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Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2016 Spoilers

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New Walmart Beauty Box Subscription!

We have spoilers for the Summer Walmart Beauty Box! So far all the boxes revealed on Instagram have the same items:

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  • Incoco Nail Art Nail Wraps
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
  • Essence Ultime Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair
  • St. Ives Apricot Scrub
  • Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste
  • Lady Gaga Black Fluid Perfume

Walmart ships these boxes in waves, so samples may vary and there are two different subscription types too, (Classic and Trendsetter), so your box may vary from what is shown here.

What do you think of the spoilers?

Check out our Walmart Beauty Box reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. (Walmart Beauty Box is $5 a box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I believe that the classic is over 35 and the trendsetter is under 35. I just switch my age before I add another subcribtion.

    • I was trying to figure out how to get both lol thank you!

  2. I received both my boxes a few days ago. The trendsetter was as pictured with the exception of the apricot scrub. I received the ponytail holders instead. For my classic box, I was surprised to see I had a tube of Burt’s Bees Milk of Honey body lotion! Included with my classic box was a tube of Tom’s sensitive toothpaste, Pantene hairspray, blotting papers, Caress body wash, Jergens natural glow, small tube of Simple water face cleaner, and a few foil packets. For the money I paid, this was a great deal! For my first month with Walmart, I’m very pleased and absolutely love both boxes. I hate to hear the negative comments about being on the wait list for so long and stil nothing. I signed up less than two months ago and received two full boxes. Hopefully I’ll have the same luck next season.

    • Got all the exact items in my boxes too. At $10 for both boxes, it blew away my other $10 monthly subs. Extremely happy for this $5 sub!

  3. Finally got the Trendsetter Walmart box today! I got:
    Incoco coconut nail art
    Goody slide proof hair ties (again)
    Arm & Hammer toothpaste
    Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner
    Aveeno coconut body wash
    Sally Hansen airbrush legs and lastly another
    Jergens self tanner(which is the 4th tube this spring).
    I am very happy with this box. That makes it $0.625 each!!!

    • I got the same box. 3rd self tanner, 3rd hair ties, and 3rd aveeno. I’ve given everyone I know, kids included, the hair ties. The aveeno, toothpaste will go in the donate pile and the self-tanner. I like that the aveeno has a foil seal. I always get repeats, but I get different stuff, too. The tanner was a little too dark but it actually smoothed out nicely and gave a bit of blur, like a CC or BB. The shampoo and conditioner smell nice and the nail art will be fun to try some boring evening. I have no complaints.

  4. This is my first Wal-Mart beauty box and mine is way off of what everyone got in my classic box.
    I got
    1. 1oz Pantene air spray hair spray
    2. 1.8oz Caress body wash
    3. 2oz Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer
    4. 1oz Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey body lotion
    5. .75oz Tom’s Sensitivity toothpaste
    6. 100 count Swisspers blotting papers
    7. .135oz Simple micellar water
    8. Revitalift Volume Filler Serum and Cream foil packets
    9. Loreal Age Perfect Serum and Day Cream
    10. .31 oz Nivea In Shower Body Lotion packet with $1 coupon

    The first 5 are decent travel sizes of things I’ll definitely use! The Burt’s bees lotion smells delicious!
    And I don’t mind all the foil packets because I like to try before I buy and I’ve been wanting to try the Nivea In Shower Body Lotion for awhile.

    For $5 I’m pretty pleased with my Summer 2016 #walmartbeautybox ☺

  5. This is my first Wal-Mart beauty box and mine is way off of what everyone got. I got
    1. 1oz Pantene air spray hair spray
    2. 1.8oz Caress body wash
    3. 1oz Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey body lotion
    4. 2oz Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer
    5. .75oz Tom’s Sensitivity toothpaste
    6. 100 count Swisspers blotting papers
    7. .135oz Simple Micellar Water
    8. 2 Loreal Age Perfect Serum and Day cream foil packets
    9. 2 Loreal Revitalift Volume Filler Serum and Cream foil packets
    10. .31oz Nivea In Shower Body Lotion packet with a $1 coupon

    The first 5 are decent travel sizes, the blotting papers look full size, the micellar water, face creams/serums and body lotion are all packets.

