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BeautyCon BFF Summer 2016 Box FULL SPOILERS

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Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.21.16 PM

We have the spoilers for the Summer 2016 BeautyCon BFF BoxΒ thanks to ITSMYRAYERAYE:


(FYI – there are 11 products here, and the box marketing mentioned 12 products, so I’m thinking the remaining item may be a gift card/code like other BeautyCon BFF boxes have included.)

What do you think of the spoilers? I’m pumped about the Too Faced, Smashbox (and hopefully Glamglow) items!

BeautyCon BFF is $35.99 a box (ships once a quarter). Check out our reviews of BeautyCon BFF to learn more about this subscription box.

(And check out our list of the 15 Beauty Subscription Boxes to Try in 2016!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


    • Man, I was hoping for a good gift card! The last few items were “meh”, but great box regardless.

  1. I am only seeing 10 items listed not 11 so there are 2 that we don’t know correct?

  2. Score! Nothing I really want so I can skip. Don’t judge…I’m trying to cut back ?

  3. Just a heads up…when I was running searches to get more info on this company I found SEVERAL help wanted ads looking for a new person to run the customer service department…..fingers crossed that it’s only going to get better.

    • I hope so! They are trying to charge my twice on the same account! I only orderd one box and have the email. Not cool.. i can’t find a phone number to reach them. They take forever to email you back. Not a good first impressions.

      • Happened to me too!!! I emailed them and messaged them on Facebook (i added pictures of the first time they charged and the second time) I got a refund within minutes!
        Hopefully they refund you πŸ™‚

  4. I’m probably going to sell the whole box now that I see what’s in it. I just don’t think I’ll use most of the items in it. Especially the Too Face Waterproof Mascara because usually waterproof formulas don’t work for me. Let me know if you’re interested.

  5. This is probably my favorite subscription box (and my first subscription box which got me obsessed with boxes). I’ve been subscribed since the first box. I absolutely love beauty con bff and they never seem to disappoint along with the value being amazing. i screamed when i saw the mascara because better than sex is my favorite and I’ve been meaning to buy the waterproof version for a while now. Its also my favorite box because I’ve won a few contest from them (won suplove paddle boarding experience, nick jonas concert tickets, and recently tickets to the beauty con event in la which will be absolutely amazing cuz so much free makeup)

  6. At $36, I expect more. That’s just me though.

    • You expect more than 12 items and $160+ value? Compared to other boxes this price, I think it’s great.

  7. Man, I really wish I had gotten the box with the 50% off coupon but I was a little short on funds. Now I got the money but I hate paying full price… Arggh I missed out on Bunny’s box and I would have loved to get that one too. After the May Allure box fiasco, I am weary about anything that sounds too good to be true. I may end up buying this box in the end for the mascara but truth be told I already have way too many mascaras. *Sigh*

    • On facebook they are offering the box at 29 bucks….i saw the ad and was pissed πŸ™‚ only cuz i paid full price being a “loyal customer” and the day after release its available at discount πŸ™

      • I think it’s $29 plus shipping, which makes it $35+? Then again, I haven’t seen the ad πŸ™‚

      • yeah the box is originally $29, there’s just a separate shipping charge.

  8. *I don’t need to spend $35 on this. I don’t need to spend $35 on this.*
    I came across the coupon a while back and decided to skip because I didn’t care for the Bunny box (sorry Bunny). Now I want this one and I can’t justify spending the $35 on it knowing that I COULD HAVE got it for half of that. If any of you that bought it half off and want to sell it, let me know!

    • I am getting two of these boxes due to being stupid and ordering it twice and the crappy customer service that won’t allow me a refund on the second box or a credit for the next box…..

      I am ok with the box at the half price I paid for the first box but now I have the second one coming that I paid full price for. I will most definitely have items from the boxes up for swap as soon as I receive them which is supposed to be early next week I think. I don’t want to put the items up til I have them in hand, lol.

