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GlossyBox September 2016 Spoiler #2 + Free Bonus Box

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We have a new SPOILER for the September 2016 Glossybox! Each box will include:



And in case you missed the first spoiler…Ā Glossybox sent us the actual box and two spoilers early to share with My Subscription Addiction readers!


The box itself is a special design for September. All subscribers will receive ONE of the following:


Korres Twist Lipstick (Full Size) OR


Korres Volcanic Minerals Eye Shadow (Full size)

Here are both of the shades swatched:


I’m really impressed with the formulas. The lipstick crayon gives subtle color with a little shine – it’s perfect for an everyday look for me. And the eyeshadow stick has tons of pigment, shimmer, and staying power!

What do you think of the spoilers and the box design?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet, use coupon code SECRET to get a free bonus box with your first box!

Check out our GlossyBox Reviews to see what you can expect from the August box and also what has been in past boxes.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Update on my miserable journey with Glossy Box. My first box, paid for September 1, and allegedly shipped on September 22, is now lost. No one can account for it, despite the fact that there was a tracking number. So, let us recap: additional box coupon ignored, 36 days after they were paid no one knows where the first box is (I only know where it isn’t ) and now they have helped themselves to payment for yet another box. This feels more and more like robbery.

  2. Another irritation. I have yet to receive the first box I ordered (with no sign anywhere of alleged added value box for which I used the code offered here) and True Beauty aka Glossy Box hit my bank account again today. How many boxes will I have to pay for before I actually see a Glossy Box? I smell something and it isn’t perfume.

  3. I signed up on September 4th and its just been saying “paid” on my account. I wonder if they are not going to send me a box this month. Does anyone know what the deadline is for signing up and receiving that month’s box?

  4. Unimpressed. Signed up with the code for a second box. According to my account yesterday, I had paid and they were packing, but no sign of second box or shipping date. Today my account just says paid. This is no way to do business. I like Ipsy and Pop Sugar but Glossybox and Sephora have both been major disappointments.

  5. Whew! Glad that’s over!ive only been a subscriber for 2 months and that was long enough. I am not impressed with this sub at all. I bought 2 boxes and both were exactly the same. I got:

    Borghese mascara yay more mascara!! :/
    Photo smoothing oil
    Taupe brow pencil
    Korres lipstick in Grace
    Sesderma cleanser
    And a ridiculously tiny c-vit serum sample

    In my opinion other beauty boxes offer much better products with greater variety. Not a fan of my GB this month at all

    • *phyto smoothing oil
      *sensyses cleanser

  6. My haul for the month is as follows:

    Borghese Mascara
    Model Launcher Brow Duo Pencil
    Sensyses Cleanser Lightening
    Sesderma C-Vit Moisturizing Serum (don’t know why they bothered at first i thought
    some must of spilled out during shipping but no they sent a little tiny bottle that was only 1/4 full)
    Korres Modern Greek Apothecary Twist Eye shadow (volcanic minerals)
    Premier Dead Sea Prestige Eye Serum

    • Yes mine had virtually nothing in it to, but I couldn’t find any sign of leaking whatsoever, I think it was just a lame sample. I paid upfront for my glossybox subscription, do they refund if you cancel? I am so tempted after receiving that Premier Eye Serum considering the sales practices of that company. ..completely undermines the quality of the box.

  7. I don’t even count the sesderma cvit as a sample. I mean it’s tiny anyway then mine was virtually no product in the bottle!

  8. FINALLY got my GB today. Holy S*** that lipstick crayon is dark!! I don’t wear red lipstick, so this full size lip crayon is a waste for me šŸ™ makes me upset since it’s full size!!

  9. I chuckled to myself yesterday morning. In a Today Show segment GlossyBox advertised a deal. $21 a month and a highlight of the September box with 9 featured items scattered around and in the box. The August box had a large bottle of Nuxe Oil. At least the subscription price was correct.

    • I’m a little upset that I didn’t get that Nuxe Oil. I purchased a bottle of it, because I didn’t want to feel like I missed out on something incredible. I bought the same size featured in the box.

      Man oh man! It is huge! I wasn’t that surprised or disappointed that I didn’t get it, UNTIL I realized how much product that bottle held! I’m agreeing with another poster – They should rotate the high value boxes so we all feel fairly treated and a little special once in a while.