    I can’t be the only one who got a similar box, or can I? ?

    • Hi, I got my first Walmart box and got same as you Maria. Wasn’t very excited for my daughter who I ordered it for. I always see at least one make up thing in reviews and didn’t get even one. I keep seeing there is two kinds of boxes but didn’t see a choice when signed up months ago. Will double check and see cause sounds like trendy box is the one to get! I did hope would get something as far as make up and full size item or two but these are not full size as far as I can tell.

      • Received the same as Marie & Cherished. I believe this is my 4th box, and the first time I’ve been disappointed. I really enjoy receiving makeup samples but there were none this time.

  6. I never received any email confirmation saying I was being charged/shipped a summer box, but it just showed up today. I received the classic box, but no full size items that I can tell. Here is what my box contains:
    Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion 1 oz tube travel size
    Tom’s of Main toothpaste .75 oz tube travel size
    Pantene Airspray 1 oz can travel size
    Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer/tanner 2 oz tube travel size
    Caress Body wash Mistique Forever 1.8 oz travel size
    Swisspers blotting paper: 100 sheets, maybe this is full size? I have extremely dry skin so this is the only thing I don’t think I’ll be using.
    Micellar cleansing water .135 oz sample
    Foil packets of Lorial revitalife and Age perfect, and Nivea in-shower body lotion

    At first I was a little disappointed with my first box, since there was no full size items. But now that I listed it all out, I’m thinking its not so bad for $5….

  7. my trendsetter box didn’t have the scrub, but did have goody no-slip hair ties. my hair’s a nightmare to keep pulled back, it’ll be interesting to try. but i never use self tanner, so would have preferred to have the hair ties replace that, now that i know the scrub could have been an option. this was my first walmart box, though, and i’m pretty excited at how good the stuff is. previous boxes have looked pretty bad

  8. I received one of my boxes today,I have no idea which one it is but here’s what I got
    Incoco nail art
    Arm&Hammer toothpaste
    Goody elastics
    Jergens natural glow
    Sally Hansen air brush legs
    Aveeno body wash
    Schwarzkopf shampoo
    Schwarzkopf conditioner
    I thought this was a great box although I was looking forward to trying the lady Gaga perfume maybe it will be in the other box although I haven’t even been charged for it yet.So I’m happy

  9. I received both trendsetter and classic boxes on Saturday. Was disappointed that I didn’t get the Degree deo, tho. Maybe they ran out tho! Did get hairties but think all other items were the same! Doubting trying to order another would get it not sending a message! Darn! Was happy w all except the tan lotion but will pass along!

  10. I hate to see so many complaints about items received in boxes. I know there is always excitement and anticipation when getting these boxes, so I know it can be a letdown to feel disappointed. But, there are options. One is cancel. Problem solved, money saved. Or feel fortunate that you can afford to get various subscriptions. I guarantee you there are people who can’t. I have received many duplicates. If I can’t use them they go in my donate box. I again, guarantee you that shelters will be grateful to receive these products. There are so many nonprofits that depend on the generosity of others. Food for thought: do you really need to complain about not getting what you want, make threats of cancelling, then not doing so, and then in 3 months start the whole complaint process all over? I feel good when I can help any person, shelter and even animal rescue places with my donations. You may not want another lotion or toothpaste but they are good products that someone else would want to have. Based on what you choose, you can spend $5, $10, or more, or nothing at all. I feel it’s such a shame that there are so high expectations for $5.

    • I do the same. I had lots of makeup, lption, nail polish that I didn’t want. I gathered them up and donated them to Ronald McDonald house. My friend stayed there when their baby was in the NICU and she said they had baskets of small items for the parents to help make them feel more at home/pampered. The toothpaste and some of the shampoos, I donated to son’s school’s Family Resource Center. There are always places you can find to donate items you don’t want or give them to friends and families. I have also made gift boxes of items for my nieces. They make nice presents.

  11. I received my Trendsetter box today. I received all of the above items with the exception of the St Ives. I received Goody hair bands. I love Goody Products and wear my hair in Ponies or buns most of the time. I do love St. Ives though. Overall I enjoyed the box. My one complaint for every single subscription box is when I receive “tinted” items like the Airbrush Legs. As a brown skinned girl I have 0. 00% use for these. Looks like one of my friends receives more free stuff from me.

