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Allure Beauty Box Review – June 2016 + $5 Coupon

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Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. (Previously known as Sample Society). Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands!

IMPORTANT INFO: Allure Beauty Box has had some overselling issues, so it’s impossible to say what month your subscription will start with if you sign up now. The site now states that your first box will begin “with our next available box.”


My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

COUPON: Use this link to save $5 off your first box!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box includes an info booklet that details each item and why Allure editors decided to include it in the box.


Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter – 3.38 oz Value $5

This is larger than the typical shampoo sample, so it should be good for a week of hair washing! (A little goes a long way with this shampoo – I was over-lathering on my first use!)

I love the mango, tropical scent, too! My only complaint? I wish they would have included the matching conditioner!


Leader Cosmetics Sheet Mask – Value $6

(Subscribers will receive one of several variations)

What I liked about this sheet mask: it’s paraben free, and you only need to leave it on for 10 minutes!

What I didn’t like: I would have preferred a natural orange scent over the perfume fragrance. And the excess formula didn’t absorb fully on my face – it left a bit of a tacky finish on my skin.

In conclusion, it was a hydrating mask, but I didn’t love it and won’t buy it in the future.


Purlisse Blue Lotus SPF 30 Essential Day Moisturizer – .5 oz Value $20

(Good to know for swaps – this has an inner foil seal.)

Purlisse Blue Lotus Eye Adore Serum – .24 oz Value $31

These Purlisse items are the stars of the box for me! The SPF absorbed quickly (and invisibly!) and didn’t leave my skin with a greasy look.

The eye serum I’ve sampled before and I love! This tiny tube is actually half the size of the full size version and it is everything I want in an eye serum product: it’s gentle, absorbs quickly, and is super lightweight!


Julep Nail Color in Katie – FULL SIZE! Value $14

(Subscribers will receive this shade, or April or Cassidy)

This shade is described as an “Orchid iridescent chrome.” It’s not necessarily a shade I would think of for summer, but I don’t really have anything like it in my collection, so that’s a win.

If you’ve ever wondered how to swatch your Julep nail polish, the top cap pulls off like this:


And here is the swatch!



Kardashian Beauty Cabana Bronze Matte Bronzer – .07 oz Value $2

This bronzer was supposed to show up like this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 3.51.15 PM

But sometimes shipping damages pressed powder items! Fortunately I’ve fixed this kind of issue before with adding some rubbing alcohol and letting the powder reset. But if you’re wondering what a swatch of these three shades all mixed together looks like, you are in luck!


The pigment is pretty good! And I always like matte-finish bronzers, so I’ll use this. (I know I may be in the minority of MSA readers on being willing to use a Kardashian product!)

Verdict: This box has a value of about $78. As always, that’s amazing for a $15 box, and for me the Purlisse items are the saviors of this box! I love the shampoo too, of course, and the nail polish and bronzer are useful too.

What do you think of the June Allure Beauty Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I honestly don’t know what I would do without this website. After the epic May beauty box fail I finally receive June’s Allure box only to find out I’ve received dry shampoo. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if they would have disclosed that dry shampoo was a possible variation for this month’s box. The only reason I was expecting it was due to reading comments from others here on MSA; it seems that everyone who received their boxes later (mine was delivered the 18th) ended up getting the dry shampoo. Their inability to be forthright is seriously starting to IRK me!!!

    • I also received dry shampoo. AND the crushed bronzer. This month was a total bust.

      • I’m starting to feel like I’m the exception and not the rule as far as the bronzer goes. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was in one piece. I have two other friends that subscribe to this box as well-both received shattered bronzers, and one had their mask leak inside the box 🙁 I hope they send you a replacement!

  2. FML I might be adding another subscription…..

  3. Worst Allure box for me ever. I was so disappointed when I looked inside the box. The only thing of note for me was the nail polish. Every Subscription box, Ipsy, Birch, Glossy, Look Fantastic, Boxy…..all were terrible in June and dispappointing. Im hoping this was a glitch or a throwaway month because I felt like the majority of what I received was throwaways or whatever was around the warehouse. Ill keep on hope that next month is better.

  4. I can’t believe that I have been subbed to Julep for 2 years and just now learning this whole swatch thing. I’ve always wondered how to swatch the top of the cap!
    Bronser- crushed! I received the dry shampoo?. How do I fix the bronzer with alcohol?

    • Yeah, I wondered too. I put a a couple drops in the bronzer and nothing so far. Too little or too much I am not sure…Liz, can you help?

