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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the August 2016 Glam Bag!

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Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.04.11 AM

The August Ipsy reveals are up!

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.04.27 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.04.32 AM

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I really think I am going to cancel ipsy. I am getting ANOTHER argan oil (don’t use on my curly hair), ANOTHER black eyeliner (I have a ton), ANOTHER highlighter, a face cleanser and a lotion. *Sigh*

    • If you’re getting real Argan oil (WITHOUT any silicone) just pure oils, I highly recommend trying it! Just use a couple drops rubbed together on your hands and lightly apply it over your wet/damp hair. I have curly hair and LOVE real oils on my hair. I usually use pure Castor oil because it’s inexpensive, but when I get samples of argan oil or other pure oils without any dimethicone added, I love it. Argan is my favorite. It keeps the hair tame, curled, frizz free and just shiny enough. I use it in place of conditioner and I have an oily scalp with dry ends. This saves me!

    • I use Argan oil for everything! I use it as a moisturizer daily on my lips (great for fixing chapped lips), I use it as cuticle oil, I use it on my hair, on my husband’s beard, on my hands and even as a night moisturizer as it is non-comedogenic .

  2. My august bag.. I’m actually excited about all of my selections!

    ‘ME’ Peptide Infused Lacquer in UNSCRIPTED

    Sally’s Box
    Secret Garden Ampoule Masks

    Trust Fund Beauty
    Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye

    OFRA Cosmetics
    OFRA x @DupeThat “You Glow Girl” Highlighter

    Organic Surge
    Perfecting Face Polish

    • I literally have the exact same box.

  3. Haha, oh boy I’ll take all your black eyeliners and let you have my untouched bronzers and nail polish 🙂

    Reading through the comments makes me realize I really need to sign up for swapping! Even though this month’s bag wasn’t a home run for me, I’m still enjoying Ipsy.

    • LOL, I keep thinking that I need to sign up for the swap section, too.

      • How do you sign up for the swap thing???

    • A lot of people on the website are not looking for makeup, skincare or hair products though, so those things are really hard to swap out. Most people are looking for lifestyle products.

      Should still give it a shot. You never know

      • Judging by the multiple posts that I’ve noticed lately, I think there might just be a few folks interested in makeup/beauty swaps. I’ll take your advice and give it a go.

        The lifestyle swaps would never work for me – I can’t afford those pricey subs they arrive with. TJ Maxx and Target are pretty much the pinnacle of my ‘lifestyle’, lol.

        • I can relate, KC. For me it’s Wal-Mart. lol

  4. Ipsy is a great beauty subscription. One of the best in my point of view ! But I think I will not buy an black eyeliner for the rest of my life !!! But I can deal with that because Ipsy is worth it ! worth the money, good size sample. They improved the quality brands (more vegan, toxic free products…).

    • I am a fan too. I also get birchbox and bb5, but ipsy is the one I’m keeping. I don’t get my money’s worth with birchbox. bb5 gives fun make up but often it is way TOO fun for me. I do brights but I don’t pull off highlighter lipstick. I think it is more fun for teens maybe? Ipsy makes me feel like a kid with fun bags and fun treats, and I get lots of use out of the often large sample sizes! I realize I should not be wishing for more exciting colors because at least the neutral ones I get I can actually wear!

  5. It so crazy! Every single month I see people get the things I would LOVE and complain about them. I get things others would LOVE and feel disappointed. I love eyeshadows more than anything and hardly ever get them. I switched up my profile to see if it helps. So far, not so much. I am super happy for 1 thing I got, though, so the other stuff doesn’t seem so bad. But yeah, I have fine thin hair and oily skin. I don’t have hair or nails or highlighters selected in my profile and this is my bag:

    IT haircare leave in treatment – seems like there is a LOT of this going out. Don’t know if I’ll try it or not, depends on the description.

    Trust fund lippie!!!!

    This works in transit camera close-up. Curious about this. How can something be a mask AND primer? Might be awesome.

    Formula nail x – BOOOOOO!!!! No nail polish!

    Nyx illuminator – when I try so hard all day to keep the shine at bay ?

    • The This Works product is uh-mazing. I got it in the LookFantastic box last month, and it made my day when I saw I’m getting another sample (full size is $40-50). I use it as a primer and even though it’s not oil-free, it keeps my oily skin at bay for the entire day! I read somewhere that Victoria Beckham slathers this stuff on during flights, so I guess that’s how it’s considered a mask? I absolutely love it, and I hope you do too!

    • If it helps you feel more confident using it – I have fine hair and can’t use many of those leave in conditioners since they weigh my hair down. I have the full size bottle of the IT hair stuff and it really is amazing! I spritz it while my hair is damp and work it in with my hands. It makes my hair SO soft ! I love it! Give it a shot! 🙂

    • Ohhh is the Formula nail x the baby pink color? I would have loved that! I really wanted the illuminator but I didn’t got it, and the lippie.. <3 Your bag sounds amazing to me!

      I got;

      Pacifica bronzer (I've got so many bronzers already)
      Winky Lux Diamond complexion powder (I don't think I will use it)
      IT cosmetics mini gel eyeliner (I don't use eyeliners and have a ton of them)
      Ciate paint pot (really hope I wont get burgundy, I only wear nude, white and pink polishes but will try a pastel color)
      Organic Pharmacy Rose facial cleansing gel, I like this one 🙂

      • Ahhh I wanted the diamond powder you are so lucky!!!! I have the blue Julie nail polish (blue is a little bold for me) that I never used from my June bag and this month I’ll be getting the beauty blotter (I literally have more than I can count) .. Also getting the jersey shore lip balm.. Not as pumped as I was when I saw what I may have gotten vs. actual contents of my bag. If you want to trade I am game for that Diamond Powder!