  12. I just got the Classic Box delivered. Now this is my first Walmart Beauty Box which I understand means I’m one of the earliest waves. I got …

    Degree motion sense deodorant- full size

    Aveno Lotion – 1 oz

    Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer- 2 oz

    Careers body wash in Mystique Forever -1.8 oz

    Tom’s toothpaste -sensitive 0.25 oz (I’m excited!)

    Swisspers Blotting Paper

    L’Oreal ultimate straight 3 pack foil packets (shampoo, pre-conditioner, conditioner)

    For $5 it’s nice. I do understand others frustrations if all you get is foil packets.

    • Got my classic box today and it had the same items. I’m pretty happy with the value as well this time.

    • I received the same items! I was pretty excited that everything included is something I will definitely use!

    • This was my first box, but slightly different then the one listed,

      1- 4ml simple micellar cleansing water

      1- 8 pack goody slide proof soft touch silicone elastics

      1- arm & hammer truly radiant Clean & fresh

      1- lady Gaga sample

      1- Nivea in shower cocoa butter body lotion (foil packet)

      1- Sally Hansen airbrush legs tube

      1- Vaseline advanced repair trial size

      1- inconvenience nail art (a much prettier pattern IMO then the ones I’ve seen unveiled) – shade perfect match

      1. Essence Ultime Claudia schiffer

      1- essence Ultima Claudia schiffer conditioner

  13. So I ordered both boxes. My Trendsetter shipped 2 days prior to my Classic box. The tracking says I’ll get my Classic box 2 days before my Trendsetter. USPS is wonderful aren’t they?

  14. Just want to update everyone quick – I got my box the other day, and started to try a couple things out. The Airbrush Legs from Sally Hansen takes a little more work to remove than I personally prefer. I tried it out (it was waaay too dark for my fair skin – I looked yellow/orange after applying), and when I went to shower (it says it removes easily with water & soap), I tried using liquid body wash with a puff ball (twice) and used a exfoliating scrub to try and get it off. After I got out of the shower, I used a makeup wipe to get the rest of it off. My hands and legs felt sticky when trying to remove the product, and it wasn’t until after I used the makeup wipe that my skin felt normal again. I’m not trying to say it’s a horrible product, it didn’t work for me personally, and I just wanted to forewarn people that using a makeup wipe to take it off would probably be the easiest.

    • I guess that’s good in a way since you don’t want that stuff rubbing off on furniture, etc. I used to use the airbrush legs in a can….not often, but once in awhile. It didn’t do much as far as making me look tan but it sure did make my legs look nice and unblemished. My little veins didn’t show, etc. (I’m see through so they show up pretty easily!).

    • I have a version of this by Lorac, and sometimes I mix it with lotion to help it go on more evenly and a little bit lighter. I ALWAYS put on lotion before applying it as well. Maybe that will help?

  15. I love the spoilers…… but most likely because I’m not fond of surprises. I like to know what’s I am getting, or an idea of what I may be getting. I do subscribe with ipsy and birchbox and they give you a sneak peek if you want to take advantage of that…… yeah I know…….. But I love to keep secrets from my kids, and give hints that are off the wall. It’s all part of the fun, for me that is.

    I signed myself up for one about a month ago. But shortly after I read that they offered two types for different age groups. So I signed my daughter up for one as well to get the younger version. I’m sure she will be thrilled either way. But regardless, we are a family of 5, as I have two daughters and one son. So between my husband, my kids and myself I am sure we will find someone to use whatever is inside.

    I just got shipping confirmation so I can’t wait for it to arrive !!!

    • This is my question to Walmart how is it fair that I’ve been signed up since last years winter and I haven’t got a shipping notice but people who just signed up have boxes .Call me confused

  16. I just signed up and got the classic box. I don’t see how or where you can pick between the two or get both? Am I missing something? I’d like the trendsetter box better. Thanks!

    • It is based on the age you selected. I believe trendsetting is under 35 yrs old and Classic is over. I have 2 boxes sent to me. I added a middle initial and chose my boyfriend birthday for the second box because he is 9 yrs older than me which puts him in the “classic” age group. Just change your selected age.

