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New Beauty – Beauty Choice Awards Limited Edition Box!

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Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 4.32.35 PM

Thanks, Kate, for letting us know that the Beauty Choice Awards Limited Edition Box from New Beauty is available now!

The Box: Beauty Choice Awards Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $49.95

The Products: $250+ worth of award-winning beauty products:

UPDATE with pictures of everything in the box:


Are you grabbing a box? Review coming soon!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz do you know what size the Tata Harper mask will be?? Thanks!!!

  2. Does anyone know how often these boxes are released??? This is my first one! I want MOREEEE! Lol

    • This is the 1st time they’ve done a box like this. Hopefully, they’ll do this at least annually, if not more! 🙂

  3. Just got two emails confirming my TWO boxes with tracking numbers (4 days ago they told me they were going to try to stop the second shippment that i did NOT order)
    So I was charged 100 bucks and now will have to pay 100 more for this to be shipped to my country.

    HORRIBLE customer service! Just Horrible!

  4. I just got an email with a tracking number today and I ordered on the 19th. I know the box is amazing but I don’t think they were ready to handle the orders.

    • Got mine as well

  5. Just got my tracking number 5 minutes ago.

  6. I’m getting nervous. No response to email or tracking. Anyone else receive or hear anything.

    • I haven’t received tracking yet either. I believe I was charged on the 19th. I’ll give them a little while longer before I follow up with them.

      • They charged me the 20 twice and just got tracking.

    • I was wondering the same thing.

      • Sound off that some emails say you will receive tracking in 5 days and other people have said they spoke to cs and they told them tracking is not given out but shipped the same day they were billed.

        • Tracking was received this am, should have it Saturday

    • I got an email today with a tracking number, I ordered on the 19th 🙁

    • I just received shipping info. A little longer than “5 days.” Lol. It’s shipping FedEx and should be here by Saturday 🙂

  7. Has anyone gotten their box… Or tracking information? I haven’t heard anything since I purchased.

    • I called today to check the status and was told that the box shipped the same day that I was charged, 7/19.

      They apparently ship ‘standard’ mail so no tracking numbers will be given. She did estimate 7-10 days for receipt, though.

      I also asked if they intended this to be an annual or event type box and she stated this was their first venture on this. But, she sounded hopeful they might do it again sometime in the future, too.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks so much

      • Thats wierd, my confirmation email said i would receive tracking in 5 days…

        • Yep – I had the same email but called CS to check the status of when I could expect to receive the tracking email. She provided the information that I commented above.

          However….*now*, I get a tracking email on 7/25 stating that my box has just shipped after CS had indicated that it already shipped on 7/19.

          Soooo, who knows, lol? Guess we have to just wait and see. I am super excited to get it, so I am probably just being anxious.

      • I vaguely remember them mentioning a special box/tube was happening in the Fall, and they also mentioned the Awards box. I remember thinking these were one in the same, so when the Awards box came out I was a little surprised. Maybe that special Fall tube will be a takeover tube? I thought I remember reading something about a takeover tube as well. Darn, I wish I hadn’t thrown all of those little flyers that came with my July tube.

  8. Yikes! I just checked my credit card and I have been charged twice! Oh no! I only ordered once and I my ever received one email confirmation (albeit that confirmation has no details). The charges took place on different days.

    • Maybe you got my charge? LOL. I haven’t been charged yet. My order confirmation didn’t have any details either. I sent an email a bit ago.

      Hopefully it all gets straightened out (because I’ve told myself I don’t care if I don’t get it but I SO do!!)

    • I was also charged twice. Since day one I received two confirmation emails and wrote them (the 18th) still no response.

      • Nagi, if you don’t get it settled, I will buy your second box off of you.

