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Birchbox Coupon – Up to 200 Bonus Points ($20) for FREE!

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For a limited time, Birchbox is offering bonus points for all new subscribers! And they are giving My Subscription Addiction readers early access to this deal!

Use coupon code FREE100 to receive 100 points ($10) when you buy a monthly subscription.

Use coupon code FREE200 to receive 200 extra pointsย ($20) when you buy an annual subscription. (You’ll also get 110 points for the purchase – so that’s a total of $31 dollars to spend in the shop)

Birchbox is $10 a month, and $110 for an annual subscription.

Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

Full Details: Please note that this code is only valid for new subscribers.


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Getting rid of the points system for people that have been subscribed and would have remained subscribed but offering bonus points for new sign ups. The way they are going about it just doesn’t seem all that great for their loyal subscribers. They really get no incentive to say on long term. Maybe an extra something for every 3 or 4 months that you are subscribed or 10 total points each month you receive a box. Something. Out of all the beauty boxes I have tried I do feel like ipsy is one that’s winning, the points system and the daily deals are a big deal for me. I have 3 ipsy subscriptions and it’s been really worth the 30 bucks. If birchbox doesn’t get it together I will be cancelling after next month. July will be my 3rd month with birchbox and I have not been impressed so far. One “good” box out of 3. Shipping issues where my box is shipping only one state away from me but takes WEEKS to arrive. This month I didn’t even get my selected sample choice and the box has JUST shipped. They did give me 50 points in compensation for my sample choice having a “supply issue” as they put it, but still. Couldn’t even give me a really good box since they took what little choice I did have away, had to be a bunch of non-desirable items. Hopefully next month is better but if not I’ve still got ipsy. I’m looking forward to my first month of Sephora and I absolutely love everything that will be in that box. I almost cancelled allure this month because of its lackluster and constant issues. But birchbox has just rubbed me the wrong way, worse than allure. At least allure’s contents are always worthwhile and they sent me out a free replacement box when the fiasco with the Foreo box happen and then to my surprise I ended up getting the coveted Foreo containing box anyway. Things really don’t look all that great for birchbox.

  2. I just wanted to pass on a great experience I had with customer service today!
    I was just as upset as everyone else about the point system change & even more so after THIS offer to new subscribers! I was in contact with BB CS & politely explained why I was upset: that I had an annual subscription & felt that I went into the ‘contract’ with the understanding that I would get the reward each month, with my reviews. I felt that BB wasn’t holding up their end of the agreement, by taking that away from me, mid-subscription. I asked what could be done to rectify the situation so that everyone walked away happy.
    They were super nice (as was I! I want to stress that. I was very kind about the whole thing.). They offered to put the remaining points into my account (I have 4 months left on my annual sub, so it was 200pts). If I decide to renew, it is with the knowledge that I will not be receiving monthly points.

    • Lucky!! I tried the same thing, and although very personable, CS stated they were unable to award me points but could refund the remainder of Sub $$.

  3. I would be very hesitant of purchasing an annual subscription regardless of how good a deal it may seem (not saying that it is or isn’t) after reading about more layoffs from BB. If the company doesn’t have the capital to at least keep employees employed, then there is an absolute possibility that they could go bankrupt and you’d lose whatever you paid for in advance. I can bet that their current employee’s morale is terrible and probably looking to get out asap. I am also surprised about how cold Katia seems when she talked about how she wished she laid off more people in January – c’mon, those are people who are out of a job now, people who have bills to pay and families. I’m not saying that you can’t fire anyone, but she comes off like her employees are just disposable. And now, she is treating her customers in the exact same manner.

  4. The best box is Boxycharm

  5. I’ve been noticing play by Sephora usually has openings on the 15th. I just keeped putting in my different emails until one worked on the 9th try it work.

  6. I am Teedoff!! BB sent me a generic box(not one shown)! Dried out mascara! Empty sunscreen primer! Half empty hair glaze! Watered down purfume sample! Face soap not sealed! BB is sending another. This is my third month.

