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POPSUGAR Must Have June 2016 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon

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Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.41.20 PM

We have the full spoilers for the June 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have box! UPDATE: Check out my review of the June POPSUGAR Must Have Box!


UPDATE: Here is the accurate picture of the bottle opener:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 2.14.00 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.07.29 PM

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box. (Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what has been in past boxes!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have been a longtime subscriber to Popsugar, but didn’t renew when my six months expired with the May box. I seriously considered renewing with the $50 off, but really didn’t need the second May box. So glad I didn’t. Not feeling this box. The wipes are interesting, but I could buy those with my next Target box, use my coupon, and $5 gift card and get them for only $1. Game would be fun with my boys, but nothing else would really be used. Glad I saved my money.

    • I agree with this. I didn’t renew. Don’t think I am missing ANYTHING in this box!

    • How do you get the $5 gift card?

      • It was an offer made with the May Target boxes – I think it was like spend $15 and get a $5 gift card (or something like that).

        • Thank you!

    • I am so sick of the last two months of Popsugar! Their box shave been the worse and I so regret signing up for the six months like I did. I have been with them the past four years and May and June are about the worse yet. Kathy I’m glad you saved your money. trust me they will not ever get another cent out of me, ever. They way they have treated me regardless of the many years I’ve been with them is aweful and I will be glad to save several hundred a year!!!

  2. The first few boxed I received I loved! (End of last year, beginning of this year). But the past couple months have been awful. They get one more omit to get it together, or else I need to cancel. Really disappointed! ?

    • Sorry – “month” not “omit”. Actually, I may end up having to OMIT them! ?

    • I totally agree with you!

      • I agree as well!!! I LOVED February and March but not so much the past few months 🙁

  3. I hope that this is one of those boxes that is better in hand! Sometimes they are. I have been using the spritz from last month and it’s nice. I went to a 3 day long concert & the big thing was to use those thin yoga mats, like from last month, under or for blankets (this was cool even for the Disturbed/Anthrax/Megadeth,etc+60 metal bands crowd).
    I have seen the tassels at the mall, too.. everywhere.
    But ……
    Is there a conspiracy to get us all to cover up this summer? Every box seems to have something! RZ, PS CDFA, now this one, who’s next?

  4. This is my first box…. And I am beyond bummed. After reading everyone’s comments I was hopeful for a book, a good pair of sunnies, and some other festive items.

    A compact? A beer/bottle opener? A card game? Geez. What a waste of money.

    I am definitely taking note to cancel my subscription and only buy after the spoilers are out.

    If only this box was as good as the sold out limited edition… Really wishing that was the box I spent my money on.

    • I just signed up yesterday. I should had waited to see the spoilers before I signed up. The June box is “eh”. I may cancel soon.

  5. Hmmm not sure how I feel about this box. I had high expectations after the theme spoiler. I signed up for the first time with the $50 off deal so the price wasn’t too bad but I really like to get excited about my boxes in the mail. Maybe I’ll like it better in person? ?

  6. hmmm seems kind of a let down for what it could have been… the underarm wipes are different… and probably useful but not that exciting lol and the sarong could be great except for the color is kind of dull? wish it was a vibrant color or something more summery. and that compact… i’m sure there are better compacts out there this one definitely seems tacky. oh well, i’ve seen worse!

  7. This box will be going to my 17-year-old daughter (sans the bottle opener). Seems geared toward her age, especially the compact and the sparkly nail polish.

  8. Boo. I signed up after looking at past boxes and they were pretty awesome, a good variety. I’m glad I signed up for only 3 months because so far these 3 have been disappointing. Maybe I’ll start it up again in late fall/holiday time. With my luck the next box will be the best yet.

  9. Very disappointing. Cheap useless junk, except for the sarong, but between Rachel Zoe, CFDA and this, that’s way too many coverups.

  10. Is there a reason my comments are disappearing? I leave one and it’ll appear on the page when I post it, but 15 minutes later it’ll be gone? Is it being moderated or something?

