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BoxyCharm August 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.24.09 PM

We have the FULL SPOILERS for the August 2016 Boxycharm subscription box from LauraLee’s SnapChat! (Thank you, Tab, for the head’s up!


Each August 2016 Boxycharm box will include:


Coastal Scents Blush and Bronzer Mini Palette & Brush Combo Value $13.95 + $6
Aloette Time Repair Serum Value $48
Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick Value $10
Doucce Cosmetics Maxlash Volumizer Mascara Value $22
Beauty For Real Shadow Stx Value $19

What do you think of the full August 2016 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes too!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just got my box and received the Amplilash serum – looks awesome.

    However, the shadow stick ($19) was subbed with a Pure & Glam Spiced Amber lip liner pencil ($8.99). Not even in the same color as the lipgloss. :/

  2. Just got my box. It’s much much much better in person when you can really see the colors and read the insert on how to use the product. Coastal scents, I can do without but the serum, mascara, etc are pretty useful. I’m wondering why they thought coastal scents would be the hook with the spoilers. Even if they took that out, I wouldn’t miss it.
    Still a win

  3. Not all that impressed with this box and will be putting everything up for swap.

    • How do you do that?

  4. Not really excited about the hair serum but the rest of the box looks awesome!!

  5. squee! I can’t wait to get this box!!!

  6. I’m happy with this box. Boxycharm continues to be my favorite sub.

  7. So glad I canceled! Boxycharm hasn’t been really charming me much and I won’t even get in to the mess with Glossybox! Hate all the switch bait BS!

  8. I am not amazed by this month’s box at all. The previous two boxes where much better. I don’t really care about none of the items this month has!…… that moment when you wish you could skip a month but u can’t because you are on a 6 box subscription! ugh!

  9. I’m excited!! Boxycharm never disappoints me. I feel so lucky to get all this for only $21.

  10. Red,are we back to all red lip products there’s only a couple shades of red that I can wear, nothing with orange in it.I kind of wished I had cancelled I didn’t know I could cancel resub and on and on

  11. I just cancelled my subscription. I don’t like any of the products in this months bag. I loved the July bag, but this moth was such a disappointment. I cancelled today, I hope I don’t get charged since they moved their billing date to 8/2.

  12. Happy I canceled. Not a fan of Coastal Scents chinese products, extreme cheap stuff We just got a gloss last month, and besides, it is a red color (that I do not use) this month. Have loads of sample mascaras, just waiting for me. Don’t need that shadow stick. Never heard of that brand serum, and a bit sceptical that someone would actually pay $72 for that serum, reading the ingredient list, don’t see any magical ingredient that I can not find at the drugstore for a whole lot less. But i will say last month’s Boxycharm was great! I am using the magnetic palette, which I was needing and wanting to buy anyway. The Ofra Shadows happen to be very nice and blended well, albeit they are a bit pricier than Mac Shadows. If they want to compete then they need to bring their prices down to Macs $6.00 .

    • I’ll definitely pay the difference to avoid the animal testing.

  13. I love Boxycharm! but i’m so overwhelmed with product, took this month off…..looks like a nice box, but the only thing i feel i’m missing is the anti-age serum. Don’t care about blush, have enough mascara… trying shadows and lip stuff but don’t really need any more….soon, though!

  14. I’m pretty excited about this because while there are a couple of things I could do without (like the coastal scents set, it just doesn’t look like that good of quality to me) but here is what makes me happy about those things I don’t want! I am going to save them for birthday gifts/Christmas gifts for the younger girls in my family!! I have a few that are just getting into high school that would love stuff like the blush/bronzer palette and so it’s not going to waste!

  15. Wow looks amazing

  16. This is only my second box, loved last months box, but not at all excited for this one. The serum is actually the only thing I look forward to. I did a 3 month subscription, but going forward, I will subscribe month to month, so that I am able to skip boxes like this one.

  17. Glad I cancelled. The box has all the things we just recently got in recent boxes blush,brush, mascara and lipstick. Goodness we just got lipgloss and a brush in July. The only thing that looks great is the serum. The June box was fabulous. My September will be more eliciting

  18. This Box is Great!! I can’t wait to show it off! Another great hair product to help me repair my color damaged hair. I Love #Boxycharm

    No complaints!??

    • The serum is for your face/skin. Not hair. At least that’s how I read it…anti wrinkle serum.

  19. I hope the lipstick is Red instead of the same neutral colors i have too many of.. Getting loaded up on mascara also and I won’t use the palette.. Hoping the other items will be ok for me. I think I have 3 boxes, and theres too much repetition.. Fun but I need an organizer. lol.

  20. I’ve been wanting to try a matte lip product…but red? I can’t pull that off. The only thing I want here is the serum, so I want to cancel this month…but some of my ofra shadow in the last box arrived damaged and they said they would send a replacement in the next box…so now idk what to do. Agh

    • I’m in the same boat. My Ofra eyeshadow came broken, and they said they’d send a replacement in my next box, but I cancelled after I saw the coastal scents palette. I’m contacting them about sending the replacement on its own.

