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NEW Limited Edition Luxor BLACK Preorder + Spoilers!

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Luxor Box

Thanks to Jennifer, Angie, Edwina, and Chris for sharing this! Luxor Box just announced the Limited Edition Luxor BLACK box and included spoiler!

The box will include:



Brandon Blackwood New York Dual-Texture BackPack in Suede Croc (Value $800)

Each August 2016 Limited Edition Luxor BLACK box will have a total value of $1700!

The box is available as a one-time purchase with no subscription. The cost is $650 (USA) or $700 (Canada), shipping included, and ships the week of August 22nd 2016. There are very limited quantities and it is only available for pre-order purchase until June 26th at 5pm EST.

Additional hints about this box:

  • This box will consist of a mix of 7 items from brands in the USA, France and London.

  • One of our France featured items is a STUNNING “Limited Edition” piece that is currently SOLD OUT in France. This special piece is now ONLY available in The Luxor BLACK!

  • The brand we are featuring from England is so prestigious that they have been supplying their goods to the households of Her Majesty The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales for decades!

What do you think of the spoiler?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone have an opinion on the Brandon Blackwood eco-friendly line Luxor Box emailed about? I don’t own any Brandon Blackwood pieces and I am intrigued but I wanted to hear more about quality and if they’re anything special. I’m looking at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale specials on handbags as well, and I’m debating if I should get a known commodity (like a Rebecca Minkoff bag….boring!) or take a gamble on a Brandon Blackwood. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

    • I received the BB black pouch in the November Luxor box. I knew nothing about him and was not excited about receiving a pouch. Well… suffice it to say…I carry that pouch everyday now and it looks like it did when I first received it nine moths ago. The quality is amazing. The leather is high quality, as is, the hardware. The stitching is wonderful. If you know high quality leather bags, then you will be very pleased. I received the BB red crossbody from Luxor in February. Again, high quality. That one is great just a little too small for me so I gave it to my sister. She loves it. I wanted/want the backpack and almost ordered it with the discount card we received didn’t and then missed it when the black box went on sale. ? I’ve been a Coach leather girl since I was in high school (not the canvas, but all leather products) and I’m quite pleased with the quality of Brandon Blackwood. I think you would be very happy with his bags. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you for that response, Dee! That collection is not available anymore but I will file this information away for the next time Brandon Blackwood releases something interesting.

        (You’ll probably be able to swap for the backpack!)

  2. I LOVE that bag but I’d need to see more spoilers first. I did ask my husband and he looked at me like I had grown an extra head. He said that if they release more spoilers that I love then yes, but he really doesn’t want me to gamble that much money on a backpack and maybe something good.

    I’m thinking about subscribing to the regular box but it seems every box has some sort of tiny very expensive bag in it. I cancelled *Ipsy because I have a ton of cosmetic bags and I really don’t want another box of small but overpriced tiny bags.

    *I also never got the good variations and got stuff I didn’t want EVERY stinking month.

  3. I just simply cannot afford a $650 box. Wish that I could because I like the backpack and the box will probably be amazing. For those of you getting this box I hope you enjoy.

  4. I have done it… paid for it. Amazon credit card so I can at least get some more cash back!!!!
    (I always pay it back down after I use it)
    August 22 is a loooonnnngggg way to wait now!!! I’m glad I can pay it down before then!
    Hmmmm… maybe sell some plasma??
    Eggs?? (The ovarian kind)

  5. FOMO IS TOO STONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seeing the spoilers for the box for July *mine is on it’s way.
    There’s only one thing that I am going to put up on either swap or eBay and that’s the sunglasses-only because I can’t wear contacts and have to wear regular glasses…..
    To quote another person… “adulting is so hard”!

  6. I WISH this was my mortgage/rent. Not even remotely close! I do love the bag, but will not be buying this. Sometimes I regret not buying the mini backpack directly when it was offered at a discount. And would LOVE this one. But not risking that kind of money.

  7. Here for the comments…..lmao, loved them. I’ve learned a lot!
    Cost of rents/mortgage
    Where to stay in Vegas ( seriously still want to go soon )
    What airline to take to Paris
    Someone’s getting deals on a cruise
    And not many are willing to drop a paycheck on a box with a bag or it could lead to divorce…….I sure don’t deny that could lead to some serious arguments or questions so we are missing some good lies in these comments, hahaha have a great weekend ladies ?