    • Hi May, Since this is your first time commenting from this IP address, all comments had to be approved by admin first. Sorry for any confusion!

      • Ah, got it! Thanks for explaining it to me! Long time reader, first time commenter, lol.

        • Welcome to comments! 🙂

          • I thought it was my imagination when that happened to me…. little while back. …. lol! I figured I had a blonde moment! Lol!

      • Is there a way to avoid having all comments require moderation approval due to being from the same IP address? My daughter and I both comment using our family iPad but we’re definitely different people subbed to different boxes. We’ve both been readers and active commenters for almost 3 years now but lately I’ve begun noticing that our comments seem to be disappearing.

        • Sorry about that – I’ll figure out a way to fix it.

  11. I have been a subscriber for about a year. Some things I have liked, but the last couple of boxes have been terrible. This box is full of things I would expect to see at a gas station on a road trip.
    I will be cancelling.

    • Ha! My thoughts too! Thanks for the laugh. This box is a total miss for me.

  12. Yay goes well with the summer box. Way to go popsugar.

  13. Ridley Games Who Am I? I will have to decide when I get the game if I like this or not, SO might keep or Swap
    Hat Attack Neutral Diamond-Printed Sarong I am going to keep. Peaches and petels spoiler is also a cover up for the summer this month
    Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes Seriously goinging to use in this heat and I only live in Utah
    Pressels Sriracha Look very Yimmie
    Knock Knock Are You Ready (For Your Close-up?) Compact I already have one. I don’t think I need 2
    NCLA Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer Love the color or the glitter, Total keeper
    Sisters of Los Angeles Cheers Golden Bottle Opener. I just ordered a very cute gold one that matches my glass and gold Love coasters. so This one will be a swap

    I am really excited for the summer box. The two spoilers have me watching for a shipping confirm. I also have the mini this month that should be here any day. I feel so spoiled from PSMH this month, along with my other boxes.

  14. Ugh this is a horrible box. Summer is supposed to be good and fun, but this is just crap. I think they are putting too much into the failing mini and need to stop and regain focus.

  15. Super disappointing, especially considering I’m getting 2 boxes this month because of a billing screw up which, surprise, PopSugar refused to cancel and refund. Plus, I missed out on the Summer Limited Edition box which I actually wanted, PS is not loving me this month. A bottle opener and a compact? Really?

  16. Oh man. I will be incredibly sad to cancel Popsugar, but I haven’t liked a box since February. Not sure what’s going on. 🙁 I know they can’t please everyone but based on the June theme spoilers I was expecting totally different items.

    • Same – the spoilers had such potential. Not a fan of the box at all, there is nothing I will use or keep. The only redeeming thing about this is that it was part of the 6-month deal so not at full cost but if the boxes don’t begin getting better I will take a PS holiday.

    • Agree I haven’t liked once since February either. The few items I did like I could’ve purchased for less money. I canceled two months ago and I’m glad I did
      I figure if I like a specific box, just order that single one

  17. I’m really “meh” on this. I’m sure I won’t use the sarong (even though it is pretty).

    The food I’ll eat of course (hence the reason the sarong won’t fit around my body!)

    Going on a trip soon and the card game might be fun (if I can get my husband to play it!).

    I have too much nail polish already.

    The bottle opener is cute but I don’t drink out of bottles much (except wine….straight! Just kidding, sort of…LOL). Not sure what I’ll do with that.

    The wipes are interesting and I think those will get used.

    I got in on the 6 month deal (with getting 2 May boxes). So price isn’t bad. I just wish the sarong wasn’t the most expensive item in there.
    The mirror is cute but I doubt I’ll actually use it.

    • I use the Pacifica deodarant wipes and they work extremely well even on hot days

    • Depending on the size/shape of the sarong, you could also use on top of a table or dresser. That is what I have been using my sarongs and scarfs for.

      • Marie, what a great idea!!! I know it won’t fit me but would be awesome as a decorative piece. I had just bought a tray and actually it might go great as a decorative piece to put on it!!

