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Family Movie Club Subscription Box Review + Coupon- Jun 2016


Family Movie Club is a subscription that facilitates a fun movie night at home for parents and kids! Each package contains a retro family movie, popcorn, candy, plus themed surprises!


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Family Movie Club

The Cost: Once per month basic is $24.95 + $7 shipping = $31.95 per month, once per month upgraded is $28.95 + $7 shipping = $35.95 per month, twice per month basic is $49.90 + $14 shipping = $63.90 per month, twice per month upgraded is $57.90 + $14 shipping = $71 per month

COUPON: Use code ADDICTION to save 50% off your first box. Coupon deactivates once limit is reached.


For a limited time, use code FATHERSDAY to save 50% off your first box.

The Products: One retro family movie, popcorn and candy to share, plus two themed surprises per package. The upgraded package contains twice the themed surprises.

Ships to: US for $7 per package

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This review is of the basic package. No literature was included in the package.


Act II Butter Lovers Popcorn + 4 bags – Value about $0.50

We did actually sit down and have family movie night using this package. The popcorn was fine, but there was not nearly enough for all four of us! I thought the little paper bags were a nice touch, though.


Rocky Road Candy Bar – Value $1.29

This is a neat vintage candy bar, and it’s a pretty good size for sharing. No one in my family is really into marshmallows, though, so this was a bit of a miss for us.

Chocolate doubloons – Value $1?

These, on the other hand, went fast!


Blank Treasure Map – Value $0.50?

This is one of the two themed surprises that was included. My sons were not really interested in this at all.


Pirate Bag of Treasure – value $2?

This is the other themed surprise that was included. This went into their costume box for the next time they decide to dress up as pirates, but they are getting a little old for that, so I’m not sure if we will make use of this or not.


The Goonies – Value $7.98

I was pretty excited to get this as our retro family movie because I have never seen it, and I remember kids being really excited about it back in the day. I thought this was an excellent choice for a retro family movie! Then after about ten minutes, I had to turn it off. I can’t believe this is rated PG! In the first ten minutes of watching this with my eight and ten year old sons (and husband), they witnessed a hanging man, a stabbing, a car chase / gunfire, a child swearing, adult-themed jokes, drug references, and a bunch of children their age acting horribly naughty. I am usually a pretty permissive mom, but I just couldn’t let them watch this. I feel super old now. We ended up just watching cartoons together for a while.

Verdict: There are probably tons of parents who are ok with their kids watching The Goonies, but I just thought it was awful. I can’t blame Family Movie Club for sending a classic family movie. I can, however, blame them for charging $32 for maybe $13 worth of stuff. The kids and I agreed that the themed surprises were pretty lame. I also can’t help but think about the many families with even younger children. This box was a pretty big miss all the way around for us, unfortunately. Family Movie Club got pretty good reviews on their Cratejoy page, though, so apparently some subscribers are happy with them.

What do you think of Family Movie Club?

Family Movie Club

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Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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Comments (15)

  1. I love the Goonies and doing things with my family. But, in a time where people more often rely on digital content and $2 Redbox movies, I can’t see this as a sustainable business. Plus, it is far too expensive for what you receive. It’s like someone went through an old Blockbuster and grabbed a couple of items to toss in the box from the checkout area. Now, sending you a free movie download from a service, and a box of themed stuff would be way better!

  2. I personally didn’t like the Goonies movie. I would’ve hated this box. I am super fussy about what my kids watch and I’m often shocked about the content even of cartoons.

  3. The Goodies is a movie favorite in our house and I think the curation is cute, too bad the price point is way off!

  4. Yeah this is a cool idea but maybe they should lower their prices a little bit it was definitely not worth that much. Still a cute idea though. You could build your own for cheaper

  5. This is actually a super cute idea… For me to make my own suprise family movie night box! Sorry, I’d love to just get one in the mail but the low value is a huge miss to me. My four kids would just be all sad to have to split one tiny candy bar haha. Time to hit up Wal mart and the dollar store ?

  6. Love the idea and the execution. Even the candy was themed to go with the movie – gold doubloons and ROCKY…ROAD…??!! (if you’ve seen the movie hopefully you heard Sloth saying that). I agree that ratings are subjective. I believe my 10 year old has seen this, however, he sees a LOT of movies at Grandpa’s house that he would never be allowed to watch at home and then I end up answering some mighty uncomfortable questions later (Mom, what does –insert totally inappropriate slang here– mean?). I do agree with the consensus that this is WAY overpriced for what you get.

  7. Parental ratings have changed a lot over the years and are fairly inconsistent/subjective. I was very surprised when I watched “The Graduate” for a film class and realized that film is rated PG, despite the subject matter and nudity.

  8. This does seem like a very low value box – specially if you don’t like the movie!

    Personally, I think Goonies is a great movie but it’s a little too grown-up for an 8 yo. I took my kids to see it when they were around that age, and they were bored.

    In any case, PG means “parental guidance”, which means that if you’re the sort of parent who is skittish about what your kids can watch, you should check a parents guide before letting your kids see it. For example, you could go here:

    For movies without any questionable content, stick to G.

    • Thanks so much, nana! Still learning, every day…

  9. Agree I love the idea of the box, but last Christmas my bf and I got his sister’s family a “movie box” we got 3 movies, bag of popcorn, boxes of candy and bottles of coke for less than $15 at Target. I love Target around the holidays! lol

    • Yup! I did the same thing for my family secret Santa. 3 $5 movies, microwave popcorn, bottle of wine and a blanket. Cost less than the price of this box.

      Now, I think Disney could definitely tap into this market. Like Anna showed in her review, the add-on items are all less than $2 (and I think that’s being generous) so Disney could easily throw in one of their DVDs, a bag or two of microwave popcorn and a souvenir of some sort (a pin!) and I think you’d see the value to be a lot higher (since Disney DVDs tend to be $15+ in stores).

      This box is laughable and ALL of the add-on toys (?) I would toss. Those plastic rock things are a hazard on many levels.

      • There is a Disney Movie Club – you get 5 movies for a super low price and then over the course of a year or two you have to buy 3 movies at full price (20) and then you’ve met your “commitment” – the only catch is you have to decline a movie every month if you don’t want it or they auto-send. As long as you remember to decline if you don’t want the movie, it’s a great deal because it’s like 8 movies for $65 or something like that.

  10. How fun!! But I agree, too pricey for what you get. They could really improve on this idea without much effort or added cost, I think. I would love to see a “date night” home movie night box, or a “girls night” theme, things like that. Maybe provide options to stream a movie, or order a PPV for those that prefer that to DVDs, or at least include a special edition or something….

  11. I don’t see the value in this box.

    Family movie night, yes absolutely – My daughter & I have started having these types of nights – but when I saw one package of microwave popcorn, and dollar store popcorn bags, for 25 bucks + shipping, they’ve got to do better than that.

    Also, the accuracy of any movie ratings are very subjective to the viewer. Everyone knew that one kid who could watch the Exorcists and Scarface – but our parents looked at us like we had two heads when asked if we could see them.

    Anyway, I do like the idea of this box, but the value and themed items included, even the snack items should be raised slightly to justify the price of the subscription.

  12. I love Goonies but that’s too expensive for what you get. Great idea – not a great price point.

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