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GlossyBox Sale – Buy One Box Get One Free!

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Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.49.13 AM

For a limited time, use coupon code AUGUST to get a free bonus past box with your first month of GlossyBox. (Your subscription starts with the August box.)

Check out my GlossyBox reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box!

And here is the spoiler for August:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.54.30 AM

Too Faced Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil

You can alternatively use coupon code SUNSET to get these products as bonus in your August Glossybox:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.06.15 PM

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just got my July box yesterday! Finally! It did in fact have the shimmery nuxe oil, but no happy holidays sticker. lol I am pleased with the box but not the customer service.
    I also got the wrong pamphlet with my box, I did not get the solid perfume or the nail polish. I got:
    The nuxe oil, huge bottle
    an eyeko fat eye shadow
    a face mask
    the nail polish spray
    the too faced melted lipstick and
    one item I cant recall all ready. lol

    • My Nuxe Shimmering Oil didn’t have a Holidays sticker on it either, however, I noticed on the back down towards the bottom it shows an expiration date of 12/2016. It’s written pretty small so you have to look carefully for it.

      Unfortunately I won’t be able to use it that soon ESP since it came so late in the summer. I’m hoping it will continue to last past the expiry date but I’m not sure because it has an odor that I don’t know if it’s from it degrading maybe due to heat or if that’s the normal smell? It feels silly to complain since so many people wanted it and didn’t get it. I didn’t bother to contact CS since they are probably already bombarded with their own issues they’ve created recently. #firstworldproblems

  2. Now I completely understand why everyone is so upset over Glossybox and their customer service. I decided to give them a try, as a potential alternative to Birchbox and Ipsy, when this 3-for-1 deal was offered last month. I was very pleased with all the items I received, and I looked forward to continuing my subscription. Unfortunately, I received an email on 8/2 indicating my payment could not be processed. I logged in and all my payment info was correct and up to date (and yes, plenty of available funds to cover the charge), so I wrote to inquire what exactly went wrong with my payment. Two days later, and still no response. I logged in today just to see if perhaps my payment went through, and to my surprise I now have NO ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS?! Apparently Glossybox took it upon themselves to cancel my subscription without notifying me or providing any explanation. Well, if Glossybox does not want me as a customer, I will take my business elsewhere. What a brief and totally disappointing experience!

  3. The products Glossybox are sending are dropping in quality. (Sinful colors and Kardishian products come to mind) If Glossy wants to stay in the Sub business they either go back to what they use to be or drop the price. They are losing customers by the tons and are appearing desperate to attract more. And by the comments it sure looks like people are more then happy to drop their Glossy box Sub or can not wait for them to end and wash their hands of them.

  4. Bet that “bonus” free box is the June box. June has to be the lamest box ever.

  5. Does anyone know if Glossy Dots expire? I missed a few reviews, but I should have enough at the end of my year sub to redeem for a box.
    Like many of you, I probably won’t renew after my year is up. I haven’t been happy with the variation and value differences, and I really need to cut down due to overwhelming products sitting to be used.

    • I’m unsure if they expire, but am also curious. Also, I just checked the “my glossydots” section and now it says you must have an “active monthly subscription” in order to use your glossydots. So it won’t let me use mine since I bought an annual sub deal with Gilt. It didn’t used to have that stipulation. So if you, or anyone else reading this, has a Gilt deal going, don’t bother with even taking the surveys I guess.

      • Thank you for your response. I also have a year sub with Gilt… If I need to email customer service again, I will ask about it.

      • Sheesh – I’m in on the Gilt deal too – didn’t know my points mean nothing. I have 1010 now – for nothing..

        • You can use them once your Gilt deal runs out. I had a yearly sub and still took the surveys. Once it ran out I got some free boxes.

      • You just have to email glossybox to reedemed your glossydots , thats what i did with mine and it worked, i got my sub thought gilt ..

        • Oh? Good to know! Thanks for chiming in.

        • Oh! Good – thanks for the info!

        • How do you determine what box you get for your points? Do you pick a previous month or the month your in?

          • I read on their FAQ that you have to tell them before the first of the month that you want to cash in glossydots for a free box. They will send you the next month’s box. You don’t get to choose.

      • Points don’t expire. And to redeem a free box you just need to contact CS. I used live chat and the rep was great. My yearly sub expires this month.

  6. It’s nice to see they are actually including a brand I’ve heard of, but this item is pointless. Any type of oil (coconut/olive) removes all of my eye make so easily.

  7. Why do they have “featured brands” on their website which I’ve never seen in any of my past (year’s worth) of boxes? If they haven’t included a certain brand in over a year, they should not advertise that they do. It feels deceitful. Yes, I’ve received a few… glamglow, too faced, recently kerastase come to mind. But what about bulgari, burberry, Crabtree & Evelyn, fresh, bcbg, ahava, alterna and all the other top shelf products listed?

    • A Crabtree and Evelyn handcreme was in the November 2015 box (and recycled for some of the March 2016 box variations).

