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POPSUGAR Must Have Mini – July 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 1.11.05 PM

We have full spoilers for the July 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have Mini box thanks to Nich!

Each box includes:

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.15.52 PM

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have Mini Box spoilers for July 2016?

More info on this box:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Mini Box

The Cost: $18.95

The Products: Introducing a smaller version of our box of curated, full-sized products including the best in fashion, beauty, and home for only $18.95, shipping included. Your subscription will auto-renew, so you get a little present every month!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (70)

  1. I have absolutely zero FOMO with PopSugar anymore and I’m so happy about that. Just schadenfreude. Now if only Skandicrush would come back…

  2. I found the same ice cube trays on ebay for $1.34 each and that price includes shipping, no tax. Probably a lot cheaper that trying to swap for it. Certainly a lot easier. I don’t think that the popsugar mini has a lot of subscribers left. Those that are left are probably going to hold on to the overpriced ice cube trays, lol. I doubt its the sunscreen that are attracting subscribers to stay loyal.

    • Oh man, that’s horrible, I’m sorry. You know what’s worse? Someone on instagram posted a picture of her pin- it says, no joke, “nipple.” Are you kidding me popsugar? That is INSANE. I would be so upset to get that instead of the cute pineapple 🙁

      • Omg ?
        I saw the enclosed info card for all the items and it definitely says “pineapple pin” listed. Did they run out and have to sub nipple pins? Yikes!

    • I received the same flamingo pin, and I was quite upset. I emailed them through their Contact Us link on the site. They are sending me the pineapple pin, and they said the other pin was a mistake. Sounds like it happened to a few people though! So if you want the pineapple pin, I would email them.

      • Thank you for this info Julie!!

      • I would have rather had a flamingo pin (although most likely wouldn’t use that one either)! Not a pin person. They should have given subscribers a choice though!

      • I also sent an email when my grandmother received the nipple pin. Ridiculous.

    • I’ll swap/purchase it! I’m a massive Bowie fan & would be proud to have it. I didn’t get this box, but have others coming so maybe we can work out a swap?⚡️Jet

  3. This box is a win for me. My husband and I throw and attend a lot of tiki parties, so those trays will definitely get used. Might also try to reverse engineer the amazing pineapple gummies at Sugarfina. And I actually need more sunscreen.

  4. I cancelled the mini after the first box and can’t believe how low this box has sunken since. Yikes! My regular pop sugar subscription is up this month and I am officially done with it all unless perhaps a fabulous Black Friday deal comes along.

  5. Well, this confirms it. I’m out. Cancelled. I think I’m going to do the same on the full size. I’ve found I’ve really liked the first two happy rebel boxes. I’m going to stick with that.

  6. Agree about the sunscreen, but I will definitely be looking for those ice cube trays on the swap site!

  7. I LOVE reviews and spoilers. Without them, I would probably purchase boxes like these. This one is especially crappy in my opinion.

  8. Wow….terrible items and I was just saying last week that I like most of the items that I’ve seen reviewed for the mini box. 🙁

  9. So very very glad I cancelled both popsugar boxes last month!

  10. I cancelled my box after last month and am happy about that decision. The idea of the mini box is great and the products have been fine but there’s something a little off to me about just sending 2 items. It just seems kind of incomplete…like something is missing. The rule of 3. One more item, even if it was a lower value treat or something would round it out and make it feel better thought out.

    Plus the price point of the products are low enough that if I really love something that the box is offering, I’ll just consider buying it.

    • I agree. Something is missing. Maybe a snack like the regular box, or at least a sample or something.

    • So true. I signed up as soon as a seen this Mini for the first month but even though I liked both things inside it was just soooo lonely of a huge box. I just keep going back to the LLB mini box and what you get for 9.95 and its was easy to cancel. Now if they did surprise 20 boxes like the one I just bought with 6 items for over 100, wow this month seems that much more sad and very lonely. That could kill it will this box….. But I know they dont want anyone to stop buying the 40 box which is much more worth it.

    • What a great observation! It is about feeling like you got a little something special for your money. I cancelled after the first month, a so-so candle and an odd flavored lip gloss….Yikes! So they have two blah items, nothing special, shipping is not much as the items are lightweight. Where is the WOW? Where is the money vs. value ( Bang for the Buck)? The themes are loosely connected, the curation is missing in action. It is almost as if they take the runner-up products which didn’t make the cut, and throw them in a half priced box? Your point about throwing in a little something or two extra might make the difference to some subscribers but hoping enough people cancel and they get a clue!

  11. Ugh. I finally cancelled. The stuff is cute, but not worth my money. They should just take the mini items, add them to the must have boxes, and call it a day.

    • Amen….. I fill like I could find that at the dollar ? for 2 for 1.00. When I first looked at it I thought it was a butter tray or maybe you can make “Sunscreen Ice cubes”. Ohhhh Boy…. I feel bad for the few that held on…

  12. $17?? It’s a single tray, correct? $17 is the price for TWO trays. If it’s only one then the correct RV is $8.50.

  13. This is so horrible. Speechless. STOP WITH THE SUNSCREEN. It’s mid-July! We are all stocked up already.

    • REALLY??

    • That and the sea salt sprays. I can’t use them as they turn my hair into a frizz ball so my daughter has at least six by now. ?

    • Great job Popsugar!! You have out done yourself this month…you have managed to almost cure my sub box addiction!!!

      • Ipsy you are included in this too…and wait don’t forget about Birchbox!!