  9. I was charged for this box even though I emailed them in March requesting a cancellation. I got an email back from them in March saying it was cancelled but me, being a bit stupid, deleted that email. THANKFULLY I still had the sent email where I requested the cancellation. I sent them three emails- one requesting a refund, the second with a screenshot of my cancellation request, and the third where I told them I filed a claim against them on PayPal (which, thank goodness for.)

    Anyway, they finally got back to me and said “they were still updating changes and my account has been deactivated as of 6/8/16” which it should’ve been deactivated on MARCH 4TH.

    They offered me a refund and said a box was on my way and to keep the box for free for the inconvenience.

    Unfortunately, according to these comments, some people weren’t as lucky as me. But I highly do not recommend this box. I’ve had trouble in the past with their customer service when trying to cancel (I tried cancelling before the Bunny box came out) and they wouldn’t let me because I wasn’t a “yearly” subscriber, just a seasonal, which is a load of bull. I’m actually paying more than the yearly subscriber because they save money.

    Anyways, rant over-
    Just wanted to share my story with anyone interested in this box. It isn’t worth it in my opinion.

    • I am going through the same thing!! I have been trying to cancel since the December box. In March, when I was charged I immediately emailed them and they told me I couldn’t cancel until my box was shipped. Once I told them I had canceled in December they reversed the charges amd said my subscription had been canceled. Lo and behold I see a charge yesterday and received yet another shipping notice. Another email sent. It shouldn’t be this hard to cancel a subscription, and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone!

      • Hey ladies, just fyi for future of anyone wanting to cancel. Along with sending emails etc. Just go into your account immediately and edit your credit card with a bogus expiration date, cc#, or a prepaid card with nothing on it until all is resolved. If they dont have your cc# they can’t charge you. Just passing on some info for future purpose.

    • Going through the same darn thing! And I didn’t have enough money in that account (I just move money to that account when I know I need it for a purchase) so it made my rent check bounce! So now I have all kinds of fees to pay! I still have all my cancellation confirmation emails from the Spring box so they had better fix this problem!!!

    • I had to email them again and send the email showing I had cancelled. I wish I would get a box anyways ?

    • Ugh, SAME! I cancelled March 28, and also deleted the email. Damn gmail erases after 30 days or so. I sent them my original email and said I cancelled, but this one had already shipped. Terrible customer service!

      • login on a computer, you should be able to access into your gmail account. That doesn’t delete after 30days….
        I thought I might had been charged twice….
        Am going to go back and look now!!!!
        Good luck!!!!!!

  10. Ok ,so if you’ve read my comments you know I had major issues,so I sent them an email this afternoon.And I’m happy to say they made everything right for me and apologized for the confusion.They were very nice and I appreciated it a lot

  11. So glad I didn’t sign up for this box. Not that it’s terrible or anything, but there isn’t any one particular item I’d be super looking forward to.

  12. I only see ten items and ten listed… Am I missing something.. I’m excited about it because I’ve never tried any of these items… I guess I don’t see what all the fuss is about.. If this site didn’t exist we’d all be surprised by the box when we got it. Just be happy, no need to be negative on everything. You don’t like it, ok that’s fine. But you don’t have to rain on everyone else’s parade.

    • I guess “FULL Spoilers” is misleading… ther is suppsed otg be 12 items but only 10 are visible in the photo, so ony those 10 are revealed so far.

  13. Waterproof mascara!!!!!

    This is the best box I’ve seen from them. I don’t think the mystery item is a Glamglow product — it looks to me like the tube is ombre fading from aqua to white at the top.

    • Pretty sure it’s Coola. I love Kandee Johnson, that’s why I wanted this box in the first place. Although there is a lot of back and forth going on with customer service and in my opinion, the ethics of this company, none of it is a reflection on her. She’s great. Would buy a box from any company if it had her name on it.. well maybe not from BeautyCon but you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

  14. I really hope my comment wasn’t just deleted….

    • I wrote in my deleted comment that I was charged for this box after I contacted customer service and requested to cancel (I had just signed up). They denied the request. I called my bank, my bank called the number associated with the charge, and they are now going to refund me once the charge is processed.

