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Adidas: Avenue A Subscription Box Fall 2016 Spoiler!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.25.20 PM

We have a spoiler for the Fall 2016 Avenue A by Adidas Box! (Thanks, Nicole, for the head’s up!) Each Fall 2016 box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.52.07 AM

The Fall 16 Edition ships with the new adiZero Boston shoe, made to commemorate the Boston Marathon and its legacy of runners with the courage and commitment to push themselves.

What do you think about the spoiler?

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.51.59 AM

The Fall 16 Edition is curated by the creative forces behind Well+Good magazine – Kate Citron and Rebecca Willa Davis – who bring their unique take on urban culture, healthy living and creative energy to Avenue A subscribers.

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. When does the fall box ship?
    Can we have another spoiler soon please:)

  2. I decided to sub since these seem like a pair of shoes that I can definitely pull off, as opposed to the colors in previous boxes. I’m a little nervous about the other possible items since I don’t wear leggings and am not a fan of that pink top in the pics (LOVE the style, but why do people assume most girls love pink?). I’m hoping those items aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be in the box, though. In case the Avenue A team is reading this – Is there any chance for a men’s box in the near future? Please? =)

  3. Could not pass up the sleek black shoes. I have held off since I am not a runner, and shy away from wearing athletic shorts. Since this is a Fall box my fingers are crossed for leggings/tights.

  4. I’ve been on the fence for a while but I Just signed up and cannot wait for the fall box! After reading through the comments here I just wanted to share with the Avenue A team that I hope they keep the running focus and don’t send lounge or street styled clothing. While I appreciate not everyone is a runner here, if they try to please everyone they will end up just like every other sub. This high quality performance centered focus is what sold me, and it’s unique to the market right now. Keep it up Avenue A!

    • I agree with you completely! The curation has been spot-on so far, and it would be a bummer to see that decline if the box became more generic to please everyone.

      Can’t wait for the fall box! (already dreaming of those sweet shoes)

    • Agree! I just signed up after seeing what was in the past boxes, and was super stoked to see that they’re things that I’d actually want and use- vs a sweatshirt and boxer shorts or something. So excited to get the box, and so happy to see all of the great reactions from those who already have!

  5. Dear adidas avenuea. You have me! Sneakers every box! Fabulous customer service! Great quality, I am yours for life!

  6. I put an exchange request in. Anyone know the turnaround time? My birthday is Sunday wishing I could wear my new outfit that day. At least I have new shoes…hehe

    • Not sure, I put an exchange request in Thursday and received a reply that they put the new order information in/ordered the new items for me the next day (Friday/yesterday). Hopefully that means they shipped the same time, but not for sure. 🙂

  7. Nice shoes although I’m still waiting on my summer box. I keep emailing them and I keep getting ”it will ship ou tomorrow”. Everyday same answer since Monday.

  8. Just got my box on Tuesday and fell in love with this subscription! My son and hubby stood around while I went through everything and hubby is super jealous that there isn’t a men’s box. He was so impressed with the miCoach Smart fit that he is now about to buy one. I just went on the site today and saw that there is going to be another sneaker in the fall box AND IT’S BLACK!! So happy to see a pair of sneakers in each box, that will keep me coming back for more! About to cancel a few of my other subscriptions because they don’t give me the satisfaction that this box does. BUT I HOPE they consider doing a MENS box, I’m sure they will become super popular! How about even doing a kid’s box? My son goes through sneakers like you wouldn’t believe!

  9. Dear AvenueA team,

    I love what you’ve been doing with this box! The style, curation, and value is AWESOME! …and I admire the way you guys are using social media to market, it’s brilliant! Using Instagram pictures to leave subtle spoiler hints, responding to customer comments on this website…#onit! I love it! so smart!

  10. Agree on the last comment. I mostly do yoga and training and would love to see more of that in the box. Not just geared for runners.

    • Same here!

      • I agree, too! I know some runners here are hoping this will be kept strictly for them, but I’m not a runner (more yoga, weights and non-running cardio) and would love to see some items geared towards a non-runner. I think a variety would be great.

  11. Dear Avenue A,
    I’m a subscriber and I’d love to see more street wear items in the box, more items you could wear around, not just running clothes. It should be more general workout clothes, not just geared toward runners.
    Love the shoes already.

