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BeautyFIX September 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

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Beauty Fix Spoilers

We have the full spoilers for the September 2016 BeautyFIX subscription box! (Thank you, Dolly, for the head’s up!)

Here are all the products included (full sizes pictured, we’re not sure of the actual sizes in the box, yet):

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.06.34 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.06.28 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.06.21 AM collage-beautyfix-september-2016

  • jane iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener
  • Glytone Enhance Brightening Complex
  • patchology FlashPatch Lip Gels
  • Nia 24 Treatment Catalyst
  • Erno Laszlo Phelityl Cleansing Bar
  • DS Laboratories Spectral.LASH – Eyelash Stimulator
  • LIFTLAB Skin Rejuvenation PURIFY + CLARIFY Daily Cleanser, Detox Mask and Gentle Exfoliant
  • Danielle Creations Rose Gold Curved Tweezer

What do you think of the September BeautyFIX spoilers? (This box isn’t available for sale yet, but I will post when it becomes available!)

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. The September box is up on the site now for those wanting to order. I’m disappointed by the smaller sizes shown. :-/

  2. I did this box for awhile, and I still get their emails, but it lacked the WOW factor for me overall. I “liked” the things I got, but when it came time to cut back, it didn’t make the cut. It was okay, but nothing to write home about… This is the first time I have looked in about a year or so. Doesn’t look too bad, but I just dropped a bunch of boxes and picked up some new ones. Not quite ready to jump back on the BeautyFix bandwagon yet.

    • Which one are your top favorite ? Thanks

  3. I can check my order record of this box now. From the tiny picture they give for the box, the Jane Iredale Primer, Nia 24 Treatment, DS Laboratories Eyelash Stimulator and LIFTLAB Skin Cleanser tend to be full sized or at least deluxe sample sized. And of coure the teezer would be a full-sized tool. The Glytone product and Erno Laszlo soap seem to be tiny sized. And the lip gel seems to be only a packette — for one piece of gel mask maybe? Hope this could help someone!

    • Correction: the Liftlab cleanser & mask should be a deluxe sample rather than a full sized product (I didn’t know the full size would be such a big tube). In the picture it looks a little larger than the Jane Iredale product. So if the Jane Iredale primer is a 1oz product, then the Liftlab is probably 1.7oz.

      • They have a little “blooper” video on instagram (love the video btw), the soap is teeny and they hold another teeny sample. I have Jane Iredale sample from Birchbox and I’m guessing this is the same size.

        • Hi Chantal,

          thanks for your reply. I watched the video (I think there’s something wrong with the trimming b/c it should be a longer one like what they did for August) and I’m pretty sure the other tiny sample is the Glytone cream. Plus I don’t know why Mark and Mandy just cannot stoping laughing ?what’s so funny?

  4. I’ve been waiting everyday for this sub to let me join to get the September box. Im i missing something. I signed up for the email, for when it becomes available. But its September already. I’m jonesing for this box. Any suggestions?

    • As soon as the box is available on the site you will be good to go. Sometimes they take a week or a few days after the month starts to put it up. I’ve been checking also but may take til after Labor Day. There is always this frantic “get it before it sells out” message I get from this box but I’ve never heard of people having much issue getting one.

      • Thank you so much for your Reply Nicole. I feel better now. I really thought I was going to miss it.

      • thank you I was getting nervous and stalking their sight.

    • I just got my shipping notice, but I checked and it’s still showing the August box on the website. I tried to order a second box last month somewhere around the 22nd of the month, I can’t remember the exact date, and it was sold out. There’s not usually a problem ordering it in the first half of the month, but July’s had also sold out before the end of July.

    • It is up!! Says over $160 value but can’t really tell the sizes.

      • I got an email with the photo of the September box – but it doesn’t seem available for purchase?

        • Mine wasn’t working either but I clicked around a few times and then it showed the September box for purchase and it allowed me to order.

          • I tried again today and it still doesn’t show me September’s box.

          • Did you sign up for the email to be notified for the September box? Put your email in and see if you can get it that way. You can always call customer service. They are very good and should be able to take care of it.

          • thank you Nicole , I did put my email in a few times. I did call CS and they were very helpful , they gave me a code to put in the search bar and I got signed up.

          • Awesome!! Glad you got it!

