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Free Limited Edition GlossyBox + Bonus Box with Subscription

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GlossyBox is offering an exclusive deal for My Subscription Addiction readers!

Use this link (coupon will automatically apply) and you’ll receive this Limited Edition Filled With Love Box in addition to one past GlossyBox for FREE with a 3-month subscription!

Check out my review of this Limited Edition box to see exactly what you’ll get in one of your bonus boxes.

Your subscription will start with the August box. Check out our GlossyBox Reviews to see what you can expect from the August box and also what has been in past boxes.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I just received the MSASEPTEMBER coupon code boxes today. I already knew that I was getting the August box and the ‘Filled with love’ box, the only ‘mystery’ was the other free box. It turned out to be May’s box which had 3 products I loved…the Photohydra lotion and the Nioxin hair care.

    The product sizes in the filled with love box are awesome! The shadows seem dark to me as does the lipstick…has anyone had issues with that particular lipstick? It kind of ‘clicks’ open and closed (when you push the top and bottom together) but doesn’t seem to lock for me. I was thinking of swapping it, but when I ‘locked’ it and went to set it down holding the cap the bottom part with the lipstick just fell right out of the top and smushed the top of the lipstick…arghh. If that is my only complaint, I guess thats not bad.

    I may just try and swap the whole August box as it is a duplicate for me and nothing I really LOVE is in it. Overall, I am VERY happy with GB!

    • Is this offer still available?

      • No, this post is from 8/26 and the offer ended around 8/30 or 8/31. There should be newer postings with any Glossybox deals (free boxes with subscription), but none of the September ones have had the Mother’s Day box included.
        Probably because box 1 of the 3 month sub was August, I’m guessing (they were trying to get rid of the extra August boxes).

    • I just got mine too – I got the same random box as you (May), lol. Very happy I was able to get the Mother’s Day box at this price πŸ™‚
      Unfortunately, the Nioxin was not geared to my hair type – I looked at the box reviews and when the box was originally released, it seems they did try to target what your hair concerns were. But since this was overstock, I understand they didn’t do that and I can just swap or gift the fine/thin hair formula to someone else (the opposite of my hair – thick and curly!!)

      Looking forward to September and October – I was a subscriber in the past but canceled due to many reasons, like product overload and some issues with their variations. But I am definitely happy when they put these deals out and I am guaranteed at least 1-2 boxes I know I’ll like! That way I can sub and cancel when I need time to use up my products, haha. I don’t want my house to look like a beauty store!

    • I found the colors of the eye shadow buildable. Using a shadow brush and layering to get a darker color or using it wet for a darker color. I was happy with the palette.

  2. I signed up with this for the three months one of the free boxes was supposed to be the limited edition box, but I just received all three and it’s the August box plus two random month boxes instead. I contacted them but so far no response. So disappointed πŸ™

    • Oh no! Let us know what happens… The only reason I ordered was for this promo! I canceled glossybox last year because they were so disappointing, but the limited edition box and 4 others lured me back… Boo if it was a lie.

      • I just got my boxes and it was as advertised – are you sure you used the MSASEPTEMBER promo code prior to 8/31, and not another box code?

    • Same here. No response! Hoping we all get the right things and it is all straightened out!

  3. This deal is over?

  4. I was literally just signing up for this and the coupon was working fine. Then I logged into PayPal to pay, came back and it said expired! I’m so disappointed!

    • Just looking at your post, it looks like you maybe tried to purchase before midnight, and it was 8/31 when the coupon was still valid. But then when you were submitting, was it after midnight? The deal (as far as I can tell) was only good till end of August, since the 3-month sub starts with the August box.
      Maybe they’ll do another one in the future with the fighting pretty limited box? It didn’t seem like those sold out…

  5. I spent all this time thinking and signed up!!!! I don’t need more products but this deal is too good.

  6. I had been very hesitant to try this sub because it didn’t seem to be all that inclusive to WOC, what with all of the pinks, corals, beachy hair spritzes and tanning products (June box πŸ™ yikes!). If the profile choices are any indication, then I’m probably pretty correct, as none of the looks featured a WOC. *Le sigh* All things considered, with the impending loss of the Essence box and the great promo offering, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge – I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a rebound move πŸ˜‰ If I’m lucky I will get the deeper colored lippies/shadows, and maybe be able to swap the hair products.

