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Lip Monthly Subscription Box Review + Coupon – July 2016

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Lipmonthly-shipping packaging

Lip Monthly is a subscription box that sends everything lips! Products included are glosses, sticks, balms and stains. Each month you receive a makeup bag filled with 4-5 deluxe lip products and one non lip product.


I really like the art on the bag this month.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Lipmonthly-everything in bag

The Subscription Box: Lip Monthly

Cost: $12.95 per month (free shipping), $38.95 for 4 months (free shipping) or $116.55 annually (free shipping)

COUPON: Use code 50OFF to get your first box for 50% off

OR use code 1STFREE to get your first box free with a 4-month subscription

OR get use code 3FREE to get 3 months free with an annual subscription!

Products: 4-5 deluxe lip products plus one non lip product

Ships to: US, Canada and International

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Lipmonthly-description card front

Lipmonthly-description card back

Each Lip Monthly box comes with a card detailing each product inside the bag. It includes prices along with a note from the Lip Monthly team. This month they included a $10.00 coupon card off your next purchase of Better Skin Mirakle Cream by The Better Skin Co.


Bellapierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Celebration– FULL SIZE! $15.00

I’m familiar with Bellapierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder thanks to subscription boxes. I really like this bronze shade! It’s 100% hypoallergenic and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It’s made from 100% pure Mica powder and the pigment is long lasting- keeping!

Cougar Perfect Pout Lip Plumper– FULL SIZE! £29.00 (approximately $37.49 USD)

This lip plumper really does make your lips look more voluminous! It goes on clear & glossy. I didn’t think it would really work but it does. However, after I took it off my lips were extremely dry and cracked a little so this didn’t work out for me. According to the website, this lip pumper has an active Ingredient of Volulip, which mimic’s hyaluronic acid injection by doubling its synthesis level.


City Color City Chic Lipstick in Je t’aime – FULL SIZE! $4.99

City Color is a fairly inexpensive brand but I like how their products don’t scream cheap. The logo they stamp on the lipstick tip is a nice touch. The color is really pretty but it didn’t apply well. I wasn’t a fan of the texture or pigment when it was on my lips so I will be gifting to a willing friend!

Mirabella Colour Vinyl Lipstick in Cherry Shine – FULL SIZE! $26.00

I’ve never tried this brand before and I ended up liking it. It’s a nice red shade and I really like the design of the case too. This lipstick is paraben & gluten-free & has 10-hour wear. According to the website it features Berry Flux Vita, a raspberry extract that provides intense hydration, Argan Oil and Litchi Chinensis Fruit Extract.


First round of swatches: Cougar Perfect Pout Lip Plumper (top) and Bellapierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Celebration (bottom).


Lip swatches: City Color City Chic Lipstick in Je t’aime (on top) and Mirabella Colour Vinyol Lipstick in Cherry Shine (bottom).

Verdict: I feel pretty neutral about this month’s Lip Monthly. I don’t hate it or really love it. It’s a nice average compared to past bags. I will keep everything but the Lip Plumper and City Color City Chic lipstick. This bag totals up to $74.99 which is one of the higher values I’ve received. This month was a great deal given the purchase price of the bag although I do think the Mirabella lipstick is overpriced.

What do you think about July’s Lip Monthly bag? Did anyone receive the same products I did?

Written by Nancy McNew

Nancy McNew

Nancy discovered the world of subscription boxes once she came across My Subscription Addiction in early 2013 and signed up for a few. She is a lover of all things fashion, weenie dogs, the 70s and unique finds in subscription boxes.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Question about the “3 free bags” offer- how does that work? Do you just get 3 extra bags? Does the sub run for 15 months? Or is that just the savings off the monthly bag price? Thanks!

  2. I received the august bag today. For july i got the may bag and products. The august bag is white with blue and pink flowers. The info card was stuck to the inside of the bag and when i peeled it off it left some orange residue. I received seraphine lip and cheek stain $20, which is fuschia in the tube but it is translucent on the lip with a hint of color. It did not look good on my cheeks. It was very blotchy. If you use a very small amount it works fine. It is very hard to get off your finger though. Hikari lip and cheek stick $15, it is a fluorescent orange coral color. It looks good useing a very small amount and it blends well. Lord and berry lip liner in rose $10, i love this liner. It is a great color and it applies smoothly. Manna kadar priming lip crayon $24, it is a rose color and matches the lipliner really well. It has a matte finish and is very smooth while applying. It has great staying power. The total came to $69 which is good. I really am happy with the lip crayon and the liner. There was a nice variety of color this month. All 4 items were lip products but i think they need to start giving 5 items a month.

