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POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box FULL SPOILERS!

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MH16_MysteryBox_560x_Email (3) (1)

Thanks to chillybeans and Em1 in the forum, we have some spoilers for the POPSUGAR mystery box!

(FYI this box was $19.95 and no longer for sale.

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box 


From chillybeans:

Got my 5.4 box from NY today!!!!
It has…….
Ansel cook book -the secret recipes
wine glass writers
tarte eye shadow trio
terrapin ridge mustard
Deepa Gurnani headband
Mercury jewel box rain candle.

From Em1:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.50.41 PM

Capri Blue candle
Barr Co Bubble Elixir
Set of 4 Govino glasses
Deepa Gurnani headband
Xoxo note cards
Terrapin Ridge Farm mustard

There may be other variations than these, but so far, both boxes look like a good value to me! What do you think of the spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Mine is 5.2 and coming from NEWBURGH, NY to California, weird.

  2. if anyone has an extra headband they would like to sell, I am your girl! I am bummed I missed out on this box. I wear headbands every day and would love a fancy one! 😉

    • I have one. Are you on the swap site?

      • No, I am not. 🙁 I just discovered this whole swapping/subscription thing(run roh). I will sign up right now. :). Thanks for the responses, you all are so sweet!

        • What’s your email?

    • Jenn, I have one, please see my swapboard at sher_w

    • I have several and would love to swap/sell if you’re interested. Im Mandy on the swap board also. You can probably find me easier by looking for the Rosana Vanity Tray Set. I think there’s only a few of them up for swaps. ?

      • Do you still have some?? I just love these headbands !!

    • Hi Jenn, I have one I’d be willing to sell or swap. My email address is [email protected] if you’re interested. Welcome to MSA!

    • If I get it… you can have it… I already have one from a previous box 🙂

    • If I get one in my mystery box I will

  3. i was really hoping for stuff from the last few boxes… all this stuff is from last year isn’t it… i really hope i don’t get mustard lol

    • Wondering about the experation on that mustard…

      • It’s like 2017. I have several jars. Individually, honey and mustard never expire. Google it.

      • Sept 2017

      • The expectation on my mustard is 9/14/17.

        • Ha! Expiration I meant. Too much honey mustard!

  4. Did anyone who ordered multiple boxes only see one box ship so far? I ordered 2 boxes but it looks like only 1 shipped :/

    • June, I had the exact same thing happen to me. I reached out to CS and got an email that stated they will look into it and let me know once they know why it hasn’t moved from the warehouse. I ordered both of mine the same day, several hours apart. Odd one would ship and the other wouldn’t, unless they’re shipping from different locations?

    • Same problem here. I emailed and am waiting to hear back.

      • Let me know what you hear back Debbie. 🙂

        • They said they would email the warehouse and get back to me but nothing else yet.

          • Debbie, have you heard anything back? They said the same to me (I only ordered 1 box though) and they haven’t gotten back to me yet.

    • Me too! I was just about to post a comment and see if anyone else is having this issue. I ordered two boxes but only got shipping notification for one box 3.1 from CA. I’m wondering if I should contact CS or wait it out until my first box arrives.

    • Yes on shipping tracking number but I received both boxes at the same time today.

    • Same thing. Ordered two boxes at the same time. Only one shipping. It’s 3.1 pounds and shipping from CA to CA.

    • Below is the email I received when I ordered mine, so I think everyone is safe.

      1. Your order was received, and is in process.
      2. Note that boxes may ship separately, you’ll receive an email with tracking information for each item when it ships.

    • So…I did some detective work to figure out if my other box had shipped and how much it weighs. These boxes are shipping from FedEx, but they are passing it off to USPS to deliver, at least for me. I get text notifications when I have a package coming from USPS (you can sign up for this on the USPS website) and used the tracking number inputting it into the FedEx website to figure out that my 2nd box had indeed shipped, was able to see shipping origin and weight.

      So, it looks like even though I didn’t receive an email nor is it updated on the PopSugar website, both my boxes did indeed ship and are being delivered on the same day.

  5. Dang – mine says 1 pound. No way I got as much good stuff as Em above in the photo – not at 1 pound.

    • right.

    • Earrings, jewelry, scarfs, makeup, etc, yours could be at a much higher value than mine at 5 lbs! Just a heads up! I would kill for another grey scarf from last Sept or February instead of a candle or book.

      • I do like scarves:)

      • I’m looking to get rid of my grey scarf from February if you’re interested in doing a deal 🙂

        Michellesomer at Mac dot com ?