  8. Too much for me, Even the $200-$250 boxes are steep but I can make that up in the budget easier then $650, cant bust my budget by that much. No money from me Luxor!!

  9. Um… that’s more than my mortgage payment. And I love me some nice purses, but that is nowhere near my radar. It’s kind of boring for summer, too.

  10. I just got their Summer LE box in the mail, LOVE IT!

    • Did yours come in the mail or separate?

    • Mine is coming tomorrow hopefully! I am going to see how much I like it and that will help me determine if I should get this one.

  11. 2 or 3 nights stay in the 4 star Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado! (If you get your room from TripAdvisor..)
    And that was one of my bucket list places! (Built in 1906.. it was AWESOME! And I only pd $130 per night… yes,I need to resist the FOMO! LOL! Just need to knock out another bucket list place! )

  12. A high-end backpack?!? Really?!? Perhaps if it were a different style of large BB bag, I’d be on it. But a backpack?!? No thanks.

    • That’s what I thought!!!

    • Yep, I’m with y’all! Luxor offered this bag when BB had a special event sale to annual members (I think that it was annual members only – IDK, but I remember seeing this bag, and I am guilty of dropping 300 on a well made bag. But I have to have a truly timeless classic bag.

      • Hey, I’ve shelled out for a few Chanel bags and a wallet, some Fendi, Dior, and a Stella McCartney, so I’m all for high end bags. But just because a person I’ve never heard of wrote an article in a magazine that I’ve never heard of, and called this the “It” bag, doesn’t mean I’m biting. That could’ve been his mother, lol.

        I’m still super curious about the other items. They could be wonderful! If it weren’t for this clunky backpack…?

  13. The price point is far too high for in essence a mystery box. The spoiler is also very specific – personally I don’t do backpacks (they feel and look silly on me) so there’s no way the value would ever even out.

    • I’m 39 so there’s zero possibility of me even attempting to pull off wearing a backpack, not that I would’ve done it when I was 29. I buy purses in excess of 6k each (I’m a Chanel fanatic) but at least they’re classics that last forever (seriously, I’m carrying one I inherited that dates to 1965!) But $650 for a backpack and the rest a giant mystery! Easy pass, even if I can afford it. There’s a reason I can…I don’t drop that kind of money on mystery boxes!

      • While I do not buy 6k bags, I do have a serious Louis Vuitton addiction. lol Another bag that can last for decades and still be stylish. I have a LV speedy from the early 80’s that is still in great condition and I use quite frequently. I just could not part with $650 without it being something special. The backpack is actually really nice to me, BUT at my age I no longer carry them, I LOVE satchels so this box would be a bust for me. Really curious to see what else is in the box though…..

        • Hi Carey from a fellow LV addict. I bought my first LV when I was 23 and I am 51 now. I have almost 100 pieces and have an inventory log of where and when I bought them. I go to Europe once a year and buy my fix there, cheaper. $650 is a joke, I can almost get a Neverfull at that price in Paris. I have shopped at Neiman Marcus since I was 20 and honestly have not heard of this BB. Plus I am too old for backpacks. Maybe for the young ones who live in metro cities.

  14. For those people who regularly spend a few thousand on a high end leather bag, this is a steal. (Yes, I know plenty of these people.)

    Also, I am thinking the London item will be a home item of some sort. It has to be from a supplier on this list: Any guesses? Maybe serving ware or linens?

    • I’m gonna guess something from Burberry or maybe Halcyon Days. Although (don’t ask me why) I’m also totally picturing a Royal Doulton tea set even though I don’t think they have a royal warrant.

      • Ooh, interesting guesses!

        • I didn’t realize so many companies had royal warrants but I guess it makes sense because they do cover everything. I really want to know what the London items are because I think British designers tend to be overlooked sometimes.

    • Speaking as a regular Chanel shopper, I pay way more than this, as in 10x more). But it’s for a timeless bag I’m buying, not from a barely known brand/designer for a very age-specific piece. There’s a huge difference between Chanel and LV and this backpack, leather or not.

  15. I wonder how many they will sell of these boxes.

    I think it is unlikely they sell a great many, and those that do sell are unlikely to end up on the MSA swap boards.

    I do love LE boxes and actually dropped PopSugar because I was enjoying the PopSugar LE boxes more. I do purchase $250 LE boxes on occasion and generally have felt more satisfied with those luxe boxes than the cheaper non LE boxes. But $650 . . . hmm.