      • There’s TONS of videos on youtube, I’ve never done it, but from seeing videos you have to get the powder quite wet with the alcohol and then compress it back down

    • I’ve only been doing julep for about 9 mo, but I never figured out the swatch thing either (I also didn’t really care that much or try too hard to figure it out). but you’re not the only one who missed that! doh!

      • Just take the sticker off the top, paint it, dry and re-stick on the lid

        • Don’t worry about taking off the sticker. The cap is actually two parts: (1) the main stem that screws onto the bottle and is attached to the brush and (2) the rectangular cover that you can see. The cover is the part with the sticker, etc. The cover separates and comes off. Hold the bottle firmly in one hand and pull on the cover with the other. It should come off easily (they occasionally stick). You can then unscrew the stem part (with the brush) and paint the sticker. Then just slip the cap back on.

        • the cap comes off! with the bottle closed pull off and it snaps right back on!

    • I felt that SAME way!! so stupid they need to post a tutorial I seriously always had to do some creative stuff to swatch it. Palm on forehead.

  5. Got my box today. Recd the wet shampoo and the bronzer was intact. It was later than normal, but that’s ok. Just happy I didn’t get the dry shampoo. 🙂

  6. My Kardashian Bronzer came busted to bits and something leaked EVERYWHERE…turns out there was a puncture hole (very small) in my mask’s packaging. Wasn’t too chuffed about that it looks like the sharp, crimped edges of the Eye Serum did that. I chatted with Allure CS today and they took care of the bronzer within minutes. Said a replacement would be out in 2-3 weeks and that’s fine by me. 🙂 Didn’t complain about the mask, although I should have mentioned it in hindsight.

    I got the Julep teal/blueish looking one which is the one I wanted! I don’t do my nails very often but I love colors like that one. 🙂

  7. I know a lot of you who expected your first box in June haven’t received it. I wanted you to know I just got mine today. I’ve been a subscriber since March and I’ve never had it come this late. So, it’s possible yours are in process. My box came with the dry shampoo and crushed bronzer too. It could be shipping, probably on the supplier end and/or an inferior product. This box is kind of boring but I like the Allure box a lot. It’s my favorite and a good value.

  8. I signed up in April during the foreo fiasco and accepted the mishap of not getting the May
    but thankfully because of MSA and all of the prompt updates and spoilers I knew I’d be disappointed in this June box so I put a hold on my account to skip this box so although payment was made in April I’m going to wait until I see a box that was just as appealing before I reactivate. Yes they’re holding my 10 but I’d rather hold off till I get something in genuinely excited about because after all that’s what motivated me to sign up in the first place. It’s how I’m handling it to my satisfaction 🙂

    • Hi! I know it’s too late for me to hold off on this month’s box (since it is already shipping out to me) but can I ask how you did that? 🙂 just so I know for future boxes. If I wanted to do that.

      • Just log in you should find an option in your preferences. I did the same thing on this box and was so glad I did!

  9. Just got off the phone with a rude CS rep from Allure and then an equally rude supervisor. I have been a long time customer of both the box and the magazine. I was on a month to month basis. I had fraud on my vCard so I called to update my card in April. The rep keyed it wrong causing my acct to close for non pay and I missed out on the may box which I was extremely upset about. They in turn sent me an old box to help satisfy the problem. They rep and I talked and I decided to give them another chance and I paid for an annual sub. Well here we are mid June and no box. I call and they tell me since I upgraded they canc the old acct set me up on a new annual one and therefore I won’t get the June box because they didn’t have enough which was the issue in May. So once again I missed out on a box and I am beyond pissed off! He gave me an extra yr of the magazine. Whoopie. I want my damn box! I was so close to saying screw it and ask for my money back. If I don’t get July you best believe that will happen

  10. Very disappointing at the Allure Box this Month .I was suppose to get the Klorane Shampoo instead I got a small can off Dry Shampoo.
    Not happy at all.

    • I thought the same thing its either or.

    • Same thing here more dry shampoo; a mask to throw in the box; nail polish to give away; and more of that purlisse that makes my skin raw and break out. thanks for nothing allure i have cancelled your box.

    • Same with me too….a total bummer. I was really looking forward to the Klorane shampoo. This box was a bust for me….not happy :(.