  7. Honestly I had a honorable Birchbox this month. Face soap, half empty busted hair glaze, empty sunscreen face primer, purfume sample, dryied out mascara. And a box that was generic pink lid and blue bottom box. The best product was the purfume sample. Birchbox is sending another box; but I had to live chat 2 times for them to fix this. I was going to gift 2 subcriptions for a couple of my sister’s daughters for colleague for 6 months each. I don’t want to put them thur this. I’ll have to find another subcription box gift for them. Birchbox told me that the boxes were hand picked and they made a mistake with the box and the empty dried out products. How did they not see the box didn’t have a pattern? They gave me a box a garbage this month. This was my 3 rd month.

  8. Can you guys recommend similar sub boxes to replace BB?
    I’m having NO luck with Play by Sephora (I’m in waitlist limbo for months now!) or Allure (still feel a little raw about how their customer service handle the fiasco a couple months ago).
    So. $10-15, awesome customer service, great box and available TODAY.

    • I think of all the sub boxes I’ve been getting, I like Ipsy the best. $10, you get a cute little makeup bag every month. Seems to be more makeup items vs. skin care. (I get BB, Ipsy, Play by Sephora, and Target Beauty Box when I like what they’re offering.)

      • Don’t wait for an email from Sephora play, I did not get one. I read on My Subcription Addiction to keep going in daily and putting my email in, so after being on the wait list for over a month I did this three days in a row and day 4 it took me to the subscribe now page. I am waiting on my first box now but when I compare the items from this month’s BB to the Play box it looks so much better. I am gping on my 3rd month in a row of sunscreen and perfume with BB. I guess these will be the fillers until all the sunscreen runs out. Give the daily email a try, hope it works out for you.

    • I just subscribed – but the reviews for Boxy Charm seem to be the best ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I was thrilled with my Essence box today. I think that might be my best sub right now, although last month was kind of blah. Generally a nice mix of products, high end and drugstore, many new (to me) brands, great value at $12 per month with the coupon Liz has posted. I am not a WOC and am four months into my sub. It has been great.

    • Lookfantastic! It’s of the same quality of Allure but without all the problems. It ships out the 1st on a normal box or the day after you order your first box. It’s $22 month to month, but $16 with a yearly subscription. Totally worth it. I didn’t have a single dud this month. Go look at past boxes on their website!

  9. I really hate it when companies are constantly giving things to get new subscribers all the while ignoring loyal customers. It’s like the phone companies, “Switch to us and you get a free iPhone” but nothing for a customer who has been with them for literally 15 years.

    If BB had done something so small as making this offer along the lines of “RENEW your subscription and get $X” it wouldn’t seem so bad. But to me they are basically saying they’d rather have new customers rather than keeping me around.

    I’m will cancel so my annual doesn’t renew. Sad, but I’m on product overload anyway so I’m sure I’ll survive….LOL

    • Exactly how I’m currently feeling.

  10. They must be pretty hard off right now if they are trying to sucker people into annual subscriptions – aka more $$$ up front

  11. I’m leaning towards cancelling after I get my July box and blow out the rest of my points (today/tomorrow maybe, their shipping is soooooo slow).

    I have enjoyed my boxes typically $10 worth a month (even if I only really liked one thing it was probably worth that much to me) but I have a LOT of random skincare and haircare samples in bags under the sink in my bathroom (it’s not worth it to list all these tiny things on the swap board to me; maybe I’m just lazy). I don’t have the problems with my samples some have had, and with a few exceptions, I feel like they have been fairly sized for a $10 box. The points always made it worth it overall but between losing those and all the % off coupons disappearing, I don’t think it’s worth it anymore.

    Ipsy is not of interest to me (the brands are mostly either too drugstore or too K-beauty for my taste). I am getting Play for the first time this month and hoping I’ll like it.

    • I am getting play for the first time this month too and I am excited. It looks like it will be a good replacement for BB since I shop at Sephora often.

  12. When they first made the announcement about the change I emailed them and told them that the points system was a huge part of why I had bought an annual subscription, and that I expected them to stand behind what they sold me. I told them that I had 4 months left on my sub that I wouldn’t be earning points for, and I expected them to give me the 200 points I would have gotten had they not changed our agreement in the middle. As you probably guessed, they refused.

    So, they wont give me, someone who has been a subscriber over 2 years, 200 points to make things right, but they will give 200 points to anyone who is not a loyal customer. Anyone else feel like they took away our ability to earn points mid-sub so that they could offer those points to new subscribers without losing any money?

    (To be clear, I would be OK with these changes if I was a month to month subscriber or if the changes kicked in once my annual was up. Its making this change mid-sub that has already been paid for that is so upsetting.)