    • I messaged Walmart about this. 35 and over automatically get the Classic box and under 35 get the Trendsetter box. You will need to change your bday to get the box you want.

  17. I received everything posted in the photo! This is my first Walmart box, and although it’s not the most exciting box I’ve gotten, it’s a steal for $5! I love travel sized products to use on vacation!!!

    • This must be the Trendsetter box. I just received mine and I don’t have any of these items.

  18. I was supposed to receive my box today and the mail carrier marked it as undeliverable. I called the post office and they said it after looking into it, he believes they made a mistake and accidentally sent it back! I’m so bummed. I emailed customer service and I do hope I get a response.

    • Well customer service contacted me and pretty much said it was my fault if I put in the wrong shipping address (despite the fact I explained it was the correct shipping address, the post office admittedly made a mistake) and I would need to pay 5$ for another box if I want one. Sigh, pretty bummed out.

      • After explaining again what happened, the customer service person said they will send out a new box. Whew, I feel relieved and happy even though it’s going to now be a later shipping which may or may not mean as good of stuff, we shall see. I’m so happy and excited, for 5$ a quarter wasn’t willing to cancel due to a shipping error, people make mistakes but I was so disappointed and now I’m all happy again! Yay for good customer service!

        • Your post office isn’t being truthful, they can’t send it back. It is sent parcel post. Meaning postage would be due to them if they want it back. It’s only sent one way. That means your post office will destroy it. Happy to hear they are sending you another box.

          • Wow, really! My gosh, I wonder if someone there got happy fingers and wandered off with my box :/ I spoke with the manager and he was bewildered and apologized profusely saying he had no idea how this happened and nothing like this had ever happened before, said he had no clue why it got in the return to sender pile but it was no longer there so he figured all ready got sent back. Now I wonder if it’s worth talking to someone there, as I don’t want to worry about someone stealing my packages! Thank you for letting me know this information. I had no idea.

  19. Liz twice I have commented on this and neither is showing up. Please approve them if they are in limbo.

    • I see it, Thank you.

      • Hmm…old one showed up but new one disappeared…Funny how it happens with the ones that aren’t raving about it only being a $5 box. I think I was wrong in thinking it was just a glitchy site.

        • I see plenty of comments either criticizing boxes or in between, not just positive ones. I don’t think anyone is entitled to have their comments posted it’s up to the owners of the site. If one of my comments doesn’t go through I assume there must be a good reason and I promptly forget about it and move on with my life; I don’t take it personally nor do I vow never to comment here again. And I certainly don’t suspect sinister goings afoot.

          • Yay good for you..move along, you just negated your point by having to comment and tell me that.

  20. I’m subscribed to both boxes, and it looks like I received the exact same items others did in each box. The trick for me is to think of the WBB as an “every-day personal care” box, rather than something “beauty” oriented. That keeps my expectations in line with what I’m likely to get, and I’m not disappointed. I spend $10 per season, and get two boxes full of products that *someone* in my family will actually have a use for, with very rare exception. That’s a lot more than I can say about some other “beauty” subscriptions I’ve tried and quickly cancelled. Maybe I’m just lame, but seriously! LOL! This is by far my favorite subscription!

    • Same. With other beauty boxes (birchbox, beautyfix… And even Psmh and fff) I end up tossing or gifting half the items for whatever reason (dont use such product, not my shade, etc).

      With Walmart, yes the items arent fancy or exciting, but everything gets used. Shampoo, lotion, toothpaste– Ill end up using them sometime or later, and for $5, I cant ask for more value. Im surprised at the number of people complainin; you want a glittery eyeshadow, go get ipsy!

  21. DP: received trendsetter box today (06/13) in NY. Items exactly same as pictured! (Except diff pattern for nail sticker which I am happy about)

    • Seeing that trendsetter & classic boxes are totally different, I think Ill sign up for both now! I guess they really are listening, considering people have been complaining about similar items in the two boxes.

