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Serendipity by LLB Subscription Box Review – May 2016


Serendipity by LLB is a bi-monthly subscription by Little Lace Box. The regular Little Lace Box subscription is a bi-monthly themed box, and it ships on the off months of Serendipity (so, if you subscribed to both Little Lace Box and Serendipity by LLB, they would trade off every other month as far as which box you receive). Serendipity boxes do not have a theme – they’re just some fun product finds that LLB wants to share!

LLB SERENDIPTY MAY 2016 - all items

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Serendipity by LLB

The Cost: $12.99/bi-monthly

The Products: 5-7 sample or full-sized items that don’t follow any specific theme.

Ships to: US

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My box came with a little folded info sheet detailing a little bit about the products chosen this month. Even though Serendipity boxes aren’t themed boxes, this month’s items do focus a little bit on “setting the scene” for their flagship/main box, Little Lace Box.

LLB SERENDIPTY MAY 2016 - info 2

The inside of the info sheet had details about each item and the retail prices/values.

It also has a JUNE LITTLE LACE BOX SPOILER! Every June LLB will include wine flight/tasting papers that retail for $16.99 – this is the first time they’ve included a spoiler and they said they’re doing so because it’s being included as a bonus item.

LLB SERENDIPTY MAY 2016 - info 3

Also included was a promo code for 10% Elizabeth & Clarke!

LLB SERENDIPTY MAY 2016 - items 1

Modish Polish, Apple of my Eye – value: $12

Some subscribers got this red shade or a neutral shade (named Kim K, I believe). I like this polish! You can never go wrong with a good red, and the formula is 5-free, gluten-free (though I didn’t know polishes really ever have gluten in them?), and vegan! I’m excited to use this color this summer.

Laguna Salt Company Tuscan Rosemary Handcrafted Sea Salt – 1.5 oz, value: $6.95

Yum! I love getting seasonings like this in subscription boxes! This smells amazing and LLB recommends using it on chicken, fish, or beef, or even in some olive oil to make a dipping oil for fresh bread (my mouth is literally watering).

LLB SERENDIPTY MAY 2016 - items 2

Alfresco Stemless Wine Glasses – value: $7.99

These are great little glasses. They don’t feel fragile at all and yes, they’re glass not plastic! We don’t drink, but these will be perfect for juice or summer mocktails!

Annie B’s Sharp Cheddar Popcorn – 1.3 oz, value: $2

This was delicious! This makes a perfect snack to toss in your lunches, tote, or beach bag! It’s non-GMO and gluten-free, too. (The spoiler post shows this also coming to some subscribers in the flavor of sea salt caramel.)

LLB SERENDIPTY MAY 2016 - items 3

Pack-n-Go Insulated Tote – value: $6.99

Subscribers received this in either red or lime green colors. I’m happy with the red shade. This is a nice little insulated bag! It has mesh pockets on both sides and an elastic-topped pocket on the front. I’m really glad to get this because we’ve decided to have Luke pack more lunches instead of buying out each day, plus I want to have a bag to keep water and juice cold for me and my son while we’re out and about.

LLB SERENDIPTY MAY 2016 - items 4

Here’s a side/back view of the tote. I’m glad it has a shoulder strap, too.

The Verdict: This is my second Serendipity by LLB box! I think this is an amazing box for $9.99 and free shipping. The value of everything adds up to $35.95 and I’m definitely happy with that.

What do you think about the May Serendipity by LLB? What variations did you get/do you hope to get?

Serendipity by LLB

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (50)

  1. Does anyone know when/ if this will open up again for subs? Is it on a monthly schedule or random or what?

    • From what I can tell, they usually open it back up right before the next month comes out, so it should be sometime in July.

    • It just opened!

  2. Argh, so bummed out that I wasn’t able to sign up last month when it opened up due to the family moving and not knowing where our new home would be. I hope they open it up again this month.

  3. I just came back from a vacation and received my box. I don’t know how they do it for $10 including shipping, but this is my second box and I have been happy. I received the green lunch bag, triple treat popcorn and “Pop that champagne” nail polish. I cannot help compare to Popsugar Mini box to this for some reason, but I prefer Serendipity because it is bi-monthly and I like the pace of it. No theme is fine by me! I have the similar wine glasses, but larger, so I will use this one for white wines.