    • Elizabeth,
      I agree with you and have 4 months left on my sub too. Do you know if they will refund us for those months if we cancel now? I’m so disappointed with them!

      • They will! I had four months left too and just cancelled a few days ago for a refund.

  13. I wasn’t sent the box without the design pattern. I was sent a generic box pink lid and blue bottom. A empty coola primer. Did live chat support with BB. After 2 chats with different support representatives. I’m getting sent the correct box with the products. The box and opening the box is the fun of this subscription. I was let’s say not a happy camper. Especially with the first representative blowing me off and saying that’s what I get I picked the sample even though the box was different. Now it’s fixed. It took 45 minutes. Hope I really get the box and their not blowing smoke.

  14. Can anyone explain the big whoop about being an Ace? I’m an Ace. Sample choice a day early, free shipping.
    Never had an issue of a sample choice being out of stock if I chose the next day. If you add an item that has free shipping to your order ( like a $5 pencil sharpener) your whole order ships free. They say we get surprises too. I’m not surprised.
    With all that said I still love my BB. Only reason I’m an Ace is because I had both BB and BB Man so it only took a few months to reach Ace doing reviews. I’d gladly pay $20 I’d there was a lifestyle item like in BB Man. And the limited edition boxes suck me in.

    • Aces sometimes get extra discounts — when there is a 30% off sale, they get 40% off, etc. Sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚ They also get “concierge service” (or at least they used to) for personal advice, but I have never tried that so can’t speak to its value.

      • Thanks.

      • “Concierge Service” = We need to add something else to this resume that makes it look worthwhile.

    • The free shipping is a huge plus for me personally, and every once in a while BB has special Ace discounts and coupon codes (or used to, I should say). My Ace anniversary was last month, and they gifted me $15 (no minimum spend) to spend in their “Aces Only” category. Nothing appealed to me in that shop, and half the items are in their clearance section to begin with, so I couldn’t even apply the coupon to those items. And while the early sample choice seems like a minor perk, it is nice not worrying about being stuck with whatever is left over.

  15. Because there are so few ways to earn points now.

  16. Was looking forward to a nice box treat for myself and could not believe the sad samples I received. The worst ever. Will not cancel yet. Maybe a extra surprise that is NOT in a packet will be sent out as an apology.

    • Birchbox won’t be sending you any sort of “surprise” because you do not like your box. I have never known BB to do that. They used to offer points but usually that was for damaged or repeat items

    • I have had BB for two years and the samples have gone down to basically crap. This will be the third month I am getting sunscreen and perfume yet my profile says no more than 6 perfume a year. I have horrible allergies. They took away the points which I understand but it is the samples that are making me leave. Nothung more than fillers and when you do get make-up it is typically colors that no one wants so neither do I. I have more purple lip stick and blue eyeliner that is thrown in a drawer. The sunscreen again did it for me.

  17. When you add the bonus points at checkout it charges you shipping instead of it being free.

    • Even for ACE?

      • No, I’m an Ace and got free shipping as usual on an order this week.

  18. When I saw this in my email, I though, “Well, well, well…”

  19. Nope. I was a subscriber before and they sent my June box super late, and then it didn’t have my sample choice in it. I emailed them about it weeks ago and they never responded, and of course there is the whole fiasco with the points system. Unless they drastically improve, I’m cutting my losses and moving on.

  20. I wonder about the sample size that many are commenting on. I’ve only had Bb for 4 mos. so I don’t know what it was like before. But the manufacturer makes the samples, right? So they determine the sizes they give out. Did Bb previously have enough pull to get them to make the sizes bigger? Or is it that the manufacturers know many subscribers have multiple subs. and may be getting duplicates, so we’ll get enough product to determine if we want to make a purchase – which is their goal, after all. It has seemed to me that more expensive products have smaller samples, which is what I would expect. Has Bb gotten higher end brands and that is why the samples are smaller?

    Also, $10 is cheap, and you’re buying access to the samples as much as the samples themselves. Personally, I don’t go to the mall and I hate Sephora – I have never had a good experience there. I am not “pretty” and no one has EVER been nice to me there even if I made the effort to ask for help. Samples delivered are a nice way to try things out, if even just the feel/smell of the product which is sometimes enough to veto it. I do get a few higher priced boxes which I’m more likely to keep longer than Bb and Ipsy, but I’m still at the beginning of this thing so still collecting products. I imagine after a year I’ll drop the lower end boxes.