  10. I just picked up my box and found 6 items.

    Borghese Mascara
    Model Launcher Brow Duo Pencil
    Korres Modern Greek Apothecary Twist Lipstick
    Sensyses Classic Cleanser
    Sesderma C-Vit Moisturizing Serum
    Phyto Huile Supreme Rich Smoothing Oil (Pretty big – about an oz)

    Did anyone else get the Phyto Oil? I’m okay with this box – Do I dare say it – Gilt Deal, so I think I did okay this month.

    • I got this same box. The Phyto oil and Korres lippie (which is the Korres item I was hoping for) are great. The mascara mini will go in the box with its 79 mascara siblings. The Sesderma vit C serum I received is only about 1/3 full, and the Sesderma micellar water is a tiny sample, but useful to pack for a weekend trip.

      Overall, not a bad box. I’m not squealing with glee over it, but it also doesn’t make me angry. The box itself is actually my favorite part this month.

  11. Prepare for MAJOR value discrepancies guys. Some people are getting at “$350” eye serum, while others are getting a $15 mini perfume. Nice.

    • That $350 eye serum is really more like a $49 eye serum as listed on Amazon. It is from one of those overcharging kiosk stores in the mall. How reputable it is, one doesn’t know.

      • I came here to comment that. Isn’t that company out of business?

      • And even $49 is overpriced. More like a $5 tube of silicones.

        • I love the eye serum. Honestly, I haven’t loved anything in Glossy box until now.

          • does someone have a screenshot where they said 6 items, instead of 5?

  12. Got my box a couple days ago. Brow duo pencil ,Korres black eyeshadow pencil, Vince Camuto Capri perfume mini, Sesderma Vit. C serum and cleanser, and MeMeMe lip pencil in peach.

    As far as I can tell the cleanser is miceller water, the Vit. C is teeny, the lip color is not great on me, I cannot fathom wearing black eyeshadow, and I don’t need brow help. But the perfume smells nice!

    I did a 3-mos. trial with 2 free boxes and it’s been fun, but I don’t plan on resubbing.

  13. I am kinda concerned with this box due to the Premier Dead Sea Prestige Eye Serum. This is the brand that the hucksters attack you with in the mall with their high pressure sales tactics and inflated prices. I was very shocked to see this brand in this month’s Glossybox. I have never used the products even though I have received samples when they are trying to chase me down to come back to the kiosk, but have never read anything positive about the brand or the people that distribute it.

    • I read a lot of complaints against the sales people, their tactics and their overcharging. Not really the product itself. Amazon had some good reviews about the item. They only charge $49. It might be an okay item but I sincerely doubt it has the value of $350. At that price it should be Creme de la Mer. Maybe Glossybox got it for cheap. I didn’t notice an expiration date on the item. But remember the old adage: when in doubt throw it out. I wonder what GB would say about this item if asked about it?

    • My nearest mall has VIna Vera. Similar sales tactics but same dead seas sales pitch even though back of sample they give says made in Japan and the are made with wine. However the definitely say they are from Israel and the dead seas, just like the sales person ia. I. never use it but my niece has tried it with no complaints. I just take their samples and go on my way.

      • Sorry bad spelling. Auto correct defective today.

    • Your comment reminds me of Oro Gold. It is unbelievable how pushy and manipulative their sales people are. They have an actual store in a mall in my town, and this lady suckered me into going into the store (via free samples, of course!… my weakness), and once I was in there I just got a weird vibe right away. I politely listened to the lady’s pitch (I have to admit one product I tested was really nice, but for that price!?!?! I’d rather get La Mer, Revive, 3Lab, etc.), but when I refused to sit, a different sales guy insisted and moved a stool right up against my butt to force me to sit!!!! I just moved out of the way, gave him a ‘what the pho!’ look then said I had to go and left.

      There was also a time at a kiosk in a mall (probably selling Premier Dead Sea products) when somebody approached me to try a product, and when I politely refused, the guy made some comment like “Are you sure you don’t need….” in a smarmy way. So, I stopped, turned around, walked back to him and told him if his sales pitch is to first attempt to insult potential customers, then he needs to greatly improve his sales tactics if he plans to successfully sell his products. He was totally taken aback, and apologized profusely. Ha!

      • Just last weekend they were trying to hawk something for like 700.00…I looked at him and he said “too much?”

        You think?