      • Received the box yesterday. There are only 3 full size products (tweezers, NIA 24 treatment catalyst, and DS Labs Spectral Lash). The remaining 5 are samples. I calculate the value to be approx $100, of which $60 for the NIA 24). Box is nice, but nothing special, IMO. Not fan of small samples or samples marked “not for resale.”

        • Yes I got mine too and was a little disappointed on the sample sizes but the Nia24 and lash product lured me in! I mean it still is a great value for what you get but I’d rather have a little less luxury of a product that is full size than a puny 2 time use of some cream I cannot afford to keep using. Overall good box and useful items but not jumping for joy on this box.

    • Veronica, if you can’t get this box, let me know and perhaps we can work out a swap. This month is a miss for me.

      • Thank you Kathy , I did finally get a sub after I called CS but I appreciate your offer. Speaking of swaps , I’ve been looking but I’ m bit intimidated. I want to start swapping but I think I need to build up my products.

  5. This looks promising. Still waiting on sizes as well before deciding. I noticed that last September’s box had samples from both Nia24 and Jane Iredale so hoping there are more full sizes this go around.

  6. Anyone aware of a first time subscription discount for BeautyFIX? I just cancelled Glossy Box after only 3 months…not impressed. This one is more up my alley in terms of bang for the buck and the variation of high end products. Thanks!

    • You can sign up to get on their email list and receive 15% off your first order (includes the box)

      • I signed up on their email list back in July, and never received any kind of confirmation email or discount code 🙁

  7. I am in awe that the full sized bar of soap is $45. Apparently, 199 people think that is an acceptable price for a bar of soap. I thought my caswell massey soap was fancy but holy toledo!

    • Even worse, the cleasing ingredients of this soap are sodium palmate and sodium palm kernelate, which are too strong for dry and sensitive skin and would destroy our skin’s natural defense. I’m surprised that Erno Laszlo claims it to be suitable for dry skin, but it’s definitely not! It’s 21st century with a lot of gentle, affordable amino acid cleansers out there, and Erno Laszlo still sticks to its 1950s formula with an incredible price. I’ll probably still buy this box for other products (hope the soap isn’t full-sized), but this soap wouldn’t even go for shower uses!

  8. This looks promising but I hope we can see the true sizes before we have to order. Most interested in the lip gels. If they area full size, I will order.

  9. As usual I can’t wait! Looks like another good one.

  10. I think I will be putting my full box up for swap. This will always be one of my favorite boxes, and I have been subbing for so long now that I have a huge backlog of items I want to try out. The reason I don’t cancel is because they always find ways to surprise me, and I always find something I NEED to try right away. It’s ok though.. One full miss for me is not that bad! They are consistent enough for me to not cancel. 😀

  11. A BIG THANKS to Liz for helping out on a Sunday!!!

  12. Hi Liz!
    I have tried to contact you a couple of times, but I have not received a response. Is there is a way to be notified if someone posts a comment in a swap? I can’t find anything in the FAQ. Thanks, Rosemary.

    • Sorry about that – I’ll look for your email now.

      • Hi Liz!
        I think it will be deleted by now…I kind of gave up. Thanks for your reply…I really hope there is a setting I can change so I know when potential swappers have questions for me. I feel like a bit of a turd (I hope that’s not a flagged word) when I am sitting at the computer but I don’t know that there’s a question I need to answer.
        Thanks so much.

        • I responded to your email and we’re trying to figure out why you aren’t getting email notifications from swaps now. Again – sorry for not seeing that email sooner! Hopefully we get this issue resolved today! 🙂

          • It’s fixed!!! I received an email notification…You are the best. I have no idea how I managed to mark those emails as spam, it must have been a mistake. Thanks again.

    • Check your junk mail. I thought for quite some time that I was no longer getting notifications, when in all actuality they were just going to my junk mail. I have moved them back to my inbox several times but they keep ending up there regardless.

      • Hi Daisy! It turned out to be something that Liz had to fix on her end. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  13. Why was my comment deleted, simply because it was not complimentary?

    • Hi Julia! You are making me smile, because your post must have been pretty rough for it to be deleted. Now I am terribly curious to know what you wrote, because sometimes I am very negative and not afraid to give my two cents worth.