    • Becca, Lip Monthly actually used to send 5 items, and the bag was only $10 a month. But the price went up and the number of items went down. 🙁

  3. I believe when you use a coupon code to sign up, they usually send an old bag as your first bag which is why some people have gotten a different bag from the one posted here. Also, Lip Monthly used to be $10 a month for five full-size products. However, their price went up to $12.95 and they cut it down to four products. Hope this answers some questions/helps with the confusion.

  4. I just got my August bag which oddly came in a plain brown envelope not the pretty shiny gold one as usual and I agree with everyone wish they wouldn’t put logo on bag so we could regift those because they are really piling up with ipsy bags too lol but other than that and love everything in it .
    The Manna a Kadar lip crayon in Jádore (nudey pink) is awesome !!
    Seraphine lip /cheek gel in bloom love it!
    Hikari dual color stick in tawny ( which is yay finally a metallic bronze shade for lips cheeks also)
    Lord & Berry lip liner in romantic blush which is georgeous !!??❤️

    • I got this exact same august bag in a brown envelope.. its not supposed to be right.. and this July bag I did get these items but I didn’t get that bag! lol

    • I had to throw away the Seraphine lip/cheek gel, because no matter how I tried to work with it, it was so incredibly blotchy! I’m sad, because this is the 1st time ever I had to throw away a product I received in a sub. Usually, if a product doesn’t work for me I give it to family/friends/charity, but I don’t even feel comfortable gifting/donating this to anybody. Hopefully, I just got a bad batch, and others enjoy theirs. 🙂

      But, overall I’ve really been enjoying my Lip Monthly subscription!

    • Oooooh, my first bag will be August and I hope it is exactly the same! Those all sound wonderful – although, I will likely toss the cheek stain.

      I should have it early next week, so fingers crossed!

      • Oh Don’t toss it you can always donate to Womens’ shelters or cancer centers they would gladly take it , besides it might work for some , I really like it !☺️?

    • I just signed up last month and got my Aug. bag today. It came in a brown mailing envelope which I don’t care about, the makeup bag had little birds on it. I got:

      Manna Kadar lip crayon – goes on super smoothly
      lip pencil in rose which is pretty
      Seraphine in bloom – it’s a little hard to get out of the tube and hard to blend
      Hikari lip and cheek stain – it says “dusk” but it’s florescent coral when you open it, but it blends out to the prettiest shade

    • Mine came in the brown envelope too. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. However, I love everything in my August bag including the bag so it’s all good 😀

  5. Last month, I received the May bag, which I already had. I contacted CS and they didn’t even apologize. They basically said “we messed up but we’re not going to fix it”. The bag I received this month is completely different from Nancy’s. Different bag, different products. I super ticked off.

    I am so done with them.

  6. My first bag is on the way. I subbed because they said that every August bag would have the new Manna Kadar lip crayon in it. If the bag comes and it’s an old bag, I’m cancelling. Too confusing.

  7. i really like lip monthly, as an idea. As the current service, i’m just confused. I also received a different bag, the “August” bag according to the info card. I subscribed in July with the half off coupon, and received a bag that’s shipment label literally said “old inventory.” The bag I got in July was Mays’ bag. And I received August’s bag, while others are seemingly just getting their July bag. I’m just so confused on how their shipments work. I’m going to wait it out a bit, before I cancel, but right now I’m just like wha??

  8. I don’t understand what Lip Monthly is doing. My first month was July but the bag had all the products from the May bag. It was the tulip bag with manna kandar lip stain, DLS lipstick, so susan jello shot and jorel parker face mask. The info card said july on it however. MSA reviewed that bag for may though. I still haven’t gotten augusts bag but i assume it will be the june bag and products. Why would they do that. It is confusing and annoying. I did like all the products i received in my July bag though. Anyone else getting the wrong bags?

  9. Well I was thinking of getting this subscription but now that I’ve read all these reviews I don’t know??

    • I was thinking the same exact thing…too funny lol

  10. I’ve been kind of interested in Lip Monthly and almost signed up a month or two ago but I find it a little strange that it’s advertised (on their website and here, as well as on other subs so I assume all reviewers were given the same info) that it’s 4 to 5 lip products plus one non-lip product a month. So bags should then have 5 or 6 items total… but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a review that wasn’t 3 lip products and 1 non-lip product. It seems like the value might be there some months but I wouldn’t sign up for something that advertises one thing and does another.

