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Bluum Subscription Box Review + Coupon – July 2016

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Bluum is a monthly subscription box for babies and toddlers. Their boxes are very customized – specific to the month of your child’s age. Also, they recently began allowing you to “build your own Bluum,” meaning you can even pick what products you’ll receive out of a very wide selection of items (one of my very favorite parts of this subscription!). However, subscribers can still skip choosing their items in order to still be surprised each month.

BLUUM JULY 2016 - packaging

The box I’m reviewing is customized from my preferences and choices for my son, who was born this past September! Because of this, my box may look completely different than someone else’s box.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Bluum

The Cost: $34/monthly, $93/3 months, $162/6 months, $300/12 months

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Use coupon code GETBLUUM to save $10 off your first box

The Products: Items selected for baby’s age, plus gifts for mom too!

Ships to: US

Check out all our Bluum reviews and the Baby Subscription Box Directory!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

BLUUM JULY 2016 - info

Bluum doesn’t send item description cards in the boxes, they email you the information about the items.

BLUUM JULY 2016 - items 1

Dolphin Organics Bubble Bath, fragrance free – 2 oz, value: $2.16

This was the last item I picked. After choosing a couple toys that were a higher value my options for my fourth item were a little slim. But, I love stocking up on bath and skin products for my baby so I’m not too bummed – this will get used!

Dapple Naturally Clean Nursery Spray, Sweet Lemon – 16.9 oz, value: $6.99

This spray smells amazing. It’s meant to freshen rooms and such using lemon and grapefruit essential oil blends, but it’s also good for cleaning changing tables and such. The scent is fantastic and I like this product a lot.

BLUUM JULY 2016 - items 2

tegu Triangle Blocks, 4 Pack – value: $12

These blocks are such a hit! My son loves these. They have magnets in them and so they stick together. I also love the colors. My son’s been playing with these ever since we opened the box, and I’m thinking about buying more!

BLUUM JULY 2016 - items 3

I was going to photograph some different configurations but this little guy had to steal them right away.

BLUUM JULY 2016 - items 4

My Natural My First Cuddles Plush, Orange Dog – value: $22

This is sort of the main item in the box for me. It’s such a cute plush! My son is obsessed with dogs (he’ll spot them before we do on walks or out the window and point and say “arf! Arf!” This plush is made out of 100% cotton velour, and the size is just right.

BLUUM JULY 2016 - items 5

I can’t get my son to attach to a comfort object, but if he did, this would be a nice one since its big enough for cuddles but small enough that it’s not hard to take with us.

BLUUM JULY 2016 - items 6

I think he likes it!

Verdict: I loved my Bluum box this month! FYI – I always pick my own products for my Bluum Boxes, rather than be surprised. I love the things we got this month! The value adds up to just over $43 which I’m happy with.

What do you think about Bluum? What items did you pick this month, or were you surprised?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Getting a Bluum subscription feels like the worst decision I have ever made!! The first few boxes were fine, but when I forgot to make selections one month, I got a box with items that were totally age-inappropriate. I tried to ask if i could send them back, but they gave me the runaround for longer than I can tell you. They finally agreed to give me points to get new items, so I reviewed enough items to get a free box. All I wanted was to get my free box then cancel my account. It has now been SIX MONTHS of them not correctly unpausing my account over and over so that even when I talk to them first and then make my choices, I still don’t get my box, followed by them saying I’m getting a “surprise box” since I haven’t made my choices. I then have to return that box and start the process over. I complained last week that it was the manager who had actually helped me in october and had CONFIRMED that she received my choices. Not only did they NOT receive my choices, but they have no record of my correspondence for the last six months, and now they tell me they’re sending another surprise box since its the end of the month and I hadn’t made choices, when I was told LAST WEEK that the manager was going to call to figure this out. She never called. Here we go again!!

