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GlossyBox September 2016 Spoilers + Free Limited Edition Box

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We have SPOILERS for the September 2016 Glossybox! Glossybox sent us the actual box and two spoilers early to share with My Subscription Addiction readers!


The box itself is a special design for September, and no surprise… it is gorgeous! Even the sides of the box are pretty!



Now on to the spoiler for the September 2016 GlossyBox. All subscribers will receive ONE of the following:


Korres Twist Lipstick (Full Size) OR


Korres Volcanic Minerals Eye Shadow (Full size)

Here are both of the shades swatched:


I’m really impressed with the formulas. The lipstick crayon gives subtle color with a little shine – it’s perfect for an everyday look for me. And the eyeshadow stick has tons of pigment, shimmer, and staying power!

What do you think of the spoilers and the box design?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 10.37.39 AM

GlossyBox is offering an exclusive deal for My Subscription Addiction readers!

Use this link (coupon will automatically apply) and you’ll receive this Limited Edition Filled With Love Box in addition to one past GlossyBox for FREE with a 3-month subscription!

Check out my review of this Limited Edition box to see exactly what you’ll get in one of your bonus boxes.

Your subscription will start with the August box. Check out our GlossyBox Reviews to see what you can expect from the August box and also what has been in past boxes.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I am so glad I snatched up this deal. My three boxes arrived together last week (August, Mother’s Day “filled with love” and the May box). I just not be any happier with the products and value. At $58 for 5 boxes total (Sept. and Oct. to be delivered at a later date) this is just an amazing deal. That is about $2 per product. The Bare Minerals face wash, Laura Geller blush, so many items with a retail value of $20-30 or more. I have subbed and cancelled with Glossybox 3 or 4 times this year to take advantage of the buy one get two free deals and I can’t believe they included the Mother’s Day box in this promotion. I have never had any trouble with billing, shipping, or cancellation. I have found their customer service to be responsive. The boxes and packaging are beautiful and I usually find that at least 3 of the 5 products included are very high quality. I might not sub at $21/box but I will continue to take advantage of these deals when 5 boxes are $58. I am a huge GB fan! Can’t wait for the FULL September spoilers!

    • This is so weird to me, because I applied coupon as instructed and only received the regular Sept box, no extras. When contacting GlossyBox, they are just ignoring the complaint completely. So irritated, because like you, I wouldn’t really sub this without a coupon deal!

  2. I purchased that Filled with Love box. It is one of my favorite boxes ever! Everything was amazing, looked great on me, and was high quality – other than the beach spray, and I didn’t bother trying it, to be honest. I hate beach sprays. So, even if you don’t get the deal, it was an amazing purchase at $40!!

  3. Code no longer valid. Boo.

    • SO disappointed!!! Will wear sad face all day. 🙁

    • Is anyone able to see my comments? They keep disappearing. Not sure about cache. Thanks!

  4. Does anyone know if this deal is still good? Buy 3 months get those two free boxes? I want it but I didn’t want the bogus August box again.I’m intrigued by the September box.

    • You know what nevermind. I just saw the code when copying the link and it does not work. But with their shady not letting you know when a coupon is applied through a link (I’ve seen it before), one would almost subscribe to the three months and not get the deal. Oh well. I didnt care for the Mother’s Day box I just thought this was a good deal. I know I’m not alone because that didn’t sell out, almost 4 months ago and they’re still trying to shove it off on people.

      On a separate tangent, I don’t like glossybox. Since June of 2015 I’ve been on and off with them, only resubscribing to get a good deal (buy 1 get 2 free, etc). In that short time I’ve received 5, yes indeed five, boxes that were under their estimate for value. Every month except this past August, the boxes were claimed to be worth over $60, but I received one $38, $48, $52 (June 2016), $59 (July 2016). August 2016 was supposed to be $70 and was actually $67. That’s fine enough but I received an email for July’s box claiming it would be worth over $95 and every box would come with a Nuxe oil. I emailed them about it and they told me if was only for new subscribers but it said that absolutely nowhere in the email. Their phone line does not work. I’ve sent several emails through their site that I never heard bback about them. the only thing that seems to work is the direct email address on their site from your email, but maybe they’re only responding to me because my problems were bigger. The problem I wrote about was that they sent me 1 box when I ordered 2 French ‘creme’ boxes the last time they put the classics sale on. Can you believe she actually told me they had 17 in stock? They sent me one but she hardly apologized and didn’t offer any form of retribution for the hassle or wait. I noticed they’d “sold out” quickly of that particular French box online during that promotion. So they can keep rehashing that sale with the same year old boxes.