  16. Luxor has become a one trick pony with their Brandon Blackwood items. This is the THIRD LE box they had his items in. My red over-sized wallet (from Feb) still stinks of a smell that resembles gasoline. That $250 V Day box was an over priced disappointment for me. My very first & only try at Luxor.

    I keep watching them. I really would LOVE to give them another try but their love affair with Brandon Blackwood doesn’t impress me. And this one. What a joke. $650 but hurry up ! It ends on 6/26. Does it come with a set of gingsu knives if we order now????

    • Brandon Blackwood’s stuff is beautiful, classic and simple, with excellent craftsmanship and materials. I guess it is not for everyone.

    • Hang out the red bag on the back of your door and it will air out. It’s the smell of fresh paint. Mine smells fine now. They sent out a email to do this & it worked!
      Hope this helps. It can be a fun bag for going to a concert or festival. …

      • Not all of them. I left mine in my garage until last week and it still stinks to high heaven.

        • Mine too. Stinky still. I haven’t been able to use it yet. It’s been sitting out open in my garage since we got them… I smell that odor when I walk into the garage now.

          • I have known others that stated on the forum that they did what I did and had not problem – but I noticed that both of you stated that you both left yours if the garage. On the forum, it was talked about – same subject, this was the fresh paint that needed to air out. I am curious if the garages are climate controlled? (Hope that this came out right)…

      • That thing has been “airing” out in my garage for 4 months now. Does the stink go away by month 6th?!?!?

    • Haven’t heard a ginsu reference in forever!! lol!

  17. Just gonna mosey on into my back yard and pick some 20$ off my money tree…. lol $650 for a box?!?! It better be lined with platinum and wrapped with a 24k gold bow. To those who can and do take the leap on this I hope you love it!!

  18. $650???

    No. Just… no. I can’t.

  19. Geezzzeee!!!! How much is the yearly subscription? Wouldn’t it just it be a little bit more to get a whole year?

    This is the first year SE Luxor box I have to pass on.. too expensive! Dang! I would be more tempted at $400 or even a little bit more. …

    • Not that I am not tempted like crazy because, as I said, this is the 1st time I have skipped the SE box (since I have broke down and joined them)..
      Serious FOMO here!!!!
      But not $650 FOMO Worth!!

    • For $40 more you can buy the sub for a year, I also got a free tumbler included!!

      • Thank you so much! I subbed the first time when it was to get a 1951 bag…
        (And a locked in price before it went up) but I was thinking that it was close to that!!

  20. I hope nobody jumps and we see these on sale like the Neiman Marcus boxes in the future. Fingers crossed.

  21. It better come with a plane ticket to Paris! for that price they can shove it up their bum!

  22. I was the thinking maybe for my birthday, but then I don’t think the backpack is timeless. For $800 I want a bag I can get 10 years out of. Being it’s so square and different, I see it only being trendy for a few years. Plus that article is from Christmas, it was the it bag for winter maybe. Perhaps Luxor scooped up the overstock when the “it bag” didn’t sell as expected. I haven’t seen anyone with it or anything like it. I would want way more sneak peaks for $650. Even then, I could go to nordstroms and go a little nuts for that much. I hope they send it to Msa as a free preview, and the lucky person who gets it there. ?

    • I believe the backpacks are made to order, so you would not likely see it around much.

  23. There’s always someone who would shell out for this, but not me. I’m more interested in the comments though. ?
    I can’t wait to see what the items are and if those that made the jump are happy.
    Th comment section is my guilty pleasure and better than reality TV. Some of you ladies crack me up!!!

    • Haha. I agree. I’m finding these comments to be way more entertaining than last night’s premiere of Big Brother.

      • Totally here for the comments too 😉 when I saw that price tag… I figured the comments would be entertaining.

        • Me too! I almost couldn’t wait! LOL

    • Karen, my sentiments exactly! I’m still cracking up over the comment that said this box better come with a divorce lawyer lol.

      • The divorce lawyer comment is the best one so far. I don’t even need a TV, wait until OuiPlease releases a LE box for $1000 and promise that they will ship on time. We will have the best laugh on that one. 🙂

  24. I’m still on the fence about this…. I think the backpack is cute but it says over $1750 in retail value..when I take off the $800 that’s $950 left for six items. I would think with the Paris hint it would be another 1951 bag and I’m not really into those bags. Hmm decisions decisions

  25. I was ready to hit the buy button until the price hit me. I think I would have continued at $500.00 but could not quite risk it at $650.00.