  11. I love Allure! ? Every month is a win for me. Anyone know if the shampoo is safe for color-treated hair?

  12. For those that got the dry shampoo but want the mango instead, mine is listed for swap.

  13. Signed up May 3. Charged. Have not yet gotten a box

    • Same here. Signed up start of May, didn’t receive a box, sent email, got replicating I would get box in June and apologized because there were no more May boxes left…still haven’t gotten a June box. Smh

    • Same here I finally called today and was told I won’t be getting anything till July. Even though I signed up in very early May and was told last month my first box would be in June after the whole May fiasco. Totally not worth all the frustration for something that is supposed to be a treat. I just got off the wait list for Sephora Play! So I’m hoping they are less frustrating.

  14. I signed up on April 28 and just now finally got my first box. I got the blue polish, the cranberry mask, and the dry shampoo. My bronzer wasn’t smashed but it is tiny! I don’t love this month’s box but am hoping July will be better.

    • This is EXACTLY what happened to me, signed up late April, just got my first box with the same items, except my bronzer WAS smashed. July box will probably be make or break for me!

    • I’v been a subscriber since March and got the same. Didn’t mind that the bronzer was broken, because I have a millions bronzers already.

  15. I also received the dry shampoo, which I’ve received probably 3 or 4 times in the past 6 months. I was really looking forward to the mango butter shampoo, especially because it was advertised as being in the box. When I contacted CS about it, all they could say was one or the other was put into each box. And that was it. No reason for why some people would be getting regular shampoo and others the dry. So disappointing.

    • I also got the dry shampoo. It’s a good product – but I was also hoping for the mango shampoo as it would have been new to me. i wish the dry shampoo would have been full size or a more deluxe size.

    • See, I wouldn’t have minded it if they had said that in the spoilers. ‘Subscribers will either get this shampoo or the dry shampoo~’ That’s literally all they had to do instead of hide it.

  16. I just received a package in the mail from Allure BeautyBox! And it’s not my monthly box. I subscribed during the Forea Mini debacle so my first box was June (which I received earlier this week). I subbed for my daughter at the same time and she also received this extra octave today. It’s a bubble mailer with a huge sticker on the outside that says allure beauty box loves you! Inside is a white organza bag and includes 3 items. Dermae Hydrating Night Creme .5oz, Lancome Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector .1oz, and Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser Invisible Oil spray bottle 1oz. What a nice unexpected gift! Did anyone else receive this?

  17. Yes I also cancelled this box sub after ordering and being charged in May and still not getting any boxes yet. Mostly it was the obnoxious emails they send back too. They just send the same preformatted sorry you arent getting a box this month probably next month no matter what you ask them. Their customer service is crazy bad and it seems like they are completely disorganized that they cant fufill orders they charge people for. Sadly, this box was so enticing, it’s too bad they don’t need the subscribers. ;(

  18. Hoping I’ll get my first box next month, subscribed in May but guess they are backed up so didn’t get the June box. I wish they would send an email when you sign up, to let us know which month we would actually get our first box.

    • I contacted them because I subscribed in May and I had a question about shipment frequency. First time I was told that my first box would ship after June 10. Very vague, not specific at all. A few days ago, I notice people start talking about receiving emails and boxes and I’m wondering where my email is. I contact them again and I’m told my first box will be in July and I won’t be charged again until August for that month’s box. I wish they would just send a freaking email to let people know how long the wait, about when to expect a box, a darn explanation about ANYTHING really. I’m still iffy about staying with Allure…

  19. Just found out my subscription has been discontinued for some reason, last month was my first and I had no problems, I loved my box. I’m really disappointed I won’t get this, that shampoo looks great and I was really excited about trying the mask. Did anyone else have problems this month?

  20. You can mix the crushed bronzer with clear nail polish in a small travel container and paint your nails. I recently used a crushed eyeshadow I had laying around and my nails came out beautiful 🙂 I used a old elf eyeshadow brush to apply!

  21. Thanks for the tip on how to let spilled powder set again. Very useful. And encouraged me to try it on that product and give to Heidi at work who loves the kar—- culture and just lost her mom. Dang you Liz , I’m a nicer person for having met you through this blog! Lol

  22. I suspended this sub because I still see no sign of a bonus box for a referral I was told was “on the way!”, 12 WEEKS ago! But glad I did now that I see some getting the Klorane dry shampoo spray instead of the Klorane mango shampoo. It is pretty much certain if any box has any kind of variation I get the one less desirable for me, and while I enjoy Klorane dry shampoo, I have at least 3 cans from other subs already. It’s a good box with nice curation, I just really wish they could get the customer service thing figured out.