    • You all made me smile! This is a major part of the reason I love this site so much! I have learned in the short time I have been subbing to boxes, not to judge too quickly. I once received a beauty protector – protect and detangle. I didn’t try it for a VERY long time due to assuming it would make my hair greasy. Well, I tried it last week and I LOVE it. I put in on my ends on a non-shampoo day to take away the frizz caused by my damaged ends. It does the job wonderfully and smells great.

      Now, I’m excited to try the hair product and even MORE excited about the primer!

      • …but still wish I had got the jelly pong pong palette in place of the highlighter… just had to throw that in there 🙂

  6. The reason i resubbed, is not for what i know i wont use (there has never been a perfect ipsy bag for me or a perfect box), yet subbing knowing i will at least use one or two items. Its only $10 including shipping, I spend 4 times that amount on coffee shop coffee each month. The bag is gorgeous! I was just at sephora the other day, and it made me realize once again products like these are not cheap and at least the items are fresh, where as with ebay and sometimes swapping I’m uncertain. So the $10 is worth it to me.

  7. Finally Ipsy gave me a good month. I’ve subscribed since January and added a second subscription in June. I was not happy I received the same items in both bags last month. I was going to cancel, but used points for a reward, so I needed to stay in order to receive. I’m so glad I did. I love the bag designs and hope I get one of each. Here’s what’s inside:

    The Works In Transit Camera Closeup – really excited to try this!
    Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster – a cool product!
    Nomad Cosmetics Intense Eyeshadow in Spice Market – fun to play with.
    Ciaté London Paint Pot – I like this brand!
    tarte cosmetics tarteist™ lash paint mascara – yay!!! The one spoiler I wanted!

    Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Conditioner in Vanilla Coconut Cream – haven’t tried this brand, everyone likes it, so I’m happy.
    tarte cosmetics deluxe LipSurgence™ lip crème in wonder – have 4 of these in this color, but it’s great and I’ll gift this one.
    Symphony Beauty Makeup Cleansing Wipes – haven’t received anything like this before. Great to take hiking/camping.
    Ciaté London Paint Pot – only duplicate… maybe I’ll receive both colors?
    Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Neapolitan Palette – I like natural products, happy this is the spoiler I received if not the mascara.

    I just might have to keep both subs going. We’ll see what next month brings!

  8. I predicted another black eyeliner, and yep… another black eyeliner. Four out of the five items I received were things I’ve not checked on my profile. I have plenty checked, but do I ever receive them? No. It’s just so weird. I know we sometimes get things that aren’t on our profiles, but 80%? That just seems odd to me.
    I got:
    Windy Lux Diamond Complexion powder – I don’t wear powder, highlighter or bronzer/blush.
    Sally’s Box Secret Garden Ampoule Masks – I have sensitive skin, so masks are always hit or miss on me. I always hope I don’t get them
    It Cosmetics Don’t Tug Black eyeliner – this was the wow item. Yeah. Wow. Because I don’t already have 72 black eyeliners at home already. Lips. I wanted anything for lips!
    Ciate London Paint Pot Nail polish – this was the one item that is also in my profile that I like to receive.
    IT HAIR CARE 12-IN-ONE AMAZING LEAVE-IN TREATMENT – I have fine thin hair, so most hair stuff leaves my hair limp and greasy.

    I love eye shadow and lip gloss and lipstick and lip gloss and lip liners and eyebrow stuff and tools… received none of that.

    Do you think that they send you what you don’t like on purpose because they think you already have enough of it? Maybe I should try an experiment and change my profile to all the things I don’t want?

    • See below for the explanation of their algorithm for box selection I received a month ago.

      • That doesn’t really explain much Cat. I get that they usually have more of some items than others. I understand that I will always get some items that I am not thrilled with (that I’ve checked that I don’t want), that’s part of it. But that algorithm doesn’t explain your not receiving anything you checked (unless you’ve only checked one or two items). But I have about half the items checked, so the law of averages seems that I’d receive at least two items each month from those items, right? Especially when they are among the choices that month? I’d rather they just say it’s the luck of the draw. Some people will get black eyeliners and mascaras every month, and some won’t.

    • I got the same exact bag. It is way better than what I have gotten lately.

  9. Looks like a lot of us got similar bags with slight variations. My bag: Rodial smokey eye pen (so glad this is actually a gel pencil, not a pen — this product is not named well), Secret Garden ampoule masks (to the swaps they will go), Organic Surge face polish (more swap fodder), Ciate paint pot (I like it, but soooooo many boxes have sent out similar shades already that I doubt I will use it), & Nyx liquid illuminator (meh).

  10. Well, just pulled up what I am getting and THREE of the FIVE things are things I did NOT mark that wanted!! Bronzer, Hair Oil, and Lipstick. I just wrote customer service and said that my IPSY match did not show I wanted any of those items and if it happens the next month-I am cancelling! It is almost as if they look at what you DON’T want and pick things off that list! I did Birchbox a few months ago and thought I would come back to IPSY but if this is what they do, no thanks! I will give them one more month and then bye bye.

    • Oh, I forgot, so the only thing I am getting is nail polish and an makeup applicator sponge–certainly not worth 10 bucks. The other items I will not be using. I like things the rest of you mention like mascara or eye liner or hair treatment 12 (not argan oil which I have tons of) or eye shadow. Are they trying to lose me? (not trying to sound grouchy but come on!)

