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Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Subscription Box Review – Jabba’s Palace

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box Review Jabba's Palace - box

Star Wars Smugglers Bounty is a box in the line of Funko 100% exclusive subscription boxes! Funko has teamed up with Marvel for Collectors Corps, Marvel/Star Wars for Smugglers Bounty, and D.C. Comics for Legion of Collectors!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box Review Jabba's Palace - opening

The Subscription Box: Star Wars Smugglers Bounty

The Price: $25 a box plus $6.95 shipping (boxes ship every other month)

The Products: Each box includes exclusive collectible product created by Marvel/Star Wars & Funko including apparel, collectibles, and accessories worth $50.

Ships to: US and Worldwide (For international subscribers: Items over $20 in value will have duties/taxes that will range from 12% – 18% depending on the Province. There may also be a collection fee from the posted country).

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box Review Jabba's Palace - all items

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box Review Jabba's Palace - card

Deliveries now come with insert cards – which I think is great, and displays more attention to their subscription boxes from Funko. I hope it bodes well for the future of these boxes since they can improve in a lot of areas.

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box Review Jabba's Palace - pin and patch

This month’s patch and pin feature a Gamorrean and the Bounty Hunter Boushh (Spoiler Alert: it’s actually Leia!).

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box Review Jabba's Palace - hat

Smuggler's Bounty - C3PO Hat

C3PO POP Top – Value $15?

There is no shirt this month – and I’m ok with that. Instead of the shirt, our wearable is this C3PO hat. Funko has featured two new lines in this month’s Smuggler’s Bounty, and this hat is one of them.

The hat says ‘Programmed For Etiquette”. I’m probably more likely to sport a POP hat than a POP shirt – so I think this is a good exchange for me, personally.

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box Review Jabba's Palace - Jabba Mug

Jabba Mug – Value $10-15?

The Jabba item in the Jabba’s Palace box was a POP mug. I can’t lie, when they promote that Jabba’s Palace is the “largest Smuggler’s Bounty box size to-date” you expect a big Jabba POP – so this was a major letdown for me. I like the mug, but most subscribers are in this subscription for the POPs.

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box Review Jabba's Palace - R2D2 POP

R2-D2 Jabba’s Skiff POP – Value $25?

Thankfully – there is a POP this month. And, it’s awesome. This is definitely one of the cooler POPs from this subscription, in my opinion. A dusty, dirty, R2-D2 that you can just envision by Jabba’s side!

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box Review Jabba's Palace - Boba Fett plush

Boba Fett Plush – Value $10?

The second new line they featured is this plush. I pretty much never like receiving a plush in any box – and I’m not sure how these really differ from the existing Mopeez line – they’re incredibly similar. This item is a bust for me this month.

Verdict: They set my expectations pretty high with all of the gigantic box callouts, only to let me down. The R2-D2 POP is really great, which was enough to bring this up to a ‘meh’. I surprisingly like the hat much more than I thought I would, so that made the box a bit better for me as well. While the Jabba mug is something I’ll use – you expect a big presence from Jabba in a Jabba’s Palace box! Maybe I’m greedy, but I’d love it if they just guaranteed 2 POPs, or a super-size POP/POP ride each month. I get that they want to test new lines of products (which they also did in the latest Legion of Collectors box) but sometimes it’s best to stick to what you do best. POPs.

What did you think of the Smuggler’s Bounty – Jabba’s Palace box?

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Written by Eric Cadman

Eric Cadman

Eric is the co-founder of My Subscription Addiction. He’s been hooked on geek subscription boxes since 2012 thanks to Loot Crate and Nerd Block. Geek boxes sparked his desire for collecting Funko Pops and comic book statues!

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Comments (10)

  1. I avoided this review when it first came out because I didn’t want to be spoiled (and then I forgot to check it out until now while checking stuff during downtimes in Olympic coverage 🙂 ).

    I am debating continuing this sub. I actually really like the hat (and I have liked all but ibe T-shirt so far (not one of the Funko ones loved both of those).

    The mug may put me over the edge. These mugs are bulky as heck. I turned the C-3PO into a knick knack holder because I won’t drink out of one of these. If I were to drink out of one them the last thing I would want to drink out of is phlegm like Jabba.