    • I don’t like going to Sephora, either. I kind of felt like the clerks were snobby and uninterested in helping me, the one time I went in. (I am sure they are not all like that, but the ones I interacted with were.)

      But, I am really not happy with Birchbox either. Although they have dozens of different boxes every month, they always seemed to send me two or three products in categories I will never, ever use (dry shampoo, texture spray, Harvey Prince anything, heat styling anything). I actually LIKE skincare, sunscreen, perfume, and hair products, but the ones they would send me would be horrible matches that had nothing to do with my profile or preferences.

      When I do better with a box of random samples or a non-customized box (say, Vegan Cuts or Play or whatever) than I do with a box that is supposedly customized like Birchbox, it is time to go.

      It would still be fine with me to pay for access to samples if (1) there was something in my box I actually wanted to buy in full size and (2) there was some incentive for doing so. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for me. I have, in the past, bought plenty from the Birchbox shop, but never a single thing sampled in my monthly box!

      I am liking Choix for that. I have tried out so many spendy foundations, concealers, highlighters, etc., and there are actually points/discounts you can use to buy the full size items. It’s only makeup, and I kind of wish they’d do something similar for skincare, but at least I can choose things that make sense for me.

    • I’ve had BB for .. geesh, 3 or 4 years now? I have not had to contact CS in a while, so I can’t speak to that, but I haven’t had any problems with sample sizes decreasing.. I don’t have an issue with getting 10% back on purchases.. and really, in this last box, you could pick a mascara that is essentially worth $12 all by itself.

      I feel like some don’t like that BB rarely provides “Full size samples.” But for me, I love to try higher-end things to see if I actually like them, as I’m happy to pay $$$ for products, but only if I know they’ll work for me. I also feel like they are good at giving me things that fit my profile, vs. Ipsy that NEVER did. I think it’s quite possible that I just like the products they provide better to start with??

      And I’m with you on not liking to sample products at the stores.. I’d much rather do it at home. BB is still worth it for me. I know a lot of people on these forums have issues, which totally sucks, but with 800,000 subscribers (as of the last count I could find online), they are bound to screw it up for some people. If you aren’t having issues, certainly, stick with it!

      • It is nice hearing some supportive comments about BB from long time subscribers – sometimes I feel that I’m the only person that hasn’t jumped ship. Lol. 800,000 of us left on board is a good sized number.

        • It * could* be less than that, but you know how it goes.. most of the time, the people who are happy aren’t going to the message boards!

          I don’t know, I feel like 10% back on purchases is pretty darn good. Looking at Sephora’s points, they give you a deluxe sample when you spend $100, but it’s limited to certain products. At Birchbox, you would just get $10. You have to spend $450 (or game the points system.. I never seemed to need anything when they had double points!) to get double points, but until then $100 gets you about $3. And of course they offer samples and bonus points.

          I think people just don’t like what the BB CEO said about customers (although honestly, I think people kind of twisted her words a bit.. though much of what she said was irresponsible, just not as bad as other people said). I still like the product, personally, so I’ll stick with them for now.

    • Yes, they can be snotty, can’t they? I’ve had a lot of bad experiences there myself (even though I love the products)! But there are some really sweet girls that work there too. I’m SO sorry that they made you feel un-pretty. There’s no excuse for that! I believe that everyone has some positive qualities that make their uniqueness beautiful. I may not be “conventionally pretty,” but I try to make up for it with kindness and I have to believe that makes me beautiful. And I’m sure you are too! <3 Don't ever let anyone make you feel "less than." Hugs!

      • I haven’t had issues with Sephora CS, but I shop online with them 99.9% the time- even though there is a Sephora down the street. I bought 2 day flash shipping for $10 for a year (and then qualified as Rouge so got it free this year) and they have really good promos (gifts with purchase) online only usually. But their rewards system sucks compared to Birchbox- yes even with the points debacle. I can’t make up my mind how I feel about Birchbox- but I have an annual sub that doesn’t expire until December, so I plan to wait it out and see what happens.

