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BeautyFIX August 2016 Spoiler Video!

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Beauty Fix Spoilers

We have the full spoiler vidoe for the August 2016 BeautyFIX subscription box! (Thanks for the head’s up, LT!)

Here are all the products included:

What do you think of the August BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. It is one of my favorite subs since I gravitate towards more skincare than make up. But I am on the fence about it as I am getting product overloaded. Perfume sample is small. Pill box looks useful with mirror inside and pill case pops out. You can store small earrings or necklace for travel, maybe put a cigarette (I don’t smoke, so no idea…), lipsticks, blotting papers, feminine items, contact lenses cases and eye drops, etc.

  2. I loved the video. Very funny. They need to do the unboxings for now on. They’ll get better as they go.

  3. I watched the video but I also clicked on each item name and info pops up about each item. I am concerned about the Pangea Organics facial cream. The info page that popped up stated that this cream is discontinued. Does that happen a lot with this box? I’m thinking of getting this box but that is the only thing that worries me. I don’t want to get discontinued items. As for the pill box, it can always be a stocking stuffer.

    • ?????
      Wow really??? I just saw that too!!! Seriously it’s discontinued and they couldn’t at least just give us a full size???? We get a SAMPLE of something we can’t even buy ? What!?

      • I don’t know anything about iHerb (the store that was linked to) but DermStore’s product page doesn’t say anything about it being discontinued. Pangea Organics’s own page says it’s “temporarily unavailable.” They’re probably just waiting for a new shipment to arrive. The same thing happened with Tata Harper’s Moisture Mask earlier this year and it’s already back. 🙂

  4. That was awesome!

  5. Omg, that had to have been one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. I love where he’s putting the Alterna product in her hair and she looks as though she’s restraining herself from slapping him away. They don’t seem terribly comfortable with each other but they’re both very cute! I really like the BeautyFix boxes and I buy my products from them rather than Sephora if possible. They have some kind of rewards program their
    That I’ve never been able to figure out.

  6. Great Now I’m gonna have to watch the video now haha?

  7. Not interested enough to watch the video.

    This is one of the top boxes I am interested in, but a PILL BOX? Doesn’t that seem a little too personal/ Maybe even intrusive? Ugh, turnoff.

    • Lol! That’s one of the items I’m most interested in. It’s really cute and the plastic pill part comes out so you can use the container to carry other things.

      • Me too!! I love the pill box!! ?

    • I read someone saying to use as a travel jewelry separator

    • LOL. I think it is useful. I take prescriptions. What can I say?

    • I’m super excited about the pill case! It’s so cute even just for remembering to take vitamins. The box could be repurposed for tons of things since the plastic part comes out 🙂

      • Wow, I’m surprised about how many want this! I guess I like beauty boxes to focus, not spin off in a health or trinket direction (Popsugar, anyone?)

        To me it’s akin to ordering a decadent dessert at a restaurant, and along with your warm melted chocolate truffle souffle with whipped cream, they serve a glass of water and a vitamin bottle! No, thanks, I’m not hungry now.

  8. Wow, and like magic my original post is back. WTH

  9. Wan’t there also a cc hair cream from alterna that isn’t listed?

    • Yes, there is. I just saw a screenshot of the box from the Beautyfix website and the Alterna CC cream is pictured. 🙂

      • That’s weird I can’t find it! I’m looking on the site!

      • Yep, saw the Alterna was included. Too bad since I won’t use it since it contains actual caviar extract.

  10. Loved watching them go through each product, and I can’t wait to receive this box! I am really needing more facial cream.

  11. I love this box! Im super excited to get this particular box! That decleor oil is the golden egg in that box and thats why they saved it for last! I want that more than anything else in this box or anything in my other 2 sub boxes combined! The peel is also a nice item along with the caviar haircare.
    I was absolutely SHOCKED when i recieved the july box and EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT WAS FULL SIZED EXPENSIVE SKINCARE! I DEFIANTELY RECCOMEND THIS BOX! I cant reccomend a #2 or #3 beause ive just about had it with the crooked antics of some of these other sub boxes. Dermstore has been totally awesome thus far though so i do reccomend this one ?? ?

  12. I just emailed to cancel for August. The July was amazing to me and this is definitely worth the value but I’m almost getting tired of trying these tiny samples of these products that I wouldn’t pay for the full size because they are so pricey and haven’t used enough to see if I like them. Thanks for posting this just in time to decide if we wanted to cancel this month!

  13. I am OK with a small perfume sample, I prefer this for the skin care, and even though I don’t take meds, this is a cute pill box. Maybe for vitamins. Everything else is awesome.

  14. The video is TOO LONG! Can’t they inbox in 2 minutes??? I prefer the photos.

  15. The perfume sample is so tiny compared to its prominence in the spoilers. The Apple peel is fantastic though, worth more than the box so I’m happy.