      • VineVera, Oro Gold, Premier Dead Sea, Seacret, and Adore Organic Innovations are all owned and operated by the same umbrella company – hence the similarities between their greasy sales tactics and pants-stainingly inflated prices. There is nothing remotely special about the ingredients that you couldn’t get in a $11 Olay product, or something even cheaper. The sales people are obnoxious and the hard sell tactics they use are arguably unethical, but the conditions of their hire aren’t so ethical either.

        I doubt using the products will be harmful (excepting possibly some crazy mutant allergies), though I wish Glossybox would stop “proudly partnering” with a company that has the same level of integrity as a genital wart.

        • I so agree. Why would a company want to do business with another that is not ethical is beyond me. There was an article a couple of years ago regarding how the employees are poorly treated. It was in an Israeli newspaper. Those people who got the EB5 full size eye cream got the better deal as far as I’m concerned.

  14. Has anyone received their box yet? I’ve already had all my other subs for at least a week now. GB is the SLOWEST at sending their boxes! Makes me want to cancel..

    • Mine came today.

    • no…the slowest of all my subs is Onyxbox. My September Onyxbox hasn’t even shipped yet. I haven’t received my September GBox either however, I do have the shipping info. I just picked up Lipmonthly sub for October. I hear they are the absolute worst when it comes to shipping. I guess i’ll see. I think Ipsy is the best, however, after my big pow wow with their customer service rep, Dexter…I will be cancelling Ipsy right after the October billing. i want that Halloween themed glambag šŸ™‚ thinking about beautybox5 to replace Ipsy…………

      • I actually found lip monthly to be regular. If not signed up by the 4th of September you will get October bag but then the deliveries become consistent after the first month. Never had problems with them except the first time. Found th the most reliable bUT now my others are getting better. I have Ipsy, Glossybox, Sephora, and Vanishing Cabinet by Notoriously Morbid. I have to let a few go right now as I lost my job and need a new one to continue with this habit. I’ll add lip monthly back when I can but will soon release two of the remaining 4 until I’m working again.

      • I’m the opposite! My Onyxbox is usually one of the first to arrive…. typically within the 1st week of the month. Like Lola EB said, Lip Monthly is pretty regular. There’s is sort of in the middle of the pack. My latest ones are always Benevolent Beauty & Beauteque. Even though I’ve never received a late box from them, I still can’t help but get a little anxious once it’s the last week of the month, and I still haven’t received my box. Well, I guess the good thing is that I have a constant stream of boxes coming in throughout the month. šŸ™‚

        • i guess this just isn’t my month for deliveries. i haven’t received my ipsy or onyxbox this month. but i did receive my Gbox today. I received my Gbox today. I didn’t get the dead sea serum that everyone is talking about. but I did receive a full size eb5 eye treatment, and a full size micellar water. I got the eye shadow instead of the lipstick but it goes perfectly with the brow pencil. I’m not sure about that reviving mist stuff, but I will give it a try. so overall, I’m happy with my September Gbox.

  15. LMAO… this smells like a repeat of the Nuxe fiasco which they clearly have not learned from. I subbed for one year and have gotten relatively cheap boxes in comparison to others. It would be one thing if they rotated high value boxes so that everyone would have a chance to get at least one, but so far in my experience it hasn’t been the case.

    I won’t be resubbing… BoxyCharm and Beautyfix seem to be better options in that price range.

  16. It says:
    I never noticed what it said before.

    • When you look on the sneak peek on the glossybox website is says receive six products in our special design September box.

  17. After contacting GB about only sending me 5 items instead of 6 they write back and say that everyone is only getting 5 items and no one is getting 6 items in the box. WHAT! It even says 6 items on their site and already people on MSA are listing 6 items. I sent them the link to their own site that says 6 items. CS also says I hope you understand now that you aren’t getting 13 items. We picked 5 out of 13 for the box. Um ok. I never said anything about getting 13 items. Glad I cancelled and I certainly will never be resubscribing.

  18. I just had to contact GB. They completely screwed up my box. They only 5 items instead of 6. The sneak peek of the box on their site even says RECEIVE 6 ITEMS IN THE SPECIAL SEPTEMBER BOX, SUBSCRIBE NOW. Plus I received a spoiler email that said I would be getting 24k Sally Hershberger Dry Shampoo and Vince Caputo Perfume but I did not get either. The info book in the box says I should have the Korres lip crayon but I got the eyeshadow. Not Happy!

