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GlossyBox June 2016 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon

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Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9

Thank you to Jen and Kelly for letting us know about the full GlossyBox spoilers for the June 2016 box! This box is a collaboration with the Tony Awards!

Spoilers from mikmaktv:

UDPATE: This box will also include:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.24.30 PM

SinfulColors Full Size Trend Matters Satin Collection nail polish. (Colors will vary.)

The best kinds of surprises are the ones that include world-class beauty products.

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Each box will include:


icona MILANO Emotion Allowed Mascara – Value $19


Vichy Eau Thermale


Leighton Denny Miracle Mist


Caolion Freshly Hydro Sheet Mask


Tan Towel

What do you think about the spoilers? I’m not too crazy about Tan Towels, but everything else has potential for me!

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 6.27.16 PM

For a limited time, use coupon code GLOSSYPOP to get a free POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner with your first month of a GlossyBox subscription.

Check out my GlossyBox reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box! (And check out the June 2016 GlossyBox spoilers, too!)

Full Details: Available while supplies last. Promotion is limited to one gift with purchase per customer. Valid only on the purchase of any new recurring subscription (Monthly, 6-Month or 12-Month). Not valid on gift cards, gift plans or limited edition boxes. Apply code in the Enter Promotion Code section at checkout. If the code does not apply successfully before checkout, it cannot be added at a later time. One code per customer; cannot be combined with other codes/offers/promotions.

(FYI – GlossyBox is $21 a month with a monthly subscription. Check out my GlossyBox reviews to learn more about this subscription).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. This was my first glossybox, and it was aiight. I get ipsy and I was excited for this because it’s talked about as all high-end products but it was just so-so. I liked the bubble pack mask and the lip gloss. The sinful colors nail polish tho? It’s like $1 at rite aid. I wasn’t expecting drug store makeup, I thought that was the reason for the higher price point for glossybox over ipsy and birchbox.

  2. I got totally different products. No nail polish or sheet mask but I got. And acne serum, which is actually more useful and a weird Korean face soap. I’m actually happy with that too. But I wanted the Vichy water and nail polish and didn’t get that. Weird.

    • And no nail spray! I really wanted that. Mine was totally random.

  3. Just got my first GlossyBox and they sent me the May version thank God I didn’t get June’s (I subscribed May 30) this one is pretty great but I think I am switching to the Allure box. I have read better reviews for it lately where as GlossyBox has gone downhill a bit.

  4. Hmmm, just got an email saying that all boxes would include a Sebastian hair spray or hair cream in the June box. There must be some variations not show in the spoilers.

    • Yea, I’m a little confused. I reached out to GlossyBox to get more info. I’ll update once I hear back.

      • Kind of glad this may not be the box we’re all getting but I do hope I get to try the nail spray.

  5. Just cancelled, only sorry that I didn’t do it sooner before this box was charged.

    • worst, cheapest box ever. i agree

  6. Wow, really!?!? Soooooo glad I haven’t signed up for this as it would have pissed me off royally. That Gilt deal is no longer available so I feel for those who have been paying $21 for this (!!!). And here I thought I was a little bummed by May’s Sephora Play! bag, but this proves it could always be worse. I forsee a lot of cancelling in Glossybox’s future.

    • May’s Sephora Play was my first month, and I hated it…is it usually better?

  7. Will these really come in the box? I mean, when they say “this month’s box”, they might just mean the box. After repeatedly emailing Glossy, I finally got my Free Second Box with Subscription and they did splurge and put shreds, tissue paper and a ribbon in the box. Plus they took the care to carefully bubble wrap the box. I guess I should be grateful that the box was kind of cute, so that makes it reusable.

  8. Will these really come in the box? I mean, we can’t assume that when we order a box, anything will be in it. I finally received the free box with a subscription. The box. Some shredding, a ribbon, tissue. All carefully bubblewrapped so the BOX arrived safely. When they say box it doesn’t necessarily mean beauty supplies, it might very well just mean box.

  9. I don’t use waterproof mascara or self-tanning products, but everything else looks interesting. I use water sprays after workouts or on hot days to cool down. The nail product looks interesting. Although I have lots of sheet masks, I can always use another.

  10. Super disappointed with this box, lately I would rather try my luck with for ipsy bags over my glossybox and boxycharm boxes. I hate receiving nail polish so even if I loved everything that always seems to sour me to the entire box.

  11. This is my first box 🙁 I don’t know if I will continue or switch over to Boxycharm….really can only afford one “higher priced” box.

