 7 of the exact shirts in the same style and 4 of them are in the same color navy and 2 of them are in the same color gray. I can’t believe I spent $100 on t-shirts I could have bought for $5 a piece at Target. I should have learned my lesson the first time.

    • You’re so lucky. I also ordered apparel in 1x and they sent 7 of the exact same t-shirts and 6 of them are duplicates in the exact same colors. I’m so mad at myself right now.

      • I don’t know why their selection is so wildly random. You would think there is a human person picking out the stuff from inventory. Why would someone get seven of the same exact shirt? Or why would a blogger I saw get three same wedding dresses? We all hope for that elusive great dress or coat, but seeing some unhappy stories will make me think twice next time.

      • Maybe contact customer service? They’re usually great, and I think I heard somewhere that if you got exact duplicates they’ll refund (don’t quote me on that, though).

        I totally hear you, though. The last time I did one of these, I bought an apparel and two shoes. The apparel was basically a brown sack. One pair of the shoes were ridiculous knee-high boots that I’ve never worn. The other was a pair of Danskos! So it was sorta worth it? It’s all so random.

        • Thanks for the suggestion. I contacted customer service and sent them a picture of the shirts with the sku numbers and they are refunding 4 of the shirts and I get to keep them. I’m going to give them to my mom and sister for Xmas lol

          • Sweet! Glad it worked out!!

  6. How are you finding the original modcloth item descriptions? I got a gorgeous Eliza J. fuchsia sleeveless dress and a lovely long sleeve gray top with lace sleeve trim. Would like to find original prices. I can’t believe they both fit perfectly. I went from feeling like I wasted money to now wishing I had bought more!

    • Sorry, I just now saw your question. I’m finding them actually just by searching with google. I search modcloth and enter color and any distinguishing features. If it doesn’t show up in the results, I then click to search by “images” If I find it in images, the links usually don’t work but they will have the name of the design which you can then enter the name in a google search with modcloth and BAM, you got it. I hope this helps.

  7. Here’s my Stylish surprise
    1. Sway polka dot skirt. Cute, but I’m not sure if I will wear it.

    2. Sbicca Flavia sandal
    (They look like these) Love!

    3. In the resort term dress- Love!

    And, drumroll please….
    4. Bamboo Jovial glitter jelly wedges- just what I always wanted, plastic disco shoes. They also seem mismarked for size, these are way smaller than a 9. They look just like these .

  8. I got my box of 7 size 4x apparel surprises today! (Sorry if this is long, but I did research and found everything and am including links in case it helps anybody else that got the same things)


    1. Wish You The Zest Dress – $59.99 – sale price $17.99 (no longer available)

    2. Charter School Cardigan in Honey – $39.99 (no longer available except XL)

    3. The Dream of the Crop Cardigan in Navy – $29.99 (no longer available except XL)

    4. Learning Latin Top in Ivory Floral – $44.99 sale price $21.99 (no longer available)

    5. Profesh of Both Worlds Top in Navy – $39.99 sale price $19.99 (no longer available)

    6 & 7. (got 2) Pros and Convertibles Top in Chambray – $39.99 sale price $15.99 (no longer available)

    I was super happy to get those cardigans!! And the dress is SUCH nice quality, comfy cotton but fully lined as well. I’m on the fence on swapping it. But I’ll probably be swapping all of the blouses and possibly the navy cardigan (just because of my furry friends) I am quite happy with the value. I did contact modcloth and got credited for the duplicate shirt. So when all is said and done my cost was $73. Good quality and I’ll wear that honey cardigan all the time!

  9. My box arrived today. I had ordered 2 apparel, two shoes and a dress. I got a navy and white striped sailor skirt, a mustard yellow top with tiny black flowers, a cute multicolored sleeveless dress and two pairs of heels I will never wear, one with a chunky black heel and ankle strap with Black and Tan toe and an espadrille wedge with thick brown straps. Two out of five, so all and all more of a miss for me.

    So jealous of those who got booties or flats.

    • Now that I’ve tried everything on its a 5 out of 5 miss for me. I gambled and lost, oh well. I’ve always hesitated on purchasing from mod cloth. I think I’ll stick with Stitchfix.

  10. This is my first time ordering surprise box from them I ordered one medium apparel and 1 extra large apparel and it came today and I got a shirt in each size. Is it normal to receive one thing? I thought you received a few things in the box but maybe I’m wrong

    • This is not like a sub box where you get more than one item–you get exactly as many items as you pay for. If you ordered one apparel size xl and one apparel size medium then you get two pieces of clothing, one of each size you ordered. You got as many items as you were supposed to.

  11. I got an excellent pair of black booties/ankle boots which I will be able to rock all fall and winter long. I found them on the website for $49.99 so they’re definitely a great deal! I’m SOO glad I got something classic and safe vs some of the funky colors and fashions mentioned below.