    • If you’re on swaps then I’d swap for the lipstick. Lipstick, especially matte, is the number one thing that I want and that I haven’t gotten in like a year from Ipsy. Every month is just becoming frustrating looking at my reveal and seeing all the items I don’t want and repeatedly down vote and still have yet to receive a lipstick Lol

      • I don’t understand that as well. Sometime they are great sometime not. This month I didn’t get anything that I wanted from the spoilers. I’m going to unsubscribe and see what they send in August.

        I wish they would let us mark all the sample options for the last month as to what we liked. That way if there was any remaining in stock the could send them to us next month. They would also beable to see when we never mark hair items or bronzer as things we don’t want and stop sending those type of items.

        • I think the reviews are meant to be the “I don’t like this indicator”. But I agree that it would be nice if they had in the quiz a section for “Things I never want to receive”. It would be an easy way to change the algorithm. It’d make it more accurate with happier people and fewer products trashed/swapped. Maybe we should email/tweet/Facebook them (nicely!!) that as a suggestion; if enough people do it, they might take it into account the next time they make updates. Other companies have done the “We heard you, and made changes” routine before. I think I might go do that right now, be the change and all that jazz!

  11. I’m getting:
    Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask
    Winky Lux Complexion Powder
    Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster
    IT-Cosmetics Mini Gel Liner
    Ciate London Paint Pot

    I wonder how many times I am going to have to mention that I do not use something in order to not receive it? I am a nail biter, which sucks and all but – because of it, I am unable to use nail polish. But why do I continue to get nail polish? Ugh.

  12. Where do you look to see what is in your August bag? I don’t see anything but my July bag.

    • Click on the icon located on the top photo of the glam bag page. Click on the August bag.

  13. I just resigned up for IPSY and changed my choices. Do they really look at what you put?? I don’t want any bronzer or lipstick or primer. If I get any of those, am I able to “complain?” so I don’t continue to get those items?? I have a drawer of lipsticks and don’t even wear it much at all, and I never want any bronzers or primers.

    • Unfortunately I ve found complaining does not help. I sub mainly because of the bag. The designs are unique if I get 1 or 2 items I ll use it m happy. I think they look at the brands chosen and do look yet they can not accommodate everyone’s specific selection because it’s also based on inventory. Lip products I ve noticed swap well.

    • I complained last month because I didn’t get a single “yes” item marked and have been a member since 2011. I did receive a free item of one of the items listed k had wished I had received (the banana powder).

      They explained the algorithm system that marks all your yes answers, however all your unmarked answers get weighed too. Meaning you are never guaranteed to never receive one type of item, and you are never guaranteed to receive all items you want (though it happens sometimes). They go by what they have in stock, number of units per samples, and try to make the highest number of matches possible. It’s still a discovery service, so customizing it beyond what we have is impossible.

  14. I’m getting :
    -Winky Lux Diamond Complexion Powder in Light or Medium
    -Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask in Vanilla Apricot
    -Ciaté London Paint Pot
    -tarte cosmetics
    tarteist™ lash paint mascara

    • Great bag!

  15. Here’s what I’m getting this month:

    IT Hair care Amazing 12 in 1 Leave in Conditioner
    Beaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer
    IT Cosmetics No Tug Eyeliner
    Beau Gachis Applicator Sponge
    Jelly Pong Pong Neapolitan Palette

    I’m super happy with everything, especially the little eyeshadow palette and eyeliner.

  16. I honestly think they don’t even look at your profile when selecting your products.

    1) For the last 3 months I’ve been receiving eyeshadows BUT my profile clearly states that I DON’T USE EYESHADOW.
    2) Almost every other month I receive nail polishes BUT again, my profile clearly says that I DON’T USE NAIL POLISH… Ipsy: I have Shellac on my nails! Always!

    I was thinking about canceling but now that see my bag – not only I’m getting another eyeshadow, but also another nail polish – I’m sure I want to cancel. I know it’s only a $10 subscription but I can definitely address those $10 somewhere else.

    • They use an algorithm to that marks items you say you like as a yes. They explain that as it’s a discovery service still you aren’t guaranteed to get all yes items, and they try for the most yes items for the most people and this most people will receive something not marked (unless they really have a ton marked) in order to meet everyone’s profiles to some degree with the stock of each item they get.

  17. Have Ipsy points always had an expiration date???
    Also, it seems like I used to be able to review previous bags and now only my current month is available for review.
    Did I miss the memo about this change?

    • I noticed that a portion of my points have an expiration date, too. I thought maybe I just wasn’t paying attention before?

      • Well I noticed the ability to review previous month’s bags went away after the new website remodel. On a side note, I hate the new website. It’s absurdly loud and tacky, and I find it much more difficult to navigate. I understand putting a time limit on earning points for reviews, but I liked being able to see what I received in previous months. I have too many subs and I often forget which box sent me a particular sample. The limit on reviewing and the expiration date on points – if that’s new – seem to have changed around the time Birchbox made their points system changes. I’m not surprised. But at least Birchbox was clear and upfront about their changes. Ipsy slyly disguised these changes as part of the new website design.

        • I’m having no trouble reviewing past bags! In the top right corner, there’s a little picture of a bag. Click on that and all past bags come up. Select one, and you can see and review all past items. Hope this helps!

          • LT, THANK YOU! I never noticed that tiny little icon before. I appreciate that you took the time to comment with this information.

        • As long as I’ve been subbed, pointed expired after 1 year. I hope that hasn’t changed! It takes me a while. 😉 If you click “past bags” you can get to your past bags. I suspect that reviewing the bags helps even more than the regular profile. The more I’ve reviewed, the better for me the bags.