  6. I wish I had ordered one or two more! Hoping for the Capri blue candle and the bubble bath. Two of my all time favorite items ❤️

    • That candle is one of my favorite items ever. I bought extra boxes and traded to get more of them. I bet I’d like the bubble bath too.

  7. I have nothing but the headband! I wish I ordered more than just one box! My box says 5 lbs so we will see 🙂 at the $20 price point and because I haven’t subbed in a year this is great! Would order three more if they posted them again

  8. Mine is only 3.1 lbs too, so I don’t think I’ll be getting all of the contents of either of these boxes. I’d like the wine glasses, candle, and bubble stuff. other stuff is all meh.

    • I am getting a 3.1 and a 4.0 from CA, and I live in Mass

  9. How do you find out the weight of your box being delivered? I tried tracking my number on USPS, but it only says the delivery dates. What am I missing?

    • My shipping email has tracking through FedEx. When I click on the tracking number, on the bottom of the page under ‘Shipment Facts’, the weight of the package is listed.

      As an aside, has anyone purchased two boxes (I purchased mine on the same day, several hours apart) and only have tracking for one while the other remains processing?

    • try tracking it through you get a shipping email?

      • There it is! 5 pounds! Sweet! I am really hoping for that headband, though. Thank you for the info!

        • Darla, you can have my headband if you don’t get one. I got the exact same box as listed above. Really pleased with everything but gave my much younger sister the last one. I don’t swap, you can just have. Get me your email and I will contact you.

  10. I’m getting a 4 lb. and a 3.1 lb. If anyone has one of these & gets there’s before Friday, please let me know spoilers!! 🙂 I kind of wish I had ordered more than I did. There are some nice variations out there & I’ve only been a subscriber for 3 months.

    • I’m getting a 3.1 pound too! I should get mine on Wednesday so I’ll update if you want spoilers!

      • Thanks, Leah, I would totally appreciate it!!! 🙂

  11. I am looking forward to seeing mine since it is the lower weight. I love the stuff you guys got.

  12. I’m getting a 5.4 lb box! I should be here by Thursday, i’m so impatient!

    • Hi Kalila, Mine is 5.4 lbs too–but I won’t get mine for another 10 days it looks like here in Oregon. Can you message me with what’s in yours (since I’m assuming mine will be the same)? I would really appreciate it. 🙂 riedel at

  13. It’s a good thing this offer is over because these spoilers/comments are making me want to buy more before I’ve even received the 1 I already purchased! I’ve never gotten PSMH so everything will be new to me. My box weighs 3.1lbs and is coming from CA. I would seriously buy more if given the opportunity just for the excitement and surprise. There is something about the $20 price point that makes all of my craziness seem logical. I also picked up the Hammock promo with Peaches & Petals and the 3 for 1 GlossyBox this week all because of the $20 prices. Neither of those interested me before but I couldn’t seem to help myself. The addiction is real.

    • I’m with ya! I dad the same….20.00 must be the trigger price.

      • Did.

  14. I ordered one box. I’m not a regular subscriber so I’m not super familiar with their past offerings. Are these old prepackaged boxes or are they a mix from previous boxes (i.e. something from December, something from May, etc.)?

    • It looks like a mix of items, although 3 of the items in that second box are from one box.

  15. I’ll be receiving a 3.1 and 4 lbs. box, both from CA but different cities. Should arrive Friday! I’ll be happy with anything except mustard lol.

    • I think I’m getting whatever you’re getting, ’cause I have the same info – but mine don’t arrive until next week! (So, please post what you get!)

    • Ditto! Except mine seem to both be shipping from Watsonville, CA. I haven’t subscribed to PSMH before so everything I get will be new to me! Can’t wait!

    • Me too!! Same boxes you are getting also! Pleaseee spoilers when you get them! ?

  16. I like most of the items in the 2 boxes so I’d be pleased with either one. My box is 5.2 lbs shipping from NY and scheduled to arrive next Monday. I’m excited to see what I get.

  17. Hmmm, my box from New York is super light compared to everyone else: 2.8 lbs. A little nervous. The one from Cali weighs 3.2 lbs. We’ll see. But no books a guess.

    • I’m getting the 3.1lb box from CA coming (although – wtf PopSugar I live in VT why couldn’t you send it from NY?) – I’m happy to not get any books, but it does seem awfully light compared to the others. I can’t imagine there being any jars or candles in it.