  5. Does this work for re-subscribers? I hope so because I just did! There isn’t much I like in the August box but I really, really wanted the Mother’s Day box! And we get another free box in addition to that and the 3 months sub?

  6. I must be in the minority but I love, love Glossybox. I’ve been subscriber a year now in Sept and I must say I have used 90% of their products (have no use for bronzers or dark red lipsticks) and the times I have contacted CS it was an okay experience because the reps I spoke too were kinda rude and curt. I did get my issues resolved though.

    • Hey there Angelica,

      I want to wholeheartedly thank you for your post. We at GLOSSYBOX appreciate you taking the time to write a review. Your thoughts and opinions have not gone unnoticed and I will pass on your comments to my colleagues, so that you can continue to be excited about the arrival of your box.

      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

  7. I appreciate the sturdy and beautiful boxes, but Glossybox has to come through with its content… fair variation to all subscribers and good curation. This spoiler looks good to me so far.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s decent that a Glossybox employee is somewhat responding to posts on this blog, and as some people mention they at times reply on FB.
    But they seem to ignore any email complaints or complaints that are not on public platforms that they feel will affect their business reputation.
    I’ve emailed a ton of times and at most have gotten a generic “thank you for emailing” copy and pasted reply.
    Not once have anyone bothered to reply to me with an apology for the horrible CS agents I dealt with, or the fact they lied flat out to me (I have the emails of that), and I’m not sure why they bother having people send in those customer surveys since it’s clear they don’t put an effort into responding to people who are dissatisfied.
    My experience with Glossybox was horrible, and they seemed completely disinterested when I cancelled other than to tell me I cancelled too late and would still have to pay for the next month. Nice way to add salt to the wound.
    I pay extra due to being Canadian, honestly I wouldn’t mind as much as long as it was a pleasant experience, which is what they are meant to be selling, but with how much work I had to put into getting an item I paid for which value was questionable, I would never recommend to someone else.

    • They have responded to my emails every time. It just takes longer I guess. Their cs had been. Great so far for me just have to be super patient lol. I resubbed for the 2 free boxes again. Yep I need 3 August boxes lol I know I’ll probably gift alot of the things to my neice

      • That’s great that you have enjoyed your subscription. I hope that continues for you.
        Though based on other forum review sites it would seem that most people seem to have issues with them. Having bad customer service is really terminal for a company. It seems to be a coin toss for who they bother responding to.
        I’ve written in for numerous issues and though I have had responses, it was generic copy and pasted.
        If they were doing well as a company they wouldn’t need to constantly offer these multiple boxes to bring back customers/bring in new customers. Sadly a better solution for longevity would be to simply give better customer service to ALL subscribers to create customer loyalty.

  9. The box is beautiful but not enough to make me trust Glossybox again. I had a horrible experience with them last year because they made fraudulent charges on my card. Plus their curation isn’t the best. I’d rather swap for the box than give them anymore of my money.

    • Hey there!!

      We’re so sorry to hear of your experience. I’ll be sure to pass your notes along to my colleagues so that we can improve on the Glossy experience.