  16. “That looks SUPER rich and expensive” ?? Um, I totally want to be their friends. This is pretty much what I sound like when I make my husband sit down next to me and act like he’s interested while I unbox a beauty sub. My ipsy annual sub just lapsed and I cancelled Sephora and Allure, may pick this one back up again!

    • Lmao

  17. This is my favorite sub! I love all the skin care products and I feel like this box really gives me a chance to try products that I would have never tried on my own. I’m over 50 and I enjoy the quality and variety this box offers.

  18. Looks like I’m the only one who thinks this, but that was painfully awkward to watch. :-\ Plus I like the regular picture reveals versus the unboxing videos… the videos are too long.

    • You are not alone!! I thought it was awkward too! Their dynamic is so weird and they don’t even seem to even like or be impressed by their own products Hahaha and when she smelled that perfume you could tell She didn’t like it

      • I agree! They didn’t seem to know what the products were and I didn’t like how OTT the guy was. They should have prepped themselves on how to pronounce the names, too. Sex Lux POX!? Gross! :p

    • I could barely get through the video. I don’t even know if I’m gonna order this box now! Lol

    • You are not alone ,I was yelling at my iPad just kill me now because it kept stopping and restarting over and over and all I wanted to see were the eyeshadows.

    • Ditto. The interactions felt a little too forced, and not natural. When the guy massaged the face mask into his hands, I was like ewww, noooo. For some reason, that was the point when I had to stop forcing myself to watch, and I shut it down.

      • The massaging a mask into hands part was definitelyyhe worst part of an awful video. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people strain their voice to make every other word long and drawn out. I can’t even explain how awful and unprofessional it sounds to me.

  19. I love how fun they are, just wish they would do a close up of the items.

    • I was thinking the same thing! Really couldn’t see them or the swatches well @ all. Not a good job in that regards Beautyfix!!!

  20. Have been wanting to sub to this box and every month I procrastinate. Love skin care heavy boxes. Taking the plunge Aug for sure.

  21. I would love this box and it is sold out. IF anyone wants to swap for it let me know.

    • I think it might be the July box that’s sold out. looks like The August box goes on sale Monday 🙂

  22. Funny how the their faces became so shiny after using that face cream,

    • Omg I thought the same thing haha greasy much?

  23. They are so cute! I loved the video!! Thanks for posting it!

  24. I’m actually super disappointed in this box. I signed up last month when I saw all the full sizes, I got July’s box and was SO IMPRESSED. I’ve been using the Dr. H night serum and I see such a huge difference in my skin!!! I’m so happy it is full sized cuz it actually gives you enough to to decide if you like it and give you enough time to see improvements.

    That said this box full of SAMPLES is disappointing. I subscribe to multiple sample boxes…. I thought BeautyFix was mostly full sized that’s why I signed up!!!! What a HUGE let down.
    I don’t like juice beauty so to me this is a waste of $24 for a pile of sample size stuff. Samples never give me enough time to decide if something works for my skin. I thought Beautyfix was different and above the rest…. *sigh

  25. I grabbed their July box and it was so amazing, I was so thrilled with it! Buuuuut – I think this box is going to be an “always wait for spoilers before buying” deal for me. I did cancel and while watching the spoilers there are definitely things I’d like (I’ve been needing a pill box, so while that’s random it’d be super useful) -I’m not feeling the love as much this month.

    I do love how skin care heavy this box is, I love getting to try and use different skin care stuff!

  26. Wow, looks like a great box!

  27. Wow, that’s a good amount of products. I don’t currently subscribe but it’s tempting.

    • I have only subscribed for five months but calculated that every month’s box I received had a value of over $100 to it. I especially love that most of the products are full size, not like the tiny samples you get from BB. IT is one of my favorite boxes, one that I definitely will keep long term.

  28. I keep thinking about this one. I’ve had it before. And I recently canceled Birchbox and Allure. It sounds like I will get good use out of most, if not all, of the products. So maybe I will go for it.

  29. Didn’t the video also include alterna caviar hair cream?

  30. That guy is so funny, he makes me want to subscribe!

  31. What an awesome video!!!!! I loved every bit of it!!

  32. Pop your pills!? BahahhaHA! I love how impromptu it is anf how “real” they seem. It’s nice to watch something that isn’t completely rehearsed and edited. Although obviously, they *do* talk things up a bit. Enjoyed it and I consistently enjoy receiving this box.

  33. Love the pill box but they can keep all their scented skin care. Enough with all the Juice Beauty stuff. Why does it seem to be in every box? I know it gets a lot of love on here but I hate it. I am not regretting canceling this box and quite a few others that push their products.

    • I like Juice Beauty, but I agree, it cheapens the product when a box pushes it too hard.

  34. Haha. That guy is funny. BeautyFix is one of my faves.

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