  2. I have to say I’ve had the worst experience with Bluum. I subscribed 3 months ago for a 3-month subscription and they’ve disappointed me each and every month. I chose my items and for the 1st box ALL of the items I chose became “unavailable” at shipment time so I was sent a surprise box that was very disappointing. I wrote customer service to find out what was going on and they responded and apologized and assured me that I’d get all of my next month’s chosen items. Month 2, surprise, surprise… all my choices again unavailable and I got another “surprise box”. After contacting CS again they did extend my sub by an additional month for my inconvenience. Move forward to month 3. I chose my items and waited patiently. Last Friday evening (2 days before shipment) I received an email that all of my items had become unavailable… AGAIN! Monday I received an email that the box contained no items and gave me 2 options… extend another month or log in and choose 4 items to be shipped within 5-7 days. So I logged in to make my choices. In the toy category there were 4 different glitter glues (3 years + up); a 5th glitter (3 years + up); stickers (3 years + up) and 2 infant toys (3-11 months). Come on now, the recipient of this box is 11 months old and none of those are age-appropriate for her. There are no choices in the clothing category and the rest of the choices in the other categories are very disappointing.
    I’m very surprised to see glowing reviews for Bluum. I’ve been a subscriber for 3-months and they’ve messed it up for all 3 months. I’m usually not a complainer and I’ve been a subscription box junkie for over 3 years. Bluum… why give me choices when it’s obvious that I really don’t have any?
    I’ve given them 3 months to make it right and told them I’d be sharing my experiences and they still haven’t done anything to make a customer (me) happy.

  3. Well it is a relief to see I am not the only one that has had terrible boxes over and over again. Why offer something if you know you don’t have many available. I just want my money back and citrus lane back.

  4. It seems to be a running theme that the Bluum Choice does not work a lot of the times, at least for those who’ve left comments. I just cancelled my subscription since I’m at the end because I once again got nothing I signed up for. I don’t mind getting a surprise box, but according to the site, the boxes are curated for your LO. I thought that was a part of the reason that the age is required and you can input milestones. I got items that are not relevant for my daughter. I’m so disappointed because she got nothing in the box she can use – detergent boosters, towelettes, insect repellant and a wooden puzzle. All of which are also so far off what I originally picked. Also, how is that a relevant box for a 31 month old? If she hand’t outgrown the puzzle, she might have used it, but I’ve clearly indicated that she’s well beyond those things in her milestones.

  5. This box is the worst. Same thing happened to me. Only two of the items I had chosen were included, with two super cheap and sad little replacement items. Plus, one of the items that I did actually choose was completely destroyed. I wrote to complain. This is the third month straight that I didn’t get the box that I ordered. They told me that there was a “glitch” in their system and I got a “surprise box” instead. It’s all cheap junk. I only get this box because I had a great deal during the winter break and my box comes out to $17 / month. That being said, if I was paying full price, then the box would barely hit the full price value, barely. They gave me an extra box for free to make up for this box.

    I so miss Citrus Lane. They were a great company with quality items. Baby Guy Box is good as well. I will never subscribe to Bluum again, nor will I ever recommend them. I still have a few more boxes to go before my subscription runs out. What a waste.

  6. Man, I miss Citrus Lane. I loved our monthly boxes and the Mystery Boxes were awesome but I digress… Overall I’ve had a pretty good experience with Bluum. Somehow I lucked into a $19 monthly Bluum sub at the beginning of the year so my box values have always been over the cost. But I went to pick for August around mid July and I was able to pick the Tegu blocks and a book and then literally everything was gone except for the bubble bath reviewed above and a sponge…two very low value items and no choices! That’s the first time I’ve had this issue so I paused my sub for August and will see if Sept is better. If not then I think our Bluum days are behind us. It’s too bad there are no good baby/toddler sub boxes anymore. As a first time mom with no close mommy friends I discovered tons of great stuff through Citrus Lane.