      • Funny you included those too, I was thinking how the overall quality and selection and REPETITITION, of all those subs seems to have just taken a serious downward direction. Also noticing that the lack of spoilers is representative of a really bad box! Popsugar summer box left me feeling kind of violated in the wallet this year as it was basically a discount store repeat of last year minus the excitement. Missing the thoughtful curations of days passed.

  14. And….cancelled. ugh had such high hopes for this!

  15. I have to say the ice tray and the swan will make a good hostess gift to a pool party. But I don’t have close friends who has a pool, so I am stuck with both. This month is pretty bad for me. At least I have the scarf.

    • I signed up today for an app called swap. That you can swap subscription box stuff. It’s pretty cool but not a lot on there yet. If anybody knows of a place to swap items. I would love to know

      • This very site has one:

        Though it might not be open to new members right now. If not, join the waiting list. When you get the email saying you’re off the waitlist, be sure to join quick. I think once I got it and waited about a week and it expired so I was on the wait list again. Each time I think I was on the wait list about 2-3 weeks? Don’t really remember.

      • Hi Amanda,
        You know you can swap here, too.

    • I feel the exact same way. I don’t have a pool, and I don’t have close friends with one either. I loved the mini box because up until this month, the items were practical and usable. The sunscreen is, I’m pale as a ghost and will take all that I can get. But the ice tray is pure junk. Cancelled.

  16. Those trays are so cute! Good idea to use as chocolate molds like how the website suggests! I’m glad that I cancelled mini last month though – would’ve been disappointed to get this for $20 especially considering my monthly ones comes down to around $25ish w/ the 6-month deal. I might need to find the trays in the swap board though!

    • Where is the swapboard ?

      • It’s under the swaps section, I believe you have to apply but it shouldn’t take too long to get approved! 🙂

      • Look under swaps and apply- you can easily list items for swap or look for items you want to swap with. Once you find someone you want to swap with they can decline or swap if you have something they’d like. You can also follow items and swappers

  17. Surely they aren’t serious are they? Is there something else that’s hidden?
    Terrible- total rip off!

  18. Woah… Double whammy… This is way worse than the regular one ? didn’t know it will be this bad…
    So not worth the $19! ? the 2 items’ price is outrageously over inflated! Seriously, who would pay $15 for a 3 oz sunscreen that’s probably not meant for the face and $17 for an ice tray!!!
    I can’t I just can’t ?

  19. Dodged a second bullet from POPSUGAR today!!!!

  20. I would have preferred the ice tray instead of the pin in the july regular box.

    • Same

  21. Yeah, Mini has been really disappointing. I mean, compare this to what we get in Serendipity by Little Lace Box, and it’s only $10. I’m definitely canceling.

    • Ooo going to have to check that one out. Thanks!⚡️Jet

  22. I’m glad I cancelled after last month. The pineapple ice tray is cute but way overpriced, and I don’t need more sunscreen.

  23. Wow. What a joke! The exact ice tray is on eBay for $3.89. The sunscreen looks like something straight from a discount store. Not sure what market they’re aiming for???

    • Wow and not in a good way, had already dropped psmh
      I’m done with this too. Do they think we don’t have sunscreen ?
      Now on the other hand my -1st causebox was awesome!

    • Actually, the type of packaging on the sunscreen is very trendy right now, because it’s eco-friendly. A lot of higher end brands have been using it.

    • To be fair, the one on Ebay appears to be for a single tray, so for a set of two it would be $7.78. Also, that tray is being shipped from China so it may or may not be the same tray. Not to mention by the time you receive it, summer would be about over. But still 2 ice cube trays for $17 is expensive.

    • I’ve purchased all my novelty ice cube trays/molds at the dollar spot at Target! Hubby found one somewhere in the city in guitar & bass shapes for $3! We have quite a cute collection of this type & the molds, with the guitar/bass one being the most expensive. Nope, that high retail price is far too over inflated. ⚡️Jet

  24. The sunscreen is boring but the ice cube tray is really cute. I would have like the tray in the regular box.

  25. Those ice cubes will be super cute for 3 seconds before the tops melt or break off.

    • Exactly, Erin! I actually had one of these pineapple trays before and didn’t like using it. Glad I didn’t get this box.

  26. Ah-ha!!! So glad I cancelled last month! I feel like I dodged a bullet ?

  27. Wow! what a breathtakingly terrible box. Just. Wow.

  28. I’m looking at this and thinking Seriously ?? ?
    No thank-you

  29. so glad I never jumped on the band wagon. The full size at least had value and duds. This one has no value and duds. No thanks. I bet ice trays like this can be found on ebay for less than $5 shipped

  30. Aaannd PopSugar Mini is officially canceled. Wow. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

  31. Cute ice tray but the box is not worth the price. yikes!

  32. This box is terrible. So glad I cancelled.

  33. Oh … oh my goodness.

    Look, I’m all for subscription boxes and entrepreneurs and small businesses. Even if a subscription box isn’t my cup of tea, I truly admire all of the initiative and moxie it takes to launch a service and provide for the customers.

    However, this is just such a disappointing offering. The trays are cute, but this is unfortunately just not worth the value paid for this, IMO. I am glad I cancelled this box last month. If these were part of a larger box, then I think it would be appropriate, but so far, I have not seen a Mini box that has truly proved itself to be worthy of this standalone status.

    • completely agree. glad i never jumped on one. ..that said, will look for the tray in swaps.

      • Yes to the dollar tree I go.

  34. Was seriously hoping for some sunglasses. I do love pineapples though, and sunscreen is a necessity…just a little…blah.

  35. SO happy I cancelled in May.

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