      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

  10. Has anyone been able to reach customer service by phone? I am so frustrated with this company. They emailed me that my August payment could not be processed via PayPal. I contacted them to ask why and they said I’d have to address the issue with PayPal. In the meantime, they cancelled my subscription. I logged on to suspend my account, at least until I could get PayPal worked out, and found that it was no longer active anyway. Finally got a response from PayPal that they are not an acceptable payment method for this type of transaction – whatever that means. By the time I called to update my billing info, it was past the 14th, the cancellation deadline for September. The rep I spoke to assured me that she could cancel my account manually anyway. The next day, my account still appeared as active. I tried to call again but only got a busy signal, so I wrote an email. I finally got a response over the weekend that says I am too late to cancel and I will be charged for September anyway. I am furious! How can they unilaterally decide when to suspend and reactivate user accounts? I never even had the opportunity to cancel prior to the deadline! I wrote another email, and I’ve been calling too, but I’m still getting the same busy signal. That deal for free extra boxes seemed too good to pass up, but I really regret ever getting involved with this company!

    • Hey there!

      We’re so sorry to hear of your experience. Feedback is super important to us here at GLOSSYBOX. I will pass along your notes to my colleagues. Thank you for your honesty, it is greatly appreciated!

      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

      • Hillary, your colleagues just keep responding to emails saying that I missed the 8/14 deadline so tough luck, I’m stuck paying for September. The most recent email I received says that my account was in “waiting mode” until I updating my billing and, “You will not be able to cancel a plan once it is in Waiting mode – a cancellation for a plan with this status will need to be submitted by GLOSSYBOX.”

        THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M TRYING TO DO! How convenient for your company – I can’t cancel on my own, I need your help, and you can refuse. Fortunately, that’s not how contract law works.

        Please Hillary, pass this little legal lesson on to your colleagues: When the obligor does something that prevents the obligee from fulfilling a term of the contract, the obligor must treat that term as fulfilled anyway. In this case, the term at issue states, “The Monthly plan cancellation request via your account page will take effect only if submitted prior to the 15th of the month that your existing subscription plan is due to renew.” As Glossybox acknowledges it its email to me, I could not have requested cancellation via my account page because Glossybox put my account in “waiting mode.” Therefore, you must honor my request to cancel now.

    • I find that contacting them through facebook private massage is very sufficient. They usually reply within 24 hours.

      • Think you meant Facebook **messenger**! Lol

    • Your last sentence: “I really regret ever getting involved with this company!” really sums it up. My guess is they do this deliberately to hook people into another month. Their business model being so heavily dependent on reduced prices and “extra months free” indicate business is not what it should be. If you do research on other websites — wish I’d done so before myself — you’ll see they have a shady history of this type of behavior .. including the fact that you can’t get through by phone to talk to them (deliberately done).

    • I have an account with them and just sent an email but I did notice that they posted a note about their phone lines being down. I know people have had problems but I have had pretty good luck getting a response by email.

      • Me too. N I know it’s not really but one box get 2free lol the value has been good for 4 boxes for 42

  11. Ugh I didn’t even last one whole month and got pulled back in with the buy one get two more free boxes.Im hoping I get all the things I didn’t get in June and may which led me to unsubscribe with them lol

    • I am in the same exact boat. Hoping this time, they don’t screw me on every single variation.

    • Hi Toni!

      We are super excited to have you back with the GLOSSY family. We sincerely hope you love your September box.


      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

      • Your guy cs has been super with me. I know it takes awhike for a response but at least I get a replacement faster than with allure lol

  12. I just received my first August box , I used the code DUSK and received 2 other boxes. I’m so bummed , I got the pug lipstick , it’s cute but i don’t wear lipstick , but a nice collectible. One of the boxes looked to be a winter or Christmas themed box and then another pink box , they are so unforgettable that , I cant tell you a single thing about any of the boxes , other than the pug because everyone is talking about it. I have several other subs and I absolutely love play by sephora . I’m not sure what box I should try now boxycharm or Allure?

    • I’m curious why you love Play.

      I made a joke the other day about their tiny little samples, and said that they didn’t weigh as much as my parakeet. I went further: I took them out of the wrapping, and they all fit into his little wagon with room to spare. I’ll post the photo at some point. 🙂

      • I also love Play. I’m so glad Sephora has a box now and I was able to cancel all other beauty boxes. I’d rather get small but useful samples from a store I actually shop at (plus the points for the box and extra 50) than the crap that birchbox sends.