      With that said I’m not a PSMH subscriber so I think I’ll be happy with whatever I get. I’m not sure why people who are regular subscribers who ordered are disappointed to get duplicates. 🙁

      • I can’t speak for everyone, but for me I am not super disappointed, more like aw man, if I get that second box, there’s not a whole lot new to me. I only subbed to one box in the past, so it’s like “What are the odds?” LOL. However, it’s all able to be swapped and it’s nice stuff for $20. I will be fine with whatever I get, I was just hoping to see some “new to me” stuff.

      • Yeah, I am excited to see what will be in there. I expect duplicates, just hope for some I will like. I won’t complain though, at $20 it will be a win no matter what.

      • I was feeling bummed about me lightweight ones until I saw that someone got a 3.1 lb one from CA that had a much coveted Pehr bin in it.

    • Mine is 1 pound.

  18. I’ve got a 3.1# and a 4# coming from CA. Oh how I want to know!

    • Mine is 3.1 from California too. It won’t be here until Saturday so I have a long wait.

    • I got 2 & it’s exactly the same weight as yours! Also coming from California!

      • Same, arriving Saturday, too.

  19. I’m hoping for the 2nd box as I swapped for the cookbook last year and I swapped away my candle, headband, mustard and eyeshadow. Those items weren’t for me the first go ’round so I’ll be bummed if I get that box. I’m getting a 5.1 from NY and I live in NY. My box is currently in NJ.

    • I’m getting a 5.1 box from NY also. I can’t wait.

    • I’m getting 3 boxes and none of them are the 5lb one (which I would totally love) so I think there will be a number of full boxes up for swaps if you’re on the swap site.

      • 5 lb might equal mustard, keep that in mind 😉 I got two coming. One from CA and one from GA

  20. The only think I’d be semi happy with is the tarte eyeshadow. I really don’t like the headband nor do I know anyone who would wear it.
    The glasses might be useful since it’s outdoor movie/concert season.
    Other than that, I can see my mom telling me I bought more junk. I hope mine is a good one! This is my 2nd box. My first one with the Chrissy Teigan cookbook was ok minus the cheap looking tea towel and salt and pepper shakers.
    I really wanted the February box, that by far looked to be the best to me.

    • I got the 5.4lb package coming. Keeping the tarte and maybe the candle. 🙁

    • “Other than that, I can see my mom telling me I bought more junk.”
      Hahaha! My first laugh of the day. I hope she’s happy. 🙂

    • Love that headband! Differences make the world go ’round!

  21. I am excited to get mine too,mine will be here Thursday and my box weighs 6 pd 9 oz almost 7 pounds,so excited…..I hope you all enjoy your boxes,have a great day

  22. Ugg, really won’t use anything in these boxes. And since I have a 5.1, I’ll probably be getting one of these….

  23. I would have been super happy with this box! Especially those govino glasses, which are my favorite thing for outdoors this summer. Mine’s 4.9 and not due to arrive until end of this week. Fingers crossed…

    • I am also getting a 4.9, I may have mine tomorrow… Do you want spoilers upon arrival?

      • Mine is 4.9 also! But, it’s not arriving until next week. If you get yours tomorrow, I’d love to know what you received!

        • I will reveal upon arrival!

      • Mine is 4.9 also. Yes, spoilers please! Mine won’t get here until Saturday.

      • Yess mine is 4.9 and I would love to find out what’s in it

      • Spoilers please

    • OK! I got mine today as predicted, it came from NY by way of NJ then PA and back to NJ and included many of the items in the 5+ pounders: mustard, headband, bubble elixir, rain candle/jewelry box, xoxo notecards, and the tarte amazonian eyeshadow quad. Also I believe mine was actually 4.6 rather than the 4.9 I first reported. It is a lovely box overall, albeit not a crazy valuable one. The eyeshadow is the biggest letdown as it is very similar in tones to the palette that came in the March box, I believe. Really curious what was in the 1 pound boxes! Enjoy ladies!

      • Mine came today. 4.6 lbs.
        The Headband!
        Candle/Jewelry box!
        Bubble Elixir.huge jar!
        Eye Shadows…luv the cute container!
        Honey Mustard!…will be gone in this household quickly
        XO Memo Writing Pad!

        Luv All the Items ?!!
        I’m not a Pop Sugar Subscriber so All Products New to me!!
        I sub to several boxes categories but couldn’t pass up this deal!!