      • The points expire after a year.

        • That’s a bummer, but it makes sense. Thanks for the heads up Nicole!

          • You’re welcome! It can be a bummer, but if you consistently share and review for points, you probably earn enough to redeem for some pretty good extras before they expire. I’m hoping when I get all my items from this bag renewed that there’s still a good selection of 250 point items to pick from—but if not, I’ll try again the next month. 🙂

  18. I love mine this month!

    -Sally’s Box Secret Garden Masks
    -Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye
    -Beauty for Real Eyeliner in Black Magic
    -Organic Surge Perfecting Face Polish
    -Nyx Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator

    I finally got masks after realizing I didn’t have them selected in my bio 2 months ago. And no (eyeshadow) brushes this month, finally – I almost didn’t want to write that in case it’ll jinx it for next month lol

    • I’ve had it checked – always. Never receive masks – darn. Do not have nail polish checked – I get nail polishes.

    • Bag twins! I’m super excited also! I have dry skin and I love getting the masks and other skin products.

  19. Ok, so I’m pretty excited about 80% of the contents and the bag looks lovely!
    I’m getting:

    IT Hair Care 12-In-One Amazing Leave-in Treatment

    Pacifica Sundreams Lotus Infused Bronzer (Is that a unicorn I spy on the packaging?! Even better!

    Winky Lux Diamond Complexion Powder in Light or Medium (hoping for Light because I’m pale but the packaging is so cute on this one too!)

    tarte cosmetics tarteist lash paint mascara (so glad this was the option that I got because I had already received the IT cosmetics mini gel eyeliner in a previous bag)

    Then. Last (and least), Ciate London Paint Pot. I had complained in the past of getting nail polish in my bag despite stating in my ipsy reviews and profile that I was NOT interested in nail polish. I’m just impatient and prefer my Broadway Impress press-on manicure nails (highly recommend for anyone, they are waterproof, last 1-2 weeks in my experience, and come in tons of great designs). Last month, I did not get nail polish in my bag and was overjoyed. I read that it takes 2 months for them to filter something out of your profile, which would have been when I complained 3 bags ago, but here we are with another nail polish.

    Good news: only one thing I’m not looking forward to 🙂

    Hope you all have good luck with your bags too!

    • Bag twins. I’m actually excited for everything this month!

  20. Yeah, I think it’s time to discontinue ipsy. I’m getting yet another black eye liner, a face mask, hair product, a naIL polish in a color I won’t use, and the nyx product (which I’ll try but I already have my Becca primer I love). *sigh*
    does anyone get the “good” products that they advertise?

    • mine too….i wanted that bronzer 🙁

  21. I usually like my Ipsy bag – almost always like 3 out 5 products.
    This is the worst Ipsy bag:
    Tarte Lip in Wonder
    Dermelect nail polish – looks like a fuchsia
    Marc Anthony Argan Oil hair product
    Pacifica bronzer
    Beau Gachis sponge – only okay item to me.

    • Bag twins, and I hate my bag as well. Terrible!!

  22. First off, I am completely in love with this month’s bag design. I hope I get the blue one but I will be eternally happy with either. Now then what am I getting this month? I’m so happy with the selection.

    Rodial Smokey Eye Pencil
    -I have gotten an eyeliner in every ipsy bag so far and I love eyeliner and where it every day so I’m always happy to get more

    Secret Garden Ampoule Sheet Masks
    -I have never used a face mask and I’ve always wanted to so I’m all for these

    Lord&Berry Lip Crayon
    -Right up there with eyeliner I love lip products and I’m super excited about this one

    Marc Anthony Deep Conditioning Treatment
    -I have really dry, frizzy, curly hair so I’m always looking for new things to try on it

    NYX Liquid Illuminator
    -I’m least excited about this but I’m still excited because I’ve never used a product like this

    All in all I’m thrilled but what I’m getting. At first I was kinda iffy on it but after looking at everything available I’m convinced they picked the best combo for me. ipsy you’ve rocked my world once again!

    • We are bag twins!! I was reeeeeally hoping for the ofra highlight, but am anxious to try out the NYX one. Have swatched it at ulta, and they are very pretty. The bag itself is so pretty, this month!

    • Got the same. Kinda meh for me this month.

  23. Bag 1:
    Pacifica Sundreams Lotus Infused Bronzer
    Beauty For Real I-LINE 24/7 Eyeliner in Black Magic
    Beau Gachis Paris Pro Series Applicator Sponge
    NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in (Gleam, I assume)
    Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash Off Mask

    Bag 2:
    Symphony Beauty Makeup Cleansing Wipes
    Sally’s Box Secret Garden Ampoule Masks
    Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye
    Beauty For Real I-LINE 24/7 Eyeliner in Black Magic
    NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in (Gleam, I assume)

    Out of 5 items per bag, 2 are the same in each bag, but I will use both the NYX products. Wanted the Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick, happy to try the black makeup sponge though I love my Beauty Blender. The rest, meh.

    I really wanted the Nomad eyeshadow, I really wanted the Japonesque blush, I wanted the Benefit brow product, and even though I have a mini, I still wanted more of the Tarteist mascara as it is my current favorite mascara ever. Ever ever.

    • Would have loved a mask. I wanted the IT product too.

    • Want to swap my Nomad eyeshadow for one of your Beauty for Real i-line 24/7 eyeliner in black magic? I’m bag twins with the bag Liz posted above, and am only expecting to keep the eyeliner and maaaaybe the hair cream.
      This month’s bag is a complete disappointment for me.