  12. Got mine today. Took a gamble buying a dress, and it did not pay off for me. I got a bright green Christmas dress covered in foxes. I may wear it as a joke this Christmas. But on the bright side, I also go an apparel item and a shoe item. I got a lovely sleeveless top, and a pair of burgundy minnetonka mocs, which are still on sale for $45. For $50 (including shipping) not too bad

    • Is this the dress you got?

      If it is, you might have luck swapping it since it’s no longer available and some people might be looking for it. Just a thought. (I don’t know if you use the swap site on here, but it’s pretty easy to use… and addictive of course.)

      • Yes, that’s the dress I got. I signed up to be added to the swap site, but I don’t think I’m off the waitlist yet.

  13. So i had a free three day shipping code and already got mine! I got two shoes, two shirts, and a dress.

    One of the shoes is the kind of retro heel that honestly I think is ugly as sin. Then there’s a pair of quilted madden girl booties I LOVE. The one shirt is an off the shoulder red shirt, a little tight but cute. Second I think is a large poncho?? It’s gigantic and ugly black and white Polka dots. I wish they gave you the names at least so you could look it up and see what it is because I don’t know…. I assume it’s a poncho? Maybe it’s a skirt? Lol And the dress is way too bright for my style (purples, oranges and blacks together, it feels bright and old at the same time) and a size too large. :\

    I might try swapping? I’ve never swapped before but I’d like to trade if only because I feel like 2/5 is low…

  14. Has anybody got shipping confirmation emails yet? I’m getting nervous after reading about what happened last year. (Apparently there was lots of overselling due to some kind of glitch. But shoot, my size apparel surprise is STILL available so I wouldn’t think that could happen. Someone please alleviate my terror. I’m already not good at waiting… and the thought… help.

    • Got my shipping confirmation email yesterday!

      • Hmm… did you pay for faster shipping? I did super saver or whatever the free one at $75 is.

    • YES! UPDATE: I received my shipping confirmation email for all 7 of my surprises. Yippee!

  15. I got 1 of each apparel categories as a birthday present for myself. Nervously excited. I would love to get something out of my comfort zone but am also crossing my fingers for something practical.

    • March was my first stylish surprise. I got one cheap dress that didn’t fit right, 1 cute tank top that I use for the gym, and 1 pair of red velvet Dr. Martins worth $130. So, the shoes made the whole thing worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ This time I ordered 3 pairs of 7.5 shoes, 2 apparel and 1 dress based on the quality of the items I got last time. I’ll share when they come…maybe we can do swaps here ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I was too slow to get my size in dresses or shoes. I mostly wear skirts and dresses. I think apparel would be too risky. With my luck I would get shorts or something in yellow. I look horrid in yellow. I did see some nice things on sale so I may just order that way.

  17. The dress one in my size wasn’t available. Soooo, I got 7 apparel ones and used my $20 off code to make it $85! I’m pretty excited to see what comes! Does anybody know if it’s possible to still get a dress in the apparel boxes???

    • Yes it is. I got a dress once for my Apparel Stylish Surprise.

      • Oh my gosh, that’s AWESOME! This is my first stylish surprise. I would be over the moon if I got a fancy dress and / or a trench coat!. I’m sure out of 7, I’ll get something I like. And there’s always the swap option, right? But just to put it out there… fancy dress and trench coat come on my way! Haha.

        • Yes a great dress or coat would be awesome. Please post when you get yours. I only got 1 dress, 1 apparel, and with my luck I will get a romper or something else I’d never wear.

          • HAHAHA! I didn’t even THINK about the possibility of a romper. I am 4X, please God NO!! I would laugh AND cry. I will post the outcome! And please share yours as well. I’m excited to hear what everybody gets. I’ve never been included before.

  18. I got some dresses, apparel, and shoes. I can’t wait to see what we get! I love that Sylish Surprises come out this time of year because we use them as part of school shopping. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Thank goodness my shoe size is a 7 and that’s pretty much never sold out right away. Got 3 pairs of shoes, 2 apparel, and 1 dress. Last time I got a pretty pair of boots and these other platforms and then a beautiful burgundy sweater cardigan. Crossing my fingers for this time!

  20. This is my first stylish surprise. I remember reading the March 2016 review with the jacket and boots that Haley got and wishing I had heard about it sooner. I like mod cloth but never seem to pull the trigger on buying anything so this is a great way to have a fun surprise and find out if I like their stuff on me. I got one dress, two shoes and two apparel. I’m kinda hoping I get either a crazy formal or a vintage style dress.

  21. Modcloth dresses never fit my body right for some reason – the arm holes always dig in near my underarm area. But, I got myself one apparel item and one pair of shoes this time.

    A time I did Surprise Ride before this, I got two pairs of shoes but only one fit right (the other was gifted to a friend of a friend). Fingers crossed my one pair of shoes fits this time. Fun fact: autocorrect wanted to change “shoes” to “Sherpa” in the first sentence in this paragraph – what in the what? I can’t even.

