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Hello! Bliss Birthday Box Review + Coupon – June 2016

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Hello! Bliss Box is a lifestyle box for women that sends feel good things you can use in your daily life. In addition to their monthly subscription, they offer one-time themed gift boxes. This review is for their one-time purchase Birthday Bliss box.

“Want to send THE perfect birthday gift?  Life’s a party so why not? Surprise that special someone with a beautifully wrapped birthday treat box bursting with feel good pretty things.”

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This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Subscription Box: Hello! Bliss Box Birthday Bliss

The Cost: $34.95 + free shipping

COUPON: Use code WISH10 and save 10% off the Birthday Bliss box!

The Products:  3-5 birthday themed goodies and an inspirational birthday quote.

Ships to: Continental US and Canada (Canadian orders have a $12 flat rate shipping fee)

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Birthday Cake in a Can – £5.99 (approximately $8.66 USD)

This can contains cake mix that gets mixed with water and then baked in the can itself to make a mini birthday cake. Cute idea, but I wouldn’t eat something baked in a random can to be honest.

Paper Straws – $0.50?

These paper straws are pretty designs. This is the second box this month with paper straws these must be very popular right now!


Inspirational Birthday Quote – $3?

Cute little sign, I like the fonts and colors.

Celebration Push Pop – $8

A push pop with paper confetti in pastel colors is a cute idea for a birthday box. I wouldn’t want to have to clean it up, but I like it. It would have felt more festive if this push pop has some sparkle in it I think.


Stud Earrings – $15?

I love how these little faux diamond studs are packaged. They are in a tiny glass bottle with a cork, so sweet! These are classic and elegant, I like them a lot. There is no brand or information about the metal or stones on the packaging. I like the quote though: Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle


Foam Drink Cozy – $2?

I’m not feeling the drink cozy in a woman’s birthday box. I don’t know women that use drink cozies and I feel it misses the mark of a festive, fun girly box.

Emergency Clown Nose – $5

Again, I’m not sure a red foam clown nose in a women’s birthday box is going to be a big hit. I wouldn’t wear this and neither would the women I know.

Verdict: While I love the idea of a one-time purchase birthday box to send to a friend I feel like this particular box needs some work on their curation and value. The value was only slightly higher than the cost, I estimate the value to be about $42. I think with some tweaking this could be a very special and fun box, but it didn’t quite work for me personally.

What do you think of the Hello! Bliss Birthday Box?

Written by Jessica Telesmanich

Jessica Telesmanich

Jessica’s addiction started off slowly enough with Birchbox, but it has grown and grown over the last three years. An elementary school librarian and mom of two she loves boxes that are child-centric. But she’ll never turn down a good fashion, beauty or tasty treat subscription.

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  1. Ohh Lord I was really excited but it quickly left with the first 2 items and it got worse. The earrings were the highlight. If I was walking around the dollar store I would walk by all these things. I feel bad and maybe it will get better.?

  2. I’m pretty sure the cans were made to hold the cake mix. It would be really difficult to find so many cans of identical design picking them up randomly along the roadside.

    The box does seem to be low in value & I would be displeased that.

  3. This box would not go over well with me or any women I know. I appreciate a good party, and tons of laughs, but this misses the mark; too juvenile. Thank you for the review!!

    • Thank you EBrooks!

  4. The contents are cute, but not for me. I wouldn’t give this gift to any of my women friends, either. I am very light-hearted, but this box seems a little juvenile. Good review; thanks!

  5. I’d totally make and eat that cake. Life’s too short not to have fun. I doubt my death is gonna be from a dubious cake-in-a-can! 😀 (Where’s my clown nose?)

    • But I want to add, there is no way this box is worth $35. More like $15-20.

  6. Love this site, didn’t like the box contents or the review.

  7. I keep a clown nose in my car. When stuck in traffic and tempers rising I put it on and smile at the people in the cars near me. Most people crack up and it lightens the atmosphere in my patch of the world. (Learned this at an administrative seminar.)

    • Rachelle, that’s hysterical! I would crack up if I saw someone do that in traffic! ?

  8. Ugh, I agree w/you. The items are not that great and the value is terrible. I could put this together with items from the dollar store (with a little craftiness) for $10.

  9. Great concept but the curation is awful. I guess maybe if you are in your early twenties this might seem cool and fun but I think a more mature curation would draw a larger audience.

  10. Umm, women who drink beer use koozies. It’s not a masculine thing at all.

    Even if you don’t drink beer it’s a great thing to have for whatever you’re drinking at festivals or the beach.

  11. I have several koozies. I use them all the time. Never thought of them as a “guy” thing.

    • same, I see nothing wrong with “koozies in a women’s box.” I NEVER thought of beer/koozies as “men only” and am kind of insulted that the reviewer seems to promote this view >:O

      • Jessica didn’t say they were for men only. I think she just meant that it’s a strange, cheap gift to give to a friend for a birthday.

        • The part that says she doesn’t know women that use coozies makes it sound like they’re gender specific. I agree that it’s cheap filler for the box and not something I’d want to give to someone of either gender for a birthday.

        • she said she doesn’t know women that uses koozies, which implies that they are for men. I was very offended. While reviews are personal by nature, I do hope to see less of socially backward views.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t want to get this coozy because it’s not that nice looking, not because I’m a woman. I already have enough of them 😛

    • Hi Sue,
      I don’t think they are a “guy” thing. I just don’t think of them as a birthday gift. If I was putting together my own birthday box for a friend I’d never include a beer cozy, but that’s just me! No judging from me – just sharing my opinion. ?
      Best, Jessica

  12. I’m a beer girl and I love koozies!

  13. I love this! I also love koozies.. this isn’t the cutest one ever, but I literally am obsessed w/ them and have like 50-60ish? I am 25 if that helps.. maybe the target market is to a “sillier” person? Idk..

  14. Wow, this is why sub boxes can’t please everyone, huh?

    I would absolutely LOVE to get this box! Little cakes / muffins in cans are super fun to make & delicious & insta-worthy, straws & confetti is cute and I would definitely use them, and I can already imagine myself using drink cozy & clown nose with my girlfriends when I’m drinking and being silly with them (on my BIRTHDAY)!

  15. I personally see only about $10-$15 in value myself and do not find it to be much of a birthday surprise. If someone gave this to me, it would be really, really hard to smile big enough to disguise the look of disappointment on my face. ?

    • LOL…totally agree. I would be upset to receive this as a gift and could use the box cost for something that I really like.

  16. Aw! I think this is super sweet! I don’t think the clown nose belongs-it seems like more of a cheer-up thing than a celebratory thing-but other than that I like the items. I don’t have pierced ears and hate costume jewlery so a scarf might work better than the earrings. And maybe a fun candle for the cake or some chocolate could bring the value up a bit. But overall, I think this is a very sweet package and a good idea!

    • Okay, YOU should be packing the boxes! A scarf instead of cheap earrings, a fun candle, some chocolate…and I may add perhaps a balloon, as well as some basic cosmetic samples perhaps…Burt’s Bees lip balm, a sugar lip scrub, face-cleansing wipes…something that every gal could use at some point! I always wanted to do get-well boxes – my hubby was military and I got really good at sending out themed care packages – I once sent a get-well box to a friend who broke her leg that had bubble wrap (for stress relief!) colouring book and pencil crayons, stickers for her cast, coloured sharpies for others to write on her cast, a body powder (she was always hot in her room), and a lightly scented room spray (she felt very shut-in since it was winter). She loved it! 😀

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