        • I live abroad and have to pay 20us for another shipping. I need this to be settled before it ships. :/

          • If you used a credit card, you can usually just dispute the charge pretty easily online. I had a box last year that kept charging me and not shipping and I disputed them 4 charges/months in a row and never had a problem getting my money back, and luckily by then they got the point and stopped charging me. lol

    • I was also charged twice. Since day one I received two confirmation emails at 7:10pm and wrote them, 4 days later this is their response:

      Unfortunately, we see that two orders were submitted. We’ve submitted a ticket with the shipping department to see if the second order can be stopped and are waiting to hear back. We will let you know as soon as we find out. We apologize for any inconvenience.

      I need to pay 50us to get this box sent to my country. Already charged twice and will probably have to pay shipping for a second box. This is just ridiculous!

    • Me too!! Same day about ten minutes later?!?! I didn’t order 2 but it seems like I might be getting 2! I emailed them saying I didn’t order 2 & they replied that it had already gone to shipping & that they will try to stop the 2nd one from going out?!? So you know that’s not happening. I hope I like the box as I’ll probably have 2!

      • I’ll buy the box from you and pay shipping to me if you want to get rid of it 🙂

        • I just received my tracking number for FedX, it says it will be here by July 26th. I ordered mine on July 19th, I hope everyone gets there’s soon, I don’t think I’ve been too much more excited to receive a box, then this one!

  9. I’ve been watching my credit card statement and it finally got charged today. Whew!
    That would be my confirmation that I am indeed getting this coveted box.
    The more I look, the more I like and that is a good sign ??

    • I haven’t been charged yet. I went back and looked at my confirmation email and it says I’ll be getting one shipped in 5 days and that “order details are below.” However, there’s nothing “below!” Now I’m getting worried. I think Test Tube is pretty on the ball though, so hopefully no issues.

      If I’m not charged by this afternoon I may call (I think there’s a number somewhere in the this thread).

      • My email confirmation said the same thing. I checked my credit card and it does show the authorization was put through.

      • It took them 3 days to charge me so that might give you an idea when to expect it. I can’t wait to get the tracking # ?

  10. I am so sick I missed out on this one! If anyone has buyer’s remorse I will gladly take it off your hands!

    • I join you in your pain. I am kicking myself for missing out 🙁

      • I also feel your pain. I emailed customer service to see if there’s any chance that they might release this box again 🙁

  11. I wish I had room and 100 more years to use up my crazy amount of products. I keep buying more and more huge pretty boxes from Micheals to put all the new and tons of stuff that is crawling out of my over stuffed box I already have.
    This box does look like a way better box then the big Allure box. Lucky they ran out or I wouldnt of slept knowing there is a box out there with my name on it.

    • I feel the same way, Beth. At first I was disappointed but I just went through my stash and I’m blown away by how much stuff I have. I only have Allure beauty box as a regular sub but I get Walmart and Target on occasion and I have gotten Allure Beauty Thrills in the past and gifts with purchase from Ulta and ….. it’s. too. much. So this is a great deal and I’m happy for the people who got it, but I think those of us who didn’t will be just fine 🙂

      p.s. At 36, I WISH I would have 100 more years!

      • I’m 36(!), and I NEED that 100 years to go through all of my stuff. But will that stop me…. ha! no! Pfft!

        • I echo that exclamation mark after 36…I just had my birthday two weeks ago and I think that comment was the first time I wrote the number and inwardly I was “oh my gosh”ing! 🙂

          We’re all like, “Dear God, please grant me a long life in health and happiness, so I may be blessed with the opportunity to use up my overabundance of makeup. Amen.”

    • Well there goes ur sleep…don’t think they are sold out!! Can’t understand it myself!! Lol

  12. This one is sooooo kuch better than allure beauty thrill and cheaper!!

    • Much!

      • I agree. That’s why I purchased 2 of these and none of the Allure. These brands are more high end that the Allure which are mostly drug store brands.

  13. I ended up buying this box yesterday morning after getting an e-mail about it. I couldn’t find anything on the internet about what was in the box and was also confused about the box’s actual value, so I ended up calling TestTube’s customer service number since I couldn’t find a better contact at the time. The customer service rep wasn’t able to give me a list of the products, but she said that the box would have over 20 products (this post only lists 19 products) with many of them full size. She also said the value would be around $400. I then did some sleuthing and found an article listing the 24 best award-winning products ( and assumed we’d be getting everything on that list except for the cool sculpting, the skincare regime system, and the PMD Pro, which would leave 21 products. I’m hoping the box we get has a few more items than what Liz got…

    • Cool, thanks for sharing!