    • I contacted them about this and they said, sorry we’re all out of that. Interesting. Maybe shouldn’t have told me you were giving me something and then not have the quantity to fulfill that promise ?

      • I got an email this afternoon about getting a bonus box shipped to me as a result of the May fiasco. I should have my first box(June) waiting for me at home (it was shipped to my billing address rather than my shipping address though, but so close allure. So close)

        • I got home yesterday and there was the June box as well as the bonus box as apology for the May box fiasco ( I subbed April 25 and missed out on May). This morning received the email saying they were sending the bonus box. Weird timing but whatever. Bronzer was intact so that was nice and unexpected.

  23. I love that polish shade! I would’ve used everything in this box. I signed up on June 7th and asked customer service if they still had boxes. Their customer service said they still had stock of their June box and I’d be receiving one. Wrong. I messaged them about tracking yesterday and was told they’d oversold. I just hope I get the July box and not anymore money taken out of my account. ?

  24. If it’s any consolation to those of you who get the dry shampoo, I have tried literally dozens of brands, and Klorane’s is far and away the best!

    • I want to try the Klorane for oily hair version with nettle bad. I have a lot of the regular. My hair is a messsss of frizz and oil in summer and then stick straight and limp in winter and I try everything. Anyone else around here tested out the oily hair nettle version of the Klorane dry shampoo?

      • Not sure about that brand but for my oily hair – I am in LOVE with Amika dry shampoo + the smell is incredible!

  25. My box was shipped really late, so it should get to me by the 20th. I honestly can’t wait for it, but funny how ipsy sent me an email apologizing for shipping it late, then the next day I get an email asking to review my bag…

  26. I got the dry shampoo, which I actually prefer. My bronzer was damaged but they said they would send me another. I don’t like the Kardashians but I want my bronzer lol! I got the Cassidy nail polish, a very nice darker turquoise.

    • I also received a damaged bronzer and was told they’re going to send me another one!

    • Mine was damaged also , was told they would send a replacement also.

    • I got my replacement item today…nothing said it was from allure, but I don’t know what else it could be. Anyway, they sent a cargo blush/bronzer instead.

  27. Allure continues to be my favorite sub. But, hope I don’t get the dry shampoo…lol

  28. My box should be here Tuesday I can’t wait! Liz I was wondering when you use the eyes Serum do you use it only under your eyes or all the way around on top over your brows too?

    • I use under eye and at the outer corners where wrinkles typically start to form too if that helps. Sort of dabbing up at that outer edge but not up above on brow area.

      • Thank you Cat, I’m gonna do it that way when I get my box.

      • is soposed to burn??? I noticed there was no foil either like the moisturizer

    • Also, those beauty blender minis are soooo useless except for applying my eye products dabbing gently on the eye tissue. If you have a mini around.

  29. I just posted a long rant re CS in the comments below. I’m not one to care if somebody reads or replies to my comments, but I just really wanted to share my horrible CS experience, and hope that some people will read it (since it’s now ‘lost’ in all of the comments below).

    • I’m pretty upset with them at the moment as well. I don’t splurge on myself much, so when people take my money, I expect to get what I paid for. If not, I expect an email or phone call politely explaining why accompanied by a refund until the product I requested is available. Then charge me!!

      • I agree with you Amanda! Mine should be here Tuesday I hope I get what was shown!!

  30. I wish they shipped to Canada =(

  31. The good news is I finally got a box after all that mess in May…the bad news is that I got a crappy dry shampoo instead of the the advertised shampoo that was the one item I was so extremely excited about 🙁
    I guess it would have been too much to ask to just have a normal month…..grrrrr

    • I’m gonna take a wild guess and say the reason some people are getting dry shampoo instead is because that was the product from France they were having trouble with. At least I think Klorane is from France? Either way, honestly, I’m not gonna care because that’s one of the products I don’t need. But since people seem to be upset, if I get the wet shampoo I’m going to put it up for swap so at least someone will be happy to have it.

    • I prefer to get the dry shampoo.

  32. I thought something was off about my box this month. I got the dry spray also. Haven’t tried that brand, but I have thick, wavy hair so those products are useless for me. Got the “Cassidy” polish. It’s a pretty blue. My bronzer was intact. Definitely better than my BB was this month!

