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Ipsy September 2016 Glam Bag Spoilers!

Ipsy 2015 Spoilers

We have spoilers for the September 2016 Ipsy glam bag! Subscribers will receive one of the following in their shipment:


What do you think of the September 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag spoilers? Which sample are you hoping to get? I really like all of these brands, but I’m hoping to try the new IT Cosmetics mascara!

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

And check out our list of the 15 Beauty Boxes To Try in 2016, and all reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other subscriptions with similar price points to Ipsy!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (124)

  1. I could use any of those. I would love to try the lip injections. I love any kind of mascara and eyeliner samples. I use the IT eyeliner everyday. Its wonderful!!

  2. i’d love to have the lip injection or the eyeliner.. i can never have enough eyeliner…

  3. I’d love to get a mascara. September will be my 8th bag. I have gotten 5 black eyeliners a green eyeliner(I can’t do top lash eyeliner it’ll look like chicken poop if I try) still have yet to get a mascara. Unchecked eyeliner this month so feeling hopeful

    • I’d love to try the eye liner!

  4. I love mascaras and eyeliners, haha…xD I go threw them pretty quickly. I also love skin care items and lip products, which ipsy has been sending me an okay amount of too. I’m happy with most things ipsy sends~ 😛 I just don’t really care for highlighters since I own a lot and they will last me forever~

  5. I still haven’t received my Ipsy Bag this month and, according to FedEx, it was “out for delivery” on the 13th. Is anyone else still missing their August bag?

    • Still waiting for my August bag also. Expected delivery date was changed from the 19th to the 24th….tracking has been painfully slow. I’ve never got a delivery this late (this is my 5th month, I think) in the month and its disappointing. Already starting to wonder what will be in my Sept bag!

      • Just try and wait you’ll be ok try and get contact with ipsy

    • You should email FedEx customer service~ 😮 It’s been so long since the 13th…

      • I did. They told me to contact my post office because Ipsy uses FedEx SurePost which utilizes USPS as the final delivery agent. If that is the case I might be out of luck for my August Ipsy because my postal carrier is not good at all. My Ipsy bag may have been delivered to another address 🙁

      • Karen, if you have Twitter, contact @ipsycare. They are so nice and very helpful! If your bag is lost in the mail, I think they will probably send you a new one or at least refund your money for this month.

      • Thanks Cassie, I’ll do that. I was really looking forward to the items in the August bag.

      • You’re welcome! I hope they can help you!

    • I just received mine and wasnt so happy the tarte lip crème top came off and it got on everything in my bag

    • I had not received mine until yesterday, I sent them an email and they were super nice. Said they would ship out another one free of charge.. I really liked how they responded with such positivity. Also I signed up for tracking the shipment each month.

    • Really? I’ve had two bags come. As in the first one was messed up so they shipped a second one. And you still haven’t gotten one?!

      • Nope. The original bag never came. I contacted Ipsy customer service and they are sending a second bag. Hopefully, I get this one.

    • I never received my August bag either!

      • Contact Ipsy Customer Service. They are sending me a replacement. I really wish Ipsy would use UPS instead of FedEx Surepost. I have read on other sites that FedEx Surepost has a lot of problems with packages and parcels not making it to the destinations. It has something to do with the FedEx and USPS systems not being compatible with each other.

  6. ooh! The liquid liner or It Cosmetics Mascara Please!

  7. What settings/preferences do I change to increase my chances to get the Too Faced Lip Injection? I really want this!!

    • me too!

    • Me too! I have a bunch of mascara and eyeliner samples already….

  8. Aw man, I just bought a full-sized Too Faced Lip Injection and I’m not a fan of eyeliners or mascaras.

  9. I’m more exited about Boxycharm pallete next month with all due respect to ipsy.

    • I’m thinking about going with Boxy too! I already skipped this month’s bag and nothing is catching my eye with next month for Ipsy or Birchbox. 🙁

  10. I really want the Too faced lip product. I would perfer the IT mascara over the eyeliner and the eyeliner over the Tart mascara.

  11. I really want to try the eyeliner. I have gotten so many samples right now of mascara that I just don’t know what I would do with another. LOL!!

  12. Mark the things you don’t want and thsts what you will get lol. Because I don’t mark lip or eyes and all I get are lipsticks lip balms and eyeliner but mostly lip! I don’t use any lip products normally lol

    • I love mostly serum and moisturizer. Andine get alot of those? I just unmEjed my whole profile and I wanna see what I’ll get lol

    • I was wondering how this worked. I really want the Too Faced Lip Injection!! It seems I always get the opposite of what I have selected in my preferences..

  13. anyone else having problems with their bag getting at the end of the month? Mine is expected on the 27! It’s so dissapointing since the fun thing about getting a monthly subscription is getting it before the month is over. Also everyone else I know have received theirs. I love Ipsy but will cancel if this keeps going on. Thank you for any info anyone can give me.