  21. That’s an awesome box!!

  22. This box honestly just looks ehhh to me. I’m sure it’s nice, but am I really the only one not a fan of costal scents? The serum is the only thing I’m excited about, but hoping the red lI quid lipstick is good because I love red.

    • The revealed palette was my first palette ever, and I think they are okay. They are not amazing, but they aren’t horrible either. I’m excited for the face serum, the brush, the mascara, and the eyeshadow stick. I do love red lipsticks, but I don’t know if it contains any wheat, barley, or rye in it, and if it does then I can’t use it, but if it does not then I’m excited for it.

    • i have 3 of the coastal scents palettes from Boxy. They are sure not all made equal. I liked 1 of them, really. We can hope this is one of their better items. I’m good with 3 of the items in this spoiler. The palette isn’t one of them.

      • Hard to see if they are backed with metal so that I can use with them with the magnetic palette from last month or if they are cheaper cardboard backed. Does anyone know? Hate it if they are the cheaper cardboard as it would be so much easier to deal with them separated on the palette.

  23. I wonder if there will be different lipstick colors sent out or if everyone will get the same. It’s not the most exciting box, but I love blush palettes so I’m looking forward to that.

  24. I clicked on the Repair Serum and it’s 72 dollars on the website and what we are getting in our boxes is the same size 1oz. So I don’t know why the price is listed wrong on the card but it is 72 dollars on their website!!! The mascara is listed as 23 dollars on their website not 22. So with that being said that Serum makes what we pay worth it. I’m excited. I love BoxyCharm. They are the best Beauty Box.

    • That’s the price for 2, bogo

    • I know that I get different prices than they list when I search for “how to use” on the web as well. Never sure which is correct. Sometimes huge variations, sometimes just a few dollars off. Confusing not to know, but bottom line is whether I will like it/love it/use it, eh?

  25. Glad I canceled for this month!
    The colors won’t work for me!
    Still love boxycharm though!! ❤️

  26. Does boxycharm ever send out highlighters? That would be a nice thing to get in a box.

    • They did a soft highlighter in the June box by Cougar. Not everyone was impressed with it but it works so good with my skin tone and I love it! It’s actually a loose powder highlighter which I don’t think I have seen before.

    • 1 month we got a liquid highlighter.

  27. Wow, looks like a great box but the color palette isn’t really my style. I can’t pull off a red or dark lipstick. Guess a lucky co-worker will benefit from this month’s box, lol.

  28. I think its still the best beauty box for $21 out there. Im happy the palette and brush are one item and that there are 4 others included. Im happy for the serum. The shadow stick looks fun. The mascara will just depend on if it says where it’s supposed to or not. I didn’t like the DLS lipstick I’ve tried but I am hoping I might like their liquid formula. I feel slightly underwhelmed for some reason, but I also think I will be super happy once it arrives and I get to play with all this new makeup.

  29. If I have 3 month subscription, am I able to cancel for this month and countine my remaining months in September ? Anyone know how that works

    • No, if you cancel now, they’ll still send you the next box because they want to fulfill everything what you paid for.

      • Thank you for the reply Alice !

        • Oh no problem, Kaylee!??

  30. I think I would use everything but the red lip color. I wish it was a lighter color… Peach or pink or even a nude… But I love everything else. I actually like Coastal Scents eye shadows and blushes. I’ve gotten rid of all my boxes but Play! by Sephora and Boxycharm. They are my favs.

    • I wonder if there will be a variety of lip colors versus the one that was shown in the picture. I am tired of nudes and oranges.

  31. Canceled. Too many boxes in my life! Looks like a nice box but I have tons of items.

    • I just cancelled mine after seeing the spoilers for this month’s box. I hope they have better items next month

  32. lol, be nice if I got my July box first!

  33. Glad I cancelled too. That face lotion has awful ingredients. And the Coastal Scents is even worse blahhhhh
    My first box was June and I was like YEAH then July’s I was like mehhhh (cheap cardboard palette my teething baby got ahold of it and with one bite he took a chunk out… Seriously???? Like it couldn’t have been plastic??? It had to be cardboard ??? CHEAP) so after July I cancelled because I was disappointed. The brush sucked and the eyeshadow are awful the powder barely holds to the brush or to my eye. Moving on… Waiting for another good box to come along

  34. Hmmm. I wasn’t thrilled about the Coastel Scents palette, but the rest looks pretty good. What to do, what to do…. lol

  35. Good thing I canceled!!

  36. Looks like a great box?

  37. As awesome and tempting as this looks, I don’t need any shadows, bronzers ,mascara, or lipstick. ? I have tons of them.

  38. Yay! ! Looks like it will be amazing.

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