  33. Allure messed up my account and hasn’t been responding to my emails in a timely fashion and as a result I’ve missed out on a box for the second month (May & June now) in a row even though I have been a subscriber since January. I couldn’t log in to my account at ALL. & by time I did, the purchase/ship window had passed. :/ I literally had to cancel my entire subscription and resubscribe using a different email. Customer service has issues. I should not have resubscribed on that basis alone, BUT this is the only makeup-style box I subscribe to and I loved all my boxes. GAH.

    • I had a similar problem awhile back! I forgot to make sure I had enough money in the bank for my subscription before it was drafted and instead of giving me the chance to fix it, they just completely canceled my subscription and even though I updated my payment info and still didn’t receive any boxes for a few months! Allure being my favorite makeup subscription had to resubscribe using a different email address and haven’t had any problems since!

      • we had credit card security breach TWO times in the past 45 days, so I was trying to update my cards. The kicker was… I tried doing it well before my card was supposed to be charged, but they took SO long to respond to my inquiry on how to get my account info so I could log in that my payment didn’t go through and NO notice NO nothing, just NO box for me. Same thing the next month. Thought I was good for June, but after a while I realized I hadn’t heard anything about shipping and sure enough… couldn’t log in AGAIN and couldn’t change my card. SO very disappointing!

        • Peggy, a similar thing happened to me in May. My card was deactivated by my bank due to fraud, and Allure attempted to charge my card around the same time which didn’t go through. Allure didn’t notify me. When I got my new card, I went to add it to my Allure account, and contacted them via chat to make sure it went through in time to get my May box. They told me I would not get the May box, I’d get the June box. No apologies. I told them right then and there to cancel my subscription.

  34. Love Allure ? Better than some subs out there…? ( light shade thrown to BB lol)

    I got the same box as Liz! ?

  35. I received the same variation as Liz. I will gift the nail polish and everything else will be used. Excited about the skin care items!

    • Lol all I want is the purple nail polish!

  36. I’m one of the ones who signed up for the May box. I was really disappointed but I decided to stick with it and see what I’d get. I was afraid that l would be hard to please after my disappointment, but box looks good! I love Purlisse! I have klorane shampoo from another box that didn’t include conditioner ☹️ But I’ve found that the formulation that I have is very conditioning and i can use it with a little spray leave in conditioner. Thank you for showing me the Julep trick, Liz! I have dozens of bottles and I always wondered why they did that. Was it an unfunny joke? As for the bronzer, if it’s good, I’ll just paint over the name. The polish isn’t a great color for me but I have a granddaughter named Katie whose favorite color is purple! Win! This is coming after a disappointing Glossybox, but that’s for another review. Btw, a mask that leaves me sticky is usually fixed by rinsing my face, it takes off the sticky and leaves the soft.

  37. This company is unreal. I contacted customer service becasue my box was supposed to be on hold for the month of June, but I received it. I wrote to them asking for a refund on the June box. Interstingly, this is what she wrote back, “We have discontinued your continuous service as you have requested.” No where in my e-mail did I say I wanted my continous service discontinued. I clearly had stated I only wanted my June box on hold. GRRRR…..

    • Allure CS (via email & chat) is absolutely horrible!!!! If ever you need to contact them, I’d highly recommend doing it via phone. The two times I’ve called them, they’ve been very nice. I figure the difference in service is because they’re now dealing with the customer one-on-one rather than hiding behind a computer.

      When I dealt with them via chat they were very short in their (non)responses, and ended the chat with me when THEY felt they had answered my question. There were no questions like, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” or “Did this answer your question?” I was absolutely floored, so I ultimately had to call.

      (Sorry this is long, but I have to rant/vent….)
      The most recent event was regarding the Brides box (I know I was probably the only sucker who purchased this box). They put through THREE pending charges for this box! The initial charge was showing from Conde Nast, the 2nd & 3rd was from Allure Beauty Box. So, when I emailed them I asked what the 2nd charge was for (it included tax, whereas the 1st didn’t), and since it showed from Allure Beauty box I checked my account and noticed my original account # was replaced with a new one, so I questioned that as well and asked if my annual subscription was still reflected and to confirm the last month of my sub. (this was before the 3rd pending charge)

      I received two emails from two different CS reps within 8 minutes of each other, both confirming the 2nd charge was for the Brides box. They said their system automatically held the funds during the initial purchase, but charged the correct amount when it shipped, and that the 1st charge will fall off. (makes no sense, but okaayyy…) But the kicker is that one said they show my annual subscription, and gave me the correct terms (last box in February 2017 (remember this), while the other said they have no record of me having an annual subscription!!!