      • Probably because I shop at Sepora alot , Yes the samples are small but they are quality over quantity. I have used every single thing is my first 2 boxes from them, and that never happens with any box I get. Plus I get 50 bonus sephora points I can use towards other things from the store. The bags are cute but I can’t figure out what to use them for except maybe for travel jewelry bags.

        • Ditto that, I’m quite happy with it. For $10, I feel like I am getting a great value.

      • You have to take into consideration the price of the items you receive! It’s a sampling service, not meant to offer full size or suit everyone all the time! If you’d do your RESEARCH, before trying to be cute, you’d see the value far exceeds the cost of the items plus the bag!!

    • Boxycharm is by far the best box!!!

      • Thank you. I wasn’t sure but now I’m ready to try out boxycharm.

    • You should look at the last few months review for the boxes you are interested in and deside by how happy you would be to received those boxes. I’m with you on Sephora box. Im not in for big samples but to find new products that I love. glossybox has been hit or miss for me. I got boxycharm for a couple of months when it was I thought kind of poor. I have been enjoying my allure box. It’s all up to your own product preferences.

      • That’s exactly why I like play by sephora , I have found several products that I have bought the full size because the sample was great and I wouldn’t have know about it . Thats funny I just ordered Allure last night. I hate to say this and I know how it sounds but I’m a make up/skin care snob. I like the quality play by sephora and I hope Allure will be the same.

    • in your Christmas box did you get an eye shadow that was shattered on everything? because I did the buy one get 2… and made the mistake of opening that box on my bed, mauve eye shadow EVERYWHERE

      • Yes I did , but I didn’t open it . I just left it in the Christmas theme box . I cant really tell what color but I know its a dark color of eye shadow. Are you pleased with your 3 boxes and did you get the luxe shimmer oil or luxe oil. I did not. My boxes were very disappointing.

    • I’d try Allure if I was you! Always great products and brands, comes early in the month usually and includes a little booklet too!

  13. I subbed to the July special to get the two free boxes when you buy one, paid full price & only one arrived. Contacted them over a week ago & got the auto reply that someone would get back to me shortly but still haven’t heard anything. Been with them off & on for 4 years & have never known there customer service to be this bad, has anyone else had issues with them?

    Also I signed up for the August special that was the same type of deal so I’m hoping they fix their issues.

    • Hey, I don’t know what is going on there!!!! Last night made 6 times I have tried to get them in a little over a month now. I tried to use my glossy dots for a box and it shows that my box hasn’t even been paid for yet. I don’t know what is going on getting seriously upset over this.

      • When you try to redeem your dots for a box, it won’t be the box coming up soon but the next one. I just did my August reviews and redeemed mine, but I won’t get my free box til October. Hope this helps!

    • I sent them a message asking if they could make past boxes available to current subscribers and got a reply almost immediately. If you’re wondering what their answer was, they said they do once in a while.

    • Hey there!

      We’re so sorry for the delayed response. We totally understand how frustrating it gets waiting for a response, but please, bear with us. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

  14. I hope they have this offer with a sub starting with September as I already got August’s box with the two free past boxes. Unfortunately, my Glossy Pug lipstick was broken. I emailed them with pictures and also messaged them on their site a week ago and so far no response….sigh….

    • My pug lipstick was broken too! I emailed them and a couple of days later I got a reply.

    • I just posted about them not replying! Guess I’m in good company, lol.

    • Hi Ladies,

      We’re so sorry about your Trifle Lip Parfaits. Please, message us on Facebook or email our Customer Care team your name and account details so we can see what we can do to fix this for you all.


      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

      • When you try to redeem your dots for a box, it won’t be the box coming up soon but the next one. I just did my August reviews and redeemed mine, but I won’t get my free box til October. Hope this helps!

      • Glossybox I emailed several times about my lipstick being broken plus tweeted and was told to post on Facebook, only to discover later that comment was deleted. I’d really appreciate some help here asap! Thank you!

      • I find it interesting how they have time to post on here to tell people to post on facebook or email, yet I have been waiting for over the 92 hour “max” and still have not yet have my email replied to.

  15. That is such a beauty box, the artwork is amazing!

  16. such a good deal. I re-subscribed. Thank you for the link!