  4. LOVE my serendipity package. It’s terrific! Love that the products are always high quality and unique. Also very useful. I received the cute lime green cooler bag, the triple flavor popcorn, the pretty Kim K neutral nail polish that I’m currently wearing, and I cannot wait to use the wine glasses and seasoning salt at our lake house over the summer. Excellent curation. I also can’t recall ever receiving a broken item. Everything is always packed extra securely.

  5. I love this box and I am super grateful to have locked in my year-long bi-monthly subscription. The contents are always enjoyable and you really can’t beat the price. However, I cannot stand the crinkly paper they use for packaging. It’s not just LLB though – as much as I look forward to opening all my boxes, I literally dread the crinkly paper. It’s so messy, and if I’m not careful enough, my pets try to eat it. Surely there must be a better alternative!

  6. I got my box today, I emailed them Friday, because I didn’t even receive a shipping notice. They fixed it fast and sent it out that day, I got it today! I’ve only had excellent interactions with their customer service. I got the green bag, caramel popcorn and Kim K nail polish. I love this box, especially for only $10!

  7. So In love with subscription box. It is my favorite. Not only that my boyfriend enjoys opening it with me and always says take your pictures….so he open and eat it all up in like 2 mins. I will use everything and if there is something I might not I can wrap up as a extra treat in a birthday gift or Christmas. This is my second box and so happy I did the year as well. I wish they came out with this every month.

  8. This was my first serendipity box and I’m glad I signed up for a year! I got the nude colored polish called “pop that champagne” and caramel sea salt popcorn and green bag ? I still cannot get over the value of the items for the price of the subscription!! So perfect ??

  9. I love Serendipity! I received the “Kim K” Polish, “triple treat” popcorn and the green bag.

  10. Got mine. <3

  11. I’ve been getting Little Lace Box for quite awhile but this is my first Serendipity and I think it’s amazing how much we get for $10! My glasses arrived in perfect condition, my lunch bag is green, original caramel popcorn, red polish called “apple of my eye” and the yummy salt. Great job Serendiptiy!!

  12. Just got my first box today and really like it! Got the green bag, which I wanted and the jalapeño cheddar popcorn which I think I’ll like. I also got “pamper me” for the polish.
    I think my favorite item from the box is the glasses, they were a lot nicer than I was expecting.

  13. My wine glasses arrived broken too AND I ended slicing my pinky unpacking it. This was from first box and I’m quite disappointed. Their past boxes seem a lot better than this one. ?

    • One of my glasses were broken too , but they are sending me a replacement asap , very good customer service ?
      I got green bag , and pamper me polish sort of a coral color perfect for vacay ??
      Can’t wait to try the sea salt Carmel popcorn and seasoning
      Love this box!!??

  14. Love my box! Received the Pamper Me polish (gorgeous!), red bag and sharp cheddar popcorn. One of my glasses was broken, emailed them today and replacement is already on the way!

  15. This was a great box. I got the red bag, jalapeno cheddar popcorn and the Pamper Me shade of polish. Popcorn has a kick to it!

  16. I loved it. I got red bag, caramel popcorn, and pink polish (“Pamper Me” is the name).

  17. WOW! Let’s talk about great customer service. I e-mailed them yesterday about my broken glasses, and the replacements are already on their way!

  18. So far, I’m the only one who received Jalepeno cheddar cheese popcorn! I’m not a jalepeno girl, but one of my sons will like this, and I love seasonings/rubs so that’s a nice item. I got the green bag, which I love, and a light pink shade of the polish. I always love getting a surprise new polish. I also love the glasses — my cupboards are groaning with all the different ones I have! This box is such a good value, and fun stuff. I like that they don’t follow a theme, because I think it allows for whatever great finds they want to include.

  19. I got the red bag, caramel popcorn, and a pink polish named “inspired by pink”. It has a pink ribbon on the front, probably an October item, but I have lots of little girls, so they’ll be thrilled with the color.

    Overall, I’m super excited about this box, and when I was opening it, I couldn’t believe that I kept pulling things out.. and all for $10!

  20. There is nothing in the box “marketplace” that can beat the price or content of Serendipity. I loved everything in my box! I received the red bag, caramel popcorn, and the polish in “Pamper me”. The color of the polish is a pinky-coral. It’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the summer. Another clear win for Serendipity! ?

