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BoxyCharm July 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.24.09 PM

We have the FULL SPOILERS for the July 2016 Boxycharm! (Thanks to Laura Lee on SnapChat!)


The theme is Modern Merbabe.

And each box will include:


Noyah Lip Gloss – Value $16


PYT Argan Oil Treatment – Value $30


Mally Waterproof Eyeliner – Value $18

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 12.15.05 AM

And these six OFRA eyeshadow shades plus the magnetic Z palette. – Value $59

What do you think of the Boxycharm July spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Sign up in July to get this box as your first box!

Check out my reviews of past Boxycharm boxes too!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I wish an August spoiler would be released soon!

  2. Just signed up for Boxycharm (07/17). Is there any chance I can still get this month’s box, or should I be prepared to only get it in August?

  3. Super bummed that I got the brush instead of the eyeliner. Beautiful brush, don’t get me wrong, but I love colored eyeliners. Black is too boring for me. Happy to finally have a palette to out all my random pans.

  4. I really want to sub, will this be my first box? Honestly the only thing I definitely won’t use is the Argan oil (it yellows my silvery grey hair sadly, so I stick with coconut oil, I’m sure someone will love it in the swap), possibly the lipgloss (I’m a listick broad, don’t like the texture of gloss but who knows may love this), so this is a super value for me. Plus it’s very exciting to me & would love it as my first box! Anyone know?

    In addition, I’ve been dying to try Ofra, need a z-palette, can always use more matte shadows & I’m happy either way with waterproof pencil or a brush (in the process of buying a locked XL makeup case as *someone* absconds with my makeup & doesn’t return it? always missing brushes- any Ideas for a decent price locking case welcome). I’ve been trying to be good, got burned a few years ago, so very slowly dipping in my toes. Think this is a start (possibly Causebox too, it speaks to me), low price, high value says it all for me!

    Was thinking perhaps the mermaid theme is covered by the hair oil, lipgloss & pencil colour? Would’ve thought more “mermaid” eye colours would be included- how fun for summer to have sea green’s, turquoise, maybe some sunny colours; thinking along the lines of “red skies at night, sailors delight” with some sunset colours added in to make it a cohesive mermaid theme? Hey we could get surprised too! (That would be even better!) ⚡️Jet

  5. Look at the newest boxycharm sc , we are also getting a blending brush, they spoil us this month ???

    • It’s EITHER a blending brush or the eye pencil.

  6. They couldn’t put a single colorful eye shadow in there? Come on, some of us arent afraid of color.

  7. I just saw on Boxycharm’s Instagram that we will receive either the Mally eyeliner or a Mally blending brush!

    • Aw, I do not want a brush. No comparison btwn actual product and brush!

    • REALLY hope I get the brush! I would never put on blue eyeliner unless it’s Halloween.

  8. Definitely not loving it! The theme is so cool and everything but the products don’t match the theme at all! ?

  9. I am so excited for this box. This is my first Boxycharm and I am blown away. I will use every single one of the items and they are an incredible value for $21. I can’t even say which one I am most looking forward to. They are all awesome.

    • How long did it take to get your first box? I have been charged twice and haven’t received a box or a shipping confirmation and customer service hasn’t gotten back to me on this. I may cancel and turn them into the BBB.

      • Wow! Shipping was a bit slow from the time I got my tracking, but I had no issues. ? I would keep trying to work it out with them, because it is a great box.

  10. Does anyone know when these will be shipped out?

    • mine supposedly shipped today

  11. I just LOVE it ! this will be my third month , and I love it every month <3

  12. ?

  13. I like this box, too!!! I love OFRA products! Am happy to get them – especially a palette!! I have seen so many people wish for a z-palette on here! And now here it is! Bonus is you get eye shadow with it!!! I’m with the one’s who have stated that you definitely can’t please some people…..

  14. Oh, YES – I am loving this box. I don’t have any eyeliners in that shade and can’t wait to try it.

    Boxycharm is my hero, as always!

  15. I think this box is great, The value for the money is there …and then some.
    There really is no pleasing all of the people, all of the time.
    I just cant believe how miserable some people are though.

  16. I still can’t believe some people are actually complaining about this box. Boxycharm is 21$… They have sent so many palettes! I have 40$ boxes that never do that! Not only are we getting 6 shadows but a z palette too? That alone is worth 3x the box price! Boxycharm has consistently blown away the competition and I for one and so happy with this sub and will always be greatful!!