  14. My card was charged today.

  15. Sold out! So sad 🙁 🙁 I should have made up my mind sooner!

    • Nooooooooooo

    HERE IT IS 1-800-313-0210
    I think we are so used to being bossed around and forced to do everything digitally we forget to check to see if a customer service # exists! For me That is MANDATORY before I subscribe to anything! Best of luck to you all who wanted this box and I’d call to be sure they received your order.
    Good day all.

    • Out of curiosity, when you called and confirmed your order was received, was your card already charged? I placed my order sometime last week, and received a confirmation order email immediately. However, after reading the comments below, I checked my CC and noticed it hasn’t been charged yet. I think that’s odd we’d have to call to confirm whether our order was received even though they sent the confirmation email….. Oh well, I’m just going to let it be, and if they don’t charge my CC, and don’t send me the box, then so be it. I don’t need anything in the box, and I’ll take it as fate telling me to slow down a little 🙂

    • I guess I should have also asked…. if your card had not already been charged, did they say when they would put the charge through? Thanks for the info!

    • Okay… I think MSA is playing with me with my comments again… (they auto load, then disappear, then when I write a replacement comment, the original shows up) 🙂

      I’ll try again… My post above was an add-on to another comment I made previously where I was just curious if after you called and confirmed your order if your card was already charged.

      • Ha! I had a feeling it would show up once the replacement/2nd comment was sent! That happened last time too!

        • Luna, I have had the same thing frequently happen to me, where it appears originally when I write it, refresh the page and it is gone. Sometimes they reappear a while later, sometimes not. Sometimes I have hit ‘reply’ to another post and instead it appears at the top of the message list and it’s out of context and doesn’t make sense since it wasn’t underneath the original poster. Unfortunately, there is a bit of delay whenever I have a question or am responding to another question. Have emailed about this a few times, but have not heard a response. Hope MSA looks into it.

    • I just called the above number and she told me the payment hadn’t gone through yet and was pending, but then asked for my credit card # to get the payment to process. Has this happened to anyone who has ordered from this company? Seems a little off to me. I did not give them me CC info, since I didn’t it when I ordered online.

      • So I just saw this sold out. So I checked my bank acct again and see my cc was charged $49.95. Glad I didn’t give them my cc on the phone.

  17. I have no self-control. I told myself I was not getting any more beauty products (except my current subs) because I have a huge stash. In fact, I have been trying to sort it all out and the products cover a 14′ x 14′ floor. That is just wrong! I saw this posted somewhere else with a little picture yesterday and passed on it. Was so proud of myself.

    Now I just read Liz’s review and saw the full size Living Proof and neck cream (rare in sub boxes imo) and caved—-right away like a hot cake slammed on the counter…..fell right down right away….


    • Ditto. To everything you said.

  18. Anyone know what shade the Mally under eye cream is?

  19. Gosh…I think I need to stay off the computer and my phone! I have ordered way too many boxes lately…lol I keep telling myself I am going to cut back…but that isn’t going so well for me. Some of the boxes are just too good to pass over (not like I have a stash waiting to be used or anything-HA!). This is such an awesome deal and I think I would use most of it…yay. 😉

    • Same here, I keep telling myself no more, I can only use so much, but everytime I see a great deal, I cave in.

  20. I am weak that is all I have to say lol,but as always thanks for the heads up Liz

  21. I have been subbed for years and have received most of these items in the past tubes. I would really only use the toothpaste. It is hubs favorite.that price is so good though.