    • I was thinking the same thing! $500 might be juatifiable for a Lux box, but this is getting too rich for my blood. I am excited to see what people get though . I am sure I will have box envy!

      • Me too! When I got the email, I thought “$800 bag, this is going to be $500.”

  26. $700 US (converts to $892 Canadian) PLUS duty for us Canadian subscribers . Waaayyy too expensive to risk. I can’t justify almost $1000 CAD for unknown contents. Hope those who take the plunge find it worth it!

  27. Wow. Just wow – and I don’t mean that in a “Yay” kind of way. I got excited when I saw that BB backpack, because I think it’s AWESOME and I love his pieces. Then I noticed the price. I had to read it a few times to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I thought “Is this maybe for multiple Black boxes?”. Nope. Just one box. There’s no way I’m spending $650 on a box. It better include plane tickets for the Vegas trip I’m trying to plan (off topic, but holy cow – how does a person decide on a hotel for a first-time Vegas trip? Aria? Cosmo? Venetian? Wynn? Research has been exhausting!) Anyhow – Props to those who can drop $650 on box without even having full spoilers. I hope the remaining contents are awesome for you, and I may be stalking the swap site for some of the pieces, but Luxor won’t be getting my cash on this one.

    • re: Vegas – If it’s your first time you’re probably going to want to see a lot of different stuff and be out and about a lot (I’m guessing?) so I would filter based on central strip location and your price range.

      I’ve been maybe 6-8 times total…….I would say that my favorite place to stay is the Bellagio. Venetian is also great, and Aria. Paris is probably a little cheaper than those and still a nice place to stay.

    • Depends what kind of party you are planning and what kind of vibe you are looking for. Aria is always good, if you have a suite, they send a limo to pick you up at the airport. Very luxe and the shopping is terrific.
      Wynn is more sophisticated and the pool is also very good. Don’t forget Bellagio too! Either way, your going to have a blast and I’m sure you have enough SPF from all your sub boxes that you’ll be fine under the sun. Enjoy!!!

    • Aria was excellent when I went 🙂

    • I’m in Vegas now and staying at the Aria. It’s lovely and very centrally located. That is really important because it’s 115 degrees this week!

    • My 2 cents re Vegas hotel: Vdara hands down! It’s one of the more inexpensive hotels right in the middle of the strip, and they’re all suites. It’s located behind Aria & Cosmopolitan, and is directly connected to the Bellagio. Plus, it’s non-smoking, which is really nice after spending hours in the casinos. It’s cheaper too because they don’t have a casino in the hotel or a restaurant (just a little café & a nice bar), so they don’t have to pay all that overhead for those things. This is where I stayed for my 1st time in Vegas last year, and it’s the only place I’ll stay going forward (I stayed in the Panoramic suite (with a 280 degree view) and it was awesome!!!)
      Have fun!!!

      • I have heard really good things about Vdara. If you don’t mind that it’s a non-casino hotel I think that’s a great option! If it’s your first time and you’re going to be seeing a bunch of different hotels while you’re there, you may not even care that there’s not a casino in YOUR hotel. I honestly don’t gamble that much and I’d rather have a nice pool than a nice casino 🙂

    • Wow, thanks for all the Vegas recommendations! Vdara and Bellagio were two others I was considering, so I’m glad those would also be good options! And yes, I definitely have more than enough sunscreen from all my sub boxes! lol

      chrisandrobwatson – That’s awesome that you’re in Vegas now! I hope you’re having a great time! Maybe you’ll win big and can grab this sub box. =)

    • I go to Vegas multiple times a year. I now always stay at the MGM signature, it’s behind MGM but still feels on the strip. I recommend signing up for a program called m life really good discounts on rooms and show prices

      • Wow! I did not see all of those other comments. Agree it depends on what your going for. I’ll add the signature has balconeys and full kitchens in the rooms which is a plus.

    • Regarding Vegas, we went last summer and stayed at the The Bellagio and looooved it. It’s pretty centrally located on the strip and we got a room overlooking the fountains. It was incredible for sure!!

    • I live in Vegas and I’d say out of those, The Wynn is the best located. It’s pretty much in the middle of the Strip. Plus it’s right across the street from Fashion Show Mall. And they have the best clubs for nightlife in my opinion. They are all super pretty and fancy inside but The Wynn is probably the least hoity toity feeling out of the four.