  24. I was excited to see the sneakpeaks for this month, but it turns out that my bag is just okay although it is much better than the July one. Here are what I’m getting:

    – IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner — OKAY IPSY, I HATE EYELINER. Well, I got the Coulourpop one in June, and I was so happy about it, but I only need one eyeliner…
    – Demelect Me Nail Polish — this one is okay. The color isn’t that bad, but it’ll probably go to my mom since she loves this pinkish shade.
    – Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask in Vanilla Apricot — I’m quite excited to try this!
    – IT HAIR CARE 12-IN-ONE AMAZING LEAVE-IN TREATMENT — I’m not sure if I’ll use this a lot, but I don’t mind giving it a try.
    – Lord&Berry 20100 maximatte crayon lipstick in Intimacy — I was kind disappointed when I first saw this, but after I looked it up online, I found out it got very good reviews. I really really want the trust and fund one though :/

  25. I would love to get a sheet mask, however this time, I’m getting:

    *Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Brassica Seed & Shea Oils Silkening Blow Out Crème
    *This Works in transit camera close-up
    *OFRA x @DupeThat “You Glow Girl” Highlighter Nomad Cosmetics
    *Intense Eyeshadow in Spice Market
    *Ciaté London Paint Pot

  26. My glambag this month:
    -Lord and Berry Matte Crayon Lipstick
    -Beauty for Real I-line eyeliner
    -Luesta Argan Oil Hair Masque
    -Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask in Vanilla Apricot
    -Tarte lash paint mascara

    My bag last month was amazing, and this one seems okay. I am reserving judgement until I receive the items. I really wanted the Tarte or Trust Fund Beauty lip product. I always hope for make-up tools but somehow get mascara lol

  27. I’m getting
    111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask
    Lord &Berry lipstick crayon!
    Beauty for Real Eyeliner Black!
    Peter Lamas Radiance Completion Booster!
    NYX Born to Liquid Illuminator!
    Good bag for me. I have a lot of masks. Have to use the other ones first. I was running out of Eyeliner. Good timing. Lip crayon. I don’t have one. Completion Booster goes under foundation. I usually just use primer under foundation. Something different! Never tried it. NYX Illuminator. I have a few Illuminators. Put to good use. 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.

  28. We were just discussing duplicate bags being sent to the same address on another Ipsy thread, and yep, they did it again!!!! The exact same bag, item for item, on both of my accounts (which have totally different profiles!). And not just that, but the bag combo was one of the very worst for my tastes and preferences.

    I will be receiving two Rodial black eyeliner pens, two coconut lip balms, two It leave-in hair treatments, two Lord & Berry lip liners, and two liquid NYX illuminators.

    I am on the waiting list for the swap site but hopefully I will be approved soon. I am going to put one whole bag up for swap and the hair treatment and illuminator from the other bag. I will be looking for the Trust Fund lip product, but it seems like a lot of people were hoping for that. I have never cancelled a beauty subscription, but I think it’s time for at least one of my accounts to go to the Great Beauty Light in the sky………

    • I get 5 bags sent to my address and all 5 are different this month. Last month only 2 were the same. There are a couple of the same items in a couple this month but different bag combos with other stuff. I’m extremely happy. I love all the bag combos that are coming. There is only 2 things I wanted I didn’t get and that’s the tarte mascara and the cover fx primer. Other than that Ipsy nailed it for this month.

    • That Coconut Crème lip balm is the absolute best I’ve ever used, and I am a lip balm junkie. After using this, none of my oldies are good enough! This kind really sinks into the lips (not just a coat) and is truly moisturizing and dewy. It’s a bonus that it has a light, pleasant, vanilla-coconut smell. It’s not an overwhelming fake scent. Prepared to be spoiled.

  29. I can’t believe it! It is my fifth bag and my fifth mascara! I don’t know what else to put so I can stop receiving them! There were so many amazing things I wish I’ve gotten 🙁
    Besides I’m getting the another mascara in Sephora play 🙁 Don’t know what else to do.

    • Contact customer service, they will send you a product choice from current month if you mention a couple you wanted instead and tell them how many mascaras you have and that you don’t have it selected.

      They can’t guaranteed you do or don’t get any specific product in initial sorting as they use an algorithm where an item you like is marked as a yes and they match the most yes answers but it doesn’t mean you won’t get a no answer in there as well often enough.

      • Thank you! I already did so 🙂 Hope it works.

    • For example I complained last month and got the larger Banana powder sent to me free of charge.

      • So I emailed them and they will not send another item they directed me to edivv to swap. And a few other swap sites. Said if I wasn’t happy to just go there. ?

  30. I got a great bag this month.

    Tarteist mascara – the number one thing I wanted, it is getting some great reviews

    Dermalect nail polish – I love getting nail polish

    Sally’s box sheet masks – love sheet masks

    It hair care 12 in one stuff – yay, my hair has been dry lately

    Jelly pong pong eyeshadow trio – meh

    • The mascara is easily my new favorite mascara ever. Hold the brush vertical when doing lower lashes. If you let it dry between coats there is no clumping and it very nearly is as close to false lashes as I’ve ever gotten with a mascara alone. The brush is amazing too.

  31. I’m not thrilled with my bag, unfortunately. I only see myself using two out of the five products.

    – Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Conditioner in Vanilla Coconut Cream (I have SO many lip balms now, this may not get used at all)

    *deluxe LipSurgence™ lip crème in wonder (Looks like a nice shade and handy for the purse)
    *NEUMA neuStyling smoothing crème (I’ll give it a try. Always looking for something to tame frizzes)
    *FORMULA X Nail Polish in Dollface (I don’t wear nail polish; no time to maintain it as a caregiver. And this shade is definitely not one I’d pick)
    *Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Neapolitan Palette (I know I won’t wear this; I do better with pewter/greige colors.)