    • Ok. FYI. I was looking at the updates on my kindle in bed after a long day when I saw this. I realized there was a smith and cult polish in there. I have been trying to swap for one for ages. Plus, my mom can use the hair oil. That was $50 worth of stuff. Down stairs I came to enter my cc info and order this. If I don’t use the other stuff to trade for his toothpaste, my hubs is going to cut up my credit card. Don’t worry I memorized that years ago. 😉

      Seriously, though, I will be trading most of it.

      • I love that tooth paste too…main reason I ordered this box…plus it has a lot of other great products!

  22. I have been looking for a neck cream, so I am so happy to see it here… Bought it!

    • That neck cream gets really good reviews. I will have to look at the ingredient list. I tried the strivectin one a couple of years ago and had a horrible reaction to it. Maybe that is another item I can send to my mom.

      • I had issues with Strivectin before too, makes me leery of all their stuff now, because I was so surprised whatever serum it was broke me out so badly, and I rarely have that happen 🙁

      • I am trying the strivectin sample I received in the ulta gift bag. Hopefully I won’t have a negative reaction.

  23. So I ordered this box earlier after getting the magazine and the items they list in the magazine are the same as these but there is a slight difference. I will try to post a picture and the price points are in the magazine it says a box valued at $400 and online it says valued at $350. So I’m not sure what might be added to it but I don’t see the epionce cleanser listed here but it shows it in the picture online.

    • I’m glad you pointed this out! I thought I was just confused on all of the different price points I saw (i.e. $400 vs $350 vs. $250), thinking they were related to something else. I believe in their July Test Tube their was a flyer stating they’d also be having a special Fall box (which made me surprised when I saw this box for sale last week since I don’t believe they mentioned anything about this one). Regardless, it’s still a good value, and I’m happy to finally see what’s actually going to be in the box!

      Btw, I just received my 3rd Test Tube last week, and I have been SO happy with everything I’ve received. IMO it looks like they’ve really stepped up their game since earlier this year. My 1st tube was useful, but not exciting. But, my last two tubes have been really fun to open, explore, and use. After my 3rd tube, Test Tube has quickly went up the ranks into my top favorite 10 beauty subs. 🙂

  24. ~ i hate myself for ordering this & yet here i am ~

    • Have to intercept the mailman! Or my husband will think I need serious

      • Lol I know exactly why you mean!

    • Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I have a few things in here that I buy anyway and getting all this for the price of 2-3 products, so hard to pass up. But I’m still mad that I am so weak….

  25. Does anyone know the size of the Tata Harper mask?

    • The two GWP sizes I have received in the past are 7.5 ml and 15 ml. I’d assume it’s one of those and am hoping for the larger size.

  26. Do they just send the products in a medium tone for the IT concealer and cushion compact? I’m pretty pale so I’m thinking they would be too dark for me : /

    • I’m guessing everyone will get the same colors for the IT concealer and cushion compact. The info sheet doesn’t specify, though, so there may be variation.

      Sorry I don’t have a more concrete answer for you!

    • That IT concealer sounds darker than it really is, its more of light than true medium shade on me and I’m fair/light. Its one of my HG items; I’ve tried fair (nearly white its so pale), light (slightly darker, more yellow, but definitely light) and neutral medium which is a good match for me to avoid the reverse-raccoon look.

    • They say light/medium, if you have a slight tan, they will probably work, or you can always blend in some lighter foundation/concealer

  27. My account wasn’t charged either yet but I feel pretty secure I got one due to the confirmation email!!

  28. Oh, WOW! I totally ordered before I even finished reading what was in it, lol. SUPER excited and hope they ship soon!

    As always, many thanks, Liz. You *are* my Beauty Hero!

    • High praise! Thank you! 🙂

  29. Yeah, this reminds me of what the Allure quarterly boxes used to be like. I’m excited to receive this. These boxes are so fun to open.

    • Ha, this was my exact reasoning for purchasing! Since the allure box sucked and I didn’t buy that one I can totally just get this one instead…

  30. This is an amazing box, but I cannot afford it at this time! Hope this box will come back 🙂

  31. I ordered the box when it went on presale, but never got charged for it either like another poster commented. I hope to get the box, and kept my printed receipt and also emailed them about my order. I don’t want to order another box and get charged twice, but if they sell out it might be worth it. Anyone else have this problem??