      • I’m curious too! I like honesty…. I feel like negative comments of mine have been deleted before too. Makes me wonder about this site when I feel like my opinion is being censored if it isn’t giving a company praise ?

        • I can honestly say that out of all the comments I’ve posted, the only ones that got approved were the nice or the neutral ones.

          • Nope…some of mine were very, very negative. I tried to be (kind of) professional in the manner in which I expressed myself, but I know that they were far from neutral because I am still annoyed when I recall what set me off.

        • Hi Jerricca,

          From my view in admin, all your comments are approved and visible on the site. Please let me know if there’s a specific comment that you aren’t seeing, though. I can investigate more.

          In general, if you’ve commented on the site before, you comments should be auto-approved. The exceptions to that are if a comment includes a link or words that could potentially be spam or offensive. For those comments, they have to be approved by admin before appearing on the site, and sometimes on heavy comment days, we can get behind so something may be overlooked.

          We never want to censor anyone from sharing their view on a subscription box, so I apologize if you’ve gotten that impression. Please feel free to email me if you have a specific comment you aren’t seeing ([email protected])

        • Hi Jerricca! I have to give the admins of this site credit, because they really do allow honest opinions to be posted. I did see a reply from Liz that mentioned that the original post may have had a flagged word, and that she was going to look for that particular post. I reckon that’s amazing for a Sunday.

          • I agree! I give kudos to Liz for making this site censor-free. Even when people have been super negative against her and her box, she let the comments stay.

            I am hopeful that this was not just a moral, but a business decision. That her blog can be as or even more financially successful with free speech as it would be if she deleted negative comments. Because then it could be a model for others to emulate.

    • Hi Julia,

      Comments do not have to be complimentary at all, but if a comment doesn’t get auto approved it usually is if there is a word in it that triggers our spam or language filters. I’ll look for it.

      • The word I used was b u n k, to describe the scientific validity of the lash growing product and the lip gels. That’s all. Thanks.

        • I don’t know what the responsible ingredients are, but Grande Lash and Grande Brow most definitely worked for me. I’m happy to try out a new product, I have gotten the Grande products through BeautyDNA. I try to avoid paying full price for them but will if I have to, the results got me hooked. I stopped the brow product after a year and they did stop growing..I had to actually trim them!

          • Omg after seeing your comment I will most definitely be looking for these products .After chemo I have very little eyelashes and barely there brows,can’t wait to try those products.

          • Hope you have good results, just to clarify my experience the lashes and brow hairs got much longer, but as for new growth? Not any that I could tell. I joked about my “comb over” brows. Each long hair covered some area, but I would have preferred more brow hairs overall.

          • Toni,

            Are you getting this box? I have already 3 of these eyelash stimulators (and get a 4th in this box ><) so I'm more than happy to send them to you or swap them if you want them, I have very sensitive eyes so will never use them myself.

          • Hello,yes I am getting the box but if they work I would love to have more .What kind of items are you looking to swap ,I’m sure I have something you want lol.Im getting ready to go an a little vacay with my sisters and won’t be back till the 13th of September.I don’t know how this swapping works ,should I give you my email address so you can contact me? Thanks for reaching out,Toni

          • I LOVE the swap section of this site. My only complaint is that some swappers can’t be bothered letting me know why they cancelled…I suppose I’ll be as jaded as they are after a while, but I hope not.

          • Isn’t there a waiting list to get on the swap site?

          • I am not sure, sorry.

        • I posted a negative comment and on the bluum subscription before because they are terrible. Haley scolded me in the comment section. I will never post anything in her reviews again. Haley only wants positive comments I guess.

          • That’s good to know.
            I read these reviews to get the good & the bad, and then I make my decision. If an admin censors the comments, it totally undermines the credibility of anything that they are associated with.

          • Just to clarify, Adeline’s comment wasn’t blocked/censored, but Haley responded to it. You can see all the comments here:

            There are a lot of negative comments on Bluum reviews, and we appreciate that readers share their experiences – getting multiple perspectives thanks to the comments + reviews hopefully gives all readers as much information as possible before making a purchasing decision!

            Sorry again for any confusion!

          • Just to help out here…the link Liz provided is the August review and Adeline’s comment with Haley’s response is on the July review.

          • Oops! Thank you for letting me know I copied and pasted the wrong link. Updated!