    • Absolutely!! Boxycharm is the best!!??? the nerve of people I don’t think they know what is worth in these boxes. I get overjoyed when I receive a good box. This will be my 2nd box and from the first box in June. I have used the products. That cougar shimmer powder I use it to hilights my chest lightly. So sexy ? so for the ones that are talking sh*t you need to read up on what is nice.. thanks #Boxycharm

    • I’ve been with them for 5 months and have not gotten a pallet yet is there something I should do differently about my profile ?

      • Noelle, you must have signed up in February? They seem to do a palette about every 5-6 months. I got 2 last year and 1 in Janary this year.

      • I have just looked back and the last palette was the Coastal one in January 2016.

    • They had a couple of crappy months this year, but they definitely got back on the right track last month. I don’t love this as much as June’s box, but still love the palette.

  17. People seem to have missed the word MODERN in the theme I’m happy they weren’t too literal becausr not many would like a bunch of bold colored shadows, and the Mallu pencil makes it where you get a pop of color without over doing it a hair product makes sense to me, It looks like a p retty good box to me. I’m resubbing and glad I unsubbed glossy Boxycharm is far superior imo.

  18. Yay to Boxy! I can’t use every item in this box but that’s okay. The things I love about Boxy are all there – full size products, higher end items one wouldn’t find in a drugstore, items that aren’t found in your typical beauty box. Can’t wait for this one to arrive on my doorstep!

    • And I almost always find them much better when I actually have them in my hands!!
      This is the best box in the past few months! Can’t wait to get it!!!!

  19. Love this box! I was wondering if we had lost Boxycharm like Birch and Glossy! Great box!! I had never been one to use hair oils at all. But since we receive so many in sub boxes AND I have 30″+ long hair, used to work for ppl from Mid- Eastern country, was told that they would use oil at night and wash it out in the am, I have never taken the time to try this til now! I am so amazed and frustrated that I have not done this before now!!!! I have seen so many people who say “I don’t need hair oil”… That is exactly what I used to say. Now I will tell you that if you don’t sleep in it, at least leave it in for a few hours. Think of it as a deep therapy treatment like you do for your face. It all washes away, but your hair is sooooo much better than you can imagine!! (Before you pass on this thought- this is coming form the girl who’s hair is wwaayy past my waist!!) Give it a try! One of my first was Nuxe…

    • So can you clarify, do you load it with oil then sleep on it or just put on a little? Doesn’t it ruin your pillowcase? Most intrigued.

      • I base the amount of oil on the way my hair feels.. I do not have oily hair. I have dark blonde hair that when I let dry naturally, is slightly wavey. I use enough oil to make it where I would look like a greasy-headed one with cleansing issues. I will either do this in the morning and when I am going to be alone all day or when it go through the night, I use a old beach towel and wrap my pillow up with it THEN I ALSO secure my hair up Ina thin towel or do a quick braid.
        My pic is on my swap profile and forum profile, too!?

      • Just wanted to know if that helped???

        • It helped me! ? Thanks for posting the details. I am planning on trying it out once the box arrives.

          • Cool!! It can be done on a Saturday morning too.. Just start in the am and wash your hair in the evening {as long as you don’t have any unexpected company! 😉 }

  20. The only thing I really wanted was the z palette. Not even the eye shadows I have something similar to all of those colors already. So now that I don’t really like anything else I will probably just by the large z palette for the same price as the box…

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • So get the Z palette in your $21 BoxyCharm box and swap away everything else for things you want. Beats paying $21 at a store and just getting the palette….

  21. This boxycharm looks great i am resubbing for this month

  22. I don’t care what anyone says. Boxycharm rules! Allure also! My two favorite boxes…

    • Yes girl I agree… I am baffled by people sometimes!! Ofra is an amazing company and the shadows are sick! This box blows away the 40$-50$ subscriptions by far!! I can’t get over what we get each month for 21$!! It’s crazy!

  23. yay!! so excited

    month after month I watch ppl complain about their beauty subscriptions. I think they do a great job…..happy I re subbed to boxycharm this month!!!

  24. I hadn’t seen any spoilers until now and as I scrolled through I was thinking “Ugh” because I don’t do lip gloss or hair oil or blue eyeliner LOL. BUT then I saw the eyeshadows and th z pallette and I got very excited!

  25. This looks like a really good box, the simple fact that it includes 6 eye shadows plus a z palette, make it amazing. I am finally excited again about this subscription, we had 2 months of just ok boxes that made me wonder if it was changing, but I am happy this month, can’t wait to get it.

  26. Super exited about the box???????❤️? I use Ofra eye shadows and the quality is truly prestige. Supper pigmented, stay all day. Only the 6 shadows alone worth the box, not to mention the z palette! I can always use another lipgloss and a water proffe liner. I’m not sure About the hair oil but hey it’s a discovery box, I’ll get to try it and see. I think it’s a better box then January since the z palette is that useful and its a complete look.