      • I get both boxes, and yes, they were different. There was some crossover with *types* of products (Example, toothpaste in both boxes, but different brands). But no duplicates. I was satisified with both 🙂

  22. The next time I get a bad box and a request for reviews of items I did not receive, I am going to leave a I did not get this in my #walmartbeautybox review. Maybe someone from corp. will read it!

    • I thought the same….but checked my account, still no charge for the boxes which only means I’m probably on the last round again, taking weeks to charge and then 3 more weeks to deliver. By then the next season is coming out. I only get packets and one shampoo or shampoo packets and one Nivea cream, so for me I have been feeling ripped off. I have never recieved what I’m asked to review or what’s in the spoilers either. They don’t care and say to cancel. I was gonna give one more shot but the inevitable packets will be all again. I can’t justify the $ anymore. Out of $20 so far I have gotten $2 worth of product. Target is killing it and I’d much rather spend it on those. For people stating others shouldn’t complain….you are very lucky to get what’s pictured or a full box, but please keep in mind if you seen what some get (the very late shipments) they must run out and rather than cancel our box for lack of any product they send us a couple left over packets and the same as last time. They are intentionally taking on too many subscribers that they can’t fulfill what they intend to give. I see too many commenters stating what we state. They take no accountability and blame the outside source they use to pack them.

      • EXACTLY! I have stated this numerous times! It’s real easy to sit back with the advertised box and tell those of us with a lotion to quit complaining. I quit the sub and never looked back. I just wish they would be honest and say that a large portion of subscribers will not get anything near the advertised box…..but we’ll keep adding subscribers…what a rip off.

        • I had read comments before I Sub’d. I was dumb to think it wouldn’t happen to me…lol.

          • @ traci yes agree with that reply below, lol. Yet if we put in their hand what We get and say I’ll sell you this for $5 they would tell us we were crazy or look at us like we must think they are fools.

          • Yep, on all of the boxes I got before I quit I added up the items and NONE of them were higher than $5. I live right next to a Walmart and can buy those trial size lotions for less without even putting out any gas money.

        • I’ve been signed up since tbe winter boxes and I still haven’t been charged for my boxes,if they send me three or four foil packets again I’m going to be done with Walmart

          • Yeah, I got my winter when spring was already shipping and I just got my spring a couple weeks ago. Walmart doesn’t consider it a scam since they say your paying for free stuff to be delivered, not the actual items. And that is how that corporation gets away with it.

          • Well then they shouldn’t put out spoilers and then send you emails to review things you didn’t receive.

      • I agree 150%

  23. Here’s what I got in the Classic box. The value is there but there’s nothing fun–the most exciting product in there is deodorant! Most of this will be donated.
    Caress body wash–this is the 4th time I have received this, and I hate the fragrance.
    Jergens natural glow lotion
    Aveeno body lotion
    Tom’s of Maine toothpaste for sensitive teeth
    swisspers blotting papers
    Degree deodorant
    Foil pack Loreal shampoo and conditioner
    They must think I am suffering from hot flashes and rotten teeth! I wish they would throw in a lipstick or mascara. My spring box had a cute lip pencil and some foundation samples.

  24. I just received my first walmart box (classic) and did not get anything that was in the spoiler pictures. I got:

    1. Full size Degree deoderant
    2. Travel size Caress body wash in Mystique Forever scent
    3. Travel/sample size Aveeno lotion
    4. Travel size Jergens Natural Glow lotion
    5. Swippers blotting papers (100 count)
    6. Travel size Tom’s toothpaste (rapid relief sensitive)
    7. Foil packet of Loreal Smooth Intense shampoo, pre-conditioner, and conditioner.

    I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t receive any of the items in the spoiler pictures. I will use everything but the toothpaste (not labeled as gluten free) and the body wash (I’ve tried it before and I’m allergic to it). For $5, I’m okay with everything.

    • Ah, I was wondering what’s supposed to be in the Classic box. The box pictured above is the Trendsetter box. I received it last week and mine had exactly everything pictured. I’ve been billed for the Classic box but haven’t received a shipping email yet. Dang, still no make up tho!!

      • LOL! Mine came in the mail, not long after my response! THEN I got the shipped email, gee thanks, Walmart. I got exactly what you did.