    • My sneak peek had the Vince Camuto perfume and the Sensyses cleanser, of which I received neither. Not the first time I’ve gotten something different from what I was expecting from the sneak peek or available reviews. I cancelled this month, but they still have me paying for next month’s as well. Oh well. Hopefully it will be halfway worth it, but I’ve become jaded with Glossybox.

      • I have filed a complaint with BBB. The sneak peeks says 6 items and CS has been rude. Some people received a high value box but mine was about 62 dollars. Glossybox continues to lie and say no one received 6 items and that the sneak peek says 5 items. Blatant lies. I sent BBB the link saying we would receive 6 items and all emails from GLOSSYBOX lying about it. Of course GB has not yet responded to BBB yet as I’m sure they are trying to find a way to cover their tracks.

  19. Got my Glossy Box and it is AWESOME
    -Sesderma USA C-Vit Moisturizing Serum
    -Lierac Paris Micellar Water
    -Borghese mascara
    -Korres Volcanic Minerals Eye Shadow
    -MODEL LAUNCHER Brow Duo Pencil
    Premier Dead Sea Prestige Eye Serum Full Size
    card said it Retails $350 found it on Amazon for less LOVE this eye serum

    • I got an AMAZING box too! Everything that you got except switch out the Lierac Paris Micellar Water with Sensyses Cleanser. Thrilled with GlossyBox!!!

      • Me too! I am excited to finally receive the expensive item (eye serum) in my box. Can’t wait to try it and see if it works for me. Glossybox lists it as $350, but you can purchase on Amazon for $50 plus shipping and handling. The other items, Korres eye shadow, Model launcher brow pencil, Borghese mascara (sample), Sensyses cleanser (small sample)and C vitamin serum (sample) more than made up for the cost of the box. I am very excited to try everything this month. After months of others receiving a more expensive item, I received one myself. I think maybe they do rotate who is receiving the more expensive items, of which they must receive fewer samples to distribute.

        • Box twins. I got this same box. My eyeshadow pencil however was BLACK. Not only is there a black liner overload now, I also have black eyeshadow to go with it. The formula is very creamy and it does stay put and the size of the pencil tip allowed me to make a cats eye quite easily. Based on the Amazon price for the eye serum I got an estimated value of $92.17.

  20. I guess everyone got different boxes for September. I just got mine and it has different products than what others have posted.
    Monuspa Rosewood Reviving Mist 1.5 oz
    Modellauncher Brow Duo Full Size
    EB5 Daily Repair Eye Treatment Full Size
    Korres Twist Eyeshadow Full Size
    Lierac Gentle Cleanser Micellar Water 1.7oz
    I thought everyone got the same items? Not really happy with this box. Wish I got the Lip Crayon instead of eyeshadow. The brow pencil and micellar water i have gotten in other boxes. The rosewood mist would have been good if it was full size. I do like the eb5 eyecream. I wish i had gotten the perfume others have gotten. This is my last month anyway. It just isn’t worth the $20 bucks. I loved the box though, it’s beautiful.

    • I received the same box as you. Not impressed.

    • I got the 5 item box as well. GB has never given me the “better” box. I guess my business is less important to them than others.

      • Exactly. They sent me the cheap box because i had already canceled and september was my last month. However it does say 6 items on their site and the peek at my box said i would be getting the 24k dry shampoo. After i sent them their own link they still have not responded. Straight out lied and said everyone got 5 items.

        • Yeah, I have already decided they are not worth my time or money (like allure). I just got lured back by the pretty box. Lol. I have to get October yet, but it’s already paid for and I will be better able to resist in the future.

          Boxycharm has been fantastic for me and sephora play as well (best of the $10 subs imo). I need to cut down anyway. I have samples to last for 6 months or more and have discovered some fabulous favorites.

        • I received six items, but I am not sure they really count as more than 5 items. Let me explain. I think we all received the Model Launcher brow pencil? and a Korres pencil-either eye shadow or lip? I also received an eye serum that I am excited to try. The other 3 items are small samples. One is the Sensyses cleanser which is 0.5oz. That is not a lot of cleanser, so small sample-only worth $1.47. Next, I received Sesderma serum, tiny sample only 0.1oz or 3 ml, and worth about $5. The third sample I received is Borghese superiore state-of-the-art mascara, also 0.1oz, again pretty small and only worth about $6.50. From reading what some others have received, who have only received 5 items, those items seem like they could be bigger, have more value, last longer, etc. I guess what I am saying is when the sixth sample is worth $1.47, it is hard to say the box really has more value. I am coming to accept that Glossybox has become a box that is varied every month, and some months I have box envy and others I am very excited to try everything. Regardless, every box I have received is worth more than I paid to try some new products.