    • I agree with these comments! I am not a runner (but do workout). I subbed because I figured some items could be used interchangeably with my training, and I love the brand. I own several items from the brand- so aware that the quality is good. Have been happy with both boxes. But, if it’s only going to be for runners not so sure I’m going to continue on. I do appreciate that the team is taking the time to read and reply to comments here and on social media.

      • I’m also not a runner but am able to use most of the gear sent for my other activities. The only one I have trouble crossing over are the running shorts. I’d love to see some more activity-neutral clothing in the boxes and a piece of loungewear would be welcome! (I could the slides in that category.) Whoever is planning this at Adidias is doing a phenomenal job.

        • Correction: “could” should be “count”

        • Agree on the lounge wear! Also- I used the shorts for some low impact body weight cardio and an upper body strength routine. They felt great, but wondering how they’d feel during HIIT. But yes….on the phenomenal job. My office has a pretty relaxed dress code- been wearing the sneakers from recent box to work all week. Have gotten tons of compliments from strangers and colleagues!

  12. Avenue A’s customer service is HORRENDOUS, so beware when you sign up. The contact number they give is for Adidas (separate from Avenue A) and they have no power in fixing issues for you besides exchanges.

    I signed up on 6/16 at 9:35am expecting to be signed up for the Fall box since I read somewhere that the Summer box was sold out. Instead, at 9:39am, I received an email saying I was charged for $150 and sure enough, my account was charged. I emailed Avenue A immediately to see if I could cancel that order AND I called the number they gave me. Adidas support basically said they could do nothing and to just wait. FOUR DAYS LATER, Avenue A writes back without recognizing anything in my email with “I have you down for the June box. The warehouse is a little behind and working to get this out right now.” THATS IT. I wrote back immediately to say I wanted to cancel my box and called the number again.

    Today (its been 2 days since they wrote back), I received the box at 2:55pm…. I never had a shipping notification or any correspondence from them yet. At 3:04pm, I received a “your box has shipped” email. I received the box BEFORE I even got a shipping email. I called Adidas support again to see if I can return the item or send it back. They know nothing. They tell me to email Avenue A.

    All in all, I’m disputing this on my credit card account if proper communication with the incompetent Customer Service team doesn’t happen in the next week (they seem to have time to reply to comments on this forum vs. help paying customers). I am also cancelling all future boxes because I just don’t want to deal with or finance a poorly run product team.

    If anyone wants to buy an unopened Avenue A box for face value, let me know. I haven’t opened it at all from its mailing package.

    • Hello Michelle, we are reading this. The AvenueA team is sorry about the confusion with customer service. We do have a dedicated person helping us. Would it be possible for you to share an email address or phone number with me and I will get it to the right person? My personal email is [email protected] if you feel more comfortable emailing me directly. Best of luck!

  13. Just signed up and I am thrilled for this subscription!!!!! I pray they keep sending shoes and that the value of these boxes stays high and they will have a customer in me for a long time!!!! <3

    • Kylee, Hello from adidas AvenueA, we LOVE your comments… because of you- we will include a shoe in every box going forward! Thanks!!!

        • Yes! Love love love the shoe in every box. Just signed up, first box will come shortly after my birthday! Yay 🙂

  14. I can’t wait! I was a little weary because of the price tag but seeing shoes in a lot of the boxes has me drooling!! I am so excited what a great box and value!

  15. I can’t wait! I was a little weary because of the price tag butseeing shoes in s lot of the boxes has me drooling!! I am so excited what a great box and value

  16. I love this sub!! I love that there is a pair of shoes in every box and I hope that doesn’t change!!!

  17. Those are very attractive shoes. Great for streetwear too. The boxes were initially marketed as a means of showcasing shoes but I’m still surprised at how many shoes are arriving. Surprised but also pleased.

    Liz – Didn’t you say you wished there was a neutral sneaker in the fall? Since they listened to you once maybe they’ll do it again. Can you request a full zip hoodie? I’d also like some full length leggings!

  18. This is by far the best box launch this year for me. I signed up since the very beginning since I’m training for a half marathon and having good shoes are essential. The workout gear and other accessories are fantastic and are like bonus items for me! I do wish they had plus sizes though, since their clothing fits a bit snug. Women of every size should be able to have good fitness clothes from a well established brand. Something to think about avenuea…

    • Hello from the adidas AvenueA team. Thank you for your comment. We are listening and your comments will help better prepare future product assortments.

      • I love love love this box!!! and I have literally never said that about a sub box before. I was a little scared to sign up at first because of the price, but the value is phenomenal. I wonder if they are planning on putting out a mens box too? I would love to sign up for one for my husband too. He has been a bit jealous of this sub.