    • Yes. I haven’t gotten mine yet this month either.

    • Mine hasn’t been shipped yet and I usually get it early. I read somewhere if you use your points it could take longer. This is my first time to use points so I’m hoping that is the case.

      • Thank you for letting me know, I did use my points this month. This is my second time using points and my first time getting it so late, I got it after mid moth last time. I wrote them a message three days ago but no response yet. Everyone I know have already received theirs.

      • Oh, I am still waiting on mine and usually have it in hand by the 12th or so. Thanks for the points tip, I did use mine for the first time, as well. That explains the delay.

      • Mine’s always delayed when I use points too, but my bag was delayed a bit this month anyway.

    • I got my bag by the 12th last month and I used points this month and it still says it hasn’t shipped, everyday I log in, it says expected ship date is the next day. I’ve used points before and it always ends up coming later, but this is really late! I live in Canada so I probably won’t see it until September.

  14. I am not excited for any eye products, too many lately. Need to take a break from Ipsy for awhile.

  15. This looks like 50% of my August bag (only difference is there is no IT 12 in 1 or blender sponge). Hope I don’t get repeats.
    Crossing fingers.

  16. Of course. Mascara and black eyeliner. If it’s not waterproof then not interested. Want lip stuff. I just got tarte in August from BB. Underwhelmed

    • I got that Tarte mascara last month too, it was so thick and caked onto the stem of the brush that it’s not even really usable, unless I feel like plucking a billion clumps off after I apply it.

      • Nikky, try adding a few drops of contact solution to the mascara. That might help to thin it out a little. I’ve done that to other mascaras, and it’s helped.

  17. I wouldn’t mind getting 3 out of the 4 things that are in this spoiler list.
    Lip injection would be my first choice though. => I love Ipsy!
    I really hope the September bag will be as cute as August, though that will be really hard to do in my book!

    • I finally figured out to get a waterproof mascara top coat to get more use out of my stash of non waterproof mascara. NYX and Anastasia make one.

      • Ulta brand makes one too.

  18. I actually want that TARTE mascara but i need to see what else we may get before I resubscribe plus this months august bag is going to be hard to top…

    • I got that mascara this month and didn’t like it. The bristles were very pokey and the applicator didn’t screw out making it too thick and awkward to wipe off.

    • Yes! The August bag was amazing 🙂

  19. Dear Ipsy (and all beauty boxes),

    Not everyone wants to look like Elvira! Not everyone wants black eyes! Some of us have light colored eyes! Some of us want colors in our boxes, just like a box of crayons!


    • Yay well said

    • I agree, i have received 3 black eyeliners in the last three months. More color please!

    • Agree

    • Ha ha! I love colors too! :> I thought I was the odd ball.

    • Exactly why I skipped this month! I got black eyeliners and same color eyeshadow back to back! I need some color in my life!

      • I still crack up every time I come across this ,but it’s so true lol

  20. Ugh! Mascara and eyeliners are taking over my apartment! I have a drawer full of both, and I don’t need anymore! I guess it’s my fault for continuing to subscribe to all these beauty boxes, but I just can’t cancel. I am too afraid I’ll miss out on something great! lol

  21. I am just glad so many others like mascara so I can swap for skin care!

  22. Does anyone know if there is a way to put your ipsy account on hold? Or do you have to cancel and then resubscribe? I’m just not feeling these spoilers.

    • If you cancel it doesn’t delete your account or any points you have acquired. Just sign back up when your ready and it will still be there.

  23. Playing it safe and cancelled for next month. I really do not want or need a mascara or eyeliner.

    • Hope this is a mistake. Why so many mascaras?? With my luck, considering I just got an eyeliner in August’s box, And got a Smashbox mascara back in my May box. So with 2 available this month, I would guess according to Ipsy, I am probably due a new Mascara. I think I may want to cancel this Month’s Ipsy to head them off from sending me another Mascara. What will happen to my points if I do cancel? will they expire, or will they be put back once I re-subscribe? Anyone know??

      • Annie your points will stay and you resubscribe they will still there

      • thanks for the reply!! Will cancel.

      • Mine expired last time I put ,y account on hold.

      • Yep, I had that happen too. I think they expire after one year.

      • You won’t be able to use your points when you unsubscribe but will resume when you resub. I had that happened when I unsub and resub. I think because they will only ship it along with a glambag and not by itself.

      • I got smashbox in May, black colourpop in June, black thrive “waterproof” in July, Tarte mascara and beauty for real black eyeliner in August lol. They’ll get used but I have enough to last a year now.