          • I got 6 samples, but instead of receiving a full size eye serum, got a small perfume mini. The Sesderma sample was itty bitty (.01 oz) and mine was only filled 1/3 of the way, so to count that as an item is ridiculous. Also got the small Sensyses cleanser. Huge price discrepancy between boxes yet again. This was one of my most disappointing boxes. Le sigh.

          • You make an incredibly good point. I didn’t know those were so small. It does make me feel a ton better. However, my 5 item box included canned water. I know some people like it, but I can’t help being mildly insulted by it, especially when it’s september. Plus I’m jaded from the nuxe oil box.

            But back to positive thoughts, your comment has made me decide to cut GB a little slack. We will see what next month brings.

    • I got the same box and feel the same way. I’d been considering cancelling this subscription but was holding out for this month’s box. Last month’s was a month late, and they sent the wrong box (my reviews were for completely different products). Just not feeling this box.

    • Box twins! How many of us are gilt subs, I wonder..

  21. I only got one free box for subscribing! Where was the offer for two free boxes? Now I am disappointed!

  22. I just got an email from GB titled “Peek inside the Secret Garden” and it reveals two more products for the Sept. box.

    Sesdermas Sensyses micellar water
    Vince Caputo Capri eau de parfum

    so with the lipstick crayon and eyebrow pencil, that reveals 4 items…excited to get this box!

    • Got my GB today. It contained:

      Sesdermas Sensyses lightening micellar water 15ml
      Vince Caputo Capri eau de parfum 7.5ml (nice deluxe sample)
      Sesderma C-Vit Serum 3ml
      Korres Lip Crayon in Seductive (I think that is the name)
      24K Sally Hershberger Dry Shampoo
      Modellauncher Brow-duo pencil

      The box is so pretty and I am very pleased with the products.

      • I just realized you got 6 products. I only got 5.

  23. Received my notice that GB has shipped. They seem travel been very quiet this month with their spoilers and big ticket items. It will be interesting if we all receive the same products.

    • Did you receive an email from them this morning revealing 2 additional items that are in the September box?

      • Colleen, I did noire ceiba the spoiler email. GB did send me an email about the artist who designed the Sept box. Should I have clicked through the bio?

  24. Has anyone had their September box start shipping?

    • I just got my shipping info this morning.

      • Oddly enough I got mine as well. Guess I was just impatient!!!!!

      • Alison, is your package 1.2 lbs?

        • Why yes, it is! What does that mean?

          • Lol, absolutely nothing! I was thinking of allures variations when I typed that question. Too many subs!!!!

          • I hear ya. I cancelled allure over it. The ELF brush was the last straw for me. Not that GB hasn’t had some serious variations either! I only resubbed for the 5 boxes for price of 3 deal ( and the pretty Sept box).

          • That’s interesting, I sub’d to Allure for the foreo and of course didn’t get it. Cancelled, but they charged me the next month so I just figured I’d see what the next few months were like. I was sent the elf brush as well!!! Then the mess this month, I’ve cancelled. I’ll watch spoilers and reviews and see if they ever get their act together. And, like you, the 2 free boxes got me to subscribe to Glossybox. I’ve enjoyed the boxes, but am not sure I’m staying after next month. I love the values of Boxycharm, but I’m not sure I’d use all the makeup they send. I may try them for a couple months.
            Do you have any idea what’s in this Glossybox other than the eyebrow pencil and the eyeshadow or lipstick?

          • I have no idea. I think they kept quieter this time on purpose. I’m really curious to see what everyone gets and how much variation there may be.

        • Other than the eyeshadow or lipstick, we are getting perfume and a cleanser. I too, signed up for Glossy because of the buy one, get two free ( in reality, buy two get two because you automatically get next months box, which is this months). I signed up for Allure for the first time this month and I’m giving them one more shot before I cancel. I also signed up for Allure because of a $5 off code making it $10 this month. I am curious about boxycharm and beautyfix so if I cancel any of these boxes I’m replacing them with those. Unless any of you ladies recommend any other beauty box. I don’t mind paying $20-$25 dollars to get full sized products. I have a $100 visa gift card to burn up so I want to use it only on beauty boxes to test out different ones.