      • Agreed! Please do a men’s box too! My hubby would love it!

        • My hubby was so jealous of my shoes and slides ? He wants a men’s box too! And as far as customer service / exchange items , I had a wonderful experience with their customer service ! I am a walker / yoga/Floor exercise person , so I would love more all around work out clothes also. But if this is just for runners , maybe they should have 2 choices ? One for runners and one for general fitness and exercise types? Just an idea ?

    • Agree!! I signed up because the shoes are just good to pass by, but I fear I may have to up swapping the clothing because it’s too small, even at an XL. Glad to see Avenue A is listening.

  19. Love the idea of this sub but I think it’s crazy a pair of shoes is always included. I mostly work out in bare feet for specialty shoes (rock climbing), so a lot of the value of the box isn’t for me. But I love the clothing selection. I wish they’d do a box of just clothing items!

    • Maybe they can consider a less expensive box that doesn’t include the tennis shoes, for those people who don’t wear them (or who only wear certain colors and prefer not to risk getting a bright-colored pair). Just a thought! I’m personally hoping they start a men’s box. I’d definitely sub for my husband!

  20. This is by far my favorite sub! I will be a subscriber for life! LOL……. Now Adidas Avenue A you need to do a men’s subscription box. If you do my husband and son will be subscribers for life as well. They both watch me open my box and then pout bc there isn’t one for them.

  21. These Adidas boxes are awesome. If I wasn’t such a die-hard Puma fanatic, I would sub. Maybe if this brand does well with its boxes other sports brands will start sending out boxes too. That would be cool.

  22. I just subbed. Those shoes are just too good.

  23. LOVE. I finally got my shipping notification today. Should arrive Thursday. Definitely staying subscribed from now on.

    I normally wear Nikes, but can’t pass up this deal. Adidas is pretty smart to do this, if I fall in love with these shoes I can see me not buying my Nike Frees anymore.

  24. I am so pleased with the Adidas box. Not only are the items great but I love the spirit of this subscription. This last year has been a rough year and am so excited for the motivation to get back to taking care of myself and getting healthy. Does not hurt to look great doing so!

  25. I am obsessed with this box! Just received my summer one today and now know I have another great pair of shoes to look forward to. My kids are heavy adidas wearers (they play soccer) but this is getting me excited about the brand for ME. Now off to ponder if I should splurge on that great cross-over sweatshirt.

    • I ordered it. I can’t wait for it to show up.

  26. And now, a Men’s box please!! (although only if it includes shoe size up to 18, as my hubby is 6′ 9)

    • Wow, that must be hard to shop for….I am excited that this box goes up to 12 in women’s shoe sizes!! ?

    • And my hubby’s 6.5 EE size too! (Who am I kidding, it’s a miserable size to find!)

  27. To anyone that has gotten this box before/wears adidas now. How do the clothes fit? Do you feel like they are true to size? Any plus size women out there? Im a size 18 so i was going to get XL but currently losing weight. And saw L is 16-18 anyway just curious if the clothes run big or small.

    • I buy L in adidas (and Nike if that helps the comparison, but I do notice adidas is slightly looser than Nike) and for the only store I shop regularly at, The Limited, I wear a size 10 (I’ve definitely bought like 8s at other stores and 12s at other stores so I know it isn’t really consistent)

    • I wear a 16 18 or 1x usually. I got this box. For me the Xl shorts are tight as well as the shirt.

      • I also usually fit 16/18 or XL/1X. For me the top fits great and the shorts are just a little snug.

    • For another prospective (for the next box now lol). I wear a 16/18 in pant (Women Within brand, so don’t know what that is equivalent to in other stores). I ordered a size L in the shorts, they were slightly too tight (ie I could pull them on and off with ease, walk around, etc but they weren’t something I’d be able to wear for long periods of time), so I exchanged them for an XL. Those fit me perfectly. Even being short, the shorts, are well, short. 😉

      I am anywhere from a L to a 2X in tops (depending on brand, material, etc). I decided to try the L in the top with the box (XL was out of stock). Again, like the pants, it didn’t fit like I wanted/expected it to work. It was slightly too tight as well. So, I think an XL should work well (already received an exchange in the form of credit, as they didn’t have XL), so will be ordering something else. It was just tight enough in certain areas (around the belly mostly) to make it an uncomfortable fit.