    • I like the $15 Allure box for a good mix of beauty/skin/body care and BeautyFix for $25 if you’re less interested in makeup and fragrances. Boxycharm is really popular but I personally find it too make-up focused for me and they also feature a lot of items that I don’t find to be of good quality. Glossybox used to be good, but they seem to be in decline over the last 6 months. Hope you find something that fits what you’re looking for.

      • I think I will give the Allure box a try thanks!

  12. Hmmm not too sure how I’m feeling about this $2.99 nail polish? Really?..I just subscribed last mth and I must say Boxycharm looks more interesting at this point….I’ll give it a fair 3 mth shot I guess…which do you all lean to Boxycharm or Glossybox..I’m new to all this so any help would be grand!!! FYI: Even Ipsy seems better then this too…SMH.

    • Hey I love ipsy!! It’s ten a month but u get deluxe sizes bUT u get a cute bag as well!! I lovery boxycharm to! U always get full size items. I have all 3 and boxycharm and ipsy by far my favorite.

    • Boxycharm. I subbed for the annual after about 4 months and they have not disappointed. A couple of months have been meh but I could still use all the products. Boxycharm hands down is better than GB. I will be canceling my GB. The Glossybox Limited Edition boxes are the best.

  13. Sinful Colors nail polish costs a whopping $2 at Walgreens and Walmart. I’m impressed, Glossybox!

    • I had several of these polishes from Target boxes listed for “free with any swap” on the swap site and I can’t even GIVE them away. We get so many nice polishes in boxes that I don’t bother with the cheap ones and I don’t like this formula at all.

      • I’d take all the Sinful polishes! For whatever reason, this one actually tends to hold up better than other polishes on me. I’ll have a $10 to $20 bottle chip on me by day 2. Sinful will at least get me through the work week (I can be rough on a mani).

        • If you’re on the swap site, search “31 bits banjo bracelet” as I am the only one with this item posted (name Joy, profile photo of my dog). I will happily send you 5 of them (including the one I get from this box) with any swap.

        • I agree, Sinful nail polishes may be very cheap, they’re fantastic!! I got a couple in PinchMe boxes, that’s how I found out about them, then I bought a ton. I love the colors and they last longer than any of my Julep polishes for a fraction of the price.

  14. Best I can say about this is that at least there’s no perfume or black eyeliner in it. That would have sent me over the edge LOL.

    I’ll use it all eventually except the tanning towel. I need more than “I’ll use it eventually” to want to renew a $21/month box. Boxy Charm sometimes sends a dud or two in a box but there’s always something in there to get excited about beyond “yeah, I guess I’ll use it”.

    • Confused . Their Instagram page shows nail polish in the June box.

      • I guess that’s an extra item this month! Just added it to the post. Thanks!

  15. While the samples do seem small, I am excited about the thermal spray and nail drying spray. I even like the sheet mask. For $8, I’m super happy with the box. I’m sick of tan towel and bronzers in general, I don’t use them at all. And mascara, I have more than enough to last me a lifetime. But I’m super happy for the sprays, can’t wait to try them!

    • 8.00? Glossy box is 21.00

      • Some of us got in on the Gilt deal for about 8.00 a box.

        • Man if they’re giving it away for $8, u know they must suck lol….$8 is how much we all should be paying.

          • Lol. I agree! This box is about to be cancelled from my list. Tan towels are the smelliest self tanner, sinful colors is cheap, everything else, eh.

          • Agree, I got the Gilt City deal after swearing I would never sub to GB again, I broke down because it was only $8, cheaper than Birchbox or Ipsy. Once my sub is over, I won’t renew at all. GB is starting to look like a $10-$15 box, and Boxycharm whose also $21 I think knocks it out of the park all the time with full size items. I’d be super mad if I still paid $21 for this box.

          • How exactly does the swap work on here? How to put items up for swap, as I have quite a few items from several different subs that I won’t use. And how to snag something that I want?

  16. Woo Hoo! Another 1/2 body tan towel. Now I can do my whole body 🙂

    • LOL!! Thanks for the smile!!

    • I have just received my either Macy’s or Sephora’s summer bag, there’s your extra tan towel!

  17. I am trying to find a positive comment. . . Ummm… I do look forward to the nail spray! My yr ends in October and I will not be renewing.
    Everything will be on my swap (except for the nail spray)…

    • I will only be renewing to get the free boxes I have earned from Glossydots…then I am gone, too.