    • I use Degree deodorant so for the $5 it is pretty good for me. Not super excited about the other items, but I know I’ll use them. I don’t really expect any new groundbreaking products from this box, so as long as I get 1 item I can use, I’m good.

  25. Just posting an update: I just received my Summer box, and everything in the photo above, I received (the nail wraps were a different design). Hopefully everyone receives all the products. I don’t know how I feel about all the items yet, I’m going to give them a chance and test them out, so we’ll see. Honestly, for $5, I don’t feel like I can complain about what I got (I haven’t looked at the actual worth of the box yet). It was nice to get some travel sized items, but part of me wishes there was some type of makeup product included (other than the “leg makeup”). The products will be great if I travel at all.

  26. Looking forward to this one. I loved the last box too, especially the john frieda brilliant brunette shampoo. Great discovery for me! 🙂

    I think there are two ways of looking at this sub: 1. It’s a $5 quarterly sub, or 2. It’s a free quarterly sub, with $5 shipping. I look at it the latter, and am usually pretty happy with it. Do I like getting foil samples – Um, no, but hey it’s free and they shipped it right to my door. (I’ve been lucky and not received any boxes with only foil samples.) When they do put in mostly deluxe size samples (like the one I got last month), I’m overjoyed. I do agree that they should be more consistent across the board as to everyone getting the same items for the box(es) they’re signed up for (trendsetters and/or classic).

    With that said, I am really hoping I get the nail wraps & the St. Ives! 🙂

  27. I don’t care how cheap it is, I canceled after the spring box. I received terrible items which seemed like afterthoughts.

  28. Walmart boxes are always things you can use but I never get what the sneek peeks show I must be like the tenth round or something like that.Having said that this is the one time I will not be a happy camper if I don’t get the nail wraps,I love those things

    • Same here, I always get the leftovers but if I don’t get the nail wraps I’m done with this sub.

    • I don’t seem to get what’s in the boxes…..I get mine super late. Last chance for it or canceling. They even send me links to review what I got and I never have what they ask me to review. I respond with that, & asking why I get a few packets that I can get free and never what’s on the review link or spoilers……response is always crappy like “if your not happy you need to cancel before your next charge”. They never answer my question.

      • I get review request also,but I go on there and tell them that I didn’t receive those items but would have loved to try try them .Havent ever got any response from Walmart but I will eventually

    • Toni, If there’s a way to send me your email address, I’d be happy to send you the nail wraps. (if you don’t get them and want them still) I might even have another pack of this brand. I think from a previous Boxy month. I don’t use those things at all. I enjoy painting my nails.

      • Omg how nice I’ll let you know when I get my box they haven’t deducted from my bank yet .And I’m sure I have something you’d like also that I can send you

  29. I’m amused at how many people are talking about canceling. For $20 a year, you can’t get any other subscription box. The items are on the cheap side (come on folks, it’s Walmart!) but those that aren’t exciting are still useful. These boxes keep my travel bag stocked!

    • To be fair, it is often not the dollar value or the product brand, but instead is the apparent practice of sending out near-empty boxes. Walmart sends their boxes in waves, and it seems like the number of items decrease as they near the last of their quarterly shipments. I am one of those in the last wave……I received a box with ONE “deluxe” sample and about four foil packets and some coupons!! The boxes that quarter had started off with four or five “deluxe” sizes and gradually decreased with the last shipments. $5 a box IS super cheap for a normal Walmart box, but it is $5 better spent elsewhere when you receive virtually nothing for your money. With that being said, I remain subscribed to both trendsetter and classic boxes……it is indeed a sickness! :/

      • Well said, I also was stuck on the last wave (both trendsetter and classic) of pretty empty boxes… I finally quit both of them and gave myself the green light for sephora play! So happy I did!

      • I see your point. If I kept receiving foil packets, every time, I’d cancel also. So far, I’ve only got one box like that. Guess I’ve been lucky, getting boxes early in their shipment batches.