      About Me: I’m 5’0 even, 48D/DD (depending on who’s measuring me and the bra), 200 lbs. 24″ inseam… so I basically look like a ball, ha.

  28. To sub, or not to sub. . . that is the question. I’m really tempted to sign up for this sub, but keep going back and forth. I have no clue what size I wear in Adidas. I’m usually between XS/S in tops and S/M in bottoms, depending on the brand. Also, while I love the toned-down color shoe in this spoiler (I wouldn’t have worn the cobalt shoe in the last box) and REALLY love the gray hoodie, I’d never wear that bright pink crop sweater because of the color (and I’m guessing there’s a strong chance it will be in the box). But then I loved the items in the spring box. Man, I’m exhausting myself by over-analyzing whether or not I should try this. Decisions, decisions!

    • Even if we get an article of clothing that isn’t your color, I’d have to think you would have no problem trying to swap it 🙂 – this seems to be a pretty popular box

      And their customer service is awesome too if you do need to exchange an item

    • Hello from adidas Avenue A!
      We want to surprise and delight for the Fall edition… but I can share with you that the items Rebecca and Kate are wearing ( website images) will not be in the box.
      Thanks for the comments!

      • Thanks for posting this. Now I need to buy that grey hoodie! ?

      • Thanks for the comment! I somehow missed it until now, but that’s great info to have! It’s awesome that you guys are reviewing this site. And as Kristin commented – now I know it’s safe to just purchase the grey hoodie (and maybe even the pink shirt, just in a different color)! I’m looking forward to the box =)

        • Hey- the gray hoodie is a part of their end of season sale! I got myself one for half off. Somehow I missed the pink one when I went to the store.

  29. Does anyone know if I have time to wait a month or so to purchase this box. I 100% want it but dont have the money right now. Also id like to see the shoes on someone i am very picky and dont like bulky shoes and would like to see another spoiler. But im worried it will sell out and ill be sol. Thanks.

    • I’d have to guess you’d be fine waiting a month… people were still able to order the summer one last week (granted the spoiler was a fitness tracker and not a pair of shoes though).
      You might try getting on the site and checking out the sizes available every once in awhile (it seemed like some sold out faster than others, so if you start to see some sizes missing, they might be starting to sell out)

    • They won’t charge you until a couple of weeks before the boxes start shipping. I signed up in like April and didn’t get charged until June 2nd!

    • The shoes got me, so I subbed. Looks like it won’t actually charge until September 1, and ships on the 14th.

      • Thanks for the heads up on the charging and shipping! I signed up for the fall box and am planning on setting aside the funds as a birthday gift… Plus I want to sign up for Yuzen for my bday sooooo… Yeah. Gosh it feels nice to “tell someone” because I’m so excited and only the MSA people understand!!!

    • I just subbed and it says I will not be charged until September 1! I was thinking the same thing… that maybe I should wait because it’s not shipping for so long. From my confirmation email:

      Estimated Billing Date: September 1, 2016
      Estimated Delivery Date: September 14, 2016

  30. I’m a runner and need new shoes every couple of months, for long runs I wear my brooks running shoes but I’m loving this box because now I have pretty shoes for my easy runs and cross training (those teal shoes are beautiful!!) and thanks to that my brooks will last a little longer and I don’t have to go shopping for shoes as often! Adidas: keep the shoes coming!!! I’m loving this box!!!

    • Hello from adidas AvenueA- LOVE THE COMMENTS!

  31. This might be the day I finally cave – love the shoes! Am I the only one who prefers the cropped pink sweatshirt to the crossover hoodie?

  32. O my want this box!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Once again… I’m so excited for this box!! I seriously feel like a broken record saying how excited I am and how much I love it all the time :)… but this box is just that awesome!

    Loving that we’ll get another pair of shoes!!

  34. The sizing is all women’s sizing, correct?

  35. LOVE these shoes! Despite being really impressed with both the spring and summer boxes, I’ve held off on subscribing but these shoes made me cave. I just had to sign up. I’m excited!

  36. Omg! I just got my summer box, ready to put it to use for a quick run tonight. Now, I can’t wait for fall….oh Adidas, how do I love thee.
    This box will seriously make me into a running fanatic which is a good thing cuz there’s a new ice cream store in the neighborhood. Maybe I’ll run to the ice cream store. ?

    • Lmao!! You go girl!