      Surprisingly, I forgot about this for a few days, but remembered when the 3rd pending charge for the box showed on my cc. So this is where the heartburn really began…..
      When I questioned the 3rd charge and discrepancy in responses re my sub box, and mentioned what a huge inconvenience this has become, here’s literally all they replied (not including the standard opening & closing they include in all emails), “We only show one charge for $54.75.” That’s it!!!!
      So, after basically repeating what I said in my original email after the 3rd charge, they replied with a repeat of the above, and theorized “It is possible that the May 31 charge was finally approved on June 7 on our system.” Huh?!?! (May 31=2nd charge, June 7=3rd) Again, this was their only reply…. again they made no mention of my annual sub question, and no apology for the inconvenience.

      I decided to let the whole triple charge thing go since I was clearly getting nowhere with them, and I could just dispute it with my cc company if they went through. But, I did ask again about my annual sub mentioning my inquiry has now been ignored twice for some reason, so I’m asking for a 3rd time. FINALLY, I got somebody (maybe a supervisor) who was able to construct a professional response, HOWEVER she replied my last month would be May 2017! (it should be February 2017). Since this appeared in my favor, I just let it go. 🙂

      But that’s not the end of it!!!! So, I finally get my box, and lo & behold the clear polish is smashed and what is remaining is literally sticking to the top side of the box!!! (I wish I could post a picture) Fortunately, the polish soaked into the box (which sealed it shut so I had to rip it open. 🙁 So sad, because it was a beautiful box). If the box hadn’t been shipped prior to this email fiasco I would have thought they did that deliberately.

      Anyway, usually I’d let a broken item go, but I just had to call (yes, call… I had finally learned my lesson) CS about this, and the guy was really nice, patiently listened to my venting, pretended to care & apologize, then ordered a replacement polish (one of the Julep polishes in the June box). What was funny was that after listening about the triple charges & broken item, he mentioned he hadn’t heard about anybody else experiencing problems with the Bride box, and boy did I bite my tongue because I really wanted to say was, “Well, that’s because nobody bought it but me!!!” Lesson learned.

      Oh, and I confirmed again the terms of my sub, and the guy said February was my last box (which is correct), not May and he has no idea where the CS rep got May from.

      Thanks for listening! Hope you all have a fun weekend! 🙂

      • Re the broken polish, I meant to say that fortunately it soaked into the box, but didn’t get all over the other products. However, I guess it’s still unfortunate since I had to mangle that beautiful box to get it open. 🙁

        • I cancelled this box a few months ago through email because I could not get anyone to answer the phone number. I though it was kinda odd that the follow up email I received actually said “Thank you for cancelling” not sure if it was a per-formatted email, or if they were serious and being snobby. I thought it was kinda funny though and I’m glad to be done with them. The box was awesome for a while and then it took a nose dive.

        • Luna, the forum has a thread dedicated to the frustrations of Allure. There are many of us who will never patronize them again.

          • Good to know! I’ll look it up. In the moment, I was swearing off Allure because there was also double charges with the Spring Allure Beauty Thrills box that I think all of us who did the prepay option experienced. I’ve calmed down now, but I will have to seriously consider what to do when my annual sub expires. As someone said a month or so ago…. Allure’s great, as long as you don’t need to contact them for anything.

          • How do you get to the forum? I just tried looking, but couldn’t find it, and couldn’t figure out where to go. Thanks!

          • where? im having major issues too! i called, emailed, even sent liz an email asking her to read these terrible,reviews and contact them to no avail, have tweeted and NOBODY RESPONDS AT ALL! IM SO MAD I COULD SCREAM! Not even Liz will REAPOND! Conde nast puts a virus on your computer too by the way… SO HEADS UP PEOPLE!

          • Hi Dawn,

            Sorry, it can sometimes take me a few days (or longer) to respond to all emails. I just wrote you back.

      • Luna, the lack of customer service and total disregard for the customers who actually spend money and keep them in business is astounding to me. They’ve never once issued a notice or apology for screwing up the May box debacle. You should post this on the forum since it’s the best way to vent about a sucky box issue, (or issues, in this case) and it won’t get buried under comments until we stop commenting on it. Allure will never, ever, ever get my business again and I think you might have been the only person to purchase the brides box! lol

        • I agree, and just found out today that anyone who signed up around first of May will now NOT receive their first box til two more weeks….so not til July. I was so frustrated & angry after speaking to a customer service manager that I cancelled my subscription altogether. Was so disappointed in this non-service!!!! Would not recommend to anyone & I plan to look for a different box subscription that has their back of the house in order.