    It might be time for me to join the swapping scene. I have lots of bronzers and other products that just aren’t right for my skin tone, etc. Just have to make time to do it!

  32. Yuck, i think this is the worst and Disappointing bag I have ever received and will not use anything from it. Of course, I was bound to receive another black eyeliner, and of course it was the featured one, the IT brand. So I received not one of the other things I was eyeing. Like the Nomad eye shadow, or Japonesque Blush. Trust fund lippie, or the Lord and Berry Liner. Benefit Gimme Brow,the NYX illuminator, Makeup wipes or the Ofra eyeshadow. Was hoping for at least ONE of those products. Ipsy had soo many good things this month.
    So here’s what I got instead,
    1) IT cosmetics black liner
    2) Winky Lux Diamond Complexion powder in light or medium (hope it is light or this bag really bombs)
    3) Ciate Nail Polish in that really oxblood color (I wear only light colors!!)
    4) Bio Cellulose mask (Have yet to use a mask ever!!)
    5) Peter Lamas Complexion Booster
    And to round out, I hate this months bag design.

    • I hope you get the lavender polish! Then at least that will be one item that’s a win for you. I am also getting Ciate and don’t know which shade to hope for. I already have both colors and hope these are better versions. 😉 Whichever one we get.

    • I would love to swap with you for that Winky powder if you’re interested? I feel you about the bag this month mine sucked as well… same black eyeliner 🙁 I will never have to buy eyeliners again, I literally have about 50, UGH! haha … I also received:
      It Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Eyeliner $15/16-ish (I think)
      This Works Camera Close Up $27.50
      Peter Lamas $14.60
      Ciate London Paint Pot $17
      Jelly Pong Pong Neapolitan Palette $17.95

  33. I can’t wait for my bag to get here! Very pleased with the bag design and ALL of my items next month:
    *Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye
    *Formula X Nail Polish in Dollface
    *Neogen Code 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence & Gold Tox Tightening Pack
    *Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster
    *IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Liner (already own the full size liner)

    So happy to be getting a lip product that’s not in some crazy bold color, and I LOVE the baby pink shade of nail polish for this month. I’m excited to try my first K-beauty product, so the Neogen Code 9 is something I can’t wait to get my hands on. The Peter Lamas product is new to me as well, but I like the idea that it contains Retinol. I already own the IT gel liner, but it will be nice to have one to keep in my makeup bag while I’m on the go 🙂

    • I got the exact same bag!! The lip color might be too light for me but hopefully I can make it work with a liner. For the first time in awhile I’m looking forward to my Ipsy bag.

      • I think the lip color will look good on an array of skin tones. If you click on the product from the screen that shows your glam bag for the month and scroll down they have tips for the lipstick and Cydnee is the model. I just wish the Formula X samples were larger, but I honestly have never made it more than half way through a bottle of nail polish before they start to dry out a bit!

  34. This will be my third Ipsy bag and I’m excited!
    I’m getting:
    Tarte LipSurgence (my first choice among the featured products)
    Jersey Shore Lip Conditioner (I’m sure I’ll use it, plus it seems like it has great reviews)
    Symphony Beauty Cleansing Wipes (not exactly thrilling, but always useful!)
    Ciate London Paint Pot (I like nail polish so I’m happy)
    Jelly Pong Pong Neopolotan Palette (the kind of colors I wear every day so it should work well for me!)
    Can’t wait to try everything!

    • Oh, hey, bag twin! Are you hoping for a particular nail polish color or would either one do? I’ll personally be okay with either—they’re both super pretty in the pics!

      • I’d be happy with either! Although, I’m already starting to be in a fall state of mind despite the fact that it’s early August so, if I had to choose, I might pick Dangerous Affair. Looks so pretty 🙂

  35. I’m getting…
    • Tarte deluxe LipSurgence Lip Crème in Wonder (full-size @ 0.1oz is $24, deluxe @ 0.056oz = $13.44)
    • Jersey Shore Mongongo Lip Conditioner in Vanilla Coconut Cream ($10)
    • Symphony Beauty Makeup Cleansing Wipes (10-count pack is $2.97)
    • Ciaté London Paint Pot ($15)
    • Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Neapolitan Palette ($17.95)
    (Bag value = $59.36 as calculated based on actual product sizes.)

    They did really well for me—I love lip products in general, so getting not one but TWO of them (even if they do serve different purposes) is a coup. I haven’t used nail polish in several months, but the color options are gorgeous (and I don’t have anything in either shade) so it may be what I need to start up again. I can never have enough makeup cleansing wipes, and the colors on the palette look amazing—plus I’m pretty sure that’s full-size and I looked on JPP’s website and that thing sells for $17.95, so…

    Also, 3/5 are regular size products for what they are, and the other two are essentially travel-size, so yay for that!

    • Bag twins!

  36. I was really excited about this month because after seeing the spoilers they had some amazing products!! But I didn’t really get the ones I was super excited about OMG Cover FX primer, who is getting that? Like 2 people maybe?? LOL Oh well I still love Ipsy!
    I am getting:
    Symphony Beauty Makeup Cleansing Wipes (makeup removers that smell like cucumbers bleh)
    Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye (probably the most exciting thing in my bag! A matte liquid lip!)
    Beauty for Real Black Gel Eyeliner (I will never complain about a black eyeliner honestly I use it everyday so it’s always useful)
    Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask (I don’t have masks checked in my preferences but I will use it)
    NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator (I did want to try this so I’m not complaining)

    • I am the same on the eyeliner. I feel like I am the only one that does not mind but I use black eyeliner daily.