    • Agree with all your points on the box ? The food is probably what I’m most looking forward to out of what’s in the box lol

  18. I love this! I really want it. If anyone wants to sell theirs, I’d happily buy it and avoid being “sucked” back into the subscription by getting it directly from them. Or if anyone wants to swap, I have a ton of stuff on my board. Let me know.

    • Hi Tricia, since I’m getting 2 boxes I’m very happy to sell one to you/swap, let me know if you’re interested.

    • You can email me at kialeikappel at gmail dot com and I can sell it to you!

    • I will gladly sell my box to you if you’re interested. This is one month where I won’t use anything.

    • Hi Tricia, I’m looking to sell the entire box, but would also be amenable to swaps. How do I find your swap profile?

    • I am interested 🙂

      • Tricia, let me know how to get your swap profile or let me know how to get in touch with you so we can get that set up!

          • Thanks! I’m on the waitlist to get added to the swap site, so I hope I can get added soon. If you haven’t found another person to swap with by the time I get added, I’d be happy to sell the box for $30 with free Fedex shipping. I’ll check back to your profile once I get added to the swap site to see if you’re still looking for the box 🙂

        • May, email me at tricia0625 at gmail dot com and we can figure it out. Thanks!

  19. Officially the tackiest box I’ve received since October 2013. The sarong is nice, the Pacifica wipes I’d be more thrilled about if the rest of the box didn’t feel so cheap to me. A really boring $10 bottle opener…hideous sparkly nail polish…that plastic compact! That compact may be the most annoying item of all time in a PSMH box for me. It’s so tacky! I could forgive the game, I swear, but for a June box this is the cheapest mess ever. It makes me even more unhappy about the PS mini this month when I was hoping the little mini bag would be redeemed by something bigger in the main box.

    I think I’ve literally never complained so much about a PSMH box, I always find more positives even when there are tassels involved. ?

    • Totally agree. Tackiest box ever.

    • I know! I just canceled and I’m considering doing the mini because the items have been good! It’s almost all items under $10

  20. Waaaayyyyy better than the past few months!
    I see 1 or 2 things that won’t be used, but overall, much better!!!!
    Nail polish is better (fun color to try – Even though I have similar in Julep), Unsure if the flavor of the pretzels is hot, but I always love pretzels!
    Only thing I prob 75% will place on the swap is the compact..

  21. When I subscribed with the code last month I thought it was for June, and got May, which I didn’t like, and don’t like that I got it – nothing in may was worth the price, not even the food items, both the water and bar were awful. I would have definetly liked June better and most likely would not have cancelled.

    I thought I would have time to unsub before June, but see mine has shipped, and nothing in here is worth the price for me. I honestly was subscribing to PS for gift items, as I hate to shop, but nothing has even been gift worthy.

    I will take my chances and buy a box once the spoilers come out. I just don’t have money to burn on these boxes.

  22. Ugh, underarm wipes? So glad I cancelled.

    A couple of items are appealing, but not enough to justify the cost. Felt that way too often with PSMH – thus the cancellation. I’m glad to see that some are excited about this lineup, though!

    • I use those deodarant wipes everyday and they actually work amazingly well even on hot days

  23. What a fun, summery box! I haven’t instantly pegged anything for swap, so that’s saying something right there. Have been wanting to try those Pacifica wipes (Arizona. So hot. So sweaty) and everything else looks pretty great too. Even better when I remember I got it as part of the 6-month deal. Combined with the mini box, it’s an even more well-rounded selection of summer items.

    • I’m from Arizona as well, and I was really excited about those wipes! You know you live in the desert when deodorant wipes make you happy! LOL

      • Exactly! I’m always on the lookout for good ones. By the way, the Breathe spray from the May box lives in my fridge and it feels SO good to spritz when I come in from the heat.