    The Pops have been hit or miss for me. Some I loved and others are in storage until I decide (I’m the biggest Star Wars geek in my unit) who gets them, to sell, trade, etc. Feels like another chore on my list.

    The plush? I want to love, ’cause I love me some plushies, but it looks like a dig toy.

    Decisions… Decisions…

  2. This was my first smugglers bounty box and may be my last if this is the way there gonna go. I have no use for the hat or the plush totally not interested in either. The pop was decent at best i was looking for lando in this one especially with the bespin battlefront dlc that just came out, that would have been huge and def wanted a jabba pop maybe a multi box with bib fortuna or something. I was really let down by this box, my rating is *WEAK*!

  3. I loved this box. I was excited about the hat until I put it on and discovered that it wouldn’t snap behind my big noggin, but I gave it to my son and he loves it. The other items were very enjoyable.

  4. This is the first box I’ve received from SB, so I don’t have any previous boxes to compare it to. I value the box at $40, so it’s acceptable.

    I like the R2 Pop and the fact that it’s exclusive is thumbs up and is probably the most valuable piece in the box. But, like so many others, I was really expecting Jabba to be in theres. The mug is nice, but as already mentioned, not being micro or dishwasher safe are detractors.

    Boba Plush. It’s Fett, so I’ll take it!

    C-3P0 Hat. Cool that it’s first in a new line like the Boba plush, BUT-should have been Boba, Boba colors and say “Programmed for disintegration” because that would have been a nice pairing here.

    I like the card insert, because it offerers a provenance of sorts for everything in the box.

    Looking forward to the Death Star Box.

    Pin and Patch-C-3PO pin with “Programmed for etiquette” would have been my choice with the Boushh patch.

  5. I know we’re in the minority, but both my husband and I really loved the box this month! Maybe because neither of us had really paid attention to the brand’s social media promoting it, lol. And I strongly dislike Jabba in general, so I went in with low expectations!

    First off, the R2 pop is incredible. I’m always amazed at how much detail they can fit into such a small toy, and this is definitely one of the most fun displays of that capability I’ve seen! Way too cute.

    Also, because I dislike Jabba, I really wouldn’t have enjoyed a Pop of him… but a very cute-ified mug? I can deal with. I can’t wait to eat chicken soup out of it the next time I’m sick. Only complaint is that as with so many specialty mugs, it’s not dishwasher or microwave safe.

    I want to believe that as part of some tom-boy femme outfit I will maybe one day pull off the hat, but even if it never happens, “programmed for etiquette” is too funny to me to be upset about it.

    The Boba immediately went into my Pehr bin (hello other subscription box shout-out) of soft toys and games for visiting kids. I actually find it strangely cute.

    And the pin and patch… I love the idea of patches, and this month’s is actually my fave lately. Leia! As Boushh… oh well. The pin is just meh, but it’s the smallest thing in the box so that’s ok with me.

  6. Hated this box so much this month; just a misfire on every level for me (and based on the reviews I’ve read on various sites, it seems a lot of other people too). The inclusion of a hat is a peculiar choice and it seems you either like the design or hate it. I found no appeal in the mug, especially since they just included a C3PO mug two boxes ago. The Fett plushie is cute but nothing to write home about. And the R2 Pop is okay but is basically another retread variant. Disappointment all around….

  7. I hate the hat, I much prefer the tshirts! The mug is cool but I have a ton of mugs so not much use to me. Liked the plush and Pop though.

  8. The hat was terrible, in my opinion. I would have much preferred a t-shirt or shorts or almost anything else. At least it was adjustable instead of the “one type fits all” that doesn’t ever fit me.

    The pop was very cool.

    I’m a coffee drinker, so the mug was fun for me.

    The plush my dog has already eaten 🙂

  9. My 12 year old super Star Wars fan loved it all

  10. I loathe that ugly hat. I’m a 34 year old woman. That hat is NOT me. The shirts were just starting to get really cool as they veered away from the Funko pop art. I hope they don’t do these again.

    I was happy with everything else though. I like the mug and while I’d also have preferred a Jabba pop, I love the R2 so much it makes it up for me.

    I agree, the plush is just like Mopeez, so I don’t get it. I still think it’s cute though.

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