      • I might change my mind after I have had my subscription boxes for awhile though and have a collection to last me a thousand years LOL maybe that’s why some of them get mad.

  37. Not too happy with my bag. I don’t like the design and what I’m getting….

    Rodial – Smokey Eye Pen: Really? I don’t need another eyeliner

    It Hair Care 12-In-One Amazing Leave-In: I told them in a PREVIOUS REVIEW that not only did this product not work for me but I don’t want try them again. But here we are…

    The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Cleansing Gel: Interesting ingredients. I’ll be willing to try it.

    Ciaté London Paint Pot: I don’t paint my own nails and never wear the same color twice. I also asked ipsy not to send nail polish. There are so many women that prefer it and never get it.

    NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator: I wanted to/ willing to try

    • Ugh, I agree. I specifically put no nail polish or eyeliner and what am I getting? Both of those things… This might be the worst looking month yet. We will see when I get it.

  38. -Organic Pharmacy rose facial cleansing gel – never heard of this brand but I like rose scents, and it is an expensive cleansing gel
    – Luseta Argan oil hair mask
    – Ciate London paint pot- the color spinning teacups looks interesting, so I hope it I get that variation
    – Jelly Pong Pong Neapolitan palette – the colors look wearable
    -NYX Born to Glow – not exited about this, was hoping for one of the lip products this month, but you can’t win them all.

  39. I get Ipsy for my daughter. We are both happy with our bag. She will be getting
    Secret Garden Ampoule Masks(it shows two but will probably get just one.)
    Dermelect Nail Polish.
    Trust Fund Lipstick (Okay)
    Organic Perfecting Face Polish
    Ofra Highlighter(The only thing we don’t really like)

    Overall, she likes the bag and I think it’s more then worth the $10 I spent. But we are new to Ipsy. So I can see how some are tired of receiving the same or similar products. We have not gotten their yet.

    • On your reveal when they show two masks you should get both.

    • I’m getting the same box as you! As mentioned, we should be getting both masks. A few months ago, Ipsy gave out some Purlisse sheet masks in some bags, and those that got them got two (one of each type offered) which was a nice surprise as I assumed I’d only get one.

      I like everything I’m getting, except the highlighter, only because I don’t use highlighter (I have an oil slick of a face, so I have my own “natural” highlight 🙂 ). But I know Ofra’s a good brand, and my mom always get first dibs on stuff I give away, and I know she’ll love this!

    • Yes! I really think ipsy is ideal for newbies or those that want to try a bunch of samples, but after a while, once you know what you like, it can become redundant. I was sort of new to make up when I joined, and now I feel like I am learning what I like. I have tried so many new things, but eventually I will know what works for me, and it will be time to stop I think. Though it is just FUN! I think when you get to the point that you’re not using up samples (even ones you like) then it’s time to think about sticking with your favorites for a while…and maybe come back to ipsy a year or two later to check out the newer trends if you want.

  40. Pacific Bronzer- has a unicorn on it so I’m sold.
    Winky Lux powder- another cute container
    Ciate- don’t really need either color but I like the tiny bottles
    It- 12 in one- meh again with the hair serum
    Tarte Mascara- they were pretty much forced to send me this because I already got all the other items in the “everyone will get 1 of these” spoiler.

    Overall I’m happy.

  41. I’m excited for my bag! I’m getting:

    Tarte Lipsurgance Lip Creme
    Marc Anthony true professional deep hydrating treatment
    This works in transit camera close up (looking forward to this)
    Ciate London paint pot (no joke- my first nail polish ever)
    Jelly Pong Pong Neapolitan palette (nice colors for me)

    I’m happy with it.

  42. omg my bag is AWFUL! what happened to you, Ipsy!?!?

    SUNDREAMS LOTUS INFUSED BRONZER in Sunkissed – summer is ending soon, why bronzer now, why
    Ciate London
    Paint Pot – I’ve said a zillion times I hate nail polish
    IT Cosmetics
    12 in one Hair Serum – don’t use stuff like this
    Jelly Pong Pong
    Neopolitan Palette – ehhhh, i’ll give it a chance
    born to glow liquid illuminator – of course I get the nyx out of all the high end brands

  43. Love love love both bags but not super excited about the products I will be getting. New black eye liner for my little sis since I look horrible in black eyeliner. Jersey Shore lip balm which might be useful for under lipsticks if it’s not waxy. A blush that is the lightest shade ever and looks more like a highlighter. The NYX highlighter which I am hoping works good for all over on days I’m at home and just need a bit of makeup. IT leave in hair treatment which I will definitely use.

    • Just so you know that jersey Shore chapstick is the best chapstick I’ve ever had. It really works great!

      • Thanks that’s good to know! The packaging makes it look cheap and childish so I wasn’t sure how it would be. I use Lypsyl on the regular which is like a bees wax chapstick but I like to use others that are not waxy before I put on gloss or lipstick.

      • I second this! It will spoil you forever! It sinks in and really makes the lips dewy! It is not waxy or heavy at all. I can no longer enjoy kinds like EOS or even Burt’s Bees after this treat! The only other ones that moisturize well are the Mojito one I got last year and a vanilla one in a tube this year(it has sugar in it so I don’t use it anymore). But I even love this more! It’s a lip drink!

    • The Jersey Shore lip balm is incredible! Definitely not waxy at all. I use it under liquid lipsticks that are a bit too drying and it works really well.