    • Hi Clara,

      Welcome back to the GLOSSYBOX fam!


      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

  17. So with this deal you get the august box, the love box AND a past box all for 21? That seems too good to be true…!

    • When you take this deal, you are signing up for a 3 month subscription, so it is about $58.50 or something like that. You would get August, September, and October, plus the Filled with Love box and a random previous box. You can also do a different deal where you only have to sign up for one month. You would get August and 2 previous random boxes (NOT the Filled with Love box). The code is AUGUSTSUN

      • Thank you!

      • I went ahead and done that so I would at least be getting my box this month because they haven’t applied my glossydots. Do the boxes come all at one time, your two free ones?

        • I am hoping I asked customer service and she said they might or they would show up a few days after each other. I have read other reviews that have said all three arrived at once or they got 1 but not 2 and sometimes not the 3rd so hoping for good luck

  18. I will be happy with either item.

  19. I hadn’t seen this post when I commented on the other GlossyBox thread about their fine design…but, yeah.

    I’m with Laura – more birds, less people! England loves their birds and animals, so it’s entirely possible. (Pug lipstick alert.)

    My coloring is almost exactly like Liz’s, so I hope I get the lipstick, too.

  20. Ooh, hoping for the shadow!

  21. Man, I’m tempted to resub. I just cancelled because I keep getting box variations with a much lower value than I see other subscribers getting, but I love this box design!!!

    • Same here! I received all the meh variations and cancelled. I just finished resubbing. I could not resist that beautiful box :/ oh well, it’s only 3 months.

  22. LOVE the box design! I hope i get the lipstick, it looks like a pretty color. I’ve had glossybox for over a year and I have 2 boxes with items that I didn’t care for, but I put the items up for swap and they were gone pretty quickly. I’ve had one box that arrived late. All in all not too bad. I think. Customer service has been always nice, helpful, generous and promptish. Every tried calling BeautyFix? Now that is something else, its like talking to the angriest person you have ever met, who will accuse you of everything they can think of because you’re cancelling and yes that is the only way to cancel, you have to speak to someone. So I’m signing up for another year of glossybox.

    • Oh wow who did you talk to? I had no problem cancelling Beauty Fix

    • I cancelled Beauty Fix via email a couple of months ago with no issue.

      • Same here – I tried the sub for a bit and cancelled with no trouble at all. I found the rep to be very friendly and accommodating.

    • I cancelled Beautyfix through an email will no problem at all. They sent an email confirming my cancellation the next day.

  23. Well, that did it. I resubscribed. August was the first box that I did *not* get, so of course it had to have the Guilty Pug lipstick that I want so badly and have been unable to swap for. I finally caved and ordered the deal where I will get August and 2 previous boxes, plus I will automatically be billed for September and can have this pretty box, too! I hope I get the lipstick for September and the Guilty Pug for August, so I almost certainly will receive the Eye Shadow for September and the other color for August. *sigh*

    • Melissa, if you don’t get the pug lipstick, let me know and I will swap with you. 🙂

  24. Would have preferred just the birds depicted – not the woman.

    The samples of eyeshadow and lip colors are pretty.

    • I concur

  25. That is gorgeous! I have already received 2 August boxes through prior buy one get two free deals or I would jump on this. If they run another similar promotion with the September box as the first box I am in for sure!

    • Well I caved and went ahead and re-subbed. I was afraid if I waited until Sept. that the Mother’s Day box would not longer be offered in the 2 extra box promotion. This will be my third August box, so I have one more chance to get the pug lipstick!

  26. Love the box design! Now if only GB could get me my August box…shipped on 8/8, got the shipping email on 8/12, was supposed to be delivered on 8/15, but on 8/13 Fedex tracking said “incorrect address, unable to deliver – returning package to shipper – please contact shipper/merchant for details” (it never even got to my state and I’ve had 4 GBs delivered to this address, no problem). I gave it a week to see if GB would reach out and/or the package would get back to them, but it seemed to have stalled out in Atlanta, GA (has been there since the 18th) so I submitted a CS request on 8/20, got the automated email saying they’d get back to me in 24-96 hours on 8/21, and…now it’s been more than 96 hours. Even with the Gilt deal I feel ripped off with this level of “customer service.”