  7. This box subscription is horrible. All the items available for selection are super cheap valued around msrp $3 to $5 and on sale or clearance. On top of that I hardly ever get the things I select. I bought a Groupon deal for 6 months and they would only give me 3 months because the Groupon voucher didn’t work and had to be entered manually. My box value is usually around $15 full of cheap junk that I can find at thrift stores or dollar stores.


    • Adeline – we pay for this box and don’t get it sent to us for a review, and I’m signed up via my personal email account. I go in and pick my items from the same portal and from the same inventory as everyone else.

      Also, I’m glad to hear feedback that so many other readers had the experience of having to re-pick their items, or receiving different ones than the ones they selected due to inventory issues, etc. This actually happened to me this month, too – this is my second round of choices. And I didn’t get an email, either, but I happened to pop into my account and contact CS about it when my account seemed to be glitching to pick my August items and I tried to confirm my July items, and they told me they were out. I explained something similar happening to me for a box a couple months ago in a previous review, but since I was actually happy with the items I got to pick as replacements this time, I felt okay about it (especially because there seemed to be a weird glitch for my account anyway that I had to deal with CS regarding).

      I just wanted to clarify that I get no special treatment because I review this box. MSA’s highest priority is to receive the same treatment and boxes as any other subscriber.

      Thanks for reading!

  8. Bluum is the worst! Seriously, if you are thinking about it – run far away. I never get all the items that I pick and they always replace it with something lower value, it has happened so often that I no longer think it is an accident. If you do not stock enough, do not let me pick it. Or, give me something awesome instead of $3 face wipes or ugly sock that are too small for my kid.

    Worse than that is the customer service. This is the first subscription box company where I feel like they just skim/ignore customer emails when the issues are 100% their fault. So frustrating! I was gifted this subscription and it has been such a pain!

  9. In my opinion bluum is such a rip off. Cheap crappy stuff no where near what they consider the value. I cancelled.

  10. I picked all of my items and it valued at a little over $80. I pick every month as soon as selection opens and look into the value of each item before I select it to make sure I do get a good value. I haven’t had them replace my items before

    • $80 value? I wish. I also chose my items as soon as selection opens but I’ve never had a single item display that had a value of more than $10.

      • I’m lucky to get a $30-$35 value total and I pick right when they open as well.

    • Wow! That escalated quickly.

  11. My July box was a bust. I had chosen my items early on. However, the items I received were not the ones I chose. In the past I have received an email asking me to chose another item if my chosen item is no longer available. No emails. Also, the total for the four items in my box was under $22. Not even close to the cost of the box. I emailed customer service and received the response that I was actually sent the following month’s box instead of my July box. (Really, that means this would have been my August box?) They gave me an additional month since the items I chose for July were no longer available. 🙁 This has not been a good subscription for me. I purchased the six month subscription but the items never meet the cost of the box and I only ever get to chose from the same items.

    • I just had the same experience. Very late July box, and the box that arrived had NOTHING in it that I would have selected for my little one. She and I choose items together and she looks forward to getting these boxes. I always take a screen shot of the items we select so I have a record. When I emailed to complain about the box (a sunscreen we can’t use on her sensitive skin, a snack bag, a book we already have, and a puzzle) (what we selected: a tugboat bath toy, organic bubble bath, sunglasses, and a bedtime book since we’ve been having challenging bedtimes lately…what they sent wasn’t even close!), they said: “Due to a bug in our software, we accidentally recorded your choice for the following month instead of July. Which explains the surprise box you received. We’re truly sorry about this.” Guess the lesson for this month for my 2-year-old is that disappointments can happen and we sometimes have to just enjoy what we get (but we don’t have to renew subscriptions that aren’t meeting our expectations). Will not recommend this box to others.

  12. My box was terrible, none of the things I picked were in the box. Instead they sent low value replacements. I even got an email saying one of my items wasn’t available and to pick a new one, so I did. But I didn’t get that replacement either!! My box barely met the $34 cost of it and nothing I’ll use anyway.

    • They must hate the name “Sara” because I feel like we had they same month!

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