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July 2016 Luxor Box Spoiler!

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Luxor Box

We have the first spoiler for the July 2016 Luxor box spoiler! (Thanks Jenn, and Ann!) Each July box will include:


A SHAFFER LA The Julian Bag

And a Dartington Crystal home item!

What do you think of the spoiler? Check out my Luxor box reviews to learn more about this box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This box is the biggest disappointment. Not only is the bag blue, but it is teeny tiny. The other items (clock, leather pen, note paper and mask) are nothing special either, BTW who would spend $40 for a PEN?????

  2. I received my box today and it’s probably my favorite Luxor Box yet! I don’t like the bag thingie but I LOVE the crystal item! (Should I not be disclosing spoilers on this thread?)

  3. I received my July box today and I am so disappointed. The whole box is a miss for me.
    This has been the worst Luxor box for me. And it really stinks because it’s an expensive box. I may use the face stuff if I can’t swap it, but even then I’m not getting my money’s worth. It really sucks that I can’t get excited about even one item 🙁

    • How many items did you get in your Box?

      • 4 items this time

        • Me too! I totally agree with you! Thanks for the info. 🙂

    • I agree. This month’s box was a let down for me as well. And I thought the price values noted were estimated way high. Zzzzz a snoozer.

  4. Does anybody get the Luxor Petite box? I can’t find very many reviews for it and was wondering if people liked it/thought it was worth the price.

  5. Has anyone had any issues with paying with their PayPal for Luxor Box?

    • I pd that way for a annual subscription last time they offered a annual subscription. …..
      I had no problems. I have had problems with PayPal in other situations, though…
      I had to got a new PayPal account.

  6. I’m excited about this spoiler! My inner flower child loves tassels and I prefer clutches over larger, heavy bags plus blue is my favorite color. I do think it would have been cool to offer more color options to choose like they did with the 1951 Maison previously, but this is perfect for me. Even when there are items I’m not as fond of, they make great gifts. Luxor always provides great value for the cost and is my #1 favorite sub box.

  7. All the disclaimers seems like a big CYA after the Zoe disappointment.

    • I like the Zoe bag. I am not sure why so many people are so annoyed about it.

  8. I’m actually looking forward to this one. I love the color! Ever since I tore my rotator cuff I’ve learned to live with smaller bags, and have actually liked not carrying my entire life with me everywhere 🙂 It also seems that this one has a more unusual shape than most, so that should be fun, too.

  9. I have at least 6 blue clutches and one navy purse all from subscription boxes. Frankly it’s a bit tiresome to always get the same color but I suppose they’ve determined blue is universally loved for leather goods? I guess it’s more extravagant looking than black or brown.

    I would probably be happy to get this box if I were subscribed. I just wanted to vent about the blue clutches!

  10. This is not an everyday purse but I like it. Cute for a date night and a pop of color to add to a little black dress.

  11. Love it! I love the cobalt blue color and tassels. I’m glad that it’s a smaller size because I always fill my bags and this will help me stick with the essentials.

  12. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t care for luxor. I even swapped away a 1951 purse (size large) because it’s too small, just had to fit my phone and a few essentials. Im getting tired of subs always giving such a small “pouch”. And in cobalt blue. HELLO! I got popsugar for a long time and i remember when i signed up they asked questions so they could personalize the box, then they went ahead and sent the boxes without checking your profile. It just seems like the sub box companies are sending repeat items. Where is the variety??? Examples of things i hoped to get from pop sugar but never did include tights/colored hose or a larger handbag with a strap, pillow spray, real solid silver jewelry ( inflated prices since i can go to ebay and get a real silver necklace for $20 but they want $40 for seed beads? ) how many teeny trays/ cutting boards and scarves does one need? Maybe I’m getting tired of mystery boxes. I just want to add i am getting the pop sugar summer box and the cfda box after seeing spoilers so its not that i don’t like or want new items, just tired of repeat items.

  13. I am, at best, meh about this bag. It’s cute but I already have way too many clutches from sub boxes and I almost never use any them.

    Unfortunately I signed up really early in the billing cycle so I’ve already been charged for this box. I *really* need to see if I can change my billing date.

  14. Not another small bag! I’ve been a subscriber with Luxor from day one and find there’s too much costume jewellery and too many small bags. A cute beach bag would be great in July. Why not do something different like that instead?

    • Beach bags in sub boxes are not different. In fact, FabFitFun has one in its summer box.

      • @nelliebellie1197 – I meant different for Luxor. I don’t subscribe to any other lifestyle boxes, so having some variety in this one is desirable.

  15. I really am not a fan of this at all. Think I am going to cancel for this month as well. To resub will only cost me another 4$ if I like next September.

  16. Love this!! I’m so looking forward to it!!

  17. I love the color, but the size and tassels make me dislike this. I’ll likely put it up for swap.

    • Me, too. Cobalt is my very favorite color, but I don’t do clutches and I definitely don’t do tassels. This will be my first Luxor box, and I’ve already got an item to swap.

  18. I like the tassels. Just over the blue color. To be fair, in order for them to be able to afford the box and still include other luxe items, they need to provide the “slimmed down version”. Otherwise, other items would suffer. And they tend to include a lot of nice items.

  19. Why does the smaller bag have the same value as the larger one. Same thing happened with the large 1951. Kind of over over inflation with a lot of this “stuff”

  20. I love the color and don’t mind tassels… But I wouldn’t spend more than $50 on a small clutch, so I need to wait to see another spoiler before I commit. Or would my $129 be better spent on a 1951?