      • Most of the mascara samples are tiny; so if I actually wore mine every day they’d get used up. The samples I love do get used up quickly. I don’t mind trying lots of them, but when I find my favorite then I’ll be bummed right along with you. I love ipsy because they give a lot of make up and polish-the fun stuff! That does mean there will often be mascara because it’s one of the everyday basics like lipcolor/gloss/balm, blush, shadow and liner…then for the extras: powder, highlighter, bronzer, and fake lashes. It makes sense there will be a lot of repeats. I do wish I could get a nice lip color every month though!

    • EXACTLY all I’ve been getting in all my subs plus the stupid thermal spring water, face oils and sea salt sprays. I’ve been giving half my stuff away I don’t need or want those items.

    • Same here. It’s overkill lately and unoriginal.

  24. I have SO MANY mascaras from Ipsy! I have really liked them all, but I’d prefer a lip product this time.

  25. NO MORE MASCARA!! I’ve gotten mascara every month for the last 4 months, so I’m good. Not to mention I actually bought the IT Superhero mascara ($24) when it came out, and frankly, it performs just like the $8 Loreal Voluminous mascara.

    • I’m glad you said that! Is Voluminous still good? I used to use that and LOVED it but I heard it changed. I don’t always wear mascara; so I stopped buying it, but now I have tons of samples to use! 🙂

      • I LOVE the IT superhero mascara. It blows L’oreal out of the water imho!

      • Jodi thank you for this! It must be amazing if it is better than Voluminous was the last time I tried it! I felt like I had deer-like lashes! I hope I get the IT mascara!!!

  26. Neither mascara is waterproof so I wouldn’t get much use out of them. I really wish subs would offer more waterproof formulas. I’ve tried a different Eyeko liner that was alright but since this one is waterproof and I love liners I’m betting I would be happy to recieve it. And I am currently using a Cougar lip plumper that I like pretty well and will be sad once it’s gone so having another plumper to try out and use would excite me and help me out from having to purchase more.

    • I got an Eyeko liner as a bonus with my Birchbox this month and I really liked it, but I don’t need two. Actually, it was the “big fat” or something like that one, and the tip of it made making a wing SO much easier.

      • I got the Skinny Eyeko from BB a couple of months ago. It was better than anything else I had at the time but I haven’t used it much since I got the Girlatik from Boxy. Neither of the two are waterproof but the Girlatik stays on my lids better. I’m getting the IT waterproof gel liner from Ipsy this month and I’m super excited to try it and I’ll be almost as excited to try the waterproof Eyeko next month if I get it. I do hope its a bigger point than the Eyeko Skinny though.

      • I am hoping for the Eyeko liner since I haven’t tried that one yet. I didn’t like the Girlatik we got from boxy. It doesn’t stay put for me! I am super glad I got the IT gel liner from Ipsy, but haven’t tried it yet. So far my favorite is the Elizabeth Mott You’re so Fine liner! That stuff goes on smooth and lasts ALL day!

      • My bag made it to Vegas this morning in time to go out with today’s mail so I will hopefully have it later. 3 days earlier than my anticipated delivery date! I’m getting a cleanser and complexion booster as well so as soon as I am done testing those out, I will be lining my waterlines. I’ve been wanting to try out this particular liner since February so I was instantly excited as soon as I saw my bag reveal.

      • I got the IT liner and was so excited but it transferred onto my (oily) lids! Then it smeared when I rubbed my eyes. (Now you know why I rarely wear mascara.) 😉 But I will try it again with primer.

    • I like that stuff ,did you get it from beauty box 5

  27. Oh no not more mascara and eyeliner 🙁

  28. Want lip, will get eyeliner.

    • As I read this I have tarte mascara running down my face from my last bag…please no more mascara or eyeliner…I need waterproof mascara in this heat…why oh why is none of the mascara waterproof!!

      • I was just wondering the same thing the other day when I had to run to ulta and grab a waterproof mascara for the same reason. I have a drawer full of sample mascaras so I swore off buying a new mascara until I use up most of my samples, but just can’t do the non waterproof on days where I am outside in the heat. Out of over 20 sample size I’ve received, not one is waterproof.

      • I feel your pain. I live in Las Vegas and between the air being so dry and so hot and the blinding sun blaring into my face, I can rarely go outside and not have watery eyes at some point. Plus any kind of smoke makes my eyes water too so I really have to have a waterproof formula if I intend to leave the house with eye makeup on.

    • Want eyeliner, will get lip lol

      I just cancelled Ipsy because I deliberately have only eye and face stuff selected in my profile and literally every month I get maybe 1 eye product and like 4 lip things. I cannot use lip things due to allergies, and I am sick of spending $10 a month to get stuff I can’t use. I feel like they’re doing it on purpose now.

      • I have the exact opposite problem
        The only thing on my profile are lipstick and lip liners, but I always get eye stuff and never lip. I really wanted that lord and berry from this month’s box 🙁

    • Same here. Really don’t want liner, so definitely getting it.