      • Te Wynn also has the best breakfast buffet. Please note you should plan to pack on a 2-3lbs

    • I live in Vegas. Had a “meaningful birthday” party for family in Vdara. Aria (with casino, great restaurants, clubs, shows…) is a 3-minute stroll across a driveway with artwork. Centrally located, well appointed, lots of artwork, great architecture, classy… if you can get a decent deal on rooms, either Vdara or Aria would be good choices.

  28. Some of these comments are cracking me up! I have to agree, $650 is way too steep for a leap into the unknown. On the rare occasions I’ve done a $250 box, I needed to take a Xanax. I am super-curious, though. Can’t wait to see the full contents.

  29. I love Luxor Box. They have wonderful customer service and curate one of the best boxes ever. I give them credit for having the guts to run a high-end promotion and learn from how their customers react. I hope they get the insights needed to come up with another idea similar to this but at a better price point – the Luxor Black concept is very cool. The cost of almost two car payments….a little less cool. Keep it up Luxor Box!

    • My hub’s truck payment is $696/mo. Maybe if we skip one….lol!

      • I just got an email from my loan people that I can skip my July payment if I want to (of course they just tack it on to the end)……….I could get this instead! LOLOL

    • Your right about that though the concept is pretty cool!

  30. I feel guilty enough with the $150 for the Avenue A I couldn’t justify the $650 for this box.

    • Me too, the Avenue A was my largest single box purchase. But I love all the items, got the box yesterday and wearing my tracker today 🙂

  31. If I were making a venn diagram, I would guess the intersection of “subscription box subscribers” and “people who drop $650 on a lark for something they aren’t exactly sure of” to be pretty small.

    I am curious to see how this goes over. I LOVE the luxe factor. I am not a backpack person, I might have considered this more if it had been a handbag.

    That “it bag” article they linked to is 6+ months old BTW.

  32. For $650 I can get a round trip ticket to Paris. That has to be a pretty darn amazing box to compete with a trip to Paris.

    • If I could get a flight to Paris for only $650, I’d definitely choose the trip over some fashion items. Every time.

      • right? if I can fly out of my NYS to Paris for under $650, I may as well do it every month. that deal doesn’t exist here sadly

        • Norwegian Air has tickets from JFK to Paris for $175 one way starting in October. 😀

          • I guess that must be with a mandatory connection in Norway?? I need to look into this!

          • LOL no it’s a direct flight. They have ridiculously inexpensive direct and connecting flights from the US to Europe. The only requirement is that it doesn’t start and end in the same continent, or something (you can’t use it to fly JFK to LAX). I can’t vouch for them since I’ve never flown them (not that I fly internationally more than twice ever), but I love to look at the prices…

    • Oooohhh. Nothing can compete with Paris!

  33. The bag is beautiful….. But – even with the stated overall value of $1700 for this box…. this is just way too much risk. And – truthfully – for $650 – I’d be looking for even more value (at least 3 times stated retail seems more typical for subscription boxes). Will be interesting to see how many folks go for this!

  34. Definitely not a backpack person, and that’s almost my mortgage payment! Looking forward to living vicariously through your review of the other items. 🙂

  35. As much as I want this box, I just can’t. I totally think it’s worth the cost (Brandon Blackwood pieces are amazing), but I. just. can’t. I can either get this box or get electricity, gas, phone, Internet, cable and insurance for the month. *sigh* Adulting is hard……

  36. LOVE this spoiler BUT I don’t need an $800 bag. NO WAY can I spend $650 on a mystery box. I am excited for those that can afford this and I hope it is AMAZING but as someone else said I wish they revealed more than just one spoiler with such a high price tag.

  37. I nearly had a heart attack at the price!

  38. The backpack is available on his website which means it is NOT sold out and is half the value of the entire box… WHY do I still want to buy this thing?!??! I would say I would swap for whatever I like in it BUT I don’t think anyone would be swapping the items for anything I currently have….. DANG IT!! Now I have to get it!!!

    • *EDIT* I thought it said the backpack was sold out, my mistake, they just meant one of the items in the box…. I bought it… I’m weak…

  39. I’m sorry, but no. Just too expensive and honestly, that bag is ugly. Maybe someone out there will feel differently, but it’s a pass for me at that price!

  40. I went and looked at the bigger picture of the bag and while it’s nice jeez…I think $250 is the max I would go for a LE box.

  41. Honestly the only way I’d buy this is with at least 3 of the 7 items spoiled where I loved every single item.
    The backpack alone is not worth the risk to me.