    • Same problem, here.. trying to something other than “I hate this box.” I used to have a similar nail spray and I liked it a lot so.. there’s that. The rest.. holy crap, no. More mascara. More water in a can. More tan towels. More face masks. I will not use any of those items. It will all be up for swap, my pre-paid sub ends in August and I’ve already cancelled the renewal. GB has been going steadily downhill for me so either something is up with them or I’m just not the target audience for this box anymore. A few one-off boxes will be nice as the Mother’s Day box was pretty great, I thought, and I bought a few one-offs around xmas that were really good, too. I will not miss you, GB, and even I am surprised to hear me say that.

    • I agree. I won’t be renewing my subscription either. I don’t use face masks, I don’t need any more mascara, and probably won’t use the other items either. I prefer makeup in my box. This box has gone downhill fast !

  18. This terrible box just sealed the deal on whether to cancel. My ten dollar boxes are way more interesting. Subbing for beautyfix to replace this next month.

  19. Once again self tanners, mascara, and a face mask? Be still my beating heart!!! We have only gotten the same thing months running. I am only happy with the nail dryer. Spaying my face on purpose…..Not so much. 🙁

    • I don’t get it yet either. … mixing setting powder, blush, etc… umm, it just doesn’t seem to feel right to me…

  20. Ugh, just cancelled.

  21. I’m not usually that hard to please, and have mostly liked the Glossyboxes I’ve gotten since October, but this looks terrible. I can use the mask and thermal water, I guess, but wouldn’t pay $10 to have them. Or even postage if they were free.

  22. I canceled last month and this months box makes me glad that I did. The actual box is the only thing that looks interesting.

    • Ha funny you should say that.
      I was just thinking, every time a special box design comes out, the actual contents are usually lackluster.
      Me personally, i don’t give a rats what the box looks like, i care about the contents im paying for!

    • Yeah, I’m glad I canceled my subscription too. I signed up for the first month because of the 50% off coupon and wish I got the cancel in before this month’s box was charged. Ugh.

  23. So glad I canceled. This box is getting worse and worse…

    • Yeah I know, I’ve been thinking of cancelling for a while and now I really think I will

  24. Terrible box for me. Glossybox quality has really gone down hill.
    I sell the boxes i dont like on ebay.
    i get $15, which is an ok profit since i got the gilt city deal.

  25. I’m in the minority, but I am quite pleased wish this box. I love waterproof mascara in the summer, the water spray is something I would never buy, but am excited to try and the nail stuff is something I need. The tan towels aren’t or me, but the box is an overall win.

  26. I’m really excited about the waterproof mascara!

  27. I’ve actually been subbing for a few years now to multiple beauty subscriptions and I’ve never received a mist so I’m excited about that. I also don’t believe I’ve received a waterproof mascara so I’m happy about that even though it’s just a plain black mascara. I love trying new face mask so I’m okay with that as well. The items that I’m most excited to try is probably the mist for my nail polish I hope it works.

    I wish that subscriptions would get a clue, and quit sending out bronzers or tanning products, very few people get excited about those items and most people absolutely detest them.

    • I actually love tanning products but strongly dislike the TanTowel brand so I can’t say I agree that people dislike self tanners. I also like bronzer. The most common beauty box products are mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss. Every beauty sub includes SPF, sea salt spray, self tanner and/or bronzer this time of year. It just goes with the territory.

      • I can understand why they send out self tanners, but I don’t understand the single towel thing that I have gotten from some…? I feel like I have to collect the all like a set of baseball cards….?

  28. Not a great month for me, but I think the Miracle Mist looks pretty handy, and I’ve never gotten anything like it in a sub before. I will also use the thermal water. The rest I don’t see getting used. Sheet masks wreak havoc on my skin (the alcohol, I guess?) and I can’t even give away most tanning products. I’m loyal to Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara, so the mascara will get swapped or gifted. Meh.

  29. I actually really like this box ? – most of it I’ll use! I agree with Liz about the Tan Towel (I’ll be giving that away) and that the rest is totally useable. I’m excited to try the nail spray and I use spa/thermal water sprays just after cleasning in place of a toner (it’s gentle for my rosacea and it’s easy to use).

  30. The thing I’m the most excited about is the actual box it all comes in. 🙁 I do love the boxes and the ribbons. (That’s not worth the cost of the box to me though. lol) But at least I like something! And maybe the nail drying thing actually works. That would be cool. Mascara will eventually get used.

  31. For me, this box is very “meh”. I’m more excited about the special/decorative box than about any of the actual products shown here, which is too bad – loved last month’s stuff. I am subscribed through October this year, so I won’t be going anywhere at the moment. I wish they’d stop with the tanning products…!

    • The box is also the item I’m most excited for. Pretty sad…

  32. They claimed there would be SIX items in this box! Check the Glossybox home page – in the description of this box, they say SIX products.