    • I have had bad experiences with snobby Sephora clerks too. I will never set foot there again don’t need any random mean girl to make me feel bad about myself. Yay for samples delivered to my door! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I was going to stay subscribed. I really was. But this is the 2nd month in a row that my box did not ship by the 10th. It still hasn’t shipped, and customer service isn’t even responding to my emails now. This is the third time in 6 months that my box hasn’t shipped on time. The first 2 times, my box arrived without my sample choice (1st time, they sent me a whole new box, 2nd time, they sent just my sample choice). My “secret link” worked to show my what I was receiving until the 10th. Now the link doesn’t work at all. I’m assuming I won’t be receiving my sample choice again. I’m also in shock that they haven’t responded to my customer service requests. Oh well. $10.70/mo more for me.

  22. Yup…these guys don’t seem to get it. I felt pretty good about supporting them by not cancelling right away, and riding it out a month or two before deciding. But that’s an increasingly one-sided mindset, as they’re merely interested in new subbies at this point. Perhaps they figure newbies will come in with lower expectations for not having history with the old structure. Buuut…I thought many MSA readers commented about the old system being admittedly generous, and it seemed their core customer base was rooting for them at the end of the day. Shoot, I’d forget to review samples half of the time anyway, and knew my boxes were generally overpriced at $10, so I wasn’t too concerned about the changes at first. I think they’ll loose a lot of those new subscribers if they don’t step up their game, regardless of the points system. But I get the impression they don’t believe we understand this…despite being told! Pretty telling I’d say. A little perspective and appreciation goes a long way Birchbox! Anyway…preaching to the choir, I know.

    • you can cancel and resub immediately using this code with your existing email address.

      • so I just tried this but when I try to resub it tells me I am getting another July box ๐Ÿ™

  23. Nelliebelle1197, I totally agree with you!! Until the fiasco I was a hard core subscriber/purchaser to Birchbox for years and spent A LOT of money in their online site. I would buy products and Limited Edition boxes for me, for my family and friends, and for my husband’s staff at Christmas. I even overlooked the decline of their monthly samples due to the points system and the sentimental attachment I felt like they had with their customers.

  24. Seeing as I didn’t cancel right after the points fiasco, this feels like a slap in the face to me for not cancelling.

    Juuust in case anyone is wondering why I didn’t cancel earlier, it’s because I wanted my sample choice from the BB Man box (a duffle bag we actually really needed), and I actually wanted the curated Women’s box this month.

  25. Everyone is making such good points …

    Just imagine if they had kept it like it was, mostly everyone would still be happy!

    Former sub talking here, as I cashed out my points and cancelled after they made the losing points announcement .. I was pending cancelling before then, but that sealed the deal!

    This just seems like an attempt to get people back, but I can understand if you stayed with them it would be a slap. :/

  26. The annual deal is terrible compared to the monthly—it should be the other way around, with the annual sub being the better deal. Who comes up with these promotions?

    There’s no incentive for the annual subscription, so what’s the point? (No pun intended). It’s just puzzling.

    They should have made the annual deal something like “10$ in points+ free shadow palette”. You know, enticing.

    • It looks like 200 points are awarded with an annual subscription

      • Sorry- I meant 200 extra points

  27. What a slap in the face to all current subscribers.

    • Agreed. And among all this drama, I have been a BB supporter, so what about existing subscribers?

  28. Question, if I unsubscribe do I automatically loose my Ace status?

    • No, you don’t.

  29. I guess if you wanted to play (slightly) dirty, you could sign up for a new monthly sub, get the 100pts + 50pts for reviewing, cancel after a month and be $5 richer!

    • Not even worth dealing with them at this point for me to do that.

  30. After the Allure Beauty Box fiasco a few months back, I was referring EVERYONE to Birchbox!! “It’s the box to have, great point system!”
    Joke’s on me. Annual sub through December ?
    I so want to stomp my foot and walk away in a huff but I’m stuck for 4 more disappointing months.

    • You could still cancel and get a refund on your last months, I did that and already have my refund for what was left of mine (6months).

      • Mine also runs through December, they had an awesome deal back then with crazy % off (making each box like $6-7) and a nice additional box for free. BUT it was a deal for a gift subscription and I’ve never heard anybody being able to partially refund that:( So I’m stuck with it

  31. I’m as peeved as the next person about the change in the point system & was determined NOT to renew. Sept. is the last of my annual sub.