  42. At this price point I am not going to get one unless they announce the other hero items and they are spectacular. I’m probably just not fashionable enough because that bag looks hedious.

  43. If I spent 650 dollars on a mystery box, it should come with a divorce lawyer inside because I would need one!

    • Hahahahaha yes.

      • Lmao! Yeah, even if we were rich my husband would still kill me for spending $650 on a box. We could go on a short cruise to Alaska or Hawaii for that price tag.

        • Random tangent but where are you finding cruises for that price point? Most I’ve seen to those location s were well over four figures.

          • I’d like to know that too! Going on a cruise to Alaska in a month and I can say that the price was more than 3 times that price….

          • Groupon always has amazing deals. A 2 night cruise to the Bahamas is $269 on there currently, and that’s for TWO people. Always, always check groupon. Also, Carnival Cruise is pretty affordable, but you have to check in the winter months; they prices go up in the summer.

          • they’re***

          • omg!! Their*** lol

    • Hahahahah that is a good one ! Same here ! All my summer boxes are coming now daily , and my husband has been giving me funny looks ! He would kill me!

  44. I would buy it, but this is the wrong time. Everyone is most likely saving for summer vacations (like me). April would be a better time, when tax returns are coming in.

  45. I don’t like backpacks and I am never spending $650 on one box so this is an easy pass.

  46. I agree insanely expensive and I am not a fan of backpacks. Thankfully an easy pass.

  47. Wow. This box is more expensive than my rent!

    • Your rent is cheap! Less than $650? You must have roommates.

      • I have a dog and a cat but they can’t seem to hold down a job, the lazy bums 😉

        • Haha. Love your comment ?

        • wow you can’t get rent like that here anymore. where do you live, the midwest?

          • Yes, Kansas City. I have a two bedroom apartment in midtown. Our rents vary dramatically based on amenities and location. I have a friend who lives a few blocks east, just bordering on a more troubled neighborhood, and he pays only $300 for a one bedroom. But a home down the street from me was converted into two apartments and the top floor (a two bedroom I think) went for $1200 a month. I hope they at least added a dishwasher for that price!

          • I don’t rent, but you can get it here in the Southeast (as long as you are not in a gated community apartment)…

          • Wow my mouth is dropping! Even during my college years living with bunch of other people, my rent never went lower than $1,000 for a single room

          • In Nebraska my mortgage payment for a 2 bed 1 1/2 bath condo with pool and garage is only $565 a month

          • ok i’m moving. i’ve heard good things about omaha…

          • Totally cracks me up! I always tell my dog he needs a J-O-B so he can chip in on all his expenses and pay part of my $2300 a month rent (for a one bedroom)! I see things like $650 a month and think man i need to move!!!

          • So there’s a dog-friendly liquor store up the street and all the guys who work there love Marco. I get my adult treat and he gets a dog treat. Occasionally they let him hang out if I have to walk to another nearby store. They joke that he’s their best employee. If only that were reflected in a paycheck!
            Also though – $2300 for a one bedroom?!?! That’s insane. I hope you live somewhere like NYC or San Francisco. With rent like that, I couldn’t afford to feed a dog. Or myself for that matter!

          • No wonder there’s so many famous people who are moving to Charlotte NC! Even Steve Smith stayed living here even though he was cut. One of the members of Aerosmith, etc..
            You can live in the uptown with a view of the Panthers Stadium at $1200 per month (huge lux studio apartment)

          • geeez thats more than i make. wow i feel better with my $900 now. thanks

          • Wow! DS just got a studio apartment in Boston (and not the priciest area) for about $2k/month. Yes, you read that right—for a room and a bathroom with a kitchen along the wall.

        • omg! i guessed midwest because i went to school near st. louis. everything is so much cheaper there. not like snobby vermont where my one-bedroom is $905 and that is considered cheap especially with the square footage i have. now if i wanted to live downtown, that would be impossible! and even if i wanted to move it’s reaaaaally hard to find something under $1000 now without getting roommates or a sketchy landlord in a dump. ugh

  48. This is a very easy pass for me! The backpack is not for me! Can’t wait to see spoilers though.

  49. Insanely expensive and I’d be so mad if I didn’t like the items, despite their value

  50. Holy moly. I’ve told myself that I will grab the next Brandon Blackwood piece that comes up….but I don’t carry huge bags. But I know the value is there, so I don’t know. Wow. This is bold on Luxor Box’s part. Have we ever seen such an expensive subscription box?

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