          Allure Beauty Box is in shambles…not getting my money. On top of that when I called last month, I asked if they could just send me an older box….they said “NO”, then I happen to see that they just had a BIG SALE on thousands of older boxes still left. Stupid, they’d rather risk losing customers, than just giving good customer service & keep them happy. Beauty box subscriptions is a growing industry, and someone who has better infrastructure will capture the market’s share. It would serve them right for not appreciating current customers. I plan to post my terrible experience with them on as many blogs as I can find. Goodbye & good riddance Allure Beauty Box that I never received. Uggh!

    • The suspend shipments option does not work – I’ve confirmed with their CS. You would need to cancel and resubscribe. But yes, they have trouble understanding requests…

  38. Do they usually send out tacking info? I haven’t heard anything since I signed up over a month ago.

    • I had to email to ask when my box would ship, finally got a response saying they “oversold ” and I won’t receive the June box that it’ll be July before I get one, ugh

      • Looking forward to everything but the bronzer. (But who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually try my hand at contouring) I’d want the regular shampoo more cause… mango! But I’d be okay with the dry shampoo since I have tons of regular shampoo and only two dry.

        Am I the only one who did not receive any of their beauty boxes yet thus month? Allure, Birchbox, Glossybox, and Sephora, all have projected delivery dates starting the 20th…

        • Opps, sorry cc! I must have hit reply after your post without realizing it. Very surprised when I saw my comment placed here. O.o

        • I got my Glossybox, Birchbox and Sephora play today. Still waiting on Allure.

  39. The best box I received this month beating Ipsy glossybox target and Sephora by a mile.. Just love allure wish I could live in the allure box 🙂

  40. Allure has consistently been my favorite beauty box for 18 months now, even tho they never sent me those 2 bonus boxes everyone else got (not that I’m still bitter…ha!) I can’t stand the Kardashians, but I have to admit it’s a decent bronzer and I will use it. It’s not like throwing it out will take money out of their pockets now, right? 🙂

    Thanks for the Julep swatch tip. I have about 5 Juleps and never figured that out myself! Duh!

  41. I was really hoping for my box today. I wanted to give the polish as a gift along with other items I have for my moms bday today. Hmmm I guess I’ll just keep it when it does arrive. Hopefully tomorrow. I’m wanting to try the bronzer!

  42. My bronzer also arrived broken and I received the Klorane dry shampoo instead of the regular shampoo. Killing it this month, Allure.

    • I also received the dry shampoo too I rather have that then the shampoo.

      • Here’s the thing for me. I don’t have a preference for dry shampoo or regular shampoo for sub boxes, but I’ll be darned if Allure charges me in April, screws me for May, doesn’t answer my emails in a timely manner, and THEN has the nerve to change one of my items and ship me a broken one without contacting me. Supposedly the boxes were stalled because of an item from France, if it WAS the shampoo then why the heck did I get a dry version?

        Sorry, I just opened my box and am a bit miffed with Allure right now. I honestly wouldn’t have minded the dry shampoo if I had been contacted about it. Even if it is a smaller sample than the regular item.

    • My bronzer arrived broken as well. I e-mailed CS early Tuesday asking to exchange for an intact bronzer. I finally got a reply today (Friday) mid morning telling me I hadn’t provided enough info for CS to locate my account. I (once again) sent them my account number, name and address. Maybe next Friday I’ll hear back…

      • I finally got a proper response late today (Monday) nearly one week after my first e-mail. They’re sending me a new bronzer. Based on the comments here, it sounds like a common problem. I’m pleased with the solution, but not at all impressed with the sloth-like response time of CS.

  43. There may be an alternative to the shampoo. In the two boxes I received neither had the Mango shampoo but instead had dry shampoo. Just to let some people know that they may not get the exact shampoo they want!

    • I got the dry shampoo too! I was so disappointed because the spoiler said we would get the shampoo and no where did it mention dry shampoo. And I’ve received this same dry shampoo many other times from different boxes. Very disappointing. With all of the screw ups lately in mine, and others boxes, I quit this (and Birchbox) as soon as I got into Sephora Play!I can’t wait for my first box and good riddance to Allure!

    • That’s actually good news for me. I was planning to swap out my shampoo, since I co-wash. I actually can use dry shampoo, so I’m hoping that’s what I get. My box won’t be here until next week, though.