    • Got my shipping info today that it shipped yesterday.

    • I got my shipping info this morning . This will be my last box (maybe for a while with GB.) I had such high hopes and I was so let down with my first box. I guess since I pay a little more I want to love it like I love some of my other sub that our not as expensive.

    • I have!!

      • The last couple of boxes were disappointing..maybe this box will be better.

  25. I heard a nasty rumor that Glossybox is going out of business and that’s why they are doing so many special offers for extra boxes. Is this true? Has anyone else heard this?

    • Do you have a source? I haven’t heard this — I always just figured they had a lot of extra inventory to get rid of. (Not saying you’re wrong, either, though — I haven’t looked into it, to be honest. Kind of glad October is my last month.)

      • I’m in a beauty swap group on Facebook and someone on there said that’s what they heard. I’m not sure where they heard it though. I just hope it isn’t true.

    • I haven’t heard this. I’ve been doing glossy box for 2 years consecutively. I hope this is only a rumor. Despite the off months, I enjoy Glossybox.

      • I recently heard that faithful GB subscribers received a bonus box. Were you a lucky recipient? 2 years is faithful!?

  26. Every time I try to subscribe it is telling my “sorry there has been an error” has anyone else had this problem?

    • I have and I can’t seem to get any reply to my message to glossybox!

  27. Is the bonus box the Mother’s Day box that was mentioned on an earlier post? I missed the MSASEPTEMBER coupon. šŸ™

  28. Here are a couple more *possible* spoilers for September’s box:

    -Vince Camuto Capri fragrance mini
    -Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme dry shampoo
    -Borghese mascara (GB has been all up in this brand lately, huh?)

    (source: 2 minutes of googling)

    • Are you sure these are for the US version?

      • I am.

    • I could be totally off, but looking at their facebook page, I’m thinking potentially
      -Sesderma USA C-Vit Moisturizing Serum
      -Lierac Paris Micellar Water

    • Borghese is a high end quality brand that has been around for years. I’m happy to get Borghese products.

    • They had the Vince Camuto mini In a box about idk 13 months ago Āæ it’s very nice ?

  29. Meanwhile, in other Glossybox news….according to social media posts, it looks like some folks are getting a surprise “loyalty box” sent to them. It actually looks pretty nice – full size Biossance (rv $58!) gimme brow, Vichy micellar water, toofaced shadow insurance, and some sponge thing.

    I wonder how GB is determining “loyalty”? Number of years subscribing, perhaps? If anyone here has received one or knows anything about it, I’d love to hear more!

    • I saw someone got one of these and I was like omg, if Glossybox did all of their boxes like this they would have tons of happy subscribers!! It looks great. I have no idea how they’re choosing…probably for youtubers or people who have a high outreach on social media, of course.

      • I asked a few of the ppl that got them how long they had been subscribers – it was all since 2012. So yeah, that counts as loyalty. I’m glad that’s the criteria, rather than internet popularity. And you are right – that box is exemplary of how they should do all their boxes – not a $2 nail polish in sight!

    • I’m happy GB is rewarding loyalty. I actually like GB but have only been with them for 3 months. The products are pretty high quality and usually things I enjoy trying but wouldn’t buy for myself. What I don’t like is all their BOGO deals. I would rather they offer incentives for people to stay. I feel like I have to continually sub, cancel, and resub to get the best deal. It gets a little crazy. Also, did anyone get the Fighting Pretty box? It was very nice and included a full size Biossance and a full size of some pricey face cream, EMK Beverly Hills. One last thing I really like about GB is the actual pink box. I use them to store the ridiculous amount of products I have from all these subs.

  30. How do you know if it added the two bonus boxes? I clicked the link but didn’t see it mentioned anywhere?

    • I had the same issue; it does not mention the 2 bonus boxes. Are the bonus boxes also available for Canadian subscribers? I notice with Glossybox they normally exclude Canadian subscriptions for coupon codes.

    • So sorry – it looks like this code has just expired. (It was working last night when I posted). I’ll update the post now.

      • so that’s a problem bc that was the only reason I ordered.

        • When I used my code for a bonus box last month, there was no confirmation of two boxes so I emailed them and they confirmed.
          If you applied a code that was expired, it would tell you (it did for me with the first code I tried). If it didn’t, you should be getting the bonus box.