      • Omg i noticed they charged me twice and i have only one order shipping out. Whay the H. Not cool.. I’ve already had probelms with them bc my first ofer didn’t go through. They apparently had thier system down so i had to do it all over again.

        • The same thing happened to me. They told me my first order didn’t go through bc problems with their system and they told me to sign up again. Then they charged me twice!!!

    • Why are my comments getting deleted Liz? I posted important information about getting a refund for this box when you canceled prior to shipping. One of my other emails is never successful at posting. Flagged?

      • I promise you that Liz is not deleting your comments. I think the site is lagging sometimes but they will show up.

        • Thank you Traci, apologies

          • No worries it happens to all of us :p

      • Apologies, I see my original post about filing for a refund. Thanks

        • Hi Charlie,

          Sorry, I was traveling today and behind on approving comments. (Some keywords or things like phone numbers trigger comments to go to pending instead of auto approve because they might be spam.) I’ve approved the pending comment, sorry about that! Let me know if there are any other issues.

          Sorry again!

          • Thanks for the reply Liz!

            It’s easy to get upset when you don’t understand what is really going on with the system and I need to remind myself not to jump to conclusions. I love this website and have been checking it daily since I discovered it. I think you do a fantastic job and it has been really amazing to watch this site evolve, watch you evolve, watch your reviewers evolve, and even watch us box subscribers evolve. I think this website is a beautiful example of women coming together to educate each other on the things we are passionate about and things that we don’t want others to fall victim to.

            Thanks for your time and patience.

      • My comments have been deleted before as well. I no longer participate because of this.

        • Sandra, one of my emails will not post, period and has been that way for months. I never post any profanity or unfair reviews, so I’m not sure why that is. Maybe reasons I don’t know. In any case, I wish there was an answer for it.

        • I’ve noticed most of my comments/replies to posts show automatically, but then disappear later, never to be seen again. I’m not writing anything negative, just a basic comment or add-on to somebody else’s comment, so I don’t know what I did to make MSA not like me. πŸ™ So, I try to restrain the urge to join in the discussions….. well, I guess except this time…. (but it probably won’t show anyway… ha, ha)

          But regardless, I still like MSA, and enjoy reading everybody’s opinions! πŸ™‚

          • I had the same problem today and I haven’t ever really commented before.

          • Hi Ashley,

            All your comments as “Ashley P” are all visible on the site, but since this comment was the name “Ashley” it had to be approved by admin first since it is considered a first comment from a new user. Sorry about any confusion!

          • The same thing happens to me. I contacted Liz and she said she doesn’t seem to know what is going but I’ve noticed that unless they are super duper positive, glowing comments (i.e. Anything with suggestions or constructive criticism)… They get deleted. I don’t think it’s fair or right to only allow one type of comment and not let everyone’s voice be heard but it’s not my site.

          • There have been plenty of negative comments that are posted regularly on many discussion boards on here. It’s not Liz or any other MSA contributor doing anything. This forum that they use puts some comments up as pending and an administrator has to approve them. I’ve never seen them not approve a comment but they don’t always get to it in right away as they do have lives but they are generally pretty quick about it.

          • I’m a negative nellie usually and I have never had my comments deleted or not posted. I think it has to so with the software/program. This site is definitely not censoring anyone lol. Just be patient. πŸ™‚

          • Hi Luna,

            I just checked on my admin view, and all of your comments are showing up as approved and visible. If there is a particular comment I should be looking for, please email me so I can solve this: [email protected]


          • Hi Liz,
            Thank you for your reply, and it’s not a big deal as my comments aren’t really that significant anyways. I just thought I was doing something wrong I wasn’t aware of. Plus, thanks for letting me know my comments are eventually showing up again, as I don’t usually go past the 1st page of MSA on my daily checks, so once a post I’ve commented on has past onto the 2nd page, I never really check again to see if my comment has been re-posted. Thanks again!