  44. I am pretty excited for this box! I will use everything… Now if It can make it to my mailbox without being damaged… I’m not a fan of The Kardashians but I do love bronzer so hopefully this product will work well for me. Fingers crossed I get my box tomorrow:)

  45. My bronzer was also broken, and I didn’t get the shampoo 🙁 they sent me the dry shampoo instead :-/

  46. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I’m hoping for the purple polish (gifting to my daughter. 🙂 ) I was most excited about trying the mask & shampoo, but your review has me all psyched to try the pur-lisse products.

    Funny how the one item few wanted arrived damaged. I wonder will any of compacts make it to the destinations in their original state.

    Looks like another great box from Allure. 🙂

    Great review!

    • Thanks! I hope you will love the Purlisse items, too! 🙂

    • My compact was intact! 🙂

  47. I know of several people who had their bronzers arrive shattered, including mine. I contacted Allure yesterday and luckily they’re sending a replacement. Hopefully this one doesn’t arrive smashed!

    • I’m going to be so pissed if mine arrives shattered, I’m already annoyed that the box is so late this month and the bronzer is the item I’m most excited about.

      I think this month is a nice box and I’ll definitely use everything, I just wish it’d get here already!

      • I’m annoyed as well as to how late this box is getting… I always receive mine by the 9th of the month.. This month it didn’t even ship till the 15th… Not pleased

  48. Great box, completely blowing away birchbox.

  49. Is the shampoo safe for color-treated hair?

    • Oops! If you avoid sulfates you’ll want to skip this. I usually do avoid sulfates but I think I was blinded by that mango and forgot to check ingredients before using!

      • Thanks – I guess mine’ll go up for swap. I do like the smell of mango, but it’s not worth risking my dye job; and the lack of a matching conditioner really bums me out, too.

    • I have color treated hair and I use whatever shampoo is in front of me at the time, sulfates be damned. With sub boxes, I have ALL kinds of wet & dry shampoo and I don’t even read the ingredients. My highlights have stayed blonde and vivid for months now, no fading that I can see. Are sulfates only a problem when your entire head is dyed or am I just lucky in addition to stupid? lol (I also eat food that has dropped on the floor, and use eyeshadow past its 24 mos expiration date. I like living on the edge!) 😀

      • I use shampoo and conditioner regardless of ingredients. Well, except if one had arsenic or rat poison listed at the top of the list. I have fully color treated hair (black to cover my gray; it’s my natural color). I have waist length hair and have never had any problems caused by shampoo. I went for the sulfate hype and used Wen for a long time until my stylist admitted there’s no real harm using pretty much any shampoo, at least regarding dye. It never affected my highlights when I still got them either. To me it’s just another niche in the “natural” beauty market.

        • Thank you (and your hair stylist) for validating what I’ve long suspected. 🙂 And lol @ the arsenic comment!

        • I think the only type of shampoo that has stripped the color from my hair was Head and Shoulders, so I’m guessing most dandruff shampoos would do similar because of that particular ingredient. I was definitely annoyed, because there was a visible difference in how much color there was within 3 washes. But anything other than those have been safe for me.

        • My colorist uses semi-permanent vegetable-based dye, as my hair is galaxy dyed. So my hair is extra-sensitive to non-color safe ingredients. Even using color-safe products I still need to have it re-dyed every 6 weeks.

      • I also use sulfate shampoos and I color and straighten my hair than a normal human being should. I’ve found if the shampoo is fairly moisturizing and you use conditioner, there’s little effect if you have simple highlights or color. I just wouldn’t use like a CLARIFYING sulfate shampoo is all, and I’d probably use a really mild shampoo if I was going a bold red, for example, but that’s it. Really looking forward to this shampoo – will be a little disappointed if I get the dry version (guessing it probably doesn’t smell like mango too, boo) 🙁 but I’m one of the few that haven’t gotten bombarded with them in my sub boxes, so maybe that will be a good thing.

  50. I always wondered how to do the swatch on Julep nail polishes. OMG, thanks!

    • Glad that was useful! 🙂

    • haha I use a q-tip dipped in the polish to get it on the top of the bottle, who woula have thought the top comes off? LOL

      Thanks Liz, that was one of those things I wish I had known but was too shy to ask.

      • The top comes off things like Butter polishes too, anything with the square tops so you can restraighten the cap. Took me a few months of Julep a couple years ago to figure it out too haha

    • OMG ME TOO lol. I stared at it for a while in confusion, and wound up using my finger. Now I get it!

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