        • I’m in Texas. It’s kind of hot and humid here, too! Good to know about the wipes and the spray. I don’t get this box but wanted to see what others thought about it. None of the boxes I’ve seen interest me, but the wipes and spray certainly do! Glad I took the time to read some comments

  24. So glad I did not renew!!!!

    • Ditto, namesake! 😉

      • I agree with most – I have wasted enough money on these boxes and they keep getting worse . Also had very bad experiences with customer service , and ordering one month and oh surprise we found you a last months box on the last day of the month ! I also had a double order mistake, caught it immediately and they would not cancel it for me. I order way too many boxes anyway so will be easy to ignore this one from now on! So glad I won’t have to worry about what month I will get when trying to order off of a specific month email advertisement , and not have to worry about having box envy anymore ? Goodbye PS – I used to love you but one of us must have changed !

  25. Its not a bad box its just a little on the low price side…..I have been subscribing since January and I am use to a least two items in each box being on the higher side…..this box has one item that is 60.00 and the remaining 6 items are all under 15.00…..its definitely a beach box and if you go to the beach you will use everything and you can probably use everything at home for something……the item in the box that i like the least would be the can opener and compact mirror,and at least they gave us a food item that looks good and is not some healthy item that has no flavor…..I will find a use for it all but I hope the summer box is awesome and ext months box goes back to a couple items being more on the pricey side…..and I hope they stick with no more healthy food items that have no flavor.

    • It does feel like it’s a lot of little things aside from the sarong. I would have loved in the body care item was a little more exciting and luxurious than deoderant wipes.

  26. I’m actually pretty happy with this one. Its nice that the cover up/sarong can be used in so many ways. And I think its fun when they include a little game in the boxes – its something I don’t buy myself, but always enjoy playing them with my son and family.

  27. Great box for me! I just bought those deodorant wipes from Target and they are awesome! Always nice to have more. Everything else looks great!

  28. I’ve been kicking myself for passing on that $50 off 6-month sub deal…until now. I would have been really bummed about this box. May was better, and I thought that one was just ok.

    • Me too !!
      Total pass ?

  29. My first popsugar box and I am so not liking anything really. The sarong is reallynice but I doubt I can fit myself into it. lol I kinda like the nail polish so there is that. I will try again next month and see what I get. Just my luck though, 1st box and not digging it.

    On the bright side, most of it will be on swap so if you didnt get this box and want something youre set!

    • You could always wear the sarong as a scarf if it doesn’t end up fitting. I’m not a big scarf person myself but I bet it would be cute!

  30. does anyone know anything about the sizing of the sarong? it says one size on the Hat Attack website but judging from the teeny tiny Lemlem coverup in CFDA that was OSFM I’m a bit curious. Either way, I can use as a scarf since I’m rarely one to prance around in my bikini top and a sarong–maybe this will inspire me.

    • I couldn’t find this exact sarong, but the other Hat Attack sarongs I found online were described as 46″ by 70″. If that’s the case, I think the plus-sized ladies like me *should* be okay.

      Here’s hoping!!!

      • Thanks for that info! I didn’t catch the dimensions from the website. Yes, here’s hoping!

  31. I am hoping this box is still on sale next Friday! I love everything and everything would be used! If not I will be one sad momma!

    • Do you live in Florida? I do not like anything in the June box and was planning on throwing it out. I forgot to cancel my subscription.

  32. I like it, I just resubbed for that sarong! And those deodorant wipes are the bomb for travel and I am sure they will be delightful in the hot summer heat to freshen up! The rest is just extras! Great spend if $42.65 (tax)!!!

  33. hmmm… seems like cute stuff but nothing screams “need” to me. Oh well for $30 it’s not too bad. Don’t go to the beach but maybe can find use for the sarong. The game is fun in theory but we don’t have people over much. The wipes, opener, pretz, nail polish and compact will all get used but nothing screams “must have”.

    • Totally agree! Loved the boxes lately, but this one is the first “meh” box in a long time.

  34. I feel like I dodged a bullet by not ordering. The only item I love is the nail polish. The compact is cute though (just not an item I’d ever need).