    • Yes. I ordered mine yesterday and have not gotten charged yet. I hope everything works out!

  32. Caved and grabbed one! Wanna try the amorepacific cushion for a while.
    BTW, anyone got charged yet? Usually I get charged right away, so I’m just a bit worried if the order actually go through or not.

  33. Is the AmorePacific foundation .17oz or 1.7oz? It looks to be the same size (box at least) of the neck cream which is 1.7oz. That is the deciding factor whether I order it or not. TIA!

  34. This box looks amazing. I broke down and ordered one. I will use everything. Cannot wait for this one.

  35. How do you have the box already if it doesn’t start shipping until July 18th? Debating if I should order now or wait for the review….

    • They just sent me one early to review. I’m going to get the review up as soon as I try everything! Hopefully very soon!

      • Great! Thank you! Just tell us in one word: Is it worth it? 🙂 (I know the value is there, but are the products good?)

        • Yes, I think so! In fact, I’m already thinking about buying one so I can have extras. I really love a lot of these brands, and so far I’m been impressed with everything I tried! 🙂

          • Aw Liz, I was so tired last night I thought I’d take care of it today, and now it’s sold out 🙁 Oh well. Enjoy your box!

  36. An hour is as long as my resistance lasted. No self control.

  37. I couldn’t resist. I hope I get a different color polish.

  38. I need to fast from mysubsriptionaddiction….ugh…hubby is so good to me and said, “it’s a 1 time thing, limited edition? I suppose.” But do I need it? No, but that didn’t stop me!

    • Yes I checked msa while leaving work…saw a glimpse of this post and got in car and starting driving home…well one min later I pulled over and order this box!! I’m nuts!!

      • That just made me laugh so hard….I could TOTALLY see myself doing the same thing. Some may say nuts, but I say smart. In fact, I say PERFECT!! Well done!

        • haha, well, the good news is that we are not alone!

  39. Whoa. . this is a really great box, full of products I already use (AND lots of brands sold at Sephora). $50 is such a good price, though I’m hoping the Amore Pacific is really in the light shade. I had a sample of that once and really liked it. Smith & Cult is a nice one coat polish that lasts a long time on me, and the Living Proof is another favorite. Thanks for the heads up on this box, I bet it will sell out quickly.

    • Looking at the website again, I notice that the main page says a $350 value but my receipt says “20+ award winning products & $400 + value.”

  40. Oh my goodness, this is a good one! The living proof and it’s a 10 products are both full size and worth $40 all by themselves.

    Thanks so much (as always) for the heads up!! Yay.

    • Just added the values to each item and whether or not they are full size. Hope that helps! And I love seeing a full-size Living Proof item in the box!! 🙂 This is definitely a high-value box with great brands! A+!

      • I swear Liz, these boxes should all cut you HUGE commission checks…your reviews have inspired to sub to so much more than I otherwise would have!!

        We all appreciate you soooo much.

        • Thank you Karen – always happy to hear that the reviews are helpful, and welcome any feedback/suggestions on making them more useful! 🙂

    • This is what I thought. I use It’s a 10(although a different version) so I am paying about $29 extra for more stuff, can’t beat it.

  41. I caved….like I wouldn’t!!!

    Sizes are pretty good too (based on my brief searches). The Bio Oil seems tiny though (the smallest I’ve seen around is 2 oz and that isn’t that expensive so .5 oz seems kinda skimpy IMO).

    I think the Moroccan Oil is the standard size that you generally see in stores, so that’s nice.

    The Mally is only a bit smaller than the regular size (.4 vs .5).

    Hoping the Neutral Medium shade works with the Bye Bye Undereye. I have the Light in some version or another and it is actually a little too light for my super pale skin so fingers crossed. Same with the Amore Pacific. That shade has “pink” next to the name on their site. Hopefully it won’t be too pink since I definitely have more yellow undertones.