          • I would be irritated too if I was stating my opinion or feelings on the matter and had the write back trying to discredit my own personal feelings on the matter, also her being signed up under her personal name proves nothing…. Especially because I know for a face MSA gets hooked up with the BEST IPSY bags. I read it like Haley was trying to prove Adeline’s opinion wrong which she is entitled to feel however she wants to without backlash from the writer. It felt “so there, in your face.” Why else would she respond other than trying to discredit Adeline’s feelings

          • Haley’s response didn’t have anything to do with what she said about Bluum. Everyone on there was complaining about Bluum. She had made a comment about MSA and Haley responded. She has a right to respond about claims involving MSA.

          • I did not feel that Haley “scolded” her. I guess everyone reads things in a different tone. Check out the July review of Bluum and decide for yourself.

          • Thanks for the clarification. And thanks for this site.

          • Haley’s response seems very friendly and informational to me.

            I like to know the good and bad of any box before I subscribe, so I really appreciate that Liz doesn’t censor the negative. The only times I’ve observed comments deleted, the comments have been personal and about other commentors. Once I thought I was being censored, but my comment was in moderation for language and Liz was really nice about it when I got whiny. I love this website and think highly of all of the classy people working on it!

          • Actually Haley seemed super nice in her response as she was defending herself from a comment that wasn’t really true as she didn’t get “hooked up” bc of MSA she was just a regular subscriber and just wanted to clarify that… That’s what I got from the exchange.

  14. I checked out all the ingredients and I am excited to try the Jane Iredale primer, Nia24 product (if the fragrance isn’t too strong) and the lip gels. I am going to wait to see the sizes before I purchase, as I would swap everything else.

  15. So excited for the lip gels! I neeeeeed them!

  16. Seems like if even only one of these were full size, it would cover the cost of the box. :).

  17. Can anyone tell me what this would show up on my credit card statement as? I could have sworn I ordered this when I saw last months spoilers but I don’t see it in my derm store order history but maybe I signed up with a different email


      • Thanks I don’t see it. I probably got distracted with the kids when I was ordering . Now I’m sad because I really wanted last months box.

  18. Are these spoilers usually released before you can sign up for the box? I tried to purchase it, but it still says last month’s box is sold out.

    • I cancelled in February, but now I want back in. Is it true that it’s totally sold out, or is Nicole correct, and I need to just keep checking?

    • You have to wait for September. August is sold out. 🙂

    • I asked the same question.

      • The sub is month to month for me why do you have to wait ,call customer service and start a subscription that way you don’t ever miss out

  19. I wonder if those tweezers will be as popular as the cork pill box turned out to be. Beautyfis us one if the few subscriptions I’ve kept because it is always great.

    • Those tweezers look awesome even though I don’t pluck

  20. Truly an easy “pass”. Lip gels and eyelash stimulators are bunk.

  21. After taking a break from subbing over the summer so I could use up some product, I was really hoping for a great Beautyfix box. And it is! Can’t wait to get this box. I’ve been missing getting presents for myself in my mailbox.

  22. This box looks great! Beautyfix is easily my favorite box!

    • Agreed. I can’t live without my Beautyfix, popsugar, and scentbird.

  23. Spoilers make my day, thanks Liz!! I’m new to Beautyfix but it has quickly become my fave! Looks like another awesome box!

  24. I was just thinking that we should see BeautyFix spoilers soon. I agree, looks like a nice box. I’m happy to see Glytone and Jane Iredale in there!

    And I’m interested in the lash serum too! Funny, I just picked a last serum as a gift with purchase from Birchbox (using my last $10 in points to pick up some Living Proof dry shampoo) and got another (lash food) in the Sephora Favorites Scouted kit, so I’m suddenly awash in lash enhancers! Guess I’ll get to compare and see if any work, I could certainly use some help.

    • Ohh me too I wanted to try the lash food also ,on my brows ?Havent noticed anything yet but still hoping for the best

      • Hi! I use Latisse on my eyebrows. It works.

        • Don’t I have to have a prescription for that one?

          • Yes, I get mine renewed when I have my yearly lady-exam. May as well make lemonade out of lemons.

          • I don’t have those appointments anymore,and I can’t see my brain surgeon prescribing it lol .Im in the market for a new primary so maybe that will work

  25. Beautyfix is the one sub box I’m totally in love with since I started trying beauty boxes (a couple months ago)… If I had to keep just one, this would be the one.