  27. Excited about the eyeshadows and I needed hair oil. Lip gloss looks more like a fushia color. Eyeliner looks more like baby blue.

  28. So glad I didn’t cave on this one (unusual for me). Literally nothing here I want.

    • Me too.. there is maybe one item I would actually use. Maybe next month!! **fingers crossed**

      • Ugh agree. I know a lot of people are excited for the ofra shadows but honestly I have enough shadows, I don’t really need 6 more. The only thing that MIGHT be ok is the lipgloss but that isn’t worth $21. My only hope is that I get some cool swaps from it =/ disappointed.

    • Same. I keep hoping this one and Allure will wow me one of these days but between the ‘meh’ items here that I won’t use or don’t need, and Allure’s shipping and billing issues, I will just stay on the sidelines for now.

  29. These three items aren’t the most exciting, but they aren’t bad. I have already resubbed for the magnetic palette, knowing that whatever else came in the box would just be a bonus. I’d been wanting another Z palette anyway, and one that size is close to $20. I’m hoping the Ofra one is as good as a Z. I’m in agreement with others though that the only thing “mermaidy” is the eyeliner.

    • Yeah I don’t see anything else matching that theme, either.

  30. Boxycharms value is always right on, but there is no wow factor here for me this month. I have very fine hair, and the last thing I need is another hair oil. Lol!

  31. It seems like the makings of a really nice box. The Ofra 6 pan palette don’t look like “Merbabe” colors to me. I thought “Sumner colors “Merbabe” colors are more lighter, summery colors? I might be wrong. The Mally eye color liner seems more “on point” color wise if that’s the shade being offered. I’ve always wanted to try Mally products. They sound so amazing & “bulletproof”. The lip color looks promising too. I hope it’s more of a pink shade as opposed to the red shades it seems like every one keeps putting in my subscription boxes. Pink, coral, nudes & golden colors are more summery & seem more “Merbabe” to me. And anything that’s argan oil is always good with me. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the summer boxes for the season.

  32. Boxycharms value is always right on, but there is no wow factor here for me this month. If I get one more hair oil or leave in conditioner this summer I will cry. Lol!

  33. Other than preferring a skin care item over a hair care one, I am super stoked about this box.

  34. Finally the spoilers! I was dying from anticipation. I don’t know why people are complaining about the theme and the products not matching. I mean, who cares? Boxycharm has been better the past few months than my 7 other beauty sub boxes so I’m def not gonna get hung up over a theme, lol.

    • Which other subs you get and what’s been wrong w them?

    • I agree. I looked over all the reviews of Boxy for this year and it’s the value and sizes of the products that truly sold me on subscribing. Plus they send out stuff I actually want and will use. I will be getting my June box some time this week and I can’t wait for this one to get here.

    • Then why even give it a theme in the first place? All it does is set people up with different expectations that later don’t match. Not the end of the world, true, just kind of odd to even bother to label it that way.

  35. Re-subbed earlier today. I’d use the magnetic palette and hopefully the eyeliner color will be the one pictured (otherwise what else is mermaid-y??)

  36. Super stoked on this months box– I subbed specifically for the ipallette and the ofra shadows, so, really the rest is just icing on the cake. Whatever I don’t like will become Christmas presents 🙂

    I’m with everyone else though, this definitely doesn’t strike me as being very mermaid-y?!

  37. Super excited about this month’s box. I’ll be resubing this month.

  38. Super excited for this awesome box! Boxycharm ROCKS every month! <3

  39. I Like all these products!! That Lip Gloss is on Point!!??. Love the color

    And the hair oil treatment is just what I need!! This box is worth it!!
    I’m happy Boxycharm thanks.

    My second Boxycharm box and I am Happy!

  40. ?I can’t wait to get my hands on this!!!? I ? Ofra!

  41. Not happy this month, at all. Even their big ticket Ofra item I don’t care about. How is this mermaid ish at all? Makes me wish I renewed NEXT month…

  42. That’s an incredible box! While I might not like everything in the box every month I use enough products to get my money’s worth and pass on the other items to those who can use them. I’m happy with that!

  43. None of these items are very “mermaid-y” for me … hopefully target and glossy box are better

    • Is there even a target box this month?!! I haven’t seen anything up on their site 🙁

      • Still nothing on the taeget site 🙁

        • Oh thank goodness…I thought I missed it when I saw nothing, no spoilers, target site says not available. I never had one before and got up at five to check, lol.

  44. Not really excited about this month box ?

    • Plp are so annoying , complaining all the time, you don’t like it then go buy it in retail price , awsome box this month

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