    • Yes I recieved that color too. Its so gorgeous. Perfect color for summer. I don’t have another color like it. Loving it.

  21. I got the red bag, the red polish, and the caramel popcorn! Love it!!!!

  22. Serendipity is my favorite! I got the green bag, caramel pop corn, and pale pink polish.

  23. It seems like most people are getting the red cooler. I’m in love with the green so fingers crossed I get that one!!! If not, I’d love to trade with someone!!

  24. How do they do it for just $10?? Seems like a really good value.

  25. I’m really looking forward to getting mine. I hope I get this variation; love the red polish and the red bag.

  26. Such a good box for the price! I might swap the little cooler, but only because I already have several insulated lunch bags. Love the shape and size of the glasses; hope mine arrive intact. I’ll start using them immediately. Hoping for the red polish but if I get Kim K it will be a cute gift for a friend of mine who’s a hate-watching Kardashian fan.

  27. This was my first Serendipity box and I am really happy with everything in it!

  28. I also got this exact same box, except that my glasses arrived broken 🙁 It’s good to know that many people’s did not, hopefully this means they can send me a replacement and that won’t break. I suspect that one of my daughters will grab the mini cooler and use it as an American Girl doll backpack. It’s a little large for that, though. I love flavored salts so I’ll put this to use. Im not sure if I’ll keep the nail polish as I’ve noticed that I prefer painting my nails a natural color so I don’t have to worry when it starts to chip.

    All in all, a very nice box, amazing for just $10.

    • One of my glasses shattered too. At least one is fine. Still a good box to me.

    • I had one shattered glass too, and one intact. Shall see what comes of having contacted support.

  29. What a great box! Mine should get to me tomorrow! I’m really kicking myself for not getting the yearly sub. I just got the one month. Hope this opens up again before July goes out!

    • Same here! Fingers crossed that it reopens.

  30. I got the red bag and Kim Kardashian light pink Polish & cheddar popcorn. I like the little glasses and we have friends over for drinks a lot so these are perfect for wine or whiskey drinks. I’m not usually a fan of rosemary but I actually really like this salt. My husband loves rosemary so this will make him happy and we can use it on all our grilled meats this summer. The only thing I really was not excited about is the tiny cooler… if you go to one fair this summer you can get the same thing with some company’s name on it for free. Or one with a cute print at Walmart for $5. Still love the idea of this box so hopefully can sign up for a year when it opens back up. I’m hoping for small decor items, accessories & cute serving plates/bowls/cups/utensils in future boxes 🙂

    • I am hoping that they open the subscription up again soon! I missed it completely when it first came out. I have just recently gotten my first LLB! 🙂

      • They posted on their Instagram that boxes will be available for sale again at the end of June!!

  31. It is a great box. I have exact variation, red bag and red nail polish. Love those glasses and isolated bag will be in much use this summer 🙂

  32. Hands down the best sub you can get for $10, I love everything!

  33. I don’t know how they do it for $10. I’m so excited to receive my box, hopefully tomorrow!

  34. I got my box today and it’s exactly the same as your box. The red shade has a little too much orange for my skin tone but it is pretty. I used the insulated bag today. I’m not sure if I didn’t use it quite correctly or what, but it didn’t keep my bottled water chilled, even with an ice pack. LMK how yours works out when you try it.

  35. LOVE! I got the green bag, a shade of neutral polish called “Pop That Champagne”, & I got the sea salt/caramel popcorn. YAY! I adore this little box. 🙂

    • I received the same shade of polish, but received the red bag and caramel popcorn!

  36. I wonder how long I am going to have to wait until they reopen their subscription sells again???

    • I felt the same way after missing out on the March box! I think I was able to sign up for this month’s around mid-April. I signed up for alerts through this site to make sure I didn’t miss it, and Chris was even sweet enough to give me a mention on the forum just in case! Hopefully new spots will open up again in a few weeks. 🙂

    • I am swapping this entire box on the swap site, so you can get the may box there while you wait ☺

    • When they are for sell it opens up, so probable end of June. I am swapping the entire box and looking to get the love necklace from the Luxor box!

  37. I got my first box from them today and I loved it. The value of the items compared with the cost is unbelievable. I hate to say this but I think this is what peaches & petals is striving for but not hitting the mark!!!

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