          • Did you get the bonus boxes at the same time with the first box? Bc I ordered and the weight is over 5lbs, which I thought is a lot for one box.

          • Yes, I received both boxes at the same time.

    • Check your invoice

    • I signed up with the MSASEPTEMBER code on Monday I think, and I just received an email saying my box just shipped. My first Glossyboxes were last month with the DUSK coupon code and the weight of product when looking on the tracking code last month was 4.6 pounds, this tracking code says it weighs over 5 pounds. My DUSK boxes all came together in one shipment, so based on the weight of this shipment I would say 3 boxes are shipping together as well.

      • Thx Kate,
        I just clicked on my tracking #, and it says that my package weighs 5.5 lbs! I hope you are correct and I receive the 2 bonus boxes + the Aug box all together in on Shipment ?!

      • I put this code in, and when I got my confirmation there was nothing on there, I emailed them three times and called and never received a response. Apparently their customer service stinks.

  31. exciting! I’m in the market for a new brow pencil. thanks, glossybox!

  32. Looks great and the box is beautiful.

  33. I’m confused about the deal. Do you mean we will get 5 boxes (the three months and the limited edition and a previous box) or three boxes (a past box, the limited edition box, and the September box)?

    • 5 boxes total (the three you pay for with a 3-month subscription) and 2 bonus free boxes. Hope that makes sense! šŸ™‚

  34. BLECH. I have zero interest in brow products.

  35. I actually signed up for glossy box because of this GORGEOUS box design and the two free boxes deal. I’m LOVING these spoilers so far. Very happy I signed up and so excited to get this box!

  36. This will be my last Glossybox , because I wasnt impressed with my first 3 and it looks like it will be a good one.

    • When does Glossybox bill your account? I just signed up last month and am clueless when they are going to take out for September box?? Thanks

      • I get charged within the first three days of the month.

      • The 1st! I forgot to unsubscribe šŸ™

    • I’m in the very same boat. I got the buy one get two boxes. I loved the box I got but nothing really in the 2 free boxes. I think this would be an ok sub box at a different price point but is to hit or miss for me. Of course I canceled on the 22nd of last month and the cut off was the 15th. I really had just wanted to see what they were sending for August before deciding to cancel, but of course they ship late so that didn’t work out.

      Their cancellation date combined with their early billing and late shipping turn me off on this box. If they have the deeply discounted sale this year I would likely sign up for it but if not and will likely give up on GB.

  37. I keep trying, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of drawing my brows šŸ™ I LOVE benefit gimme brow, but every time I try a pencil or powder, it looks weird and unnatural on me. Anyone have pointers?

    • I know exactly how you feel! I was like that too. From my experience, it really just takes practice and attempts to see what techniques look best on you, but a few tips are to try to avoid sharp lines (at least for a natural look) and to vary pressure and therefore coverage in sparse areas. šŸ™‚

    • A tip from a tutorial that helped me was that brows should be light on the inner corner, dark at the start of the arch, then fade back to light again at the outer tail. I know some people use different shades of brow product to achieve this, but I’m lazy about it & just use a heavier/lighter application of product to get this effect.

      • I do the same. I have a hard enough time finding one shade that looks good on me!!

        • Thanks! I’m going to try that. The part that always looks so bad to me is the inside corners, maybe this will help!

    • I had trouble for a couple of years. I have brown hair, but most brow pencils seemed to pull red on me. I have found that going for a cool brown is the way to go. Julep’s cool brown is pretty good. I watched a few tutorials on youtube. Make sure you find someone who actually knows what they are doing. My problem area is nearest my eyes, they seem to be thinning with age (I am 35). Here is what I do:

      Using either pencil (Ofra universal seems to work ok for me) or Julep’s brow product (which is similar to the benefit one, I think, I use cool brown), start at the arch of your brow. That is the spot that you want to be the darkest. Then work outward lightly from there and then inward. If you are using the pencil, go light on the ends or go over the arch a few times. Then take a spoolie brush to blend everything out. I don’t use a setting gel, I find that makes my brows look more unnatural when I add it. My mother has barely there blond brows. I had a freebie benefit from Ulta, all they had left was the blonde. I used the above technique on her and her brows looked great afterward!

      • Great information-thank you for posting it.

  38. I was hoping for a brown pencil! Just used the last pencil up. I hope it’s a good brow pencil.

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