      That nit-pickiness aside, I agree! I noticed that Sinful Colors is not listed as a “featured brand,” despite appearing in the last 2 months’ boxes. Whatever, Glossybox.

      • Too right you are. I remember that now. I wish they’d cough up another one.

      • When I e-mailed GB complaining about the horrendous July box I got, including how I got a $2 Sinful nail polish two months in a row, they defended the Sabon shower oil (and UGH they’re sending me the lotion in my August box – it better not count as one of the products!) but strangely did not say a word about Sinful. I don’t know if the rep glossed over it (no pun intended) or if there was no canned reply at the ready for complaints about Sinful. I’m not quite sure how they could properly address including such a cheap product.

        • Rebecca, How do you know that your August box has Sabon lotion? Ugh, I hope that I don’t get receive more of their brand.

          • When I complained about my July box, they noted that I was supposed to have also received the Sabon lotion, but it was inadvertently omitted. They told me they would add it to my August box, presumably not in lieu of something else.

  8. Sweep on the oil, wait 60 seconds, then – a damp cloth? Didn’t you guys just boast that it was waterproof?

    Or, you could spend 10 seconds taking off your mascara with a cotton ball that has makeup remover or cold cream on it. Works for me.

    I echo what others have said – my Gilt City sub for GB will be up in October. Then it’s buh-bye.

  9. I subscribed with them this past month in order to get the additional box and I just received an email saying my box shipped. Am I not getting the August box? I’m not certain how this sub works because it seems different than my other subs. Thanks in advance to anyone that knows!!

  10. I can’t even get my July box

    • Mine (finally) arrived today. Have you called customer service?

    • I’m waiting on mine as well. Since it’s now August, I can’t even see tracking for it. I am waiting on a shipping email from July. Maybe it’s because I cancelled so they wouldn’t charge me in September. 🙁

  11. I will be so glad when my sub is up – uggghhhh

  12. Cant wait for my subscription with glossybox to be over. Will never resub

  13. I have the Gilt City special sub with them until this winter. I would never pay full price for this box again, unless they drastically improve. It’s such a shame, because this used to be such a good box.

    • Agreed – they’d have to have another insanely good deal for me to keep them around! However, even then I think I’d hesitate because the quality has gone downhill very quickly. If I’m currently sorry that I’m locked in through October, I imagine the regret won’t disappear a year from now unless the boxes go way uphill, stat.

  14. My thoughts exactly Ragan. I think they should focus on putting together boxes of excellent quality like they used to, 2 years ago. Does anyone remember the Bergdorf collaboration?
    Now, they have the same old repeat products, nothing imaginative, all boring and bad quality.
    I’ve tried to be a loyal subscriber since GB was my very first box subscription but even their 3 for 1 last week didn’t sway me.
    This is just sad. It’s like watching an aging Hollywood star take the crappiest roles with no pay just to get a movie. 🙁

    • I can’t help but comment on your aging Hollywood star analogy. Not only was it a poor analogy it was poor taste as well. It was a WT? moment. Sorry, but it just didn’t seem appropriate at all.

      • Not at all, monah. Some people (and companies) are desperate to stay relevant, and it’s really sad to see them flailing like that. Nothing offensive about the movie star analogy.

      • I think the analogy is perfect.

      • I don’t get offended easily – thought it was hilarious and spot on.

        • Thank you. It was meant to be tongue in cheek.

          • No, thank YOU, KarenG. Far too many thin-skinned people in the world, we all need to laugh more.

    • I live in Hollywood, and most of the people I know work in the industry – I do, too, occasionally. People who put down Hollywood are mostly jealous, but they have no reason to be – i know the most wonderful actors, hardly any who work more than a few days a year, and make so little money. But they keep trying and work hard, and I really admire them.

      What bothers me about what KarenG said is how ageist it is. I sincerely hope you find a way to avoid growing older.

      • Good grief. She wasn’t “put[ting] down” Hollywood- she was making a comment about Glossybox’s desperation for subscribers. Glossybox is what’s being criticized there, not “Hollywood” in the abstract,mFor example, when my mother tells me I have gotten “fat as a house,” she is not putting down houses, she is criticizing me.

        I don’t think KarenG is the one being ageist. Her analogy is based in the ageism Hollywood itself (gasp!) displays towards older women. She is saying GB is desperate for subscribers, much in the same way the aging star is desperate for a role, because Hollywood has no use for women over a certain age.

      • You know what’s great about *me* getting older? I don’t mind it. I chose a career that doesn’t bank on my looks. I look forward to getting older, because the seniors in my life are pretty awesome and I strive to be like them. I won’t find myself in a situation where I’m totally irrelevant without a backup plan. It’s not even ageist. It’s a jab at people who make poor life decisions. And heck, in certain sports, athletes reach their peak before 20. If their life goes down the toilet after 20 because they have no other life plans besides athletics, whose fault is that? And is it ageist to point out their shortcomings? At 20?