    A tan towel? Sorry I complained about getting the Not Your Mother’s hairspray in April. Apparently, it CAN get worse.

    Sooooo annoyed. So grateful that I only paid $8.75 for this box.

    • I guess they are considering the tan towels as two items ?

    • You are totally right! Back in November when I got this on the gilt deal, the boxes were amazing! since Feb it has been getting worse and worse each month. From the best, most luxurious products to the cheapest, crappiest things I will be even embarrassed to gift! WTF has happened to GB? Wish I could cancel before October… but that ship has sailed.
      I will literally not use even one product!!! Why on earth would you send TWO nail products in the same box? so that people who dont use nail polish can have 2 items to throw to the trash?!
      In conclusion- worst box EVER!

  33. I wish I would have canceled,it’s really sad when my 10.00 boxes are better than the one I pay 21.00 for.And here’s another thought you know these subscriptions know what the others are giving us and still we get yet another freaking mascara.I don’t care if it’s waterproof I already received three.I hate to cancel and here’s the sad part because I love the actual box .So basically I paid 21.00 for a box

  34. Wish i had cancelled last month. but i thought 1 more chance it was the first box for me…. it cant be this worthless every time …. again i was WRONG! i will cancel and not look back.

  35. I’d be fine with this box… Really, really hope I get the nail product or someone will swap for it.

  36. So glad I cancelled last month! Nothing in this box “Wow’s” me! Last year at this time Glossybox was putting out some great products! I thought last month was pretty good & I don’t know why I just said enough. If Glossybox goes bac to the old Glossybox Standards I will sign up again. At least I saved 21.00 this month!

  37. The nail polish drying mist sounds good. I am so glad I got in on the Gilt deal though. This would be a disappointment for me at $21.00.

  38. This is by far the worst glossybox i have seen …. Really super disappointed even with the gilt city deal

  39. Glossybox has been so disappointing lately. Looking forwarded to my gilt city deal running out in October so i don’t get so much stuff I just end up giving away (not interested in swapping).

  40. I’m not only disappointed with this box, but angry because I cancelled my sub almost 5 weeks ago, and I got charged just this morning for June’s box!! What do I do to avoid more charges for a sub I cancelled and don’t want?!

  41. It’s been quite some time since i have been super dissapointed with a glossybox… This month was a fail for me. If it wasn’t for the fact that I pay roughly 8 bucks with my gilt city deal, this would have made me cancel. Gotta step up your game Glossybox. It’s not fair to the people that pay full price every month to get such a dissapointing box ?

    • Same here. I just don’t ever use water sprays, I don’t do self-tanner, I get two sheet mask subscriptions already, and I have an entire shoebox full of mascara. So that leaves like one item I’m kind of excited about.

    • That was exactly what I was going to say. Thank goodness I am in with the Gilt deal.

    • They must have trapped a lot of us into this gilt city deal because the boxes have been slowly going downhill.

      • I think so too Lori. I have gotten that Evelyn & Crabtree lotion 3 times already as a repeat in my boxes & while they have rectified it by sending me a replacement, I just feel like the curation & quality has slowly gone downhill since last year. It used to be such a great subscription. It just doesn’t feel like a 21 dollar box anymore.

  42. I’m happy with the mascara (specially if it’s waterproof!) and the nail spray. OK with the water, it’s an overpriced product, but my youngest daughter liked the one I had before. I’d be OK with the mask if it was the only one-use item in the box. But two one-use items? That kills it
    Can I hope that I get a better variation? Yes, if I want to be disappointed 🙁

    • The nail product sounds interesting and I like that the mascara is waterproof for summer, but not really excited about the rest. I agree with nana, 2 single use items make it feel more like a sample box like Birchbox rather than other $21 boxes like Boxycharm that have mostly full size items.

  43. I wonder if glossybox is doing really bad, I would never spend $20 on this box. I have had the gilt city deal since November and I think there was one box I really liked. Last month we got a mascara and some people got that tanning product and we are getting another mascara and tanning product this month.
    I am one of the few who likes the water mists so I’m happy about that, it will be nice to throw in my beach bag. The nail spray is not for me since I either don’t do my nails or get them done.

  44. Super disappointed and what’s up with all the tanning stuff in boxes this year?

  45. Liz,

    Is the expiration of 5/31/16, correct?

    • Hm, it’s 5/31 or while supplies last, so it looks like the free gift is still available. I’ll update the post. (I tested the coupon a few min ago and it is working.)

  46. Glad I didn’t subscribe, lol. I’m new to the subscription world, so I’ve just got one mascara and would like more, but the rest of this box has no use for me. Besides, I’m getting way too many masks this month.

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