    • I find the jersey shore lip balm more of a lip butter. It is smooth and shiny. I have a peppermint flavored one I use at night. The packaging is paper so while may look cheap it is better for the environment. I didn’t get the lip balm this time but the flavor sounds good.

      • I have this Coconut crème one and the Pumpkin one, and they are a little different. I actually got rid of the pumpkin one because it is almost as good (they are really close) but not quite as dewy. There must be different ingredients. This coconut crème scent is a light, more natural fragrance and not overly strong. LOVE THIS STUFF.

  44. Here’s mine.

    Love the bag mix but I do wish they would knock it off with the crazy, bold color palette. That eyeshadow is headed right for the trash can when it gets here. :/

    ** Lord&Berry 20100 maximatte crayon lipstick in Intimacy
    ** Beaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer
    ** Luseta Argan Oil Hair Masque
    ** Nomad Cosmetics Intense Eyeshadow in Spice Market
    ** IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner

    • I was bummed I didn’t get the shadow lol!

    • I usually love Urban Decay’s neutrals. So you might find my review helpful. I got a similar shade from Nomad in April, and it is perfect for just a dab in the center of the eye or using as a liner. It has lots of oomph and is super pretty. I agree it is a bit much, but in small doses it is really pretty. I’m happy to be getting this shade too.

      • Thank you, Sun. I have light blue eyes, so I will keep that in mind – a hint of that copper-y color just might work.

  45. The only thing I’m excited about is the trust fund lip product but I’ll use everything else ,was hoping for a polish but I’m not hating what Im getting

  46. I’m getting:
    *Beau Gachis applicator sponge
    *Formula X polish in Dollface
    *Neuma smoothing creme
    *This Works in camera close up (mask, moisturizer, primer in one…hmm I’m curious about this one)
    *Tarte lipsurgence lip creme in Wonder

    I have never tried anything in my August bag except for the lipsurgence formula, but not that color. So I’m pretty happy and think the bag is so cute too.

    • The This Works product is my favorite ever now! I got it last month with the LookFantastic box. I use it as a primer. I have oily skin and it somehow keeps me oil free throughout the entire day despite it not being oil free. I’m sure it’s great for dry skin too since it’s also a moisturizer. I hope you love it!

      • Thanks for telling me about your experience with it. My skin is oily right now in the summer and every primer keeps me oil free for only 2hrs max in the heat of summer. So I’m excited to try it even more now! !

  47. Annnndddd neither one of the lip products, even though it’s the only make up product I have selected (to try to actually get one finally). I haven’t gotten a lipstick in like a year and keep getting all the other products I don’t select and down vote repeatedly. Looking forward to getting as much of my points used up as I can so that I can cancel. This month is one of the worst for me yet to boot. Not excited for a single thing.
    Ofra highlighter – I already have half a dozen highlighters but I guess I’ll keep it around
    Nomad eye shadow – may be the only other thing I keep which is saying a lot since I rarely use eye shadow and it’s one of the things I want the least. AND it’s the same shade I got last month.
    Ciate nail polish – no matter which color I already have multiples of the shade, no thanks
    It hair care serum – my hair is thin and fine, so no thank you
    Organic Therapy cleansing gel – have enough to get through already and I generally use other types of products to clean skin, nope
    Guess the only thing i’m looking forward to is the bag and will yet again have to try to swap for the products I would have actually used.

  48. I got:
    *Nyx illuminator (even though it is one of the lower $ products, I’ve been wanting to try a liquid illuminator and had been eyeing this one so I’m happy)
    *Beau Gachis sponge applicator (I have tons of knock off bbs but I guess another one never hurts)
    *Formula X polish in doll face (yay!)
    *Mark Anthony True Professional Nourishing Argan oil deep conditioning cream (I need another deep conditioner like I need a hole in the head. This is what I get for not reviewing the last one I got, but I didn’t even use it!)
    * Sally’s box Secret Garden ampoule masks (again, hole in the head. I just started Tretinoin so nothing is going on this baby skin unless it is as bland as can be. )

    This is the first bag I’ve been meh about. I deliberately left the hair and skin care portions of the quiz blank this time because I didn’t want anything from them. Guess that was a bad strategy. Live and learn!

  49. Aside from the bag and the gel eyeliner my bag has different items. All of the items I’m really excited about (eyeshadow trio, tarte lip cred, lip conditioner product- that I’m probably most excited about, and some makeup removing clothes).

    Looooove the bag this month! Both designs are gorgeous.

    Last month was a bit of a dud for me (and I hated the bag) but this month looks wonderful.

    • We’re bag twins! LOL, first time I can say that, so VERY exciting! I finally took someone’s advice and got everything i wanted, YAY!

  50. I don’t need the makeup, but I have been tempted to resub to IPSY for the bags! Their bags have come a long way from the odd, smelly little things they used to be.

    • I resubbed for the bags and the make up tools they’d always send me and they haven’t disappointed me yet – this will be my second month back. I’ll be getting:

      Dermalect ‘ME’ nail lacquer in Unscripted (I NEVER get polishes in sub boxes except Julep and I’m always so happy to get them)

      Tarte LipSurgence in Wonder (never been disappointed with a Tarte item although I would’ve preferred the mascara as I’m not much of a lip person)

      Marc Anthony argon oil hydrating treatment (always love getting hair items – will get used)

      Pacifica Sundreams Bronzer in Sunkissed (I’ve recently been loving trying new bronzers, while I’ve never been too happy with Pacifica products, I’m happy to add another bronzer to my collection)

      Beau Gachis applicator sponge (really happy for this as I resubbed for the make up tools and was initially worried because I didn’t see any in the spoilers! glad they pulled through!)

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