        • Yes this happened to me with the winter box, all foil packets .The spring box was a lot better but still not what were the wanted items

      • This is one of the things that boggles my mind how is it that Target sends the Same box to everyone ? But a corporation the size of Walmart can’t .One of the many things that make me say hmmmmm lol

    • 100% agree with you! Just those shampoos and conditioner if you buy them they are about $1.50 each or more.! Love the travel items for traveling❤

    • I agree @Rachel

    • I’m with you Rachel, I always use everything this box sends even though the items aren’t really exciting. I think I get more use out of this box than the more expensive ones that want me to wear bright pink lipstick. And there are variations of this box, so if you don’t like what is shown above, you don’t need to immediately cancel. I don’t think any of my boxes ever matched any of the reviews or spoilers.

  30. I never ever got the same box that everyone else got. After two seasons and four boxes (I ordered both the classic and the trendsetter but both times they were identical garbage) I cancelled. First I contacted CS to see why my boxes were so different and only contained 3 travel sized things she was very rude and exclaimed “They’re free!” Ummmm….no I spent $5 and you sent me less than $3 of products 4 times. She continued to be rude and then said, “If you didn’t like the lipstick I guess I can send you a replacement!” Tof which I replied, “I would have loved a lipstick, hell I would a loved a lipstick that wasn’t even my shade! That’s the point, all I ever got was a 2 sets of matching boxes and each of them only had a couple of travel sized body products!”

    We both agreed I should cancel….smh

  31. Finally a box where I’ll used everything. And No lip products, yeah! I’m packing for the beach!

  32. For me it’s showing the trendsetter box as shipped but the classic hasn’t shipped yet.

    • Same for me!

  33. Cancelled!! I had the classic box they only sendo me like three things never 5. The other box for teens never came on time and I always got cheap repeats never full size like back then when they would send full size lipsticks. I wouldn’t buy that again. The target boxes are better we know what we’re getting and customer service is better.

  34. I went ahead and cancelled after the spring box. I was getting both boxes and it was a lot of repeats. I donated just about everything. It’s cheap but I can still put it towards something else lol

  35. I received this same box yesterday. (the one from Instagram) It is the Trendsetter version. I’ve been billed for the Classic box but haven’t received a shipping email yet. I was disappointed there wasn’t ANY make up in it tho. These are all decent items still and completely worth $5! Not a single foil packet which is really nice!

  36. The lotion, shampoo, and perfume are repeats for me but I can’t complain for $5. Hoping the trendsetter box is better.

    • That is the trendsetters box. Classic have not shipped yet.

  37. I can only use two things out of this box. Very disappointed in my last two Walmart boxes as well. Time to cancel. I though the box would get better and better, instead It’s the exact opposite.

  38. Used to like the Walmart boxes. But when I basically through the last one on the trash, I cancelled. Foil packets, coupons and more toothpaste. Put my $5 towards something else.

  39. A couple of repeats in here from previous boxes (I’m particularly bummed about them sending the Gaga sample again) but I’ll use as much St. Ives Apricot Scrub as they wanna send! Haha

  40. I signed up for both boxes, but since I was getting the 3rd shipping wave, both boxes ended up being almost the same, with a lot of repeats. This time I’ll be getting just the Trendsetter one. Not very excited about the spoilers, but I’ll probably get something completely different when they actually ship my box.

  41. Cancelling! I got the scrub and lotion in the last box. (Seriously, Walmart? Repeats?) We got a different brand of toothpaste in the last box. I won’t use the other items.

    • I always think I am going to cancel, but anything I won’t use goes into the stocking stuffer pile or I wait until I have a big pile of stuff and give it to one of the ladies at work who has daughters.

  42. Confused. I understand the Instagram pic, but what’s the pic at the header of the post? Is that a variety of the box too?

    • The Instagram pic is one of the very first boxes we got when this program first started. The one above is the Trendsetter version of the current box. There are two different theme boxes, but I’ve seen up to 4 varients of what people actually get. If they run out of something they have to substitute.

    • I think it’s a picture of what was in the first box from fall 2014. I know the deodorant was in that box.

      • Thanks for the replies!

        Curious to see what we all get.

        Walmart boxes are ‘on probation’ for me. I’ve ordered both boxes. Last time I only rec’d the Classic, but since the last two or three boxes have been disappointing, I was glad they didn’t send the Trendsetter. If at least one of these boxes isn’t great this time around, sadly, it’ll be cancel time.