    I’m also adding a couple higher end subs, soooo… *Fingers crossed*

  7. I don’t like anything but the face wash from the mothers day box or I’d be all over it lol since the mothers day box was 40 instead of 21 with the exception when it was 26 lol

  8. Just letting other Canucks know that it seems like this offer doesn’t seem to work for us. The code MSASEPTEMBER shows up until you enter your address as Canada and then it’s deleted. I tried several times in different ways but alas, the same outcome. Probably a good thing with all my other subs going on, hahaha

  9. I enjoyed the Limited Edition Mothers Day box. All items are full size so lucky you who are getting the special.

    • Hey Lola!

      So happy to hear you enjoyed the Limited Edition Mother’s Day box. Please, let us know which products were your favorites.


      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

      • I loved all the products. The shadows were in colors that worked well for me and the cleanser is fantastic. The smell of the spray is great and it lightly curls my hair. The blush leaves a nice color on me. The least liked item was the lip color due to the fact that its color looked orange on me and I look better in dark colors, mainly purples and burgundy. While fair skinned those dramatic colors make my blue eyes pop.

  10. Thanks so much for doing this!
    i’ve been tempted for a while and finally bit with this deal.
    Now i know i’ll get at least 2 out of 5 boxes that i’ll really like most of the items (august and mother’s day)

  11. I realize other people have had problems with Gloosy Box but my experience has been completely opposite. Every time I’ve dealt with their CS they were Top Notch. Each rep I’ve corresponded with has been super polite and went above and beyond to help. For anyone on the fence I would say take a chance because my last 2 boxes were awesome, CS was great and you really can’t beat these promos they’ve been running!!

    • Hi Lisa!

      Happy to hear you’ve been having a great Glossy experience! We can’t wait to hear about your next box!



  12. I hope they give us a few days, because I need a check to clear, but I’m on this!

    I already got the August box, and I left a comment on Liz’s review there yesterday, but I thought it was a great box. I want another dog lipstick, darn it! And I love having another mask, and the lotion….seriously, I think this is the best smelling somethin’ sometthin’ I’ve smelled in a year. I wish someone could identify what makes it smell so good! Anyway, another August box is great for $11.60. (5 boxes for $58)

    I think Glossybox excels in both packaging (the curated products, not the pink boxes) and smells. It might be because they have a lot from Europe, including France…and those companies try harder?

    • Donna B. – I have the pug lipstick if you want it. It’s unopened as I saw by the reviews that the shade is not for me.

      • Gosh, that is so nice, Helen. How do I contact you? I would at least like to thank you. Are you signed up in the forum?

        • I’m (usually) active in the swap site, if that’s what you mean. Although I’m moving house and all my things are in storage for now.
          If you don’t mind waiting until I have access to my printer, packaging stuff etc. I’ll put the lipstick aside for you and send it when I’m a bit more organised.
          If you like, you can send your details to helenwheels24 at gmail dot com.

    • I have the pug one still unopened, I was hoping for the nude color lol.. I’m not big on red lippies at all.. I’m not sure how the swap thing works, but I’m willing to let you have it, if you have something you don’t care for that’s great, but if you don’t I’d still be willing to give it to you! (I’m more into matte lipstick myself).. ?

      • LATISHA! I would totally send you the lighter color! It is NEW, UNUSED and SO NOT for me and I was SO wanting the PUG one! You can email me if you’d like at thrawalla at g m a i l (dot) C o m!

    • I’m not excited about the fact that I still have to get the August box when I subscribed on 08/30. I would think that like most boxes, you start with the following month’s box. So this deal is August, September, October, the Mother’s Day limited, and a past month’s box.