    • Update: So I said above that I would be perfectly happy with Em1’s box, and that’s a good thing because that’s exactly what I got. (Mine was 4.9.) The candle jar is really pretty, and I love the glasses.

      • I received the same as Em1 in my 4.9lbs box as well! I’m soooo excited about it!

  24. Sooo excited!! I got 2! One is 4 pounds & the other is 3.4 or something like that!! I had Pop Sugar for 3 months, March through May this year so I’m hoping it’s any other month but those! Fingers crossed!

  25. Gotta wonder how many November 2015 boxes they made because they sure have a lot left!

  26. I felt mine was a great value, however…was disappointed because I have already received everything, so its like I bought a duplicate box for $20! But its still a great deal, keeping the mustard (I think its also in this months Yummy Bazaar but its ok, because its that good) and gifting the candle to my daughter…maybe also the Tarte(apple of my eye) eyeshadows. Will put rest up for swap or gift-

    • I’m not sure if I liked your box, but it is probably what I’ll be getting. 5.4lbs from NY, but it will only arrive by the 27th.
      At least everything is new to me, since I’m not a PSMH subscriber 🙂

    • i can totally see how you would feel that way. I have a 5.4 box; but i’m not a regular PSMH subscriber; so everything looks awesome!

  27. I’m so jealous! Mine just shipped Friday and won’t arrive until the 26th 🙁

    I’m really liking what I see so far – definitely worth the $20. Hope I get one of the Deepa Gurnani headbands – I got the beige one in YBB for my wedding and I love it!

  28. Wow! Mine is 4.9 pounds, I’m so excited… the only thing I hope I don’t get is the Ansel cookbook, I already have one and have only flipped through it once! I haven’t gotten a PSMH box (at least 9 months, I think) in a while, so whatever is in there I’ll be super happy!
    I should have grabbed two!

  29. Mine is arriving next week. 5.1, from California. All these people with boxes coming from NY, I live in NY, yet my box comes from Cali…Oh well! Excited for my first ever PSMH box!

    • I bought two one is coming from ny and my other one is from ca

      • same here 🙂

      • Same here. My NY is 2.8 lbs and CA is 4 lbs. The suspense is killing me.

        • Amy M, we are box twins. I have the same weights coming from the same places. Fingers crossed we get some good stuff! 🙂

          • Eeeeep!! I’m so excited. People are getting some great stuff!

        • Box triplets, I have the same two weights! One will be here Saturday and one Monday. Can’t wait to see what we get. I’m actually hoping for the Tarte eyeshadow everyone is getting!

    • I live in CA and my box is coming from NY! Shipped last week but won’t be here for another week. #patienceishard 🙂

    • I live in CA and mine is coming from NY! There is so much waste shipping cross country especially when it’s not necessary. POPSUGARs shipping system has so many opportunities for improvement!

      • I live in NY, my box shipped from NY, and it is in PA.

    • Exactly my box is 3.1 coming all the way from CA When I live right in NY…a bit salty about that? says it won’t get here till Friday…come on the suspense

      • And I’m over here in CA waiting for the box from NY. Doesn’t make sense!

    • I live in Cali, and mine is coming from NY! 12 days shipping, ugh!

  30. I got the box with the wine glasses and mustard etc – so excited! Items are giftable and also useful if I want to keep – I should have bought two!

    • Jenn or anyone else who got the wine glasses & mustard, do your remember the weight of your box?

      • 5.2 was mine

      • Tracy, mine was 5.4

    • Also curious on the weight of your box. It’s at the bottom of your tracking log.

  31. Mine is 3.1 pounds so a little on the lighter side but hopefully good stuff. Should be here by Thursday and coming from California.

    • 3.1 lbs and mine is coming from CA too! Love the variations everyone is getting 🙂

    • Me, too. Mine is due Friday… nervous a bit.

  32. These boxes sound great and I like that they mixed them up! I have 2.8, 3.1 and 3.2 coming my way so I have no idea what’s in there (except no cookbooks based on weight 🙁

    My 2.8 arrives tomorrow and I’ll post the contents in the discussion board.

    • I’m your box weight twin! I ordered 3 and they are the same weights as yours.

  33. Ugh, these kind of sick. Glad I stuck with only one. Aren’t those xoxo cards super old?

  34. Looks great! Can’t wait to see all the variations.

  35. Anybody know the weight on Em’s box?

    • She just posted on the forum that it was 5.2.

      • ohhh same weight and sent from NY. I wonder if I’ll get all of the same items! I wish it would hurry up and ship!