  29. I don’t need mascara. I would like the lip product.

  30. I still haven’t received my August bag yet. Neither of the spoilers really zings me so it really doesn’t matter. However, I pretty much love everything from Too Faced 😀

  31. Still haven’t gotten my August bag. I hope for the Tarte mascara for September though!!

    • I’m still waiting on my August bag too! I won’t say I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one…but misery does love company!
      Hope you get your August bag soon (mine is estimating 8/24) and that we both get our Sept bags sooner than later!

      • Mine still says my estimated delivery is 8/12. I guess we just wait and hope for the best ?

      • This happened to me! Actually I think it was estimated to arrive on the 11th – then it got pushed back to the 16th, I didn’t get it until yesterday. Once it hit the Post Office from DHL the tracking completely stalled for about a week.

        Ended up getting it yesterday. Hope you all get yours soon!

        As for the spoilers – I’d love to try the Too Faced product, I’d be satisfied with the mascaras, I’ll be disappointed with an eyeliner.

      • Same thing happened to me last month and this month.
        Got the dhl tracking and then a total stall for a week. Today mine updated to the 24th. Needless to say I’m not happy.
        My mom who’s bag I pay for got hers early. How annoyed was I when the mail man showed up holding 4 ipsy bags for my apartment building and none were mine -__-.

      • When did you order yours? I signed up almost 2 weeks ago. Mine shipped on Wednesday and was delivered today.

      • I’ve been subbed since April. This will be the latest I have ever recieved my bag. Judging from their Facebook page, they have a lot of people asking where their bags are. I’m fine with it arriving late, I just wish my tracking would show me where it actually is. No movement since the 11th.

  32. I want the Too Faced lip injection! I have been looking at that so that would be amazing! Otherwise either mascara would be great because I love those brands but haven’t tried either mascara. I do not wear black eyeliner so PLEASE no!! 🙂

    • Same here!

  33. I hope I get the tarte mascara

  34. Have gotten 3 of those eyeliners .. Was a free gift in birch box if you bought something.. Then I got one with my box as well.. So hoping not to get that.

  35. Boooooooooooring. But the ladies I gift stuff to will be happy.

  36. I’m hoping for one of the mascara’s!

  37. None of these really interests me. Someday all my dreams will come true & someone will send me a waterproof mascara, lol.

  38. I have the TF lip injection. It does nothing. I hope I don’t get it.

  39. I usually LOVE all my IPSY bags, but none of these excite me… so glad there is more coming 🙂

  40. So excited, can’t wait!

  41. Hopefully i get the lip injection. I have not been happy with what i get Ipsy. They do not curate it based on my profile at all. I keep getting highlighter, illuminator, bronzer and eyeliner but i don’t even have that checked on my profile. I really want lip products but I never get any. This month some people got 2 different lip products but I did not get any. I got more highlighter and bronzer.

    • Becca, are you going on and reviewing your bags on the ipsy site after you get them? That’s what makes the biggest difference in what you get. You might still get some things you don’t want but it’s made a huge difference in my bags.

      • Wow! Didn’t think of that. Will definitely keep that in mind! I just keep trying to tweet my profile. Since I canceled BB, I added another Ipsy with a Totally different profile to see if that would change anything. Still ended up with the same products except for one. After emailing customer service to ask how was that so, I received a 43 paragraph explanation (/s). Luckily, most of the products are usable at some point, and the others I’m having decent luck swapping.

        I don’t understand the lip plumper, that is such a non-universal product. Plus, they tend to contain irritants that a lot of people avoid. I don’t mind this particular liner, but I wish they would have colors beside black, brown, and bronze. And TWO black non-waterproof mascaras?! Blah!

      • I kept changing my profile for 6 months, and I was about to give up, but I believe it was my reviews that started helping. I like that now there is a review option saying that type of product is not for me. Hoping that will help me never get a slimy sheet mask again! :> So many others love them!

      • Yes i review every product but it hasn’t made a difference. I have not received one lip product in five months. I wonder if i should send a email telling them to send me lip products.

    • Me too. My first box when I resubbed was spot on. This one was the same as yours. I wanted the Trust Fund and Jersey shore items, so I got neither.a couple more months and I will drop it again.

  42. I had to laugh when I got the email, as most everyone is like No more mascara or eyeliner haha.

  43. I would love to try the TF lip injection.

  44. I got the Tarte Lasb Paint in this month’s bag and it’s really amazing mascara.

  45. Anything but the IT! mascara—and that’s only singled out because I just got a free mini of it from Ulta!

  46. Oh snap!! I totally would love the eyeko liner or the lip injection by too faced!

  47. Oooh, I want anything but the Eyeko, which means I’ll probably get that!

    • I have a brand new one ,plus I gave one away .No mascara oo eyeliner unless it’s not black or brown

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