        I’ve been generally happy with the Target boxes. Hoping they’ll have their Back to College boxes again this year. Especially happy to buy any and all of those if I cancel Walmart.

        Thanks again for the replies and thanks to Liz for this site. So fun.

  43. I got the St. Ives Apricot Scrub and the Vaseline lotion in my spring box…. so hopefully I don’t get them again.

    • I did too! in both of my boxes. Hopefully I’m not in the first wave of shipments so I dont get them again!

  44. Definitely worth it for $5! I’ll use all of the items.

  45. I signed up for the subscription but I didn’t see where you could pick between classic and trendsetter. Am I missing a step.

    Thanks in advance

    • I think it’s picked for you by age

      • Thanks for the reply. I get the Target box and really enjoy that box, so here’s hoping I like this box as well.

    • A while back Liz posted how to get both boxes and showed a screen shot where there was a dropbox where you can choose the box but I couldn’t see it when I tried to sub. So I just created a sister a few years younger and got the trendsetter also.

      These two bring my sub boxes up to eight… I’m gonna have to cancel some soon since there are two other boxes I’m also interested in. I really don’t need so many each month, darn fomo.

    • I already had the “classic” version and went in and was able to add the trendsetter a few months ago. I don’t think it depends on your age. You do usually get different items based on your age but I don’t think that’s what classic and trendsetter are about.

    • Send one as a gift subscription to yourself and you can pick.

    • Log in to your account. Early on it was based on age, now it’s an option. You can also add boxes (like if you want both)

    • Earlier on with the Spring box you could chose either Trendsetter or Classic.. They have since then switched it to be based solely on age…. Which I personally don’t care for since I buy additional boxes for gifts..

      • No. I added two new subs and was able to pick what I two weeks ago. Make sure you do it from a PC and not a phone.

      • I’m signed up for both. On my account page it shows my profile with age, then banking and address info. Then below that it shows I am subbed for the classic and trendsetter box. Two boxes one account. I really don’t think age factors in much.

        • Age matters for the first subscription. They will automatically assign you to either Classic or Trendsetter according to age. But you can later change the subscription, or subscribe to both versions.

          • I have not figured out how to change my subscription from classic to trendsetter.

          • Change your birthday. For Trendsetter, you want your age to be under 35. For Classic, 35 and over. That’s what I did. Except I made myself older because I wanted Classic.

  46. Thanks for posting this! I just cancelled!

  47. This is the trendsetters box. The classic has not shipped yet. I have one of these coming.

  48. I received this exact box yesterday! I’m assuming it’s the trendsetter box because of the Aztec-print nails… but nothing else screams trendy except maybe the perfume. I’ll know when my other box shows up, haha.

    I think it was a pretty good box! I love how everyone is getting the same things so far, and that the box isn’t loaded up with foil samples.

    I do wish they had included a makeup item, though, like lip color or something for the eyes. I guess they did include LEG makeup! LoL! I am going to have to try it out of sheer curiosity! I had no idea people still used this stuff. Seems outdated. But lord knows I have spots on my legs that I’d like to blend/cover… I’m just worried it will look like… well, like I have makeup on my legs! Hahaha. And if it rubbed off on my clothes/furniture I’d be pissed! Maybe I’ll just try my calves first and stay away from everything.

    • I am ridiculously white and my skin does not tan and on the rare occasion that I wear a knee-length dress I use the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and it works great. So far I have not ever had a problem with it rubbing off on anything and it doesn’t come off with water, even in the shower. I have to lather up with soap or it’s still there when I get out of the shower.

  49. I’m glad you posted this – I wanted to cancel. I don’t ever use anything in the Walmart boxes – Target is better

  50. Interesting box…I get both the classic and the trendsetter so it will be interesting to see how the boxes are different. I don’t care for nail wraps or perfume but I’m eager to try the other items out. As long as I don’t get all foil packets like one disastrous box last year, I’m always happy with this box. Low price, low expectations LOL

    • I get both, too. The summer travel time is here, so I will be using/ packing a lot of the items from both boxes. I love that I can get both boxes for 10.00. there is always items in the boxes that I can use. I’m curious to see what both boxes will have in them.

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