  22. No!!!!!!! They are all out of size 11 shoes!

  23. So I went for it AGAIN with 4 shoes in a size 8.5 ๐Ÿ™‚ I checked the clearance section like someone said to in a comment and in my size everything cheaper than $20 are like super cute wedges (which are like my favorite thing ever here in san diego!) so I think I will be set *knock on wood* for at least a pair I really like or maybe higher priced ones I will learn to love? At lik1 $12.50 a pair including tax and shipping I’m excited. Last time I got the baseball Keds that were still full price! definitely a steal for something I would not have paid full price for but makes me feel awesome going to Padres games…even if they end up sucking lol.

  24. Haley must be really lucky because everything she’s gotten has been perfect for her. Dang! I’ve tried the dresses in the past and they are simply a no go with me. The shoes I’ve done better with but I have gotten the incorrect size in my box- just like Haley’s boots. The BEST is the apartment one that sells out in a nanosecond. I got the heads up on Friday that this was ready to launch- so I was crazy all weekend checking the site a zillion times!
    For me it’s the after winter box that has the best options-chances are pretty good you’ll get a nice coat or jacket.

    • Guess I am unlucky too. My only time getting one was post winter, and my Apparel was a cheap yellow sweater that was on sale for less than I paid for it (they gave me store credit back) and I got so jealous that others including Haley got a jacket.
      Still, I just bought an Apparel and Dress with fingers crossed!

  25. If you’re a new member, you can use the $20 off $100 promo code too. I got 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, and 2 apparel for $80!

  26. Can’t resist!!!! Last time I ordered 2 pairs of shoes one was the wrong size (gifted to a tiny footed friend) and the other (a pair of boots) broke immediately. Still after the nonsense with Bare Essentials I can’t resist!!!! 2 apparel, 2 dresses & 2 pairs of shoes!!!! Fingers crossed for better luck this time around. Good luck everyone!!!!

  27. I got shoes. Such a great deal (especially if I luck out and get boots). I’m excited and scared!

  28. Yayyy! I’ve been waiting for this!

  29. Yay, got two pairs of shoes! I’d love to get dresses, but $20 is too big a gamble for something I might hate. Might as well just buy something from their sale section instead!

  30. Does anyone know if these are mostly going to be summer items? Like the shoes would be flip flops/sandals? (I assume they’re getting rid of the old stock to make room for the Fall/Winter collection)

    • It’s usually basically what’s in their sale section. SS is usually a season clearance event, basically, so yes. There are a lot of <$10 shoes on their site right now, at least in my size (6.5) so I'm probably going to skip them.

      • It’s not just the lower priced stuff though. Some of everything on sale gets picked along with stuff not on the site.

  31. Woo-hooo, I scored 3 pairs of shoes in my size. Here’s hoping they’re good ones. I haven’t had luck with apparel or dresses in the past, so I’m skipping those this time.

  32. Sounds like a lot of fun. And $10 is a super good price for a pair if shoes. I wish they went up to a size 11.

    • They do have size 11, they’re still in stock too ๐Ÿ™‚

      • They are now sold out. I just missed them due to check out issues with Paypal… Chalking it up as not meant to be.

  33. Yes! Thank you! I got the prettiest dress and a gorgeous winter coat last time!

  34. I kind of want to try it with dresses.

    For those of you who have gotten these in the past, if you have ended up with something that doesn’t work for you, how have you gotten rid of it? (I don’t do Facebook so Facebook trading groups are out.)

    • I sold one of my dresses from last summer’s stylish surprise on ebay. I ended up selling it at $10 just before prom season (I don’t remember how much commission Ebay charged me). While it was a loss, I got two pairs of shoes that I love…

      • Second that. I got a $200-ish pair of shoes that didn’t fit, so I sold them on eBay. I didn’t make anywhere near the RV, but I still made money considering what I paid originally.

      • Thanks. I wonder if I wouldn’t be better off just picking things I like from the sale section. Might not get quite as good a price, but more of a guarantee that it’ll work for me.

        • You may want to consider waiting for a good coupon code to come around if you decide to do this. Modcloth SS is about clearing out their old stock, so some things will definitely disappear, but if you’re worried about the prices (as they do have rather high retail prices), 20-30% coupons are not uncommon for them and 40% ones pop up on occasion.

    • ugh the one time I did the stylish surprise I got a heinous sweater I was unsuccessful selling on ebay and buffalo exchange wouldn’t take it out of season so now it’s just sitting my closet….but I might try to sell it with some other things this winter at either buffalo or ebay again? if it’s a high quality item you could also try etsy

  35. if your a student you unidays promo code applies!

    • Thank you so much for this comment, I wasn’t even aware of this website!

  36. Apartment is already sold out.

  37. I thought mod cloth was a reusable pantiliner for some reason

    • Jessica T- that’s too funny. Were you scratching your head wondering what would be stylish or surprising about it?

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