  15. It’s good, but don’t love it or need it, so happy to have not spent money on this particular item.

  16. I did a major bonehead move with this box, LOL, I ordered it TWICE. I got it for the 50% off deal and forgot that I did and ordered it 2 days ago again. Just sent an email over so hopefully they can do something for me. I like the box fine, but not enough to want TWO of them.

    • Got a response from these guys about 4 hours after I sent the email and it of course is denying me a refund of the second order. Looked like a canned email response though. I countered in a return email that maybe i can have a credit for the next seasons box. Hopefully they will allow that. If not, I will take my two boxes and cancel and never ever order again. I wish i could challenge it with my bank but I can’t say a duplicate order as the amounts charged are different. Any other way around this does anyone know?

      • I’ll beat you ,I signed up with that 50% off .They sent me an email yesterday telling me I wasn’t signed up because of some glitch in their system so I would need to sign up again. I had desided not to sign up because of the negative remarks and just the fact that my sons are coming home on leave for the fourth so I needed to keep my head in the game lol. Today I get a email that my box has shipped ,so I check my bank and sure enough I was charged the discounted price who knows but on a good note the box looks good

    • I’ll buy the extra off ya if they can’t fix it!

      • I’ll be posting it in swap if I do in fact get the two boxes, which I really really hope I don’t. lol But yeah, look me up in swapland.

  17. My Beautycon Experience:

    Two days after I subbed to this box I wrote an email to cancel. I had not been charged and this was the first time I signed up for the box. After a week and a half of back and forth emails (they couldn’t find my information.. ‘_’) I was told no, I couldn’t cancel until after my box came, and I would not get my money back. That upset me because their ‘Cancellation Policy’ has no information anywhere on the website,including the FAQ section about what they will or will not do if you sign up and attempt to cancel before you are charged and before you receive the box. Today I got a pending charge on my bank account for $35. I called my bank, my bank called the number underneath the pending charge (the only telephone number I can find for these people), and spoke with BeautyCon Box. My bank told me they are not legally allowed to charge you for something you have not received, and no longer want. They obliged and put in for a cancellation. I have to wait a week or so before everything is taken care of because technically I have to be charged first and then they can do the refund. In conclusion, I will never consider subbing to this box again. I cannot fathom why a company would refuse to cancel your order before they charge you unless they are doing something shady. My bank should not have to call to scare them into giving me my money back. Do not let this company do that to you if you are in the same boat.

    BeautyCon Box phone number: 888-794-4711

    • You can also go to, type in beautycon box cancellation, and then the cancellation info will come up

    • Yes, if you want to cancel your subscription, now they have it on their website, but did NOT before. You have to wait to get the next box and cancel within 7 days after you receive that box or you are denied cancellation! So you have to buy and pay for another box just to cancel! What a crock. I didn’t see anything in this box that I could not live without and couldn’t cancel. Nothing in my opinion is worth getting forced into another box and paying the money for that box!

  18. Anyone been charged for their box yet? I took the route of deleting my credit card off of their website in order to cancel, as their cancellation policy is one of the worst out there. Hoping that it worked?! I haven’t seen a charge yet but I’m not sure if others have been seen a charge yet. Thanks in advance!

    • I just received an email from PayPal that I am going to be charged for shipping (I have the yearly sub). The charge is pending on my account right now.

      • Fight it with paypal. they have heard from some of us. I had to provide proof w/ my original order that said “free shipping”. they are AwFUL. i cancelled full stop.

        • I think that they charge shipping every box with the regular annual sub so $6.99 every 3 months. However, I used a promo code to get free shipping and I used it on the annual sub. It said that I would NOT be charged shipping every 3 months on the receipt page. I have contacted Beautycon regarding the charge. If they tell me that the promo was for the first box only, I’m going to dispute the charge with PayPal.

      • Same I didn’t expect a shipping fee for every box that comes out . I got the yearly thinking I would be saving money by a lot but if you add up every shipping fee it’s about the same .

      • UPDATE: They emailed me back saying that they will be refunding me the shipping charge and have made a note not to charge me shipping for the remaining two boxes in my annual sub. I’m glad to see that their customer service is improving.

    • They charged me today.