    However, this is temping (evening knowing I’ll lose my ACE status)….. now hear me out. The 31 pts. (plus 5 more for the first 5 reviews) brings the annual sub down to $74. Which is $6.16/ box or $1.23/smpl item. My boxes consistently top the $25 value range & last month was worth just over $40. Yes, a 23% increase seems a bit steep, but $14 annually really doesn’t seem like that much to me. I do however, wish they would have rewarded existing customers!

    I’m still undecided if I’ll renew or not. I really would like the next couple of months to see how the boxes change before making any decisions.

    Liz, do you know how long this offer will be available for?

    • There have been plenty of offers that lower the annual price but none of them make it worth the lousy point system change now that the samples are so awful. Five years ago, BB used to score stuff like full size Laura Geller and big samples. That was worth it. Tiny samples of the same stuff over and over again plus no points = not worth it.

      • TOTALLY AGREE with you Nelliebelle1197! Not worth it.

  32. what’s the incentive for subscribing again now that the points are gone? the boxes just collect up in my cabinets. maybe I am missing why anone would sign on again. …

  33. I haven’t been a BB subscriber for 3 years, so I missed out on the point change. However, I’ve never been one to chase after points. If you take it at face value as a $10 sub, it’s still a pretty good deal and closer to my tastes (*cough* age demographic *cough*) than Ipsy. I had been wanting to resub for awhile, and decided to take the plunge.

    • Just note the sample sizes and variety are not what they were three years ago!

    • Definitely not the same sample sizes and variety as stated below that they were before. I canceled and went with Sephora’s new monthly box Play! instead.

  34. I canceled after two months and can still shop there and spend my points. Just so y’all know. You don’t have to wait until after you spend them to cancel. Go for it ladies. End the misery, go find yourselves some joy. Lol. Boxycharm is now my happy place. : ) Full size products that are relevant to what I actually want to recieve. Gotta love it.

  35. That’s it. I’m just waiting for them to ship the order I placed with my points, and then I’m cancelling the subscription.

  36. Does anyone know if I cancel my subscription if I can still use my points, or do I have to have an active subscription? I have about 200 points to use but want to cancel. The point system was the main reason I liked Birchbox. With that gone and an exceptionally crappy box this month, I think I’m out.

    • You should be able to spend at any time!

    • They expire 6 months from when they are earned but box membership does not have anything to do with your ability to redeem them.

  37. I feel like giving the subscribers who stayed something cool would have been a way better idea. It’s like they actually want me to feel ashamed that I haven’t cancelled.

    • Lol, yezzzz

    • That’s kind of how I feel. I’ve been on the fence about keeping Birchbox–I’m currently on a gift subscription and have a birthday coming up, so I’ve been trying to decide if I should just ask for subscription gift cards and cancel when I’m actually paying for it. But this coupon just makes me feel like a chump.

    • Yep! Totally hear you.

    • That wouldn’t bring anyone who cancelled back. That’s why they did this.

  38. I think many are waiting until they can cash out. I am. I have point I need to spend and then I am done. I have too many right now and the value(lots of perfume, foil packets) isn’t there for me.

  39. I believe I read they had a million subscribers before the points fiasco… How many subscribers do you think they still have? I’m very curious as to how many have cancelled.

    • I did a poll in the forum here and it was nearly 90% canceling. We are professional sub box people on here so we may be skewing towards cancel but I think Katia did not plan on a mass exodus and the backlash from her boring interviews and videos.

      She wants an IPO for the brick and mortar stores; she is never going to get that funding without us and our
      cash flows. After 5 years, I am not supporting a company that thinks we are boring and not the market it wants to tap.

      • I agree with everything you said. I’m really disappointed because I’ve only been a subscriber since May. I’m going to give it a few more months and see if anything changes (more likely bankruptcy than any positive changes). I definitely prefer a few small known brands than China junk in other $10 bags (cough, cough). But I have to say, her attitude is atrocious. If there are many more interviews where it sounds like she would rather be having a root canal, I’m out.

      • Yep. Loooong time BB supporter here, but I’m going to ride out my annual sub and then be done with them.

        I’ve already had several big purchases that I purposely DIDN’T buy through BB since this fiasco, just because Sephora has never called me boring so I’d rather give them my business. Worsening samples/boxes, rude comments from Katia, and these slaps in the face for the loyal subscribers… just nope. So done.

  40. Lol…..really? Smh…

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