    • I am still missing 4 boxes from the July offers. They are sending one of the missing ones, but it has yet to arrive. No real person response on the other three.

    • Have you tried contacting Fedex?

    • I can only pray I RECEIVE the September box. The design is lovely. However, my experience with GB is getting worse by the day except for their agents in their CS department they are who have kept from out right cancelling my sub after being with them for almost 2 years. It is August 25 and I STILL have NOT received my August box. GB was paid on the 2nd. I have contacted them multiple times this month. I normally would have received my box by the 12th in the past. The warehouse created the label on the 9th but it NEVER shipped. GB has now told me multiple times they have contacted the warehouse and I received this reply regarding the delays today in my email:

      “The warehouse just informed us that a few hundred orders this month are currently on back-order, as we are awaiting product replenishment for one of the box samples. We expect to ship out your box within the week. Once tracking information is available, it will be provided to you via e-mail.”

      This is the 4th time since February that I have had issues with them. I hope the products we receive with September will be wow! out of the ballpark! because the past few months have been real disappointing. I wonder if anyone else has experienced any of these issues and if they have not received their box this month?

      • Ugh, I’m sorry. Please keep us posted. I hope you get your box post-haste!

    • I emailed them again on 8/26 (114 hours after they said they’d get back to me within 24-96 hours) and got a reply today (8/28) asking me to confirm my address so they could send my replacement. I confirmed it and they said to allow 1-2 weeks…so it might arrive around the same time my September box arrives. If either arrives.

  27. Glossybox always looks so luxe and pretty, but it’s one of those subscriptions that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole because of all the complaints I read about their CS.

    They really do nail packaging though.

    • I know, I was so tempted to lengthen my sub to get the LE box, but my past box would probably contain another $2 Kardashian nail polish (I got one each month for two months) and a ball of dryer lint, billed as a great alternative to cotton balls for using toner on your face.

      I just keep reminding myself how terrible they handled the July box. At least the September box will be pretty, and while I’d prefer the lipstick (not that I don’t have enough lipsticks), I’d be fine with the eye shadow stick, too. However I fear that with these crazy giveaways with sub, they will run out, and there will be a bunch of people either getting crappy boxes or super late/no-show boxes (or both).

      • Bahahaha literally LOL!!! Dryer lint as cotton ball!! Hahaha!!

    • It’s so crazy that so many people complain about their customer service. Every time I’ve emailed them they’ve replied within 24 hours. I’ve had nothing but great customer service from them.

      • Count yourself fortunate. When I had some major issues in July, I didn’t get a response to my initial inquiry until 4 days later (which didn’t actually acknowledge or address my questions – only invited me to choose one from a list of “courtesy items” for my troubles). I replied with my choice within 2 hours, and didn’t hear back for another 4 days, at which point I was told the item I chose was “out of stock.” I made my second choice and asked for a tracking number. This time, over a WHOLE week went by before I heard back, and it was to tell me “tracking [was] not yet available” but they would get back to me once it was. After 5 days without hearing anything I replied again, only to get my message bounced back with an automatic response that my ticket had been deemed “resolved” and I would need to open a new one.

        I did eventually get the item, but my horrible experience with the inequity of the July box and this spectacularly sub-par customer service incident has colored my opinion of Glossybox. I’m in a year sub until January however, so I’m just going to ride it out, and be pleasantly surprised (like I was this August) when I don’t receive a 10th rate variation.

  28. Ugh, they need to stop doing these free boxes… I’m sucked in again! I guess I was gonna buy the September box anyways, so no real harm done? It’s time to start stockpiling things for Christmas gifts so all will be well. Pretty good deal on getting five boxes for $60!

  29. Pretty box! Any mention of who the “extremely talented illustrator” (as stated on the August box card) responsible for its design is?

    • Nvm. I learned the illustrator is Antonio Soares, if anyone is interested.

  30. That box is way pretty!

  31. I hope I get the lipstick!!

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