      I just hope I don’t get the June box, which would be a total wash for me. The entire box would go up for swapping. Glossybox fairies, if you see this, pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top – No June box. πŸ˜‰

  13. Do you know how long the coupon will be valid for? I am SO tempted but have a vacation coming up so I’m trying to be good!

  14. So I just feel like I need to warn you guys, I don’t want you guys going through what I’ve been going through with this company… I signed up for a couple of boxes and when I initially signed up I I signed up and messed up my email and didn’t realize I left a number off until too late so I saw it said you will get a confirmation email and with my email being incorrect I wanted to make sure that they could fix it. Well long story short they never fixed it and I sent an email out last month saying I wanted to cancel they said they cancelled low and behold I get charged for it. So then about 2-3 weeks ago I emailed them and at this point was really upset. They JUST emailed me saying that they finally cancelled and that they had never fixed the email that was wrong they also said I would be charged for September and there’s nothing they could do because I cancelled too late!!!! Please everyone be very careful when subbing to this box! Such a headache, not to mention how wrong this is, I feel as though I’ve been scammed out of several months of my hard earned money! Buyer beware

    • My mom had an issue where she cancelled and they kept sending her boxes and charging her anyway, even after the second cancellation. :/ This offer does look tempting though, I wonder if the issue happens with 3 mo subscriptions.

    • Hey there!

      Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience with GLOSSYBOX. I am sorry that you were not satisfied with the box/products. I will direct your criticism to my colleagues , so that we can improve our service in the future.

      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

  15. This was their Valentine’s Day box, which never sold like they expected it to. Around the same time, Birchbox gave that same Laura Geller blush in their curated box, so many of us have it.

    • If by “Valentine’s Day box” you mean Mother’s Day box, then yes.

      • I believe you can have multiple subscriptions on one email address – you just need to make sure you keep track of which is which when you look at your account page, and be sure to cancel this one by the appropriate deadline to avoid a renewal charge.

        • This one is for 3 months only, however, if you look at the link.
          And yes, you should always mark down what day to cancel! (I think it’s the 14th of each month, but pls check on that.)

        • Thank you!

  16. How would this work for existing subscribers? Thanks to anyone that could help!! ?

    • Latisha, I thought was replying to your comment about using this with an existing subscription, but it looks like I accidentally replied to the post above yours. Oops. Please see my (Jay’s) comment above! ?

  17. So you get three months of boxes plus this free box plus another past box as a bonus? So 5 boxes all together?

    • Correct!

      • Are you sure it’s 5 boxes Liz?

        I think it reads that it’s 3 total: 1 you pay for and 2 free (which will include this box and one other). So for MSA readers the exclusive part is that one of the 2 free boxes will be this limited addition box (far higher value) + 1 random months, instead of just 2 random months boxes free.

        Please let me know if I’m wrong here, trying to figure it out myself.

        • It’s with a 3 month subscription. So, the 3 months you pay for, and they’ll send you a past box plus this Mothers Day box.

        • Sorry for any confusion. It’s a 3 month subscription deal, so you’re paying for 3 boxes, and getting 2 boxes free (one of those free boxes being the limited edition box).

          Hope that helps/makes sense!

          • Oh, thank you for the explanation! Now I get it. ?

  18. I told myself no more beauty boxes and then I say this deal and caved.

  19. Well, I hope the next three months are good, because I caved in and signed up for this extra box. Haha!

  20. How do we know we are getting the extras? It doesn’t say anything added on when I click the link. Thanks.

    • GlossyBox coupons don’t display the free items on the page, but as long as you see this: MSASEPTEMBER with the option to cancel the coupon, that means it has already been applied by clicking through the link. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

      • Okay thanks. Hoping this works alright hah.

        • Glad I read the comments, I had the same concern. Fingers crossed for both of us

      • Any idea when we can expect the free boxes? It says I do r have any one off boxes in the works. Will it all arrive at once next next month?

      • When does offer expire?

    • Jennifer, in your account click on “show all” on the right side of MY SUBSCRIPTIONS & ORDERS. Then click view invoices. Download the invoice. On that invoice, you should see the code you used for “discount.”

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