    All in all a pretty good box it seems!

    • Thank you for your comments. I have been wanting to try the It Bye Bye Undereye, and was excited to see it here. Unfortunately I have pale skin and was worried the medium would be too dark. If the light looks too pale on you (also with fair skin), the medium has a chance of working for us both I hope.

      • The light I have kind of gives me a bit of reverse raccoon eyes….a little too light. Fingers crossed for us!

        • It won’t do that, as I said above the neutral medium shade in this is perfect even if you’re fair, as I am, and won’t give you the dreaded RR look! .

          • Great news! I really like IT products (actually have used up 4 supersized tubes of the CC Cream…which is a rarity for any product for me!). I use Fair in that so was surprised the Light in the Bye Bye Undereye (mine is “illuminating”) was so light. I love the formula though, so very happy! Thank you!

  42. Oh I tried to resist but I just couldn’t! I can’t wait to try everything!

  43. This is what the Allure Beauty Thrills box SHOULD look like! 🙂

    • I went to the Beauty Thrills site yesterday to see when the new box is coming out and it appears that you can still order the last one!! I didn’t want to fully test it out by putting in my CC# though so there’s a chance I might have received a “sold out” message at that point. But yeah, this is way more along the lines of what that box should have been.

    • I was just thinking that too. Too bad I already pre-ordered all three Beauty Thrills boxes. This looks like a great deal.

      • I did the samething, I pre-ordered all 3 boxes, which they charged me more to pre-order, plus I see they reduced the cost of the boxes to $44.95, they were charging $49.95, plus if you pre-ordered they tagged another $12.00 per box, something crazy like that. I bought them all in advance, because I was looking at past boxes and all the great products that were in them. I do have to say, I am very disappointed, these Allure boxes suck, plus half the items are a repeat from there Spring Box, I definitley won’t be pre-ordering, or ordering period, if they aren’t better quality and variation, like skin care and make up.

  44. Great value but I only want the nail polish 🙁

  45. Thank you for posting the picture!

    • You are welcome. I just added in the sizes of the items too. The Tata Harper item was missing from my box but it is listed on the info sheet. Hopefully it will be in all boxes and my box was just a mistake. Hope that helps!

      • Yes – it did…it inspired me to push the magic button. Oops

        I hope that they send you a replacement tata harper mask soon!

  46. Liz – AmorePacific is a cushion foundation that has different shades… do we get to choose the one we want? If it is full-size, it is $60 which is a good part of the total value.

    • The AmorePacific cushion I received in the box is shade 104 Light/Medium. The info card does not specify shades, so I’m not sure if the same color will be in all boxes. I will reach out to try to find out, though!

      • Thanks Liz! 104 is with pink undertone, so if it is not too pink it should work. But it is a sample size? The box looks full-size next to Bio-oil and It Cosmetics product next to it. Nonetheless, it is my first time buying a box like this, so I am excited!

        • Looking at the product I think it is a deluxe/or travel size. Hope that helps!

          • Thanks Liz! It might make more sense that way to send out a color specific product as trial size instead of full-size. I didn’t check my credit card, but I did order, so hope to receive one, lol.

      • No its not, I got the light pink #102, I was hoping to get the one you did, this will be way too light, especially in the summer. Guess i’ll wait till fall/winter and might have to mix in a liquid bronzer or something , i’ll figure it out.

  47. Grabbed 2!!! Good stuff I like except for the tan towels.

  48. Do you know if these are Full Size or Sample Size items?
    Thanks 🙂

  49. Sounds good to me! Grabbed one!

  50. Hi Liz. Are you sure that these are all the items included? I thought it was 20+ items. Can’t wait for my box!

    • I have the info list. I can post a picture of the box, too if that is helpful!

      • That would be great! I would love to see if they are full or sample sized items. Thank you 🙂

        • I’ll go take that picture now and add it! (Review to come as soon as I try everything!) 🙂

          • Could you please tell us if the amore pacific foundation is a sample card or does it have a decent amount in it, like a deluxe size?

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