  21. What is so special about Shaffer LA that it’s being offered here? The bag actually looks nice in the picture, but I thought the same with RZ’s bucket bag shown in the very first pictures of the Spring Box. The company failed in filling the orders for RZ and made substitutions. I can’t in good conscience even consider this box.

  22. I love how they are trying to pump up the excitement over a smaller bag.

    • right? [“EXCLUSIVE SIZE” SLIM DOWN VERSION] … as if this is good news?

      • Some people don’t like big bags.

        • Its smaller bag at the same price. Thats the joke and reason people are upset. Nothing to do with your (or my) preference.

          • Amen!!! They should give us the same size as it’s advertised online!! Doesn’t matter the size at all to me I like all different one. But why is this RV the same for a smaller bag? Somthing isn’t right!!!

  23. I’d trade the bag for another Rose et Marius tumbler…If I don’t have a strap, with ADD, I would lose my new clutch and anything in it within a week! I wish they’d put that in a few more Luxor boxes…or that Oui Please! would be like…wow…that’s a popular item…let’s include that in OUR box! Always dreamin’!

  24. Obsessed with EVERYTHING about this bag, except, the size… whyyyyyy so small!? 🙁

  25. How many spoilers do they usually give before it’s sold out? Or is it usually sold out? I would love to see at least one more item (full disclosure, not just the company it’s from) prior to purchasing.


  26. Hahaha. I thought the same thing as all of you:

    -Blue? Is this PSMH?
    -Tassles again?
    -That thing is tiny!

    I think it could be a great item and a good deal for anyone who loves it but it’s not for me. Really craving a nice Luxe or LE box and hoping for a good spoiler but I may have to wait until fall.

    • you stole the thoughts right out of my head 🙂

    • Same thoughts……and I wish the sub boxes would get off the tassel train they are on! The only place they go is on curtain tie backs. I just can’t get that image out of my mind…..growing up….everyone’s curtains had them! Lol

  27. It’s official. I am done with tassels.

  28. Here is a link to the actual bag featured in the July box – uncertain why they didn’t include this with the spoiler instead of an image of the larger bag. Also wish there was a photo of this smaller version being carried (for size comparison) …

    I really do like this bag, but not convinced (yet) that it’s worth $195 – or even $129! :-\

    • Thanks for the link,it really puts the size into perspective. It is really small.

    • haha I looked at the link and it says the tassles are 5 inches long! So they are longer than the bag is tall. Thats alot of tassle. lol

  29. Too small!!!

    I LOVED the last box, but will skip this one.

    Popsugar has made me sick of blue accessories…..

  30. Liz or someone else,
    The 2nd spoiler, when did they have a Darlington Crystal item? It sounds interesting!

  31. I have been a “big bag” person for almost all of my life… I let the red one from Valentine’s Day sit and air out –then I carried it in my big black purse as a wallet. Found myself only taking it inside to the store! Now,I have been using it or the 1951 purse from the Luxor Mystery box! It is a great relief from carring a big bag! My shoulder feels much better! I love the red purse that I once was “Meh, it’s a wallet, not a purse”… I use it and love it! Now I feel like my XXL 1951 is too big!
    I am excited to see and get this bag! I don’t have a cobalt blue bag!

  32. I had already cancelled and was sad about it (money issues, not quality, as I have liked all my Luxor boxes).. but this reinforces my decision.. really don’t like the spoiler at all. Don’t like the size/color/tassel wrap of this bag. And reaaallly don’t need another small leather clutch bag with no handle or strap.. I must have at least three dozen such bags from various subs. I must go on a ‘clutch diet’ this year! Hope everyone who gets it loves the bag but I am not sad to miss out on this one so far.

  33. Cute, but I already have a million little bags and clutches, so luckily I don’t feel the need to subscribe.

  34. I, for one, need a bag with a strap of some sort. I will definitely set this down and lose it. It’s super small and I believe the same folks made the bag from RZ box of style?

  35. Lovely bag but it’s pretty small at 8×4 inches…significantly smaller than the actual Julian shown in the photo which is 12×5.5 inches. At least Luxor is very clear that it’s a “slimdown” (i.e. cheaper) version. I think I will have to pass on this one.

  36. Pretty but I already have too many clutches I don’t use.

  37. Didn’t we just get a tasseled Shaffer bag from Rachel Zoe?
    If they want to jump on band wagons, there are better ones. I would have subbed if they put in a real Beach People round towel, for example.
    Or a Weekender-type bag – they haven’t had one of those yet.

    • I have 2 round beach towels coming…. one I pd extra for and the one that is coming in the PS Summer edition box! I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another one in a different box, too!

  38. I LOVE this bag! The color is perfect for me and the hint of light blue in the tassles is so cool. My first Luxor box is the June one, but I’ll probably get this too. I swear I always have a different opinion than the most commenters.
    I’m new to Luxor, does anyone know when this ships?

    • This is from the July/Aug Box (there is no June Box) and it should ship by 7/10.

      • I think she means she’s receiving the LE Luxor is releasing in June.

        • That is what I meant. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

      • There is a June box with a 1951 bag in it.

  39. I guess we’ve all accepted tassel to be part of our lives now?


    • I just realized I’ve seen tons of tassels on clothing recently, especially through my beloved Golden Tote. I’m feeling the tassel exhaustion and totally with you at “ugh”.

  40. Actual Bag Received In The Luxor Box Will Be Smaller In Dimension – 8″L x 4″H (closed)

    I agree about not liking bags I have to carry. And that is tiny

  41. Cute but the size of the “slimmed down” version seems like it’s going to be restrictively small at least for me. Also, blue.

  42. Huh. I’m not a huge fan of the bright cobalt blue and I dislike purses I have to carry.

    I’ll be cancelling this one and perhaps renewing for the next.

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