  26. My favorite box…

  27. That “cleansing bar” better work body miracles before I ever consider spending $50 on a bar of soap.

    • The cleansing bar is actually for the face. I’m guessing this will be the (really) tiny bar that is typically included in GWP offers. I’m not a current subscriber to Beauty Fix, but if this ends up being a full size (which is always possible with Beauty Fix), then I will definitely be purchasing this box!

      I don’t typically use bar soap to wash my face, so I’ve always given away my samples to my mom (who only uses bar soap to wash her face), and she absolutely loves this brand. It doesn’t dry out the face (she has very dry skin) and cleanses really well. A full size would be a nice Christmas gift for her. 🙂

      • Shiseido makes some pretty amazing bar soaps but it’s only available during Xmas time. They sell out pretty fast too.

        • Good to know! Thank you so much for the tip! I will definitely keep an eye out. 🙂

  28. I try not to get too excited until I see sizes posted. Last months box of samples was disappointing and the juice beauty smells awful.

  29. It looks like BeautyFix is back to offering the great boxes they offered until mid-2015. After that, they experimented with the 50%-off your first month deal, and turned into producing really low quality boxes. But now they’re back with very nice ones. I totally dig that each box has a tool or other hard product.

  30. I’m interested in the lash stimulator
    Very intersting box

  31. i just canceled glossybox, I think I have found my new sub baby!!!! Come to mama!

    • i also canceled glossybox and switched to beautyfix, this will be my second box and i cant wait

    • your gonna love this sub! Glossybox got chopped for me too! BIG HUGE DIFFERENCE with dermstore boxes AND CUSTOMER SERVICE❗️ they send 6 full sized products and mostly skincare not a lot of makeup, with rarely a sample size but when there is, its a decadent one! Like Last month we got a sample of Decleor aromaessence neroli serum (Think Lancome prices x 2) and it will last at least 1-3 months if used correctly! It was my absolute Favorite product recieved in ANY SUB BOX EVER even though it was a smaller size, the value was Large! i have recieved Full sized everything else and loved all the products except that cork pill box ,cause i dont take pills… but it will make a nice gift, not cheesy junk or a cheap filler at all, just not for me. ? Enjoy your new BeautyFix sub!

      • Thank you for the reply , I’m really excited to try this sub and like you I love skin care and I’m borderline obsessed with the erno laszlo products, I love his 3-9 cream which is $275. for 1.7 oz.,but I’m a bit concerned I wont get the sub because it says sold out . Do they go quickly? is this something I’m going to have to stalk to get in on the box?When should I try for september box ?

        • I was just charged so if you haven’t bought the box yet it’s still available!

        • oK … After stalking this box for 2 weeks or better. I still could not get a subscription , mind you I just bought the erno Laszlo 3-9 cream yesterday for 275 bucks from them. I seen where someone told me they couldn’t get it and they finally got it to go through.So I knew the September box was available. Well I was determined to get one before they sold out. So I called CS, spoke to a real nice young lady and at first she said she didn’t think the Sept. box was out. I responded that someone on a sub website told me they got one. a couple minutes later , she gives me a numeric code to enter in the search box and my Beauty fix box appeared like magic. YaYYYYY. I can rest now.

  32. Ohhhhh there’s several things I’ve wanted to try out .Looks like a great box

  33. I just love how I get products in this box that I would have never thought of buying, and end up falling in love with them. Other subscriptions have become just so predictable. This is by far my favorite subscription!

  34. Cancelled to save money…spoilers come out…resubbing…*sigh*

  35. I love Beautyfix, definitely my favorite box!

    • My favorite box as well!

  36. Just when I thought I couldn’t love beautyfix more, they release a super cool box! August was awesome but I think September is a contender. My absolute favorite sub box of all time! ??

  37. I really love the variety of products that you get with this beauty box! Lips gels? Didn’t know I wanted them until now! New tweezers? Yep! Just one of my favorite boxes!

    • Yes those lip gels ice see them before excited to try them out

      • Yes…they look delightful! I found the place on the page to get an email notification when the September box is available YAY!!!

    • Thank you Liz. I guess it was just an accidental error, previously. Thank you for clearing that up

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