  11. I got a completely different bag. Inside and out.

  12. Thanks for the reviews!! Lip everything is my favorite so I though this box was for me. After reading reviews, I think I’ll pass. Im very fair and reds and bright pinks dont work on me. Too bad they dont let you give a color preference. I know you cant love evey shade/product in every bag but to have it be a continuing problem… no thanks!

  13. My two favorite products were the shimmer, though mine was a reddish shade, and the plumper. It dried my lips out some but I always seem to have dry lips so I just used more lip balm. I liked the results well enough to continue use especially since it helps my lip products stay on better as well. I think both my lip shades were different as well. I do like the Mirabella and have been using it some but the City Color just isn’t for me. The shade is pretty but the quality is on a dollar store brand level in my opinion. So it went into my donation box along with the awful, in my opinion DLS lipstick I recieved in the May bag. Overall, I like Lip Monthly alright. The quality products they send out are pretty good. I would prefer not to have dollar store quality stuff mixed in but it happens. I had to take a break on a couple of subs due to a change in finances but I will more than likely continue my sub when finances start to improve.

    • I was curious because I hadn’t heard of the DLS lipstick that you mentioned, so I googled it. At least I thought that I did. I accidentally Googled DSL lipstick, then I clicked on Amazon…. Ummm, you never get too old to learn something new. DLS means “dirty little secret”, but DSL earns the name. Penis lipstick? Really??!! rofl

      • DSL = d$&@ sucking lips, just FYI. Super tacky.

      • Oh no! I can only imagine what came up with the letters in that order. Lol. The lipstick is called vengeance. It’s a pinky purple with blue undertones that I thought did not compliment my coloring at all. And the formula wasn’t for me either. Although to be fair, I don’t have much luck with lipsticks in general.

        Lip Monthly is rather erratic with how they do their bags. And you really have to persist with their customer service to get resolutions. I had a huge issue with subbing in June for July and getting the stuff from May and just not knowing what products to expect in general. It took several email exchanges for them to make it right but, in the end, they did and I appreciate the final result. The “August Bag” Crick mentioned sounds pretty solid. I’m kind of disappointed to miss out on it. Maybe if I sub in September for October they will send me August. Hahaha

    • Thanks for the feedback, Katy! We appreciate it!

  14. I cancelled my subscription to Lip Monthly several months ago because I did not like the products or colors of the lip products a majority of the time. And I hate that they put their logo all over the bags because it looks tacky, especially if you want to gift them. I don’t know how they have stayed in business this long!

  15. I usually enjoy this bag – my bf got it for me around a year ago. This month’s was disappointing because the City Color lipstick was the EXACT SAME PRODUCT AND SHADE that they sent just a few months ago -it’s bad enough to repeat products that soon, but there is ZERO EXCUSE TO SEND THE EXACT SAME COLOR too – they make other colors! This bag was also a miss since I hate glossy lips so the plumper is out too.

    I appreciate the variety of brands but just wish the colors were more mixed or that we could choose preferences – for some reason this bag loves to send BRIGHT REDS and PINKS most of the time, so I already have tons of glosses and lipsticks in those shades. I’m getting very tired of their not sending a bigger variety of colors – they hardly ever send metallics or light pastels – now Matte LIGHT pastels are a HOT trend but we haven’t gotten one yet. It’s nice that they send wearable shades instead of blacks and blues, but all I get are bright orangey reds, or garish pink shades. I was one of the few people who didn’t mind when they did a matching gloss and lipstick recently, but I hated the color so having TWO of 4 items be in a granny pink color is not cool. The sub needs to mix up the colors big time – love getting Ofra liquid lipsticks and Ofra has the best variation but every color I’ve gotten from here was a dark brownish red that left me drooling over almost every other color but the ones I got. Where are the whiteish pinks, light lilacs, purples, and gorgeous beiges? 🙁

    • That is exactly why I cancelled! I got tired of only liking two of the four products they send. Sometimes I didn’t even like two of them, and I’m not a hard-to-please person! I just cannot pull off hot pink or red lip products, and I felt like I was wasting my money because that’s usually what I got.

  16. I was disappointed to receive a bag that was recycled from May. There was a lot of negative feedback for that on social media but they never addressed it and did not seem to care. I canceled my subscription due to that.

    • I am very dissatisfied with lip monthly. I never get the correct bag for the month advertised and sometimes I’m short on the number of items. I receive a plain brown bag instead of the shiny one also. I am a member if ipsy and they have always sent me exactly what they are supposed to for that month. I loved the August bag and I ended up with a bag nothing like it! Very disappointed!! Really thinking of cancelling soon 🙁

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