  35. Wow. DEFINITELY glad I didn’t re-sub! I would have been really disappointed.For those that like it, yay for you guys!! I”m glad it hit a good one for you. 🙂

  36. Apparently I’m getting this :/. Just saw the shipping in my Fedex account.
    I didn’t go in and cancel when my 6 month bargain subscription expired. Not sure why I thought it would not renew ….dumb move on my part.

    Not excited about this, I don’t wear sarongs and the other items are just meh. Now I am definitely canceled and using the $$ to upgrade The Planner Society with box stickers and washi tape kits.

  37. Thank god the spoilers came out before I purchased this box. I wouldn’t have been happy or excited.

  38. I really loving all items in the box! Can’t wait to play the game, the nail polish is fun, I need a new compact but never remember to buy one, the sarong maybe used for a tablecloth or scarf ( I only go to the beach 1 or twice during the summer but I love summer/beach items). A bottle opener is always useful. Not sure about the wipes, I have to be careful with those type items due to irritation. Great box, mine will be here either Saturday or Monday!

  39. I love this box! Kudos to PopSugar for the “not the same ole” curation. No black eyeliner, hand lotion or perfume sample! This seems like such a fun box. I love the inclusion of the game. I’ve cut back on so many boxes because of product overload, but this is the one box I’ll always keep!

    • Popsugar does not put “sample sizes” in the box, they put full size. They are also not a makeup subscription box. It is a lifestyle subscription which is why they do not have “the same ole curation.” I do agree that it can be easy to have product overload, especially when subscriptions are monthly, as most are! 🙂

      • I think you missed the point of her comment. And FYI Popsugar does include samples and travel sizes from time to time.

  40. I’m glad I unsubscribed, as the only item I like in this box is the bottle opener. That being said, we are a family of die-hard Warriors fans, so I will be trying to swap for several for my brothers and I! 🙂

    • Hi!! I’m a cavs fan in Cleveland and I do NOT want that opener in my house!! LOLOLOL I’ve never traded on this site before (I have on Sephora a million times) do I’m not sure how to get a hold of you, but I’m happy to trade for something!! 🙂

      • Sorry for the confusion – the actual bottle opener in the box will say CHEERS!

        • Oh yay!! Thank goodness because anything golden state is just…yuck LOLOL 🙂 thank youuu!!!

  41. It seems as though the cheaper, mini box is always better. Popsugar just lost a long time customer. It used to be a great company. The products are not as great and the customer service went from a 5 star to a 1 star.

  42. What is that game? It’s kind of a weird inclusion, and a compact?? Does anyone still carry or use one?? I love the sarong and deodorant wipes, but the rest of the box is very unexciting. I’m not sad at all I canceled, PS is so hit and miss for me.

  43. This will be my first popsugar box and I’m kind of on the fence about it. It looks like a nice group of items but I’m not overly excited about it. I’ll wait until I have everything in my hands to judge fully though.

  44. not a fan at all ?

  45. I absolutely love the sarong and think it will go great with the limited edition summer box items but the rest of the box is kind of meh to me unfortunately. The cost of the box with the sale from last month is worth it for the sarong alone though (thankfully)

  46. Yikes. This is not a hit for me, but I usually end up loving ones like this in person and not at all during the spoilers. The variety is great — nail polish is fun, love the idea of a bottle opener, and the compact is cute.

    I really truly wish they didn’t send out any sort of board games, though. I feel like that’s the one thing that many people are picky about and would buy themselves… the taste is so varied.

  47. It’s a box for a day at the beach! (Except for the nail polish- but props to them for getting a July 4th item out in the June box!)

    I don’t go to the beach often at all (sadly), but I think I’ll still get use out of most of these items. Yay for Popsugar!

    • That’s a great way of looking at it — a box for the day at the beach. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it because I’m land-locked. 😉 Still, you are so right!

  48. Great variety. Fun!

  49. Not very excited ? Oh well what r ya gonna do…I am excited for the summer box tho ?

    • Yeah, it doesn’t do it for me either. I’m excited for the summer box too. Can’t wait to get it!

  50. What a fun box! I’m not getting one, but I hope everyone who is enjoys it!

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