  36. My boxes are all under 3 pounds. I’m excited to hear everyone’s variations as they keep arriving this coming week!

  37. After seeing these spoilers, I’m kicking myself for only getting one ? (I’m trying to practice some restraint with my boxes, but I’m having a hard time keeping my subs under 10!). Regardless, I am so happy I got one, and I’d love to get either variation above!

  38. Ahh! That mustard was so delicious! I should have bought a box, but since it’s random items, it would be just my luck that there was no mustard in there lol.

  39. Mine should be here Wed., 5.2lbs. For $20 it’s worth the gamble! I’m thinking Christmas presents also! I’m just happy they did this lol I used to subscribe but became pretty unhappy with the value. So everything will be new for me lol

  40. Those boxes look great! I would love to get another mustard. I love it!

  41. I would love another candle, I have swapped for a few. lol I have two boxes coming, but it says NEXT week!!! bleh……

    I have a 5lb even box coming and I forget the other one, it is less than 5 though…….

    I love the mix of those two boxes, no really really bad unswappable stuff and a few really awesome items.

    • Mine isn’t due until the 25th! That’s a long time for shipping these days. Maybe I’m spoiled by Amazon Prime LOL. Mine is 5.1 pounds.

      • Mine was scheduled to come this Saturday but this morning the Suprise box and the July box were on my porch. Yippee!

    • I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, buying two boxes. I’ve been a consistent subscriber since March of last year, so I’ll be getting a lot of repeats I’m sure. I AM really happy to see several things from boxes that were from before I started subbing, though!

      I’ve got a 4 lb coming from CA and a 5.4 lb coming from NY. At first I was psyched that they were heavy (because heavy packages are always the most exciting for some reason), but then realized that means I’ll probably get a book, which I do NOT want. (I’ve got almost all of them already.) SO hoping for a Pehr bin!!

      • We are box twins. I’m getting the same weights from the same places. Can’t wait to see what we get!

  42. I snagged 5 of these boxes and they vary from 2.8 lbs to 5.1 lbs with none of them weighing the same. I’m betting I’m getting a good variety. I would like some cookbooks. Either way, it’s a really good deal and I’m stashing some for Christmas gifting…in July! ?

    • Yay! So many of these items are giftable! I think your plan worked 🙂

      • Well, that’s the plan but if I love everything, then I’m keeping it all! ??

        • I like your style! 🙂

  43. My box is 5.4lbs and coming from NY and won’t arrive till next week): I like the contents minus the cookbook and headband.

  44. All I wanted is that damn headband (and/or the scarf from February’s box) my chances look good for getting the headband at least!

    I’m thrilled!

    • Amber, I have a headband up for swap if you don’t get one. 🙂

    • I have the scarf up for swap!

  45. I’ve tried trading for the mustard and candle in the past with no success. I hope I get those!

  46. I’m so glad I didn’t buy one! I still have three Deepa Gurnani headbands that I’ve been trying to get rid of!!! Honestly, the candle is the only thing that I would’ve used in either box. The value is there and I hope that everyone loves their boxes! I’ve just come to realize that Popsugar is just not for me.

    • I LOVE those headbands! I’ll swap for one. 🙂

  47. I would love either of these. Mine is 5.1 lbs. coming from NY, so hopefully there are a couple of the same items. I’ve had the candle, headband, and mustard before, but I loved all of them and can easily re-gift the headband. I think this will be a GREAT value for $19.95!

  48. Great value & I don’t have any of those items! Crossing my fingers that I get something close to Em1’s box and NOT chillybeans box though. LOL

  49. My box weighs 4.9 lbs and hopefully should be here tomorrow! Fingers crossed for more of that yummy mustard. 🙂

    • We thought we were all getting books but maybe we’re all getting mustard! 😉

      • Noooooooooooooo

    • My box is listed as 4.9 too, to be delivered from NY to AZ on 26th…ugghhh! Please let us know what you get:)

      • My box is also coming from NY all the way to AZ. Apparently on a very slow mule or something! What is up with the crazy slow shipping on these things. I’ve got the 5.4 pound box.

  50. Great value, but I have the headband, the candle, and the mustard from the ONE box I’ve ever ordered from them. Praying I get a different assortment LOL.

    • lol… me too. And I already had the ansel cookbook, so i hope my 5.4# box from NY is different, but I doubt it. No worries though.

    • Lol, I thought the EXACT same thing when I saw the spoilers! Oh well. They make great gifts, so that’s nice.

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