    • Just checked and my charge is pending.

    • Yes I have been charged. And the box is on it’s way. I agree!

  19. This box is fantastic, even for full price, I think. It might be cosmetic/beauty heavy compared to the others before it, but I will use everything in it.

    I purchased the annual sub when they had it at 50% off, so it’s an even better deal for me, but I wouldn’t have been mad at this box at full price. I’m especially excited to try that brow product and I love this mascara, excited to try the waterproof formula.

  20. I’m excited for this box. I got it with the 50% off coupon. I did my own assesment and assigned a “what is it worth to me” value to each product and I came up with $82 (not $150 like it’s advertised), which is still great for paying $21 for the box!

    • haha I always do that too! I never look at RV, but always calculate “My Value”

  21. I went to buy it earlier, but sadly I didn’t make it in time to use the 50% off coupon code. And now that I’ve seen everything, I can’t justify to myself paying full price. But I definitely would have been happy with it at 50% off. I do think it’s a huge improvement from the last box so maybe next quarter.

  22. so glad i didn’t order this, boring!

    • Considering that the Too Faced mascara is sold out pretty much everywhere and makes up the value of the box (assuming you used the 50% off coupon), I’m not sure what’s so boring about this box. You basically pay for the mascara and get everything else free. Seems like a good value to me.

      • i find all mascara to pretty much be the same so yes it’s a boring box, to me… usually this box has some fun accessories

      • It’s cool that this box has good value to you! To me it just seems like a Target box, minus the mascara but better than sex has only been good for about half the people I’ve seen review it, I doubt their waterproof will be much better. Not to mention that some people can be quite picky with their mascara so for a lot of people it wouldn’t make up the value of the box for them since they wouldn’t purchase the item in the first place.

  23. Mann… I wish I could get this box. Loving the Benzac acne solution and the brow powder!!!! Hoping I can swap for one of those! ??☺

    • What do you have to swap? I will give you the brow powder. I do not put anything on my eyebrows.

    • I’d swap the Benzac acne solution with you. I’m still on the waitlist for the swaps site but hopefully soon so I can swap some items! πŸ™‚ I have the Glamglow tingle product from their last box that I’d like to swap still.

  24. This looks like a great box! I’m quite excited about the waterproof mascara and brow product (though I was really hoping for a great liquid liner). Hope the gift card is to something good!

  25. Product in blue tube looks like benefit pore professional to me.

  26. Too Faced Better Than Sex is my fave mascara. Been wanting to try the waterproof. Always out of stock when I go to Sephora.

    • It’s a typical waterproof mascara in the fact it ripped my eyelashes out πŸ™ I counted at least six eyelashes ripped off when I gently tried to remove it. PLUS SIDE: It does work FANTASTIC. I went swimming and it did NOT come off! Would not wear for daily use, but awesome to go the beach with or whatever.

  27. sigh… i don’t know what I was thinking when I got this box, of course I’d get another mascara, another eye liner, another lip-thingy. I got the box for $20 but I still wish I could go back in time :/

    • Just fyi, it’s actually a brow product. You can always swap the items or sell the box – I think you could get your money, and maybe more, back!

    • ooh cross that out. i read the reviews on all other items, and now it seems very promising! i shall not judge till i receive the box.

  28. I have never heard of any of these products so I’ll wait until I get the box to see what I think of the products that I will us! πŸ™‚

  29. Are there any coupons for this box? There was the SUMMER50 going around but that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

  30. It looks like a Coola product!

    • Thats what i was thinking! Ive been racking my brain trying to remember that name! Lol

    • It also looks a little like the Versaspa gradual tanner from the May Glossybox.

  31. If you sign up now will you get this box?
    Also it looks like the little tube goes from white to blue… so maybe its not glamglow?

    • Good point. Maybe a Bliss product?

      • I’m wondering if it’s coola?

        • That’s whay it looks like! So maybe a sun screen..

  32. Awesome! The Too Faced mascara is sold out everywhere too! Great box!

    • evidently back in stock, but still loving this box.

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