  37. Black shoes! My daughter’s school requires them to wear all black or all white athletic shoes with their uniforms, which is so difficult. We often end up with converse or boys sneakers. I was considering canceling, simply because I just wanted the tracker and don’t need a ton of workout stuff, but I might need to keep this and change the shoe size to hers so I have one less thing to worry about for school next year. Anyone know when these ship?

    • The next box delivery date is supposed to arrive 9/14.

    • I wear a shoe from Brooks that is all black. That might be something to check out for your daughter.

  38. Summer is my first box! So excited and now this!!! I’ve dropped a lot of subs over the past year, definitely hanging onto this one!!! I agree though, I really hope that pink top isn’t included!!lol

  39. The fact that there are shoes in the fall box means I had to run out and subscribe. Thanks, Adidas! Lol.

  40. I signed up yesterday so I would not miss out on the autumn box. I received an email saying they were pulling my items for the summer box and it would be shipped soon. I am very excited. I am not much of a runner (prefer to lift) but I am sure I can use this stuff for walking and cycling.

  41. I still haven’t received the summer package and had signed up months ago after the full spoilers for the first box dropped.

    I love the new spoiler and what everyone has gotten thus month but it hasn’t been fun waiting for a package that seems to be getting stuck at every delivery step from printing to getting on the final truck.

    • Hello from adidas AvenueA,
      Please keep us posted if you are waiting. We are in the process of packing and shipping the Morgan Brian box.

      • Hello. Everything arrived yesterday and was definitely worth the wait.

        Since my package was delayed I did have to avoid the site because I did want to be surprised by the remaining items. It was hard but definitely paid off. 🙂

  42. Black shoes?! I think I will be getting this box. I cannot resist any longer…

    • my thoughts exactly….

  43. Love the shoes and the gray hoodie but hate the pink crop!

    • Same! I love the hoodie, but I hope the pink top is not included.

    • Agreed! A pink crop isn’t flattering on most people.

      • I wouldn’t even mind the pink color as much as the fact that it is a crop top, which I can’t pull off. Perhaps neither top is in the box. Either way I am in love with adidasavenuea and am in heaven with those black kicks!!!

  44. Black shoes! I may subscribe! I hate that so many running shoes for women are pink and purple. I haven’t worn addidas so I think I should go try some on.

    • Oh goodness, every time I go get new exercise shoes, the colors are more garish than the last time. In the 1990s I could get plain white. That’s hard to find now…

      • Some of the brands that make the crazy colored shoes usually make each style of shoe in like 6 or 7 color combinations, and usually one is mostly neutral colors. The running stores typically only stock 1-2 different colors for each style though. I would find a shoe you like fit wise (regardless of looks) and check on their website to see if it comes in a less bright color palette.

  45. I go through shoes so quickly since I am exercising so much. I really should sign up for this box. Maybe I will go to the store and try on some Adidas sneakers this weekend so I am sure about what size to get.

    • FWIW with all the chatter about sizing, I’m the same size in this box as in my nike’s. I’m between a 7.5-8 in all shoes and I got these in an 8 and they fit great.

      • OK, I’m a 7 in Nikes, I know that. (I’m a 7 in pretty much everything but it doesn’t hurt to be careful.)

    • That’s a good plan, especially since we know the style we are getting this time. The summer ones were a surprise but luckily, they fit me perfectly and ran very true to size! The slides were huge, but they do exchanges so no big deal!

  46. I would DIE if we got that grey crossover hoody! I love these shoes, nice and simple. Makes me motivated to spend the next three months wearing out my new blue ones from the summer box!

    • That said – I do NOT want that pink cropped sweater…thing.

  47. Yes! Black shoes. I was hoping for black or grey for the Autumn box. It’s starting to look like shoes will be in every box! If so, this is def one I will be keeping until the end of time lol

    As far as value, I don’t know. I know the Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 – Men’s (so I’m sure women’s are around the same price) retail for $120. These seem a bit different than those though, but were the only ones that came up when I was searching for the shoe to find out more about it.

  48. I’m just now enjoying my summer box and they already have me antsy for fall! This is madness!!!

    • me too! 😀

      • Also, hoping that grey hoodie is in the box. Have been eyeballing it for a while now!

  49. This is seriously one of my favorite boxes now. Adidas is making me oddly excited to lose my pregnancy weight.

  50. What is the shoe’s retail value?

      • That’s the price I found as well. There are different versions of the ‘boost’ though, but I went with that when I left a comment lol.

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