    • The aging Hollywood star comparison is funny. Maybe not bust-a-gut funny, but funny nonetheless. Unless there is a contingent of washed-up stars all hanging out in the comments section of MSA, I’m not sure who this is offending.

      • What about if just one “washed-up star” is hanging out in the comments section of MSA, Jay? is there a quota for how many people could be offended, and it would be okay with you? Is there an age limit for readers of MSA?

        If you laugh at people getting older, and maybe even losing their job or their whole income, then maybe that comment is funny. If you’re pretty sure it won’t happen to you.

        • Yes. The quota is 89. That’s 89 people who need to be offended before I am no longer okay with someone’s offhand jokey comment on a blog post of a site that reviews subscription boxes. Incidentally, I believe 89 should also be the age limit for readers of MSA.

          I can generally find humor is most anything, and without laughter life isn’t worth very much to me. In fact, I make my living as a humor writer – and with our current culture’s quickness to take offense, I probably will be out of a job and income soon enough. Still funny, though.

        • It’s not laughing at people getting older. It’s a comparison– a fair one– to certain adults who should have planned better. If someone banks their entire life on their good looks, rakes in good income while they’re young, and doesn’t invest a portion of their income into a retirement plan for the future so they end up in a desperate situation… yeah I don’t know, it’s not the same as joking at someone who ended up in a sad situation totally out of their control, like someone getting a brain tumor for example.

          • Jamie, that’s great that you don’t know anyone who is over 40 who has lost a job. The numbers are staggering, but you lucked out!

            “Adults who should have planned better…” You mean used more retinol and AHAs? It’s not just brilliant actors, either. Tell that to the hundreds of faceless scriptwriters who get laid off every year once they’re over 35.

            Face cream doesn’t help ageism, and losing your career and life’s work is devastating.

          • You’re getting the original post all twisted up. Nobody is laughing at older folks and nobody is laughing at the unemployed. How on earth are you getting that from the original post? You’re really grasping. And you’re so worried about people over 40 getting laid off. What about people in their 20s who can’t even get their first career going? And are saddled with student loan debt, medical bills, and can’t make the rent because they’re stuck working a minimum wage job despite being college educated. Look, unemployment sucks for everyone, not just those over 40. But let’s focus on Hollywood stars, shall we? Not script writers or anyone else. Because that is irrelevant per the original post. (But here’s a source of the range of incomes earned by various jobs, nothing to sneeze at:

            How much do they earn in a single blockbuster? Tell me that they couldn’t have invested that income better. Dare you. Now, after 10 years of working, tell me they shouldn’t be all set for a proper retirement. Heck, I’d be ready after just 5. If a starlet is desperate for work after she has become irrelevant, she should still be rolling in dough. If she’s not, let me bust out my tiny violin.

        • It is just a fact that physical characteristics/abilities may limit one’s job prospects, and that age can affect one’s physical characteristics/abilities. It is an employer’s right to be discriminating in the hiring process when an integral component of a job depends on the employee’s physical characteristics or abilities. For example, statistics overwhelmingly indicate that the likelihood of committing malpractice increases significantly as lawyers age, primarily in terms of billing practices and meeting deadlines. Would you want to pay an older attorney for 10 hours of work at $200/hour, when a younger attorney could complete the same task just as well in half the time? Reduced mental acuity, memory lapses, and vision problems are common as most people age, and these issues may impact one’s ability to perform a job, especially in professional capacities.

          This is why retirement planning is so important. So you won’t have to worry about losing your job and income when you can no longer perform the tasks you were hired to do. The world does not owe you gainful employment. Not at 16, not at 30, and not at 70 either.

    • I understand the metaphor and think it is an appropriate one. I terms of ageism, I lost my job ten months ago at age 52. I have worked hard all my life. I have been searching for a new job but ageism is out there. I am usually “over qualified ” for a lot of what I have been applying and interviewing for but it really comes down to the fact that most think I am too old. By taking care of my skin I look many years younger than I am, most usually guess ten to fifteen younger, but my naturally silver white hair, while all the rage at this time, gets me senior discounts at places I don’t expect like the county fair. Remember this critique is about the box service and not the movie industry.

  15. Have been tempted to sub again with these specials they keep having. Then realized the only thing I like is the pink box. Not a heavy make-up wearer so really don’t need it. That’s why I like Allure and Look Fantastic. I’d rather have skin care products.

    • I love both of those subs!

  16. Glossybox, just move your price to $10. I think you will find substantially happier subscribers and maybe less cancellations.

  17. Wow, they are really having trouble moving the old inventory out. I’m stuck with them until October but then I am gone.

    • Between all these “get [fill-in-the-number-of-the-day] boxes free with subscription”, the sales on past boxes, and the appearance of “Happy Holidays” stickers on the Nuxe oil of the 74 people who actually got one in their July box (LE holiday box, anyone?), something is up. Maybe someone finally found the black hole containing Glossyboxes that never made it to FedEx after leaving Glossybox, including my December box and (apparently) a whole lot of July boxes.

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